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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reflections on Truth, Liberty and the Right to Privacy

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them.
Ephesians 5:11

Above all else, I stand for Truth and for Liberty. And as happens with all persons who have taken such a stand, I have been attacked, threatened, harassed and persecuted by those whose lies, corruption, crimes, cover-ups and "deeds of darkness" I have exposed. Nothing new under the sun....

I have also been targeted for diabolical calumny by hordes of demonic liars. These libel and slander campaigns, along with monstrous invasions of my privacy, have done inestimable damage to every area of my life, including the unjust ruination of my good name, along with my personal/professional reputation.

And although my situation (that of being designated as a high-profile target of a corrupt federal government) is not unique, I as an individual, speaking strictly for myself, have for many years been forced to stand against these assaults alone, never having any reliable backup or support, material or otherwise.
This situation has now become untenable, and for all practical purposes, unbearable. I am disgusted beyond what I can possibly express at the flagrant evil that corrupts the hearts and minds of these many workers of iniquity.

One of the purposes my enemies have openly stated is that they intend to "drive Barbara Hartwell off the Internet." They have threatened to have my website (such as it is, this little blog, being that I have been unable to afford to get a "real" website back online for the past five years) "REMOVED". They have also threatened to sue me for "libel".

What these fools, in their gross ignorance and stupidity, fail to understand, is that "the Internet" is not the focus of my life; nor even of my work. I spend very little time on the Internet; I rarely even use e-mail (for which I have an intense dislike); nor do I even go online more than a few times a week. Unlike these government operatives and their stooges and useful idiots, I do not lead a "virtual life"; I am not a cyber-junkie; nor do I gain any enjoyment out of writing "crime reports" about government rat bastards and their flunkies, and posting them for the public record.

It is, in fact, a thankless task, one I may soon decide to remove from my life. It is simply not worth my time and effort, when I am barely surviving; and having to go hungry in order to pay for Internet service is getting old. It is a sacrifice I am no longer willing to make. I don't get paid for this, and apparently, the readers (whomever they may be) don't find it of enough value that they are willing to make donations to support me or my work.

So be it. The hordes of lying demons may soon have reason to celebrate!

When I first made a decision to "go public", to expose what I know regarding government crimes, corruption and cover-ups, my purpose was simply to furnish information which I had gathered from 1) personal/professional experiences 2) my own research and investigations, including the testimony of credible, trustworthy witnesses/sources.

This information, based on direct, firsthand personal knowledge, was to be disseminated, very simply, as just that: For information purposes only.
And the readers (or audiences, on radio, TV, at conferences, etc.) have always been free to make of that information what they will. I have never been interested in any form of interaction, in socializing, or "networking" with the public, or with my reading/listening audiences. I am not --nor ever have been-- a team player, and I do not join groups.

As a journalist, a writer/speaker exposing factual, truthful information, I have the reasonable expectation that individuals, using their own discernment, may award credibility and/or value (educational or otherwise) to my work --or not. Their choice, their decision, and not a matter of concern to me.

And although I know my reports to be based on facts; and although I have furnished evidence, where and when possible, to substantiate my information, I have never gone out of my way, nor made efforts to "prove" to anyone in particular, nor to the public at large, that my information; or my opinions, beliefs or viewpoints are "true"; nor do I concern myself with whether others believe them to be true; nor with what opinions they may hold of me personally.

Furthermore,I do not respond to interrogations (hostile or otherwise); and I have neither the time nor inclination to enter into discussions, debates or arguments about the information I choose to publish. Again, people may make of it what they will.

My primary reason for this lack of interest in social/political interaction with others is quite simply that I am a recluse, both by nature and by choice. I long ago rejected worldly values and activities; and with the passage of time, I have become ever more reclusive, to the point where I have renounced the world entirely. I have no worldly ambitions and wish only to be left alone to live and work in peace, for as long as the grace of God allows.

It is important to state that I expose corruption, crimes, cover-ups; criminals and evildoers, in service to God, not in service to the "world of men"; nor do I seek the approval or sanction of the world of men, including that of any government established by men.

If humanity at large (or even just one or two) benefits from my work, then I can be glad for that, but God is my only authority, Whose laws and Whose truth I serve.

(You were bought at a price, do not become the slaves of men.)

As I have stated many times, I believe that any person who is seriously interested in seeking truth (about any issue) needs to find that truth for himself/herself; and to do his/her own research, whatever forms it may take. Finding the truth takes time; it requires much effort and dedication; and not of the least importance, without spiritual/intellectual discernment, the truth cannot possibly be perceived, even when it is staring one in the face.

And speaking of truth: the simple truth, at least from my observations, is that most of what is published (via print or electronic media, including on the World Wide Web), especially about government-related conspiracies, crimes and cover-ups, is not "truth" at all, but rather, usually falls into one of the following categories: carefully-crafted propaganda; misinformation; disinformation; falsehoods and bald-faced lies. When it concerns persons, libel and slander are also to be included.

Those educated and/or trained in the nature of intelligence work will recognize much of this lack of truth for what it is: "controlled opposition". And, it is the primary weapon of mass destruction, at least as regards destroying God's truth and with the intent of destroying those who would uphold that truth. Again, nothing new under the sun...

The truth is, in any form of media, liars (and those who, in their profound ignorance, parrot the lies) outnumber truth-tellers by many orders of magnitude. Some lie for profit; some lie to cover up and to evade punishment for their crimes, or to stay out of jail; some lie for political expediency; some lie to advance a personal/political agenda; some lie for self-aggrandizement; some lie with the malicious intent of discrediting/undermining the work of genuine truth-seekers and truth-tellers, of harming others, or destroying their lives. You name it, they lie about it, or because of it.

Some lie simply because they are the minions of Satan, the father of all lies. This last applies to those in government "service" (at least in this day and age) almost without exception. And it certainly applies in spades to the low-level hirelings and stooges who carry out the government's dirty work of spreading outrageous lies about legitimate investigators, whistleblowers, expositors of government corruption. Messengers of Truth, Defenders of Liberty, are attacked with a vengeance by these demonic liars. This is the way of men and the way of the world.

Personally, I have had enough of it.

But leaving the liars for a moment and getting back to the truth:
Contrary to what many misguided people (including the liars and those foolish enough to buy into their lies) seem to believe, my main purpose as a government whistleblower, or as an advocacy journalist, has never been to "tell my story"; nor to "spill all the beans" about every injustice or abuse that ever happened to me; nor to focus on my own life, my own background, or my own "case" per se.

Certainly, I seek for justice to be done; not just for myself but for all others who have been targeted, victimized, abused, exploited, and ultimately murdered by these evildoers. That's a given, no doubt about it.

What is more, anyone who is familiar with my work (especially my writings) over a period of roughly the past decade and a half, will be aware that I address mostly the ISSUES, those I find of most importance, rather than focusing on personal information about my own background, or events which relate to my personal life. For the most part, my work is not autobiographical, nor meant to be.

My experiences, including as a former intelligence operative; a survivor of black operations, and as an individual targeted for political persecution as a result of my defiance of the evils and tyranny of government; and of society as a whole (which as a Christian, I consider to be "the world"), simply form the basis of my knowledge; some of which --so far only a small fraction-- I have decided to make public.

The greater part of this knowledge and information, I have not made public; and the same could be said for the personal experiences (my life history and background) on which this knowledge and information is based. That is my prerogative and I am the only person with the right to decide what to make public --and what not to make public-- for my own reasons; in my own time frame; and in the forms which I deem to be prudent; to serve my own best interests, as well as the interests of others who may be affected (adversely or otherwise) by what I choose to make a matter of public record.

To anyone with basic integrity and whose actions are determined by a moral compass; to anyone who embraces moral absolutes; and who recognizes and respects what I would call the "Inviolability of Personhood"; to anyone who respects the Spiritual Integrity of Individuals,
my position would be axiomatic, inarguable, irrefutable, at least on ethical grounds.

Furthermore, an equally important issue is that I have the RIGHT TO PRIVACY. In fact, I am a fierce defender of personal privacy, not only my own, but on principle, that of every individual. I respect the privacy and personal boundaries of others; and expect others to respect mine.

As for those who choose to disregard my clearly stated position, to violate my rights, there will be consequences, and they will be, at the very least, exposed, as wrongdoers, busybodies, gossips and liars. Some are criminals, whose violations of privacy include soliciting additional crimes of harassment, threats, stalking by like-minded criminals.

No decent person, no godly person, no one with any personal code of honor, will EVER invade the privacy of another; will EVER engage in acts of aggression such as harassment, threats or stalking. All evil is spawned in aggression, no matter the form it takes.

Those who will not leave others in peace, who will not respect the rights of others to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, should be exposed by persons of conscience,
for the purpose of stopping a crime in progress, or preventing a plot to do harm to the innocent from reaching its vile ends.

These evildoers should also be shunned, and in cases where their actions become crimes against persons, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

No one has the right to invade the privacy of another! Only a criminal, only an evildoer, only a demon, would stalk, harass or threaten anyone. There is simply no excuse for such vile behavior.

But the bottom line, for me personally, is this: Just because I have "gone public" by exposing certain information about my background (some of of which is personal in nature) does NOT mean that my life, as a whole, is an open book which will be made available for public consumption.

As for those who in their aggression and malice, would try to pry into my personal/private business, I can guarantee that they will end up wishing they had never heard my name.

As I have stated previously, I am by no means required to divulge personal information about my background, my financial business, my family, my relationships (personal or professional) or any other personal information that pertains to my private life.

I am not on trial, not a defendant in any such public trial. I am not running for any public office. I am not employed by any person, agency or entity (including government) which would require me to divulge such personal information.
Furthermore, I have committed no crimes; I am engaging in no criminal activities; and I have no criminal record. Period. Case closed.

In short, my private life is just that --PRIVATE.
My private life is nobody's business but my own! And so it shall remain. I will do whatever I must do to stop these violations and invasions.

My primary purpose has always been to defend Liberty and the God-given rights of the Individual, ON PRINCIPLE. Most of my work involves political activism (not through the "political" system, but in the broader sense of human rights); and most of which has not been discussed publicly by me.

The only money I have ever earned as a result of this work (and contrary to the lies of my detractors, I certainly have "earned" it) has been donations from the general public. Other than these donations, I have tried to survive on love gifts from family and friends.

At no time have I ever had anyone I could rely on for material support; nor has there ever been anyone in my life (family or friends) who cared enough about me personally to make my survival or well-being a priority. This is a very simple fact of my life, and though I have often dearly wished my situation were otherwise, I have no control over what others feel or what are their priorities.

I don't belong to any groups, nor do I have any form of reliable support from any group, nor any individual.

Of late, the demonic liars, the minions of Satan, have become more aggressive than ever before, and not only in promoting the most outrageous of lies about Barbara Hartwell; but in their monstrous invasions of my privacy.

They are posting PRIVATE information on many websites and message boards; such as my unlisted street address. The demons have also posted photos of my house, which they falsely claim does not belong to me, but (depending on which demon is fabricating/promoting the lies at any given time) is owned by various other individuals, whose names they throw out, libeling those individuals and invading their privacy as well. The demons cannot seem to agree about the "truth" of any these fabrications; and often fight among themselves, while changing their stories and thus contradicting themselves while promoting their various lies. But then, that is in the nature of demonic liars.

In all this, the outrageous fabrications, the invasions of privacy, the criminal harassment, the threats (including death threats) the demons claim to be "exposing" Barbara Hartwell. They claim to be "investigators"; "researchers"; and even "whistleblowers".

The very thought of these self-aggrandizing titles, considering the individuals claiming them, is ludicrous.

In reality, they resemble nothing more than a brood of hissing vipers; or a pack of rabid hyenas, hell-bent on violence and savagery against all God's creation, persecuting God's children, His saints and His angels.

The demons are also engaging in wild speculation about my past life, my current life, my family, and my professional background; and they are fabricating outrageous lies about every area of my life.

For example, they are promoting the bald-faced lie that I am being "supported" by a "boyfriend"; that my house is "owned" by this alleged "boyfriend". They also claim that since I live in a "large" house, I must be "doing fine". As if I'm living high, and off the fat of the land....

As if all this were not enough of an outrage, some of the demonic liars claim that I am a "scamster", who is bilking the public of their hard-earned money. They claim I do "not work".

Most of the demons say I am CIA; a "CIA plant"; a "CIA disinfo agent"; but a few of the demons now claim that I might never have been CIA, but lying about that too, again, just so I can scam people out of their hard-earned money.

As if I am laughing all the way to the bank....where, by the way, I haven't had any accounts in decades.

I have refuted most of the lies of these demons many times, over a period of many years. But I have come to the point where I simply refuse to even read any more outrageous blasphemes and character assassination.

The truth is, for anyone interested to know, that I live in such desperate poverty that I am going hungry much of the time. I can't afford proper food, and sometimes no food at all. I have no way of getting desperately needed medicines and treatments; and I am in severe pain most of the time for the lack of such medical care.

I do not have a "boyfriend", nor is there anyone else in my life whom I can rely on for any kind of material support. And it should be clear, if I had anyone who really cared, I sure as hell wouldn't be living like this.

But I must say, the demons have done a great job with their outrageous lies, as donations (my only source of material support) surely seem to be a thing of the past. And that (aside from the all-purpose destruction of my life) is exactly the point, the end they hoped, with malice aforethought, to achieve.

But it's time to wrap up this report. So, although I won't name the individual demons (just check my reports, most of the names are there, in spades, though there are now too many to count), I will remind the readers of the fact that those demons have all been exposed many times.

They are criminals; malicious liars; porno-mongers; child abusers; blackmailers; extortionists; grifters; stalkers; drug traffickers; degenerate alcoholics; forgers; identity thieves; plagiarists; hoaxsters and scamsters. They are the scum of the earth. Believe them at your own risk.

And remember...if God has given you a love of the truth, you could be the next target.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 11, 2009


If you find my work and this website to be of value, and/or simply because you care, please consider making a donation. All donations, in the form of Christian charity or love gifts, are greatly appreciated and are my only source of material support.

Thank you for your consideration and God bless you.

Barbara Hartwell
Sovereign Child of God
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Demonic Spoiler Larry Lawson

Loony Larry Lawson

Here, find my comments, written in outrage when Larry Lawson invaded Rick Stanley's forum to post outrageous lies and attacks against Barbara Hartwell.
Larry Lawson is still at it to this very day, attacking legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and sincere Christians and patriots.

Known accomplices of Larry Lawson (a partial list, including those who promote Lawson's libel of targets): Tim White; Ken Adachi; Brenda Negri; Pamela Schuffert; Todd Fahey; Ted Gunderson; Sherry Shriner.

Larry Lawson and cohorts (most notably, Tim White) are demonic spoilers, whose purpose is to disrupt any forum (such as the Revolutionary Coalition) where issues are discussed --and to divert attention from ISSUES to ad hominem attacks on individuals who are Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth.

By their fruits shall you know them.
Get behind me, Satan!

April 6 ,2009

From the Revolutionary Coalition Forum (2005)

Comments by Barbara Hartwell re Larry Lawson

This poster (using an alias) is Larry Lawson. Lawson is on a government payroll, paid to demonize and discredit any person who is:

1) A legitimate government whistleblower

2) A sincere patriot

3) A committed Christian

He has attacked Rick Stanley repeatedly. Why? Because Rick stands up for me when I am harassed by Lawson's cohorts, people like government stooge/snitch Tim White. But Lawson's most compelling reason for his harassment of Rick is quite simply because Rick is for real.

Lawson shows up with his nonsense and his outrageous lies every time I post anything. Which I rarely do anymore.

Most of us targeted by Lawson have just decided to ignore him. He's a time-waster. It would be a full time job refuting all his lies. As it is there are not enough hours in my day for productive use of my time. I refuse to waste any more time on the likes of Lawson.

See you in court, Larry. I continue to pray for God to give you a love of the truth.

A Message to Larry Lawson from Barbara Hartwell

Well, well...Loony Larry Lawson enters from stage was only a matter of time, wasn't it?

Lawson, haven't we been down this road before? I won't waste my time responding, except to say this:

Go spew out your outrageous lies, shrink-wrapped-pre-packaged-gov-disinformation and black propaganda smears against decent God-fearing, Constitution-defending people someplace else. Someplace where you have a receptive audience.....I've no doubt there are plenty of them out there.

I refer to the scamsters, the porno-mongers, the blackmailers, the transvestites, the FBI shills and snitches, the illegal weapons dealers, the child molesters, the extortionists, the assassins and all-purpose sowers of discord. The government-sponsored, bought-and-paid-for lowlife rat bastards who are destroying our country from within. All of whom are liars, cowards and traitors, just like you. Most of them are morons as well.

Shame on you, Larry Lawson. You, of all people should have more sense than to cast your lot with people so much more stupid than yourself. Since I know you're not stupid, I have no choice but to conclude that you must take pride in being evil. Pride goeth before a fall.... and mark my words this day: Yours is coming.

Barbara Hartwell

Sunday, April 5, 2009

PUBLIC NOTICE: Criminal Harassment, Stalking, Libel, Identity Theft, Forgery by Todd Brendan Fahey

Psycho Stalker Todd Brendan Fahey

FOREWORD: The Demonic Duo & Assorted Criminal Accomplices

Todd Brendan Fahey continues his obsessive criminal harassment and outrageous libel of Barbara Hartwell, which began almost five (5) years ago, July, 2004.

Since that time, Fahey has teamed up with other criminals and government stooges of his ilk, most notably predicate felon Timothy Patrick White, Fahey's accomplice since 2004. These two odious perps, known as the "demonic duo" by targets of their harassment, stalking and outrageous libel, have since enlisted many others for the purpose of expanding their criminal activities and massive libel/slander campaign against Barbara Hartwell and associates.

One such perp, using the name "Xena Carpenter", in collusion with White, Fahey and others, is also publishing libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell and other targets, including (but not limited to) Michael Herzog; Roy Stewart; Keith Hansen (Vyzygoth).

The identity of this "Xena Carpenter" is currently unknown; but considering the fact that the idiotic website of the same name is heavily promoted by Tim White, Todd Fahey and others known to be part of the criminal conspiracy against legitimate journalists and whistleblowers, Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth, it is likely that "Xena Carpenter" is in fact just another alias for one of these perps.

It is also a known fact that Todd Fahey is the author of at least one libelous pseudo report targeting Barbara Hartwell, published on the "Xena Carpenter" website, posted with no by-line, no author identified.

The malicious and cowardly Todd Fahey hides behind many, many pseudonyms and aliases. He is also an identity thief who has stolen the name of Barbara Hartwell as well as some of my known associates, family and friends.

This loathsome whackjob Fahey has even gone so far as to steal the identities of my cats! "Hercules Hartwell" (now in Cat Heaven); and my one surviving feline grandchild, Kyra.

Fahey, like the other half of the demonic duo, Tim White, is a psychopath; a pathological liar; porno-monger and sex pervert/predator (including targeting innocent children); and a drug trafficker/abuser.

The demonic duo are especially notorious for publishing private information about targets, such as street addresses, for the purpose of soliciting further invasions of privacy and criminal harassment by like-minded criminals and whackjobs.

Todd Fahey and his cohorts most resemble a pack of rabid hyenas in their relentless, hideous aggression, harassment and monstrous invasions of privacy against targets.

BE WARNED: Stay clear of these criminals and report all offenses, abuses, stalking, harassment, etc. to the appropriate legal authorities.

Known accomplices of Todd Brendan Fahey (including those who have published Fahey's outrageous lies against targets): Timothy Patrick White; Brenda Negri; Ken Adachi; "Xena Carpenter"; Larry Lawson; Robert Sterling; "SARTRE" (a pseudonym); Ted Gunderson; Pamela Schuffert; Craig Oxley et al (Unhived Mind forum); John DeCamp; Alan Stang. (Only a partial list)

April 5, 2009

Note, January, 2007:

The criminal harassment by Todd Brendan Fahey has never ceased. It has now continued, unabated for two and a half years! (Since 2004).

Just this morning, yet another harassing e-mail message was sent by Fahey to my Yahoo! e-mail address.

As usual, I deleted it without opening the message, marked it as SPAM, reported it as harassment and kept the e-mail address for evidence.

It has been clear for a long time that this psycho-stalker has an extreme and pathological obsession with Barbara Hartwell. It's also clear that he has no intention of leaving off the criminal harassment.

Since the little coward lives in Southeast Asia, I guess he thinks he's immune from prosecution. That remains to be seen.

For now, as tiresome as it is, the best I can do is continue to expose this pathological liar, for the public record. Maybe he enjoys the attention. Maybe for Fahey, any publicity is good publicity.

April, 2005


Todd Brendan Fahey

DOB: February 22, 1965

American citizen who publicly claims to reside in South Korea

Todd Brendan Fahey has been engaging in slander, libel, privacy violations, which have compromised my security and threatened my safety, as well as criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell since July 4, 2004.

Todd Fahey has been issued warnings and directives to cease and desist such harassment, libel and slander by Barbara Hartwell; by family members of Barbara Hartwell; and by police officers from the Old Orchard Beach Police Department. Fahey has disregarded all such warnings and directives.

Fahey has violated the privacy of Barbara Hartwell with malice aforethought, by:

1) Publishing my private, unlisted phone number (now disconnected due to harassing calls made and solicited by Fahey).

2) Publishing my private e-mail address (now defunct), never previously listed by me in public posts.

3) Publishing my private, unlisted street address; in so doing he has solicited the additional crimes of harassment/stalking by like-minded criminals. The street address cannot be changed.

Fahey has engaged in criminal harassment and cyber-stalking via many message boards on the World Wide Web, a practice he has continued unabated since July 2004. Fahey, in so doing, has also solicited such harassment from known and unknown persons, some of whom are co-conspirators in a criminal conspiracy which includes racketeering. This criminal conspiracy is currently under investigation by law enforcement agencies.

Todd Fahey's harassment/cyber-stalking includes:

1) Posting libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell as well as family members, friends and professional colleagues, including ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

2) Posting libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, of an obscene and pornographic nature, which also solicited such libelous commentaries from known and unknown persons.

3) Identity theft, by using names of known associates of Barbara Hartwell, including "Teddy Martino". Mr. Martino has been notified and is a witness on behalf of Barbara Hartwell as well as a complainant against Fahey.

Identity theft/forgery as well, by publishing written material (e-mail, articles, etc) which Fahey falsely claims were written and/or submitted for publication by Barbara Hartwell.

Todd Fahey has also written and published false and libelous allegations about:

1) The ownership of Barbara Hartwell's home by "a member of the John Birch Society" and by "a man named Frank Nulton".

2) "Barbara Hartwell has lost residency in her home" and "has relocated to Brownsville Texas" and "is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee".

Mr. Sosbee has publicly refuted the false allegation that Barbara Hartwell is living in his home in Brownsville Texas, and has stated for the record that Barbara Hartwell has never lived at his address, nor traveled to that location.

Sosbee has also stated his knowledge, as my witness, that Todd Fahey is a pathological liar and has acted with malice aforethought to defame the personal and professional reputation of Barbara Hartwell.

Mr. Sosbee was also the first known recipient of libelous falsehoods of an outrageous nature, being disseminated by Todd Fahey about Barbara Hartwell, including false allegations of "drunkenness" and Fahey's false claims of having a "sexual relationship" with Hartwell.

This message, by e-mail, from Todd Fahey to Geral Sosbee was sent from a psychiatric/alcohol/drug rehab facility at the Southern Maine Medical Center, where Fahey was taken by police who picked him up after finding him passed out on a bench on the street in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

This e-mail message also included Fahey's claim that he had attempted suicide by a drug/alcohol overdose. I have the evidence to substantiate that Fahey was admitted to this facility, including a letter from Todd Fahey's parents who are well aware of Fahey's long history of alcoholism, drug abuse and mental illness.

Many, many other such libelous false allegations about Barbara Hartwell have been collected by my legal advocates, to be used as evidence against Todd Fahey, in both civil lawsuits and criminal complaints. I have refused to personally read most of Todd Fahey's libelous falsehoods, due to their obscene/pornographic/psychotic nature.

Extremely severe damages (including financial) have resulted directly from the unrelenting libel, slander, criminal harassment and cyber-stalking by this utterly despicable, loathsome, psychotic individual, Todd Brendan Fahey.

Please be advised that Todd Fahey had to be removed from my private property by police on two (2) occasions, once for drunk and disorderly conduct and making threats of violence on July 4, 2004; and once on July 6, 2004, for harassing phone calls and stalking. I have witnesses, including the police and have police reports of the incidents as evidence.

And lastly, please be advised that any individual or entity who engages in the dissemination and/or publication of the libelous, harassing messages/articles/e-mail about Barbara Hartwell and associated persons for which Todd Fahey is the source, will be named as defendants in civil lawsuits and/or criminal complaints by the injured parties, incuding Barbara Hartwell.

Anyone wishing to offer additional evidence against the perpetrator, Todd Brendan Fahey, or relevant information which may serve the purpose of forcing Fahey to cease and desist from his cyber-stalking/libel/harassment may send it to the postal address given above.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell

April 27, 2005

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fed Snitch Timothy Patrick White: Criminal Harassment, Stalking & Death Threats

Predicate felon Timothy Patrick White and his accomplices are growing more aggressive by the day. Let this report serve as a warning to all and sundry.

The crime spree continues........

From: Tim White
To: Francine Kelly
Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2009 10:31:28 AM

Public E-mail from Francine Kelly

"From: Francine Kelly
Subject: Resolving this once and for all
Cc:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Charles Jeschke" ,,,,,,,,
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009, 3:24 PM"

Note some of the recipients. Some may be recognized by name, others by e-mail addresses: Tim White; Ted Gunderson; Doug Millar; John DeCamp; Sue Arrigo; Don Nicoloff; James Rothstein.

[Addendum: New Ager Scott Mandelker is on the list as well. I remember this jerk from way back, during the time I was conducting UFO research. Mandelker was spreading slander about Barbara Hartwell. I exposed him as a liar and charlatan in a hardcopy publication on UFOs. So typical of the ilk that Francine Kelly would be hanging with.]

For the record: I know from reliable sources that all of the above individuals have, at the very least, been spreading malicious and defamatory lies about Barbara Hartwell (and certain of my associates); at worst, some have done so publicly, via libel and slander.

Excerpt, opening paragraph:

"Dear Pat, Mike & Will,

I don't want to be called an accomplice by Barbara Hartwell. I'm not an accomplice to Tim White. Just like Ted Gunderson told me, Tim has helped me. He has educated me about this sleazy Intel world, and he has been right about many things since May 2008 when I was thrown into the drug-infested homeless shelters in Seattle. As you all know, I do not approve of how Tim talks to people."

Note that Francine Kelly claims that Tim White has "educated" her about "this sleazy Intel world". According to Ms. Kelly, Ted Gunderson is in agreement with this statement. I do not know Francine Kelly; but I have seen numerous public e-mail messages written by this woman, correspondence between herself and Tim White (among others); and she appears to me to be living in a delusional fantasy world. Her writings are far from coherent, as suggested by this excerpt:

"I really thought you wanted me to help you expose the Draconian Reptilian Vampire Agenda and MK-Ultra. Pat, you even said that day when I arrived at the house and Carson was pulling at my clothes saying, "Go downstairs and tell Will that you can't live without him," and you were saying, "You have free will," that maybe Will and I could work together on MK-Ultra."

From my observations, Ms. Kelly also has a penchant for airing her dirty laundry in public. It appears that she is an attention-and-approval seeker who believes in New Age secular-humanist pop-psychology as a form of "group therapy" in a public forum.

And although I feel sorry for Ms. Kelly, as she has clearly been duped and drawn into a web of deceit and evil by Tim White, Ted Gunderson and others, if she does not wake up to that fact and recognize who (and what --namely demonic entities) she is really dealing with, and what is their agenda, she will end up in far worse trouble than it appears she is already in.

The fact of the matter is that Tim White is not qualified to "educate" anyone, especially in regard to the so-called "Intel world". The very thought is ludicrous. Tim White has absolutely no background, nor training in intelligence work. Zero, zilch. He is himself a rank amateur, a delusional G-Man wannabe and government stooge. And contrary to his grandiose claims, with which he signs his posts, White is not an "investigator"; and certainly not any kind of "whistleblower."

Tim White spreads libelous falsehoods and malicious lies about targets of the federal government --that about sums it up. He also engages in monstrous invasions of privacy and solicits the crimes of stalking and criminal harassment by like-minded fellow criminals. He's a busybody; a gate-crasher; a name dropper and a spiteful gossip; and has been directly responsible for massive damages to the lives of many targets. Targets of the federal government, that is.

So if Ms. Kelly wishes not to be named as an accomplice of this psychopath, Tim White, perhaps she should stop defending, supporting and promoting him; and cease and desist from parroting his malicious gossip.


Exhibit 1) Excerpt from a jailhouse letter. Tim White's written death threat against Doreen Bishop:

"Believe me, somehow, someway I will now set out to do her a number...I'm fucking angry! She has retribution coming. Counting the days until I can have my hands around her neck but right now I'm gonna play dumb and make her think I haven't a clue about her."

This letter was written from jail, dated 8/28/01. It was later published by Doug Millar, as part of a "report" for purposes of "exposing" Tim White and others. Millar claimed in his "report" that he had been working with Ted Gunderson for many years. Millar is in fact a longtime accomplice of Ted Gunderson, part of the criminal conspiracy against legitimate whistleblowers and journalists; and engaging in cover-ups of black operations.

Tim White later "made a deal" with corrupt feds and was released from prison. He became a fed snitch and has been exploited ever since to do the feds' dirty work of stalking and harassing targets; as well as spreading false and defamatory information about targets. This "information" is fed to him by government operatives and White is used as a "town crier" to disseminate false info for the purpose of discrediting and ultimately neutralizing targets.

Example: "Barbara Hartwell is CIA".

Exhibit 2) Investigative journalist Janet Phelan's criminal complaint seeking temporary restraining order against Tim White.

[TRO Against Tim White
Wed, February 22, 2006 14:40

"The Judge requested that I notify White of the hearing first. I emailed him this afternoon, with the exact wording suggested by the court.

The hearing will take place Friday morning at approximately 8:30 a.m.

Janet Phelan

This is to notify you that Janet C. Phelan will appear in Department E of the Los Angeles Superior Court located at 1725 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 to seek a temporary restraining order against you on Friday, February 24 at 8:30 a.m. The orders requested include, but are not limited to the following:

That you not attack, molest, strike, threaten, stalk, harrass, assault, contact or disturb the peace of Petitioner/Respondent.

If you wish to contest the court's issuance of a temporary restraining order against you, you should appear at the exparte proceeding at the date, time and place noted above.

Janet C. Phelan
February 22, 2006

Emailed today at direction of the Judge."

Tim White engages in criminal harassment and stalking of Janet Phelan; in one such instance with accomplice Pamela Schuffert, another fed snitch and useful idiot. White has also made death threats against Janet. To date, law enforcement has done absolutely nothing to stop this criminal.

Exhibit 3) Testimony of Janet Phelan re violation of restraining order by Tim White.

"According to my sources, Tim White was arrested about two weeks ago by the Denver Police Department on violating a permanent restraining order issued by Doreen Bishop. White made bail, and the arrest has since been expunged on federal orders. There will therefore be no hearing for White on this matter.

In addition, another woman, also a reporter, attempted to obtain a TRO against White yesterday, in a Florida court. White had purportedly threatened to "hang her up by her tits." The Judge, apparently also under orders, refused to grant that restraining order.

I placed a call yesterday to Mark Hostlaw, Division 5 of Denver FBI. He returned the call this morning, and said he was quite aware of Timothy White, had spoken with him on numerous occasions, and that the conversations revolved around White offering information to Hostlaw.

Janet Phelan"

Exhibit 4) E-mail from "Tim Hall" (real name Daryl Sturgis) and Tim White: "death threat" against Barbara Hartwell.

[From: "tmhall" To: Barbara Hartwell. Monday, August 13, 2001. Subject: Information on Jeffery w. Swedenburg

"Ms. Hartwell:

I'm relaying a very important message from a associate of mine concerning a person whom you may have been in contact with recently. Name: 'Jeffery Wayne Swedenburg'.

My associate has important information concerning your 'cause' and requests your time in this matter for a contact.

Pls contact: T. White @ 303-722 9750

We believe you have the right and earned that right to know more about your cause and stand.


Barbara Hartwell's response to "Tim Hall" (August 15, 2001)

I do not not who you are or precisely what this is in reference to. Re the person whose name you mention, I do recognize the name but I have not had any contact with this individual. If you have info which you feel it is important for me to know, I would appreciate it if you could give me something more specific so that I may have some idea of whether it is important enough for me to contact you re this matter.

Under normal circumstances I do not make phone contact with strangers unless I have reason to believe the matter in question is urgent. If you are in fact acting in what you believe to be my best interests, then please give me some indication of that in response to this e-mail; as well as furnishing info re your bona fides. I will then be able to make a decision re phone contact.
Thank you. 
I personally investigated this death threat, which turned out to be completely bogus. It was just another lie designed to cause trauma, stress and disruption in the life of Barbara Hartwell; and in an attempt to set up another innocent person, Jeff Swedenburg.

Tim White is an unrepentant criminal. His many targets all want to see justice done. We want to stop the stalking, the libel, the harassment and the death threats.

A message to law enforcement, nationwide and in Canada:

Do your job. Enforce the law. Arrest this perp and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law for his many crimes against persons.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 3, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A True (But-Stranger-than-Fiction) Crime Case: Tim White, the Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist


Unbelievable as it would seem, Tim White is still on the loose...harassing, stalking, threatening the lives of targets. His libel and slander of targets is more prolific than ever, and may be found on numerous message boards and websites all over the World Wide Web.

In fact, White has more accomplices than ever before: those who support and/or defend and/or promote him (including his libelous and defamatory writings and malicious lies, some of which are disseminated as gossip and slander); and/or are using him to do their dirty work in targeting legitimate whistleblowers and journalists.

Some of the accomplices of Timothy Patrick White (only a partial list): Ken Adachi; Pam Schuffert; Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Todd Brendan Fahey; Brenda Negri; Larry Lawson; Charles Bruce Stewart; "Xena Carpenter" (identity unknown); Francine Kelly; James Rothstein; Mark Hostlaw; Marilyn Guinnane; Don Nicoloff; Craig Oxley; Eric Phelps; Aaron James.

For those who may have been reading the outrageous lies disseminated by White and his cohorts, but who have yet to learn the real story, the unvarnished truth about Timothy Patrick White, here it is. This comprehensive summary was written in 2003.

(Make sure you have a barf bag at'll need it!)

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 1, 2009

From The Hartwell Files, 2003


He deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.

Proverbs 6:14-19

I first learned of a very strange and sinister character named Tim White in August 2001. Mr. White is a study in aberrant psychology and sexual perversion. He is also a convicted felon, now on probation in Denver Colorado.

But White's REAL claim to notoriety is promoting outlandish conspiracy theories.

In accordance with these conspiracy theories, White adamantly claims that I still work for CIA; that I have been deployed to spy on him --and that the Agency has deemed him a threat to "National Security". As a result of his bizarre beliefs, Mr. White has targeted me for criminal harassment; libel; slander; and even death threats, for all of which I have documented evidence and numerous witnesses.

My reason for writing this report is that I am damn sick and tired of this criminal pervert and his interference in my personal and professional business. I have done nothing whatsoever of a wrongful or unlawful nature that could possibly justify Tim White's continuous malicious harassment of me. I am no longer working for CIA. And any well informed and reasonable person would be hard pressed to understand why on earth CIA would waste its time or resources to deploy a high-level operative (such as the one I used to be) to target an inconsequential amateur like White.

In fact, White does not know me and has never met me. But due to the serious damages I have incurred, resulting from White's strange fixation on me, I have every intention of putting Mr. White and his co-conspirators out of business --at least out of the business of harassing me, my friends, professional colleagues and family members.

As all of us who have been targeted by him agree, Mr. White is a man who needs to learn to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS and to respect the personal boundaries of others. If he wants to promote his wild conspiracy theories, fine --as long as he does so without invading the privacy of innocent people. But apparently he will have to learn the hard way. 

Because I have no doubt there will be some very unpleasant consequences for his relentless, unconscionable interference and his meddling in situations which are NONE of his business. It's called CRIMINAL HARASSMENT and I intend to see to it that Mr. White is prosecuted for his crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

If Mr. White feels it necessary to take on CIA, because he is deluded into believing they are out to get him, then perhaps he should seek treatment for his mental illness. But one way or another, I will make it my business to get him off MY case.

Tim White (unfortunately for those of us he has targeted for harassment) is now on the Internet. So recently a new dimension has been added to his harassment of me, my family, friends and colleagues: White is now writing and publishing outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, in the form of libelous disinformation, which is being posted on various websites and message boards.


Some of Mr. White's cowardly, unscrupulous cohorts, all of whom are pathological liars and sowers of discord, just like White, need to be named here as well. They have joined forces with White with the malicious intent to continue their libel, slander and criminal harassment campaign against myself and others.

All of these individuals, at one time or another, have endorsed Tim White; his character and his so-called "credibility". They have also aided and abetted his criminal activities by providing a platform, a public forum for Mr. White to promote his libel and slander of those whom White has targeted.

Read will soon see precisely the type of immoral and criminal activities for which these individuals have given their support and endorsement; and for which they have expressed their wholehearted approval.

For quick reference here are the names of some of White's co-conspirators.

Brenda M. Negri: Los Angeles, CA
Larry Lawson: Indiana
Shirley Anderson: North Dakota
Charles Bruce Stewart: Oregon
Ted L. Gunderson: Las Vegas, Nevada

Remember these names: You will be seeing them again, later in this report and in future reports which will give more detail about these unsavory characters; their involvement with Tim White and their criminal harassment of myself and others. In this particular report however, the focus will remain squarely on Tim White.

Before I get into the truly bizarre circumstances of my introduction to Tim White, here are some facts which will tell you a little about who he is and some of what he has been involved in.


Since I have right here in front of me some hardcopy documents from government agencies in Denver, Colorado, I may as well start by quoting directly from one of the reports. As I always say, there's nothing like hard evidence from government documents to establish the veracity of a case.

Document: Denver Sheriff Department, Temporary Restraining Order Information

Defendant: Timothy Patrick White
D.O.B. 5-3-47
Race: White
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175
Hair: Grey with pony tail
Eyes: Blue
Other distinguishing marks: Facial pox and body scars
Defendant has outstanding warrants: On Probation
Defendant may have weapons on him or at premises
Defendant uses drugs
Other Information: Cross dresses & looks like female sometimes

A copy of this report from the Sheriff Department, along with other documents, was given to me by the plaintiff, Doreen Bishop of Denver Colorado, who was granted a restraining order against White in July 2002, after being stalked, harassed and repeatedly threatened by Tim White.

Tim White is a transvestite; a sexual pervert; a collector of pornography (including child pornography); a large wardrobe of sleazy women's clothing, the type of attire worn by female prostitutes; and sex gadgets.

He is also a convicted felon (now deemed by the legal system a "predicate felon").

White was arrested in August 2001 and convicted of drug possession/trafficking.


After his arrest, the police found a back room in the warehouse where he was living, which was chock-full of all the vile pornographic paraphernalia I have described. The most incriminating evidence found was a collection of magazines to which White had a subscription. The name of the magazine was "J.I.C." In this loathsome publication are pornographic pictures of children. A sort of I.D. number is attached to each child's picture; as well as ads stating that subscribers can order up these children by number as prostitutes!

Child pornography and prostitution are felonies. In my opinion, these are also crimes against nature, against God and humanity. The fact that Mr. White would actually subscribe to such a publication and the fact that he is a collector of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY speaks volumes about White's particularly malignant form of psychopathology; as well as the loathsome nature of his character. Mr. White, it is clear from this evidence alone, is the lowest scum of the earth. Tim White claims to be a "born again Christian". But these are the type of "Christian" morals I think we would all be better off without.


Now let's hear what one of White's staunch defenders and supporters, Charles Bruce Stewart, founder of The Christian Common Law organization in Oregon, has to say about Tim White. This statement was published by Larry Lawson, another alleged "Christian Patriot" and weird conspiracy theorist, on his Larry Lawson News yahoo message board.

Charles Bruce Stewart wrote:

"Pamela & Will Gaston are long time & Heroic Family-Rights & Juridicial-Accountability Activists. The same goes for Shriley Anderson, Tim White, & Larry Lawson; who have all recently done cutting-edge work in exposing CIA-MK-Ultra Mind-Control Puppet & False-Patriot Barbra Hartwerll. Leonard Hendrson has done much "behind the scenes" work to promote these & other Family Rights Activists, by doing web-page & other work for them.
cbs ... "

The fact that Charles Stewart is a pompous windbag (who definitely needs some help with his spelling) and an ignoramus who consistently writes and speaks about issues of which he knows nothing, has been made evident by the many fallacious comments he has written about Barbara Hartwell and others (such as my friend and professional colleague ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee) whom he has targeted for his inane rantings. (Stewart's libelous writings will be addressed in detail in an upcoming report.)

But Stewart's foolishness and ignorance notwithstanding, the readers of his nonsense might want to consider that Stewart's ideas of "Family Rights Activism" and "Judicial Accountability" are strange ones indeed.

Stewart deems Tim White (a user of pornography; drugs and, at the very least, an ENABLER of the abuse and exploitation of children by his financial support of subscribing to child pornography; and a crime to be in possession of such) to be a "heroic" activist.


If THIS is "heroism" in Mr. Stewart's book, I have to wonder what he's been smoking. Or maybe it's just a simple case of stupidity. And although I don't know Pamela and Will Gaston personally, I will say that based on their writings, they seem to be sincere and legitimate people; patriots and defenders of the Constitution. In fact, I have posted some of their articles on my website.

I will not presume to speak for the Gastons. However, I doubt that if they knew the TRUTH about Tim White, that they would appreciate being placed in the same category with White, as per Mr. Stewart's assessment, in his unqualified endorsement of Tim White's character and activities .

Apparently, based only on his malice toward me, Stewart would jump at the chance to promote ANYONE who would attempt to discredit Barbara Hartwell, regardless of their character flaws and/or psychopathology and to label such individuals as Tim White, Shirley Anderson and Larry Lawson "heroic" --if only because these misguided individuals have teamed up in their libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell. Shame on you, Mr. Stewart.


But anyway, back to the evidence of Tim White's criminal activities. Despite finding this evidence that White is a subscriber to a criminal publication containing child pornography, he was never charged by the police with this offense. And as you read on, you will see other such evidence that law enforcement officials involved in this case allowed White to continue some of his criminal activities with impunity, including his stalking of Denver resident Doreen Bishop and phone harassment of a number of other individuals, including Barbara Hartwell.

After his conviction on the drug bust, White was incarcerated in more than one penal institution, one of which was a psychiatric facility.

In mid August 2001, one day before the arrest, I was contacted by an associate of Mr. White, who was using the pseudonym "Tim Hall". I did not know Mr. Hall at the time of his first contact with me. Mr. Hall had sent me an e-mail message, explaining that an "associate" of his, a man named Tim White of Denver, had "important information" for me.

As I later learned, Hall's real name is Daryl Sturgis; Tim Hall aka Daryl Sturgis is retired from 22 years military service; Special Forces, Army Rangers; C.I.D. and was utilized as a Manchurian Candidate assassin in Operation Phoenix under the command of General John K. Singlaub. I know this because I eventually debriefed Daryl Sturgis myself, although he was using the name Tim Hall at the time.

(Note: I was utilized by CIA in Psychological Operations; trained in psychological profiling and in debriefing of military and intelligence personnel.)

I also learned from several reliable witnesses that Tim White had been carrying and using false identification for this same Daryl Sturgis, along with a picture of himself (Tim White) attached to the I.D., replacing the picture of Sturgis. The I.D. came from the U.S. Army, where Daryl Sturgis had served, including during the Vietnam era. Tim White may have served in another branch of the military, but never in the U.S. Army.

But back to the "important information" which Hall said White had for me. It turned out to be a pack of lies, which Tim White, in collusion with others, had apparently been spreading around for quite some time before he attempted to contact me: That a man named Jeff Swedenburg had threatened to kill Barbara Hartwell; and that Swedenburg was a contract agent (assassin) for CIA.

In fact, I had heard the same story earlier that year (2001) from two other individuals named Kurt and Lee Ann Billings. But as I later learned, the entire story was false: Jeff Swedenburg is NOT a "CIA assassin" as claimed by the Billings and by Tim White. Nor did he have any intention of harming me, much less had he threatened to kill me.

I know this because I investigated Swedenburg myself and actually confronted him with this fallacious story, shortly after it was relayed by Tim White, by asking Jeff if he in fact had any business with me. I subsequently became friends with Jeff and even came to trust him with my life; as evidenced by the fact that he served as my bodyguard on a trip around the country last summer. Ironic, to say the least, after all the lies told about Jeff by Tim White and others.

Would I trust a "CIA assassin" who had threatened to kill me, with my life? Not likely, especially since I've known a few CIA assassins in the course of my dealings with the Agency.

In early 2002, Tim White was placed on probation and released from prison. By that time I had written several articles about the bogus death threat, and the criminal conspiracy which spawned it, some of which named Tim White as a primary source for this false information about Jeff Swedenburg, and which outlined White's ties to several corrupt current and former law-enforcement persons, including Denver Sheriff Department officials Tom Fischer and Lloyd Swint; FBI agent Mark Hostlaw and retired FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge, Ted L. Gunderson.

Gunderson (originally from the Denver area) had been a professional associate and friend of mine between 1997 and 2000. I broke off my association with Gunderson in 2000, due to serious disagreements and irreconcilable differences, when I learned that he was involved in COINTELPRO-style operations which certainly did not have my best interests at heart. I later got hold of documents, evidence of Tim White's illegal dealings with Gunderson, which came from the files of Stew Webb.

I had never had any direct contact with Tim White; not even by e-mail or phone. But shortly after White's release from prison he began to make phone calls to associates of mine, claiming that it was a matter of utmost urgency that he be put in contact with me.

Given the false information of the "death threat" being spread about by White; his dealings with corrupt law enforcement officials in Denver who had targeted me personally for persecution; and due to what I had learned about White from my own investigations and from people I deemed credible witnesses, I wanted nothing to do with him. But White was persistent, and kept pestering my associates to get me to call him. My associates described him as a real nuisance, citing him also as a "nutcase". Some even begged me to talk to him, if only to get him off their backs.

Finally, I decided to talk to White, if only because he kept insisting that the information I had written about him was FALSE. I thought it would be only fair to hear his side of the story and give him the benefit of the doubt. This is precisley what I told Tim White when I first agreed to speak with him.

But as I soon realized, talking to White --and especially giving him my unlisted phone number-- was a big mistake. I had a few phone conversations with White, in which he explained to me that he wanted me to publish THE TRUTH about him, and retract all of what he called "the lies" and "slander" in my articles.

But clearly, Tim White had another agenda, one which certainly did not involve THE TRUTH. His agenda became clear when instead of addressing the issues, he immediately began to fill my ears with slanderous stories about Jeff Swedenburg; Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb; Iran Contra Whistleblower and ex-ONI officer Al Martin and others, all of whom I was in contact with on a regular basis and all of whom had been instrumental in furnishing information and testimony for my investigations.

I explained to White that I was NOT required to be a PR agent for him, and that I had no reason to believe the slanderous stories he told me about these individuals. Mr. White had NO credentials, NO bona fides that he could offer in support of his credibility. He offered NO facts which could be substantiated; NO evidence...only the slanderous stories he repeatedly told, all of which I know to be lies, told with malicious intent by Mr. White, in what was clearly a desperate attempt to bolster his own credibility and cover up the criminal activities of corrupt government officials, at the expense of the individuals he was slandering.

As far as I could see, Tim White was nothing more than a delusional 'wannabe', a rank amateur; and would-be sleuth, who attempted to form associations with legitimate whistleblowers and survivors of gov't black operations; a sort of male version of Brenda Negri. He actually envied those of us such as myself and Jeff Swedenburg, who are legitimate survivors of black operations. But as any one of us with a REAL background can attest, no one in his right mind would ever ENVY having been involved in the world of horror, death and dirty dealings which comprises these covert operations.

As I heard from more than one witness, just like his cohort Brenda Negri, Tim White desperately wanted to be a "player"; but over the course of time, found himself in way over his head, which eventually led to his arrest and to making some kind of "deal" with corrupt government officials whose only purpose was to exploit him: to send him out to scavenge information and then inform on his friends and associates. In other words, a government dupe; a stooge; a low-level fed snitch.

In fact, Tim White admitted to talk show host Dennis Bossack, who sponsors my weekly program on DNA Live Radio, that he had "made a deal" with the Feds after his arrest, and explained that he "had no choice" in the matter. White was also harassing Bossack by phone, in attempts to discredit myself and other legitimate whistleblowers, whose activism was exposing corrupt law enforcement and intelligence operations in Denver and elsewhere.

The first time I talked to Tim White, I had asked him to send me his testimony in writing, addressing those statements made in my written reports with which he took issue. I explained that the best I could do for him was to publish some of his testimony in his own words; and that I could not be expected to endorse HIS version of events, as his story was in serious conflict with the truth as I knew it; as I had investigated it; and as it had been related to me by credible witnesses and trustworthy sources.

I am a professional investigative journalist. When I write my articles, I deal with facts; solid evidence and the testimony of credible witnesses; NOT with wild speculation; bizarre conspiracy theories and malicious gossip of the type that White was relating to me.

White never sent me the written material I requested. But he soon started harassing me by telephone at all hours of the day and night, demanding that I remove the articles containing his name from my website. He left long-winded messages on my answering machine, mostly abusive tirades and hysterical ranting about Jeff Swedenburg, Stew Webb, Al Martin and others.

White then threatened to sue me for libel; he escalated his harassment by calling me abusive and obscene names; said he KNEW I still worked for CIA; that I was "protecting" Jeff Swedenburg, whom he referred to at different times as my "buddy" or "sweetheart", as well as "that scumbag" and other epithets. White also claimed that he KNEW I had a "long history" with Swedenburg, connected to CIA, and that we were both being "protected" by "The Fourth Reich".

But White knew NOTHING about me which was REAL or TRUE. By this time, it was clear to me that White was clinically paranoid; delusional or both. In point of fact, I had never even MET Jeff Swedenburg until January of 2002 when I made a trip to Denver in connection with my investigation of the death threats and criminal conspiracy by corrupt law enforcement and intelligence personnel. My first contact with Jeff, by e-mail, was in September 2001. So much for Tim White's conspiracy theory of my "long history" with Jeff Swedenburg.......

As for CIA, I removed myself from their operations, ONCE AND FOR ALL in 1994. And if there is a "Fourth Reich", I can't imagine why they would want to "protect" me, since I stand against fascism and am a staunch defender of the Constitution. And I know the same to be true of Jeff Swedenburg, who by the way, NEVER worked for CIA.

These numerous ranting, harassing messages from White were left on my answering machine, all of which I saved on tape. After the first few phone conversations, and when he failed to send me his written testimony, as promised, I refused to speak to him again.

Although Tim White's bizarre conspiracy theories, especially about Barbara Hartwell, are laughable to say the least, I certainly am NOT amused by his relentless harassment. Nor was my son, Keith Maximilian Hartwell, who also heard some of White's bizarre comments and obscene insults about his mother. After hearing some of White's rantings on the answering machine, my son said that "this nutcase from Colorado" had better hope never to run into K.M. Hartwell, as this "sleazebag" would take serious consequences for his criminal harassment. My son is twenty seven years old; six foot one; built like a tank; trained in martial arts....and has ZERO tolerance for anyone who would threaten his mother.

Be that as it may, Keith is just one of several witnesses willing to testify to Tim White's unconscionable and criminal harassment of me.

At one point, I asked a friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent; former prosecutor and judge; Vietnam vet and attorney (licensed in the state of Texas) Geral Sosbee to make a call to White to warn him to cease and desist from his harassing phone calls to me. Geral made the call as a friend and advocate on my behalf, NOT as my attorney. Tim White disregarded the warning and then actually began to harass Geral, as he had done to many others. Nor did the warning stop White's harassing calls to me.

And so it went, with telephone harassment by Tim White escalating on a weekly basis. But I was not the only one being harassed by White. A number of other witnesses testified to the fact that White was also making harassing telephone calls to them. Included in White's targets for harassment were Al Martin; Stew Webb; Jeff Swedenburg; Doreen Bishop; Rayelan Allan; ex-military (retired from DoD) Jon Morrow; and others who wish to remain anonymous. These people ALL told me that they were actually thinking of changing their phone numbers, because it seemed the ONLY way to stop the harassment from Tim White. I too considered changing my phone number and in fact I plan to do so, since White also gave out my number to several of his nutcase cohorts.

When I called a Mr. Scott Pendergast, White's Probation Officer in Denver, to report the harassment, which was also a violation of the terms of White's probation, I never received a return call. Several others who had tried to make formal complaints against White also received the same treatment: Their calls were not returned and their complaints were simply ignored. And I had to ask myself, as had others: Why?


In the spring of 2002, I got a phone call from Doreen Bishop. This was the first contact I had with Doreen, though I had come across her name in my investigations, in connection with the infamous Mr. White. I was also familiar with some of Doreen's personal history. She had been one of the 'Mousketeers' from Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club; I'd heard of her activism as a lobbyist for medical marijuana; and her involvement with certain politicians and financiers, such as former Denver mayor Gale Norton; mind-controlled actor and propagandist for the NWO, Woody Harrelson; and notorious NWO/ shadow government player George Soros.

Doreen explained that she had a brief sexual relationship with Tim White, but after he was arrested, she said she broke off the affair.

When White was released from prison, he began to stalk Doreen, though she had told him the relationship was over and she wanted nothing more to do with him. Doreen called me on the advice of Al Martin, who told her he thought I might be willing to help her, as he knew I had investigated some of the criminal activities of Tim White in connection with the death threats and White's harassment of me personally.

When I heard Doreen's story, I felt sorry for her, as she was clearly distraught; intimidated by White; and was frightened by his stalking and phone harassment. So I told her I would further investigate the case and help in any way I could. I even spoke to Doreen's attorney, a Mr. Warren Edson, who told me that he was baffled by the fact that the police were NOT doing their job in protecting Doreen from White.

As it happened, Doreen Bishop was later hospitalized after suffering a stroke in the spring of 2002, and as she told me she believed, the stroke may well have been a result of the extreme stress of the unrelenting harassment by Tim White.

Those who have been harassed by White can testify that the numerous abusive phone calls are enough to raise anyone's blood pressure and cause stress-related damage, especially if one suffers from chronic illness which can be exacerbated by stress, as was certainly the case with Doreen Bishop.

Doreen told me in phone conversations that White was not only making harassing phone calls daily, but would often show up at her door, demanding to be let in. I asked Doreen if she had called the police to have him removed. She said that she had called the police numerous times, but that they never made an arrest. By the time the cops showed up, White was usually gone, and the police, instead of enforcing the law and protecting Doreen from further stalking, just told her not to worry and said White was "harmless". As if White were a fly to be merely shooed away.....

Once again, it appeared that Tim White was actually being protected by the police. But why? Why would a predicate felon; on probation; engaged in stalking and harassment of a woman, be allowed to continue his activities with impunity, never suffering the legal consequences of his criminal actions?

Why wasn't White arrested?

Why was he not sent back to jail for violations of probation?

Doreen also told me that White showed up at her house in different rental cars, all late model vehicles. Who was footing the bill for these rental cars? When White came out of prison, he had no job; no money; not even a place to live, as he had been evicted from the warehouse after the arrest.

For that matter, who was paying for White's enormous phone bills? How did Tim White manage to make numerous hours-long phone calls from Denver, to locations around the country, while being unemployed and having no legitimate source of income?

But it gets worse, much worse.....

I had previously advised Doreen to call the police station and demand to speak to the watch commander or the highest authority in charge. I told her to INSIST that the officers sent out on these calls, when White was stalking Doreen at her home, DO THEIR JOB, and arrest White for stalking and criminal harassment. Still, despite her insistence on being protected from White; despite numerous incidents of stalking in which White showed up to terrorize Doreen at her home, NOTHING was ever done to apprehend White nor to protect Doreen Bishop.

One morning I got a phone call from Doreen. She was crying, telling me that White's car had just pulled up across the street and that White was heading for the door of her house. I told Doreen to call the police right away and to call me back to let me know what happened, that I would act as her witness. Doreen said she called me because she had gotten no results whatsoever from the police. Being 2,000 miles away, there was little I could do. But evidently, being a witness was effective in this case, given the fact the my phone lines had been under illegal surveillance for quite some time by the same corrupt Feds who were using Tim White as their little snitch and dupe.

What happened was this: White came up to the door and began banging to be let in. Doreen did not open the door. White then made a threat against Doreen and also against myself, shouting through the door, calling me "Hartwell, that CIA bitch !" and threatening my life, claiming that CIA had sent me to "take him down" but that he would "take out that bitch" himself. White blamed me for his problems with Doreen and accused me of a multitude of sins. He also referred to himself as "The Rhino" and "The Phantom"....perhaps assigning himself code names to enhance his delusions of being some kind of government operative?

This time, no police car showed up at Doreen's house. Instead, Doreen saw a white unmarked car with government plates pull up across the street, shortly after she got off the phone with me. Seeing the car, White fled the scene, jumped into his car and peeled out of the street. The government car followed in hot pursuit.

Does it sound like there is something wrong with this picture?

But wait, there's more.....

Tim White had also tried to extort money from Stew Webb, as White had been storing some boxes of documents belonging to Stew at the warehouse where White was living before his arrest. Two men, Daryl Sturgis (aka Tim Hall) and Mike Floyd were asked by White to retrieve the documents and other possessions from the warehouse after his arrest.

These men both told me that is when they had found the back room in White's living quarters, filled with all the pornographic paraphernalia --a room White had not allowed anyone to enter when he had in the past been holding meetings for "patriots" at his home. Hall and Floyd said that instead of saving the pornographic materials, as per White's request about all his belongings, they threw some of it in dumpsters and burned the rest. I can't say I blame them. Having a loathing of pornography, I would have done the same thing.

The documents being stored by White for Stew Webb comprised evidence for a Grand Jury Investigation into government corruption; money laundering and CIA illegal covert operations, filed by Stew Webb, in which I was to be one of the witnesses. Much of the incriminating evidence implicated ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson, who, along with his sidekick Doug Millar, had been using White as one of his snitches and dupes in his COINTELPRO-style operations.

One of the men, Mike Floyd, later had an attempt made on his life because someone apparently thought he had possession of the incriminating documents. His truck was pushed over the side of a mountain road and he was beaten and left unconscious. He was rescued by a motorist and taken to the hospital in critical condition. I have interviewed Mike by phone many times and in person twice, when I made trips to Denver in 2002. I saw the scars on his face from the car crash and beatings.

The other man, Daryl Sturgis aka Tim Hall, eventually made a deal with the Feds, after they started harassing him; tapping his phones; and after agents from the FBI and DOJ questioned him and actually threatened ME, using Sturgis as a conduit.

They had tapped all my phone conversations with Sturgis over a period of months, and they showed up on more than one occasion outside his house, telling him that they had heard our entire phone conversations from a surveillance van down the road. On one such visit, they demanded that Sturgis turn over the documents ( those belonging to Stew Webb and retrieved from White's home).

The Feds had no search warrant. They flashed badges and guns and Sturgis folded and turned over the documents. Talk about illegal search and seizure!...but Sturgis was intimidated and cooperated on his own accord.

The Feds told Sturgis, after he had betrayed me; his country and the Constitution, that that were going to "bring the roof down" on Barbara Hartwell, a message relayed to me from these corrupt government officials by Sturgis.

I told Sturgis to tell these liars and cowards that if they had business with me they could come to me and state their business directly....otherwise they could go to hell. I am engaged in no illegal activites. I am a law abiding citizen and defender of the Constitution. The fact that I exposed corruption coming out of CIA black operations, which I had personally witnessed and experienced, was my only "crime".

During this time, Tim White was still in prison. It was after he was released that he began his harassment campaign against Barbara Hartwell in earnest.

But why me? To this day, I have never met Tim White. I had never heard of him until August 2001, when he started promoting the lie that my life was under threat from Jeff Swedenburg.

Why did Tim White target me?

I think the answer to that question is by now fairly obvious. Tim White was ---and is-- acting on orders from someone else. And that someone would have to be acting as a sponsor of Tim White; providing financial support and protection for White. Otherwise, how could he possibly have the wherewithal; the means to fund his criminal activities? And otherwise, how could he possibly get away with these criminal violations? Not once, but repeatedly.

Stalking; harassing phone calls; attempted extortion; drug abuse; child pornography...the list goes on and on.

And who are the other targets of White's harassment, slander and outrageous conspiracy theories? In fact, all of us whom White has targeted are whistleblowers; survivors of government black operations; former military, law enforcement and intelligence personnel, ALL working to expose government corruption and illegal domestic and foreign covert operations.


There is a lot more to this story, as I'm sure anyone reading it may imagine. But for now, I will skip ahead to the present time (2003). Over the course of the past few months, Tim White has made contact with, and teamed up with, several other unscrupulous individuals: Brenda Negri; Shirley Anderson; Larry Lawson; and Charles Bruce Stewart.

The purpose of their ad hoc alliance? To collude and conspire to do more damage to Barbara Hartwell and my friends, family and professional associates.

All of these individuals are rank amateurs. None of them have any background whatsoever in intelligence work or law enforcement. None of them are professionals in any field. None are investigators or journalists. As far as I can see, all of them are uneducated, at least judging from their poor writing skills and dearth of knowledge about government operations.

But they do have commonalities. They are all loud and vulgar. They all seem to have double-digit IQs. They are all ignorant. They are all intrusive and totally lacking in respect for the personal boundaries of others. They all love to hear themselves talk, but despite their loud-mouthed rantings, they have nothing to say --at least nothing that any intelligent person would be interested in hearing.

Here is an example of the type of comments written by one of these penny-ante provocateurs, a government dupe named Brenda Negri, one of Tim White's supporters. White is the anonymous 'source' to which Negri claims to have a "direct line".

Written by Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick:

"We have a direct line to someone who has all the goods on Doreen Bishop and her cronies and how they tie into the NWO. This source has all the dirt on Al Martin and Stew Webb and Blabs Wackenslut Hartwell and Rayelan. They've been feeding us a lot of good stuff and we'll be dropping it up here as time goes by. Meanwhile Dorothy, where's Toto?"

Well, I have to admit, Negri and White are two peas in a pod. And the only "goods" they have on anyone are the delusional fantasies they dream up in their little pea-sized brains.

And now, to wrap up, one last quote by Larry Lawson, another of Tim White's supporters, who had White as a guest on his radio show, along with another sleazy nutcase, Shirley Anderson, for the express purpose of slandering Barbara Hartwell.

Larry Lawson wrote the following about me, in response to CIA black ops survior Duncan O'Finioan:

"Your 'sister' [Barbara Hartwell] thinks people who support and coddle QUEERS are 'reasonable' eh? STRANGE 'family' you got there dude. I don't want any part of it. Don't trip on that rope!"

I have no idea what Lawson is talking about here in reference to "coddling queers". I certainly have nothing against homosexuals; neither do I promote nor support their lifestyle. However, although he makes it clear he doesn't like "queers" it is CRYSTAL CLEAR that Tim White, a transvestite and child-pornography freak, is A-OK in Lawson's book! As far as I can tell, Lawson, White and the rest of their cohorts, Charles Stewart, Brenda Negri and Shirley Anderson, are the REALLY STRANGE ones.

So please folks, when you read the libelous rantings of Tim White, dubbed by Al Martin as The Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist, take it all with a BUSHEL of salt, and most important.......


Barbara Hartwell
May 5, 2003