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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Truth & Justice: Who Will Stand & at What Cost?


"I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for, or against."

Malcolm X

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."   


"...And what they want - if you look at what they want - they want a one world government - a New World Order - with Satan in charge. Period. That's the goal."

Dr. Kent Hovind, Creation Science Evangelist, political prisoner

And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?

Samuel 17:29


When you've been targeted for neutralization by the U.S. Government and their demonic minions, you will experience a range of tactics on a spectrum from the ludicrous to the life-threatening. A high-profile Target, especially a bona fide government whistleblower formerly employed by the intelligence services, will receive very special attention. Guaran-damn-teed, there will be retaliation for exposing government crimes and corruption, for standing up for the truth.

Instrumental in the campaign against the whistleblower will be high drama in which persons surrounding the Target will be drawn into the operation, usually as unwitting participants and dupes, and often the Target will be abandoned and/or betrayed, due to pressure applied, intimidation tactics, threats delivered, or lies told to friends, colleagues and family by the perps of the operation.

Outside agitators will be planted in the Target's life. The Target's name will be scandalized; slanderous gossip will run rampant and busybodies will happily take their part in the drama, getting a vicarious thrill from the cloak-and-dagger intrigue, oblivious to the fact that they are mere pawns in a game, orchestrated by criminals who are not constrained by any form of morality or common decency, who break the law with impunity—and then find a way to attribute blame to the Target.

The objective of the perpetrators of such a campaign is literally to destroy the Target. To drive the Target to financial destitution. To intrude into every area of the Target's life. To libel/slander the Target with outrageous falsehoods; to spread black propaganda; to assassinate the Target's character, to impugn his sanity, to defame his good name. To infiltrate and/or dismantle any support systems (friends, family, professional colleagues, fellowship at church, etc. etc.) he may have, to make him a social outcast, a pariah, always a suspect. A person who is blacklisted and ostracized wherever he goes.

His possessions will be stolen or destroyed. Cars and computers, especially, are considered essential items of which the Target should be deprived. Among the primary goals is to drive the Target to homelessness. The perps will use any and all means available to them (and they have immense resources upon which to draw) to achieve this end. If the Target has a secure home (especially one he owns) it is far more difficult for the operation --which aims for total destruction of the Target's life-- to succeed.

Although such a scenario may be hard for most people to comprehend, there is indeed a conspiracy against the Target, engineered and perpetrated by what I can only describe as a 'satanic network', operating throughout the world, and in particular (for the purposes of this report) inside the institutions of the United States of America.

Now, just a small bit of hellfire and brimstone, from the 'Preacher Woman' (as a friend of mine, also former CIA, used to call me, not altogether tongue-in-cheek):

Satan was a liar from the beginning, and the father of lies; a false accuser, a merchant of false hope, a promoter of the doctrines of deception, a sower of discord, a destroyer of lives. Yes, it's the devil and his minions, as my experiences of many years have shown me, beyond any doubt. Being a devout Christian, an ordained minister, I will preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature. But I don't expect everyone (or even anyone) to believe as I do, nor will I ever attempt to force my beliefs on others. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that the same respect I show for the rights of others to believe as they will has not been reciprocated.

Be that as it may, I do expect that intelligent, discerning persons will be able to recognize evil when they see it, no matter their religious/spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof. Evil is evil, no matter the source ascribed to it.

Who are the conspirators? They are lurking among the elected and appointed officials; they are strutting among the movers and shakers of political parties and PACS; they are hiding in plain sight among the police, the judges, and others who hold positions of public influence and authority.

The government of the united States of America has been overthrown, not by outside entities, not by some foreign “evil empire”, but by the enemy within the gates. The same enemy which is trying to sell us out to the U.N., to globalist totalitarianism under the New World Order.

This report documents a particularly terrible time in my life, during which I was uprooted from two homes, the first of which I owned, but was forced to sell in 2010 (after living there for seven years), and the second a rental which I was forced to leave (after three years), in both cases due to relentless persecution and dire poverty engineered by various evildoers within the government.

The losses of these homes were only the latest in a pattern of being uprooted, and forced to move from place to place, never having a stable, permanent home, never being able to settle anywhere without the overhanging threat of expulsion.

In 1994, the year I finally managed to fight my way out of CIA, once and for all, I was forced out of my home, at that time a beach house in Milford, CT, on Long Island Sound. The harassment at that time was intense: black helicopters hovering over my house, “escorting” me to my car as soon as I walked out the door; a changing fleet of white surveillance vans parked outside, and sometimes blocking the driveway. There were home invasions (black bag jobs) in which the perps committed thefts (usually of documents), and left "calling cards", in the form of symbolic death threats.

From there, the perps arranged it so that I would end up spending more than two years in motels, under unofficial “house arrest”. I had no transportation most of this time (1994- 1997), a result of the destruction of my vehicles through arranged car crashes. During this time, I was under assault by directed energy weapons, which are far easier to deploy against a Target in a motel, as, unlike a private home, it is open to the public (including government goons.)

The government perps were always on the case, plotting the next upheaval in my life, and made certain to rip apart any small amount of stability or security I might have attained. Most of the personal property I had was sooner or later, one way or another, stolen or destroyed.

And lastly, because, no matter how I tried, I could not find the help and support I needed to prevent the disasters which befell me. There has never been a soul whom I could rely on for any form of material support, or whose concern for my well-being was a true priority. (Note the words “priority” and “rely”.)

Friends and family (most of them, anyway) do not understand what is actually happening to the Target. Their general tendency is to misinterpret, or try to minimize the circumstances under which the Target is struggling to survive. All too often, the Target is blamed for circumstances which are in fact far beyond his control. And if the Target refuses to compromise his principles, but sticks to his guns, no matter what, he is likely to be left to stand alone.

As I've made clear repeatedly in my reports, I am not seeking sympathy from my readers. Nor am I seeking any form of assistance, material or otherwise. But it is very important to me that the truth be known; I want it made absolutely clear what the government (via their satanic network) has done to me, my family, friends and professional colleagues. My purpose is to document the truth and the facts for the public record, and as always, it is for information purposes only, and the readers may make of it what they will. 

In 2010 came the loss of my first home in Maine, which was devastating in too many ways to count. I had invested much time, all the resources I had, and my best efforts –my whole heart-- and made many sacrifices, trying to maintain at least a secure home, a sanctuary which no one could take from me, my one greatest strictly personal desire. But in the end, all my efforts were in vain.

To make matters worse, a large part of the libel campaign waged against me consisted of outrageous lies about my home, while I still lived there. In particular, three of the most aggressive demonic characters were responsible for this hideous assault: Todd Brendan Fahey, Timothy Patrick White and Ken Adachi, all minions of the late FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson and his cronies.

These loathsome characters, fueled by their obsessive vendetta, perpetrated monstrous invasions of my privacy by posting my PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address on the Internet, along with photos of my home. They solicited crimes against me, by posting fraudulent notices that I was “accepting donations” at that address, which resulted in criminal trespassing, thousands of $ of thefts on my property, and vandalism by like-minded local yokel lowlifes.

These perps also published lies about the ownership of my home by various persons, libeling them as well, even falsely accusing these individuals of crimes. The false statement that I was “living rent free” in someone else's house was spread all over the Internet, while they falsely accused me of being a liar and “con artist” who was running scams, ripping off the readers of my website.

When my home was put on the market in 2009, the malicious pathological liar, Todd Fahey, sent harassing e-mails to the real estate agent (as he did to many others, anyone he could find who had any connection to Barbara Hartwell), falsely claiming to be a prospective buyer, and trying to extract information, which he thought could be used against Barbara Hartwell. Fahey failed, as I had warned the agent beforehand that such things might happen. Other busybodies from hell, such as Pam Schuffert, James F. Marino and Alex Studer, joined in the campaign, adding their moronic comments and sensationalist false accusations against Barbara Hartwell, also libeling others in connection with my name and promoting falsehoods in connection with my home.

Because I had nowhere to go after the sale of my house, I was forced to stay in motels for eight (8) months, simply because no landlord would rent to me.

I had no credit history, no official employment history; as far as the system went, I was only a ghost, whose background could not be 'confirmed or denied', but was left only to speculation. My former involvement in covert operations and deep black programs would also be a stumbling block; no matter if I openly told the truth (which had long been documented for the public record on my website), or kept quiet --either way, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

The extensive and long-running libel/slander campaign waged against Barbara Hartwell (since at least 2000) by corrupt government spooks and goons, and their demonic minions, made it virtually impossible for me to overcome the suspicion and hostility which greeted me everywhere I went. I had no way to prove that the lurid stories prospective landlords had been reading about me online were nothing more than outrageous lies, libelous falsehoods, fabricated for the purpose of defaming and discrediting me, so that I would be (in CIA's terms): isolated, alienated and deprived. And especially, deprived of a stable, secure home.

When I would meet with prospective landlords to view a rental property, it was always with trepidation, in the knowledge that as soon as they put my name in a search engine, they would be assaulted with the screaming sensationalist headlines of the false stories designed to assassinate my character, impugn my integrity and even my sanity. I would be viewed as a liability, or as a danger to everyone who had dealings with me, a risk that most people I encountered were simply not willing to take. (And why should they? That, I understood, frustrating as it was that they believed the lies.)

There are a plethora of examples of the defamatory material against Barbara Hartwell posted on this site. When the legion of malicious liars assault me with their defamation, I expose the liars and refute their false claims with the truth and the facts. I don't have near enough time to deal with every single liar who comes down the pike (over the years, they have numbered in the thousands), but I usually make the time to clear my name, and stand in my own defense, as best I can, with the most aggressive and persistent of them. It is not only a matter of truth, but of principle, and most importantly, justice. I long ago gave up the idea that I would ever get justice through the so-called 'justice system', so I made it a priority to do what I could, on my own behalf, as well as for others similarly targeted for defamation and other forms of persecution.

The truth can survive, in an ocean of lies, but only if there is something to hold onto, to keep it afloat. However, most people who read the defamatory material don't bother to check further to try to establish whether or not there is any truth in the hit pieces. (There is not. Not one of them, these many years, has been based on facts, nor has any evidence ever been presented to substantiate them.)

There is also the fact that my own website is not a 'popular' one with high traffic. Nor do I post my material on any other sites. Once someone reads the odious handiwork of my enemies, who do have high-traffic commercial sites, or access to them, it's usually all over. My chances of finding a rental property were slim to none.

In some cases, I would meet once with a prospective landlord, armed with excellent letters of reference (from “respectable” persons, such as a retired police officer, the Priest from my church, etc., friends who had known me for years), and the interview would end with a verbal agreement/handshake deal.

Then, the hammer would come down with a vengeance. The landlord had put my name in a search engine, and one of two things would happen: 1) When I tried to follow up on the next step, such as signing a lease, I would be told, So sorry, but the rental had been previously “promised” to someone else, such as a relative or family friend, who, at the last minute, had decided to take the property.

Or, 2) I would receive a phone call from the landlord, in a state of high agitation, telling me that he/she could not possibly rent the property to me. One man told me that he did not want to get in the middle of a “battle with the CIA”, and could not possibly take the risk of having “someone like you” as a tenant.

I was accosted with intrusive personal questions about my background, and even about certain persons whose names had been associated with mine on the Internet, relatives and friends --innocent of any wrongdoing, and who had no connection whatsoever to my work as a whistleblower/journalist. Their names had also been defamed by the perps, as 'collateral damage'. Of course, I refused to answer such questions, out of respect for their privacy. And I don't owe anyone an explanation about any area of my personal business; that is not public fare.

Such personal associates of mine were also grievously harmed by the libel/slander campaigns in which I was the primary Target. All for the 'crime' of being associated (by blood, or by friendship) with Barbara Hartwell. In certain cases, my relationships with these individuals were ruined, when I was blamed for the damages to them.

Some people tried to persuade me that I should give up my work and my activism, because, after all, they said, no good could possibly come of it --and just look at all the drawbacks, the risks, the terrible consequences of standing up against the powers that be. Hadn't I already seen enough? Didn't I care about ever having a “normal” life? Of course, I wanted a normal life, free of the relentless harassment and persecution. Who wouldn't? But the truth was, I cared more about living a life with a real and solid purpose, a life which might count for something in service to God. And not the least important to me, I wanted justice. And I wanted to do all in my power to assure that my grandchildren would grow up knowing the true meaning of Liberty. 

Some people, in dishing out their copious unsolicited advice, insisted that I should “soften my approach” --like, not calling the bad guys “government rat bastards” and “scumbags”--which, as I know from vast experience-- is exactly what they are. I call them as I see them; otherwise, what's the point of exposing these despicable reprobates, these demons from the pit of hell.

I was told that I would not get donations because I was too “harsh”, too blunt, too “intolerant”. It was clear that these people actually expected me to be tolerant of evil, to compromise with wrongdoers, just so I could “get by”. I've never believed in coddling wrongdoers, or making excuses for them. I'd had a lifetime of experience dealing with them (CIA is infested with them), and I will have no truck with them, never again. My purpose is to warn others, and do all in my power to put the bad guys out of business.

And, contrary to the beliefs of some people, I don't do the work I do so that I can “get donations”. The very thought is absurd. Even in the days when I did solicit donations from the general public, I made that very clear. Just as I clearly explained in notices on my website:

If someone wanted to send me a donation, no strings attached, no questions asked, because they found value in my work, or simply because they cared, I would gratefully accept it, to be used solely at my own discretion. But unfortunately, some of the donors believed that their material support “bought” them the right to interrogate me about my personal/professional business; to meddle in my affairs; to tell me how I “should” be living my life; how I “should” be using the donations they gave, or to exploit my name. Some believed my friendship or alliance could be bought with their money. Dead wrong, on all counts.

Some harangued me about “compromise”, insisting that everyone must compromise, that it is a necessary part of life. In these efforts to wear me down, I was even falsely accused of having compromised, when in fact I had not.

Not being susceptible to influence or pressure from others, I simply told these busybodies to leave me alone to tend to my business the way I see fit. That I expected them to respect my privacy, my personal boundaries and my fundamental rights, just as I respected theirs. And that if they found an association with me to be too problematic, they could just walk away. (More than a few have done just that, becoming angry with me, thinking me “ungrateful” for their “kindness”, for “all they have done” out of their loudly proclaimed “love”. Respecting the personal boundaries of others was apparently just too much for them to wrap their minds around.)

As for business/professional relationships, I was faced with a brick wall. On several occasions, I tried to hire an attorney. I would meet with him/her for a consultation, and he/she would agree to take the case. Then, only days later, I would receive a call from a secretary in the law firm, telling me some story about why the firm could not take my case after all; and/or a formal letter from the attorney, with some thinly veiled “excuse” why they would have to refer me elsewhere. (I never did find anyone, and had no choice but to do any legal work I needed myself. The results were less than satisfactory.)

My situation reached a crisis level in 2013. After eight long months in 'motel hell', with my possessions in storage (May 2010-November 2010), I had managed to find a rental property in late 2010, with decent landlords (who knew nothing about my background, who had asked no intrusive questions), who liked having me as a tenant, since I always paid the rent on time, and led a quiet life, free of disruptions on their property. But there came a time when I could not afford to stay, due to a sudden and unexpected disaster, where once again my resources were diminished to the point of leaving me facing destitution.

During the entire year of 2013, I was so poverty stricken that I had no money for even the most basic necessities, including food. My telephone/Internet service was shut off several times. I was forced to choose having heat over buying food, and to get what little I could at Christian charities, such as the Salvation Army, who run food pantries for the poor. And though I needed to be under the regular care of a physician, medical care for chronic illnesses and painful disabilities was only a dream; there was nothing I could do but try to bear it.

There came a time when the only person who would help me was the Priest from my church. The church had no resources to speak of, except what they raised for charity for the needy, the poor and the homeless. (People a lot worse off than I.) They didn't even have the money they needed to make repairs to the church.

Fortunately, the Priest knew of my situation and understood that I didn't have family or close friends nearby, and that I was under assault by evildoers, including Nazis and bona fide Satanists (employed by the U.S. Government). He once told me, when I was sitting in his office, weeping tears of outrage over their crimes against me and my family, that “nothing they (CIA) do would surprise me.” And he fully supported me in standing up against them.

[Note: As former CIA, I have an ethical 'duty to warn' anyone with whom I intend to form an association, such as a church or other institution. There is always the possibility that government agents will infiltrate, or try to cause harm to others, simply as a result of my presence. I told the Priest about my background before I joined the church. He didn't blink an eye, but graciously accepted me into the congregation.]

He was kind and supportive, in every possible way. He gave me money for gas, for cat food, for medical supplies when I was injured and couldn't afford to see a doctor, and drove me to doctor's appointments when I could scrape up what I needed to pay for treatment. On more than one occasion, he paid for a plowing service when I was snowed in for days at a time, and literally unable to get out the door without having someone shoveling snow from the outside.

But most valuable of all, he listened. Not trying to comfort me with platitudes (religious or otherwise), nor trying to dissuade me from my vocation. He did not preach (except to the congregation, in the pulpit); he listened, and helped in any way he could, when no one else would.

Those who have never had to live in dire poverty will not understand what that is like. To go hungry, to never know if you will be able to pay the bills, to go without phone service or even electricity; to dread the coming of winter, because you can't afford to heat your house.

By the summer of 2013, when I knew I had no choice but to leave, as I couldn't possibly even pay the rent for more than a few more months –even going without everything else, I simply could not hold on any longer.

But I had nowhere else to go, and no money to pay rent, even if I could find a landlord willing to rent to me, which, considering my previous experiences, seemed unlikely.

Over the years, I had known quite a few people who became government whistleblowers, who like me, had been targeted for neutralization. Nearly all, at some point, were driven to destitution and homelessness. Others were estranged from their families, were divorced by their spouses, were not allowed to see their children or grandchildren. A number of them ended up being wrongfully accused, convicted, and railroaded into prison, for crimes they did not commit. Some died, either by assassination, or because they were driven to suicide by persecution too terrible to bear. (There are things worse than death, as I have learned the hard way, through observation and experience.)

All for standing up for the truth, and against evil, for defending Liberty and pursuing justice, with no compromises.

Aside from the persecution, I believe these things happened to them for one basically simple reason: They were unable to get the assistance and support they needed. Not from anyone, even from their own families, or those they considered friends. They were deemed “paranoid” by people who had no understanding of what was actually happening to them. They were betrayed or abandoned by people who feared that they themselves would be targeted by associating with the whistleblower. The whistleblowers would be blamed for the disasters that befell them, by those who refused to even consider that the Target might be telling the truth, or that the cause for which he was fighting was righteous.

The psy war against whistleblowers follows a predictable formula: Isolation. Alienation. Deprivation. Who can live with that, and for how long?

I have published numerous true stories about government whistleblowers on my website. Anyone who takes the time to read them, to consider them carefully, should be able to discover the patterns that operate in their lives. So, my situation should not be considered unique or even unusual. That being said, it doesn't make it any easier to live with. In some ways, it makes it worse, since you know that there isn't much chance the persecution will ever stop. No matter the progress you think you have made, you are always in a state of high alert: And always wondering: What's next?

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 26, 2015

In PART TWO, the story will continue...

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