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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Anatomy of Psy Ops: Witchcraft & Classic Torture

June, 2004

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.   

Galatians 6:7


I don't read Rumor Mill News much anymore. For the past year or so, the quality of content has been steadily and rapidly deteriorating. The overwhelming majority of the so-called "news agents" (both old and new) could not be defined as "journalists" by even the most lax of standards.

And what passes for "news"?....well, go take a look for yourself.

Typically, some dopey New Ager inquiring: "Does anyone feel spaced-out today?" Followed by a number of equally spaced-out responses, ruminating on the possibilites: The moon is shifting its position. Maybe outer-space aliens are beaming messages of spiritual enlightenment into their heads. Or maybe, the villains of "Faction 1" are assaulting them with exotic weaponry they stole from the aliens.

Yeah, I sure do feel spacey. Just slogging through the inanities is enough to turn the most hard-headed reader into a space cadet.

But aside from the silliness of the mush-brained New Age/liberal crowd who have taken over the Forum, there is a more sinister aspect to RMN about which anyone who cares in the least about our God-given individual human rights and liberties should have grave concern.


For example, RMN's political campaign last year supporting the gun-grabbing movie star, Arnold Schwartzenegger, for governor of California. They really jumped on the bandwagon for that one.

More recently, Rayelan declared herself as an apologist for the treasonous Patriot Act, citing her belief (based on top secret communications from her "inside sources") that George W. Bush is really a part of "Faction 2", his noble plan being to save us all from the NWO.

Not surprising, since Rayelan had publicly admonished --and even banned-- certain of the "agents" for too much "Bush-bashing". The welcome mat at RMN was rolled right out for the psychopathic traitor and the coterie of recycled political cronies pulling his strings.

Some ridiculous reason or other was always provided as to why the readers should consider these absurd theories. Then, Joe Vialls was banned by RMN, after a melodramatic tongue-lashing from Rayelan, for his criticism of war crimes by U.S. Marines in Fallujah. Can't have that! War crimes be damned. No, after all, Rayelan's husband is an ex-marine. Semper Fi!


So, just to keep an eye on the latest government-friendly disinformation being promoted, every once in a while I decide to surf in to RMN and take a look. Today, I was horrified (but not the least surprised) to find the following article, dated June 4:


RMN editor, Rayelan Allan, author of the post, poses this question : [Rayelan's quotes are in brackets]

[Why are the soldiers at Abu Ghraib being called torturers for a few isolated incidents of beating prisoners. How many actual "beatings" were there?]

So, even ONE "beating" isn't enough to incite outrage?

Next, this excerpt, an obvious attempt to minimize and trivialize the vile abuses committed by American soldiers:

[On going, everyday beatings, like the ones our POWs experienced in viet Nam, ARE torture. But how many prison guards in California have been called "Torturers" for beating prisoners? How many policemen are called torturers for using a billyclub or a few fists to subdue a prisoner? How many high school students who kick, punch and beat "pledges" during "initiation ceremonies" are called torturers? Why are the soldiers at Abu Ghraib being called torturers for a few isolated incidents of beating prisoners. How many actual "beatings" were there?]

The reader is encouraged to view the abuses "by the numbers" rather than on principle, by the true nature of the crime and its intent.

[Isn't it time to start calling what happened at Abu Ghraib by a truly descriptive name...
For the most part the guards were TORMENTING the prisoners...they were NOT torturing them!!]

According to Rayelan's definition of "classic torture" (bamboo stakes under the nails; being fed into a shredder; lashings with barbed wire, etc.) given in the opening of the article, the torturers are not REALLY torturers at all. No, it is really nothing to worry about, they are just "tormentors". Maybe, something like "being just a little bit pregnant"?

Finally in the coup de grace, the readers are admonished to get with the (gov't-sponsored) program:

[Come least here on RMN, let's call what happened in Abu Ghraib by REAL names...let's not continue to perpetuate the media lies.]

Nothing to worry about here. Looks like RMN has already got those "media lies" covered.

[Lindy tormented the prisoners at Abu Ghraib...Compared to what Saddam's people did to our prisoners her actions can in no way be called torture.]

Oh no? I think any sane, ethical and reasonable individual would vehemently disagree. And when you start "comparing" atrocities, eventually you'll end up believing anything goes, as long as you can convince yourself that the enemies' abuses are worse than yours.

[Can't you wake up and realize that you have been subjected to a NWO psyop? Those of you who still believe the word "torture" applies to what went on at Abu Ghraib need to get "de-programmed" from the NWO controlled media's psyops that many people fell for.]

Okay, time to wake up folks! was just another Psy Op by the NWO. What else is new?

According To Rayelan, anything that ever happens is the result of "NWO Psy Ops". I guess we can all breathe a sigh of relief now and go back to our moon-gazing and tarot readings. After all, we need to remember that in Rumor Mill World, the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth.

And if you haven't yet been "programmed" you might well be if you continue subjecting yourself to this convoluted logic and fascistic pop-psychology.

[Just one's woman's opinion.]

Maybe so, but if she's lucky and plays her cards right, she'll suck in at least a few more stooges as recruits for "Faction 2". Most of the "news agents" have already sold the farm and signed up. And if they don't "wake up", maybe they'll get zapped! by "hobie", the mild-mannered news agent who doubles as "Zapper". That'll teach 'em to conform.

Unbelievable. Truly, truly unbelievable.


But unfortunately, there's more where that came from. Not only are we asked to believe that torture is not really torture; but also that Rumor Mill News has enemies lurking behind every bush, so of course it's A-okay to solicit the talents of evil witches to put "curses" on anyone daring to disagree with the party-line touted by Rumor Mill News.

The following quote is from another article by Rayelan last month, in which she claims that a major Psy Op by these dastardly "enemies" is being run against Rumor Mill News :

[I can't think of a curse that is bad enough to throw at the people who are behind this. I sincerely hope that one of the many witches who reads RMN will create the appropriate curse to launch at these people. The best I do right now is pray that they get to experience 100 times over, the things they are doing to me.]

Having reached this point in my report, I have sat here for the past ten minutes and I must admit, I'm just about speechless.

NWO Psy Ops. Torture that is not torture. War crimes that are happening, but not really happening, since they involve the U.S. Marines. Witches throwing evil curses on the "enemies" of Rumor Mill News.

It all just seems crazy to me, so I can only wonder about the sanity (not to mention the integrity) of the people promoting these horrific scams.

But mark my words: There is a method to their madness. And behind the method there is someone, somewhere, with something to gain. Is this "someone" who Rayelan is "praying" to?

And I have to wonder, who could that someone possibly be?

Barbara Hartwell
June 6, 2004