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Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Age Politically Correct Thought Police

NOTE: The following was posted on the Rumor Mill News Forum in October, 2003, just about a month before I resigned as a news agent.

I should also mention that although (as mentioned briefly in the report) I was utilized by CIA in relation to propaganda campaigns related to the New Age, I myself was never a believer. Despite their attempts, they were unable to brainwash me into the New Age belief system.

So, I am not a "reformed" New Ager, like some others who have written on this topic. I've always been a Christian. No, I was just the "talent" they thought they could use. That didn't work out too well for them, especially after all they invested in my training, including in electronic media.

Also, I find it significant that Rayelan had actually banned certain people from posting on her forum, because she said she didn't want "that Jesus stuff" on her site.

Lastly, this article caused a lot of "trouble" on Rumor Mill News. I was attacked from all sides by the New Age P.C. Thought Police. Soon, I will post some pieces which relate to that.


As I have mentioned before, I have become very concerned about the pervasive New Age flavor of many posts; and which have sparked a controversy on the RMN Forum.

Not only the original New Age posts are involved here. No, indeed. It seems, no matter what the subject matter of any post, a New Ager comes along and posts a response, interpreting what the poster has said as if it were in some way relevant to the New Age philosophy;even if that means twisting the words of the writer and attributing a totally irrelevant meaning, as in a non-sequitur.

At the end of this article is a letter I received from a reader, a 'fan' of Esclarmonde [one of the worst of the bunch of New Age zealots] in response to my post: 

RESPECTFULLY, I MUST STAND MY GROUND re: the controversy over "ad hominem attacks."

I am posting this letter, my reply and my comments, as a separate article, rather than as part of an existing thread, because it is NOT meant to be a part of that thread.

In the most important of ways, it is crucial to me to address the mind set of those who would presume to dictate to others what they "should" be doing; feeling or thinking, seemingly in accordance with the New Age brainwashing I have come to think of as New Age Politically Correct Thought Police.

It is a dangerous mindset indeed, especially when those espousing it also labor under the misguided belief that a PUBLIC FORUM such as RMN, where independent news agents post material, should instead become a setting for what I can only call 'impromptu let-it-all-hang-out group therapy' --based on the prevalent New-Age pop-psychology and collectivist philosophy these folks endorse.

Having studied the New Age Movement for over thirty years; having been on the inside of CIA's New Age propaganda campaign, designed to foment spiritual and moral complacency; to discourage individual critical/analytical thought; to usurp the power of God and implement a One World Government, One World Religion and to usher in the New Age/New World Order, I have found a number of phrases and buzzwords commonly, continually and consistently repeated by the New Agers which are emblematic of their belief system.

And let me make it clear that these buzzwords, platitudes and New Age sayings are not just being used by some of those posting on the RMN Forum. There are no "news flashes" here. They are old as the hills, and as such have been entrenched in the New Age movement for many years longer than I have been studying it; in fact before I was even born!

Here are some basic tenets of this New Age psychology and philosophy, which more or less could be said to form a sort of "New Age Manifesto" for the True Believers.

I haven't included them all; however these should serve as a fairly comprehensive list of the most salient and well-established among the New Age Community.

1) We create our own reality. Therefore, we are "responsible" for all that happens to us, and have no one to blame but ourselves for any event that takes place in our lives, including poverty, illness, assualts and even murder. Therefore, it follows that "There are NO victims". Whatever it is, get over it, say the New Agers, it's a "lesson" we needed to learn.

2) "Negativity" is to be avoided at all costs. Therefore, if you don't have something "good" to say, something redolent of "love" and "light", say nothing at all.

3) "What you resist, persists." Don't resist, no matter what may be coming down the pike. Resistance is futile. Just "let go"; "go with the flow" and submit yourself, trusting that "the universe" is "gifting" you with an important "lesson".

4) Good and evil don't really exist. They are "illusions"....just "polarities" which need to be "balanced".

5) "We are all one." This includes even the baddest of the bad guys. We must be "tolerant" of ALL, no matter their crimes or atrocities. Yea, verily, we must roll out the red carpet for evildoers, as they are a "part of us" and have "lessons" to teach us.

6) "LET GO!" NOT "Let go and let God"....just "Let Go!" of anything disturbing your "process." (They LOVE that word!) or which makes you angry. Anger is a no-no in the New "Paradigm." (Another buzzword they adore!) Anger is NEVER justified, no matter what the outrage, the injustice or the transgression committed against you. Don't get mad, it might interfere with your "process" or retard your "spiritual evolution."

7) Individual rights must be subsumed by the GROUP; the "team"; the "committee"; the "community" or the "Global Village" for "the highest good of all". It is "selfish" to attempt to protect one's individual rights or sovereignty. By the same token, holding and protecting private property is seen as "selfish".

8) "The earth is a "school." We are here only to learn, so that we can "evolve spiritually."

9) ALL relationships with others are for one basic purpose: "To teach us about ourselves." This of course, includes adversarial relationships of every stripe, even domestic violence, incest or sexual abuse. No problem!.....they say. "We chose these relatonships to LEARN." Yes sirree Bob, ALL Others are a "mirror" for ourselves.

10) There are no moral absolutes. No behavior is really "right" or "wrong." Everyone has "the right to be wrong" and therefore even to DO wrong. It's all part of the "lessons" we are here to learn.

11) The world of "Third Density" (3-D) and all it contains is ONLY for those among us who have not "woken up" and are therefore "trapped." The "awakened" and "spiritually evolved" New Agers, with "Fourth-Density Consciousness" will "ascend", while all others will be left behind .

According to various theories, which the New Agers continually squabble over, this "ascension" will take place when "Mother Earth gives birth" to "earth changes." When "Niburu" or "Planet X" enters the solar system. When a special spiritual entity, such as "The Mahdi" manifests. When "The Matreiya" incarnates. When the "friendly ETS" come to "beam up" the chosen "lightworkers", etc. etc.

12) "Divisiveness" (another World-Class New Age buzzword) is seen as "negative"; while "consensus" and collectivism are seen as "positive"; "loving" and " peace-nurturing."

13) All religions are nothing but a form of "mind control." There is no value for the evolving human "BE-ING" (New Agers love to break up words, intimating that there is a deeper meaning to be gleaned for those "in the know".)

Anyone who chooses to worship God through a religion (God forbid!) is seen as being spiritually retarded or in a sort of spiritual kindergarten class. But not to worry, say the New Agers, WE (their favorite word) will ALL "get there." WE are ALL following the very same "spiritual evolution" or "process."

True, they say, some of us (usually themselves) are "ahead" of others on the "path" but ALL will "arrive" eventually at the same place, no matter the evil deeds they have committed, because there really is NO EVIL, only "learning" on the "journey" of spiritual evolution.

14) It is an "illusion" to believe there are any real differences between individual human beings, any separateness or individual spiritual integrity. NO individual is unique, since really, WE ARE ALL ONE.

15) Those who [dare to] speak and live THEIR OWN TRUTH, based on their own experience and knowledge, in a myriad of ways, be it through a religion; through being agnostic; through being loners by choice; through claiming their natural God-given INDIVIDUAL rights in such actions as SELF DEFENSE; and who refuse to CONFORM to the tenets of the New Age Manifesto, are seen as "debunkers"; "spiritually unevolved prisoners of Third-density Mind"; "unawakened" etc. etc.

So, what's wrong with this picture?


At least by my way of thinking, my way of perceiving, my way of being.


Why? By MY way of thinking, that is......

Because NONE of it has anything to do with me.

And yet, when I tell this to the New Agers, who invariably try to FOIST this ridiculous philosophy on me, and anyone else who happens to cross their path, I receive letters such as the one below.

It would seem, from the perspective of these New Age proponents, that anyone who does not embrace the New Agers code of "love", "light" and "peace"--at ANY PRICE-- and who will not sacrifice their INDIVIDUAL rights or perspective, to become "ONE" with them, is persona non grata.

Individuals such as myself, who speak bluntly, FOR THEMSELVES, and call a spade a spade, are considered fair game to be admonished for their perceived inappropriate "anger" and "negativity".

Any DISAGREEMENT with one of the New Agers is deemed an "attack".

And the unwillingness of those such as myself to go along with the New Age program --and " a "program" is precisely what it is-- are deemed "trapped in third density", those with many more "lessons" before they can "awaken" or "ascend."

And just so I'm clear, let me remind everyone that I have never sought to stop any of the individual New Agers --or anyone else for that matter-- from believing; knowing or living THEIR OWN TRUTH. That is each individual's prerogative.

But it begs the question: WHY then --why, oh why-- do they feel the need, seemingly the compulsion, to do that to me?

To accost me with their intrusive, unsolicited advice. To foist on me their unsolicited amateur New-Age pop-psychological analysis.

To disrespect my INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY, thinking it is their prerogative to determine what another "should" or "should not" be doing; thinking; feeling; saying or writing.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the answer is very clear.

But read this exchange between me and just one (there are many more where she came from) of the 'card-carrying members of the New Age Politically Correct Thought Police', and PLEASE, by all means DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.

Barbara Hartwell
October 25, 2003


"Barbara, with all due respect, you do not address the other agents in a respectful manner, no matter how much you believe you do. To me it appears you have great anger within you. And whether you realise it or not, many of your postings show just this. And having had a tough life isn't any excuse, as I've had one too, and so have many others.

You did exactly the same thing when putting John Kaminski in his place, and I didn't like it. In fact, I wrote to Rayelan and others in disgust. You did not give an email address, so I couldn't write directly to you.

I'm sorry HeraldAP chose to leave. I really am. But oh Esclarmonde gives me joy! She makes me BELIEVE I can experience the joy she has. I hope she stays. I really do.

Try and look at your posts from the postion of the person you are addressing, and also, perhaps, the readers. You may then understand that you anger shows. Even the "don't tread on me" bit is a display of your anger. It's not needed.

Every poster is entitled to speak from his/her experience, and from his/her need. If you don't like what's written, and are angry, then please let it go. If you have something to contribute without anger, then fine. Say what you like.

That's my opinion in this matter, anyway.

Kind regards  

D. O'B."

Barbara Hartwell responds to a New Ager:

Ma'am, I don't know who you think you are. I am not required to explain myself to you.

As for making "excuses"? You presume far too much. I don't make "excuses" to anyone, there is no need for them.

You, however, need to learn to mind your own business!

I see that, like Esclarmonde, you also are an amateur psychoanalyst, as per your comments about "anger". Well, try practicing on someone who has solicited your services. I have no interest in your opinion of me.

Strange as it may seem to you, there are some of us in this country who have RIGHTEOUS ANGER against the tyrants who are doing their damnedest to take away our constitutional rights; and those who are persecuting us for TELLING THE TRUTH; DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION and SPEAKING OUT ABOUT INJUSTICE.

The Don't Tread on Me flag embodies what we believe in, though it seems you don't understand that either. [I had the Gstaad flag displayed on the home page of my former website.]

If the New Agers don't like "anger" --even when righteous-- then no one is forcing them to read my posts, or my website. But they are not going to tell me how to think, what to feel, or what is right or wrong FOR ME. Nor will I allow them to act as thought police for the politically correct!

You are certainly entitled to your opinions. If you choose to write to Rayelan "in disgust" about my posts, be my guest. It will not stop me from telling the truth and speaking my mind as I see fit.

And your contention that I treat other agents with "disrespect" is way out of line.

I call a spade a spade. Bluntness does NOT equate with "disrespect." On the contrary, it seems you New Agers think anything goes, anything said is just fine and dandy, presumption, insults, baiting and intrusive unsolicted long as it's cloaked in a mantle of "light" and "love."

Not from where I'm standing.

When someone tries to foist on me their New Age philosophy (or any other subjective interpretations of my work) in a PUBLIC FORUM, as Esclarmonde has done, then I will confront THAT person's disrespect of me.

I DISAGREE with Esclarmonde and all that she exemplifies. And I'm entitled to disagree.

Hope this clears things up, and next time, please don't bother writing to me. The reason I took my e-mail address off my website and off the forum at RMN for a long time is because of getting tiresome e-mails like this one.

I am not concerned with whether or not others approve of me or my viewpoints. If I were, I would not be speaking the truth, no matter the consequences.

I usually don't respond at all, but hopefully this will make my position clear so there will be no need for further contact.

Barbara Hartwell