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Monday, June 25, 2018


Yesterday while doing some research I discovered what I can only call the STUPIDEST VIDEO EVER POSTED.

The moron responsible for this video identifies herself as one Mansi Patel, using the screen name 'Karma Friendly'.

Here is the idiotic message by which she describes her video, claiming to “expose” Geral Sosbee:
EX FBI Agent Geral Sosbee Exposed by a Targeted Individual

Karma Friendly

"Ex FBI Agent Geral Sosbee Exposed by his MK Ultra Behavior Change Tactics, Dictation, Domination, Intimidation, Torture Behavior. He himself poses to be a Victim and Goes to Ramola's Podcast to become a "Hero". An Absolute "Zero" Individual Caught Red Handed..! Your Bad Karma Will come back HAunting You..!"

The false accusations seem to center around Mansi Patel's claim that Geral Sosbee used an image of a flower, copied from her Facebook page, and attributed the image to its proper source. This was a public image, once posted, but she whines that it was used “without her permission”. On this flimsy pretext of a “stolen” image, she then claims she “exposed” Geral Sosbee on Facebook. How stupid can she be?

Next, she claims that, as a direct result of her “exposure” of Sosbee, firetrucks with sirens were coming down the street, and that a helicopter flew “very low, rattling the windows”.

She provides no evidence via video of this event (why not?), but claims that later that night, she saw two police cars outside on the street with lights flashing, which she shows on video.

She then makes the utterly absurd claim that Geral Sosbee was “mentally torturing” her, by posting an image of stars, on HIS OWN Facebook page.

This woman, Mansi Patel, claims she is a victim of “gangstalking”. From this brief video, with her totally unwarranted and baseless accusations against Geral Sosbee, it seems to me to be more likely that she is a victim of her own stupidity!

Mansi Patel then drags the name of Ramola Dharmaraj into her fabricated story line. Idiotically, she says:

"He himself poses to be a Victim and Goes to Ramola's Podcast to become a 'Hero'".

How idiotic! I have not seen as much as one statement made by Mansi Patel that makes any sense at all. To accuse a person of these dastardly deeds, with NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER is not only stupid, but is malicious defamation in the extreme.

I don't believe in “karma”, but I do believe in accountability for wrongful actions. I believe in JUSTICE.

Mansi Patel's name has now been listed in the HALL OF SHAME on this website.

Maybe Mansi Patel is looking for some attention, which she thought she could get by exploiting the name of a genuine government whistleblower, Geral Sosbee, with sensationalist claims of her “victimhood”, blaming him as a perpetrator, for events (if they even happened, which is dubious) that had nothing whatsoever to do with him.

Congratulations, you low grade moron, now you have exactly the kind of attention you deserve! I sincerely hope you enjoy your “karma”.

Barbara Hartwell
June 25, 2018

PS: You can't fix STUPID.