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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Seriously --I Am Sick of This!


September, 2005

Yesterday, I received a message (below) from my friend Jackie McGauley. Jackie is the primary whistleblower who exposed the McMartin Preschool child sexual and satanic ritual abuse case. Jackie's child was one of those who suffered such horrific abuse.

Ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, who was living in Jackie' s home at that time, has been using this case for years on his resume; speaking on it at conferences, and taking the credit for an investigation in which he was not even involved!

I have done hours of interviews over the phone with Jackie, since 2002, when she first contacted me so that we could exchange information about Ted Gunderson. In my own case, Gunderson was planted on me in 1997 and I was hoodwinked for almost three years, as I worked with Ted in a professional capacity, as well as doing radio and TV interviews; and speaking engagements at conferences around the country.

Ken Adachi, editor of a New Age/government-disinfo website, called Educate Yourself, has been spreading outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell and Jackie McGauley, since 2001.

Adachi demonizes anyone who tells the truth about Ted Gunderson. Adachi has also filled the search engines with these libelous reports on legitimate whistleblowers. No doubt, government blood money paid the tab for Adachi's unscrupulous and criminal operations.

Adachi has gone so far as publishing completely fabricated "dossiers", in one of which the targets are described as having been involved in all sorts of horrific crimes, such as child pornography, drugs-for arms deals, prostitution.

The one to which I refer is titled Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb and Al Martin: All Connected.

The pseudonym used for this libelous fabrication is "James L. Choron." In fact, it was written by one Brenda Negri, a psychotic, criminal minion of Ted Gunderson.

This piece of filth, pack of lies, has also been forwarded and posted all over the Internet by other criminal COINTELPRO minions and pathological liars, such as Tim White and Todd Brendan Fahey.

Adachi has also FEATURED and defended such psychopaths and liars as Tim White, Todd Fahey and Brenda Negri on his website. Why? Because they all hate Barbara Hartwell and others who would expose the truth about these criminals.

Ken Adachi has shown himself to be the lowest of the low, as he engages in such despicable acts as promoting outrageous lies about decent people, just because those people have had the courage to TELL THE TRUTH about Crime Boss Ted Gunderson, whom Adachi answers to.

Adachi is also complicit in the crimes and racketeering, by such acts as PUBLISHING PRIVATE STREET ADDRESS for Barbara Hartwell, furnished by Todd Fahey, for the purpose of SOLICITING criminal harassment and stalking!

This criminal network need to be stopped!

Here is Jackie McGauley's open letter to Ted Gunderson. She says she refuses to capitalize the first letter of his name --that's how disgusted she is!

Subject: Seriously -I am sick of this!


Fifteen years after I kick you out of my house I am still receiving creditor calls trying to collect your overdue bills! It is yet another telephone bill and the rent for your so called "Office" which is really a SMALL post office box on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica.

You do not have a physical address or I would have served you a subpoena long ago.

Don't the gold bars you stole from Mary and Ken Scheibe cover your bills? Quit telling everyone the condo you stole from the Scheibe's is yours!

And you have some phony video for sale about MY case that you had NOTHING to do with!

And you are selling my Tunnel Report from the McMartin Preschool case. You are NOT authorized to sell that report. I doubt you have the real report anyway. I own that report and have the legal papers to prove it. The next time you hear from me it will be through my lawyers!

Get all of my stuff OFF the Internet and where ever else you have it for sale or I will SUE you!

You have built a totally FAKE reputation out of blatant lies and fallacies you just dreamed up. But the worst of it is the MONEY you embezzle from people-vulnerable victims and worse-defenseless old people.

How can one Con artist reap so much destruction and his victims don't act?

If you are a victim of ted l. gunderson's so called investigative services and other scams...write to me. It is way past time to go after him!

And be warned, STOP selling material you stole from me!!!!!

Jackie McGauley

Now, let's hear from ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee re Ted Gunderson's character:

18 Apr 2005

Ted Gunderson (hereinafter referred to as 'gun')recently wrote the following words to my good friend and professional colleague, Barbara Hartwell:

"Do the righteous people of the world a service and, like other slimy creatures, slither back into the hole from which you came.
Ted L Gunderson, FBI-SAC(Ret)"

Sosbee writes:

Such words as quoted above when directed against one of the true and great Defenders of Liberty (Barbara Hartwell) offend all sensitive persons who read them, but especially those of us who know and respect Barbara for her stand against government corruption.

Indeed the 'righteous' as you call them reject the use of such descriptions above because no human being merits such a label. However, gun is steeped in the use of labels, especially those that send good and innocent people to torture chambers, to prisons or to their deaths; gun is an expert by his own proclamation of his credentials (i.e.:SAC) in a) black operations,b) mind games, c) secret agent-provacateur dirty deeds worldwide.

No, gun, you are wrong. The world needs Barbara Hartwell more than you could possibly know/imagine ; and as you have sold out to the evil forces of a corrupt government (the United States of America) in return for your petty benefits, you are the one who must someday atone for the atrocities you approved, directed, or condoned against men and women over the past half century. Come clean , gun ,about your knowledge regarding offenses and crimes against Humanity; help save the lives of targeted individuals ;and renounce the fascist state that you presently support; then, maybe intelligent and informed people will listen to you.

You dare pretend to show a concern for the people of the United States when in fact you exploit the ignorance and fear of all who listen to you in order to further your own private interests and in order to perpetuate the destructive agenda of the cia and the fbi. The downfall of this country into a fascist state is in part your doing, gun, and you should not be proud of that, no matter how high an office you have attained.

Sosbee writes for the record on April 30, 2005:

gun indicates on his website that he was chief inspector for the fbi in 1973; in such capacity, gun had the responsibility to investigate sosbee's reports of fbi crimes during that year. Not only did he fail to perform his duties as chief inspector, he continued thereafter to serve in high level positions in the fbi at a time when sosbee was being harassed for reporting the criminal conduct of numerous fbi agents as set forth in .

"In early 1971, the FBI's domestic counterintelligence program (code named "COINTELPRO") was brought to light when a "Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI" removed secret files from an FBI office in Media, PA and released them to the press. Agents began to resign from the Bureau and blow the whistle on covert operations. That same year, publication of the Pentagon Papers, the Pentagon's top-secret history of the Vietnam War, exposed years of systematic official lies about the war. "

As people discover the immoral, cowardly and macabre character of the agents, operatives, handlers and associates of the fbi/cia (as manifest globally in the killing/torture techniques used by these sociopathic assassins to insure compliance to new world order dictates) we may not reasonably expect a merciful redress from foreign and domestic freedom fighters forced from desperation to employ against US equally aggressive and abhorrent stratagems.

Geral Sosbee