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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Government Gone Mad: The FBI Today is a Neo NAZI Terror Group

NOTE: Here are a few new brief reports from former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, which describe the tactics used against a Target of a decades long campaign of terror, torture, psy war and political persecution.

Nothing could break my heart more than this, that my best friend, for more than a decade and a half, who has served this country, with honor; who has committed no crimes, ever, is literally being tortured to death by a lawless and utterly corrupt mob of criminals aka government agents.

Then, when he reports the crimes against him and his wife, he is repeatedly insulted and his sanity is impugned. And NOTHING IS DONE to stop the crimes.

I cannot find the words to describe my level of absolute horror and disgust.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 15, 2017


The following data cause indigestion for the fbi:

After the doctor diagnosed me with "ATRIAL FIBRILLATION WITH RAPID MEAN VENTRICULAR RESPONSE, Abnormal ECG" and at imminent risk of heart attack/stroke caused by ELF, I continued posting my material at various sites. Today (& yesterday), as I was in the doctor's office the fbi entered my car and engaged in gaslighting by changing the settings inside the vehicle. Then, the fbi began gaslighting my wife.

The ELF attacks for the past 3 nights are the worst yet in 15 years of ELF assaults; the intensity was 9.5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most painful in terms of extreme sleep deprivation). I was for several hours incapacitated from the attacks. Thus, I assume gratefully that the fbi assassins and their half witted and psychopathic chiefs at fbi headquarters and in doj are receiving critical chatter resulting from my work.

I cannot stop the fbi's assaults on my wife and I want the world to know that these assaults on me and on my wife reflect the threats facing all the world from the fbi/cia/nsa, et. al.

Meanwhile, I await the USPI fraudulent report of PI Knipfing which I requested under FOIA from USPI through the cooperation of Congressman Gonzalez.

Thank you for your attention.

Peace, not war, not violence, not brutality 

How does a man defend against this:

Armed thugs in fbi & police who follow him around and...

...who attack him physically and mentally everywhere he goes;

and who use against him DEW weaponry (and bio-chem-viral agents) in their torture, mayhem and attempted murder of his person;

who send police to threaten and harass him;
who use psychopathic doctors (medical & dental) to torture and fraudulently label him as paranoid;

who for decades enters his home and car to destroy both;

who watches and listens to his every word 24/7 and then attack his weak spots;

who terrorizes his wife and alienates his brothers and former friends;

who intentionally destroys his hearing and vision via DEW;

who otherwise commits so many crimes against him that he begins to collapse.

All of this and much more is done to me for 30 years by the cowardly fools of fbi, USPI, police, and vigilantes who often wear badges and always carry guns and who control the courts and Congress completely and brain wash the public with the words, "We protect public safety ".

For about thirty years the fbi and their associates (including judges, congressmen, assorted federal agencies & police agencies, street thugs and members of the community) have participated one way or another in hounding and criminally assaulting me. The names of many such persons are in my thousands of reports and websites.

Some of the street thugs also discover that I have posted their photos online.

The present purpose is to present evidence to support an indictment of all such individuals referenced above for the following crimes:

Conspiracy, assault with deadly weapons, attempted murder, and terrorist assaults on my person and on my wife.

The fbi uses two deadly methods to attack me and my wife now:

1) toxic fumes pumped into our residence and

2) Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) including Extremely Low Frequency Soundwaves (ELF) to attack us.

These attacks have been ongoing for at least seventeen years and have already caused severe hearing loss and vision impairment & breathing problems in me. Even landlords deny my claims of toxic fumes attacks. For more on these topics see: 

Regarding the ELF attacks note that this week a medical doctor asked me about my sleep routine. I explained that I am under attack by fbi’s ELF which causes extreme sleep deprivation and results in chest pain, etc.

The doctor found the following:


I also advised the doctor that another medical doctor entered a patently false medical report for the fbi regarding my complaint of attacks by ELF:

The present doctor indicated that I am at risk of stroke or heart attack and that I need to sleep more in defense of AF, and to exercise some to prevent the now threatening diabetes.

The fbi is aware on 10-5-17 of the AF diagnosis, but continues without interruption and to this moment the potentially deadly assaults with ELF. The only thing that can help the AF problem now is sleep which I am denied. The main defense against diabetes for me today is exercise which is most difficult due to fatigue from the effects of ELF. So, the fbi seems intent on killing me by invisibly inducing a heart attack.

My wife is also often attacked with ELF and the fbi enjoys complete impunity in the felonious assaults on her and on me.

I therefore charge all employees of the fbi, doj, congress, courts (including appellate justices and SCOTUS) and all others who assist the fbi in their terror campaign with the offenses listed above: 

Conspiracy, assault with deadly weapons, attempted murder, and terrorist assaults on my person and on my wife.

Understand that no remedy is available at law or in equity for the egregious crimes by fbi that I outline for decades. This means that the people of all the world are ultimately potential Targets for these types of deadly attacks. Note that I recently presented prima facie evidence to the Veterans Administration of fbi’s terrorist crimes against me.

Thank you and note that this post seeks no sympathy and is not submitted with the idea that attention be focused on me personally. Instead, this report represents a notice to all the world that our worst nightmare of ‘government gone mad’ is upon us, but is seen by a select few.