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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Freedom is the Greatest Blessing & Gift of Love

November, 2003

Letter from a Rumor Mill News reader.


[I also would like to thank you for your insightful post(s). I appreciate them all.

I agree that a lot of good things get corrupted along the way and that labeling and pointing fingers is a tool of "theirs" also.

It's hard to know in this day and age what to believe as true; I guess this is why I read RMN, since everyone here seems to be on that same path to truth. I appreciate the many agents here and the insight they bring to the table. While some posts might not sit right with me or others, my "small" mind may have trouble understanding, they all make me think, and this is a good thing.

I remember when I was young, my girfriend and I would lay in our backyards for hours, looking up at the night sky and ponder all of life's questions and try to come up with the answers (kinda like this forum). A lot of the questions seemed to be spiritual in nature, about God and why we're here and so forth.

I grew up catholic and like you, I prefer to just be thought of as spiritual-- without any labels.

There was a priest by the name of Fr. Hunt, who would give talks at different parishes in our area. He was really a neat guy, always gathered a crowd. He didn't stand on the podium and lecture, he communicated with great insight and passion. There was no guilt or shame, he made sure everyone there knew they were a "child of God."

In his talks that he gave, there was a very poignant message made. He spoke about why we are here. He asked the question several times to his audience; and the answer he gave was such: "You're here to Love, you are here to Love." I won't forget that and how I felt at that moment. Something so simple, yet so profound.

In peace and love,

It may surprise you that I am in wholehearted agreement with this statement:

You are here to LOVE.

But what is "love"?

I think it's safe to say that each of us has our own way of expressing love.

To some of the New Age crowd, it seems "love" means embracing your enemies, being lovey-dovey and sentimental all the time and "tolerant", NO MATTER WHAT the atrocities, the human rights violations, they are committing; and just "letting go" of any "negativity."

Just drop a "love bomb" and LOVE them, no matter what they do! Don't worry, all will be well, they say, WE ARE ALL ONE.

To me, first of all, LOVE is what motivates me to EXPOSE THE TRUTH about evil doers, and do my damnedest to PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS, so that innocent lives may be saved, especially children, who cannot protect themselves .

There is no greater act of LOVE, in my opinion, than fighting for INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM so that children may grow up in a world where their God-given rights are protected.

It is a FACT that the New Age Movement was created by the Illuminati and is spreading like a cancer, through entities like the United Nations.

This is not supposition; not surmises; not speculation; not conjecture. IT IS THE TRUTH. I have massive documentation which can prove this. What's more, I was personally utilized by CIA as a part of their New Age Propaganda Campaign.

They invested millions of dollars, just in my training, since childhood, when the Criminally Insane Agency got their hands on me.

In fact, you'll never guess the name of the TV show I produced and hosted with CIA money, and the TV production and "on-camera talent" training I received from mainstream media news anchors, hired by CIA. The name of the program?


This TV program started in 1987 and was supposed to lead to bigger and better propaganda shows, hosted by Yours Truly. By the Grace of God, I broke out of CIA before they could really use me as a mouthpiece to do some damage in mainstream media.

And ironically, I was NEVER a New Ager. I had been well-trained in various metaphysical sciences, beginning at the age of 12. By 1979, I had also finished seminary school with a doctorate in divinity and was ordained and licensed as a minister in the Universalist church, in which I was required to study all major religions.

I am no longer a member of any "organized" religion, meaning religious orthodoxy But I DO know God. And I know what God wants me to do with the gifts of the spirit with which I have been blessed.

God wants me to TELL THE TRUTH, no matter the consequences and to FIGHT for the FREEDOM we all have a God-given right to.

Think about it: There has been more attention given to the so-called "harmonic concordance" and "Global Peace Rituals", led by so-called "indigenous peoples" (most of them using "Native American" names they have taken for themselves to gratify their egos); and worship of "Mother Earth", being touted by the New Agers on this forum, than to SERIOUS ISSUES like Homeland Security, The Patriot Act, and the CRIMINALS in government who are trashing the Constitution; persecuting Patriots willing to FIGHT and who SPEAK THE TRUTH about massive government corruption.

To me, this is unbelievable!

For example, I look at some of the posts by [name removed], one of the few real straight-arrow, no-nonsense Patriots on this forum, and the paltry number of hits he gets for all his excellent material, dedication and hard work....and then I look at the New Ager posts talking about "ascension" or channeled material from the "Zetas" or non-scientific, "spirtual" gobbledygook New Age theories about solar flares, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes and see the numerous hits they get.

Frankly, it makes me want to cry. To weep for the LOSS of FREEDOM in our country, for all the children who may never know what real freedom is, because of the pervasive brainwashing and co-opting of INVIDUAL RIGHTS by the NWO, their enforcers in the U.N. and because of all the blindly-following New Agers, who may mean well, but who are doing NOTHING but exacerbating a bad situation by promoting "tolerance" of TYRANNY and TREASON.

Last night I had a car with government goons parked outside my home. WHY?

Because I tried to help stop child pornography and sexual abuses by EXPOSING THE TRUTH about the perps and those covering it up, people who claim to be PATRIOTS, nonetheless.

And then I am BANNED from a radio show.


Because somebody has something to lose --probably BIG MONEY, if I am allowed to speak THE TRUTH.

So, if you are really "here to love" perhaps you might realize that FREEDOM is the greatest gift of LOVE you can give your children, your grandchildren, your friends, or your neighbors.

God certainly wants us to love each other.

You know, I went to a church service a couple weeks ago. It was a spirit-filled church, I felt the Holy Spirit from the moment I walked in the door.

At the end of the service, the people shook hands with each other, hugged each other and the peace and LOVE in that church was palpable.

We were there to worship God, to pray for healing for the sick and to thank God for our blessings.

The LOVE I receive from family and friends is a blessing beyond measure.

But the greatest blessing I thank God for every day is MY FREEDOM.


Barbara Hartwell

November 14, 2003