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Friday, February 27, 2015

Howard Nema & “TRUTH TALK NEWS”: Fraud, Lies & Defamation of Barbara Hartwell


NOTE: The actual name of this reprobate calling himself Howard Nema is Nemaizer.

The following notice was posted on Howard Nema dot com, on February 24, 2015. For the public record, I find it necessary, once again, to stand in defense of myself and my good name, and to refute the false and defamatory statements given herein.   

My comments follow the notice, and are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.


Sadly, I am forced to post this. I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time.

I move ahead, not backwards.

But for the record I have NO AFFILIATION with ANY GROUP, NETWORK or association. Truth Talk News and are free and independent.

No posts in the future will mention or include Barbara Hartwell’s name. Furthermore, I kindly ask Barbara Hartwell to stop invading my privacy as she so often claims that others do to her.

This should end it all.


By the way, Barbara, you are very welcome for all the financial and other support I rendered to you over the years.

In closing, I truly regret my acts of kindness and charity given to Barbara Hartwell, who I feel is a terribly ungrateful soul.

Barbara, please leave me and my sites out of your reports in the future. I will never mention your name again and I expect you to do the same about me.

Thank you. Enjoy your life and your solitude.

God bless you.

Howard Nema"

[BHP: To begin, there is one truthful and factual statement in this notice:


Yet, Howard Nema has, for over a year (by his own admission, since February 2014), knowingly and fraudulently pretended otherwise.

This notice appears on Howard Nema's site, TRUTH TALK NEWS:

"TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH [Barbara Hartwell] [Harry Link] [Janet Phelan]"

[& several other names/sites]

Since he includes my name as a “partner”, how else could his notice possibly be interpreted, than that Barbara Hartwell is, at the very least, “affiliated” with Howard Nema & TRUTH TALK NEWS?

In point of fact, I have never, at any time, had any affiliation with “TRUTH TALK NEWS”, nor have I ever stated such a thing. Howard Nema knows this, and has always known that this is a false statement. Yet he makes this false claim, knowing it to be false.

This is a clear case of injurious exploitation of the name of Barbara Hartwell.

By using my name and website in his notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, Howard Nema has knowingly, in bad faith, falsely represented my name, my website and my work, known in legal terms as “false light”, an actionable civil offense.

His notice is especially egregious due to placing my name on such a list, AS IF I were ALSO in affiliation (as a "partner") with certain other individuals with whom he is associated, such as Janet Phelan (Janet Phelan dot com), and Harry Link ('Truth Broadcast Network dot com).

To do such a thing, knowing full well of my clearly and publicly stated position, regarding both Harry Link and Janet Phelan (since 2012), is not only fraudulent, but inexcusable.

To be very clear, as stated in my public reports, since 2012 (and known, by Howard Nema, since that time):

I do not even know Harry Link. I have never had any dealings or communications with him. I had only heard of Harry Link because of his affiliation with Howard Nema, whose program runs on Harry Link's network.

As I have previously stated, I consider Harry Link to be an extremely dishonorable person, who promotes, endorses and supports other dishonorable individuals, including liars, charlatans, and government shills. He promotes sensationalist disinformation on his website, 'Truth Broadcast Network'.

Again, for the record, I have never, at any time, had any association with Harry Link. Howard Nema knows this, and knew it when he posted the bogus notice.

As for Janet Phelan, I broke off my association with her in 2012, for cause.

For documentation, see:

THE PRICE OF LIBERTY: A Retrospective on Political Persecution in America

Knowing all this, Howard Nema still took it upon himself to place my name and website in a completely fraudulent notice, with no concern about widely disseminating a public statement which he KNEW to be a falsehood.

Additionally, he apparently did not consider that his associates/friends, namely Harry Link and Janet Phelan, might be negatively affected by inclusion in his fraudulent notice. I doubt either one of them would enjoy having their names placed in association with Barbara Hartwell. And it would not have been necessary for me to repeatedly bring the names of these individuals into my reports, except simply because Howard Nema has misrepresented them as well.]

HN: “Sadly, I am forced to post this. I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time.”

[BHP: Forced to post this? Forced, how? This comment shows not only complete disrespect and disregard of my rights, but unbridled arrogance. Howard Nema says he will “not spend hours” deleting his bogus and fraudulent notice, “at the request of Barbara Hartwell”.

The “request” is past tense. (To be specific, since December 15, 2014.) No request, since that time, but a DEMAND. Stated repeatedly, on February 16, February 21, February 23, February 26. And again today, February 27, 2015.

A demand I have every right to make, considering that it is MY name he has defamed, MY name he has misrepresented. MY name, and MY reputation. He has knowingly and willfully posted FALSE information. And his notice itself is irrefutable evidence of such an offense.

And yet Howard Nema actually has the unmitigated audacity to suggest that the person who has been wronged, and defamed, the injured party, Barbara Hartwell, should have to PAY HIM for his time to remove HIS false and injurious statements?

I have rarely heard of anything so idiotic. Now, he wants to “cash in” on his offenses against others?

This comment alone should show the world the true colors of Howard Nema, who clearly has no respect whatsoever for the wishes, the personal boundaries, or even the fundamental rights of others.]

HN: “I move ahead, not backwards.”

[BHP: Yet another outrageously arrogant statement. And Howard Nema's idea of “moving ahead” shows only that he has no concern whatsoever about the damage he has done to others (in this case, Barbara Hartwell), resulting from his own wrongful actions. He is unrepentant, and concerned only with what is convenient for him and his self-serving agenda.

An analogy would be helpful: A crime is committed, let's say, forgery. The forger tells the judge, when pleading 'not guilty':

Well, I know I forged that guy's name on a document. BUT, you see, Your Honor, I've decided to move ahead, not backwards. So, it's all good.”

His “defense” will be nothing more than compounding his original offense. So what if another person has been harmed, and sustained damages? So what? That, after all, is in the past, which doesn't matter anymore. He is MOVING AHEAD, and to hell with the damages he leaves behind in his wake.]

HN: “But for the record I have NO AFFILIATION with ANY GROUP, NETWORK or association. Truth Talk News and are free and independent.”

[BHP: Maybe not this week. And maybe it would behoove him to tell that to Harry Link, whose network is still running Howard Nema's program. Not to mention the fact that Howard Nema is still advertising that his program runs on 'Truth Broadcast Network' (what a flaming misnomer!), on the very same website which contains the false notice about “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH".

But maybe that is just another aspect of Howard Nema's idea of “moving ahead”. That's the ticket!  Just leave false or outdated information where everyone can see it, in order to mislead the public, while adhering to his motto of not moving “backwards”. Heaven forbid!]

HN: “No posts in the future will mention or include Barbara Hartwell’s name. Furthermore, I kindly ask Barbara Hartwell to stop invading my privacy as she so often claims that others do to her.”

[BHP: What the hell is he talking about? Stop invading HIS privacy? I have never, at any time, invaded Howard Nema's privacy, in any way, shape or form. Just another false representation to add to all the others.

As for the “others” mentioned here (he doesn't specify to whom he refers), what relevance would these unnamed “others” have to this issue? None at all.]

HN: “This should end it all.”

[BHP: As far as I am concerned, the only “end” is of my former (ill-fated) “friendship” with a person who has shown himself to be a self-serving opportunist, acting in the false belief that he can exploit my name and website for his own ends, with no further consequences.

But unless and until he REMOVES my name and website from his ass “backwards” promotions, the “end” of my righteous outrage and protests is nowhere in sight.]

HN: “By the way, Barbara, you are very welcome for all the financial and other support I rendered to you over the years.”

[BHP: This is a cheap shot, if ever there was one. So now he wants to drag in a totally unrelated issue, apparently because he can think of nothing relevant to the actual issue, the ONLY issue: that he is falsely representing Barbara Hartwell and defaming my good name.

Over the years? I have only known Howard Nema since mid-2012. And have not even spoken to him since the early Spring of 2014 (with good reason, since I discovered that he had been defaming and exploiting my name).

And he seems to think that any “financial support” he may have given me is related in any way to the issues I have addressed?

Maybe, like so many others who have claimed to be my “supporters”, he is so misguided as to think his “support” has “bought” him the right to exploit my name, or to disregard my clearly stated wishes about my personal/professional business? Wrong.]

HN: “In closing, I truly regret my acts of kindness and charity given to Barbara Hartwell, who I feel is a terribly ungrateful soul.”

[BHP: He's certainly entitled to his feelings, uncharitable as they are. But on that issue, I will have to wait for a future report to describe the treatment I received, and the unfortunate consequences to me, as a result of believing the false statements made by Howard Nema, about his so-called “kindness” and “charity”.

And no, I am not “grateful” to those who mislead me, who lie to me, especially when it results in disastrous circumstances.]

HN: “Barbara, please leave me and my sites out of your reports in the future. I will never mention your name again and I expect you to do the same about me.”

[BHP: Can he possibly be serious? My name is already plastered all over Howard Nema's sites, in his infamous notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”.

Which he has now arrogantly stated that he REFUSES TO REMOVE.

And he actually expects me to sit back and do nothing? To allow him to perpetuate his fraud against Barbara Hartwell? It's already bad enough that he has been making false statements about Barbara Hartwell, and my background with CIA, in quite a large number of his videos (in some of which there was a guest involved in the discussion), where I was not present to correct him or stand up in my own defense.

I have done nothing whatsoever that is wrongful to Howard Nema. I have never made so much as one false statement about him, or against him.

I have only stood in my own defense to refute his falsehoods, to protect my privacy, my personal boundaries, my fundamental rights, and my good name, which he has defamed and shamelessly exploited.

And as long as the name of Barbara Hartwell continues to be fraudulently misrepresented and promoted in his “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH” notice, I will continue to demand that it be REMOVED, whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. He can count on it.

In summary, Howard Nema has shown himself to be entirely lacking in integrity and honor.

A person of integrity and honor would have never set out to misrepresent another person with false and defamatory statements.

A person of integrity and honor would not have tried to exploit the name of a legitimate government whistleblower, for his own self-serving ends, namely to ride on the coattails of the whistleblower, to drop her name in places where it does not belong,  simply to garner more publicity for himself.

A person of integrity and honor, even had he made such a grievous error out of his own ignorance and/or lack of discretion, would seek to remedy his error, rather than arrogantly refusing even to acknowledge that he had made an error.

A person of integrity and honor would apologize for his disrespectful and injurious actions. He would immediately take action to REMOVE the false and defamatory material, not waiting for it to become a demand, but upon the first request of the injured party.

A person of integrity and honor would repent of his actions, rather than expressing arrogance, and acting as if he had done nothing wrongful. He would seek to make amends, rather than mounting a further assault on the injured party with additional false and defamatory statements.

Clearly, Howard Nema is not a person of integrity and honor. Nor is he a person who cares even slightly about “THE TRUTH”, of which he boasts continually that he serves, in his program, TRUTH TALK NEWS, and in his affiliation with Harry Link, where his show airs on 'Truth Broadcast Network'.]

HN: “Thank you. Enjoy your life and your solitude.

God bless you.”

Howard Nema, as far as I can see, has nothing to thank me for, except possibly for standing up for the truth, should he ever finally decide to put into practice what he loudly preaches about “THE TRUTH”.

And why say “God bless you”? From my observations, in past discussions with Howard Nema, it became clear to me that he does not believe in God. In fact, quite to the contrary, he tried repeatedly to foist upon me his belief in “positive thinking” and other New Age, secular humanist gobbledygook such as “the Law of Attraction”. (Barf bag alert!)

In his foolish insistence on pushing such ideology on me (a devout Christian, as he was well aware), I was even told that my “problems” were a result of “negative thinking”.

 No, the problems and circumstances to which he referred were caused by the neutralization campaign waged against me by the U.S. Government and the demonic characters in their employ.

No amount of his silly “positive thinking” could ever change that.

But then, Howard Nema has never been a Target of such a campaign, so what would he know?

And he is entitled to his beliefs, which I respect his right to hold. But though I respect his rights, as I always will, I have lost any respect I had for him as a person, and with very good reason.

He has discredited himself, and shown himself to be not a promoter of "truth", but rather an unrepentant liar.

By their fruits shall you know them.

But be that as it may, my position remains firm, in defense of my own rights:


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Stating the Truth, in Good Faith, for the Public Record
February 27, 2015


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA





Tuesday, February 24, 2015

THE PRICE OF LIBERTY: A Retrospective on Political Persecution in America (4)


"You hate and punish evil without respect of persons in this world and the next."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Prayer from Prison

"You love goodness and reward it on this earth with a clear conscience, and, in the world to come with a crown of righteousness."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Prayer from Prison

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

Thomas Jefferson

Please read PARTS ONE, TWO & THREE before continuing with PART FOUR of this report. They are parts of a whole and not meant to stand alone.

Here is the final segment of this report. In PART FOUR I will cover more on the tactics of persecution used by the government in a neutralization campaign.

I will also cover the disrespectful and sometimes callous ways in which a targeted whistleblower is all too often treated by the persons associated with him/her, including friends, family and professional colleagues.

But first, more on the government's harassment tactics against former FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

On February 9, 2015, Geral Sosbee sent the following letter to the Inspector and Chief Counsel of the U.S. Postal Service. It is self-explanatory.

1) Chief Counsel

2) Inspector

U.S. Postal Service

475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW

Washington D.C. 20260-1135

Re:1) FOIA No. 2015-FPIS-00106

2) Corruption in USPI office

For over 15 years the US Postal Inspector has falsified records, covered up postal crimes committed against me by the fbi and (more recently) harassed me in my home by a fraudulent investigation of a crime committed by the fbi whose agents and operatives also planted my name at the scene of the alleged crime.

For background see:

I demand an investigation into the apparent many crimes committed against me by employees of the USPI office. Specifically, see Trey Knipfing’s phony and illegal intrusion into my home and his refusal to release the report to me following my several inquiries since 2013.



It is interesting that at the very time Geral Sosbee was at the library, writing the letter to the U.S. Postal Service, government operatives were breaking into his car, in the library parking lot.

That morning Geral had received a notice that a package had been delivered. The post office was closed for lunch, so Geral placed the notice on the front passenger seat of his car, before entering the library, planning to pick up the package when the post office reopened.

The package was sent from New York State. I know this because I was the one who sent it. Government spies knew that too. They'd been listening to our phone calls (as always), when I'd told Geral to expect the package on February 9. They also knew what items were in the package, which even Geral did not know.

How did the operatives know the contents of the package? It was because I'd had another conversation some weeks prior with another individual, arranging for an item to be sent to me, which I would later send to Geral. (They were listening in, as usual...)

When Geral got back to his car, planning to return to the post office to pick up the package, the notice was gone. The operatives had followed Geral Sosbee to the library, and while he was inside, writing his letter to the U.S. Postal Service, they stole the postal notice, committing one of the very crimes about which he was making a formal complaint. How's that for a coincidence?

As those of us targeted for these tactics can attest, such “coincidences” abound, and are often of the most blatant (and ironic) nature. But we ceased believing in “coincidence”, at least of a random nature, long ago. In fact, I've never known anyone who has been involved in the intelligence community who doesn't agree. “Coincidences” are planned events, part of a larger picture in which orchestrated events unfold.

There is also the fact that our adversaries love to throw their dirty deeds in our faces. They enjoy entertaining themselves with the hardships and sufferings of their quarry, while howling with laughter and high-fiving each other, fist-bumping, gloating and smirking, mocking and scorning. Something like the Roman Coliseum of bygone days. The fact that their idea of “entertainment” is harassing, torturing and otherwise doing grievous harm to innocent people leaves no doubt as to the depth and breadth of their evil.

(Note: Geral uses library computers because the government operatives destroyed two computers he owned, and he couldn't afford to keep replacing them. Just one of their tactics to make it more difficult for him to write and post his reports exposing their crimes and corruption.)

I received a phone call from Geral right after the incident occurred. As I explained to him, I wasn't surprised. I was expecting something like this. 

I have had my mail intercepted, opened, tampered with and/or stolen, whether I was the sender or recipient. On certain occasions, the contents of a package sent to me had been damaged, or totally ruined. This had been happening to me for many years.

And in the days when I received donations, in most cases there was no way to know if a donation had been sent –but not received. Unless the sender, being someone I knew, had told me to expect something in the mail.

Most of the donors were strangers from the general public. In such cases where my mail was stolen, I would never even know it had been sent, but the sender would reasonably assume I had received it, when in fact I had not.

How much money (most often hard-earned), intended as donations, was stolen in this manner? How many kind notes of support, which accompanied the donations? I will never know. I only know how I suffered in poverty, which could have been to some extent relieved by those donations.

(And how many autographed books written by my fellow whistleblowers? There was a time when I received those too.)

And I hate to think of all the generous people who may have tried to help, who wanted to support my work, and to whom I would have sent a thank you note, had I actually received their donations or other gifts.

Stealing my mail served multiple purposes, aside from ensuring that I would continue to live in poverty. It had been my experience that donors would often make repeated donations, as their finances permitted. But if they didn't know for sure that I had received the donation? Or, since they never received a thank you note from me, they assumed their contribution was not needed or appreciated? Unlikely they would send anything more, and with good reason.

And so I may also have been deprived of friendships that might have been developed with like-minded people. That is the last thing the perps would want --and which they will use all in their arsenal of dirty tricks to prevent from happening. They want to keep the Target isolated, alienated from all who might care or help, and deprived of all they need to survive.

Tampering with the U.S. Mail is a felony crime. But why would these government perps care anything about the law? They're above the law –or so they think.

And they will do anything and everything in their power to make damn certain sure that I will continue to live in poverty, so that just a struggle for basic survival must be the priority. So that there is hardly time, or resources, for anything else –especially exposing the truth about the criminals who run the government.

Getting back to the package I sent to Geral. These saboteurs give special attention to any communications between Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee, being that we have been high-profile Targets of their counterintelligence operations for many years –decades now, and no end in sight...

There were two items in the package: One was a piece of artwork I had made as a gift for Geral and his wife. The other was a Bible, inscribed with his name.

No secret 'eyes only' documents. No coded messages. Nothing that could have possibly been of the slightest value in their campaign against Sosbee and Hartwell.

Now, consider this: Why would the FBI be concerned about two completely benign items, sent by one friend to another, a piece of artwork and a Bible?

They wouldn't be concerned in the slightest. The purpose of their theft of the postal notice was simply to send this message: We are watching you. We are ON THE CASE. We know everything you are doing. And we will lose not the smallest opportunity to harass you and make your life ever more difficult in any way we can. WE ARE THE FBI.


In PARTS, ONE, TWO and THREE of this series, we exposed several of the stalkers sicced on Barbara Hartwell and/or Geral Sosbee, some going back as far as 2001.

(See previous segments for more detail and mug shots.)

Just a reminder:

Timothy Patrick White (aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski): predicate felon, career criminal, fed snitch, public menace, made a deal for a get-out-of-jail free card with corrupt feds in Denver, Colorado, in exchange for stalking, harassing, threatening, libeling/slandering Targets.

Brenda Negri: fed snitch, impersonated a federal agent (male FBI agent named Richard Wade). Briefly employed (2002) as a low-level baggage screener at LAX, TSA; terminated for cause, after her fraudulent/criminal activities were exposed by Barbara Hartwell.

Todd Brendan Fahey (uses more aliases and screen names than you could shake a stick at): fed snitch, blackmailer, identity thief, forger, malicious pathological liar extraordinaire. Past history: low-level flunkey for CIA-connected operatives, such as General John K. Singlaub and former senator John Decamp (Operations Phoenix & Gladio).

These loathsome characters, “coincidentally”, are all G-MAN wannabes, with no training or experience in intelligence work. They are merely poseurs, government stooges with an axe to grind, pretending to be what they are not, while focusing their malice on legitimate persons such as Sosbee and Hartwell, whom they hate and envy, with a vengeance.

Worse, they are sex perverts/predators (including targeting children), as well as being involved in heavy drug abuse, (in certain cases, trafficking). They have all made death threats against Barbara Hartwell, which were reported repeatedly to police and FBI –who did absolutely nothing to stop these perps in their crimes (including felonies) against persons.

And all have stalked designated government Targets, fabricated outrageous, libelous falsehoods about Targets, disseminated widely as massive libel/slander campaigns. All have been engaged in monstrous violations of privacy against Targets, including publishing UNLISTED, PRIVATE street addresses, in conjunction with soliciting crimes against Targets at their homes, by like-minded lowlife criminals.

(Which in my case resulted in thousands of $ in losses via theft & vandalism at my home in Maine.)

What's more, all these perps (and their partners in crime) have been in collusion in assaults on Targets. All were connected to the late FBI chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson cabal, which continues to wreak havoc on the lives of Targets, though Gunderson has passed away. All have been heavily promoted and supported by another criminal perp, Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau), a scamster and con artist who served as the primary PR shill for Gunderson and his cronies. (Including but not limited to Anthony Hilder, John Decamp, Doug Millar, Alma Ott aka “True” Ott, James Rothstein, Don Stacey, Pam Schuffert, et al, et al, et al...)

And let's not forget the Beast of the Brownsville Library, a “large, ugly, foul looking beast”, a perp who stalked Sosbee not only in Brownsville, but at other locations, and who assaulted him in his home with toxic fumes (which required medical attention), when she was planted by the feds in an apartment next door. And as we speak, this vile perp is still on the case. Still stalking Sosbee at the Brownsville Library. Still showing up to taunt and bait him, using extreme provocations, hell-bent on getting the type of response for which Sosbee could be arrested.

(Is there no low to which these demons will not sink to persecute a Target?)

Stalking is one of the tactics used in a neutralization campaign to harass the Target; to attempt to intimidate; and in the hope of provoking a reaction, for which the Target (not the perp) may be arrested, should they respond, even in self-defense.

But before I go further in describing the tactics of stalkers, I should make it clear that never, at any time, have any of these stalkers had the slightest success in intimidating Hartwell or Sosbee, or provoking the type of violent reaction which would serve the purposes of the government agents who hire these stalkers as part of their campaign of harassment and persecution.

There is righteous anger, there is outrage, for sure. And we most certainly will expose them, by name, and where possible with photos and evidence. But our objective is very simply JUSTICE, not revenge. But just try getting “justice” when these lowlife perps are hirelings of the “justice system.”

The government-issue stalkers are most often criminals who are recruited by intelligence agents, who make a deal for a get-out-of-jail-free card, or similar quid pro quo arrangement. Stalk a Target, make threats, taunt and bait, libel and slander, and receive a reward from the government. (What is this country coming to???)

The stalkers are part of an organized operation against a Target. The categories of stalking include stalkers on foot; stalkers in vehicles; and, the most common these days, cyber-stalkers, who use the Internet to harass, to threaten, to libel/slander, to bait the Target, atttempting to get a response to their provocations.

They are also known as “time wasters”. The Target often finds it necessary to
stand up in his/her own defense, to refute the outrageous lies, to address the defamation which is injurious to his/her good name and personal/professional reputation. This takes time, time that might be better spent working on more productive pursuits.

Stalkers often operate in packs, like the filthiest of animals, jackals or hyenas, with the purpose of surrounding the Target so that wherever he goes, whatever he tries to accomplish, he is met with interference and a hostile environment.


The objective of a neutralization campaign against a Target is not only to shut down any work they are doing which might expose bad guys and put them out of business; not only to silence the Target, but to destroy his/her entire life. Make no mistake, this is exactly what the perps are aiming for. And they aim for three (3) primary goals: Isolation. Alienation. Deprivation.

Isolate the Target by removing any support system they may have, friends, family, professional colleagues. Cause the Target to be alienated from those closest to them, so that they may not receive the help, support and companionship they need. Deprive the Target of any and all basic necessities they need to survive. This almost always results in the Target being driven into dire poverty, bankruptcy, and in all too many cases, homelessness.

Worst of all, the people closest to the Target often blame the victim for the serial disasters which befall them. When the target most needs support from others, instead they face criticism and blame. Sometimes there is just nowhere to turn for help.

In their psy war against a Target they will do anything and everything they can get away with, especially using plausible deniability in their operation, so that it is extremely difficult for the Target to collect evidence against the specific perpetrators, and even when we are possession of evidence, we end up facing a brick wall if we try to use the legal system in pursuit of justice.

Geral Sosbee offers this brief report, in which he gives an overview of the tactics used against him, these many years.


See my latest intelligence report which is prompted by contacts with me by fbi, cia, police, congress.
This report is prompted by messages delivered to me from the United States
intelligence community including fbi, cia, military and congressional chiefs. For additional background data see my articles and posts online, especially as set forth at and, Parts 19, a, b, c, of “My Story In Detail”, my affidavits dated 2007 and 2014, my medical/police clearances, and my writ.

[Note: I have not given direct links, as they often do not work. The reader may easily find them, using copy and paste. --BHP]

The United States of America (USA) engages in egregious and indeed unimaginable horrors in pursuit of world control. Any person (Target) who hinders the work of the USA intelligence community, or any other person selected for death/incarceration, may find himself in the midst of an unending avalanche of physical and psychological assaults designed to imprison or to kill him. No one will assist the Target because people fear being similarly treated and the courts and congress pretend that no such government atrocities occur.

The Target becomes an experimental animal (like a dog) subjected to a variety of attacks by various methods including assaults by chemical, biological, viral, directed energy and microwave, all of which are approved by a corrupt civil court order fraudulently obtained by the intelligence community.

During such a program which is carried out 24/7 for the life of the Target , he is extensively slandered and blacklisted everywhere he goes in a widespread campaign intended to destroy his social standing, to cause him to have mood swings, and to cause people (including neighbors, realtors, doctors, lawyers, etc.) to verbally and physically assault him.

He is also the recipient of intense psychological warfare including 24/7 physical and electronic surveillance and invasions into his home and car with crimes committed therein for life. He is treated as a diseased maniac and the tormentors watch him in real time in order to enter his home, terrorize and poison him repeatedly and to let him know that every aspect of his life is under siege. His only defense is the pen, and the gang stalkers destroy his computer and force him to use the public libraries where he is also criminally assaulted by the staff, police and operatives.

While the Target is being tortured and molested, the intelligence community follows him around everywhere he goes in order to document any reactions to his suffering. Operatives join in the program against the Target by falsifying reports against him and by portraying him as disturbed. In some instances the same operatives who are trying to kill or imprison the Target publicly and falsely label him as a murderer, or as a potential mass murderer.

These false reports are not immediately sent to the fbi’s CJIS because no crime is committed and because the fbi knows that anyone who sees such false entries into the CJIS would likely question the relevance of such.

Then, actual crimes are committed using his name and causing federal and state
police to investigate the Target for serious crimes actually committed by the intelligence community. In this way the file and profile of the Target gains at once a false relevance and the appearance of validity because of the ongoing yet illegal police investigation of the Target.

Psychological profiling is also used against the Target in order to provide such data to the United States congress, or others who make inquiry. Police send operatives and informants to commit assault and battery on the Target with the expectation that he will respond in kind and thus will be jailed. Police also refuse to take reports from the Target, but if a police report is generated at the request of the Target, he is listed as a suspect or subject and the report is further falsified so as to protect the criminal operatives.

In short the data gathered and fabricated by the torturers of the fbi/cia/police against the Target is stored in the files and ultimately is sent upon demand to the fbi’s CJIS for purposes associated with blackmail, threats, forced suicide, and incarceration.

At no time is the destructive program against the Target referenced in the record. So, anyone who reads the government file sees only the notes entered by the thugs who are actually assigned to drive the Target crazy. The only record of the multiple and ongoing felonies committed by the government (including murder by transferred intent, forced suicide, torture, and outright cold blooded murder) is authored by the victim himself, usually online. In my case I have extensively documented such crimes by the police and fbi with congress, the courts and the world community.

The people must understand the heinous and inhumane agenda underway in order to stop it.

Failure is not an option.


Here, another brief commentary by Geral Sosbee, documentation which I requested to inlcude in this report. As a result of the campaign against him, he was driven into homelessness.


As the fbi hijacked my life and tortured me for the past twenty five years they also mounted a program that prevents me from renting any apartment or other place to live. Everywhere I traveled in efforts to escape the criminal assaults on me by fbi operatives, police and others, the managers, owners and realtors of apartments and houses immediately refused to rent to me; on some occasions insults were thrown at me, but no explanation for refusal was ever provided.

Upon my return from Thailand where the fbi and the corrupt Thai secret police committed multiple felonies against me, I slept at the LAX for a week or two. On one occasion I recall that the fbi assigned a female airport police officer to hide behind my car (a few rows back) at the LAX parking lot to see if I might exit the car in the morning for a quick bladder relief. I saw the cop in my rear view mirror, so she could not make any arrest because I walked into the airport to use the restroom.

Then, in Brownsville, Texas, I had permission from Wal Mart to sleep in my car in the parking lot of the store for two or three weeks. One night, around 1 or 2 AM, I exited my car to walk to the adjoining Whataburger restaurant to use the restroom; upon return to my car, as I sat down, I abruptly fell back toward the backseat of the car and into the recline level because the fbi had adjusted the seat during my absence. The fbi watched me fall back in real time on their laptop.

Similar pranks were repeatedly used against me for several years. I have endured so many instances of fbi harassment and crimes against my person that the number and nature of their crimes defy description; suffice to say, I was and am today shocked at how these hoodlums and assassins in the fbi can get away with their unending string of crimes which continue at this very moment.

Finally, when Texas DPS Agent Conrad Rodriguez came to my home (as set forth in my Affidavit 2014) on his profiling assignment against me, he asked me if I am angry with the fbi. Then, he asked me if I do my work online for the benefit of humanity. Such questions reflect the criminal mind and intent of both Rodriguez and Knipfing (his accomplice) as they engaged in an illegal effort at intimidation on behalf of the fbi.


Geral Sosbee is my best friend, the most courageous and honorable person I have ever known. He is not only my friend and professional colleague, but one of my personal heroes. (It is a rare person I would place in that category.)

And of all the former intelligence professionals I have ever known, his experience, his fundamental story, most closely parallels my own – especially regarding the political persecution directed against him.

Over the past fourteen years that I have known him, Geral and I have had countless lengthy discussions, on just about every subject imaginable, but particularly about the corruption of the U.S. Government and their campaigns against targeted whistleblowers.

Geral, like myself, has documented in detail much of the horrendous campaign against him. The events and circumstances we document come directly from personal experience of many years.

We both know that people who have not had such experiences have a hard time understanding –or even believing-- that our experiences are real. They'll say: Oh, but surely the government wouldn't do such terrible things. Maybe not to them, but then, they are not the Targets of a neutralization campaign.

I believe that any reasonably intelligent, discerning person who reads our reports (at least two decades of detailed documentation, along with evidence), will be aware that there must be some truth in what we are saying, whether or not they agree with our viewpoints, our political ideology, or the general conclusions we have reached resulting from many years of investigations. How else could our personal/professional stories be so consistent, year after year? And what motive could we possibly have for fabricating such stories?

What happened to me was going on (and documented by me) long before I knew Geral Sosbee, or had become aware of his case. The same holds true for him.

Speaking for myself, of all of what I have had to deal with, it has been by far, the hardest and the most painful part of my life, to be treated as a “non-person”.

What does it mean, to be treated as a “non-person”? It means that your Inviolability of Personhood is continually assaulted. That your core of integrity is ignored, even at times by those closest to you. That your privacy is invaded, your personal boundaries violated, your clearly stated wishes about your own life, your own personal/professional business are disregarded.

All because you refuse to compromise your principles. All because you consistently stand up for the truth, and are willing to face the truth, rather than sticking your head in the sand, or “tuning out” the truth.

The U.S. Government, from our experience, has no use for the truth, any more than they have a use for respecting the unalienable rights and liberties of the Individual. That would interfere with their plans for COMPLETE CONTROL and domination of the people and societies all around the globe.

If there is one overarching principle that Geral and I agree on, which we believe to be the remedy for the ills visited not only upon us personally, but upon every individual in this nation, it is this: 

Respect the Inviolability of Personhood for every Individual, regardless of race, ethnic origin, creed, religion (or lack thereof), gender. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. “SPECIAL” RIGHTS FOR NONE.

We are all “special” in the eyes of God, each person a unique individual. But God has bestowed upon each one of us the same EQUAL rights, the same free will to exercise those rights.

Respecting the Individual Rights of others is a sacred trust, and the duty of any person who would truly claim to be a Messenger of Truth, a Defender of Liberty. 

It is in fact, the PRICE OF LIBERTY.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 24, 2015
 NOTE: In this series of reports I have had trouble with formatting for unknown reasons. This explains the large block of empty space below.




Saturday, February 21, 2015



Check here for regular updates: A continuing saga of evil, demonic aggression, monstrous invasions of privacy, malicious lies, character assassination, defamation against government whistleblower, Barbara Hartwell by Howard Nemaizer.



Howard Nemaizer lives in Torrington, CT and is married to one Maureen Nemaizer, who has also participated in defamation of the name of Barbara Hartwell, as well as invasions of privacy; the Nemaizers have promoted outrageous lies against Barbara Hartwell.

They have also acted with negligence and reckless endangerment, thus endangering the safety and general well-being of Barbara Hartwell.

Howard Nemaizer, using the pseudonym "Howard Nema", runs a website, "Howard Nema dot com", and hosts a program (radio and TV) called "Truth Talk News".

Howard Nemaizer, who claims to be a "journalist" (but who is actually a used car salesman and/or salesman of other products) is a rank amateur, a wannabe, an upstart, an extremely aggressive interloper,  name-dropper and gate-crasher who is trying to make a name for himself by scavenging from the work of legitimate journalists.

He tried to latch on to Barbara Hartwell, a known and accredited government whistleblower (for more than two decades), in efforts to link my name with his pseudonym, "Howard Nema", by publishing fraudulent notices and other false information. He grossly exploited the name of Barbara Hartwell, misrepresenting my name and website, Barbara Hartwell vs CIA, in a false light, for self-serving and unscrupulous purposes.

Nemaizer disregarded all public legal notices by Barbara Hartwell, beginning on December 15, 2014, demanding that he REMOVE any and all false and fraudulent information, and cease and desist his exploitation of my name. Nemaizer publicly stated (February 24, 2015) in a defamatory notice that he refused to remove the false and fraudulent material from his websites, unless he was PAID for his time by Barbara Hartwell.

Howard Nemaizer has stolen the fruits of my labor and has published material belonging to me, without my knowledge or consent. (Internet piracy, copyright infringement.)

Nemaizer has engaged in monstrous invasions of my and my family's privacy, and has libeled, slandered and defamed our names.

Howard Nemaizer has published images of Barbara Hartwell, taken without my knowledge or consent, in direct disregard of my clearly stated directives that he refrain from invading my privacy in such a manner, which also are defamatory and present Barbara Hartwell in a false light.

Howard Nemaizer has stolen the property of Barbara Hartwell, after I was forced to leave my possessions at his house, after a directive was issued by Maureen Nemaizer that I, a disabled senior citizen, utterly destitute and under persecution, with an elderly cat to care for, must be thrown into the street on December 21, 2013.

This, after a false and fraudulent offer of "sanctuary" was made by Howard Nemaizer, which resulted in tremendous damages and losses to Barbara Hartwell, through the many lies and false promises of Howard Nemaizer, whereby I was stranded for 29 days (November 22-December 21, 2013) in a cold, dark. dirty basement, reeking of mildew, damp and toxic mold, unfit for human (or animal) habitation and where I was harassed, grossly insulted and mistreated by Howard and Maureen Nemaizer and their ill-mannered friends.

Howard Nemaizer subsequently fabricated and published an entirely false and defamatory narrative in which he maliciously lied about the aforementioned events and in which he further invaded my and my family's privacy, posted on "Howard Nema dot com" on November 9, 2015, to which Maureen Nemaizer contributed with defamatory statements.

The many wrongful and unconscionable actions of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer against Barbara Hartwell have resulted in massive damages and losses; have resulted in extreme emotional distress, pain and suffering (physically and mentally).

These offenses have been exposed in detail in numerous reports on this website, Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA, also naming other offenders who participated in unlawful and/or defamatory actions perpetrated in conjunction with Howard Nemaizer's offenses, or as a direct result of his harmful actions.

I therefore state for the public record:

I do not currently have the resources to sue Howard Nemaizer, though his offenses are actionable under the law. My only recourse is to continue to publicly expose his many offenses, in defense of my good name, in defense of my honor and of the truth, and in order to warn others of Nemaizer's civil and criminal offenses and his malignant character.

Any person (or entity) who publicly promotes, supports or employs Howard or Maureen Nemaizer will be held accountable for any and all offenses which may in any way cause or exacerbate damages to Barbara Hartwell, including but not limited to dissemination of libel, slander, defamation, character assassination, invasions of privacy, exploitation of the name or website of Barbara Hartwell.

I will continue to pursue justice by any and all legal and ethical means available to me.

And once again, for the public record:


Failure to comply with this demand will result in further and continuing damages to Barbara Hartwell, for which Howard Nemaizer and all accomplices will be held accountable and liable.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 27, 2016

The unwarranted appropriation or exploitation of one’s personality, the publicizing of one’s private affairs with which the public has no legitimate concern, or the wrongful intrusion into one’s private activities, in such manner as to outrage or cause mental suffering, shame, or humiliation to a person of ordinary sensibilities.

SOURCE: oracle dot com false light privacy defamation


Scroll down, latest entries at top.
UPDATE: February 15, 2021
This report is long overdue, as I have not updated in quite some time. Howard Nemaizer has not removed his defamatory trash against Barbara Hartwell and continues with malicious slander and gossip with like-minded busybodies such as leftist agitator Janet Phelan on social media. Also see here within links to reports not yet posted  as updates.


UPDATE: December 31, 2018

HOWARD NEMAIZER ARRESTED FOR ASSAULT... & Retrospective on Civil & Criminal Offenses of a Pathological Liar & Demonic Reprobate 

UPDATE: December 28, 2018

Howard Nemaizer Arrested for Assault

ASSAULT: Howard Nemaizer, 51, of Red Mountain Road, was arrested on Oct. 13 and charged with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace. He was released on a $1,000 non-surety bond and is scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Torrington on Nov. 29.

Howard Nemaizer is a criminal. He is a liar and a thief. His crimes and civil offenses against Barbara Hartwell have been documented on this site, including:

Theft of US mail addressed to Barbara Hartwell, sent to his residence at 228 Red Mountain Rd., Torrington, CT, in 2013.

Theft of personal possessions

Reckless endangerment of soliciting a drunk driving convict, David St. John, to drive a vehicle owned by Barbara Hartwell, from Maine to Connecticut, without my knowledge or permission, thereby putting me at grave risk.

Nemaizer has engaged in monstrous invasions of privacy, libel and harassment against Barbara Hartwell and family, in collusion with his wife, Maureen Nemaizer.

Nemaizer has stolen intellectual property from Barbara Hartwell, publishing without my consent or knowledge, and in violation of a good faith verbal agreement.

Nemaizer has now been arrested for ASSAULT. No surprise here. I pray they throw the book at him, and put this violent, lying, devil-worshiping criminal behind bars, where he belongs!

UPDATE: December 26, 2018

Howard Nemaizer's diabolical calumny against Barbara Hartwell is once again featured on the website of Ken Adachi, who promotes anyone fueled by a hatred of Barbara Hartwell. Adachi's article is titled, Barbara Hartwell, Portrait of a Disinfo Artist, by James F. Marino, a busybody/stooge of the same ilk of Howard Nemaizer.

Howard Nemaizer and his wife, Maureen Nemaizer, who are devil-worshipers, are accomplices to the massive defamation campaign ongoing since 2000.

I pray God's swift and terrible justice to be visited upon all these demonic liars, the sooner, the better!


UPDATE: May 30, 2018

See this report, Case Studies of "Mental Illness", in which Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, this pair of grossly obese busybodies from Hell are featured, along with a number of other morally bankrupt idiots who have falsely accused Barbara Hartwell of being "mentally ill", after they were exposed for their many lies, invasions of privacy, defamation and abusive treatment of a destitute, disabled senior citizen.

UPDATE: March 31, 2018

WARNING: BEWARE Maureen Nemaizer

Abusive treatment of a disabled senior citizen!

I found this ad posted by Maureen Nemaizer:

Elder Care Provider in Torrington

Who I Am: Hi there my name is Maureen. I am interviewing for an elderly care provider placement in Torrington, Connecticut. I'm planning to contribute my experience as an elderly care provider. I am available as required. Services And Training: I will take care of physical therapy, dressing and wounds, and respite work. I also have a drivers license. I have extensive prior history in the role. Booking An Appointment: I would love to hear from you. Will respond at my earliest convenience.


Anyone considering hiring this woman needs to know the truth, so here are some facts for the public record.

Between November 22, 2013 and December 21, 2013 I was stranded in the home of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, for 29 hellish days.

Howard Nemaizer made false promises and lied to me about many things when he offered 'sanctuary', when I was about to become homeless. He claimed that his wife, Maureen Nemaizer, would welcome me into their home, but I soon realized that too had been a lie. It was a total bait-and-switch, which resulted in extreme damages and losses for me.

I am a disabled senior citizen, and at that time was utterly destitute. I had no idea that the Nemaizers would expect me to live in their basement, which was filthy, cold, dark and permeated by mildew and toxic black mold. It was unfit for human (or animal) habitation.

Maureen Nemaizer expected me to participate in a deception, after she had fabricated lies to tell her parents. The Nemaizers lied about everything, and kept me in the dark about the fact that their landlord would not allow guests to stay more than a limited period of time.

Maureen Nemaizer is an aggressive busybody, a hysterical harridan, snoop and snitch who has ZERO respect for the privacy and personal boundaries of others.

She issued a directive that I, a destitute, disabled senior citizen, with an elderly cat to care for, be thrown into the street on December 21, 2013, knowing we had nowhere to go.

She actually tried to get me to go to a homeless shelter, which of course I refused to do.

She gossiped about me to anyone who would listen, and there were hostile interrogations about my personal life – which was, and is, NONE OF HER BUSINESS.

This ignorant, uneducated woman actually tried to psychoanalyze me, trying to place the blame on me for the fact that her husband had lied and made false promises.

After I left, in my own defense, I exposed the truth about the many offenses (including criminal) of Howard Nemaizer, including soliciting a drunk driving convict to drive my car from Maine to Torrington, CT, without my prior knowledge or consent.

The Nemaizers also stole some of my possessions which I was forced to leave in their basement, and actually stole mail addressed to me.

Howard and Maureen Nemaizer are unrepentant liars who have engaged in massive defamation, libel, slander and monstrous invasions of privacy, ever since.

Maureen Nemaizer has harassed some of my relatives, contacting them on social media, telling outrageous lies, which were also seen by others in the general public.

She has also posted her outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, on Facebook, soliciting further defamation from other busybodies and gossips.

Now, I find that she is advertising herself as a “disciplined senior care provider”.

This, from a woman who made my life a living hell with her snooping, snitching, lying and absolutely disrespectful and abusive treatment of a disabled senior citizen, followed by defamation and invasions of privacy after the fact.

If you value your privacy, and your peace of mind, DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER HIRING THIS UNSCRUPULOUS WOMAN.

She is not qualified for such "care", mark my words and save yourself a world of trouble.

Maureen Nemaizer is poison to any senior citizen.

Spoken from my own horrific experience.

Barbara Hartwell
Disabled Senior Citizen

UPDATE: February 1, 2018

Howard Nemaizer, Advocate of Demonic Blasphemy: "On a Mission from God"

Heavy metal "rocker" Howard Nemaizer promotes and participates in a filthy devil worship culture...and claims he is "on a mission from God".

You can't make this stuff up. 

UPDATE: October 4, 2017

See this report which exposes Howard Nemaizer (once again) as a fraud. Nemaizer, who pretends to support "constitutional government" and to be against the United Nations, is in fact promoting a left-wing agitator for global government, and advocate of the U.N., Janet Phelan.

Janet Phelan endorses the "leadership" of Hugo Chavez; claims that "Capitalism accomodates attacks on 1st Amendment rights" (how idiotic!) and speaks out against the principles on which this country was founded. Howard Nemaizer is the toady who nods his head at everything she says, without so much as a word of disagreement.

UPDATE: September 29, 2017


Janet Phelan has become an accomplice of Howard Nemaizer in the smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell, posting defamatory statements and false accusations on Nemaizer's Facebook page.

This report exposes in detail Janet Phelan's trafficking with the United Nations and her left-wing propaganda, as well as her complete disregard for the God-given unalienable rights of Americans, as protected under the Constitution.

Howard Nemaizer has described Janet Phelan as "my good friend", on his broadcasts, where he promotes her left-wing propaganda, which contradicts his false claims of "patriotism". Nemaizer is no patriot. He, like Janet Phelan, is an opportunist, a busybody, a name-dropper, and self-serving publicity hound.  

UPDATE:  September 15, 2017

Here, two new reports exposing the malicious liars, loudmouth busybodies, Howard and Maureen Nemaizer.

Another busybody, left-wing agitator for totalitarian mob rule, Janet Phelan, a supporter of Howard Nemaizer, sticks her nose in, making false accusations against Barbara Hartwell on Facebook.


Mob of Busybodies Conduct Witch Hunt on Facebook

UPDATE: August 17, 2017

More Evidence of the Lies and Fraud of Howard Nemaizer

In December, 2014 I issued the first public notice to Howard Nemaizer that he was promoting fraudulent information in connection with the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, that he was misrepresenting and exploiting my name, and directing him to REMOVE all such material.

I waited for two (2) months, but Nemaizer disregarded my notice.

I then issued several other notices. Instead of issuing a public apology and retraction and removing the fraudulent material, Nemaizer chose to post a defamatory notice on his website, Howard Nema dot com. (February 2015)

Here is a statement from that notice:

"I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time."

Howard Nemaizer had the arrogance to expect that I would PAY HIM to remove his own falsehoods in connection with my name.

He admitted that this false advertising of MY NAME had been online in MORE THAN 200 POSTS. By this time, the fraudulent notices had been online for more than a year. I was not even aware of what Nemaizer was doing, because I had no reason to go to his website. I discovered this only in December, 2014, at which time I immediately took action in an attempt to stop Nemaizer from misrepresenting and exploiting my name.

Another statement made by Howard Nemaizer:

"No posts in the future will mention or include Barbara Hartwell’s name."

This is a bald-faced lie. Not only did Nemaizer fail to remove the fraudulent information, he actually published an outrageous smear piece (November 2015) filled with additional libelous falsehoods. This piece of gutter trash has now been disseminated far and wide by Nemaizer's accomplices, criminal psychopaths, Todd Brendan Fahey and Ken Adachi, who run large, high-traffic commercial websites.

So much for: "No posts in the future will mention or include Barbara Hartwell’s name."

Howard Nemaizer is a liar.

In the defamatory article of November, 2015, Nemaizer makes this statement:

"She claims I have not deleted her work, when I have, long ago. Aside from this post there is not one article, link or video on TRUTH TALK NEWS or that I have not deleted."

The demands that I issued for Nemaizer to remove my “work” pertained to material used by Nemaizer, without my knowledge or consent, which I had told him were NOT FOR PUBLICATION. He violated a good faith agreement by theft of my material, exploiting it for his own gain and depriving me of the fruits of my labor.

But the main issue was Howard Nemaizer's fraudulent notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, which listed my name and website in conjunction with others, giving the false impression (false light) that I was part of some group effort and affiliation, some “partnership” with the individuals listed (including Howard Nemaizer aka Nema), when in fact that had never been the case. Two of the individuals listed (Harry Link of “Truth Broadcast Network”) and Janet Phelan (Janet Phelan dot com), as Nemaizer was well aware, had been publicly denounced by me, for cause. I do not even know Harry Link. Yet this did not stop Nemaizer from his misrepresentation and exploitation of my name.

Now, for some evidence, showing once again that Howard Nemaizer is a liar.

Nemaizer claimed:

"there is not one article, link or video on TRUTH TALK NEWS or that I have not deleted."

When, just yesterday, I did a search for “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, and “Howard Nema”, here are just 2 of the links which are online:

Each of the links promotes Howard Nemaizer's phony political rhetoric, followed by his fraudulent notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”.

"If you seek truth and want to restore Constitutional Gov't please subscribe and share the valuable information contained on this site. Thank you for your continued support.
Together we can restore Our republic. Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world by exposing the forces that wish to enslave us."

And here, a program co-hosted by career criminal, predicate felon, psychopath, arsonist Keith Mutch & Howard Nemaizer:

The name of Barbara Hartwell was also promoted on the same page, in the original post.

Because of the damages done to me as a result of the fraudulent promotions by Howard Nemaizer, there was no other way to present the evidence for the public record, than to copy the notice.

For those whose names/websites are listed, I should make it clear that I have no responsibility for this, and that this notice was written and posted solely by Howard Nemaizer, without my knowledge or consent, and that he has refused to remove it, as per my demands. Any complaints should be sent to Howard Nemaizer.

Howard Nemaizer has the morals of a sewer rat.

UPDATE: August 15, 2017

Latest report exposing Howard and Maureen Nemaizer:

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT (?): Howard & Maureen Nemaizers' Anti-Christ Spirit

EXPOSED: Howard and Maureen Nemaizer and their longtime participation in the heavy metal devil worship culture, which pays tribute to Satan.

Howard Nemaizer's promotion of criminals and devil worshipers, while misrepresenting and exploiting the name and website of Barbara Hartwell.

A warning to all Christians: Beware the demonic liars, Howard and Maureen Nemaizer.

UPDATE: August 10, 2017

See this report, GOOGLE & BLOGSPOT: Selective Censorship, Tampering & Sabotage of Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA.

Howard Nemaizer's offenses exposed (again) and criminal accomplices, Todd Brendan Fahey and Ken Adachi promote the libelous falsehoods of Howard Nemaizer. Busybodies Howard Nemaizer and Janet Phelan exploit the name of Barbara Hartwell.

This crew of aggressive scavengers on the Internet will exploit anything and anyone for their own unscrupulous ends.

UPDATE: June 1, 2017

Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee for the Defense: Howard & Maureen Nemaizer's Abusive Treatment of Destitute, Disabled Senior Citizen

See this report, which had to be reposted, since Geral Sosbee's letter, from a previous report was DELETED by Google. This is unwarranted censorship.

UPDATE May 12, 2017


UPDATE: May 9, 2017


UPDATE: March 25, 2017

See this latest report exposing the malicious liars Howard and Maureen Nemaizer. Read Geral Sosbee's defense of Barbara Hartwell.

Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee For the Defense: The Offenses of Howard & Maureen Nemaizer

UPDATE: February 25, 2017

My purpose for this regularly updated report on the outrageous offenses of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer is to document their malicious, injurious actions against Barbara Hartwell, without having to write new reports, which is time-consuming and tiresome. 

I also try to present content that my readers will find interesting, useful or informative.  The offenses of these fat, loud, stupid, belligerent ignoramuses are typical of the assaults directed against me over the decades, and I don't imagine that my readers would find the idiocy of the Nemaizers of particular interest. 

But I do find it necessary to document their continuing defamation, their diabolical calumny, their harassment, their monstrous invasions of privacy, against me and my family. They brought this exposure on themselves by foolishly thinking they could drag my name through the mud in their cowardly and impotent attempts to cover their own grievous wrongdoing, without consequences.

I have not read the libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell promoted by Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, not since the filthy smear piece he published on "Howard Nema dot com" in 2015.  I have no intention of engaging these lowlife characters in arguments, nor will I allow these cretins to bait me into responding to their defamatory statements. The Nemiazers are pathological liars, malicious liars, unrepentant liars who have been bearing false witness against Barbara Hartwell since 2013.

But there are readers of my website who have informed me of the relentless scandal-mongering, which the Nemaizers and their accomplices, their fellow demonic liars, have set in motion.

As documented in a previous update, Maureen Nemaizer expressed her admiration for a heavy-metal devil-worship group, appropriately  named "Lady Evil". A so-called "tribute band" for Black Sabbath and Ronnie James Dio.

She attends heavy-metal devil worship events where Satan is saluted and Bibles are burned onstage.

On her Facebook page there is a family photo of herself, her husband and their son. Above this photo is a large photo of another heavy-metal devil-worshiper, a lowlife named Ronnie James Dio. 

How many young people have been drawn to the left-hand path of Satan, because of this man and his ilk? How many have committed atrocities, such as sacrificing innocent animals? How many may have committed suicide, when filled with nihilistic despair, because of the hellish lyrics of Dio (who changed his name to honor the memory of a gangster)?

Why would Maureen Nemaizer be promoting this evil character as a backdrop for her personal Facebook page?

Why indeed?

The only text available on the page (at least which can be read by anyone not a member of Facebook) is this:

"Private homecare"

Apparently this is a description of Maureen Nemaizer's "job".

But who would hire the likes of Maureen Nemaizer for any kind of "homecare". She is not a nurse, she has no training in any field. A woman who promotes a Satanist on her Facebook page.

This is a warning about the true nature of Maureen Nemaizer.  Aside from promoting heavy-metal anti-Christian devil-worship, this woman, being a snoop, snitch and gossip, would spread the private business, far and wide, of ANYONE with whom she has contact. And worse, she would fabricate stories, just as she has done, and continues to do, about Barbara Hartwell.

Would you want this woman in YOUR home? As a "caretaker" of  YOUR loved ones?

 UPDATE: January 13, 2017 

Maureen Nemaizer, who attends heavy metal devil worship events, is a member of this group: Nemaizer - Torrington, CT.

On her "profile" she has listed her favorite performer as "Lady Evil".

The description of "Lady Evil" is as follows:

"Lady Evil is New Yorks premier Ronnie James Dio and Dio era Black Sabbath tribute band, performing Dio, Sabbath and Rainbow."

Could anyone believe Maureen Nemaizer is not a Satanist? The evidence certainly does more than suggest it.

Black Sabbath is notorious for Satan worship, also for killing innocent animals.

So why does Maureen Nemaizer pretend to be a Christian? Why does she claim that Barbara Hartwell, her Target for libel, slander and malicious gossip, is "evil"?

Is she a hypocrite, or just stupid? Probably both, as well as evil. A very bad combination.

UPDATE: January 9, 2017

In my last report, exposing Maureen Nemaizer (again) as the Busybody from Hell, I only addressed a few incidents in which this pushy, nosey, loudmouth harridan invaded my privacy and bulldozed her way over my personal boundaries.

One of her offenses was to make harassing phone calls to my family, bearing false witness and slandering me.

For the record, no person in my family has ever had anything to do with my professional work, nor my website. Nor were any of my family involved in the events of 2013, at which time I was forced to leave my home in Maine, having nowhere to go. Which is how I ended up in a totally disastrous situation, by accepting a fraudulent offer of "sanctuary" from Howard Nemaizer, which turned out to be a bait-and-switch of monstrous proportions.

Yet, Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, who, in typical busybody fashion, have a total lack of respect for anyone's privacy, personal boundaries, or fundamental rights, took it upon themselves to drag in uninvolved third parties, members of my family, publicly libeling them, along with their libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell, on the website "Howard Nema dot com".

These libelous falsehoods were then posted on other websites, by my longtime enemies, thus compounding the offenses of the Nemaizers and increasing the damages done to Barbara Hartwell.

But Maureen Nemaizer, acting from her psychopathology, as an aggressor and invader, was constantly sticking her nose into the business of anyone who crossed her path, including people she did not know.

Here is just one example, which shows Maureen Nemaizer's unprincipled level of aggression against others.

Maureen Nemaizer was staring out the window, spying on one of her neighbors, a woman who was pushing a trash can into the street. Mrs. Nemaizer then told me a story about the neighbor, a person she did not know. She found out that the neighbor was on disability benefits, and decided that she, Maureen Nemaizer, might have to "report" the woman, because, as she told me, "I don't think she's disabled."

My response was, What does that have to do with you, why would you care, and why would that be any of your business?

Maureen Nemaizer just looked at me, with her usual mulish pouting expression, and made some ridiculous comment about the woman pushing a trash can, so how could she be disabled?

My question is: How could this ignorant, uneducated woman, Maureen Nemaizer, possibly be qualified to "diagnose" the condition of a stranger?

Maureen Nemaizer, always jumping to conclusions, always making unwarranted assumptions, about people she does not know, eager to  fulfill her destiny as a snoop, snitch and malicious gossip.

This woman has nothing better to do with her time than stick her nose into other people's business, and appoint herself the Town Crier, to report on what she thinks she knows, stirring up trouble wherever she goes.

When I protested the pushy, nosey, aggressive behavior of Maureen Nemaizer against me personally, while stranded at the hellhole in the Nemaizer residence, Howard Nemaizer, her fellow fat busybody, just shrugged and dismissed my complaint, saying, "That's just the way she was raised." Clearly, according to Howard Nemaizer, there was no problem, as this behavior is perfectly acceptable to him.

Forget calling the Nemaizes "low class". NO CLASS, like they were raised in a barnyard, like primitive savages, with no manners at all.

UPDATE: December 28, 2016

See the latest on Maureen Nemaizer. I recently learned that this hysterical harridan has been harassing my family with telephone calls, slandering me with more outrageous lies.

This demonic creature, who attends heavy metal devil worship events, where Satan is saluted and Bibles are burned onstage, has sunk to new lows.

Get behind me, Satan!

Read about it here:


UPDATE: November 10, 2016

See the latest report which exposes just a small part of the deception and hypocrisy practiced by Howard Nemaizer. 


Nemaizer toadies to left-wing agitator and advocate for the UN, Janet Phelan. Read about how Howard Nemaizer, the yes man, promotes globalism, while pretending to advocate for "constitutional government".

Nemaizer is a malicious liar and a total fraud.

This fraudulent notice on his website states:

"All information reported on TRUTH TALK NEWS and is sourced and verifiable."

NO, NOT AT ALL. Howard Nemaizer is promoting libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, none of which is "sourced" from anything but the white-hot malice of Nemaizer. He cannot "verify" a damn thing about his false and fraudulent claims.

BEWARE this liar, thief, morally bankrupt scumbag, Howard Nemaizer.

UPDATE: May 11, 2016

Maureen Nemaizer, wife of Howard Nemaizer, is a snoop, snitch and busybody, who has added her libelous falsehoods to the defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell. Read about it here:

Spotlight on Maureen Nemaizer: A Web of Lies & Weaponized Whining 

UPDATE: May 3, 2016

This regularly updated report documents the civil and criminal offenses of one Howard Nemaizer of Torrington, CT, ongoing since December 2013, against government whistleblower Barbara Hartwell.

Due to the extreme damages caused by Howard Nemaizer to the good name of Barbara Hartwell, and to my reputation, by defamation (libel, slander), false accusations, misrepresentations (false light), fraudulent promotions, and exploitation of my name and website for unscrupulous purposes, I have found it necessary to stand in my own defense by publishing reports exposing Howard Nemaizer's offenses.

Howard Nemaizer's outrageous lies and libelous/slanderous falsehoods have also been disseminated far and wide by perpetrators of a longstanding libel campaign (roughly two decades), thus exacerbating the damages and causing severe distress.

It has recently come to my attention that mutual acquaintances of Barbara Hartwell and Howard Nemaizer (using the pseudonym “Nema”) are promoting Nemaizer on their websites.

Some of these individuals are those with whom I have had a professional association and/or personal friendship in the past. I may have not been in contact with certain of these individuals for some time, due to circumstances in my own life. I can only hope that they will not interpret the lack of communication in any negative context, for none is intended. For the record, I have never said a word against any of them.

But I can no longer in good conscience endorse these individuals, nor promote their work, for the obvious reason that they are trafficking with an enemy who has done incalculable damages to me and my family, who has engaged in monstrous invasions of my privacy, who has wreaked havoc with his reprehensible actions.

Howard Nemaizer and his wife, Maureen Nemaizer have also been spreading malicious gossip about Barbara Hartwell on social media, message boards and via verbal communications (telephone, skype, etc.)

I do not participate in any form of social media, nor public discussions on the Internet. My policy is not to engage liars/offenders through any form of direct communication. I refuse to become embroiled in arguments, debates or discussions, either privately or publicly. Rather, I publish reports, exposing the offenders (in this case Howard Nemaizer), presenting evidence and refuting their lies. I speak strictly for myself and the readers may make of my reports what they will.

Anyone who is discussing me (or my personal or professional business) with my known enemies, privately, and especially publicly, is no friend of mine. And anyone who is promoting Howard Nemaizer, or his websites, is by definition aiding and abetting a malicious liar and wrongdoer and thus contributing to his unconscionable assaults against Barbara Hartwell.

There is absolutely NO TRUTH in Nemaizer's assaults on Barbara Hartwell, as presented on the grossly misnamed website, “TRUTH TALK NEWS”.

And I daresay that any public promotions of Nemaizer or his website is bound to compromise the credibility of any persons who are "known associates".

And so, I respectfully request that anyone who is using my name or my website in their promotions, please remove any such references if they appear on the same pages/websites with promotions of Howard Nemaizer and his accomplices, “Howard Nema dot com” or “TRUTH TALK NEWS”.

To be clear, I ask that MY name be removed. It is not my place to request that Nemaizer's name be removed, as that is the prerogative of the individual.

One of the many ways in which Nemaizer has done extreme damage to my good name is to falsely link my name with his pseudonym, “Howard Nema” and to fraudulently promote my name in connection with certain other individuals, some of whom are criminals and others persons whom I have publicly denounced, for cause.

Howard Nemaizer did this KNOWINGLY, promoting false and fraudulent information. He refused to REMOVE the false information in connection with my name, and stated that he wanted to be PAID to correct his own wrongful actions.

Nothing less than a public apology and retraction would have been acceptable to me, nor to any ethical person whose name had been so unscrupulously misrepresented and exploited.

Howard Nemaizer has not only refused to do the only right and honorable thing, he has left his grimy footprints all over my name. The damages are permanent and cannot be rectified.

I will therefore continue to employ every legal and ethical means available to me in pursuit of justice against the unscrupulous and injurious actions of Howard Nemaizer, and any and all accomplices.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 3, 2016

UPDATE: March 25, 2016


This report exposes the true evil of Howard Nemaizer, as his outrageous lies against Barbara Hartwell are now disseminated by career criminals, his fellow government stooges, toadies and minions, including the demonic duo, Todd Brendan Fahey and Timothy Patrick White. This pack of rabid jackals are gossiping and spreading additional malicious lies about Hartwell, using the libelous falsehoods of Howard Nemaizer as ammunition.

Read former FBI agent Geral Sosbee's letter in support of Barbara Hartwell, a scathing commentary on the "wicked" Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, who "grossly insulted and mistreated" Barbara Hartwell after the fraudulent offer of "sanctuary" in the "hell hole", before Maureen Nemaizer issued the edict that I, a disabled senior citizen. utterly destitute and under persecution, must be thrown into the street.

Maureen Nemaizer, who attends heavy metal concerts where devil-worshipers congregate and where Bibles are burned onstage as part of the show. Howard Nemaizer, who was broadcasting his radio show on a network run by a career criminal, Keith Mutch, convicted of multiple counts of felony arson, and who uses demonic imagery as an icon on his website.

From what I have observed, a good many of Nemaizer's associates and friends are criminals and embrace satanic activities, and are virulently anti-Christian in their behavior, just like Nemaizer himself.

DON'T BE FOOLED by this demonic liar.

By their fruits shall you know them. 

UPDATE: March 17, 2016

Here is PART THREE of my report exposing the evil of Howard Nemaizer:

UPDATE: February 23, 2016

Here is PART TWO of my latest report on Howard Nemaizer. 

It has now been one year since I started this special report with regular updates. It has been two years since Howard Nemaizer began promoting his fraudulent notice, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH".


Scrolling down, you may find all sorts of factual, accurate information on the wrongdoing and injurious actions of Howard Nemaizer, the used car salesman from Torrington, CT, who pretends to be a "journalist".

BEWARE this lying devil.

UPDATE: February 15, 2016

In Defense of Truth & Honor: Deconstructing the False Narrative of Howard Nemaizer as Presented on "Howard Nema dot com & "Truth Talk News"

UPDATE: February 2, 2016

The following is an addendum to the HALL OF SHAME on this website. Howard Nemaizer, a morally bankrupt liar and coward, has earned special dishonorable mention by his many injurious and wrongful actions against Barbara Hartwell.

It appears that he has finally reached his goal of "making a name" for himself. He is now being promoted far and wide by some of his own ilk, malicious liars, lowlife losers, criminals and reprobates.

Congratulations, Nemaizer! Trash Talk News has finally made it to the Big Time!



I have listed a few particularly offensive persons who deserve special "dishonorable mention" in this HALL OF SHAME. As seen here, they are Todd Brendan Fahey, Timothy Patrick White, Ken Adachi and Rayelan Allan. My reason for this is that each of these individuals has caused extreme damages to the name of Barbara Hartwell, by defamation, libel, slander, exploiting my name and promoting outrageous lies.

All of these individuals (malicious liars, one and all) have high-traffic, commercial websites (and/or post on them), so that their libelous falsehoods have done far more damage than other offenders.

As of today, January 25, 2016, I find it necessary to add one more name: Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema, another malicious liar extraordinaire, who has done almost as much damage in a short period of time (2013-2016) as each of the others, who have been engaging in their dirty work for more than a decade.

This used car salesman, Howard Nemaizer, a rank amateur, is posing as a "journalist". He is an extremely aggressive busybody and gate-crasher, seeking public attention. So now, he will get more attention than he bargained for, from someone whose name he has been exploiting in the hope of making a name for himself. When his efforts failed, he began promoting libelous falsehoods and making false accusations, and his lies have now been spread far and wide by some of the very liars named here in the HALL OF SHAME.

UPDATE: January 25, 2016

Howard Nemaizer & Todd Brendan Fahey: More Assaults on Barbara Hartwell by Cowardly Lying Demons from the Pit of Hell

Todd Brendan Fahey, criminal psychopath, malicious pathological liar, stalker, blackmailer, etc. etc. publishes Howard Nemaizer's outrageous lies. The demonic campaign continues....


PART THREE: The Outrageous Offenses of Howard Nemaizer

UPDATE: December 28, 2015

PART TWO of the latest report on Howard Nemaizer. 

Here, I present evidence of my earliest requests to Nemaizer that MY NAME BE LEFT OUT of any promotions on his site, "Truth Talk News", and from Harry Link's "Truth Broadcast Network", going back to 2012.

This report exposes Nemaizer's dishonesty, in his attempts to "set up" guests on his show, which backfired and only exposed Nemaizer himself as a pretentious fool.

Nemaizer continued to exploit and misrepresent the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, in direct disregard of my requests (beginning in 2012), and later, my demands, formal warning and formal complaint that he REMOVE all references to my name in his fraudulent promotions and notices, such as "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH", where he links my name with his own, as well as with Harry Link and Janet Phelan, both of whom he KNEW to have been denounced by Barbara Hartwell, for cause.

He KNOWINGLY presented FALSE INFORMATION, having no concern whatsoever for the damages to Barbara Hartwell.

Howard Nemaizer is an unrepentant liar, whose primary concern is making a name for himself, using false information, not caring in the slightest how it damages others. His dishonest schemes have backfired.

Once again, for the record, I DEMAND THAT HE REMOVE MY NAME from any and all websites and videos, and REMOVE ALL LIBELOUS FALSEHOODS in connection with my name.

I will continue to expose him as a malicious liar, presenting more evidence, which I have collected and of which I have plenty.

Readers may check here for regular updates.


Howard Nemaizer & "Truth Talk News": Unscrupulous Assault on Truth


The purpose of this ongoing report is for serial updates on the offenses of Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema, whose websites and radio shows have been used as venues for the exploitation and misrepresentation of the name of Barbara Hartwell.

On November 9, 2015, Nemaizer published an article filled with libelous falsehoods and outrageously false accusations about Barbara Hartwell. In this article he claimed to have "long ago" removed all material using the name of Barbara Hartwell. Yet on October 29, 2015, when I issued a formal complaint against Nemaizer, the fraudulent notices and other offensive material were still on the site.

And what is Nemaizer's idea of "long ago"? October 29 through November 9 is eleven (11) days. Of course, Howard Nemaizer is an habitual pathological liar, so nothing he says can ever be believed.

And even if he did remove some of his trash, exploiting and misrepresenting my name, WHY did he do so? His first response to my demands that he REMOVE all material using my name was:

"I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time."

The arrogance of this statement should be clear. Howard Nemaizer actually expected to be PAID by the injured party, when HE is the one --the ONLY one-- who has committed wrongful and injurious actions against Barbara Hartwell. 
Not only that, but he has never once made an admission of wrongdoing.

Then, he turns around, and with no explanation, claims that he has removed the offensive material. But what good could that possibly do when he has replaced his prior offenses with the far worse offense of posting an outrageous smear piece against Barbara Hartwell?

Nemaizer has also engaged in monstrous invasions of my privacy and that of my family, so now he has made additional enemies who are outraged at his lies.

The damage he has done is now irrevocable. Nothing he could ever do or say can rectify it. And so, I now find it necessary to continue with these updates exposing the fraud, the lies and the outright idiocy of Howard Nemaizer.

And once again, for the record, I DEMAND THAT HE REMOVE this latest piece of libelous trash from his website.

Does Howard Nemaizer enjoy being exposed as a liar, a thief, a busybody, a gossip and character assassin? As a rank amateur and wannabe? As just another useful idiot who is assisting the government in destroying the personal/professional reputation of a legitimate whistleblower?

If so, this used car salesman posing as a "patriot" and "journalist" has much more of this exposure to look forward to. I can guaran -damn-tee it.

In deep disgust for the outrages of Howard Nemaizer,

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 1, 2015

UPDATE: November 15, 2015

Howard Nemaizer aka Nema has published a defamatory article filled with libelous falsehoods, character assassination, and monstrous invasions of my privacy. His lies are refuted in this report:

First Blood: Refuting Howard Nemaizer's Outrageous Lies

UPDATE: October 30, 2015

Formal Complaint Against Howard Nemaizer

UPDATE: October 27, 2015

On Howard Nemaizer's website, Howard Nema dot com, he has a list of "categories".

In the category of "Church of Satan" he has copied material from various sources, about Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey and rock musicians who are followers of Crowley and other satanists.

He presents this material AS IF he is outraged and taking a stand against the evils of satanism.

Then, in typical Nemaizer fashion, he contradicts himself by this statement:

"As a musician heavily influenced by these Satanists and a person who believes in God, this is a terrible and powerful reality. I still listen to Zep and my favorite bands and still play their music, but I am perplexed by their Satanist origins. Is this wrong, I am sure it is not right, but not necessarily wrong. After all, I am a true musician, but I am a believer in God and hate all that works against God in this evil world. It is truly an enigma.

Am I promulgating evil? I m not certain. Do I love God. YES! Would I die for God and righteousness? Yes! I struggle with this to this day.

After all, I am a ROCKER! And I ROCK for God, not Satan! Johann Sebastian Bach believed God gave him his abilities and talent and so do I."

So, it is very clear that Howard Nemaizer has no clue as to the difference between good and evil. What is Godly and what is ungodly are mixed up in his mind. That does not sound like a person who "loves God". It sounds like a person who just wants his own way, no matter that he is slapping God in the face.

Nemaizer says: "I am sure it is not right, but not necessarily wrong." 

This statement makes no sense at all. If it is "not right", then how can it possibly also be "not necessarily wrong"? He can't have it both ways, but clearly is making excuses for himself. He considers it "an enigma" that he is embracing evil, rather than simply admit that yes indeed, he is "promulgating" it.

So, according to Howard Nemaizer, being a "true musician" trumps all else, including making a choice between what is good and what is evil, or between serving God and serving Satan. What he himself admits is evil is apparently A-OK in his case, because he is a "ROCKER!" He can do what he pleases, no problem.

I think it's more likely that he is OFF HIS ROCKER, as well as entirely lacking in intellectual and spiritual discernment.

He compares himself to J.S. Bach, AS IF such a comparison could ever be made between a genius like Bach and a member of an obscure heavy metal garage band, whom no one has ever heard of.

Why do I care?

Because Howard Nemaizer has posted MY NAME, in his fraudulent notice, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH", right there on the same page, making it look AS IF I and my website are a part of his idiocy and lunacy.


Nemaizer has STILL REFUSED TO REMOVE his fraudulent, defamatory, injurious material, exploiting and misrepresenting the name and website of Barbara Hartwell. After all the demands and the formal warning to CEASE & DESIST.

Now, that is evil. Knowingly promoting false information that harms another person. Nemaizer has apparently adopted the philosophy of the satanists whose evil he claims to hate. "Do what thou wilt". Nemaizer has done just that.

Get behind me, Satan!

And while you're at it Old Scrat, REMOVE MY NAME & WEBSITE, once and for all, from your trashy website.

UPDATE: October 15, 2015

Howard Nemaizer, who uses the pseudonym Howard Nema, has been promoting a plethora of false information, using the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, in obvious attempts to latch on, to ride the coattails of a legitimate, bona fide CIA whistleblower.

Howard Nemaizer has no background, no training, no credentials, no experience and no direct personal knowledge which could possibly qualify him to "expose" any of the subjects he covers on his websites or in his TV/radio program, "Truth Talk News". 

Nemaizer is a rank amateur who poaches the material of others. He is not a "journalist" as he claims. He is a salesman who parrots slogans, and a mediocre "writer", attempting to make a name for himself by copying, and at times, plagiarizing the work of others.

(In fact, when doing a search for the name Howard Nemaizer, I found his name listed as a used car salesman at a dealership in Torrington, CT. A used car salesman? What does that tell you? Pushy, pushy, pushy, all that matters is making the sale.)

On his website, Howard Nema dot com, I found yet another of his notices, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH", in which he fraudulently places the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, in connection with himself and a number of others, including Harry Link ("Truth Broadcast Network") and Janet Phelan (Janet Phelan dot com).

Howard Nemaizer has been well aware, long before promoting this bogus notice, that I had publicly denounced both Harry Link and Janet Phelan, and clearly stated to him that I had no association with either one of these individuals, for cause. Yet he continues to promote this FALSE INFORMATION, in complete disregard of my public demands and formal warning to CEASE & DESIST.

Here, in the "category" of "COINTELPRO" is yet another instance of these false promotions.

One such video is titled:

"A scathing rant to wake up the sheople after Harry Link, owner of Truth Broadcast Network’s facebook page was shut down for exposing the truth"

Sensationalism and exclamation points (!!!) I would not waste my time watching such a video. My ONLY CONCERN is that Nemaizer has plastered MY NAME all over this page, promoting false information. 

As for Nemaizer's cohort, Harry Link, he is another "salesman" (by trade or not) who promotes liars and shills, also trying to make a name for himself. I have never seen any "truth exposed" on Harry Link's website, only sensationalist hype and fear-mongering. Another rank amateur, like tiresome it gets...

After posting a plagiarized piece on CIA operations, not attributed to the actual source, (Nemaizer just lifts the material and places it on his website) he adds his own comments:

"The CIA’s response to this growing knowledge and criticism follows a typical historical pattern.

The first journalists writers and whistleblowers who reveal the CIA’s criminal behavior and Nazi connections were harassed, censored and attacked by COINTELPRO, like former CIA Agent and whistleblower Barbara Hartwell, who is a constant target of the shadow government."

Nemaizer attempts to link his name, website and TV program with the name of Barbara Hartwell. He presumes to speak about me, exploiting my name, when it is not his story to tell, and has nothing to do with him.

Then, he adds this:

"Soon after, Anthony J. Hilder was exposed on my radio show Tim White, (photo right), a cross dressing pedophile paying off early release from prison by working as a COINTELPRO operative like many other slimy, degenerate vermin used to do the dirty work.

White and other COINTELPRO bad guy operatives began a relentless attack campaign against me for my association with Len and Sherri and other reputable people in the truth community such as former CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell. Take a moment to read what Barbara has put up with for many years from whacko nut job, Tim White on her blog."

First of all, Tim White is not, and has never been, any kind of "operative". He is merely a career criminal, a government stooge, exploited by actual COINTELPRO operatives. Howard Nemaizer clearly does not know the difference between an operative and a stooge. His ignorance of COINTELPRO is exposed, as he tries to present himself as some sort of authority on the subject.

Then he makes another outrageously false statement:

"...what Barbara has put up with for many years from whacko nut job, Tim White..."

No, I have never at any time "put up" with anything from Tim White. How idiotic! I have, on the contrary, always done just the opposite: I have exposed the outrageous lies of Tim White. I have reported the criminal offenses of Tim White to the appropriate authorities.

Nemaizer is way out of line here. He can't seem to mind his own business, but tries to insert himself into an issue that has nothing to do with him. He tries to make it seem as if HE is a "target", when in fact he is not. Tim White harasses anyone who has ever had me as a guest on a radio/TV show, or who has used my name in any way other than in a negative context.

Now, Nemaizer uses this promotion on almost every page:
"If you seek truth and want to restore Constitutional Gov’t please subscribe and share the valuable information contained on this blog. 
Thank you for your continued support.

Together we can restore Our republic. Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world by exposing the forces that wish to enslave us."

Nemaizer promotes false information and fraudulent notices, using the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, then tries to sell his slogans.

For the record, there is nothing whatsoever that I have done "together" with Howard Nemaizer, nor any of his cohorts (such as Harry Link or Janet Phelan) that bears any relevance to "restoring constitutional government".

Howard Nemaizer is a liar, using false information in attempts to make himself look "important" and pretending to knowledge he does not possess.

And why does he use a pseudonym? Even the name he uses is false.

UPDATE: October 12, 2015

Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema continues to promote FALSE INFORMATION in connection with the name and website of Barbara Hartwell (Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA).

Nemaizer's fraudulent notice, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH", is still in place, in direct disregard of my demands and formal warning that it be REMOVED and that Nemaizer CEASE & DESIST from his libel and defamation.

In just one instance of this fraudulent promotion, the list of "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH" appears in a "CATEGORY" on Nemaizer's website (Howard Nema dot com), titled "The Franklin Coverup".

Most of what is written in this category has nothing to do with the Franklin Coverup (and nothing whatsoever to do with Barbara Hartwell), but consists mostly of Nemaizer's opinions about Aleister Crowley. 

Nemaizer's ignorance about the Franklin Coverup and John DeCamp is also displayed, but I don't give a damn about that. My ONLY CONCERN is that MY NAME BE REMOVED.

Once again, for the record, I demand that my name and website be REMOVED from Nemaizer's fraudulent promotions, in which he is, most despicably, continuing to exploit and utterly misrepresent the name of Barbara Hartwell.

The damages Howard Nemaizer has done to my good name, beginning in 2013 and relentlessly, to date, are extreme. I can assure him there will be consequences. Even were he to remove all the false information in connection with my name, the damage is already done and cannot be rectified.

It is amazing how much damage can be caused by just one single person. One single extremely aggressive, ambitious amateur, hell-bent on exploiting a legitimate government whistleblower, all in efforts to make a name for himself. 

Unprincipled, reprehensible, unscrupulous, and in complete disrespect for the personal boundaries and rights of others, which he hypocritically claims to be defending. 

Howard Nemaizer is a liar, plain and simple. He is KNOWINGLY promoting FALSE INFORMATION which is damaging to others.

UPDATE: September 26, 2015


Howard Nemaizer, of Torrington CT, is a salesman. That is his line of work. And it shows. He is using the pseudonym of Howard Nema, in attempts to gain public attention for his radio/TV program, 'Truth Talk News'.

Howard Nemaizer is also a liar, a fraud and poseur. Nemaizer is not a journalist, as per his claims. Nemaizer has no background or experience in journalism. He is a scavenger who poaches the research material of others, then places it in a format which gives the reader (or listener) the impression that he himself is the source of the information. Much of the information he promotes is false. Some is actually plagiarized, with minor changes in wording. I have seen a number of examples of this, where credit is not attributed to the actual source.

Nemaizer is responsible for major damages to the name of Barbara Hartwell. He has shamelessly exploited my name for his own self-serving agenda, and used my name in fraudulent promotions, which HE KNEW TO BE FRAUDULENT. No innocent "mistake" here. He knowingly promoted false information, using the name of Barbara Hartwell. 

And worse, arrogantly refused to remove it, saying he expected to be PAID for his time. PAID by Barbara Hartwell, the injured party, when he is the wrongdoer, the liar, the deceiver, who willfully damaged my name and reputation.

Nemaizer tries to latch on to legitimate journalists and whistleblowers, such as Barbara Hartwell, using their names and work to promote himself and his flagrantly misnamed program, "TRUTH TALK NEWS".

Here is a quote from Howard Nemaizer aka Nema:

"Independent journalists and activists like myself are more often than not targeted by COINTELPRO in an attempt to quell truthful information the secret government wishes to suppress."

As a counterintelligence expert, former CIA, I can guarantee that Howard Nemaizer is not a Target of COINTELPRO. There would be no reason to target him. He is in possession of no information that could not be commonly known by anyone with a computer. He has never published any original information, unless it came from a source other than himself, in which case it would have been published elsewhere.

Why would the so-called "secret government" have any interest in an ambitious amateur like Howard Nemaizer? There are thousands like him all over the Internet. 

What has Howard Nemaizer ever done that could possibly make him a "person of interest"? Nothing.

Another false quote from Howard Nemaizer:

"Ever since this broadcast, Howard Nema has joined forces with X, X, X [I have deleted the other names, out of respect for them] and Barbara Hartwell to expose COINTELPRO operatives like Hilder and Alex Jones who are working to control the opposition to the New World Order and suppress the truth using disinformation and fear mongering."

For the record, I have never "joined forces" with Howard Nema aka Nemaizer. Why would I need this upstart amateur to "expose" a topic on which I have decades of professional experience and direct personal knowledge? 

I have been exposing COINTELPRO for many years, as well as Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder, and others. Nemaizer did not know Gunderson, and was duped by Anthony Hilder, whom he interviewed on his program before others apprised him of the truth about Hilder, which he lacked the discernment to see on his own.

Another idiotic promotion from Nemaizer:


We are not Democrats, communists, socialists, or republicans, fascists, anarchists or subjects!
WE ARE FREE AMERICANS! And it is about damned well time we start acting like it!


Tune in Saturday 1-3pm EST on United FM

I would not want to live in any country where Nemaizer's ilk were in charge of deciding that there is no left or right. Hogwash!

Who is "WE"? The FREE AMERICANS, that is. Probably the two clowns, Melissa Roy, and the criminal arsonist, Keith Mutch, of United FM Radio, where Nemaizer airs his program.

Howard Nemaizer is entitled to believe what he will, as foolish as it may be. But he is most certainly NOT entitled to exploit the name of Barbara Hartwell, in connection with his silly slogans, as given here.

To date, Nemaizer has STILL NOT REMOVED MY NAME from his fraudulent promotions. He has NOT REMOVED the material which he stole from me and promoted under false pretenses.

A person of honor and integrity would admit his wrongdoing. He would REMOVE the fraudulent material, which is injurious to the good name and reputation of the person. He would issue a retraction and a public apology.

But not the salesman and poseur, Howard Nemaizer. I have rarely seen such an outrageous display of arrogance or obstinacy, especially from a person with no bona fides, who seems hell-bent on believing that slogans, sensationalism, lies and aggression will win the day.


UPDATE: September 21, 2015


Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema is affiliated with UNITED FM RADIO, owned by Keith Mutch of Torrington, CT.

Nema's show, 'Truth Talk News' is broadcast on this station.

Keith Mutch is a predicate felon and career criminal, convicted of multiple counts of arson and other criminal offenses.

Here, only a few sources of public information on Keith Mutch.

(Also see previous UPDATES.)

Keith Mutch has been cited in notices by Torrington Police, for promoting FALSE INFORMATION.


Torrington police say Facebook account of assault is unfounded

A hospital spokesman said Tugeron was released Wednesday morning. A video of the scene after the incident posted on Facebook by Keith Mutch of United FM, an online radio station based in Torrington, showed the victim unresponsive to police on the sidewalk with a group of several people gathered around.

Lt. Bart Barown said speculation on Facebook that the incident was tied to the April stabbing death of Holly Aeschlimann, 19, is unfounded.

"The assault is not connected to the homicide as indicated on Facebook," Barown said.



Keith Mutch and Hamilton Gavitt might have made a clean getaway by canoe if a May 20, 2006, fire at a vacant commercial warehouse full of wood pallets had not been caught on film, police said.
Mutch, one of the group of 10 people charged in a series of at least a dozen area fires, was arrested again Wednesday in connection with the warehouse fire at 27 Terminal Way and an attempted arson in 2008 at a vacant building on Yantic Street.

“Do you have any advice for our viewers,” Mutch is heard saying during narration of a video depicting the burning six-story warehouse, according to police reports.

“Yeah, don’t start fires,” Gavitt is said to have replied in the video.



Psychopathology, or the manifestation of a mental or behavioural disorder, can be a factor in many cases of arson. Psychopathologic firesetting may be motiveless, where the person acts in a psychotic state or in response to delusions or other manifestations of a psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia. In other cases there may be a motive such as revenge or the desire for attention which is influenced by a personality disorder. Deficits in judgment and reasoning resulting from an intellectual disability may lead to a person lighting a fire without fully appreciating the consequences.



By Keith Mutch

Some people are crazy and some are just straight out brain dead and are totally disconnected from reality and are suffering from a massive psychosis and are breeding leading to the full collapse of our failing social structure.

Here is the story...

Police, Fire, EMT'S and even DPW are all forms of public servants, they are all under a command structure and take orders from local government such as out city leaders and so forth. After reading a post in a Winsted, CT facebook page I was in total shock to hear about a man that works for the D.P.W who in fact has nothing to do with the repairs of the roads and is in a totally different department. The man in his Facebook post talked about how residents of Winsted have been approaching him on the streets while he is off duty with his children present with him and yelling obscenities at him followed by "we are your boss we pay taxes." 

This is a pure case of disturbing the peace and this is a known Connecticut law. Who in their mind would yell at someone for reasons unjustified? I will tell you who, A under educated backwoods hick that lives up on a hill drinking moonshine breeding the next generation of raggies that you will find hanging out at Cumberland Farms at all hours of the night with no direction in their life.

So here is some ED U CATION... excuse me I meant to say education for the raggies that seem to run THICK and thick headed around these NW hills of CT, IF you have a problem with town workers, fire, police, and yes DPW, GO to town hall WHERE YOU PAY YOUR TAXES and make a complaint and swear and cuss at them all you want.

:SOURCE: Disturbing the Peace - FindLaw:

What Constitutes Disturbing the Peace?

Disturbing the peace laws vary from state to state. Generally, disturbing the peace refers to words or conduct that compromises the safety, health, morals or overall peace and quiet of the public.

Some examples of disorderly conduct include:

Fighting or challenging someone to fight in a public place
Using offensive words in a public place likely to incite violence.
Shouting in a public place intending to incite violence or unlawful activity.

Knocking loudly on hotel doors of sleeping guests with the purpose of annoying them

Holding an unlawful public assembly

Shouting profanities out of a car window in front of a person's home over an extended period of time

Allowing excessive dog barking in a residential area, and
Intentionally playing loud music during the night that continues, even after a fair warning.

SOURCE: Disturbing the Peace - FindLaw


"Some people are crazy and some are just straight out brain dead and are totally disconnected from reality and are suffering from a massive psychosis and are breeding leading to the full collapse of our failing social structure."

So, this criminal psychopath, Keith Mutch, is admonishing these so-called "raggies" for disturbing the peace. I guess he doesn't see any problem with a violent crime like arson, a repeat offense. 

No problem with destroying property, endangering lives. No cost to the taxpayers there? A "massive psychosis"? Look in the mirror, Mr. Mutch, and wonder why there might be such a "collapse". Who is going to offer a solution for the "failing social structure"? The likes of you?

"This is a pure case of disturbing the peace and this is a known Connecticut law. Who in their mind would yell at someone for reasons unjustified? I will tell you who, A under educated backwoods hick that lives up on a hill drinking moonshine breeding the next generation of raggies that you will find hanging out at Cumberland Farms at all hours of the night with no direction in their life."

I can only guess that Mr. Mutch considers himself as an upstanding citizen, a pillar of moral rectitude, with a clear "direction in life". 

Like maybe, wreaking havoc and destruction on innocent, law-abiding people? Like getting the attention he so desperately seeks by lying and promoting false information?

Another "NEWS" item from UNITED FM RADIO:


Pure evil. But no worries here, on UNITED FM RADIO. Flaming skeletons, devil worship, lyrics from the Pit of Hell.... no evil at all.

Why is this loathsome character, Keith Mutch, still out on the street? 

As far as I can see, it is only a matter of time before the next incident.

Is Keith Mutch designated by Howard Nema as a "TRUSTED PARTNER IN TRUTH"?

And Howard Nema is STILL exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell in his totally fraudulent promotions. 

He STILL has arrogantly REFUSED to remove my name and website from his false promotions.

Now, my name is under an even worse assault, because Nemaizer is using it on the same pages with this whackjob/psycho criminal, Keith Mutch.


You want to play with fire, like your lowlife cohort?

UPDATE: September 19, 2015

Howard Nema aka Howard Nemaizer, now airs his program, 'Truth Talk News', on a Torrington, CT radio station, United FM Radio.

Keith Mutch, the owner of the station, is a criminal, arrested on various charges, including making false police reports, witness tampering, and arson.

No wonder Mutch has a flaming skeleton as the demonic icon for his heavy metal "music". Perfect for an arsonist.

Also displayed on his site is a photo of the fans at a concert raising their hands in the two finger salute, known everywhere as the devil-horns, used by satanists, illuminati and heavy metal fans worldwide.

Here are excerpts from online news sources, about Keith Mutch's multiple arrests. There are quite a few more....but I think I've made my point.

Check out the mug shots...the guy looks like a flaming psychopath.

No surprise here. The more I have found out about Howard Nema's low class friends and cohorts, the more I learn that they are criminals, liars, sleazoids and promoters of trash, false information and sensationalism.

Are they looking for attention? Let's give them some!


Police on Friday arrested a man who they say fooled Wal-Mart store personnel in January into believing that someone armed with a shotgun was in front of the store and threatening to shoot people .
According to Norwich police, on Jan. 26, Keith J. Mutch, 35, of 1 Tanner Ave., used a portable Ham radio-type of setup to pretend to transmit the report of an armed man at about 9:21 p.m. Security personnel at the store overheard the report over their two-way radio system and called police.

When they arrived, police determined the report of an armed man was false.

Mutch turned himself in Friday afternoon on a warrant charging him with second-degree breach of peace, first-degree reckless endangerment, and first-degree falsely reporting an incident.



Keith Mutch, a 36-year-old Norwich man known by local firefighters for tracking their movements via scanner, was sentenced to 39 months in prison Wednesday for his role in setting several Norwich fires.

Mutch is one in a group of 10 charged by Norwich police after an investigation by an arson task force formed in 2010 to look into a spree of suspicious fires, mostly at vacant structures across Norwich.

Mutch had pleaded no contest to two counts of third-degree arson and one count of tampering with a witness. Assistant State’s Attorney David Smith said Mutch was linked to a May 20, 2006, fire at a six-story commercial warehouse on Terminal Way in Norwich.


The COUNTDOWN for TRUTH continues....

...As Howard Nemaizer shows more of his true colors, by the nature of his associations and affiliations.

Meanwhile, Nemaizer continues to exploit and misrepresent the name of Barbara Hartwell, in direct disregard of demands (since February 2015) and a formal warning to CEASE & DESIST (August 2015).

Very bad idea, Nemaizer.

UPDATE: September 13, 2015


Re "Truth Broadcast Network", run by Harry Link. As I was conducting a search on another site, this WARNING flashed on my screen.

Reported Attack Page!

This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.

Please also keep this in mind when visiting any site that links to/promotes "Truth Broadcast Network". Among these sites are "United Truth Seekers", and "Truth Talk News" (Howard Nema aka Nemaizer).

This does not surprise me in the slightest, considering the low moral character of Harry Link, who is a promoter of liars and charlatans.

I have not been able to stop Nemaizer from his fraudulent promotions, exploiting and misrepresenting the name of Barbara Hartwell and Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA.

He has disregarded all requests (as of December 15, 2014), demands (as of February 2015), and finally my formal warning (August 2015) to CEASE & DESIST.

Howard Nemaizer has arrogantly REFUSED to remove the lies in connection with the name of Barbara Hartwell.

The damages to my good name continue to mount.....

The exposure of Howard Nemaizer will continue in the COUNTDOWN FOR TRUTH.

 UPDATE: September 12, 2015

The latest report exposing Howard Nema:


Nemaizer still refuses to CEASE and DESIST from exploitation and misrepresentations of the name and website of Barbara Hartwell.

His fraudulent promotions are still on his websites.

Now Howard Nema aka Howard Nemaizer is airing his program on: 

"United FM Radio. Todays and Yesterdays Rock and Metal"

(Their ignorance of the English language is typical.)

The icon for this station is a horrific skeleton, surrounded and permeated by flames of fire. I can't imagine a more demonic image. But then, heavy metal is spawned from satanism.

(Get behind me, Satan!)

Here is the promotion for the show:


A one hour show discussing different issues which affect our world and our countries around us. You never know what the truth is until you hear it from us."

TRUTH? Never to be known, except ONLY from THESE characters? How utterly absurd. Who do they think they are?

They are clearly addressing an audience of gullible rubes...just like themselves.

Another arrogant and fraudulent claim from Howard Nemaizer & associates. 

Who are these people? They are listed as Keith Mutch and Melissa Roy. Probably the only ones who would give Howard Nema airtime.

P.S.: Their names have been added to the HALL OF SHAME, along with Nemaizer and his other trashy friends.

UPDATE: September 4, 2015

Howard Nema aka Nemaizer has refused to REMOVE the fraudulent video, which he has titled "The CIA Book of Dirty Tricks", dated July 3, 2014. 

In this video he is misrepresenting and exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell, as well as presenting FALSE INFORMATION about Barbara Hartwell. Nemaizer has chosen to disregard my formal warning (issued August 3, 2015) to CEASE & DESIST all misrepresentations and exploitation of the name of Barbara Hartwell and to REMOVE all such fraudulent and defamatory material from his websites.

This piece of trash video may have been seen by many thousands of viewers, since it has been online for well over a year. And the damages to my good name continue to mount....

At this point, I really have to wonder: what in the bloody hell is wrong with this guy? Does he really believe that by keeping patently false material on his sites, despite my vehement protests, for which he has been thoroughly exposed, he will gain some form of benefit to himself? Or, does he just enjoy making a fool of himself?

If I didn't know better, I might even suspect that he was being paid to do damage, but it's clear to me he's just another very aggressive, ambitious amateur, who is trying to make a name for himself, not caring who gets harmed in the process, or what falsehoods he promotes. These characters are a dime a dozen, spewing their trash and exposing their profound ignorance with every word they write or speak.

I can guaran-damn-tee, he is playing with fire, and messing with the wrong woman. As others of his ilk have done, and always with consequences.

Howard Nemaizer is an unrepentant liar and unprincipled aggressor who is generating publicity for himself and his idiotic amateur hour programs, at the expense of a legitimate, bona fide government whistleblower, Barbara Hartwell.

May God's swift and terrible justice be visited upon Howard Nemaizer, and all accomplices who support, endorse and promote him and his show, TRASH TALK NEWS aka "Truth Talk News".

UPDATE: August 4, 2015

Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema (a pseudonym) has gone wild in his continued exploitation and misrepresentation of the name and website of Barbara Hartwell.

Here is the latest report:

Formal Warning to Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema: CEASE & DESIST Exploitation & Misrepresentation of the Name & Website of Barbara Hartwell

UPDATE: May 17, 2015

Here are the latest reports, PARTS 1, 2 & 3 of:

Truth & Justice: Who Will Stand & at What Cost?

Howard Nema has been thoroughly exposed, for all his wrongdoing and utterly unconscionable behavior, causing massive losses and damages to Barbara Hartwell.

I am boycotting his websites and don't expect I will be posting further updates here.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Stating the Truth in Good Faith for the Public Record
May 17, 2015

UPDATE March 4, 2012

The COUNT DOWN for TRUTH continues...

DAY 79

A letter from Howard Nema was delivered to my post office box on March 3, 2015, postmarked February 25. I did not open the letter, but returned it to the postal clerk and instructed the post office to mark the letter REFUSED, and RETURN TO SENDER.

I have no interest in anything Howard Nema has to say to me. This issue is not up for discussion or debate. It is not a private matter, nor will be treated by me as such.  It is a public issue. It is non-negotiable, and is very simply this:  

REMOVE MY NAME & WEBSITE, Barbara Hartwell and Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA dot com, from all promotions on 'TRUTH TALK NEWS'.

Anything he has to say about Barbara Hartwell he is free to say publicly. I'm aware that I can't stop him, and would not waste any more of my precious time in such an effort.

I have had no communications with Howard Nema since May, 2014, shortly before I discovered his fraudulent notice, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH", which blatantly misrepresented my name and website.

On December 15, 2014, I respectfully requested that Howard Nema REMOVE my name from his promotions. Here, the evidence, time stamped on December 15.



"And as a result of the continued misrepresentation of my name, my website and my work, in disregard of my clearly stated wishes, and his alignment with Harry Link and 'Truth Broadcast Network', I can no longer in good conscience support or endorse Howard Nema, his program or any of his websites.

And so, with all due respect, I must ask that Howard please REMOVE all references to my name, my website and my material from any and all sites with which he is associated. (Just as I had requested in the past.)

This is a perfectly reasonable request, which I expect to be honored. If at any time, for any reason, a person of my acquaintance requested of me that I NOT use their name, place a link to their website, or discuss him or his business, my response would be: Your wish is my command, no questions asked.

And I must make this request publicly, rather than privately, because the misrepresentation of my name and work have already been publicly injurious to my good name.

That being said, I don't believe Howard meant any harm, but that he simply failed to exercise the proper discretion –unfortunately at my expense."


My request subsequently became a demand, which I also stated publicly, beginning on February 16, 2015, and repeatedly since that time. I had waited two months, and when I saw that Howard Nema chose to disregard my request, I found it necessary to again make my position clear, for the public record, in defense of my good name.

Howard Nema, in a notice dated February 24, 2015 (posted on Howard Nema dot com), stated that he REFUSED to remove my name from the fraudulent and defamatory notice, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH".

He also made the arrogant statement:

"I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time."

I had originally given Howard Nema the benefit of the doubt, by stating that I did not believe he meant any harm. I waited a reasonable period of time for him to honor my request, which I had every right to make, considering the damage done to my good name, as a result of this bogus notice having been on his websites for OVER A YEAR.

I now must conclude, as a result of Howard Nema disregarding my request, and subsequently, REFUSING to remove my name, as per my demand, that Howard Nema is maliciously misrepresenting my name, with the purpose of causing harm.

FOR THE PUBLIC RECORD: Any further attempts by Howard Nema to communicate with Barbara Hartwell (by any means, including by post) will be regarded as harassment. I now direct him to CEASE & DESIST.

I have no intention of allowing Howard Nema to bait me into any sort of discussion, debate or argument. I repeat, I have no interest in anything he has to say to me and I have nothing to say to him.

If Howard Nema continues to publicly defame my name, I will save his posted comments as evidence, and deal with it as I see fit, as time permits.

For now, I am adding this as an update to previous reports.

Stating the Truth, in Good Faith, for the Public Record.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 4, 2015

To be continued, until the truth is served...

March 2, 2015

The COUNT DOWN for TRUTH continues...

DAY 77

The following statement is one of many such claims on Howard Nema's website truthtalknews blogspot

 "Thank you for checking out the truth on TRUTH TALK NEWS"

But the fraudulent notice defaming the name of Barbara Hartwell has STILL NOT BEEN REMOVED.

So, no "TRUTH" here. 

My friend Geral Sosbee, outraged by the fraud being perpetrated, sent me this comment to include in my COUNT DOWN for TRUTH.

Quoting Howard Nema:

"I move ahead, not backwards."... "Pay me for my time."

[In reference to Howard Nema's arrogant refusal to REMOVE my name and website from his fraudulent notice "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH".]

Mr. Nema:

One cannot move ahead unless he corrects his errors of the past.  As for payment, Barbara deserves payment for the countless hours spent trying to stop misrepresentations of her on your site.

Geral Sosbee

To be continued until the truth is served...

March 1, 2015

The COUNT DOWN for TRUTH continues...

DAY 76

Howard Nema, on his 'truthtalknews.blogspot' claims he is promoting "TRUTH". 

"Please Share this Information Widely!", he proclaims. 

But his FALSE notice, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH", defaming the name and website of Barbara Hartwell is STILL THERE.

He continues to KNOWINGLY promote a FALSEHOOD, while calling it "TRUTH".

A more fitting name of this site would be FALSEHOOD NEWS.

To be continued until the truth is served...

February 28, 2015

The COUNT DOWN for TRUTH continues...

DAY 75

...Since my first request (December 15, 2014) that Howard Nema REMOVE his fraudulent, defamatory, injurious notice, his infamous "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH", which began doing damage to the good name and reputation of Barbara Hartwell more than one year ago, in February, 2014.

The name of Barbara Hartwell STILL HAS NOT BEEN REMOVED.

To be continued until the truth is served... 

February  27, 2015:

The COUNT DOWN FOR TRUTH continues...

See the latest report:

Howard Nema & TRUTH TALK NEWS: Fraud, Lies & Defamation of Barbara Hartwell

Howard Nema now states that he REFUSES to REMOVE the defamatory notice. 

To be continued, until the truth is served...


February 26, 2015

As of this day, February 26, 2015, Howard Nema, host of "TRUTH TALK NEWS" has STILL NOT REMOVED Barbara Hartwell & Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA from his list of "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH".

Because of this outrageous and total disregard for my clearly stated wishes, and my demand that he REMOVE my name and website from this fraudulent and injurious promotion, I will begin a COUNT DOWN FOR TRUTH.

I will periodically check to see if my name and website have finally been REMOVED. 

My original polite, reasonable and respectful request for this was on December 15, 2014. 

When I saw that my request had been disregarded, after two months,  it became a demand on February 16, and has been repeated on February 21, and again on February 23.

Each time I check, I will add the date to this report, until such time that the false information has been REMOVED.

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this willful misrepresentation and flagrant exploitation of my name and website. The issue is non-negotiable and not up for discussion.


February 26, 2015

ADDENDUM: February 23, 2015

I am attaching this addendum to precede the original report, given below.

Here, the irrefutable evidence of willful damage to my good name.


Howard Nema, host of TRUTH TALK NEWS, to add insult to injury, has decided to willfully ignore and disregard my clearly and repeatedly stated request, which later became a demand, to REMOVE MY NAME from his promotions.

Howard Nema has continued to make changes to this website since I first made my request, on December 15, 2014, that he REMOVE my name and website from his announcement : "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH".

In a letter to me, dated February 9, 2015, he stated that he had been reading my website. (See excerpts from letter below.) So there is no chance he did not see my very reasonable request, which I have every right to make, in defense of my privacy, my personal boundaries and my good name.

More than two months have passed since I made my first request in December, 2014. Yet, despite these other changes in his website, he has still not removed my name from his announcement, which is fraudulent, bogus, defamatory and injurious to my good name.

For the record: I am NOT a "partner" of Howard Nema, nor anyone on this list, nor have ever been. 

As a matter of principle, I will never endorse Howard Nema nor any of his websites, or programs.

I have no comment about any other names on this list, except the ones I have already stated (see report below). 

It is unfortunate that their names have to be dragged into this, solely because of Howard Nema's wrongful and unprincipled actions, but there is nothing I can do about it. Just so they know, I was not involved, and I am very sorry for any problem caused for them. I have copied this list solely for evidence. (February 23, 2015)

On February 21, 2015, I posted the report to which I am attaching this addendum. When I checked again today, still my name has not been removed.

Once again, I demand an IMMEDIATE REMOVAL of my name and website from this list.

Below are Howard Nema's comments, which precede his "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH" list.

Once again, for the public record, I AM NOT INVOLVED in any of this, and strongly protest and object to this completely outrageous promotion, which exploits my name and website for purposes which remain obscure to me.

Only one thing is crystal clear: There is no "truth" here, none whatsoever.

Stating the Truth, in Good Faith
Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 23, 2015


Thank you for checking out the truth on TRUTH TALK NEWS

This blogsite is NEW and IMPROVED and has been relocated to

Howard Nema. com is a treasure trove of information with over 400 categories or research information including articles, links to books, documentaries, TRUTH TALK NEWS broadcast archives, and much more!

Please check out, bookmark and share the new website!


"Where news the mainstream media ignores is the top story!"


Truth Broadcast Network



ORIGINAL REPORT, February 21, 2015

I have a very serious problem, which I intend to straighten out, here and now, once and for all, for the public record. This problem involves Howard Nema, host of TRUTH TALK NEWS.

On December 15, 2014 I published a report, titled THE PRICE OF LIBERTY: A Retrospective on Political Persecution in America, PART TWO. 

In that report was a segment in which I outlined THE MISREPRESENTATION OF BARBARA HARTWELL, which included broadcasts of TRUTH TALK NEWS, hosted by Howard Nema, aired on 'Truth Broadcast Network', run by Harry Link.


In these broadcasts of TRUTH TALK NEWS, false information was presented about my background, specifically regarding CIA. There were also broadcasts where my name was discussed, where words were put in my mouth, including specifically where Janet Phelan, who makes frequent appearances, and has been described on the air by Howard Nema as “a good friend”, was a guest on the program. I had mentioned that Howard Nema was regularly promoting the leftist rhetoric and globalist/communist ideology of Janet Phelan. None of my business – but just leave MY NAME OUT of all this.

Additionally, there was the issue of my previous, clearly stated request to Howard Nema (2012) that he REMOVE my name and website from his promotions, because his show was aired on 'Truth Broadcast Network', run by Harry Link.

I had explained that I do NOT want my name, my website, or my work associated in any way with Harry Link, as in my opinion he is a purveyor of disinformation, a parading opportunist, and a misogynist (among other dishonorable characteristics too numerous to mention).

Harry Link is a promoter of such charlatans and liars as Fritz Springmeier, Rima Laibow, Alex Jones, Alma Ott aka “True” Ott. As far as I am concerned, Harry Link's 'Truth Broadcast Network' has nothing to do with “truth”, but rather self-aggrandizement, through shameless self-promotion. Such persons are a dime-a-dozen, all seemingly in competition to be the loudest, the biggest, the most sensational, and the most aggressive promoters of what they claim to be “THE TRUTH”. Not in my book.

I have no dealings with such individuals, and scrupulously avoid any association with them. I certainly don't want my name turning up in connection with them, simply because one of their associates (in this case Howard Nema) lacks the discretion and discernment to promote my name in conjunction with them.

Shortly after I made my original request (2012) that my name be removed from
Howard's promotions, he decided to be independent of Harry Link and took his show off 'Truth Broadcast Network'. To be clear, this was not my business and had nothing to do with me. I had only made it clear that I MYSELF wanted no part of anything connected to Harry Link or his network.

But by 2014, Howard Nema had once again changed his mind and went back to Truth Broadcast Network. I don't know why he made this decision, nor does it concern me. My ONLY concern is not having MY good name or professional reputation tainted by misrepresentation in connection with it. This is exploitation of my name and work, which I will not tolerate.

Back to my report of December, 2014. In that report I once again requested that Howard Nema please REMOVE my name from his promotions. I explained that I had never changed my mind about having my name associated in any way with Harry Link or his network; that I had never told Howard Nema that I had changed my mind, and that I mean exactly what I say, and say exactly what I mean. Always have, always will.

I would have thought that Howard knew me well enough to understand that, but apparently not. The point is, he disregarded my clearly stated wishes, and there is no excuse for that, whether he understood, or not.

There was also another issue: Howard Nema had added my name and website to a list which was prominently displayed on the front page of his website, TRUTH TALK NEWS.


In my report of December 2014, I made a respectful request that Howard Nema please REMOVE my name and website from his promotions, including one where my name was listed, among a number of others, in a heading titled:



A number of other names and websites were also listed, including Harry Link ('Truth Broadcast Network') and Janet Phelan (Janet Phelan dot com).

Upon first seeing this, I was outraged, and with good reason. Howard had been well aware of my position in regard to Harry Link and Janet Phelan, which I had made PUBLIC, since 2012. That being that I had NO association with these individuals, do not endorse, do not promote, do not support. Case closed.

And this bogus announcement, using my name, has been there now for many months, possibly as long as a year. And IT IS STILL THERE, as I write this!

Again, again (how many times must it be repeated?) Howard had been well aware of my clearly and publicly stated position on both Harry Link and Janet Phelan, since 2012. And yet he decided to continue misrepresenting my name in connection with these individuals. Why on earth would he do that?

I don't know what is going on here, I only know that I don't want any part of it, and it is important to me to set the public record straight. I have far greater concerns (some of which are of a life-or-death nature), and don't intend to use up any more of my precious time dealing with this than I have to. But deal with it I must, if only because not to deal with it would make matters worse, and leave questions hanging which need to be answered, once and for all.

Now, the plot thickens:

On February 19, I received a letter by post from Howard Nema. It was dated February 9, and postmarked February 11. Howard had sent the letter before I posted my report of February 16, but I did not receive it until 3 days later.

I removed my report of February 16, after receiving Howard's letter, because now there are yet more issues to be covered, on which I need to set the record straight.

I will quote selectively from the letter, the parts which relate to the public issues already described, leaving out certain parts to protect my privacy, as well as Howard's. This cannot be considered a private matter, because the issues have already been out in the open, and the damage has already been done to my good name. I intend to rectify that damage, to the best of my ability.

Howard Nema's initials are used, his comments placed in quotes. My comments are in brackets.

HN: “ It has been far too long since we connected. I hope things are well. Your e-mail address I have on file and your phone numbers are not active, so I am writing you. I am glad you are back on line and active again. I have followed your website posts.”

[If Howard has been reading my website, he would have seen my NOTICE of December 2014, in which I stated that my previous e-mail address is defunct, and that I am no longer using e-mail. My telephone number is private and unlisted. I have not given it to Howard Nema, for what might be obvious reasons. I have not been in contact with Howard since the early Spring of 2014, which also might be for obvious reasons. And no, things are not “well”. In part because of the necessity of having to constantly struggle for basic survival, while fending off the advances of those who would misrepresent my good name.

More to the point, in reading my website, Howard would surely have seen my request for him to REMOVE my name from his promotions, and from his list of “trusted partners in truth.” So why has he not done so?]

HN: “Please accept my apologies for anything I have done that has upset you regarding my work since we last spoke. I read and continue to read your reports.”

[Of course, I accept his apology. And have already forgiven him in my heart. I pray for Howard and sincerely wish him well. I don't believe he meant any harm.  But that does not mean I can just ignore the issues or sweep them under the carpet, and pretend everything is fine. I don't run that kind of operation. Howard's promotions and false representations have been, and continue to be, injurious to my good name. That is the issue, and the only issue of concern to me.]

HN: “I will of course adhere to your wishes of privacy. I do not wish to be involved in any conflict. i.e. Janet Phelan or with anyone else. As you respect me, I respect you. I consider you a good, close friend and hope you still consider me the same.”

[Well, here I have a problem. He says he respects me and will adhere to my wishes of privacy. But as of two months after I had made my request for him to REMOVE my name and website from his promotions, and his list of “trusted partners in truth”, he still has not done so. Why? What's going on here that he would not honor my simple request? The issue is not up for discussion, and is non-negotiable. I have made myself very clear. So what gives?]

HN: “I am going solo. About 2 weeks ago I left TBN. From now on I will only be promoting my own website, and my livestream and youtube pages.

This came about after some ego-driven shenanigans on the part of Harry Link regarding Pam Suggs and Chris “freedom” Flowers Facebook groups, where Harry was accused of deleting posts and creating fake accounts and other “questionable” stuff. Once again, I fell in the middle of others' disputes. Pam and Chris are very close friends, as are you and I didn't feel comfortable promoting Harry or Truth Broadcast Network, or any other as a result.”

[What does any of this have to do with me? As I have stated, it is not my concern what Harry Link is doing. I don't know why Howard would be telling me this. Harry Link is not even a blip on my radar, and I'm sure I would never even have heard of his existence, had he not been an associate of Howard Nema.

But it does amaze me that Howard would be surprised at Harry Link's lack of integrity. Hasn't he seen enough, from past experience? What is it going to take for him to see the truth which is staring him right in the face?

But now that he's brought it up, I don't see anything “questionable” about such behavior, which has always been as plain as the light of day to anyone with even a scintilla of discernment.

I am not involved in any social networks, nor groups, nor discussions on the Internet, and I don't see what Howard's friendships with others named here have to do with me, as I am not involved in any way with these individuals.]

HN: “I could be wrong, but I do not believe Harry is an operative, just someone who sees things only his way and causes conflict as a result.”

[Personally, I never said (or thought) Harry Link was any kind of operative. Just to set the record straight. Any discerning person who has listened to only a few of his broadcasts (which are so boring and so stupid, I can only listen to a few minutes before needing to remove myself from the visual and aural assault), would see that Harry Link lacks the knowledge of events and persons he talks about. He doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. He has tried to persuade Howard Nema that Barbara Hartwell is a government agent, which only goes to show his level of ignorance and foolishness.

Harry Link is just another loud mouth with a microphone, blathering on about “Death to the New World Order”, with no facts or evidence to back up his claims. Except what he scavenges from those who ARE government operatives, such as Alex Jones. How tiresome it gets...]

HN: “Well, we all have our problems, but I certainly do not need additional conflict in my life and I must think of my own reputation.”

[Maybe he should have thought of that quite some time ago, before his reputation was compromised via his on again-off-again alignment with Harry Link. And more to the point, he should have respected MY wishes about MY reputation and not contributed to defaming it by dragging my name in with the likes of Harry Link.]

HN:”Life is difficult and conflicting enough without bullshit attention seekers/pseudo-philosophers/theorists. I certainly do not have time for childish crap when the New World Order is closing in around us.”

[As I see it, Howard invited all this “childish crap” into his life, and could easily remedy his situation by just disassociating himself from Harry Link and his ilk, once and for all. This is his problem , not mine.]

HN: “I am going to continue to focus on current events, not getting involved in divisive conflicts. In the past, I have generously accepted many invitations, like Harry's to share my work, but in retrospect it has caused nothing but conflict, complications and misunderstandings.

That said, I am back to doing what I do without affiliation. TRUTH TALK NEWS and are my only entities and I will not join any other
networks or organizations in the furture.

Once again, you were right about staying independent and that is what I have decided to do, continuing my work as an independent researcher/reporter.”

[All well and good, as far as Howard's interests are concerned. But his conflicts with others have nothing to do with me. I was never involved, and never will be.

But WHY has he not even addressed the ONLY issue of concern to me, which has been clearly stated, time and again, in my public reports? That being that I want MY NAME & MY WEBSITE LEFT OUT of all his promotions, LEFT OUT of his lists of “trusted partners in truth", left out of his public broadcasts, his conversations with the guests on his program? WHY?

But now, as can hardly be believed, the plot thickens yet again.

After I posted my report of February 16 (which I later removed on February 19, after receiving Howard's letter), in which I demanded that my name be REMOVED from Howard's list of “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, as well as other promotions, Howard Nema again switched back to promoting Truth Broadcast Network' and Harry Link.

As of today, Harry Link and 'Truth Broadcast Network' are once again advertised on Howard Nema's site. The announcement that TRUTH TALK NEWS is independent, etc. etc. is gone as well.

(Only days after I read in his letter of his decision to be independent of Harry Link.)

Evidently, Howard doesn't even know his own mind, and can't make up his mind to take a position based on “truth”, and stick to it.

Did he go back to Harry Link after he saw my report, demanding that he REMOVE my name from his promotions?

It sure seems that way. Which seems absurd, considering the fact that I am not involved in any way, shape or form in Howard Nema's business, and have not been a guest on his show since December, 2013.

But again, the ONLY issue of concern to me is that as of today, February 21, 2015, Howard continues to misrepresent me, my name, and my website, listing me on his notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”.  Along with Harry Link, Janet Phelan, and others.

I really have to wonder at this point, what in the bloody hell is going on.

And aside from this, there are legal issues (involving my private business, which I have no intention of elaborating on here) which could negatively affect me as a result of my name and website being continually misrepresented.

I have, for the last time, made my position CRYSTAL CLEAR:


Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist
NOT a “Trusted Partner in Truth”

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA