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Friday, November 22, 2019

FRAUD ALERT: Ellen Atkin aka “MK Ultra Girl”

It recently came to my attention that a woman calling herself Ellen Atkin (I've no idea if that is a pseudonym) is using a photograph which has been on the Internet for many years (identified as “MK Ultra Girl”), and has laid claim to it, stating definitively that she is the girl in the photo. She claims that she “discovered” this photo of “herself” in 2015. She exploits the photo profusely, including on a website and a Twitter account.

I had never heard of this character, Ellen Atkin, until just this week, though in reading some of her articles, I saw that in an exchange of messages with another person on Twitter, she boasted that “EVERYONE” knows who she is.

But here is the point of this FRAUD ALERT: Ellen Atkin has appropriated this image which in fact is NOT of her.

The photo in question is that of a survivor of MK Ultra who happens to be my sister. The date of birth shown on the photo is 9-17-53, which is her birthday.

Anyone interested may see this report (2013).
CIA MK Ultra Program: The Ultimate Evil

Aside from my concern about her fraudulent use of this photo, I have no interest in this woman, nor in any of her other claims.

I will only add that Ellen Atkin promotes “lizard aliens” and mocks Jesus Christ and Christianity. Which is enough for me to know that, whoever she is, she entirely lacks credibility where truth is concerned, and that her moral values leave much to be desired.

No surprise then that she would be making false claim to this photo, apparently using it as click bait, in attempts to make a name for herself, or the devil knows for what other unsavory motives.

I can only say BEWARE of Ellen Atkin aka "MK Ultra Girl".

Barbara Hartwell
November 22, 2019

I have noticed that this original report exposing Ellen Atkin, FRAUD ALERT: Ellen Atkin aka MK Ultra Girl, has been getting a large number of views. I thought it important to add these later reports.

I have issued more than one public CEASE & DESIST NOTICE to Ellen Atkin to STOP exploiting and defaming the name of Barbara Hartwell.

Yet Ellen Atkin has continued to promote libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell. This woman is a pathological liar, a fraud, a reprobate, a flaming whackjob and a one-woman freak show.

Please spread this report far and wide, to warn others of this "social media influencer" (as she describes herself) whose fraudulent promotions and outrageous lies, especially about MK Ultra, have polluted the Internet across many venues.






MKULTRA GIRL: Anatomy of a Fraud

Continuing Malicious Lies, False Accusations & Fraud by Ellen Atkin

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by Ellen Atkin aka “MK Ultra Girl”: Fraud, Liar, Identity Thief, Opportunist... & Whackjob Accomplices

FREAK SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA! Psycho Stalkers, Gate-Crashers, Liars, Whackjobs, Frauds, Hoaxers, Snoops, Snitches, Snake Oil Salesmen, Goons, Stooges, Useful Idiots, Lackeys, Flunkies, Toadies: GET OFF MY CASE & LEAVE ME ALONE!  

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Michael & Rags

NOTE: In light of the recent release of documents by the FBI (Finders and McMartin Preschool case), I have decided to republish material from some of my older reports which expose facts and evidence on the late FBI chief Ted Gunderson.

I and others who actually knew him and/or were victimized by Gunderson are very disturbed by the fact that he is being lionized as a hero in media (and the general public) by many people (and organizations) who never knew him and had no access to the factual information, documentation and evidence that we have furnished for decades, but which has mostly fallen on deaf ears.

Ted Gunderson was a celebrity, no doubt. He wielded considerable power and authority during his tenure with the FBI, and subsequently, as he continued his counterintelligence operations, masked as “investigations” and presenting himself as a “whistleblower”, for more than 3 decades.

For this report, I present a letter by the late Michael Ruppert, with whom I was in contact during the time period between 1998 until about 2003, in connection with issues related to CIA operations, including MK Ultra and CIA drug-running. I considered him a friend, whom I respected for his stand against government corruption. Tragically, Michael ended his life by suicide.

Mike knew Ted Gunderson, and like me, had been hoodwinked until he found out the truth, at which time (like me) he came forward to set the record straight.

As for the documents Mike mentions, I still have a large hardcopy file of them, including from Michael Riconosciuto, and some, that to my knowledge, have not been published.

As I continue with this series on Ted Gunderson, I may make some of them available.

Barbara Hartwell
November 20, 2019


In March 2001, ex-FBI Senior SAC Ted Gunderson wrote an open letter to Barbara Hartwell, purportedly "in response" to a report in which he was named by me.

My report was an attempt to refute much of the disinformation being spread by government agents and their minions and stooges in connection with my name. Gunderson was mentioned as well, but at the time, I simply stated that I had "irreconcilable differences" with him, made a few comments (some even complimentary to Ted), and what I exposed was mild compared to what came later.

However, Ted's letter to me did not focus so much on addressing Barbara Hartwell, as it did on attacking a number of other journalists and expositors of government crimes and corruption. It seemed to me at the time that it was an exercise in "damage control", and that I was simply a convenient scapegoat for Ted's purposes.

One of these investigators/journalists was Mike Ruppert. When Mike realized that Ted Gunderson had accused him of being a "disinformation specialist", he wrote a brief commentary for News Making News, a site which features a "Gunderson Data Dump."

[This site no longer can be found online and is apparently defunct.]

Virginia McCollough, one of the journalists affiliated with News Making News, also published a report I wrote in 1999, at the time I was still associated with Ted Gunderson. I should make it clear that she published this report without my blessing, knowing full well that I had cut off contact with Ted Gunderson around that time (2000). Unfortunately, the report contained my endorsement of Ted Gunderson, who at the time was still my friend and professional colleague.

Virginia McCollough proved herself to be an unscrupulous person, as she continued to exploit my name for years, libeling me in the process, and even going so far as to try to implicate me in the suspicious death of another investigative journalist, Brian Downing Quig. A man, by the way, that I did not know; had never met and with whom I had never had any form of contact!

McCollough's "source" for this libelous falsehood about Barbara Hartwell? One Timothy Patrick White, predicate felon, career criminal and Gunderson groupie/minion/stooge. 

NOTE: Kate was an editor at News Making News. 


[re Gunderson's Open Letter to Barbara Hartwell]

March, 2001
Dear Kate:

Since I see that Ted Gunderson has taken a swipe at me too and accused me of being a "disinformation specialist" let me just take a minute to respond in support of all the brave women who have taken him on. And truly, a minute is about all the time that his pitiful message is worth.

I would also hope that at some point journalist Cheri Seymour - whose great book "The Last Circle," describes in detail Gunderson's relations with Michael Riconosciuto and the openly exposed CIA operative Robert Booth Nichols - might join the ranks of those nailing Gunderson for his rather comical actions. I have a copy of an envelope, given to me by Seymour, wherein Gunderson's own handwriting discusses his participation in a drug transaction. Her documentation of Gunderson's connections to weapons, drugs and Promis software and illegal activities at the Cabazon Indian reservation is above reproach.

As to Gunderson's reference to me let me just state that Gunderson was the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Los Angeles FBI office in 1978. It was then that I went to the L.A. Office of the FBI seeking help when, as an LA Police Officer, my life was in danger after discovering that the CIA was dealing drugs. Under Gunderson's direction the L.A. office took the public position that I was crazy and refused me any assistance even though I had a tape recorded death threat in my possession and an attorney at my side verifying my allegations and the documentary evidence I presented.

I did not know until 1999 that it was Gunderson who had been running the LA office in 1978. I even appeared on his Las Vegas radio show in 1997. But that was before his bizarre behavior revealed him to be what is now so obvious to so many people. It is strange that he never mentioned to me that he had directed the Bureau's efforts against me in 1978 even though FOIA documents clearly indicate that he knew damn well who I was in 1997.

As to my status as a "disinformation specialist" then, he ignores the fact that I was made unemployable and arrested by LAPD in 1980 or that, after having been homeless for nearly three years, The "LA Herald Examiner" wrote two front-page Sunday stories on me in 1981. That means, I guess, that Ted is saying that I went to all this trouble 20 years ago so that I could be in a position to trash him today. Forget mind control, the question is does Ted Gunderson have a mind at all.

My newsletter, "From The Wilderness" is now read in 17 countries, by 16 members of the US Congress and by professors at 10 universities in North America and Europe. Although belated, I would like to add my male voice to support the brave women who have told it like it so obviously is. My hat is off to all of you. Beyond that however, no one really takes Gunderson seriously anyway.

"By their fruits ye shall know them."

Mike Ruppert
"From The Wilderness"

Monday, November 18, 2019


NOTE: In April, 2005, I wrote an open letter to Ted Gunderson, following the publication of one of Ted's smear pieces against Barbara Hartwell, published by his PR shill, Ken Adachi on his New Age/government disinfo website, 'Educate-Yourself'.

From 2000, when I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with Gunderson, for cause, after I discovered irrefutable evidence of his criminality, including coverups of child sex-trafficking; weapons & drug trafficking; and longstanding involvement in counterintelligence operations against government whistleblowers, survivors of military/intelligence black ops, I became a Target of a defamation campaign, the scope of which I have rarely seen.

For the following decade (until his death in 2011), Gunderson pursued his psy war against Barbara Hartwell, with a vengeance, resulting in massive damages to me, certain members of my family, my friends and colleagues.

COINTELPRO Kingpin Gunderson ran a criminal network comprised of a motley crew of stooges, criminals and G-Man wannabes, who were sicced on selected journalists, activists and whistleblowers who had gone public exposing government corruption.

Gunderson's crew stalked, harassed, libeled and slandered, engaged in monstrous invasions of privacy and criminal menacing against law-abiding citizens.

A charlatan named Ken Adachi, his primary PR shill, published numerous smear pieces against Barbara Hartwell, including the most diabolical calumny imaginable. 'Ken Adachi' is a pseudonym. Anyone who has attempted to sue him (for mail fraud, invasion of privacy, or libel) has not been able to track down his real name, or a location for a physical address to serve him with papers. (I know, I tried, as did others who sustained massive damages.)

Adachi's vile criminal operation began, to my knowledge, some time in 2000, shortly after I broke off my association with Gunderson. Adachi has a high-traffic, commercial website and has also distributed his smear pieces widely on other high-traffic sites.

I have noticed that Adachi's website (and Twitter account) have not been updated since May, 2019. It appears he is out of business (one can only hope). Possibly, he has died. I will put off any celebration until such time as I can confirm such events.

This demonic reprobate, Adachi, has done immeasurable damage to the reputations of legitimate people, including (but not limited to) Barbara Hartwell, Jackie McGauley, the late Michael Ruppert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, while his “sources” for the defamation campaigns are aggressive career criminals, psycho stalkers, whackjobs and pathological liars, intent on fame and money in exchange for destroying the lives of their Targets.

Needless to say, despite my best efforts, I have not been able to sue any of these loathsome characters, due to lack of resources and support. It is clear that Justice is for sale, but not to those of us who live in dire poverty and under persecution, with no backup.

I will never stop fighting these evildoers, with all I have, in every lawful, ethical way available to me, until God sends the chariot to take me home. If that means the best I can do is continue to expose them, and warn others, so be it. And I pray for God's swift and terrible justice to be visited upon each and every one them.

Here, some excerpts from my open letter to Gunderson, which focus on the persecution by his entourage of criminal stooges, including the loathsome Ken Adachi.

I should add, for the record, that anyone who promotes Adachi, or his website (or promotes those who promote/ support/endorse Adachi) is an accomplice to Adachi's outrageous defamation of Barbara Hartwell and deserves absolute condemnation, no exceptions.

Barbara Hartwell
November 18, 2019



Two of the persons you have named, with whom you have chosen to ally yourself, certainly leave much to be desired, in terms of moral character, spiritual integrity and intellectual capacity. In my opinion, they are virtually bankrupt in these areas. I refer of course to Tim White and Ken Adachi. As you must know, I consider them both to be despicable on general principles, as well as to be fools and stooges of the lowest order. And since these individuals (among many others, who may be relevant in the issues being addressed here) have been publishing false and libelous allegations against me, many of which are outrageous in nature; and have been engaging in malicious character assassination against me for the past four (4) years, they will be held accountable by me and certain others whom they have maligned, libeled, slandered and/or harassed.

In the case of Tim White, he has perpetrated criminal harassment and even made death threats against me and others (some in writing) for which I have hard evidence, in the form of documentation, including: court documents furnished by a plaintiff, Doreen Bishop and her attorney, Warren Edson; material (e-mail messages, letters and reports, both private and public) written by Tim White; transcripts of criminal phone harassment (which continued after he received several directives to cease and desist) for which I have audiotapes; and/or the testimony of firsthand witnesses to these harassing and threatening calls. Some of the aforementioned has already been admitted as evidence in a Denver court.


I have in fact filed several criminal complaints against Tim White (as well as others with whom he was and/or is acting in collusion, such as Brenda M. Negri and Shirley Anderson) with various law enforcement agencies. I have evidence as well to substantiate that certain individuals (specifically including agents of the FBI) have been engaging in obstruction of justice by refusing to act on (or even investigate) my valid complaints of criminal conspiracy and racketeering by White, Negri and numerous others, who will all be named in both criminal complaints and civil lawsuits. This, despite the fact that I have provided hard evidence to the FBI to substantiate my claims that these individuals are engaging in criminal offenses that directly threaten me; and for which I have sustained massive damages, along with certain of my associates, members of my family and others.

I and others targeted for this criminal conspiracy are certainly well-equipped to prove these allegations in a court of law. I will also be publishing the aforementioned documentation (at such time as I have a website on-line) which serves as irrefutable evidence against Tim White.

These documents have also been distributed for safekeeping, in case something should happen to prevent me from publishing them myself.

As far as predicate felon (convicted of narcotics trafficking) Tim White is concerned, his violations against me and others are a criminal matter (in addition to legally actionable civil matters) and I do intend to continue to pursue every legal avenue available to me to see that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for his crimes. Most recently, Tim White has made numerous harassing phone calls, violating directives to cease and desist such harassment. He also sent me a harassing, threatening, obscene e-mail message on April 4, 2005 (violating my directives never to contact me by e-mail, phone or in any other way) which is in my evidence file and has also been forwarded to several witnesses for safekeeping.

As for Ken Adachi, since he chooses to continue to publicly endorse and promote Tim White (as well as by extension, his criminal activities) then he is also implicated, as one who is aiding and abetting the criminal conspiracy in which White is a participant and/or publicly soliciting the commission of crimes and privacy violations, as well as the obstruction of justice.

Furthermore, by continuing to libel me and promote the groundless, unwarranted and unsubstantiated falsehood (among many others) that I am a "CIA disinfo agent"; or that I am a "mind-controlled government disinfo agent" (or any of the many other malicious falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell which Adachi promotes) in order to maintain his position in defense of Tim White, yourself or others, such as Todd Brendan Fahey (also guilty of criminal harassment but who escaped prosecution only by leaving the country, after being admitted to a psychiatric/alcohol-drug rehab facility at Southern Maine Medical Center in July 2004; and who has been publicly disseminating libelous pornographic filth, character assassination, as well as many other damaging falsehoods, using my name) Ken Adachi will find himself having to answer in a court of law for promoting this damaging libel and aiding and abetting the criminal harassment of White and Fahey.

Todd Fahey is also a blackmailer, which crime he has publicly admitted and even boasted about on several public websites. In fact, Fahey has already been banned from several websites and message boards, since July 2004, specifically after he continued to write and post his libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, which included outrageous lies about non-existent sexual conquests, using vile obscenity and fabricating pornographic descriptions of alleged events which have no basis in fact, in connection to my name; forging and publishing letters and articles (using a defunct e-mail address to identify Barbara Hartwell as the alleged "source") which he falsely claims were written by me (identity theft); falsely attributing quotes and statements to me which have no basis in fact; also falsely alleging that Barbara Hartwell is a "drunk" with an "alcohol jones", etc. etc. etc.

The moderators of these message boards, I'm sure, were well aware that otherwise, they too could be sued for damages, along with Fahey. For those who have removed such libel and banned Fahey, I thank them and have no intention of involving them in any lawsuits. And for the record, let it be known that anyone who owns and/or hosts any website publishing these outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, and/or who engages in their dissemination in any way, will be held accountable for their participation in promoting this damaging libel and will be sued. Including (but certainly not limited to) Ken Adachi.


Considering the fact that Todd Fahey has also engaged in gross violations of my privacy by publishing my unlisted phone number (which had to be disconnected due to harassing calls made and solicited by Fahey, and for which I had to make several police reports); publishing the street address of my home on the Internet, an act committed with malice aforethought, which has also compromised my security and endangered my safety, Adachi implicates himself in this as well, since he published Fahey's libelous article (Barbara Hartwell: Where Does One Begin?) which contained my street address, on his website, Educate Yourself. Tim White has also posted this libelous article by Fahey on various Yahoo! groups of which he is a member.

Todd Fahey has also published a plethora of additional false information about the ownership of my home in Maine by 1) "a member of the John Birch Society" and 2) "a man named Frank Nulton", neither of which allegation has any basis in fact. He has also published the false allegations that: "Barbara Hartwell has lost residency in her home" and "has relocated to Brownsville, Texas where she is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee". He further claimed to "know" these false allegations. Many, many other such false allegations about Barbara Hartwell have been made by Todd Fahey as well as Tim White. And published as libel on many websites and message boards.

Because of these false and libelous claims, in conjunction with Fahey's character assassination and vile lies, especially in falsely representing me as a "whore" and a "drunk"; because of his grossly false portrayal of me as engaging in the same sort of sordid and degenerate lifestyle which he himself pursues, I have incurred major damages, in the form of being additionally harassed by known and unknown persons; having other unscrupulous individuals publicly post and repeat these libelous falsehoods, for which Fahey was the source, such as criminal conspirators Brenda Negri and Tim White (along with many others); further, my family and friends have been subjected to gross privacy violations and harassed by persons publicly promoting these falsehoods as if they were based on fact – which they are not. I have sustained serious damages as a result of this libel campaign by these utterly loathsome individuals.

My friend and professional colleague, Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, has also been subjected to privacy violations and harassment as a direct result of the libelous falsehoods being promoted by Todd Fahey, specifically related to Fahey's lie that "Barbara Hartwell has relocated to Brownsville, Texas and is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee." Mr. Sosbee has publicly refuted this lie, more than once and has stated, for the record, that it is a falsehood fabricated by a pathological liar, Todd Fahey.


I can assure you and your "associates" that the moment I have anyone harassing me; stalking or even setting foot on my property, as a result of Fahey/Adachi/White (or any others) PUBLISHING my street address (which I took precautions and great pains never to disclose on any public documents; and which has never been made a matter of public record, by my decision, for the purpose of protecting my privacy and security) I will immediately report this firstly to the detective from the Old Orchard Beach Police Department who handled the investigation of Fahey's previous criminal harassment of me, which consisted of harassing phone calls, threats and stalking (and who had advised me to seek a restraining order against Fahey); as well as to any and all other law enforcement agencies which are appropriate) and I will provide all relevant information and documentation as to the collusion of these individuals in publicly disclosing private information and thus grossly violating my privacy, compromising my security and endangering my safety.

Fahey has already made public admissions of certain of these negligent, hazardous and destructive acts, which endangered the safety of myself and my family; such as setting a mattress on fire, in a guest room he was using during his stay at my home; presumably while smoking in bed after he passed out drunk; and which could easily have led to a fire in the entire house. The mattress was destroyed and had to be disposed of. As for other damages, I have witnesses who will substantiate the fact that Fahey tampered with/ destroyed my private property, including my only personal computer. This psychotic lowlife even boasted about his destructive sociopathic behavior.

Furthermore, anyone who publishes private information such as a street address (an address not part of any preexisting public records) is soliciting privacy violations, as well as soliciting the commission of crimes such as harassment and stalking. Since White and Fahey are both known stalkers and have both made threats of violence; and since this is a matter of public record, documented in police reports, I can certainly prove that their intent in disclosing my street address (with malice aforethought) was to encourage other criminals to violate my privacy; compromise my security and endanger my safety. Tim White, in fact, is under a permanent restraining order in Denver for stalking and criminal harassment, which included death threats.

I will also be able to prove that through publishing libelous falsehoods (accusing me of criminal acts, such as being under the illegal employ of CIA, specifically "CIA Headquarters at Langley, Virginia") that Ken Adachi has severely damaged my professional and personal reputation; cost me money in legal fees as well as costs incurred from pro se investigation; caused me profound emotional/psychological distress; exacerbated pre-existing chronic illness and disability (including but not limited to a heart condition) all of which are documented, through causing extreme traumatic stress; as well as costing me additional money, by the time I have been forced to take from other pursuits, necessary for my survival, to devote to defending myself against his many libelous falsehoods, privacy and security violations.

And please also be aware that Ken Adachi began his libel campaign against me at a time when I had never heard of his existence; had done nothing wrongful or unlawful to provoke these malicious assaults and the dissemination of lies and damaging character assassination which has continued unabated since March, 2001. Ken Adachi has a lot to answer for and I will make it my business to be sure he is held legally accountable for his wrongful acts as well as any such acts which are deemed by legitimate legal authorities to be unlawful/criminal in nature. The same applies to Tim White, Brenda Negri and others.


The criminal harassment, death threats, false accusations of criminal violations, libel and slander of these and other individuals are all well documented and can be proven to be part and parcel of a criminal conspiracy in which various individuals (including but not limited to the persons named here) are colluding, with malice aforethought, to inflict harm upon me, certain of my friends, associates and family members. I can also prove racketeering.

Oh, one more thing. Perhaps you'd like to read this latest commentary (below) from your "personal friend", Tim White, the "Concerned Citizen". It was posted on a Yahoo! message board called Vietnam Vets on the Net.

I think this message (below) speaks for itself, as to Tim White's delusional paranoid fantasies, and his malicious intent, especially about Barbara Hartwell.

Where in hell does he come up with this stuff? Is it being fed to him?...or does he just make it up, out of whole cloth? And gee whiz, Ted, forgive me for subjecting you to the vile obscenity used here by White, as I'm sure you'll find it as appalling as I do. Especially since he used this as his "preface" to your open letter to me. But perhaps (if you are in fact agreement with White's bizarre allegations) you could issue a directive to your PR rep, Ken Adachi, to post it under the Tim White Postings section on his website, Educate Yourself. It would certainly fit right in with Adachi's general content, as it would serve to "educate" the readers (at least those dumb enough to buy into Adachi's scurrilous brand of "journalism") about CIA and government mind control operations.

Tim White wrote:


[link to letter on Educate Yourself]

the very well known CIA CUNT,BARBARA HARTWELL,who is
NOT a Viet Nam Vet and IS NOT even able to be anywhere
knows WHO she works for and this TOTAL SHIT will NOT
FROM "THE COMPANY",the CIA,to work with-IT WON'T WORK.

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(Air Force)Concerned Citizen"

Well, thank you, Tim White, for your complimentary remarks. And for exposing yourself, yet again, for the delusional, paranoid psychotic you are. Actually, the "budget" you refer to has not been made available to me from Langley. Nor have I received any such "programming" or "implants". And once again, for the record, I do not work for CIA, nor do they sponsor my activities or contract for my services in any way. I'll prove that in a court of law as well.

Get real, Mr. White. As if Langley could give a damn about a noxious little gadfly like you. Nobody cares one way or another, except the people you are criminally harassing (whose only objective as regards you is to put you out of business) and those exploiting you and/or in collusion with you to harass, libel and slander myself and others. But in the final analysis, since you are the most inconsequential of persons, you're expendable. Since you've made quite a muddle of the "missions" you've been tasked with; since you are a rank amateur whose efforts to discredit legitimate persons have failed miserably thus far, you cannot possibly be seen as anything but a liability to those still foolish enough to exploit you for their own ends. Mark my words: It's only a matter of time until you will be forced (one way or another) to stop your criminal harassment and the spreading of your many malicious lies.

And actually, I'd rather not "silence" you. By all means, keep at it!...keep shooting your loud, vulgar, stupid mouth off. I'd rather just let you keep digging your own grave by publishing your idiotic libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. Since you've been warned repeatedly to cease and desist and have disregarded my directives, as well as those of others, I'll just keep saving your intellectual gems in my large file on you, as evidence of your continued criminal harassment, libel and certifiable insanity. You, Mr. White, have proven yourself to be a menace to society and as such, as many of your targets will agree, should be locked up in a criminal psycho ward, along with your like-minded, perverted pals, Todd Fahey and Brenda Negri.

But back to you, Ted. Perhaps it would behoove you to rein in your flunky, Tim White. His despicable behavior certainly does not reflect well on you; nor does it enhance your credibility to have a perverted whackjob like this coming to your "defense", as Ken Adachi puts it, standing up for you against the "smears" of a “mind-controlled government disinfo agent” like Barbara Hartwell”.

I'm sure you and the self-styled "expert" on Psy Ops, Ken Adachi, will accuse me of using a "Communist propaganda technique". Don't you know? Anyone who takes the time to supply detailed information, facts or evidence for the purpose of refuting lies; exposing criminal violations and conspiracies; or setting the record straight, has to be a "CIA mind-controlled propagandist". What other explanation could there possibly be?

You, Ted Gunderson, are truly amazing the way you have twisted the truth to place the blame on me, Jackie McGauley and others, for the very tactics and crimes that you yourself are guilty of. But the difference is, we have solid evidence. Where's yours?

If you'd like to talk about a "motley crew", here's one for you: Tim White, Ken Adachi, Todd Fahey, Brenda Negri, Larry Lawson, James Choron, Dennis Bossack, Doug Millar, Pam Schuffert...just to name a number of y'all. But I'm no "programmed propaganda idiot". You've made a grave mistake if you have underestimated me, my intelligence or my training. But then, I'd have to say, so did CIA. Tough.

And I want no further arguments with you and your little gaggle of flunkies, provocateurs, porno-mongers, blackmailers, extortionists, nutcases, drug-dealers and pathological liars, either. I have nothing further to say to them and aside from presenting my evidence against them in court, won't waste much more of my time on them.

My time is valauble too. So I'm through talking. If this were the Old West, we could have a shoot-out at the OK Corral. But times have changed and we're more civilized now, aren't we? So let's have it out in court, shall we? Let the scales of justice balance as they will. Let the chips fall where they may.


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Chronology of the McMartin Preschool Abuse Trials

NOTE: I had intended for this timeline to be included in my recent report on the McMartin Preschool case. For some reason, after spending hours, I could not format the timeline, so I gave up.

Ted Gunderson & The McMartin Preschool Case of Satanic Ritual Abuse: THE REAL STORY

I have tried again, and was able to get it on the page, as a separate post, but it is still far from perfect, so I apologize for the very poor quality of formatting. 

I finally decided, better to have poor quality than not to publish the information at all. If I am able to fix it, in future, I will redo the report.

Thanks to Jackie McGauley, McMartin whistleblower, who sent it to me (2005).

Barbara Hartwell
November 17, 2019

May, 1983  Judy Johnson enrolls her 2 1/2-year-old son at the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California.

June, July, 1983  Judy takes her son to a pediatrician because he was complaining about his bottom hurting. The doctor has no specific diagnosis. The next time the child complained of having a lot of pain, she took him to a different doctor. Again the doctor had no explanation. In fairness there was virtually no information on the
symptoms of sexual abuse of small children at that time.

August 12, 1983  Judy was shopping at a grocery store with her son in the cart when he complained again of severe pain. Judy checked his diaper and found blood. She went to yet another respected local pediatrician and he diagnosed the boy as having been sodomized. The doctor, mandated to report cases of child sexual abuse, reports the case to authorities.

August 18, 1983  Judy Johnson meets with Detective Jane Hoag to be interviewed about her son's symptoms for the investigation.

August 30, 1983  As requested, Johnson takes her son with her to the police station for another interview. He is 2 years and 8 months old. He names Ray Buckey.

September 9, 1983  Police Chief Harry Kuhlmeyer sends out a letter to 200 McMartin Preschool parents informing them that Ray Buckey is suspected of child abuse and asking them for information. As other victims come forward, an unspecific list of suspected street blocks and areas in town is circulated.

September 15, 1983  Ray Buckey is arrested on suspicion of child molestation but released soon after.

October 17, 1983  The District Attorney's Office asks Kee MacFarlane, a consultant for the Children's Institute International, to interview child sex abuse victims who attended the school.

November, 1983  Children's Institute interviewers begin diagnosing former students of the McMartin Preschool as having been sexually abused. Dr. Astrid Heger does medical examinations with an innovative diagnostic tool called the culposcope.This microscopic examination technique allows slide pictures to be taken of minute scarring caused by penetration.

December, 1983  One of the teachers, and defendant Babbette Spitler,,is promoted to director of the McMartin preschool in Peggy McMartin's place. Ms Spitler begs the parents to keep the children in the school and refer the school to others as well.

January 13, 1984  Virginia McMartin Preschool shut down after 28 years in business. The first McMartin Preschool located 1 mile west and this second school were in operation totaling over 37 years. Virginia kept records on file cards of over 3,000 former and current students.

February 2, 1984  KABC reporter Wayne Satz startles television viewers with reports of a massive child abuse scandal at the McMartin Preschool.

February, 1984  Seven defendants are arrested and charged with 207 counts of child molestation and conspiracy. Over 90 McMartin parents, file a civil suit against Virginia McMartin, Peggy Buckey, Betty Raidor, Babbette Spitler, Peggy Ann Buckey and Ray Buckey for assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress with one attorney. Others file suit with other attorneys. All suits are eventually dropped by civil attorneys after the 6 year statute of limitations expired before the trial ended. Civil suits by families are never refiled.

March 11, 1984  A number of other daycare centers in the Los Angeles area are closed by the California State Department of Public Social Services. Ten additional schools are closed in the South Bay area.

March 22, 1984   Teachers Peggy Buckey, Virginia McMartin, Ray Buckey, Peggy Ann Buckey (Ray's sister), Mary Ann Jackson, Betty Raidor, and Babette Spitler are indicted on 115 counts of child sexual abuse.

April 2, 1984  The L. A. Times reports that students at McMartin have been fondled, raped, drugged, photographed nude, forced to witness animals being slaughtered and threatened to keep silent.

May 23, 1984  The prosecution files 93 new counts. The indictment count reaches 208, involving 40 alleged child victims.

Fall 1983 to March 1984  Nearly 400 children were interviewed at Children's Institute International. 41 are listed as victims in a complaint filed by the State. The count of those diagnosed as sexually abused reaches 360 students. DA Robert Philibosian announces the 1976 Karen Klass murder case will be reexamined to determine if it could be linked to the McMartin case.
Klass was the ex wife of Righteous Brother Bill Medley. She had been murdered approximately an hour after leaving her 5 year old son at the pre school. Klass' husband also died shortly after the McMartin indictments in March 1984. His death was ruled an accident after he drove off a mountain road one afternoon in Oregon.

March 22, 1984  Los Angeles Grand Jury issues indictment charging 7 former teachers with 115 counts

April 7, 1984  Bail revoked for 5 defendants who had been free on bail when 400 additional sex acts are presented.

May, 1984 Arsonist attempts to burn down the empty cinder block preschool building, causing over $10,000 in damage. The room where children identified the entrance to the tunnels, the "C" Charlie room, was most badly destroyed. The classrooms are repainted, new furniture is built and trees trimmed in time for the jury to tour the site.

May 24, 1984  An additional 92 counts of child molestation are filed against all 7 defendants. A charge of conspiracy to commit lewd and lascivious acts by force or threat of force on a child under 14. Count is now 207 against 42 children.

June 8, 1984  Preliminary hearing begins.

June, 1984  Bail for Peggy Buckey is set at $1 million; Ray Buckey is held without bail.

July 12, 1984  A Federal Grand Jury is impaneled to begin its own investigation of the case.
August 8, 1984  Prosecutor Lael Rubin announces that the seven McMartin teachers committed 397 sexual crimes, in addition to the 115 for which they already faced charges.

August 17, 1984  Preliminary hearing begins. The pretrial begins with Judge Aviva Bobb and prosecutors Lael Rubin, Glenn Stevens and Christine Johnston.

October 26, 1984  Judge Bobb consolidates hearing for Buckey and six others. There are 7 defense attorneys one for each of the 7 defendants. Any objection by defense can be (and are) repeated 7 times. Each objection has to be argued separately, enormously extending courtroom time used by the defense.

November 1, 1984   Sheriff Sherman Block announces that the Sheriff Department will enter into the investigation and be responsible for allegations in relation to the operation of the McMartin preschool which are not part of the current court case. The number of "Uncharged suspects" is estimated at 85+

January 7, 1985  Doctor Astrid Heger testifies that she found physical evidence of sexual assaults on 33 of the child witnesses.

March, 1985  A group of nearly 50 McMartin Preschool parents arrive at the lot adjacent to the school formerly used as a play yard for the school and begin searching for the tunnels many of the children talked about. A dead turtle is found with roots growing up through its shell. The District Attorney is called immediately. 
A few days later, an archeological firm, SRS, hired by the District Attorney's Office
begins its own dig. Using the Geonics EM31 Terrain Conductivity meter, the side lot is searched no more than 6 inches in depth. The team never entered the preschool building. Several turtles and other animal remains were found.

March 6, 1985  Judy Johnson was put on 72 hour watch at a hospital. She is released with no diagnosis of any mental disorder.

April 29, 1985  An increasing number of suspected perpetrators have been probed by detectives since September of 1984. Fifty additional individuals are placed under investigation. A special elite task force consisting of 21 detectives and prosecutors is formed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department by Chief Sherman Block and headed by Lieutenant Richard Wiley to look at these and other "uncharged suspects". Investigations of 5 preschools in the area are not expected to produce any arrests for over a year.
"Under the current legal system, we cannot file criminal actions because of their age and inability to qualify in a court system," states Wiley.

May 18, 1985  Governor signs SB48 giving judges the discretion to use closed circuit testimony for child victims of sexual abuse. This law years later passes the Supreme Court and becomes national law.

June 11, 1985  Judge Bobb rules that child witnesses will not be allowed to use the new statute allowing child victims of abuse to testify over closed circuit TV. The prosecution immediately announced that it would not call any of its remaining witnesses. Only 5 of those 28 were willing to testify at all and then only by way of closed circuit TV. Six other witnesses dropped out because Rubin said they could not withstand even the protective TV procedure. The remaining 16 witnesses had been withdrawn by their parents after they saw the effects of lengthy cross-examination on the early witnesses. This reduces the number of witnesses from 43 to 13 and, as a result, the reduces the number of counts.

June 14, 1985  Prosecutors add an additional 50 counts raising the number to 241 counts.
January, 1986  Prosecutor Glenn Stevens is ordered to hand in his resignation form the District Attorney's office after he is caught lying to his superiors about leaking information to the media.

January 9, 1986  Judge Aviva Bobb orders all 7 defendants to Superior Court trial with 135 counts of molestation and conspiracy. Thirteen of the 41 child original witnesses remain. The cost of the 18 month hearing was estimated at $4 Million. The indictment had been 115 counts. Ultimately 20 counts were added.

January 17, 1986  Before the case is assigned to a trial judge and after loosing 28 witnesses because of brutal defense tactics during the pretrial weakened the case, District Attorney Ira Reiner decides to drop charges against five of the seven defendants. Reiner tells parents that Betty Raidor has enough remaining counts to face trial,but says he thinks she would not fit in prosecuting mother and son,
Peggy and Ray Buckey . The two are prosecuted on 79 counts and 20 counts, respectively, of child sexual abuse.

January 23, 1986  Peggy Buckey is released on $295,000 bail after bail is reduced from $495,000.

August, 1986  Former prosecutor Glenn Stevens contracts with screenwriter Abby Mann to do a book and a movie in which he would be portrayed as an ambitious attorney whose conscious got the better of him. Voluminous transcripts of Steven's taped interviews at Mann's Beverly Hills Mansion were transcribed. Stevens accuses Rubin of being a liar and DA Philibosian of playing up the publicity. Mann goes to the defense and asks to be hired as an investigator so the information can be included in the trial. The trial stops while these allegations are reviewed. Stevens also jokes about Judy's dog being sodomized and says she is a "banana boat." Judy was never diagnosed with any mental illness despite having been on a 72 hour watch at UCLA County Hospital. Eventually, Mann produces the information he gathers from the McMartins and defense attorneys into the movie `Indictment.'

December 19, 1986  Judy Johnson is found dead at 2:45 pm in her Manhattan Beach house by police after concerned neighbors called. Judy died before having a chance to testify at the trial.

April 20, 1987  Jury selection for the Superior court trial begins. Ray Buckey and his mother Peggy face 100 counts. 99 counts of child molestation and 1 count of conspiracy.

January 13, 1987  Opening statements begin.

July 29, 1987  First parent testifies.

July 14, 1987  Opening statements in the first McMartin Preschool trial.

August, 1987  The first victim, a girl now age 12, takes the stand as a witness for the prosecution.

October 12, 1987  Judge Pounders dismisses 27 of the 100 counts. Some parents, again refuse to let their children testify under adverse conditions.

December 10, 1987  Retired former police investigator Paul Bynum is
called to testify at the trial by prosecutor Lael Rubin. The morning he was to appear, a juror's home was burglarized and Bynum's testimony was rescheduled for the next morning. Bynum was found dead by his wife at 5:45 that morning, shot in the head by a .38 caliber pistol.
Bynum had conducted the first search for evidence at the preschool site in 1984 at the request of Ray Buckey. "None of the half dozen people questioned who were close to Bynum could think of any reason why his involvement in the case might have driven him to suicide," reported Kevin Cody of the Easy Reader in Manhattan Beach. "Paul was kind of a worrier," said Stephen Kay, a deputy district attorney and friend of the Bynum family, "but there was no hint of suicide. He was very upbeat about his wife and new daughter, both of whom he adored."

October 19, 1988  The defense opens its case after 61 witnesses have finished testifying for the prosecution.

December, 1988  Paul and Shirley Eberle, prolific pornographers of the 1970s and editors of the pornographic tabloid, LA Star, publish The Abuse of Innocence," Their version of the trial thus far.

February 15, 1989  Ray Buckey is released from jail on $1.5 million

February, 1989  Ray Buckey is released on bail after spending five years in jail.

May 16, 1989  Peggy Buckey takes the stand in her own defense and vigorously denies all allegations.

July 26, 1989  Ray Buckey takes the stand and denies he molested children.

July 27, 1989   Danny Davis, Ray Buckey's attorney tops the list as the highest paid court appointed attorney at $509,340.00 for the 1986-87 fiscal year.

November 2, 1990  Jurors begin deliberations.

January 18, 1990  The jury returns its verdict in the first McMartin trial. Peggy and Ray Buckey are acquitted on 52 counts.  The jury deadlocks on 13 counts, all against Ray Buckey.The jurors are polled and say they believe molestation took place at the preschool but that the prosecution did not prove the case. The expressed disappointment at not hearing more from the children.

January (late) 1990  District Attorney Reiner announces that he will retry Ray Buckey on eight of the 13 counts involving three girls.

February 5, 1990  Deputy District Attorneys Joe Martinez and Pam Ferraro are assigned to the case. Incredibly, after the trial, it is discovered that Pam Ferraro was a former student of the McMartin Preschool. Photographs of her sitting on Peggy Buckey's lap reading a book, sitting at a table with Peggy, Virginia and several of other students as well as a McMartin preschool class picture including Peggy and Virginia.

April May, 1990   Tunnels are found under the foundation of the McMartin preschool building by a team of Archaeologists headed by Dr. Gary Stickel. Ground Penetrating Radar recently developed by the U.S. Army is used to define the location of anomalies under ground. Three segments of tunnel, one over 45 feet in length with a 9' x 9' room area are found exactly where the children said they were. District Attorney does not use the evidence because of time and money constraints and the fact that they would have to start a new investigation of their own at the site as they did in 1985. The discoveries are widely reported in the news.

May 30, 1990  With the entire team of archaeologists, geologists still uncovering evidence of filled in tunnels, the McMartin Preschool is demolished by a bulldozer ordered by the new owner, developer, Arnold Goldstein. Final cost of the archaeological project, paid for by parents and donations, exceeds $53,000.

June 8, 1990  83 year old Virginia McMartin takes the stand at her grandson's retrial and after only 10 minutes and several outbursts in front of the jury, testimony is halted. A year earlier when she testified in front of Judge Pounders her testimony ended in the same outrageous manner. Judge Pounders had threatened to have her jailed, but later declared her medically infirm.
July 2-3, 1990  Lawyers present closing arguments.

July 27, 1990  On their 15th day of deliberations, the jury tells the judge they are hopelessly deadlocked on all 8 counts. The judge declares a mistrial.  Juror L.I., a 64 year old treasury department employee said "I don't know how you could get 12 people to be unanimous in this case. There are too many unanswered questions. Too much time has passed."
Again because of money and time constraints, DA Ira Reiner decides not to ask for a third trial of Ray Buckey.  The first two prosecutions have consumed over $15 million and seven years of court time. He is under tremendous political pressure because he has failed in prosecuting the case.

May, 1991  Parent is ordered to pay one dollar each to McMartin defendants after they sue him for defamation of character.They had asked for $500,000 each.

1995  Virginia McMartin dies at age 88.  HBO shows a docudrama,  "The Indictment," written by McMartin sympathizer Abby Mann and starring James Wood. The McMartins are paid over $75.000 each for their version of the story. Mann wins an award for his work. Oliver Stone had originally backed the project but minimized his involvement after public outrage.

1996  Single mom, Jackie M. who saw the archaeological investigation of the school site to its conclusion commissions the archaeologist, Dr. E. Gary Stickel to write a formal report. All other professionals involved cooperate in gathering facts and assisting Dr. Stickel in composing a formal report.

1998  Formal report of the Archaeological Investigation at the McMartin Preschool is completed at the cost of $3,000. Jackie and the archaeologist present the findings at the APSAC (American Professional Society Against Abuse of Children)

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Ted Gunderson & The McMartin Preschool Case of Satanic Ritual Abuse: THE REAL STORY

Along with documents recently released by the FBI on The Finders, they have also released information on the McMartin Preschool case. But the real story, the truth and the facts, have not been exposed, at least not by the FBI. (No surprise.)

Jackie McGauley is the mother of one of the children who attended McMartin, and the primary whistleblower who exposed the heinous crimes against children.

Jackie contacted me after reading some of my public reports exposing Ted Gunderson (2002). She sent me documents (many of which I still have in an evidence file, at least those which were not stolen in black bag jobs/home invasions.)

I have reproduced some documents here, along with witness testimony from Jackie McGauley and others.

Ted Gunderson attempted to claim credit for all aspects of the McMartin case, and touted it in mainstream media and on his resume. In fact, it was Jackie who worked the case, paid most of the expenses, through donations she raised, and publicized it, as a mother and also as a journalist.

Gunderson, the carpet bagger, got all the credit. And yet, the perpetrators got away with it, as they always seem to do when Gunderson is involved in a case. I've observed the same pattern operating time and again, over a period of decades.

Gunderson is hailed as a hero, but the victims get no justice.

Barbara Hartwell
November 15, 2019


FYI: This report comes from Jackie McGauley, the primary whistleblower in the McMartin Preschool case. The Ex-FBI agent mentioned here is Ted L. Gunderson, former Senior SAC of the Los Angeles office.

I have spent many hours hearing Jackie's tesitmony via phone conversations and have studied many of the documents relating to the case. I have also done radio programs with Jackie, for the purpose of exposing Ted L. Gunderson's illegal activities, based on my personal knowledge as another person who had been hoodwinked by Gunderson during a three year period of working with him professionally (1997-2000).

For those concerned about the abuse of children by satanist elements in the gov't and their cronies (and I think EVERYONE should be, whether a parent or not) this case reveals the brutal truth about the extensive network of pedophiles, child pornography and prostitution --the victimization of innocent children by criminals who act with impunity to commit and cover up atrocities. It's high time these evil-doers are EXPOSED, arrested and jailed for their crimes against God and humanity.


"My daughter attended the McMartin Preschool 20 years ago. She was 2 and a half. She is now 22.

In the Spring of 1990 a group of parents gained access to the preschool property and decided to look for tunnels the children had described. Many children said they were taken into tunnels under the school, abused, and transported away from the property into the community.

I still live here in Manhattan Beach. There were hundreds of families who filed police reports and 42 families whose children were chosen to testify. I hired an archaeologist and he and his team uncovered 3 sections of tunnels directly under the preschool building foundation. The fact that tunnels were found was reported in the news.

A year later I commissioned a formal report. I arranged to pay the archaeologist $3,000 to write the formal report, $1000 in donations, $1000 from Gloria Steinam and $1,000 from me. I contacted many publishers. No one would publish it.

Technology has changed since then and publishing is not the major expense it used to be. I have had copies made at my own expense and sent them out on request, but I cannot do this on a large scale. I am disabled and have no other income than Social Security. I had to file bankruptcy in 1993 because of a carpetbagger X FBI con man [Ted Gunderson] who embezzled $30,000 from me.

Since then the group False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) has said "there are no tunnels." This false statement is repeated often by anyone researching the trial.


Hundreds of children are being called liars. This untruth is used DAILY to "prove" children are simply LIARS. It is used to set pedophiles free!

Sadistic (ritual) abuse DID happen at the McMartin Preschool!

If you are a parent or someone who cares about the safety of children, please contact me about getting this report published! I don't want to make money on this. I just want the truth out there!!!  Please copy this plea and distribute it widely.

Thank you for your help!

Jackie McGauley"


[I have not given the name of this correspondent to protect her privacy. BH]

"This would be of interest to anyone interested in ritual/sexual abuse of children and associated cover up, and also anyone who knows or knows about Ted Gunderson.


This is for anyone who has any interest in the McMartin daycare ritual abuse case.

I've been in touch with Jackie MacGauley, the writer of the E-mail below, for years. She appears credible and sane, and others - including investigators and journalists - have vouched for her credibility to me.

The ex-FBI agent she mentions below, really did a number on her. At the time, she was the most outspoken of the parents of the McMartin victims. That seemed to make her the enemy's #1 target.

In record time, Ted Gunderson romanced her, moved in to live with her, accessed all her documentation about the case, bilked her out of money (bankrupting her). And then, after he moved out, he told everyone who would listen to him that Jackie was crazy. (She became physically ill as a result of the tremendous stress he put her through.)

But Ted didn't stop there. He then published his version of the archaeological report, insisting (as he still does) that HE authorized and oversaw it. He did not. Jackie did. But who is going to believe a "crazy" mother over a respected ex-FBI agent who claims to be an advocate for ritual abuse victims?

I have tremendous respect for Jackie. She could have fought back dirty. God knows I wouldn't have begrudged her the right to do so. But instead, she took the high road and kept to her original mission, to fight for the credibility of the victimized children - who are now adults.
For whatever reasons, Ted Gunderson appears to be a serial predator. He has romanced and bankrupted at least 2 other women (they both contacted me, with outside verifications of their stories.) Each woman had also tried to speak out about the reality of ritual abuse. I helped another potential victim free from his control after that.

Unfortunately, there is another outspoken survivor who he is bilking and controlling to the max, using her to spread his disinformation (e.g., encouraging the victim to believe that the people who hurt and used her are "lizard aliens" who morph into human form. And of course, those lizard aliens rule our world from behind the scenes. Whatever. This stuff gets really crazy sometimes.)

There are at least 3 other "ex"-intelligence officers who are preying on outspoken female survivors and pro-survivors in similar ways, and are verified business partners with him. Two of them befriended and betrayed me, although they did not romance me. These women not only went through original hell - either their own or that of their children - they then were horribly revictimized BECAUSE they dared to speak out. And on top of all that, their (and our) credibility was torn to shreds by FMSF [False Memory Syndrome Foundation] spokespersons, most of whom - we can now prove - have had very questionable, if not downright dirty, motives for making their claims."


"Ted stole the body of his work from me. I got documents from journalists in exchange for my interviews. I got ALL of the material on Michael Aquino and Anton Lavey from Ivan Sharpe of the San Francisco Chronicle. He got them from Anton and Aquino.

Ted stole the files when he was sharing my house-the place where he embezzled $30,000 from me.

He got his information about Aleister Crowley from me in conversations about what I had read. I confirmed with his ex-wife Jocelyn that Ted does not read books or know how to use a computer.

All that crap about how great he is, is written by his "Associates." [Ken Aadachi & Co.]

Ted met Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor, Noreen Gosch, and many others through me. No professionals that I worked with during that time would have anything to do with Ted, in fact they warned me to get away from him.

I let him stay because he had gotten me in debt and I was determined to make him pay me back."


"I have made it clear that Ted had NOTHING to do with my case, and has no authorization to put it on his resume much less give speeches claiming he was hired by anyone-or that he spent any of "his own" money on the investigation. This would be an excellent place for me and others to serve him with a subpoena for the money he stole from me and Mrs. Homer Young, and Lillian Madsen and Mary Scheibe, and many others as all of Ted's addressees are either mail box drops or other people's homes.

I own it because I commissioned the report [tunnel report] and the entire project. gunderson was there-like a leech on a vein, but he was NEVER HIRED OR INVOLVED IN ANY OFFICIAL CAPACITY-AT ALL in my case.
He embezzled $30,000 from me and my children. And now he continues to travel around the country conning and bilking people.

See his schlock website put on the web by Clarence Malcolm, convicted of counterfeiting $100 bills in Bellflower, CA and now on the lam for other criminal charges. is no longer on line because THAT webmaster [Christopher Jones] is in prison for molesting young boys.

The people who are ted's detractors [Barbara Hartwell was mentioned as such a detractor] are so because they KNOW him and follow his trail of deceit and cons. We don't go out of our way to follow this crook, people come to us. I'll never see my money again but he continues to steal from victims and little old ladies. For documentation to prove this contact me."

There is much more to this story, backed by the testimony of numerous witnesses, as well as documentation, including letters and e-mails exchanged among journalists, investigators and victims.

I am especially concerned that the truth be known, as increasing numbers of people, many of whom call themselves "targeted individuals", are promoting an affidavit written by Ted Gunderson (2011) as if it were the Holy Grail. Some of these same people (who in my opinion are frauds) run groups claiming to be advocates for targeted individuals and are exploiting this affidavit, falsely believing it gives them credibility.

Some of these same individuals are publishing defamatory falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell, seemingly because I have exposed Ted Gunderson, and/or because they believe the outrageous lies Gunderson and his cronies and minions had been promoting about me for decades, as retaliation for exposing their criminal activities.

Also see:

Chronology of the McMartin Preschool Abuse Trials


Ted Gunderson & The Finders


McMartin Whistleblower Jackie McGauley Responds to Ken Adachi re Ted Gunderson


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