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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

On the Nature of Evil

NOTE: This is one segment of a report (2006) titled, The Wreckers: False Lights and the Nature of Evil. My reports tend to be lengthy, and I've been told, by readers and friends, that they'd like to see shorter segments made available.

I've taken their suggestion, especially since I know that nowadays, many people don't have the patience to read, they'd rather watch a video (how tragic!)

For entire report:

...Those of us who seek justice, who defend our individual rights and liberties, bestowed by God, fight them with every fiber of our being. We expose their evil, bringing it into the light. But to fight them, to expose them truly and well, we must first understand the nature of evil. Unless and until evil is recognized for what it actually is, all efforts to expose it, to vanquish it, are in vain.


I have heard many people say they do not "believe" in evil. Or, some claim, that in the universe, good and evil must be "balanced". Some believe that we "create our own reality", which is neither "good" nor "evil", but only serves to teach us "lessons."

They don't believe there are any victims, nor any perpetrators of evil. No, they actually BLAME THE VICTIMS for any and all evil that is done to them.

They claim we are "responsible" for all that befalls us....after all, they smugly opine, it was only a "life lesson" we needed to learn. They say we must "take responsibility" for every event in our lives, as it is just part and parcel of our "spiritual evolution".

What's more, we must also have "compassion" for those who treat us wrongfully, no matter how heinous the abuse; we must try to "understand" them...after all, they are our "teachers".

Try selling this crock of perfumed hogswill to the victims of the wreckers, the survivors of family members murdered by the wreckers.

Such utter foolishness is mind boggling; pathological idiocy in its worst form. And tragically, this false belief system has taken hold among millions of people, most notably those in the New Age movement, a toxic amalgam of fascism, communism, globalist collectivism and what I would call Mickey Mouse Metaphysics.

It has been designed to lead the populace away from individual critical thinking, as well as to stamp out genuine spirit-filled intuition; and ultimately, to sever an individual's personal relationship with the Creator, whence all gifts of the spirit emanate.

Refusing to believe in the existence of evil, it follows that they do not believe certain individuals to be inherently evil, nor the collectives comprised of these individuals, whose sole intent is to do evil.

The deniers of evil, who obviously lack any form of spiritual or intellectual discernment, will thereby claim that the lowest and most despicable of traits, as well as the highest forms of saintliness and goodness, coexist in each and every individual. That we are ALL "capable" of either extreme.

What they are really saying is that we are all capable of "evil", though they still, in their self-contradictory mindset, deny its existence. They claim that we are all the same, as if we come into the world straight out of some cookie-cutter mold. How very, very wrong they are. How very, very foolish. How completely have their minds been co-opted.

Those of us who have directly perceived the forces of evil, who have apprehended evil in its various forms, including as incarnated in the flesh; who have faced it down and stood our ground against it, know beyond any shadow of doubt that evil is a reality, to be ignored, discounted or denied, always at one's own peril.

Collective indoctrination which denies evil is, of course, foisted upon society by the top-ranking evildoers themselves. The denial that perpetrating evil is a PERSONAL CHOICE, with malice aforethought, to control, to exploit and to do harm to others, a choice made by each individual, is also responsible for perpetuating the evils of the world; in part by enabling the evildoers; by institutionalizing their evil; by making evil "acceptable" in the mass psyche, the collective consciousness.

In such a way does society --the individuals who comprise it-- become inured to evil.

By all means, let's roll out the red carpet for evildoers!

"Nurture over nature" proponents (some of whom call themselves "scientists" or "psychologists") ; or those who see each human being as a "tabula rasa" (blank slate) fail to comprehend the most basic truth: That evildoers are entirely lacking in humanity, that in effect, they have no souls.

Or, that what "souls" they may have are artificial and do not belong to God. Or, that they have sold their souls in the pursuit of material/flesh/ego-gratification, in the lust for power to be wielded over all God's creation; in their grotesque vanity, to attempt to usurp the very power of God.

But in any case, and in every case, evil is a personal choice. Those who consciously and willfully choose evil will be held accountable, if not before humanity, then certainly before God. Still, it is the duty of all who see and understand the nature of evil to expose it, to defy it and to make every effort to hold the evildoers accountable for their crimes against God and humanity.

As for those who do not recognize evil for what it is, they are doomed to be used by evildoers, who feed on their confusion; their naivete; and their character flaws, exacerbated by indoctrination, and their profound ignorance.

And until such time (if ever) that they learn to recognize evil, they cannot be delivered from that which they refuse to acknowledge. It is really all that simple, and yet, far too many of these brainwashed individuals fail to see this simple truth and thus fall prey to the machinations of evildoers.

Perhaps I could compare them to lost souls, dejectedly wandering through a seemingly endless dark tunnel. When finally, they glimpse "a light at the end of the tunnel", they believe they have found their way out, that deliverance is near.

Then, in shock and horror, they hear the roar of the approaching train, bearing down on them, its blinding headlights the last thing they will ever see.

Even false light travels faster than sound. Evil can only win through deception, through engendering false perception, false lights.

In conjunction with deception, evil always involves aggression, intrusion, invasion, exploitation and predation, in various forms.

Evil does not respect --nor even acknowledge-- the spiritual integrity and personal boundaries of others: the Inviolability of Personhood.

Evil does not respect the sanctity of an individual life, nor the natural rights and liberties bestowed upon that life by God.

Evil is entirely devoid of compassion, empathy, mercy and conscience.

Evil is a voracious black hole whose vortex subsumes all ambient light and consumes the lives, the hopes and dreams of innocents.


Psychopathology is inherent in the nature of evil, at least in human terms.

Those who do evil may be narcissists, sociopaths, callous opportunists. Call them what you will, evildoers are criminally insane.

Just know that their abiding creed is to USE, to CONSUME, the more the better; and yet their hunger is inexhaustible, as their negatively-inflated egos can never, ever get enough.

They are psychic vampires who feed off the etheric/spiritual energies of their victims.

They are "social engineers" who get by in the world with oily charm and "situational ethics".

Having no conscience, the very idea of moral absolutes is beyond their ken.

They are liars, thieves, poseurs, mountebanks, merchants of false hope.

The virtues of compassion, mercy, charity, spiritual love and selfless service to others are seen only as weaknesses, weaknesses they can exploit, and which ultimately may become fatal "weaknesses" in their targets and victims.

Lacking all love, light and truth, the evildoers seek to destroy these virtues wherever they may find them, as means and opportunity permit.

In their ceaseless aggression, these diabolical predators intrude, invade, stalk, harass and persecute; they rape, they loot and plunder, all the while bearing false witness against their quarry, often accusing them of the very crimes of which they themselves are guilty as sin.

Again, the deception. They live and breathe lies, firing up the false lights at every turn.

They masquerade as paragons of virtue; as freedom fighters; as ministers to the downtrodden; as defenders of the underdog; as shepherds to the lost; as benefactors to the needy; as champions of justice. But their hearts are hollow, black and cold.

They commit atrocities and blackmail each other to cover up their crimes. They destroy the lives and hopes of all those without the wherewithal to protect themselves, especially innocent children, who are seen as nothing more than vessels of convenience on which to visit their vile sexual perversions.

Who cares? It's only one little life, and they hunt it down, simply because they can.

This, all this, is the nature of evil. I have only scratched the surface in attempting to describe it. But can anyone with the slightest bit of spiritual discernment doubt it?

Evil exists and anyone who claims otherwise is either an evildoer or is deceived, enslaved by evildoers.

Listen to their words, hear their lies and false promises, but instead of blindly believing, perceive only with the light of Spirit, from your heart.

Look from your heart to see the fruits they bear. By their fruits shall you know them.

When you perceive by the Holy Spirit, living in your heart, they can deceive you no more.

Barbara Hartwell
November 27, 2006