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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorial Day & "Enemy of the State" (?)

"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air -- however slight -- lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
Justice William O. Douglas

The primary focus of this website is the threat to National Security of the United States (and the accompanying assault on humanity) by corrupt and criminal agents of the FBI and CIA. The incompetence and lack of leadership in the FBI coupled with the ever increasing FBI abuses of power within the context of the emerging FBI/CIA sponsored global fascist state foreshadow a new wave of human rights abuses (such as arbitrary killings, imprisonings and torturings of good people around the world) and such atrocities are known only to the few surviving victims and to maniacal government agents and operatives functioning subsurface in countries controlled by the centralized fascist state.

The FBI's abandonment of respect for constitutional rights of citizens is reflected across the nation by incidents of FBI misconduct and criminal activity: all law enforcement agencies follow FBI dual standards of unbridled arrogance and accelerating decadence. The growing chasm of distrust between the people and traitorous government agents threatens the very fabric of our constitutional government.

Geral Sosbee, Mission Statement of Sosbee v. FBI


Memorial Day, an American holiday observed on the last Monday of May, honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, at least, it marks the beginning of summer.

(Source: History dot com)

Geral Sosbee is a decorated combat veteran (Vietnam); former FBI agent (counterintelligence operations); an attorney. His website:

has been online since 2000. This is his official attorney website.

He is licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas. See:

Geral Sosbee served his country, always with with honor in his heart. He is a law-abiding citizen, who has never committed a crime. He is a disabled senior citizen (disabled in service to his country, FBI and U.S. Army.)

So WHY is the country he served treating him as a social outcast, a pariah, a person deemed unworthy of respect? Why has he been targeted for terror, torture, harassment, political persecution of the most devastating kind?

Why is he viewed as an “Enemy of the State”?

Why indeed?

This Memorial Day weekend, how ever (or not) you may be celebrating this federal holiday, I would ask you to consider this question:

If we will honor those who died in service to this country, why will the government not honor the living veterans, like Geral Sosbee?

From Geral Sosbee:

USA: A Nation Unworthy to Defend

Memorial Day organizers and veterans groups prevent the publication of this veteran's report as shown below; by so blocking my notice the moderators, acting as government censors of free speech, exemplify the corruption that I expose in my writings. Here is my report:

USA, a Nation Unworthy to Defend

See how the USA is viewed by those who actually risk life & sanity to defend it.
Understand if one may that most Americans who utter the words below (excerpts from the pledge of allegiance and the star spangled banner), including members of congress, courts, military and civilians are liars, hypocrites, cowards, traitors and sometimes sociopathic killers who in truth often attack many of us who actually provide meaning to such words by our real service on foreign battlefields; then upon our return home we discover that a police state grips the nation and is forged in our absence and ironically through our service to this country which is now an overthrown regime run by torturers and murderers of the intelligence & police communities:

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

O say can you see by the dawn's early light,What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming....

For these reasons I write that God has nothing to do with the USA and the word 'dawn' is actually a horrid and foreboding *twilight that brings a darkness over this diabolic nation.
USA is a disgraceful country, unworthy to defend, and whose people torture, threaten and often kill our very own combat veterans:

Post Script:
When tyranny becomes law as exists today, resistance becomes one's duty, especially in the face of murderous custom that I illuminate.
The crimes committed by the fbi/cia/police preserved in a hundred years cease to be crimes and become viewed as virtuous.This is the law of custom which supersedes all other forms of law. (Mark Twain). Anyone who exposes such absurd custom is deemed by government to be unbalanced and a threat to the ruling criminal regime.


The fbi's extreme and apparently extended for life intentional infliction of mental & physical trauma on this Target of the fbi's inhumane and felonious covert operations (as I have documented for 25 years) are assaults (on and will never be forgotten by) all mankind. The evil doers whom I describe compound their sins associated with the unconscionable attacks by enjoying and profiting from the suffering that they impose; such subhuman and heartless psychopathology in their hearts are the hallmarks of the twisted and sick fbi and are noted by all who endure USA' s abhorrent murders, imprisonment, and torture operations globally.
Fbi/cia covert & murderous crimes against humanity are under serious scrutiny globally by virtue of my documentations. Thanks to all who investigate and disclose fbi/cia/dod high crimes.

See CIA document denying any record on Sosbee, an American Intelligence Officer 2000

Here is the truth, for those with ears to hear, eyes to see. Read it and weep, or read it and take action, by standing for the truth.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Enemy of the New World Order Police State
Honored by the friendship of Geral Sosbee, Messenger of Truth, Defender of Liberty, Patriot Extraordinaire

May 20, 2015

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Truth & Justice: Who Will Stand & at What Cost? (3)


"He who attempts to act and do things for others or for the world without deepening his own self-understanding, freedom, integrity, and capacity to love, will not have anything to give others. He will communicate to them nothing but the contagion of his own obsessions, his aggressiveness, his ego-centered ambitions, his delusions about ends and means, his doctrinaire prejudices and ideas."
--Thomas Merton

Besides that, they learn to be idlers, going about from house to house, and not only idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not.

1 Timothy 5:13

It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife, but every fool will be meddling.

Proverbs 20:3

Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Matthew 6:2

I never gave anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.

--Harry Truman

This is the final segment of the report. Please read PARTS ONE & TWO before continuing.


It was May, 2014, five months after I had left the home of Howard Nema, where I had endured a month-long, extremely stressful ordeal while staying in the basement of his house. I had departed on December 21, 2013 (as per the edict issued by his wife), about to step into true homelessness, had help not come at the last minute.

I had lost most of everything I owned, but nearly all of my remaining possessions were still in Howard Nema's basement. I had managed to relocate in January 2014, but it took me five months to scrape up the money to hire movers to retrieve my things. Returning to that place was unthinkable, nor did I have any wish to see those who had treated me with such great disrespect and callous disregard (for which I never received any apologies, and which ill-treatment was never even acknowledged). So I arranged for a professional moving service to retrieve my things from HN's house and deliver them to the new location.

When I left HN's house I had asked him to please not discuss me or my business with anyone. Unfortunately, I had found it necessary to confide quite a bit of personal information to him, a result of my circumstances at that time. This information, as I had made clear, was divulged in strict confidence.

I am a fierce defender of the right to privacy. I have a public website, where I decide what will –and what will not-- be for public fare. Most of what I publish is for the purpose of exposing government corruption, defending Liberty and God-given individual rights for all. My private life is nobody's business, and my life is NOT an open book, for all and sundry to peruse. If I find it necessary to reveal information of a personal nature, it is for a good reason, usually because it factors in to the larger issues I am addressing. Such was the case in PART TWO of this report.

As those trained in intelligence work know, not only is knowledge power, but information is ammunition, which can be used for good or ill, for defense or offense. And no matter how mundane, benign, or seemingly harmless in nature, information can be twisted; anyone who wishes to serve an agenda, or do harm, may put a spin on it to exploit it for their own unconscionable ends. Which is why I have always held that a need-to-know policy works best.

It is important to state that I never had any animosity against Howard Nema, his wife, or his friends, no matter how disrespectfully they had treated me, no matter that they showed themselves to be the type of persons I would wish to have no further association with. This holds true to the present time. I don't seek out conflicts with people, but do all in my power to avoid such conflicts, wherever possible.

In this case (as in others of a similar nature) I had simply decided to “shake the dust from my feet”, to quietly walk away, once it became clear to me that I could not maintain a friendship with a person who had shown that he was not trustworthy, and who lacked discretion and and integrity in his dealings with others. I had said nothing about this to Howard Nema. I had only made it clear on an issue-by-issue basis what my position was. Suffice it to say that I'd had more than enough distress, and was not about to set myself up for any additional problems by continuing an association with Howard Nema. That was done, finished. 

I had called HN to make the arrangements for the movers to come and pick up my things, and a mutually convenient date was chosen. But to my dismay, more bombshells were yet to be dropped, even when I thought I had left all that behind. (How long, O Lord?...)

On the day chosen for moving my possessions, I needed to speak with him about details of the move. I tried repeatedly to reach Howard Nema by phone, but he never returned my calls.

The movers arrived and unloaded the truck. I had been looking forward to having my things back after so long a time. But this otherwise happy occasion was marred by two things.

As the movers were carrying my things inside, I was surprised when one man said to me: “I've heard a lot about you”. How's that? I asked him. From your friend, Howard, he answered.

Oh no, I thought. Not this, not again.

Although I was dismayed, I said nothing in response to this statement. Nor was I about to begin discussing my personal business with the moving men. When I hire a service, it's a business contract, nothing more. They don't need to know the story of my life. They certainly don't need to hear the spin put on it by an aggressive busybody, a self-appointed PR man.

But, with a sinking feeling, I knew precisely what had happened. Howard Nema had been bending the movers' ears with his cloak-and-dagger tales of “Barbara Hartwell, Enemy of the State”. God only knows what he told them, but I've not much doubt that he spilled as much of the 'story' as he could get in while they were loading the truck. Judging from his track record, I was also certain that he had puffed himself up, portraying himself as some sort of heroic “rescuer” of the persecuted CIA whistleblower. (His much touted “acts of kindness”, his “charity”, and “support”, which he only later publicly announced that he “truly regretted”.)

And I thought, are there no limits to the indiscretions of Howard Nema? Now, in addition to talking about me on his TV show, 'TRUTH TALK NEWS', every chance he gets, he's blabbing my personal business to anyone he happens to meet –people whom I didn't know, but had hired only for a mundane task.

This, after I had made it crystal clear before I left his house that it was very important to me that no information about my business be discussed with anyone. This included his friends, his family, mutual acquaintances, strangers, the audience of his TV show, etc. etc. When I said “anyone” that is exactly what I meant. As it was, too many fabrications, false assumptions and wild speculation had already been circulating among a number of people in Howard Nema's circle of associates, some of whom had accused me of being a “con artist”, or the devil only knows what else. The damage was done, but it need not have been exacerbated. Leave it to Howard Nema...

And now, even though I was very pleased with their professionalism and courtesy (they had given me a reasonable price, along with a senior citizen discount, and done a great job, taking good care of my possessions, unlike HN and his friend, Dave), I knew I couldn't hire them again, for other services, should I need them. Now that Howard Nema had taken the opportunity to promote himself and his TV show, 'TRUTH TALK NEWS', in connection with my name, and as usual, not only at my expense, but at the expense of truth itself.

Now, to the second thing which was a source of distress: Quite a number of the loose items which had been moved to the basement of Howard Nema's house were missing. These items were necessities, which is why I had made certain to take them when I left my house, even at the loss of other less important items. I had last seen them in HN's basement, where I left them, in plain sight. But these items were not among the things which were delivered. The wicker baskets in which some of the items were packed were also missing. They had been replaced by a large, battered plastic tub which did not belong to me.

(As of this writing, I have not been able to afford to replace these items. Some of them can never be replaced. Enough said, I won't go into details – except to say that I only received a voicemail from HN AFTER the movers had come and gone, when it would have been too late for me to remind him about making sure all my possessions were included. HN left a long-winded message, giving details –even about the moving men-- I didn't need to know, then saying, “Well, I THINK we got everything”.... No such luck, only more losses.)

During the time between leaving his house and the moving of my possessions to the new location, I had spoken to HN on the phone only a few times, in reference to related issues. He had told me that shortly after I left, some mail had been forwarded to me at his house.

Among the mail, he told me there was also a package. And although he did send me a few pieces of mail at an address I gave him, the package was not among these items. So the next time I spoke to him, I asked could he please send that as well. But the package was never sent. And five months later, it was not included among my possessions, on the day of the move. I don't know what was in the package, nor do I know who sent it, and now I never will. Apparently, Howard Nema decided to keep it, just like some of my other possessions.


During the time between the end of December, 2013 and May 2014 I had not had reliable Internet access. Although I had a roof over my head and was in a safe place, that was the best that could be said about my situation. I'd had to suspend most of my professional work, which included work on my website.

But shortly thereafter, while conducting a search for some information, I happened to find an item which included my name, posted on one of Howard Nema's websites, 'TRUTH TALK NEWS'. It was a promotion, titled “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”.

It was a list of names and websites, a list where my name certainly did not belong. First off, I am not a “partner” of anyone, nor have ever been. I have always been completely independent in all my professional work as a journalist, and as a government whistleblower. Then there was the fact that some of the other names/websites on the list were of those persons with whom I had no association whatsoever, and whom I had actually exposed in my reports and radio programs, as purveyors of false information, promoters of liars and government shills, left-wing agitators for a globalist totalitarian one world government, etc. etc. I have no dealings with such persons, and certainly do not want my name tainted by association – especially a false one such as this.

Howard Nema was well aware of all this, and in fact I had clearly stated to him on more than one occasion that I did NOT want my name promoted in conjunction with these individuals, particularly one Harry Link, the owner of a website called Truth Broadcast Network (one of the most extreme misnomers ever to come to my attention), where Howard Nema's program, 'TRUTH TALK NEWS' had been broadcast on and off since 2012.

Upon seeing my name promoted by Howard Nema in this fraudulent notice, I was naturally outraged. But that is not where he left off in his false promotions, and in his continued exploitation of my name. Here is an excerpt from a report (December 15, 2014), which describes just one such instance.



In July, 2014 I was again shocked to see that he had made a video which he titled “The CIA Black Book of Dirty Tricks”.

The program centered on a book I had given Howard in 2013, of the above title. I happened to be in Howard's company while sorting through some of my old stuff, paraphernalia I had acquired over a period of years. Howard saw the book and expressed interest in it. And since I had no use for it, I told him, Take it, it's yours.

It is important to state that I did not give Howard any explanation as regarded the book's provenance. I didn't say where or how I got it, or from whom.

But somehow, a “story” emerged on the program regarding this book. Howard held up the book to the camera and announced that he was given the book by former CIA agent, Barbara Hartwell. That much was true, I gave him the book. But I have no idea where the rest of the story came from. Such as: that I was “issued” the book by CIA during the 1960s or 70s. Or, that it was “CLASSIFIED”.

True, the word CLASSIFIED was splashed across the book's cover. But the book itself was NOT an official CIA document. And it was NOT “classified”.

Furthermore, I would not have had in my possession any genuine “classified” document, though declassified would be another story. And lastly, anyone who took the trouble to look could have seen that the book had been PUBLISHED. (I don't remember by whom, as I no longer have it.) Only declassified material would have been published. Lastly, CIA does not “issue” such books to their agents.

It appears that Howard made a number of unwarranted assumptions regarding this book, as well as engaging in speculation. But to bring those assumptions up on a TV show, AS IF they were factual, in connection with my name, was a misrepresentation of me personally, and a misrepresentation of facts regarding CIA. Anyone with an intelligence background would know this, and if they believed that I was the one who gave Howard this “information”, would dismiss me as a crank.

And to do this, especially on 'Truth Broadcast Network', after I had clearly stated I did NOT want my name connected in any way with that network, is something I cannot understand.

[Note: He later changed the title of this video to: “MK ULTRA & THE CIA BLACK BOOK OF DIRTY TRICKS”. This book had absolutely nothing to do with MK ULTRA. Mostly, it contained recipes for explosive devices, uses of weaponry, etc. Which only goes to show Howard Nema's vast ignorance of CIA operations, including MK ULTRA. There is nothing more preposterous than someone talking about things of which they know nothing – and nothing which makes my blood boil more than having my name mixed up in it.]

On July 4, 2014 my computer crashed, a suspicious event, considering the date. It took me nearly six months to get another used machine and to get access to my own website, from which I had been “locked out”. So I was unable to post anything on my website until December of that year.

That was the first chance I had to address the issue of Howard Nema's false promotions in connection with my name and website. And although I was outraged by his total lack of discretion and his exploitation of my name, I only said what was necessary to refute the falsehoods and to make my position clear, in defense of the truth and of my good name.

And here is the most important issue of all: I respectfully requested that he REMOVE my name and website from his promotions.

Here, for the record, is the statement I made (December 15, 2014):

And as a result of the continued misrepresentation of my name, my website and my work, in disregard of my clearly stated wishes, and his alignment with Harry Link and 'Truth Broadcast Network', I can no longer in good conscience support or endorse Howard Nema, his program or any of his websites.

And so, with all due respect, I must ask that Howard Nema please REMOVE all references to my name, my website and my material from any and all sites with which he is associated. (Just as I had requested in the past.)

This is a perfectly reasonable request, which I expect to be honored. If at any time, for any reason, a person of my acquaintance requested of me that I NOT use their name, place a link to their website, or discuss him or his business,
my response would be: Your wish is my command, no questions asked.

And I must make this request publicly, rather than privately, because the misrepresentation of my name and work have already been publicly injurious to my good name.

That being said, I don't believe Howard meant any harm, but that he simply failed to exercise the proper discretion –unfortunately at my expense.

Could I possibly have stated this any more clearly? As always, I say exactly what I mean, and mean exactly what I say. The issue was not up for discussion; it was non-negotiable.

But what did Howard Nema do? Absolutely nothing. He simply disregarded my very reasonable request, which I had every right to make. He left my name and website on his list of “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, with no concern whatsoever for my wishes, nor as to how his wrongful actions would damage me or my professional reputation.

I waited for two months, checking Howard Nema's websites periodically to see if he had removed the offending material. He had not. Finally, I reached the limits of my patience, and could no longer give him the benefit of “reasonable doubt”.

In February 2015 I posted a report stating the truth, that being that Howard Nema had chosen to disregard my clearly stated wishes about his use of my name and website and that now my request had become a demand: REMOVE MY NAME IMMEDIATELY from these fraudulent promotions.

Did Howard Nema remove the fraudulent material, after it became a demand? No, he did not. By this time, I considered this utter lack of respect for my wishes, and for my right to protest his fraudulent use of my name and website to be not merely an indiscretion, but rather an act of aggression and extreme provocation.

That same week I received a letter by post from Howard Nema. I hadn't had any contact with him since May, 2014. I had not given him my new contact info (phone or e-mail) for what should be obvious reasons.

Here, excerpts from a previous report (February 2015), with additional comments:

I will quote selectively from Howard Nema's letter, the parts which relate to the public issues already described, leaving out certain parts to protect my privacy, as well as Howard's. This cannot be considered a private matter, because the issues have already been out in the open, and the damage has already been done to my good name. I intend to rectify that damage, to the best of my ability.

Howard Nema's initials are used, his comments placed in quotes. My comments are in brackets.

HN: “It has been far too long since we connected. I hope things are well. Your e-mail address I have on file and your phone numbers are not active, so I am writing you. I am glad you are back on line and active again. I have followed your website posts.”

[If Howard has been reading my website, he would have seen my NOTICE of December 2014, in which I stated that my previous e-mail address is defunct, and that I am no longer using e-mail. My telephone number is private and unlisted. I have not given it to Howard Nema, for what might be obvious reasons. I have not been in contact with Howard since the early Spring of 2014, which also might be for obvious reasons. And no, things are not “well”. In part because of the necessity of having to constantly struggle for basic survival, while fending off the advances of those who would misrepresent my good name.

More to the point, in reading my website, Howard would surely have seen my request for him to REMOVE my name from his promotions, and from his list of “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”. So why has he not done so?]

HN: “Please accept my apologies for anything I have done that has upset you regarding my work since we last spoke. I read and continue to read your reports.”

[Of course, I accept his apology. And have already forgiven him in my heart. I pray for Howard and sincerely wish him well. I don't believe he meant any harm. But that does not mean I can just ignore the issues or sweep them under the carpet, and pretend everything is fine. I don't run that kind of operation. Howard's promotions and false representations have been, and continue to be, injurious to my good name. That is the issue, and the only issue of concern to me.]

HN: “I will of course adhere to your wishes of privacy. I do not wish to be involved in any conflict. i.e. Janet Phelan or with anyone else. As you respect me, I respect you. I consider you a good, close friend and hope you still consider me the same.”

[Well, here I have a problem. He says he respects me and will adhere to my wishes of privacy. But as of two months after I had made my request for him to REMOVE my name and website from his promotions, and his list of “trusted partners in truth”, he still has not done so. Why? What's going on here that he would not honor my simple request? The issue is not up for discussion, and is non-negotiable. I have made myself very clear. So what gives?]

HN: “I am going solo. About 2 weeks ago I left TBN. From now on I will only be promoting my own website, and my livestream and youtube pages.

This came about after some ego-driven shenanigans on the part of Harry Link regarding Pam Suggs and Chris “freedom” Flowers Facebook groups, where Harry was accused of deleting posts and creating fake accounts and other “questionable” stuff. Once again, I fell in the middle of others' disputes. Pam and Chris are very close friends, as are you and I didn't feel comfortable promoting Harry or Truth Broadcast Network, or any other as a result.”

[What does any of this have to do with me? As I have stated, it is not my concern what Harry Link is doing. I don't know why Howard would be telling me this. Harry Link is not even a blip on my radar, and I'm sure I would never even have heard of his existence, had he not been an associate of Howard Nema.

But it does amaze me that Howard would be surprised at Harry Link's lack of integrity. Hasn't he seen enough, from past experience? What is it going to take for him to see the truth which is staring him right in the face?

But now that he's brought it up, I don't see anything “questionable” about such behavior, which has always been as plain as the light of day to anyone with even a scintilla of discernment.

I am not involved in any social networks, nor groups, nor discussions on the Internet, and I don't see what Howard's friendships with others named here have to do with me, as I am not involved in any way with these individuals.]

HN: “I could be wrong, but I do not believe Harry is an operative, just someone who sees things only his way and causes conflict as a result.”

[Personally, I never said (or thought) Harry Link was any kind of operative. Just to set the record straight. Any discerning person who has listened to only a few of his broadcasts (which are so boring and so stupid, I can only listen to a few minutes before needing to remove myself from the visual and aural assault), would see that Harry Link lacks the knowledge of events and persons he talks about. He doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. He has tried to persuade Howard Nema that Barbara Hartwell is a government agent, which only goes to show his level of ignorance and foolishness.

Harry Link is just another loud mouth with a microphone, blathering on about “Death to the New World Order”, with no facts or evidence to back up his claims. Except what he scavenges from those who ARE government operatives, such as Alex Jones. How tiresome it gets...]

HN: “Well, we all have our problems, but I certainly do not need additional conflict in my life and I must think of my own reputation.”

[Maybe he should have thought of that quite some time ago, before his reputation was compromised via his on again-off-again alignment with Harry Link. And more to the point, he should have respected MY wishes about MY reputation and not contributed to defaming it by dragging my name in with the likes of Harry Link.]

HN:”Life is difficult and conflicting enough without bullshit attention seekers/pseudo-philosophers/theorists. I certainly do not have time for childish crap when the New World Order is closing in around us.”

[As I see it, Howard invited all this “childish crap” into his life, and could easily remedy his situation by just disassociating himself from Harry Link and his ilk, once and for all. This is his problem, not mine.]

HN: “I am going to continue to focus on current events, not getting involved in divisive conflicts. In the past, I have generously accepted many invitations, like Harry's to share my work, but in retrospect it has caused nothing but conflict, complications and misunderstandings.

That said, I am back to doing what I do without affiliation. TRUTH TALK NEWS and are my only entities and I will not join any other
networks or organizations in the future.

Once again, you were right about staying independent and that is what I have decided to do, continuing my work as an independent researcher/reporter.”

[All well and good, as far as Howard's interests are concerned. But his conflicts with others have nothing to do with me. I was never involved, and never will be.

But WHY has he not even addressed the ONLY issue of concern to me, which has been clearly stated, time and again, in my public reports? That being that I want MY NAME & MY WEBSITE LEFT OUT of all his promotions, LEFT OUT of his lists of “trusted partners in truth", left out of his public broadcasts, his conversations with the guests on his program? WHY?

But now, as can hardly be believed, the plot thickens yet again.

After I posted my report of February 16 (which I later removed on February 19, after receiving Howard's letter), in which I demanded that my name be REMOVED from Howard's list of “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, as well as other promotions, Howard Nema again switched back to promoting Truth Broadcast Network' and Harry Link. 

As of today, Harry Link and 'Truth Broadcast Network' are once again advertised on Howard Nema's site. The announcement that TRUTH TALK NEWS is independent, etc. etc. is gone as well.

(Only days after I read in his letter of his decision to be independent of Harry Link.)

Evidently, Howard Nema doesn't even know his own mind, and can't make up his mind to take a position based on “truth”, and stick to it.

Did he go back to Harry Link after he saw my report, demanding that he REMOVE my name from his promotions?

It sure seems that way. Which seems absurd, considering the fact that I am not involved in any way, shape or form in Howard Nema's business, and have not been a guest on his show since December, 2013.

But again, the ONLY issue of concern to me is that as of today, February 21, 2015, Howard continues to misrepresent me, my name, and my website, listing me on his notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”. Along with Harry Link, Janet Phelan, and others.

I really have to wonder at this point, what in the bloody hell is going on.

And aside from this, there are legal issues (involving my private business, which I have no intention of elaborating on here) which could negatively affect me as a result of my name and website being continually misrepresented.

I have, for the last time, made my position CRYSTAL CLEAR:


So, after this report, did Howard Nema finally have the common decency to REMOVE MY NAME from his fraudulent promotions? No. Instead of doing the right thing, he decided to defame the name of Barbara Hartwell, and make false accusations.

Next thing I know, I found a notice posted on his website, Howard Nema dot com.

The following notice was posted on Howard Nema dot com, on February 24, 2015. For the public record, I find it necessary, once again, to stand in defense of myself and my good name, and to refute the false and defamatory statements given herein.
My comments follow the notice, and are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
Sadly, I am forced to post this. I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time.

I move ahead, not backwards.

But for the record I have NO AFFILIATION with ANY GROUP, NETWORK or association. Truth Talk News and are free and independent.

No posts in the future will mention or include Barbara Hartwell’s name. Furthermore, I kindly ask Barbara Hartwell to stop invading my privacy as she so often claims that others do to her.

This should end it all.


By the way, Barbara, you are very welcome for all the financial and other support I rendered to you over the years.

In closing, I truly regret my acts of kindness and charity given to Barbara Hartwell, who I feel is a terribly ungrateful soul.

Barbara, please leave me and my sites out of your reports in the future. I will never mention your name again and I expect you to do the same about me.

Thank you. Enjoy your life and your solitude.

God bless you.

Howard Nema

[BHP: To begin, there is one truthful and factual statement in this notice:


Yet, Howard Nema has, for over a year (by his own admission, since February 2014), knowingly and fraudulently pretended otherwise.

This notice appears on Howard Nema's site, TRUTH TALK NEWS:

TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH” [Barbara Hartwell] [Harry Link] [Janet Phelan]

[& several other names/sites]

Since he includes my name as a “partner”, how else could his notice possibly be interpreted, than that Barbara Hartwell is, at the very least, “affiliated” with Howard Nema & TRUTH TALK NEWS?

In point of fact, I have never, at any time, had any affiliation with “TRUTH TALK NEWS”, nor have I ever stated such a thing. Howard Nema knows this, and has always known that this is a false statement. Yet he makes this false claim, knowing it to be false.

This is a clear case of injurious exploitation of the name of Barbara Hartwell.

By using my name and website in his notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, Howard Nema has knowingly, in bad faith, falsely represented my name, my website and my work, known in legal terms as “false light”, an actionable civil offense.

His notice is especially egregious due to placing my name on such a list, AS IF I were ALSO in affiliation (as a "partner") with certain other individuals with whom he is associated, such as Janet Phelan (Janet Phelan dot com), and Harry Link ('Truth Broadcast Network dot com).

To do such a thing, knowing full well of my clearly and publicly stated position, regarding both Harry Link and Janet Phelan (since 2012), is not only fraudulent, but inexcusable.

To be very clear, as stated in my public reports, since 2012 (and known, by Howard Nema, since that time):

I do not even know Harry Link. I have never had any dealings or communications with him. I had only heard of Harry Link because of his affiliation with Howard Nema, whose program runs on Harry Link's network.

As I have previously stated, I consider Harry Link to be an extremely dishonorable person, who promotes, endorses and supports other dishonorable individuals, including liars, charlatans, and government shills. He promotes sensationalist disinformation on his website, 'Truth Broadcast Network'.

Again, for the record, I have never, at any time, had any association with Harry Link. Howard Nema knows this, and knew it when he posted the bogus notice.

As for Janet Phelan, I broke off my association with her in 2012, for cause.

For documentation, see:

THE PRICE OF LIBERTY: A Retrospective on Political Persecution in America

Knowing all this, Howard Nema still took it upon himself to place my name and website in a completely fraudulent notice, with no concern about widely disseminating a public statement which he KNEW to be a falsehood.

Additionally, he apparently did not consider that his associates/friends, namely Harry Link and Janet Phelan, might be negatively affected by inclusion in his fraudulent notice. I doubt either one of them would enjoy having their names placed in association with Barbara Hartwell. And it would not have been necessary for me to repeatedly bring the names of these individuals into my reports, except simply because Howard Nema has misrepresented them as well.]

HN: “Sadly, I am forced to post this. I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time.”

[BHP: Forced to post this? Forced, how? This comment shows not only complete disrespect and disregard of my rights, but unbridled arrogance. Howard Nema says he will “not spend hours” deleting his bogus and fraudulent notice, “at the request of Barbara Hartwell”.

The “request” is past tense. (To be specific, since December 15, 2014.) No request, since that time, but a DEMAND. Stated repeatedly, on February 16, February 21, February 23, February 26. And again today, February 27, 2015.

A demand I have every right to make, considering that it is MY name he has defamed, MY name he has misrepresented. MY name, and MY reputation. He has knowingly and willfully posted FALSE information. And his notice itself is irrefutable evidence of such an offense.

And yet Howard Nema actually has the unmitigated audacity to suggest that the person who has been wronged, and defamed, the injured party, Barbara Hartwell, should have to PAY HIM for his time to remove HIS false and injurious statements?

I have rarely heard of anything so idiotic. Now, he wants to “cash in” on his offenses against others?

This comment alone should show the world the true colors of Howard Nema, who clearly has no respect whatsoever for the wishes, the personal boundaries, or even the fundamental rights of others.]

HN: “I move ahead, not backwards.”

[BHP: Yet another outrageously arrogant statement. And Howard Nema's idea of “moving ahead” shows only that he has no concern whatsoever about the damage he has done to others (in this case, Barbara Hartwell), resulting from his own wrongful actions. He is unrepentant, and concerned only with what is convenient for him and his self-serving agenda.

An analogy would be helpful: A crime is committed, let's say, forgery. The forger tells the judge, when pleading 'not guilty':

Well, I know I forged that guy's name on a document. BUT, you see, Your Honor, I've decided to move ahead, not backwards. So, it's all good.”

His “defense” will be nothing more than compounding his original offense. So what if another person has been harmed, and sustained damages? So what? That, after all, is in the past, which doesn't matter anymore. He is MOVING AHEAD, and to hell with the damages he leaves behind in his wake.]

My friend, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, outraged by the fraud being perpetrated, sent me this comment to include in my reports.

Quoting Howard Nema:

"I move ahead, not backwards."... "Pay me for my time."

[In reference to Howard Nema's arrogant refusal to REMOVE my name and website from his fraudulent notice "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH".]

"Mr. Nema:

One cannot move ahead unless he corrects his errors of the past. As for payment, Barbara deserves payment for the countless hours spent trying to stop misrepresentations of her on your site.

Geral Sosbee"

HN: “But for the record I have NO AFFILIATION with ANY GROUP, NETWORK or association. Truth Talk News and are free and independent.”

[BHP: Maybe not this week. And maybe it would behoove him to tell that to Harry Link, whose network is still running Howard Nema's program. Not to mention the fact that Howard Nema is still advertising that his program runs on 'Truth Broadcast Network' (what a flaming misnomer!), on the very same website which contains the false notice about “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH".

But maybe that is just another aspect of Howard Nema's idea of “moving ahead”. That's the ticket! Just leave false or outdated information where everyone can see it, in order to mislead the public, while adhering to his motto of not moving “backwards”. Heaven forbid!]

HN: “No posts in the future will mention or include Barbara Hartwell’s name. Furthermore, I kindly ask Barbara Hartwell to stop invading my privacy as she so often claims that others do to her.”

[BHP: What the hell is he talking about? Stop invading HIS privacy? I have never, at any time, invaded Howard Nema's privacy, in any way, shape or form. Just another false representation to add to all the others.

As for the “others” mentioned here (he doesn't specify to whom he refers), what relevance would these unnamed “others” have to this issue? None at all.]

HN: “This should end it all.”

[BHP: As far as I am concerned, the only “end” is of my former (ill-fated) “friendship” with a person who has shown himself to be a self-serving opportunist, acting in the false belief that he can exploit my name and website for his own ends, with no further consequences.

But unless and until he REMOVES my name and website from his ass “backwards” promotions, the “end” of my righteous outrage and protests is nowhere in sight.]

HN: “By the way, Barbara, you are very welcome for all the financial and other support I rendered to you over the years.”

[BHP: This is a cheap shot, if ever there was one. So now he wants to drag in a totally unrelated issue, apparently because he can think of nothing relevant to the actual issue, the ONLY issue: that he is falsely representing Barbara Hartwell and defaming my good name.

Over the years? I have only known Howard Nema since 2012. And have not even spoken to him since the early Spring of 2014 (with good reason, since I discovered that he had been defaming and exploiting my name).

And he seems to think that any “financial support” he may have given me is related in any way to the issues I have addressed?

Maybe, like so many others who have claimed to be my “supporters”, he is so misguided as to think his “support” has “bought” him the right to exploit my name, or to disregard my clearly stated wishes about my personal/professional business? Wrong.]

HN: “In closing, I truly regret my acts of kindness and charity given to Barbara Hartwell, who I feel is a terribly ungrateful soul.”

[BHP: He's certainly entitled to his feelings, uncharitable as they are. But on that issue, I will have to wait for a future report to describe the treatment I received, and the unfortunate consequences to me, as a result of believing the false statements made by Howard Nema, about his so-called “kindness” and “charity”.

And no, I am not “grateful” to those who mislead me, who lie to me, especially when it results in disastrous circumstances.]

(See PART TWO of this report for details.)

HN: “Barbara, please leave me and my sites out of your reports in the future. I will never mention your name again and I expect you to do the same about me.”

[BHP: Can he possibly be serious? My name is already plastered all over Howard Nema's sites, in his infamous notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”.

Which he has now arrogantly stated that he REFUSES TO REMOVE.

And he actually expects me to sit back and do nothing? To allow him to perpetuate his fraud against Barbara Hartwell? It's already bad enough that he has been making false statements about Barbara Hartwell, and my background with CIA, in quite a large number of his videos (in some of which there was a guest involved in the discussion), where I was not present to correct him or stand up in my own defense.

I have done nothing whatsoever that is wrongful to Howard Nema. I have never made so much as one false statement about him, or against him.

I have only stood in my own defense to refute his falsehoods, to protect my privacy, my personal boundaries, my fundamental rights, and my good name, which he has defamed and shamelessly exploited.

And as long as the name of Barbara Hartwell continues to be fraudulently misrepresented and promoted in his “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH” notice, I will continue to demand that it be REMOVED, whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. He can count on it.

In summary, Howard Nema has shown himself to be entirely lacking in integrity and honor.

A person of integrity and honor would have never set out to misrepresent another person with false and defamatory statements.

A person of integrity and honor would not have tried to exploit the name of a legitimate government whistleblower, for his own self-serving ends, namely to ride on the coattails of the whistleblower, to drop her name in places where it does not belong, simply to garner more publicity for himself.

A person of integrity and honor, even had he made such a grievous error out of his own ignorance and/or lack of discretion, would seek to remedy his error, rather than arrogantly refusing even to acknowledge that he had made an error.

A person of integrity and honor would apologize for his disrespectful and injurious actions. He would immediately take action to REMOVE the false and defamatory material, not waiting for it to become a demand, but upon the first request of the injured party.

A person of integrity and honor would repent of his actions, rather than expressing arrogance, and acting as if he had done nothing wrongful. He would seek to make amends, rather than mounting a further assault on the injured party with additional false and defamatory statements.

Clearly, Howard Nema is not a person of integrity and honor. Nor is he a person who cares even slightly about “THE TRUTH”, of which he boasts continually that he serves, in his program, TRUTH TALK NEWS, and in his affiliation with Harry Link, where his show airs on 'Truth Broadcast Network'.]

HN: “Thank you. Enjoy your life and your solitude.
God bless you.”

Howard Nema, as far as I can see, has nothing to thank me for, except possibly for standing up for the truth, should he ever finally decide to put into practice what he loudly preaches about “THE TRUTH”.

And why say “God bless you”? From my observations, in past discussions with Howard Nema, it became clear to me that he does not believe in God. In fact, quite to the contrary, he tried repeatedly to foist upon me his belief in “positive thinking” and other New Age, secular humanist gobbledygook such as “the Law of Attraction”. (Barf bag alert!)

In his foolish insistence on pushing such ideology on me (a devout Christian, as he was well aware), I was even told that my “problems” were a result of “negative thinking”.

No, the problems and circumstances to which he referred were caused by the neutralization campaign waged against me by the U.S. Government and the demonic characters in their employ.

No amount of his silly “positive thinking” could ever change that.

But then, Howard Nema has never been a Target of such a campaign, so what would he know?

And he is entitled to his beliefs, which I respect his right to hold. But though I respect his rights, as I always will, I have lost any respect I had for him as a person, and with very good reason.

He has discredited himself, and shown himself to be not a promoter of "truth", but rather an unrepentant liar.

By their fruits shall you know them.

But be that as it may, my position remains firm, in defense of my own rights:



I first met Howard Nema in mid-2012, when I was invited to be a guest on his TV program 'TRUTH TALK NEWS'. From mid-2012 until December 2013, I appeared as a guest on a number of occasions. Never, at any time, did I have any affiliation with his program, nor ever entered into any sort of “partnership”. His was just one of many programs on which I appeared as a guest, nothing more.

I have worked as a professional journalist (print and electronic media) for over thirty years, both as host/producer of my own programs, and as a guest on hundreds of other programs.

I am extremely selective regarding which programs I will appear on. This especially applies on Internet talk radio/TV. The field has become overloaded with ambitious amateurs, now that anyone who can afford some basic equipment can place himself/herself behind a microphone, whether or not (usually not) they know what they are talking about. Aside from the amateurs, most of the rest of the so-called alternative media are government shills and disinformation specialists.

The original reason for my appearances on his program was simply that mutual acquaintances suggested it, in relation to subject matter which exposed COINTELPRO, one of the areas of my expertise.

It has become clear to me that Howard Nema tried to co-opt my “story” , as a legitimate, bona fide CIA whistleblower, for his own benefit (ambition), seeking public attention and ego-gratification at my expense.

And there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for what he has done: that is, knowingly promoting false information in connection with my name; and then arrogantly refusing to REMOVE the false information, having no concern about the damages to me.

Shortly after I received the first letter by post from Howard Nema, another letter was sent. I directed the postal clerk to mark the letter REFUSED & RETURN TO SENDER.

What I find most amazing is that he actually seems to think that I would be interested in anything he has to say to me. After what he has done? Is he really so oblivious? So totally lacking in perception of the truth? Or, does he simply not care how much damage he does?

Had Howard Nema simply had the common decency to respect my wishes when I first requested he remove my name and website from his fraudulent promotions, I would not have found it necessary to publish this report. Had he not decided to falsely accuse me of being “a terribly ungrateful soul” in a public notice on his website, thus commingling two entirely separate issues, I could have just walked away quietly, once he showed how untrustworthy he is.

He actually thinks that his so-called “charity”, “support” and “acts of kindness” (what the hell?) entitle him to carte blanche exploitation of my name? That I have no right to protest against his wrongdoing?

He has also falsely accused me of “invading his privacy”. Can he possibly be serious? He is the one who PUBLICLY misrepresented my name, misreporting facts, and exploiting information he was given, for his own ends.

Why would I allow anyone to do that? Why would I allow an ambitious amateur to trash my name, only adding to the massive and damaging defamation which is already out there?

In my considered professional opinion, 'TRUTH TALK NEWS' deserves to be relegated to an Internet trash heap, considering the fact that “TRUTH” has nothing whatsoever to do with the programming.

Here are just a few more examples of Howard Nema's ideas of “TRUTH”.

On the TRUTH TALK NEWS website, he posted several videos.


What swords? From which patriots? There is no Islamic Jihad in America. That is a propaganda campaign run by intelligence agencies, most notably CIA. Most of the terrorists are in actuality mercenaries working to destabilize foreign governments and bring them under control of U.S. corporate interests. They don't operate here in the U.S. and there is no such threat.

So why the macho-tough guy-bad ass posturing? And what use would a sword be against IEDs and suicide bombers?

Next, consider this one: Interview with a “CHRISTIAN PORN STAR”.

What? Christians and porn stars are mutually exclusive, at least in my opinion. Pornography is an abomination to God.

If Howard Nema actually believes that what he is promoting is “”TRUTH”, then far be it from me to protest against his foolishness and ignorance. That's his problem, not mine.

However, these sensationalist headlines are right there ON THE SAME PAGE as his notice: “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH” --where the name of Barbara Hartwell appears, in direct disregard of my clearly stated protests and demands that it be REMOVED.

Howard Nema is entitled to his opinions. He is entitled to his viewpoints. But he is NOT entitled to use MY NAME in a fraudulent notice in connection with his false “news stories”.

I have heard Howard Nema, numerous times, as he looks earnestly into the camera, state, “Ladies and Gentlemen, there is ONLY ONE TRUTH. He then proceeds to hold forth about the “truth”, which may well be contradicted on next week's program.

In fact, there are many truths. Truths which, when told, could enlighten, or educate, or present information that is useful. Real truths may generate outrage and may inspire those who hear them to dedicate themselves to right a wrong, to become a champion of justice or a defender of liberty.

But when falsehoods are presented as truths, simply because the person telling them has not bothered to check his facts, but goes off on an emotionally-based tirade of rhetoric, just because he thinks it will grab some attention and boost his ratings, it becomes a dangerous game --one that will ultimately backfire on the promoter.

I don't have the time, nor the inclination, to slog through any more of Howard Nema's trash. I won't be checking further to see if he has removed my name. I've decided to boycott his websites.

I won't be provoked into arguments or debates, should Howard Nema publish further falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. If I find the need to say anything further, I will put that information in a report.

As my friend Geral Sosbee said, I have already spent “countless hours” trying to stop Howard Nema's misrepresentations of my name and my website. Enough already. It's been a tiresome task, but one that needed to be done.

I would only ask my readers, those who do care about the truth, to please DISREGARD anything and everything which involves my name in connection with Howard Nema or his websites.

Truth & Justice: Who will stand? And what cost?

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Stating the Truth in Good Faith, for the Public Record
May 16, 2015


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA