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Friday, December 22, 2006

Suspicious of Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson (?)

January, 2003

Every once in awhile, I put my name in a Google search, just to see what new disinformation and libel is being written about me. Today, I found the following letters to the editor of a website called Educate Yourself.

The editor of this website is a man by the name of Ken Adachi. Unfortunately for those who believe what they read on his website, Mr. Adachi is as ignorant as the day is long.....

And his website is just chock full of disinformation, as well as New Age gobbeldygook, about 'space brothers' cults and the like. Adachi is also a staunch supporter of retired Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge Ted L. Gunderson.

Perhaps, like many government dupes, Mr. Adachi does not realize that he is being used as a purveyor of disinformation. Perhaps he does not realize his own profound ignorance of the subjects on which he presumes to write. But since he has taken it upon himself to target me personally for some of this disinformation, I will make it my business to refute his false allegations and to expose him for the government dupe he is.

Shame on you, Mr. Adachi! You don't know me. You have never met me nor spoken to me, nor communicated with me in any way.

You never bothered to answer MY letter to the editor, after you published Ted Gunderson's 'Response to Barbara Hartwell' in March 2001. You have never even given me the benefit of the doubt, nor deigned to listen to my side of the story. If you had, you would have learned THE FACTS.

Yet you publish damaging disinformation about me on a regular basis. What's up with that?!

You call yourself a JOURNALIST? An EDITOR? Well then, Mr. Adachi, why don't you editorialize THIS.....

I don't have to wonder who all are the sources of the disinformation and outright lies being published about me on Mr. Adachi's silly website. The primary source is retired FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson himself, who claims that I am still being handled by CIA.

Then of course there are others, most likely including Ted's buddy, FBI penetration agent and provocateur Doug Millar; and likely talk show host Clay Douglas, publisher and editor of The Free American, another crony of Ted's who has been spreading the same lies about me : That I am a CIA disinfo agent.

In fact, Dennis Bossack, who sponsors my program on DNA Live Radio, got a call from Clay Douglas right before my first show aired, attempting to persuade Dennis that I work for CIA, so he should NOT have me hosting a show on his network.

But anyway, here is the exchange between a reader of Educate Yourself and Ken Adachi, titled Suspicious of Ted Gunderson. My comments follow.

Suspicious of Ted Gunderson

[Hi Ken,

Regarding Ted Gunderson, don't you find it very odd that he, as Special Agent in charge of the LA division of the FBI, that he was oblivious to Satanic ritual and mind control-- in the Mecca of this abuse? Further-more, I saw him giving hand signals to Brice Taylor at the Global Science Conference in Houston.

A Monarch survivor, Barbara Hartwell, has exposed him.

Your website is fabulous! I am in the process of making a Holy Handgrenade and will soon order a couple of books from ya'll. I hardly ever write an e-mail to a website, for obvious reasons.

Please continue the wonderful work. Thanks!


Ken Adachi Responds:

[Hi Carie,

Thanks for your supportive thoughts.

You've hit a sore point with me when you say that Barbara Hartewell 'exposed' Ted Gunderson. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Ted Gunderson is no more a part of the Illuminati conspiracy than you are. Ted retired from the FBI in 1979. During his 29 years with the Bureau, it wasn't obvious to him that the agency was a vehicle for Illuminti control. He didn't even know about the "illuminati" until the mid 1980's when he read Willim Guy Carr's book, Pawns in the Game. He certainly never witnessed any evidence of satanic activity in or out of the FBI while working for them. The revelations of satanic activity within the FBI were not made public intil the late 1990's with reports coming from Kosovo of the FBI involved with children, etc. Don't jump to hasty conclusions because of unsubstantiated drivel written by Barbara Hartwell or her cohorts trying to discredit Ted.

Remember it was Ted Gunderson who FIRST started to lecture about the CIA "Finders"(late 1980's) (project to abduct children for MC, prostitution, or satanic murder) , not Barbara Hartwell.

It was Ted Gunderson who went to bat to defend Army doctor Jeffrey McDonald who was framed for a satanic ritual killing of his family at Fort Bragg in 1970, not Barbara Hartwell.

It was Ted Gunderson who spent $17,000 of his own savings to pay for the excavations of tunnels at the McMartin Pre-school in Manhattan Beach , California to uncover the evidence that the prosecutors said 'didn't exist' of satanic rituals performed in tunnels under the school-not Barbara Hartwell.

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea.

Barbara Hartwell is a mind control victim from a CIA family who continues to used by the CIA as evidenced by her "exposing" Ted Gunderson and her fast friendship with another CIA (family) mind controlled shill, Kurt Billings.

When you read the article I will publish about Barbara Hartwell and her 'exposure' of Ted, a rather different picture will emerge.

The only mind control programming signals that Ted has ever learned are a few gleaned from Brice Taylor and some other other victims. If in fact signaling occured during that conference, it wasn't of the MC variety as you suspect. Mind control signals are extremely subtle and totally undetected by an uninformed party. You wouldn't recognize a MC signal if it was performed 2 inches from your nose.

No one has helped Brice Taylor more than Ted and she is fed up with hearing allegations of Ted 'controlling' her. These sort of ideas are created and perpetuated by CIA/MC shills like 'Babs' , Stew Webb, Virginia McCulough, Cherie Seymour, and others.

What Ted Gunderson is however, is a high level former FBI official who's not on the governement "team" of liars and traitors helping to destroy America. Rather than retire quietly and live comfortably, he has sacrificed everything he has to try and inform the public of the treachery afoot and THAT IS WHY you read 'exposures' by the likes of Barbara Hartlwell.

Turn on your discernment switch and ask yourself : "Who benefits" from Gunderson's 'exposure'?

Regards, Ken]

Carie 'Stands Corrected' :

[Hi Ken,

Thanks for responding so thoroughly to my e-mail. I stand corrected.

It's amazing to me how many higher level FBI agents don't really know what's going on with the Illuminati. But then, I was a dental hygienist, who was interested in natural therapies, and it took me a few years to catch on to the poisonous nature of fluoride (and amalgam fillings). I finally had to quit a profession I loved doing for 20 years, although I tried to go the temp route for a few years-- "I'm just here for the day..." 85% of dentists are still doing amalgams!

Now I help people to heal, emotionally and physically, over the phone. I offer a money back guarantee, so let me know if I can help you (gratis, for the fine work you're doing). It's wonderful to witness a group of people actually doing something very positive and who are willing to acknowledge the negative.

Indeed, y'all are helping people to educate themselves. Thanks again, and alert me if I can aid you.


P.S. I heard Ted explain his side of the Art Bell lawsuit at the Global Sciences Conference (before the head of it, Dean Stonier, was murdered). The whole case seemed to boil down to Art refusing to admit that his son is gay. I didn't offer to help Art with his painful back!]


1) I am NOT, and have never been involved in, any project called 'Monarch'. There is no documentation for any project called 'Monarch'. According to my extensive research, and that of other professional investigators, no such project ever officially existed. I and my colleagues believe that it was a term coined by CIA operative and mind control handler, Mark Phillips (another one of those who have tried to discredit me.....surpise, surprise!)

2) I do not write "unsubstantiated drivel" about Ted Gunderson, nor about any other persons or topics. All my written material is based on FACTS and the testimony of reliable witnesses. Drivel, however, as well as "jumping to hasty conclusions" appear to be Mr. Adachi's province.

3) Mr. Adachi states:

[Barbara Hartwell is a mind control victim from a CIA family who continues to used by the CIA as evidenced by her "exposing" Ted Gunderson and her fast friendship with another CIA (family) mind controlled shill, Kurt Billings.]

I am NOT a "victim" of CIA mind control. I am a SURVIVOR of same. Nor do I continue to be used by CIA. I broke out of the black ops and mind control in 1994, once and for all.

Yes, I come from a CIA family, something I have never denied. So what? Am I to blame for that? End of story. Case closed.

As for Kurt Billings, I broke off my association with him and his wife, Lee Ann, in 2001, after I found out that they were part of a conspiracy to set up myself and former Special Forces operative Jeff Swedenburg, by spreading false tales that Jeff was a 'hit man' hired by CIA to assassinate me.

Ironically, Jeff is now one of my closest friends. I would trust him with my life --and have. He served as my bodyguard last summer on a trip cross country.

And Ted Gunderson knows damn well that I no longer have an association with Kurt Billings....yet he continues to promote this fallacy. Ted also knows damn well that I do NOT work for CIA, not any longer.

To wrap up, just a couple more comments for all the readers of Ken Adachi's disinformation website:

About that "discernment switch" advocated by Adachi:

By their fruits shall you know them.

Suspicious of Ted Gunderson?

If you're not, maybe you should be.

Barbara Hartwell
January 28, 2003