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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bill Miller: Ask the New Hampshire Legislature...

Note from Barbara Hartwell: I am unable to post N.H. Senators' contact info, as given by Bill Miller, due to formatting problems and my own lack of technical expertise. Please see this link for e-mail addresses:

Sorry, this is the best I can do. However, better to post Bill's report (sans addresses) than not. Thanks, Bill.

From William Miller

Go ahead, one and all. Email the members of the New Hampshire Legislature, and Senate.

Ask them if it is true that they have received a Constructive Notice from Bernie Bastian, who holds a power of attorney for the Browns in Plainfield, to negotiate a tax settlement with the federal "government," if someone, anyone, will step forward and sign an affidavit of truth stating that the Browns, or anyone else among us, is required by law to pay the federal income tax, a document (affidavit) not signed by anyone in the federal "government," in almost three months.

Ask them if, along with Bernie Bastian's constructive notice, they have received a copy of the Aaron Russo film, "America, Freedom To Fascism," about the federal income tax, and if they have read the Constructive notice, and seen the film.

Ask them if there is a double standard in "law, government and justice," in New hampshire, pertaining to common plain folk, as compared to public officials such as police chiefs and administrators.

Ask them if there is a "chief of police," Roberge, in Farmington, who is an accomplice to the murder of Dotty Castora's husband Phil; and if there is a "chief of police," in Rochester, Dubois, who is an accomplice, along with a substantial number of his police officers, to a rape, by way of a concerted, institutional effort to badger and intimidate the victim and witness to the rape, committied by Dubois' son, using Dubois' handcuffs.

Ask them what their plans are toward me, my family, and the Browns.

Ask them what is their view of Article Ten, New Hampshire Bill of Rights, The Right of Revolution.

See my postings and those of former CIA psywar analyst, Barbara Hartwell, on , on "Federal Drug Corruption, Murder and the US Marshals," and the real reasons why US Attorney Colontuono and company went after the Browns on account of a bloody war contract tax, for which there is no law, and can be no law.

William Miller, New Hampshire, Expressly Reserving All Rights


Quest for Freedom
By Elaine Brown

Where do we stand today in our country in the matter of freedom? Do we even know what freedom is today? The founders of our country knew, but it took them a couple of years to realize it.

After escaping from Britain and the rules of the king, it took those brave pilgrims some time to fully realize and be able to appreciate the fact that they had no one to whom to answer, save their own conscience and common law (common sense). What joy to know this kind of liberty, which they had never before experienced. They could now conduct themselves as freely as they wished, as long as they honored their contracts and did no harm to another. This is the total of common law; this is the law by which the people, the sovereigns, of this country are to abide, the law we were intended to obey.

How ludicrous to think that our fathers would leave the tyranny of the king, only to implement a tyranny of a strong central government. As Mel Gibson's character in The Patriot asked, "Why would I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away?"

My thanks and appreciation to Robert Hart in his enlightening book, Citizen/Slave, Understanding the American Sovereign Spirit," for reminding me of one crucial fact: the constitution was written not only to guarantee our God-given rights by the Bill of Rights, but also to give the guidelines for the federal government to conduct itself. All laws, statutes, policies, etc. apply ONLY to them. NONE APPLY TO YOU AND ME, PRIVATE PEOPLE. The constitution is meant to tie down the government from mischief.

Title 28 USC defines the United States as a federal corporation. If you are not a part of that corporation, i.e., you have no contract with it, you are not employed by it, you are accepting no benefits from it, then by the 'right of association' clause of the first amendment, you are not required to obey any of its dictums; it has no jurisdiction over you. This is where we have all gone astray. We have been made to believe, through fraud and trickery, that everything congress dictates applies to us, when in reality it applies only to themselves and consenting corporations (which are a creation of the state.)

Of course, one can always volunteer to join the corporation, and by so doing enjoy the privileges bestowed by it, keeping in mind that for every privilege one accepts, one gives up a right. Freedom is not for everyone; some people want to be taken care of; that's OK. We all have different desires, limits and abilities. It is for none of us to judge those who choose a different path. But for those of us who choose freedom, we have not chosen the easy road. Freedom is hard, it is work, it is constant vigilance. It means taking care of yourself and yours, of accepting responsibility for your actions (and non-actions), of being aware and considerate of those around you so as to do them no harm.

Ed and I have said 'enough,' and even though we are currently unable to leave our home without risking being unlawfully assaulted by the federalies, we are more free now than we have ever been, as we have boycotted any and all government claims on us. At the same time the government has unlawfully attacked us by terminating our electricity, internet access, television satellite, telephone, and mail (the federal marshalls keep all mail that is sent to us.) The federal marshalls have said they know we have broken no laws, but they will come against us when ordered to. That makes them mercenaries, not law enforcement officers. On the local level, even though the law states that the police and the sheriff are duty bound to protect us from foreign assault (the federals are foreign inside any of the fifty states), Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Prozzo, Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillins, and the Plainfield Selectboard have all stated that they will not protect us. I include this personal account only to make the point of the dangers of a strong central government. Remember, injustice to one is injustice to all; what will you do when they are at your door?

Our country has gone astray, my friends, and it needs to be put right. It is time for a third Continental Congress. We are ordered by the Declaration of Independence and by the New Hampshire Constitution, Article 15, The Right of Revolution, to throw out the old and put in the new when the government no longer serves the needs of the people. We are on dangerous ground with an ever increasing central government that infringes on states' rights and on our God-given rights. When will we stand together and say, 'enough?' When will you stand? When the critical mass point is reached, when enough Americans take the stand, we and thousands of Americans like us will be able to walk in that freedom.

Yahweh bless and protect us all.

Elaine Alice: family Brown

Thursday, September 27, 2007


If I wanted to kill Ed Brown, I would have done it a long time ago.
--U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier

Flash Alert!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Elaine: “U.S. Marshal Steve Monier, the other day, indicated that they are preparing to come against us.”

When I saw this alert yesterday, I called Marie Miller, a friend/supporter of Edward and Elaine. I asked if she knew about this or had any further information as to the source of Elaine's statement. Marie told me she hadn't heard anything about it, but that she would call Elaine to see what she could find out.

As I explained to Marie, I am always careful to check sources and make every effort to verify information before making it public. Unfortunately, there are many foolish people calling themselves "journalists" who will post anything (rumors, gossip, etc.) they read or hear; and to make matters worse, they often engage in wild speculation, based only on their own unwarranted assumptions. I've seen a lot of that, especially as it relates to the Browns.

So Marie called Elaine to see what she could find out, and after speaking to her, called me back. Marie told me that Elaine had heard about this from reliable sources, so I have to take it seriously, at least as a possibility.

Marie Miller is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Marie is also a patriot and defender of Liberty. She has known Ed and Elaine for a long time, and was one of the first to show up at their home in Plainfield, N.H. when Ed was there alone, with no backup.

A few weeks ago, Marie visited Ed and Elaine again, bringing with her a journalist who made a video, interviewing Marie Miller and the Browns. I'm waiting to get a copy of this interview and will post it on this website.

In my discussions with Marie Miller, by telephone and in person, I have been privileged to learn much information about the situation in New Hampshire which I would not otherwise have had access to. Some of that information was told to me in confidence, and will remain confidential. The rest, I will publish with the hope that readers will use discernment and try to verify on their own, from credible sources.

One thing I learned yesterday was that the feds intend to hold all prisoners (including Danny Riley, whose father spoke out about the police state outrages, in a video, posted on this site) until such time that the Browns are captured. Marie told me that this was on the local news in New Hampshire.

These men were arrested on completely bogus charges.

The charges which have been made (at the least the ones made public, but who knows what is being withheld) are "accessory after the fact" and "possession and use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence."

What crime of violence? The fact is, nobody has committed any such crime! Not the Browns, nor their friends/supporters.

The only "violence" has come from the feds. They shot at Danny Riley while he was walking the Browns' dog. They invaded the property on various occasions and fired shots. They threatened violence against a video journalist, Terry Melton. Not just garden-variety violence, but rape! A U.S. Marshal actually threatened to sodomize this journalist. This is "law enforcement" ???? If so, God help us all.

The truth is, these political prisoners are being held as hostages in an attempt to make the Browns feel responsible and guilty. This is despicable behavior and only goes to show how low so-called "law enforcement" will stoop to intimidate, terrorize and destroy the lives of those willing to stand up for Liberty and Justice and for the principles this country was founded on.

Back to Marie Miller: She also told me (as did her son William) that a couple weeks back they had low-flying helicopters buzzing their home in Farmington, New Hampshire. Bill Miller has posted a number of audioblog reports on this and related issues, which you may find on this site:

A few weeks ago, I watched the video of Danny Riley's father. As Mr.Riley talked about the horror he was subjected to as the feds invaded his home to arrest his son --no search warrant, they just barged in and ransacked his home-- I was sitting at the computer with tears streaming down my face.

Mr.Riley broke down into tears as well. Seventy three years old, a widower. A survivor of cancer and stroke. An American patriot who considers Ed and Elaine Brown, as well as his son, Danny Riley, to be his heroes, for standing up to tryanny and refusing to be intimidated by evildoers who believe they are above the law: God's law, that is.

The law which the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10 of the United States Constitution) is based on.

God-given. Natural. Inherent. Unalienable.Constitutionally Protected and Guaranteed.

They are your rights, bestowed by the Creator.

Use them or lose them.

Barbara Hartwell
September 27, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who stand by and do nothing.
--Albert Einstein

Last week, I received a request by mail from an International Forum for Leonard Peltier. I was asked to sign another petitition to free Leonard Peltier. Of course, I added my signature and considered it an honor.

It has now been 31 years of wrongful, unjust incarceration for Leonard Peltier.

Here is the link for the KOLA & IPF International Forum.

I have been a Leonard Peltier supporter for many years. Leonard Peltier is serving consecutive life sentences in a federal penitentiary. Bill Clinton refused to pardon Peltier, though, naturally, he pardoned many REAL criminals, including his political cronies.

If you don't know about the Peltier case, read IN THE SPIRIT OF CRAZY HORSE, by Peter Matthiessen. If you care about Liberty and Justice for ALL, you will be outraged.

Because the case of Leonard Peltier is emblematic of the same atrocities, committed by the same government tyrants and criminals, with the same mindset, as we have seen happen to defenders of the Constitution, or the assaults against anyone who simply sets out to pursue Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Such is the utter corruption and profound injustice found in the courts, the FBI, and other agencies of the U.S. Government.

God-given (natural) rights are the birthright of ALL humanity -- including ALL who live in this country. We are FREEBORN, and yet the government operates on the false belief that they can steal those rights, even that they can usurp the very power of God.
Here is a piece written in 2001, after Bill Clinton denied clemency for Leonard Peltier.

Leonard Peltier is innocent!

Free Leonard Peltier!

Barbara Hartwell
September 25, 2007


Dear Friends/Advocates of Freedom and Justice:

Please take a few minutes to read this statement by Leonard Peltier, which was written after clemency was denied by Bill Clinton. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Mr. Peltier's case, but if not, I think it is well worth your time and effort to learn all you can.

I first learned of Mr. Peltier's case when I read Peter Matthiessen's excellently researched and widely acclaimed book, "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse", published in 1980, four years after Mr. Peltier's arrest. And I have been a supporter of Mr. Peltier ever since.

I was so outraged by what I learned that I made a vow to myself that I would do all in my power to publicize his case, even though I lacked the resources to do anything of a more concrete nature. But I talked to every person who would listen. I loaned out my copy of Crazy Horse and encouraged others to buy it. I put "Free Leonard Peltier" bumper stickers on my car.

A few months ago, I signed the latest petition advocating clemency for Leonard Peltier. Although I, like many others, am extremely disappointed, I was not surprised at Bill Clinton's refusal to grant clemency. But despite this, I will continue to support Mr. Peltier in his efforts to attain his long-overdue freedom and to expose the travesty of justice which resulted in his arrest and his -to date-25-year incarceration. I hope that you will too.

Free Leonard Peltier!

Barbara Hartwell
Greetings Friends and Supporters:

January 20, 2001, was a sad day for all of us. I know that this denial of clemency has affected many of you as much as it has affected both my family and myself. It is a terrible feeling and disappointment knowingthat this 
nightmare has not ended and will continue for many months to come.

When I received the news, I felt my stomach curl and a feeling of nausea rolled over me. It took a while for me to refocus. For some reason I had thought I might be having dinner with my family that night. It was an especially disappointing day for all of us.

What Bill Clinton did to us was cruel. For eight years he ignored my clemency petition despite the major campaign that was waged. Then, just months before leaving office he publicly promised to make a decision on my case, one way or the other. He said he was aware of its importance. The White House gave my attorneys indications that there was a good chance for my clemency to be granted. I had to prepare myself for being released because there was no sign that my petition would be denied.

The LPDC bought me clothes, my grandson prepared his bedroom for me to sleep in and other preparations were made for my homecoming. My friends on Pine Ridge began plans to build me a house. We were literally forced to get our hopes up because we did not want to be unprepared if I was suddenly set free.

January 19, came and still, they kept us in nervous anticipation saying the more difficult clemencies are still being worked on and would be announced the next morning. Then January 20 came and went! The White House never even told us what the decision was. We had to find out through the press that my name was not on the list of clemencies. To leave a person's life and so many peoples' hopes hanging in the balance like that is truly hardhearted.

Since that dark Saturday, I have managed to get up and dust myself off, and begin to lift my spirits once more. I am just as determined now to fight for my freedom as I was on February 6, 1976 when I was first arrested. I will not give up. This is the second time in the span of my incarceration that I made it to the top of the hill and saw that freedom was in view, only to be kicked right back down to the bottom again.

The first time was in 1985, when the evidence used to convict me was impeached and I was denied a new trial, despite Judge Heaney's finding that I might have been acquitted had the jury been presented this evidence. To be denied a new trial after such a finding shocked our network and me just as much as this denial of clemency has. However, we never lose a battle without making some major gains in the overall struggle.

I want to compliment and thank my staff at the LPDC and all of you grassroots supporters who stood beside me and fought so tirelessly for my freedom. You put on one of the strongest and most memorable campaigns I have experienced. Years from now people will read about the accomplishments you made. People from every walk of life worked on this campaign. People from every denomination and belief prayed from every corner of the Earth. 

Although it feels like our sentiments were shooed away like an irritating fly by a president who did not want to face the consequences of his own mistakes, I believe we put up a serious challenge. We can see who was granted clemency and why. The big donors to the President's campaign were able to buy justice, something we jus couldn't afford. Meanwhile, many political prisoners continue to languish unjustly, proof that this nation's talk about reconciliation is nothing but empty rhetoric.

We now have a number of strategies to continue this struggle for my freedom. These ideas are in the early planning stages. I ask you to remain with us while we regroup and develop a thorough plan. We must carefully consider every option and make sure the strategies compliment each other in order to have the best effect. The LPDC will release strategies as they are developed. Some will be released this week.

I also have my own personal plans. I will continue doing artwork and will be looking at ways to make it more available to the public. I will also be working with my friends, Fedelia and Bob Cross, to build a grade school in Oglala. Before my clemency was decided, I began to dream of the different projects I would like to work on in Pine Ridge if I were free. Now that I have been denied, Fedelia and Bob have said they will take the initiative to begin the projects themselves, with my input. Soon, we will be establishing a board and non-profit status.

Bob and Fedelia are schoolteachers and lifetime Oglala residents, and they have the land on which to build the school. They have told me of the desperate need for an improved school in Oglala. The existing school is severely under funded and inadequate and does not provide the kids with the quality education they need and deserve . We have the highest drop out rate of all ethnic groups in the country and part of the reason is the lack of stimulating and challenging programs for the youth.

Another idea I would like to develop is building a small recreation center for Oglala. As most of you know Native health conditions are also probably the worst in the country. We want to change that, beginning with this center. We want the center to have modern exercise equipment, a kitchenette, and card tables. As everyone gathers here to socialize, have coffee, gossip, and play cards, we can encourage them to try the equipment and to begin getting in the habit of exercising and eating healthy foods. I believe it would be a nice place for people to spend time and a good incentive for them to get into better physical condition and stop the trend of diabetes on the reservation. The reservation currently has no facility like this.

If we are successful in establishing these two services, I believe that the community of Oglala will truly benefit. We will then be able to move on to other projects that will bring people together and raise the quality of life. For example, one day I would like to rebuild Jumping Bull Hall so that there will be a drug and alcohol free place where people, especially youth, can gather. We could set it up for a movie theatre and bring in video games. People can watch movies, hold meetings, have birthday celebrations, community meals and dances here. Right now, our youth have no place to go to socialize and I believe this facility could help prevent the hopelessness and despair too many of our young people feel. I would hope that word of these projects would spread to other reservations and others like Fedelia and Bob Cross will be inspired to take on similar ideas which we could help support.

Your ideas, input, and support are welcomed. If you know people who would donate supplies (books, wood, cement, hardware, etc), make financial contributions, or donate their skills and labor, please get in touch with the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

In closing, I want to thank you again for your support and ask that you stand with us in this struggle. I believe that one day in the near future we will succeed. But it can't be done without your support.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier

Saturday, September 22, 2007


From JBS leader John Perna

Florida student arrested and publically tortured with a taser for asking Kerry a question about Skull and Bones

What is happening to America, the land of the free?


These video links below will disgust you. A student asks questions then is dragged away and tasered. This is the end of our great republic unless we take a stand and do something about it. After watching the video call the university and demand the firing of the officers who acted brutally to crush the passion and voice of this student.



A law suit will be interesting!

Please call to express your concerns about this horrible incident:

University of Florida Police Department: (352) 392-1111

University of Florida Public Information Office: (352) 273-3301

University of Florida main switchboard: (352) 392-3261

University of Florida Police Department's Dispatch Center: (352)
392-1111 available 24-hours daily.

Forward this to everyone you know.

The young man in the AP video below did nothing wrong. He is, however, tasered and arrested. Random acts of police abuse are rising. Their true purpose is not to thwart a crime. The true purpose of the violence is to set an example. Its purpose is to intimidate or terrorize both the American citizenry into docile compliance.

This is all made worse by the fact that there is a chance that this man might be imprisoned and never be given a trial. Via executive order Americans have lost their gaurantee to trial. A police state is evolving rapidly. A while back two border patrol agents were arrested to set an example to all border agents to not enforce the border. The logic is similar.

It is time to wake up before it is just too late.

And, by the way, the young man's question about Skull and Bones are legitimate. Tim Russert of NBC did a story making it clear that both Kerry and Bush were members of this secret society.

The poll, itself, can be viewed as a trial balloon, whereby this nation's insiders or establishment can gauge Americans' interest or lack thereof. Please reply to todays AOL poll to let them know that excessive force is not acceptable. Go to to vote.

Student Arrested, Tasered at Kerry Event

Posted: 2007-09-18 10:12:19
Filed Under: Crime News, Nation News, Politics News
GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Sept. 18) - A University of Florida student was Tasered
and arrested after trying to ask U.S. Senator John Kerry about the 2004
election and other subjects during a campus forum.

Andrew Stanfill, Independent Florida Alligator / AP

A University of Florida student struggles with university police as officers try to remove him from a question-and-answer session with Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. The student was Tasered and arrested.

Videos of the incident posted on several Web sites show officers pulling Andrew Meyer, 21, away from the microphone after he asks Kerry about impeaching President Bush and whether he and Bush were both members of the secret society Skull and Bones at Yale University.

"He apparently asked several questions -- he went on for quite awhile -- then he was asked to stop," university spokesman Steve Orlando said. "He had used his allotted time. His microphone was cut off, then he became upset."

As two officers take Meyer by the arms, Kerry, D-Mass., is heard to say, "That's alright, let me answer his question." Audience members applaud, and Meyer struggles to escape for several seconds as up to four officers try to remove him from the room.

Meyer screams for help and asks "What did I do?" as he tries to break away from officers. He is forced to the ground and officers order him to stop resisting. Meyer says he will walk out if the officers let him go.

As Kerry tells the audience he will answer the student's "very important question," Meyer struggles on the ground and yells at the officers to release him, crying out, "Don't Tase me, bro," just before he is Tasered. He is then led from the room, screaming, "What did I do?"

Meyer was charged with resisting an officer and disturbing the peace, according to Alachua County jail records. Meyer was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning, a jail official said.

It was not known if Meyer had an attorney.

Orlando said university police would conduct an internal investigation.

"The police department does have a standard procedure for when they use force, including when they use a Taser," Orlando said. "That is what the internal investigation would address -- whether the proper procedures were followed, whether the officers acted appropriately."

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. All active
hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.

Follow ups:

Another similar incident of police torture using tasers:
UCLA Student Tasered by Police in Library

Friday, September 21, 2007


Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense & Research Trust
P.O. Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
Website: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA
Homeland Security Continues Harassment of Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee
From Brownsville, Texas
September 20, 2007
This date at about 9AM as Sosbee enters the USA from Mexico, using the AIS program and the express lane reserved for the participants, the Border Patrol (BP) officer again (for the third straight day) flags Sosbee for search; however, the officer then orders Sosbee to park the car for inspection, enter the main office for interrogation, and be prepared to surrender the AIS pass. Sosbee replied: *"Are you ordering me to enter the office for the interview ?" BP replied, "YES". Then Sosbee stated, "Why are you so angry with me, what have I done to you?" The BP officer stated , "I am not angry, you are **complaining all the time about the searches, etc.". Sosbee complied.

For the record the fbi/cia interfere with the duties of the Department of Homeland Security regularly as needed to harass Sosbee (in this instance the fbi/cia program the computers at HS to flag Sosbee for harassment). Then, as Sosbee reports the fbi/cia influence on Homeland Security to the Homeland Security officers, these same officers begin to harass and threaten Sosbee at the border.My message to fbi/cia: your tactics are a bit worn, do not work, and are now evidence of your gaslighting games, using federal officers to do your dirty work.

*The incident was tantamount to a threat and may constitute a de facto arrest (though no physical constraint was used by the armed BP officer)of Sosbee at the border point of entry. Finally, Sosbee has insured that the Director of HS is aware of the constant harassment by HS, but the Director is not interested in any instances where the fbi/cia unnecessary interfere with the duties of BP officers for pseudo intel purposes. The fbi/cia do whatever they want, period.

**The statement about "complaints" is a lie; Sosbee always happily complied with all HS security measures, but advised the HS officials that the fbi and the cia are controlling BP agents at the check point in order to harass Sosbee. On this date about 5 BP officers were tied up with Sosbee, while a back log of other suspicious vehicles and persons were stacking up at the inspection center. Any terrorist who follows this gross incompetence by the BP (at the point) would have enjoyed a diversion (courtesy of fbi/cia) for smuggling arms, etc., into USA on the heels of the Sosbee escapade.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Note: This "letter to the editor" was published in Rick Stanley's We The People Scoop newsletter, in 2005. From the moment I read it, I remembered this perceptive, truth-telling witness, Mr. John Jay of Oxnard, California.


by John Jay (Oxnard, CA) June 18, 2005

I have been alive on this earth for 63 years and have been voting and watching the political processes since I turned 21 (many moons ago). In all of those many years, I have NEVER seen more meanness coming from one place as there has been from Washington DC (specifically Congress) in the past 15 years. Here is a BRIEF list of the meanness I am referring to. Space and time limit the number of items I can address in a Letter to the Editor:

1. The USA Patriot Act: The worst act passed by Congress any time during the past 50 years. It is aimed at limiting the Bill of Rights or neutralizing the same. It is being used to stifle dissent here in the USA, and NOT in other countries. 90% of the enforcement is right here, against law abiding citizens who happen to disagree with their government! Really a mean act (unconstitutional too)!

2. The Homeland Security Act: This act set up a gigantic bureaucracy (HSA) whose mission is primarily aimed at controlling dissent here in the USA and putting American citizens behind bars. Do anything which sounds radical, could be radical, or might be radical, and you will be on their watch lists or behind bars, with VERY limited rights to do anything about it. Sounds like a home grown version of the old KGB in the old Soviet Union doesn't it??? Same intent, same objectives, same end results! If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, then it must be a duck! HSA equals KGB, pure and simple. Watch what you say and what you do. The HSA is certainly watching (and listening)!

3. Bankruptcy Reform Act: As passed, it guarantees one thing for certain: The greedy will be protected at the expense of the needy! It was passed for the benefit of the greedy, to protect the greedy, and to punish the needy! The result: No limitations for the greedy rich, but LOTS of limitations for the needy poor! Pure meanness!

4. Defeat of the Minimum Wage Act: More MEAN legislation for the benefit of the greedy, to punish the needy! Really mean!

5. Most Favored Nation Status for China: Guaranteed that we would be floating on a sea of Chinese made products (go look in your nearest stores for the Made in China label). Has replaced millions of American workers with cheapo labor in China!

6. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT): Should have been called General Agreement to Screw American Workers. It has caused a vast transfer of jobs to India and other cheapo labor nations!

7. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): Should be called Export American Jobs to Mexico Agreement. It has NOT stopped the flow of illegal immigration, as was promised by it zealous advocates in the Executive branch and the Congress. In fact, illegal immigration has been much greater after NAFTA than before NAFTA!! Wages are still low in Mexico, and the "Gigantic Sucking Sound (of jobs leaving this country)" stated by Ross Perot, is taking place at an ever increasing rate.

By the way, who is writing all of this mean and evil legislation??? According to a book by Senator Robert Byrd, entitled LOSING AMERICA, the lobbyists in the capitol write ALL legislation along with the Executive branch (i.e.King George's bunch)! Senator Byrd stated that members of Congress merely enact legislation written by the Executive branch or lobbyists.

2440 W. Hemlock Street
Oxnard, CA 93035