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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drinking from the Cup of Demons, Casting Your Vote for Evil

You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord's table and of the table of demons.
1 Corinthians 10:21
Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?
2 Corinthians 6:14
Come out from among them,
And be separate says the Lord.
Do not touch what is unclean,
And I will receive you.
I will be a Father to you,
And you shall be my sons and daughters,
Says the LORD Almighty.
Romans 8:14
Drinking from the Cup of Demons, Casting Your Vote for Evil
On Saturday, October 27, I was a guest on TRUTH TALK NEWS, hosted by Howard Nema. Our topics for discussion were COINTELPRO & controlled opposition in the "alternative media". We also discussed the importance of standing up for Individual Liberty, God-given Unalienable Rights, as protected and guaranteed under the Constitution, with NO COMPROMISES.
The show was live, for a total of 3 hours, of which I participated for the first 2 hours. Next morning, I went online to check to see if the show had been posted. Only 26 minutes of the 3 hour program was there and I knew right away that it was a case of  The Government Hackers Strike Again!
In fact, the first time Howard ever invited me on his show for an interview, the saboteurs not only hacked the show, but also destroyed Howard's video camera, at a loss of $2,000 of Howard's hard-earned money!
During this particular show we had some "technical difficulties", but nonetheless, the broadcast was heard live. However (as has happened countless times during my interviews on various networks) Howard informed me that more than 3/4 of the program had NOT been recorded (or possibly, was 'wiped' after the fact.)
Saturday October 27
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So we decided, rather than let this act of malicious sabotage achieve its purpose, to do another show on Sunday, covering the same basic topics. There was no way we could duplicate the previous show (it having been one of the best of our collaborations), but we still managed to record one and a half hours.
Sunday October 28
Click here:
To make sure that at least some of the subject matter we covered is memorialized in print here's a list, with additional commentary on related issues.
Speaking for myself, I do not vote; that is my prerogative and I have my own reasons. I am not a member of any political party, nor ever have been. However, I do not tell others that they "should not" vote, as it's not my place.  And yet I have been accosted with unsolicited advice for many years when the subject is brought up: "That's irresponsible!" Or, "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain." Even, "Shame on you!"
My answer is always the same:
1) My first responsibility as far as the government goes, is to defend my God-given rights against any and all incursions by evildoers (In case you haven't noticed, the government is chock-full of evildoers.)  I know beyond a shadow of doubt that MY rights are bestowed by God Almighty, NOT by the government; what's more, my God-given rights preexisted the founding of this country, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The ONLY "irresponsibility" that will take place is by those who fail to respect the rights of the Individual.
2) I certainly do have the right to "complain", in each and every case where any person or entity (inside government or otherwise) violates my rights or infringes on my Liberty. But I will do far more than complain, I will fight back with everything I have!
And no matter who sits in the White House, that individual is bound by an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, "so help me God". Do they honor their oath? Absolutely not, and anyone whose rights are violated has not only "the right to complain", they have the right to DEMAND accountability from these criminals, for that is what they are.
3) And the only "shame", as far as I can see, is when people will vote for "the lesser of two evils", in the false belief that there is any honor at all in such a position. Evil is evil and the very idea of a "lesser" evil is absurd. Voting for a "lesser" evil is still a compromise with evil, no matter how they may try to justify it.
When faced with two evildoers, in point of fact, two criminals, such as Obama (aka Soetoro) and Romney, any vote for either one is casting a vote for evil.
For those who do vote, they can still do so without compromising with evil or violating any principles.  A person of integrity can write the name of  anyone they choose on a paper ballot. Thus, they have cast their vote AGAINST evil.
Howard and I talked about the tyranny of TSA, part of the behemoth Department of Homeland Security. I have boycotted all commercial airlines since 9/11/01 and so has Howard. I know a number of individuals who have also made a firm decision NOT to fly on any commercial airlines since the advent of the TSA violators and their high-tech anti-personnel weaponry, deployed against the American people. And they've kept their principles intact. If they want to travel, they find another way.
We REFUSE to be groped or irradiated. We REFUSE the hostile interrogations and the monstrous  invasions of privacy. No self-respecting person, no true defender of Liberty will submit to such outrages.
All kinds of people, even those who claim to be "patriots", give abundant lip service to "fighting TSA tyranny". They send out e-mails, post articles and talk 'til they're blue in the face. They keep talking the talk alright, but they're still giving their business to commercial airlines. They're still submitting to the indignities and the tyranny.
And none of their talking will accomplish a damn thing! Each and every time someone submits to the tyrants, they are making the statement: Yes, we will submit to evil. By doing so, they are casting their vote for evil, they are drinking from the cup of demons. And they have only themselves to blame when the tyranny expands, as more like-minded people continue to submit.
If everyone REFUSED to traffick with tyrants, to cast their vote for evil, to drink from the cup of demons, the tyrants (and their demonic minions at TSA) would be OUT OF BUSINESS in the blink of an eye.
The United Nations has one overarching purpose: To lock down a New World Order, a globalist totalitarian government, a One World Police State where God-given Unalienable Individual Rights and Liberties are expunged and replaced by collectivist-utopian-secular humanist/New Age "ideals". 
So why then, would any real American give these godless evildoers the time of day? Why would anyone draft a petition "appealing" to the United Nations, for human rights violations (including those perpetrated by the U.S. Government?) Why would they sit at this table of demons?
And yet, there are those who, while vociferously decrying and protesting human rights violations, are voluntarily submitting to the non-existent "authority" of these tyrants!
The only answer is to BOYCOTT these bastards. And get the U.S. the hell OUT of the United Nations.
For over twelve (12) years a demon named Ken Adachi has been running a massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, mostly from his website, 'Educate-Yourself'. Adachi functioned for years as the primary PR shill for the late COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson. Adachi's website is a toxic blend of government-sponsored disinformation and New Age/occultist gobbeldygook. Adachi is also a charlatan who manufactures and sells all kinds of weird gizmos and gadgets, for which he has been cited by numerous watchdog organizations for "health fraud", "mail fraud" and ripping off the public.
Unfortunately for his Targets, Adachi's website gets a high volume of traffic, and apparently many ignorant people who lack the most basic discernment have believed Adachi's voluminous lies.
The consequences of these hideous lies to Adachi's primary Target, Barbara Hartwell, have been nothing short of devastating. The damages are extreme and severe and continue with no end in sight.
Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau) also engages in monstrous invasions of privacy against Targets, most notably Barbara Hartwell. He has posted my UNLISTED PRIVATE street address (via his criminal accomplices, Todd Brendan Fahey and Timothy Patrick White) on his website, in conjunction with the lies. As a direct result, my property has been invaded and crimes of theft and vandalism have occurred. 
Howard Nema is just one of many talk show hosts who has taken note of the many outrageous lies promoted by Adachi, and has decided, in good conscience, to do something about it. Howard has also been targeted for harassment and libel/slander by Adachi's longtime accomplice, Tim White, predicate felon, fed snitch, psycho-stalker and attack dog for the Gunderson criminal cabal, containment operation and protection racket.
We will be doing more broadcasts in the near future, exposing these criminals, shills and stooges who are wreaking havoc in the lives of legitimate whistleblowers and journalists. And I thank Howard for his support.
Hacking the broadcasts on which I appear as a guest is one way to stop people from hearing the information I expose. Another method is to censor my work and thereby stop people from reading my website.
A few days ago I got a call from my friend Geral Sosbee, ex-FBI whistleblower, who is also a Target of the COINTELPRO disinformers such as Ken Adachi.
Geral told me that when he went to the local Marriott Hotel to use a computer, he found that my website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA, had been blocked by the devices used to censor certain material.
When I asked why? Geral told me that a notice came up on the screen, citing my website as using the word: "Jew-hater".
Well, that's right. I do use the word "Jew-hater". How else could I possibly expose the truth about the bigots and racists who are running amok with their Nazi ideology? What other language am I expected to use?
I am personally NOT any kind of "Jew-hater", quite the contrary, and yet I am being penalized for simply exposing the facts about those who are, and warning the public about their hate-propaganda campaigns!
How utterly idiotic is this?
The same applies to other censors who have decided to block my website because of the content of "Violence". Yes, I expose that too --violence perpetrated by evildoers, many of whom work for the U.S. Government. But I myself am not promoting violence, rather, I am trying to STOP it, again by warning the public about terror and torture programs and the wars of aggression against the American people by their own goverment!
So please, I would ask anyone who has a similar experience when trying to access my website, to register your protest against this censorship. Tell them you will not frequent any establishment which has such policies of censorship and DENYING ACCESS TO TRUTH.
And for those who truly care about TRUTH, who call themselves American Patriots, Defenders of Liberty & God-given Unalienable Rights, Crusaders for Justice, please, think long and hard before you cast your vote for evil, sit at the table of demons, or drink from their vile cup.
Choose this day whom you will serve.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Servant of Almighty God
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
October 31, 2012 
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Maine 04064
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Thursday, October 25, 2012


There has been a serious problem in formatting in my last report: Part 2 Trafficking with the Devil.
My computer skills are limited and though I've tried repeatedly to fix the problem, the text is running off the side of the page.
I have NO IDEA what has gone wrong, and don't have any more time to try to fix it, so I've left it as is for now.
If you have trouble reading this report on Windows Explorer, please try the Firefox browser, as the problem did not appear on that, at least not for me.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Old Orchard Beach
Maine 04064
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trafficking with the Devil

"Barbara Hartwell lives in the same viper's pit that spawned Stew Webb. For more than a decade, Hartwell has slandered, libeled, and defamed the good name of Ted Gunderson as egregiously as Stew Webb has. In fact, they have often posted articles together, complimenting each other, while slandering Ted with one outrageous lie and another. They both deserve the public's strongest repudiation and condemnation. They truly are the lowest of the low."

--Ken Adachi, publisher of 'Educate-Yourself' website (September 22, 2012)

Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau), a government stooge, liar-for-hire and minion of the late COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson, has been running a massive libel/slander campaign against Barbara Hartwell for over a dozen years (note his latest libelous falsehoods quoted above.) In fact, Adachi has dedicated a special section of his website to libeling Barbara Hartwell, which he calls: "Barbara Hartwell Founder and CEO of Liars, Inc." Adachi has also carpet-bombed the Internet with his trash, posting his malicious lies against Hartwell, whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

Unfortunately for the Targets of Adachi's smear campaigns, his website gets a high volume of traffic (of which he regularly boasts), and the Google Gestapo certainly aids and abets him and his accomplices by their complicity in featuring Adachi's trash postings among the top listings, even those which are many years old, at the expense of the legitimate journalists  and government whistleblowers who are Targets of Adachi's vile attacks.

Contrary to Adachi's claim that I have been "libeling", "slandering" and "defaming" Ted Gunderson, what I have actually done is EXPOSE THE TRUTH (along with plenty of evidence) about the malfeasance, crimes, cover-ups and scams of Ted Gunderson and his cronies; his unconscionable abuses of power and authority, both while inside the FBI and after his official retirement, which I had learned from my own experience in my extensive dealings with Gunderson, first as a personal friend/professional colleague (1997-2000), and later as an adversary, after I broke off my association with him, in good conscience, and for good cause. Furthermore, my reports are often backed up with evidence from other trustworthy sources, including former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee, who also had firsthand experience with Gunderson's corruption, while both were still inside the FBI. I can also guarantee that I knew Ted Gunderson a hell of a lot better than Adachi ever did.

[See my many reports on this site for a comprehensive overview of the activities of this criminal cabal, plus many of the gory details.]

Ken Adachi, at the original and specific direction of Crime Boss Ted Gunderson, has, for the past dozen years, simply parroted the many outrageous lies fabricated for the purpose of discredting (and ultimately neutralizing) Barbara Hartwell, the primary lie being that I am a "CIA disinfo agent". And Adachi is still at it, with no end in sight...

Now, to Adachi's other "sources": they are invariably scum criminals, pathological liars, porno freaks, charlatans, and his fellow stooges, most throwbacks in thrall to the Gunderson Protection Racket, and all with an axe to grind or a hideous agenda to protect at the expense of legitimate government whistleblowers and journalists who are expositors of crimes, corruption and coverups. I am only one such Target, but it seems that according to this crew of loathsome liars (for evidence, just see the prolific smears on Ken Adachi's site), I am deemed PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE.

Adachi also promotes these "sources" in and of themselves, posting articles they have written, or forwarded to him, and which have become permanent features archived on his website. It is important to state that these "sources" hide behind multiple pseudonyms, aliases and screen names (just as "Adachi" --not his real name-- does), in their abject cowardice and complete lack of scruples, making it nearly impossible to effectively file civil or criminal charges against them; in fact, a person could go bankrupt in attempting even to file a civil lawsuit against these perps; some persons who have tried were faced with financial ruin.

Among these "sources" are predicate felon, fed snitch, psycho-stalker, extortionist, Timothy Patrick White; blackmailer, identity thief, forger, psycho-stalker, Todd Brendan Fahey; grifter, psycho-stalker, Busybody-from-Hell, Pamela Schuffert, and other criminal stalkers and psychopaths such as Brenda Negri and Larry Lawson. Others Adachi promotes include shills, con artists, charlatans and malicious liars, like Don Nicoloff, Alex Jones, Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, Alma Ott, Doug Millar, Rayelan Allan...and on and on in this vein. Then, there are other government stooges who parrot and post Adachi's voluminous lies, along with their own idiotic speculation and fabrications, such as Alex Studer (lackey of A. "True" Ott), James F. Marino and Craig Oxley --and this is only the short list.


But there is another issue here, one that after much deliberation, I find it necessary to address. Note that Adachi, while running his hideous libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, later adding certain of my associates, including ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, (all of whom, "coincidentally" have exposed Ted Gunderson as COINTELPRO) is strangely enough, promoting Janet Phelan, in a permanent section as a feature, which has been prominently displayed, front and center page of his website, since 2007.

SOURCE: Water Supply Sabotage

From Ken Adachi
June 19, 2007

Janet Phalen has been trying to get out this story for over three years. Her first expose on water supply sabotage was titled "Public Extermination Project" ( Simply stated, cities such as Los Angeles are installing special valves and extra delivery piping into residential water supply systems. If you read Janet's first expose story, you will see how thoroughly the operation is being concealed and held in secrecy under a hush, hush "Homeland Security" cover. Her more recent story linked below includes more info and photos not seen in the earlier expose. I do not doubt the story she is trying to get out. It fits perfectly with the overall Illuminati depopulation agenda, especially their intent to depopulate America, the biggest stumbling block to the installation of a One World government. .

You have no idea what Janet has gone through in the past 3 years and the difficult conditions she has tried to survive through! That could be a book in and of itself.
I've saw a great deal of roads adjacent to residential homes being torn up and new water piping being installed all around Irvine California in 2005 and 2006. Practically every major street throughout Irvine had new piping installed. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Water as a Weapon by Janet Phalen May 4, 2007

"You have no idea what Janet has gone through in the past 3 years and the difficult conditions she has tried to survive through! That could be a book in and of itself."

Dead wrong, Adachi.  I DO have much more than just an "idea" of what Janet Phelan has gone through, because she has confided in me, a confidence I never once violated, and never will. What's more, I have supported her as best I could, including by posting many of her articles on my website. But how could Ken Adachi possibly know anything about what Janet Phelan has gone through?, since to my knowledge she has not made most of it public. That is a question for which I have no answer. 

As to the reasons I am addressing this issue, I should first explain that a few months ago, a serious disagreement arose between me and Janet Phelan, one that could not be resolved, at least from my perspective, speaking strictly for myself.

I have always been aware of certain differences, at least in political views, between me and Janet. For instance, I do not acknowledge any authority or jurisdiction of the United Nations. The UN is NOT a constitutionally lawful entity, and it threatens the sovereignty of these United States --which is exactly the point of its existence.  The UN has absolutely no business meddling in the affairs of these United States, in any way, shape or form. Nor would I personally ever traffick with such a clearly communist, globalist totalitarian entity.

Years back, I had a number of run-ins with people from the U.N. who tried to sabotage my work, but that is a story for another time...

When it comes to God-given unalienable individual rights, as protected and guaranteed under the Constitution, I take the hard line, with no compromises, always have, always will. And although there are other issues, bascially along the same lines ("leftist politics", secular humanism, etc.) on which I have never agreed with Janet's general views, I never had a problem simply "agreeing to disagree"; that is, as long as my individual rights, including privacy, and my clearly delineated  personal boundaries were respected.

I don't have to be in total agreement on every single issue with every person in order to maintain an association/friendship. If I did, I can guarantee I would have no friends at all! But I do expect that my friends will respect my fundamental rights, and my personal boundaries, as determined by me, just as I respect theirs.

I'll say up front that this particular disagreement, although it ended a longtime professional  association and friendship between Janet and me, due to what I can only call "irreconcilable differences", has not changed my view of the general validity of Janet's work, nor do I hold any animosity against her in my heart, regardless of any and all disagreements we may have. I wish her well, as I always will.

However, I cannot just sweep certain issues under the carpet, especially when they involve what are, to me, the most important principles on which my work, and my entire life, are based. For me, certain principles I hold, and certain policies to which I adhere, are non-negotiable and not subject to compromise.

More on that in a moment, but first some questions which may arise in the mind of the Reader:

Why would Ken Adachi be promoting Janet Phelan? Does he not know that (aside from being a longtime close associate/friend of Barbara Hartwell, who is, according to Adachi, "the lowest of the low"), that Janet Phelan herself has exposed Ted Gunderson? That in fact, she has publicly stated that Ted Gunderson attempted to murder her?



Targeted for Murder


Ted Gunderson's Attempted Murder of Journalist Janet Phelan


“I was in Santa Monica, on the streets, following the police assault on my person on January 3, 2003.  I had made a personal decision that I was not going to let my external circumstances (homelessness) impact my work. I was hard at work on the first story about the planned use of water as a weapon against the citizens of the U.S. The situation surrounding me, the negative attention by the government which had launched the assault, was beginning to amp up again.

I was in touch with some people in the 911 Truth movement and someone suggested I contact Refuse and Resist, another activist group. The guy from R and R told me I needed to make contact with someone named Ted Gunderson, that he would help me. My life was in danger, Sherri.

I had never heard of Ted Gunderson but I went ahead and called him.  He told me he was ex-FBI, but that he was one of the "good guys."  He said he would come out to Santa Monica and pick me up and bring me to safety, back to his home in Las Vegas. He told me I was in grave danger.

I was a little nervous about his FBI history and told him I wanted to check him out. I asked him to wait a day or so until I got back to him. But within twenty four hours Gunderson was already in Santa Monica, searching for me.

We met up. I thought that it was probably a bad idea to go back to Vegas with him. Something told me the guy wasn't right.  But I was very, very curious and I put my trust in God that He would protect me and that I would learn from this experience.

When we got back to Vegas, to his condo which was on Royal Circle Drive, if I remember correctly, is when the covert assaults with chemical weapons began. There are a couple of ways to deploy these weapons, per my experience. One has to have physical contact with the substance and Gunderson laced the bucket seat I was sitting on, in his vehicle, with the chemical.

Curiously, the day before this happened, I was sitting in his study and he gave me some scratch paper to write on. On the back of the paper was Gunderson's report about another target, and in that report Gunderson stated that he  was aware that the government had chemicals which induced heart attacks. The other target had been stating that these chemicals had been used against him.  I asked Gunderson at that point what these chemicals were. He told me he couldn't remember what they were called.

He also laced my sheets with these. At the point of the second attack I left in great haste. Learning from the enemy is all very good and well but it had gotten too explicitly dangerous for me to stay there any longer.”

Read Janet Phelan’s encounter with Ted Gunderson’s employee, Tim White:

I was first approached by Tim White shortly after I began to appear on radio shows, discussing the water as a weapon project. We spoke on the phone and exchanged emails for a couple of months. He wanted me to move out to Denver, which was something I was not interested in doing. 

After a couple of months of contact, I became concerned that something was not quite right with Tim White. I severed contact with him. It was a bit later on, after I first posted something on the internet indicating that I had been targeted by Ted Gunderson, who had lured me to his home in Vegas for nefarious and deadly purposes, that I first began to be attacked by Tim White."

Now, can anyone actually believe that Ken Adachi does not know about this report, in which Janet Phelan, in her own words, exposes Ted Gunderson's attempt to murder her?

I find it a near impossibility that such a report has escaped his notice, especially since it was posted, with Janet's express permission, on two websites, those of Barbara Hartwell and Sherri Kane, who are also Targets of Adachi's libel campaigns, as well as Targets of Adachi's longtime accomplice, predicate felon Tim White.

And yet, Janet Phelan, rather than being attacked by Adachi, for the very same reasons he has attacked so many others, simply because they have told the truth about their experiences, exposed the results and evidence of their investigations, in regard to Ted Gunderson, is actually issuing favorable statements, and appears to be "sympathizing" with what Janet has "gone through". This, in the face of the machinations of  Ted Gunderson, who has actually ENGINEERED at least some of the atrocities visited upon her.

And let's not forget the ubiquitous presence of predicate felon, fed snitch, psycho-stalker Tim White, whom Janet also exposes in this report (as well as in a number of others she has published).  Targeted by Tim White for his criminal harassment/menacing, felony threatening, stalking, libel/slander, White was sicced on Janet Phelan by the very Ted Gunderson  whom Adachi so staunchly defends, come hell or high water.

So what in the bloody hell is going on here?

I can tell you one thing I know to be going on: that Ken Adachi is lying about the irrefutable fact (supported by reams of evidence from numerous sources) of Tim White's longterm involvement with Ted Gunderson, and that Gunderson exploited White for years as a lackey, Town Crier and messenger boy, as part of a "deal" White made for a get-out-of-jail-free card.  In fact, Tim White and Ken Adachi, for years, acted in collusion with a criminal conspiracy headed by Ted Gunderson, which included various COINTELPRO tactics (of which Ted Gunderson was a master).

But let me get to the point of all this, which speaks to the issues which were the source of the serious disagreement between me and Janet Phelan. The issues, at least for me, were "trafficking with the devil", and not recognizing the limits of my personal boundaries. Differences in political ideology are one thing, but when these differences lead to personal conflicts which negatively affect me, that is where I must draw the line. 

I was told by Janet Phelan that she had contacted Ken Adachi, some years ago, for the purpose of making complaints against Tim White, who was being promoted on Adachi's website, and in fact endorsed as a credible source by Adachi himself. Tim White's outrageous lies (many of which were fed to him by Ted Gunderson) about any number of people and subjects (including Barbara Hartwell) were prominently featured on Educate-Yourself, and in fact remain there in the archives to this day.

And more recently, I was told by Janet Phelan that Adachi had contacted her by telephone, for the purpose of getting information on Tim White, his former "associate".  Adachi has reversed his position on Tim White, whom he once vehemently defended against so-called "attacks" from Barbara Hartwell (which in fact were reports EXPOSING White's many crimes against persons), and supported him, including financially. Now, Adachi is hell-bent on "exposing" the evils of Tim White, ironically the same evils Adachi himself was (and still is) involved in.

During a telephone conversation with Janet Phelan earlier this year, I was stunned to hear that she actually told Ken Adachi that if he wanted information on Tim White, he could get it from Barbara Hartwell!  AS IF I would ever give the time of day to Ken Adachi, a scum criminal, a diabolical liar, an enemy who has wreaked havoc in my life for over a decade with his outrageous lies? Or AS IF Ken Adachi would consider anything on MY website of value, considering that he himself has been thoroughly exposed there, and in conjunction with Tim White as an accomplice?

Why mention my name, especially knowing what she did about Ken Adachi and his obsessive attempts to destroy my personal/professional reputation, for over a decade? Janet Phelan was very well aware of the massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, being waged by Ken Adachi, and the extreme damages he had done to my personal/professional reputation, to my livelihood, and my very life. I had also discussed the lies and crimes of Ken Adachi with Janet Phelan on many occasions. When I told her, "He's a very bad guy", her answer was, "I know."

So why then, was Janet Phelan trafficking with this devil, even bringing up my name, and yet never confronting Adachi with his outrageous lies, his egregious libel and slander against a person (namely me) who was supposed to be her friend? Also, never naming him as an accomplice (though she was well aware of this for years) of Ted Gunderson, whom she publicly stated had tried to murder her?

It is not my place to tell others (including my friends and associates) whom they should, or should not, be talking to, even if those persons are my worst enemies.  That is not my business and I respect the right of others to have dealings with whomever they choose. But the one thing I think I should be able to reasonably expect, is that MY NAME will not be brought up by my friends in discussions with these devils; and, that if my name is brought up by my enemies, that my friends will, out of respect for me, refuse to discuss me, not as much a word. As in: This topic is not open for discussion. This conversation is terminated. Case closed.

Then, there is the issue of why Janet Phelan would not protest that Ken Adachi is exploiting her material and her name and using it on his site. I have seen numerous examples where Janet has contacted editors/publishers of websites that were using her material, and lets them know, in no uncertain terms, that she wants it REMOVED. One such case was Rayelan Allan, publisher of Rumor Mill News.  Janet made a number of vehement complaints about her material being published on RMN, which were forwarded to me by Janet, including her complaints that Tim White was posting on another forum hosted by RMN, on which he was libeling Janet Phelan, (as well as Barbara Hartwell, which was not mentioned). 

In fact, I was given permission by Janet to publish a report on this, which I did, on this website, for the public record.

Knowing full well that Adachi is running a massive libel/slander campaign against Barbara Hartwell, one which in fact has resulted in extreme damages to me, why would she NOT make a similar complaint asking Adachi to REMOVE all references to her name? AS IF she accepts Adachi's "support" and promotion, without considering that maybe, "silence is consent"?


Earlier this year, I had been collaborating with Janet Phelan in doing a series of radio programs on the subject of Nazi propagandists and Jew-haters in the "patriot" movement. Speaking for myself, this has been an issue which I have addressed in my reports for many years, as I despise any form of racism or bigotry. I can't speak for Janet, but I do know that this issue is of great concern to her as well, especially considering that she has been attacked by these "white supremacists", simply for being "Jewish".

Janet and I appeared on at least half a dozen shows, covering this topic, until the time when the crucial disagreement put an end to our association.

In conjunction with these radio shows, I had published some reports on my website, describing the attacks on Janet and me which came from some of the Jew-hater/Nazis. (It should be noted that I am not Jewish, but address this subject on principle.) One such report described an attack on Janet while she was a guest on a radio program hosted by Mike Harris, on RBN. The subject was not "Jews", but rather conservatorships, which Janet had been investigating and covering in her articles and on radio programs. Janet was attacked simply for being "Jewish", not an uncommon event on RBN, where Jew-haters abound.

When I asked Janet, in a telephone conversation, what she thought of the report, I was told that there were a couple of issues to which she took exception. One was that I failed to use an exact phrase which she said was a quote from one of the callers who attacked her. Before I wrote the report, I insisted on hearing the program myself, as it is my policy not to comment on anything which I have not directly heard/read myself.  I try to avoid using hearsay, when possible, even if I consider the source credible, because it is my report, and it is my reputation on the line if I am inaccurate.

At my request, Janet provided me with the MP3 of the radio program. I listened to the entire program, and more specifically, more than once, to the portion where Janet was attacked by the Jew-hater caller. Since I did not hear the "exact phrase" cited by Janet, I did not include it in the report. As I told Janet, I may have missed it, but since I did not hear it myself, I was not about to use this quote, though I did use others which were clearly audible.

But there was also another issue which Janet made it clear she was very upset about. This being that I had listed some "decent  and honorable" talk show hosts (as opposed to the Jew-haters/Nazis) who had brought us on their programs to discuss the Jew-hater/Nazi propaganda and thanked them for the air time and opportunity. One such host I listed was a person with whom Janet Phelan had a "problem", which involved a private conflict, never made public, and which had nothing to do with me. I won't name him, as I see no reason.

But the fact that I listed this talk show host among the "decent and honorable", Janet took offense. I explained that I personally had no problem with this person, and that he had not publicly libeled or slandered Janet. But she then tried to compare my listing of this host ("promoting" him) to the actions of another individual, Chris Zucker, who had been promoting Ken Adachi on his website. Ken Adachi, the unrepentant liar and criminal perp who has been running a massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell for over a dozen years! And Chris Zucker, who aided and abetted that libel campaign by promoting him.  According to Janet, this was comparable to me "promoting" a talk show host with whom she had a private conflict.

I tried to explain that the two issues were not comparable, but I was told only that she "didn't want to argue about it", so I dropped it.

But I must state, for the record, that in my opinion, and by my standards, this is like comparing a sling-shot "attack" which takes place over the fence, in a private backyard, unobserved by anyone, to the dropping of Hellfire Missiles on a Target under a bright spotlight, who sustains massive injuries and damages.  There simply is no comparison! At least not by my way of thinking.

In any case, after this conversation with Janet, I decided to delete my report from my website, since I understood that Janet found at least parts of it offensive. She did not ask me to delete it, but I thought it best, as I was trying to respect her wishes, whether I agreed with her or not.


Michelle Wolven, another minion of corrupt corporate entities (such as Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia) and corrupt government agencies (including FDA) began her attacks of libel/slander on Barbara Hartwell, promoting outrageous falsehoods, after I appeared as a guest on Dr. Antonella Carpenter's radio program, The Medical Conspiracy. Wolven, who had been viciously attacking Dr. Carpenter and associates for years, later escalated her attacks on Barbara Hartwell by harassing known associates of mine, and by sending a libelous letter to the station manager of Orion Talk Radio, complaining that Barbara Hartwell was allowed as a guest on Dr, Carpenter's program.
Samples of Wolven's libel: 
"I am extremely concerned because they [Dr. Carpenter and Lase Med Inc.] have taken a crazy and dangerous turn in their tactics. That, having a fraudulent person claiming to be ex-CIA..."
"Ms. Carpenter has Barbara Hartwell coming on the Medical Conspiracy radio show now 4 or 5 times saying that she is now " MY ENEMY" because I am the enemy of Ms. Carpenter of Lase Med Inc."
In both cases, these demonic characters, Adachi and Wolven, have made a very PUBLIC spectacle with their scandalmongering in defaming the name of Barbara Hartwell --of which any and all associates, friends, colleagues of mine are well aware.
This report will continue in addressing the issues of respecting the privacy and personal boundaries of the Individual, when confronted with the malicious invasions, intrusions and assaults on any given Individual by evildoers such as Adachi and Wolven.
It will explore the difference between what is "private" and what is "public".
NOTE: In several separate attempts to post this report, the second part has failed to appear on the page correctly displayed. There has been a malfunction of unknown origin in formatting. So I will try to post the second part separately as Part 2. To be continued...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Letter from Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier

Greetings my relatives and friends, supporters!

I know I say this same line all the time but in reality you all are my relatives and I appreciate you. I cannot say that enough. Some of our people, as well as ourselves have decided to call today Indigenous Day instead of Columbus Day and it makes me really think about how many People who still celebrate Columbus, a cruel, mass murderer who on his last trip to the Americas, as I have read, was arrested by his own people for being too cruel. When you consider those kinds of cruelty against our People and his status, it makes you wonder to what level he had taken his cruelty. In all of this historical knowledge that is available people still want to celebrate and hold in high esteem this murderer.

If we were to celebrate Hitler Day, or Mussolini Day, or some other murderer and initiator of violence and genocide, there would be widespread condemnation.  It would be like celebrating Bush Day in Iraq. It's kind of sad to say that even mentioning Columbus in my comments gives him more recognition than he should have. So I agree wholeheartedly with all of you out there that have chosen to call this Indigenous Day. If I weren't Native American or as some of have come to say - Indigenous, I would still love our ways and cling to our ways and cherish our ways. I see our ways as the way to the future, for the world.  Where as I and others have said over and over, and our People before us, this earth is our Mother. This earth is life. And anything you take from the earth creates a debt that is to be paid back at some time in the future by someone.

In speaking of our ways I can't help but think of times that our sweat lodge that I feel that we could be anywhere, that we are with the Indigenous People, in that time, those moments in our prayers and in our hearts there is no distance between us. I am no longer in a prison in Florida. I can be on the prairie in South Dakota or in a lodge in British Columbia or in a lodge in South America. Or even with some of my children in a family lodge. We all need to be thankful for what we have but we cannot afford to forget what has been taken from us. There is no amount of freedom that I could personally receive that would be restitution enough for what they have taken from me.
But if in some way my incarceration and sacrifices for our People who came before me and throughout our Indigenous history serves as a pathway to a brighter future, a healthier earth, and for life of all mankind; if it would bring us together to be of one mind in protecting the future of our People, our children, and all the future generations upon the earth, then it will have been well worth it.

Indigenous Day should become a way of life that embraces all that promotes life and not just a few days out of the year. If you're standing or sitting or whatever with whoever lives around you, give your loved ones a hug for me. 
Guard your freedom zealously. Rescue Mother Earth where you can. Sweat often and know that this common man, Leonard Peltier, will always be with you in the struggle, one way or another.

May the Great Spirit bless you with the things you need and enough to share.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Osceola, Geronimo, Chief Seattle and all those many others who stood for what was right and tried to right what was wrong.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Leonard Peltier

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