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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Case Studies of “Mental Illness” by FBI/CIA Liars & Their Stooges

...Otherwise known as Case Studies in Stupidity

On my recent podcast with Ramola D we discussed several cases of government whistleblowers and journalists who have been falsely labeled “delusional”, “paranoid” and “mentally ill”, a standard ploy for the purpose of silencing and discrediting anyone who reports factual, accurate information about government criminality and corruption.

Here, I have compiled some excerpts from my reports, going back as far as 1999, which expose lying government spooks and their entourage of stooges, minions and sycophants.

The theme in each case is false accusations of “mental illness” by those wishing to discredit the expositor/whistleblower who has exposed the offenses of government operatives and/or stooges.

I will start with this brief report from Geral Sosbee, which I read aloud on the podcast, along with the comment from some idiot attempting to discredit Geral.


I have personally endured over 3 decades multiple assaults by fbi assassins sent by fbi to murder me, or to mortally wound me.
Some such attacks include the following:

Send nurse while I lay unconscious in hospital (following surgery for service connected injury) to smother me.

Pump toxic fumes into my residence everywhere I live.

Plant bacterial infection in mouth in proximity to brain in efforts to cause brain injury.

Send assassins to assault me repeatedly from my back in order to provoke a violent reaction which in turn has deadly consequences.

Attack me for 20-30 years with directed energy weaponry, including microwave and extremely low frequency sound attacks which have caused serious bodily injuries and potentially deadly coronary artery disease.

Send assassins to plant bio-chem-viral agents and apparent psycho active drugs in my food which in chemical combination causes the synthetic production in vivo of a synthetic kidney stone. Then, send an incompetent doctor to pretend to address the complications associated with the stone.

Send multiple assassins online to urge final exit, while fbi hoodlums tear up my car, invade my home, commit an unending series of crimes against my person, my wife and my property and orchestrate elaborate 'gas lighting' and psychological operations against me.

Some of these crimes and many others continue at this moment and are officially authorized by federal magistrate judges and fbi chiefs everywhere I travel globally.

So, wonder not at the decadence of our society as the fbi's own assassins reveal their demonic and inhumane credo:

'Nothing is true, everything is permitted'

Comment from anonymous coward:

"What the fuck

Why hasn't the FBI just assassinated you? What super human powers do you possess in order to have withstood such attacks? Do you have any idea how full of suit you sound? Why don't you ever respond to any comments here? Why have you continued to post photos that are over a decade old? Why no new photos?

Why does this site continue to publish these delusional ramblings? What a fucking joke."

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Next item is from a letter to the editor (excerpts) on a site called Bart Cop, in response to an article by Barbara Hartwell, exposing CIA agents engaged in crimes against persons, including extreme harassment and assaults with electro-magnetic weaponry. (2002)

"Bart, my man, just because they really are out to get us doesn't mean that there aren't some actual nutcases out there who ought to be in a nice padded cell.

"Irene" and "Barbara" are mentally ill. Delusional. Assuming they exist at all. The web site reads like the whiny fantasies of a dorky alienated 13-year-old. "Electromagnetic weapons" powerful enough to affect the human body or brain would disable every phone, computer, TV, VCR, and clock for half a mile around."

"If the CIA wanted to persecute you, you would get a polite form letter from the bank informing you that your house had been confiscated for failure to pay blah blah blah. If they wanted you dead, you would be dead. Professionals do not torture dogs. Only psychopaths, usually kids and low-level government clerks, engage in harassment games. Even the small-town cops aren't THAT inept."

"I've woken up with cuts and bruises and not known how they got there plenty of times. I've also woken up washing the dishes. (I have yet to wake up mowing the lawn.) Sleep-walking is caused by a number of things, including stress, alcohol, and snoring (repeated lack of oxygen to the brain)."
Dean Koontz's horror novels (from which this piece was taken, pretty much sentence by sentence) are no more real that Stephen King's."

"In other words, guys, we have plenty of real shit to worry about, like a coward bully drunk sitting on the red button. We don't have to make shit like this up, and we don't need to waste our time on it. Our priority is getting the unelected moron and his crime family out of power while there's still a planet to live on."

Barbara Hartwell refutes “Mr. Diehard”:

Mr. Diehard attempts to impugn my sanity as well as that of my sister. His opening argument is that surely, we must be "nutcases..... who ought to be in a nice padded cell". He then advances his primary thesis of mental illness by attempting to refute our testimony regarding the various harassment tactics used by the perpetrators.

His premise appears to be that only a 'paranoid, delusional nutcase' could possibly make up such stories about the type of persecution my sister and many others have been subjected to.

Mr. Diehard then accuses me of plagiarizing Dean Koontz's horror novels. I've never read anything by Dean Koontz. But I challenge Mr. Diehard to show me the "sentence by sentence" comparison from which he claims my work was taken. Why didn't he cite the pages and paragraphs of the specific novels he makes reference to?

Mr. Diehard seems to have a penchant for absolute and categorical statements, presuming to inform us that HE knows the ins and outs of government intelligence operations: How they are run. What the operatives ALWAYS do and what they would NEVER do. Who is, and who is not, 'professional'.

It is clear that Mr. Diehard is either:

1) woefully ignorant and presumptuous; a loudmouthed know-it-all who just likes to hear himself talk or else.....

2) He has an agenda.

As far as I can tell, these are the only two possible explanations for his ludicrous assessment of the situation outlined in my article.

But let's give Mr. Diehard the benefit of the doubt. Maybe there's no agenda. For the sake of argument, let's assume that he is operating out of ignorance. Judging by his pedantic, holier-than-thou manner, stating his personal opinions as if they were absolute facts and unassailable conclusions, of the set-in-concrete variety, Mr. Diehard claims to have a tremendous body of knowledge in the areas of:
Advanced technology, including electromagnetic devices; psychotronic weaponry and satellite systems.
Psychology , psychiatry and hypnosis.
The operational tactics of CIA and their minions, assets and contract agents.
Methodology of Psychological Operations used in political persecution of targeted individuals.
Wow, what a guy!....the consummate Renaissance Man.

But let's get real: If Mr. Diehard is truly as ignorant as his uninformed conjectures and unfounded assumptions make him out to be, then I would suggest that he could remedy that unfortunate situation by educating himself and doing some serious research into the various areas in which he apparently strives to make us believe he is an expert.

If, on the other hand, he is an individual with an agenda, I would suggest that he needs to develop quite a bit more polish if he wants to wield any real influence in his attempts to discredit legitimate survivors of government mind control and black operations.

But, come to think of it, there is a third possibility, which could be a handy explanation for Mr. Diehard's rich fantasy life....

Mr. Diehard informs us that he has a habit of sleepwalking. In his vast medical expertise, Mr. Diehard informs us that lack of oxygen to the brain may be responsible for this condition.

Maybe....just maybe, Mr. Diehard wrote his commentary while he was walking in his sleep.....lack of oxygen to his brain could certainly explain it all.

Yeah, that one works for me.

These excerpts are from a report (2000), based on e-mails I received in response to my reports on political persecution, including assaults against Targets with DEW (directed energy weapons). One such person is named Kevin Gagan, who regularly sent me harassing e-mails in attempts to discredit my reports. My comments follow excerpts from Gagan's e-mails.


"Just read where everybody's out to 'get you'. Are you next going to be telling us that the reports of your suicide are not to be believed? That the government will have 'suicided' you? Dang it Babs, get some help. Family and friends have been telling you that for years. Give it a shot (so to speak)." "Therapy, Babs, therapy..." "There are medical professionals who have addressed this syndrome..Unfortunately and sadly there is a box that you fit into. It's never too late.."

BH: FYI, Mr. Gagan: There are many documented incidents of government agencies being responsible for the so-called "suicides" of their targets. Just one case in point: Frank Olsen, who allegedly "jumped out a window" in 1953. But in this rare instance, the family won a legal victory against CIA, when they proved that in fact, Frank Olsen was assassinated, followed by the usual attempted government cover-up, labeled as a "suicide".

Last year [1999] I was a guest on a series of radio shows on CIA mind control, hosted by Mike Levine: The Expert Witness Show on WBAI, NYC. Eric Olsen, Frank's son, was also a guest on this program. Yes, Mr. Gagan, CIA was responsible for "suiciding" Frank Olsen. Since I know you'd never believe me, read "Acid Dreams" by Eric Olsen and Martin Lee. That is, if you can open your own mind enough to open the cover of a book which is meticulously researched and contains plenty of hard evidence as well as the testimony of credible witnesses.

As far as the use of that "box" that you say I fit into: Why don't you just shove your outsized ego into it? It might be a bit of a squeeze, so don't forget to wrap it up tight with heavy-duty packing tape as an extra security measure. As you say, it's never too late...


To an anonymous crony known as "XXXX" :
"One poor soul asked me if I knew how to stop microwaves. I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. I suggested she unplug the oven. I must be tired. Forgive me."
BH: Evidently you are not aware, Mr.Gagan, that electronic harassment is one of the foremost strategies of attack against various targeted individuals in this country, primarily deployed against whistleblowers and others who oppose the fascism and global slavery agenda of the NWO.

But I'm sure you don't have to worry about becoming one of these targets. After all, your ridicule of the innocent victims of such attacks gives you automatic 'diplomatic immunity'. By your derision of the victims and your attempts to debunk their credibility you are playing right into the hands of the perps, whether you mean to or not. And your laughter at the expense of massive human suffering speaks for itself. Shame on you, Mr. Gagan!


"Did that crazy pair finally quit bothering you? If they haven't, you could send me their e-mail and I'd be glad to play with their heads."

BH: I'm sure you would be more than happy for any opportunity to play your juvenile mind games with like-minded people. But I'm not about to waste my time lining up new targets for you. I don't need hired guns and I don't play games, Mr. Gagan. When someone messes with me, I just take care of business. And no, that "crazy pair" (Franco and Fornai) are no longer harassing me. They've learned their lesson. Perhaps you too, could learn from their experience.


From a letter to Geral Sosbee (2004)

In a few of my reports I exposed a CIA agent named Don Stacey, a crony of the late Ted Gunderson, who was involved in Gunderson's containment operation/protection racket. Stacey targeted me in the late 90s. One of Stacey's stooges, a woman named Marilyn Guinanne, wrote a letter to Geral Sosbee, attempting to persuade him that Barbara Hartwell is evil and/or crazy. Here, some excerpts.

"...I am here to tell you that without question, her attack on Don Stacey was not only unfounded, but riddled with more lies than you could shake a stick at. Unbelievable. I have concluded that she has either lost her mind, or is one rabid human being, and I'm sorry if she's endured MK Ultra, but that's no excuse to fabricate such incredible and vicious lies about someone, laced with more acid than a car's battery."

"Look, break down her story: Why on God's earth would an investment banker suddenly affiliate himself with the CIA? Why would a seventy year old man start an investment banking firm that is a CIA 'front'? It's completely nuts."

"Hartwell lives in some kind of Loopy Land of the mind, whereupon she fantacizes all kinds of damaging-to-others crap that does not happen. Then she reports it as truth, and the likes of Geral Sosbee and [name removed] buy it, hook/line. Well, as P.T. Barnum said . . . "There's a . . . " ah, but you know the quote. After all, it applies."

"I cannot believe this woman has created such an evil vortex around herself. She lives inside a cesspool of her own making. She spits poison like a cornered viper."
"I'm sorry for her. And since you call her your friend, I'm sorry for you. Even so, she needs you, along with some sort of honest shrink, so go with my best wishes into the Hartwellian black night. I don't think for a New York minute you realize what you're mixed up with; I honestly don't. She is a mess. Yes, yes, MK Ultra would make anyone a mess. But that gives her no license to ruin the lives of others, innocents, dear and decent people."

Barbara Hartwell refutes Marilyn Guinanne

My father served in Military Intelligence (G-2), as a translator (he spoke 7 languages) and cryptographer. He was later recruited into CIA. He used to tell me, "Always remember one thing." (in intelligence work, or any area of life) "There's no substitute for stupidity".

Over the years, my father's astute comment has come to mind many times, especially on occasions such as this.

Marilyn Guinanne is not only shamelessly ignorant and ill-informed about the topics on which she shoots off her mouth (including CIA; intelligence operations; MK Ultra; 9-11; feminism; the Libertarian party.....) and on which she claims to be a "Writer", she's downright stupid.

Indeed, her greatest talent appears to be a merciless butchering of the English language with her prodigal and redundant use of tortured cliches and mixed metaphors --as a poor substitute for facts and accurate, relevant information-- which could surely induce cognitive agony even in the functionally illiterate.

But Ms. Guinnane's lack of writing skills or low intelligence quotient are hardly the issues.

Since she has taken it upon herself to be a loud and aggressive mouthpiece for the alleged "heroism" of the CIA disinfo set, their minions and mind-controlled robots, she will have to learn the hard way that she is way out of her league; particularly when making a frontal assault on seasoned professionals who have actually WORKED for intelligence and law enforcement agencies and have first-hand knowledge and extensive training in intelligence work.

People who KNOW what they are talking about and who can back up their allegations with hard evidence. Hardworking, dedicated people who have done many years of their own investigations and research. People unlike Ms. Guinnane: A rank amateur who is merely parroting what she has heard or read on some conspiracy message board; in some self-published "biography"; or other venue of government-sponsored, controlled-opposition disinfo.

Ms. Guinnane first presumes to speak with authority on subjects she knows nothing about by parroting what she's been brainwashed to believe by folks such as Don Stacey, Susan Ford et al. She then proceeds to hurl insults and invective at people she does not know, such as Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee. People about whom she knows absolutely nothing that is real or true.

But how very typical of the uneducated and the misinformed. I've seen her kind before. Ms. Guinnane is an attention-and-approval seeker whose dearth of knowledge is surpassed only by her delusions of herself as some sort of real "player" in the world of international politics. But I can assure her she's playing a fool's game against people a hell of a lot smarter than she is.


Time to take look at some of Ms. Guinnane's wild allegations; outlandish accusations and uninformed speculation and refute them with hard facts.
Guinnane's comments are in quotes.

My comments are preceded by my initials, BH.

MG: "Look, break down her story: Why on God's earth would an investment banker suddenly affiliate himself with the CIA? Why would a seventy year old man start an investment banking firm that is a CIA 'front'? It's completely nuts."

BH: That's a great idea. Let's "break down the story". But to break down a story you have to deal with FACTS, not erroneous suppositions or paranoid fantasies. Ms. Guinnane is clearly unaware of the fact that CIA routinely operates through various and sundry front companies.

An international investment banking firm provides great cover and in fact many CIA operatives are investment bankers, just as some are journalists; "diplomats" ; or those in "foreign service" positions, known as "official cover" . Others, such as myself were utilized under "non-official cover" better known as NOC.

Stonebridge Associates, the company mentioned in my article [EXPOSED: CIA MKULTRA CONTAINMENT OP] was NOT started by "a seventy year old man". Mr. Stacey started the enterprise in 1986, according to his bio.

When I first heard from Mr. Stacey in 1998, he claimed to be sixty-two (62). If Stacey was 62 in '98 he would NOW be either 68 or 69, depending on what month he was born. In 1986, when he started the company he would have been around 51.

And there was nothing "sudden" about Mr. Stacey's affiliation with CIA. No, that would have been going on for years, at least as far back as 1986, since Stonebridge Associates has been functioning as a CIA cut out since that time. Yes, somebody appears to be "nuts"...but it's not myself, nor is it CIA.]

MG: "Let me tell you of the absolute heroes I know of, fighting NWO tooth and nail and at great personal jeopardy: John Kaminski. His essays are read world-wide, and he is brilliant. Here's what Hartwell calls him: "A neo-Bolshevik." Well, that's cute, Babs, but when did you do much of anything but spew vitriol?"

BH: Real heroes! I called Kaminski a Neo-Bolshevik because that is precisely what he is. He supports a globalist, collectivist, left-wing agenda, straight out of the Communist Manifesto. And otherwise just whines about how hopeless and despairing his own life and the world at large has become. And don't call me "Babs", you impudent bimbo, that's reserved for my family and friends.

MG: "She needs.... some sort of honest shrink, She [Barbara Hartwell] is a mess. Yes, yes, MK Ultra would make anyone a mess. But that gives her no license to ruin the lives of others, innocents, dear and decent people. "

BH: First of all, this stupid, presumptuous, meddling bitch knows nothing about MK Ultra or about what I "need". I don't need a "shrink" and I'm far from being a "mess". I broke out of MK Ultra and escaped from CIA's black ops by the grace of God, over ten years ago. [1994]

If this pathetic creature thinks she can impugn my sanity by such gratuitous libel, she'd better think again, and listen up while the listening's good, because before I'm through with her she'll be singing a different tune.

Secondly, she's got it all very, very wrong. On the contrary, the "innocent" and "dear and decent people" to whom she refers, namely Don Stacey and Sue Ford, have attempted to ruin MY life with their lies and manipulation. Fortunately for me, they did not succeed. My association with both of them, and the unscrupulous crowd they hang out with, was short lived. I saw through them and cut them off before they could do any serious damage.

But let's talk about OUTRAGE, shall we? I'm mad as hell about having been targeted for character assassination by halfwits such as Marilyn Guinnane and other government stooges who are wittingly or unwittingly doing the dirty work of the government-sponsored slimebags they worship as "heroes".

Some of us know the real secrets of CIA's deep black projects, mind control horrors which have never seen the light of day or public exposure . Here's a hint: It's not about "sex slaves".

Truly, there's no substitute for stupidity.


Howard Nemaizer, a salesman by trade, is an amateur wannabe who attempted to ride my coattails and make a name for himself by grossly exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell on his website and in his videos. He promoted my name in connection with much false information and also fraudulently linked my name with charlatans, liars and criminals among his own low-life associates.

When I issued a directive for him to cease and desist from using my name, he began to engage in defamation of my name and monstrous invasions of privacy against me and members of my family. He and his wife, Maureen Nemaizer are two grossly obese busybodies from Hell, who are heavily involved in the satanic heavy metal culture, and who promote their fellow devil-worshippers, such as Alice Cooper and Ronnie James Dio, and attend events where Bibles are burned onstage as part of the show.

The outrageous lies of Howard Nemaizer were then also promoted by his accomplices, others of my enemies, including criminals Ken Adachi and Todd Brendan Fahey.

Sticking to the subject matter, Howard Nemaizer not only parroted the lies of my enemies, that I am a “CIA disinfo agent”, but this:

"She is a fraud and con artist and if you read her relentless attacks you will realize she is absolutely insane."

Then, in a defamatory post on Facebook, he writes:

"According to Barbara we are all liars and thieves out to get her. She is clearly quite delusional and mentally ill. The right word to use is compulsive. Still, I pray she gets the help she needs."

Nemaizer addresses my friend Sherri Kane (who stood up in my defense) on Facebook:

"She has ticks, mental illness. I attributed it to MK ULTRA. I think she has been programmed. She has chips in her, unless that too is a lie."

You see how the country is under a spell. She had me under a spell. And I think she still has you under a spell."

Barbara Hartwell on the idiocy of Howard Nemaizer:

Under a spell? Now, Nemaizer concocts another ludicrous, harebrained notion. So, according to Howard Nemaizer, I must be Svengali, or a witch who casts spells on her hapless “victims”. This notion is so stupid I won't bother commenting further. Only an idiot would believe such a thing.

As for his comments on MK Ultra and “programming”, Nemaizer is a total ignoramus on that subject. As usual, he is parroting the charlatans who have promoted such defamatory falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell for decades. I guarantee, the government stooge, Howard Nemaizer, knows absolutely nothing about MK Ultra.

Then, there is Maureen Nemaizer, the fat loudmouthed busybody from Hell, who, along with calling me “evil” and “the devil”, has repeatedly accused me of being mentally ill.

Maureen Nemaizer to Sherri Kane:

"You're her friend, why don't you get her some mental help?"

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Seen enough yet? If not, there is plenty more on this website, reports which expose the despicable characters featured here and their accomplices.

Government operatives and their stooges....

Since none of them can come up with any facts, nor evidence to discredit the legitimate persons who have exposed the various scams and crimes in which they are involved, the outrageous lies and false information they promote, they resort to accusations of “mental illness”, “paranoia”, “delusional”.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 30, 2018

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Barbara Hartwell Interview with Ramola D (PART 4): Punitive/Political Psychiatry

NOTE: The You Tube channel associated with this podcast has been terminated. Those interested may do a search of other channels to find the report.

The government-issue hackers must have enjoyed themselves immensely during the recording of this podcast, in which they engaged in every form of interference their twisted minds could dream up.

The symptoms of “mental illness”, according to these miscreants, include exercising our God-given unalienable rights, as protected under the Constitution, and furnishing testimony and evidence in reporting on massive government corruption and criminality.

Were we “sane”, in keeping with their Neo-Bolshevik manifesto, we would unquestioningly and slavishly embrace the social engineering, the moral relativism, the collectivist group think which subsumes the rights and liberties of the individual; which allows snoops, snitches, micromanaging busybodies and petty tyrants to determine and rule over every aspect of our lives.

Were our sanity intact, we would never stand up in our own defense, or in defense of others, in the face of naked aggression, diabolical calumny, outrageous assaults on our liberty. We would accept the flagrant censorship and accede to the idiotic demands for political correctness which would silence our righteous protests against political persecution.

We would never, at any time, speak the truth or name the names of our assailants, our mortal enemies, those who stalk, harass, defame our good names, who lie, steal and cheat, who threaten and attempt to intimidate us; those devils who, with the flick of a switch, torture us with anti-personnel weaponry, who violently invade our bodies and minds with their hideous electro-magnetic pollution.

Sanity, in the minds of these psychopaths, would require that we roll out the red carpet for evildoers, and turn a blind eye while they destroy our lives, piece by piece, day by day, week by week, year by year, until they have utterly vanquished and enslaved us all.

THAT is true insanity.


Barbara Hartwell
May 27, 2018

Report #68: Part 4, Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower & Ramola D on Punitive Psychiatry

Punitive and Political Psychiatry; Extreme FBI/CIA/NSA Abuse of Whistleblowers and Journalists

Probing and thoughtful conversation with Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower and journalist, on the vitally important subject of Punitive or Political Psychiatry, the Retaliation of Choice for criminal miscreants holding undeserved positions of authority in Intelligence agencies, the military, and general civil society, and on the much overlooked subject of extreme and egregious FBI/CIA/NSA abuse of whistleblowers, an abuse extended today also to journalists, truth-tellers, and community activists.

Examining a report first from Ed Schooling, a military and LAPD whistleblower who discusses the current state of affairs in America where people of different kinds are being hit with Punitive (which is False) Psychiatry, we go on to to speak about various cases where whistleblowers and people of prominence have been attacked in this form, primarily to dismiss or discredit their reports of corruption or abuse, but also to suppress and silence public awareness of the forms of retaliation in use today, which include the illegitimate use of anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies such as microwave pulse weapons on their bodies.

In this 2002 article, Ed Schooling writes: “...the world seems to be going in reverse. People in the Eastern Bloc now have all of the freedoms they want, while rights are being stripped from Americans and people of other western nations.”

Geral Sosbee, for instance, an FBI whistleblower of note, whose case Barbara Hartwell has covered in detail in her article Targeted for Terror, was threatened with psychiatric incarceration if he did not resign from the FBI.

Karen Melton-Stewart was required to undergo psychiatric evaluations after she lodged an internal complaint of abuse and discrimination with the NSA Inspector-General. We spoke also about how Karen Stewart was unlawfully and wrongfully Baker-Acted after educating her Leon County Sheriff's department on EMF technologies, and what occurred in my case in Quincy, Massachusetts when mention of EMF technologies—both from personal awareness and investigative journalism--caused Quincy Public Schools officials to attack my public profile and family by calling Child Protection Services and “reporting”—as if they were experts on this subject--that I had an “untreated mental illness” which caused them such great concern about my caregiving they had to try to destroy my family just so they could sleep at night.

These stories can be found on my website The Everyday Concerned Citizen. We also spoke about Dr. Millicent Black's case where she proffered evidence of a non-consensual implant--documented as a foreign object or artifact located by her doctors on a Nuclear MRI in the area of her heart wall—in conjunction with stalking by an ex-USAF ex-boyfriend to her local police, who promptly contacted her children to coerce their co-operation and had her force-committed to a Psychiatric Ward where a resident on duty lied that she was suicidal—a story he fabricated—and where she was held unlawfully in this way, via treachery and deceit, for eight days before a judge released her.

Barbara also talks at length about the case of Michael Ruppert, an LAPD officer and whistleblower who spoke out about attempts to recruit him for CIA purposes to assist in drug-trafficking, and about another military intelligence analyst and Special Forces member Reds Helmey who was involved in a failed CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro and who related to her that he had been used via mind control operations.

Please visit Barbara's website for more information, and please send donations to the address listed on the top of the site:

PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY

Friday, May 25, 2018

USA, A Nation On A Collision Course With Its Own Decadent Values

Report from Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee
No former fbi Special Agent in the 100 year history of fbi has ever documented more effectively than I the sick, murderous and traitorous culture of that group of assassins who claim to represent the highest law enforcement group in the country, the fbi.

For 18 years I have labored to document fbi atrocities committed against me & others, even while the fbi and their psychopathic federal magistrate judges et al., tortured and tried to maim and kill me (often using chemicals, DEW and ELF attacks). Extensive and choreographed psychological operations are also executed against me 24/7/365 globally, costing tens of millions of dollars over decades.

Yet, most media including Indymedia groups provide no coverage of my plight. This fact alone is an indictment of controlled media for cover up of the crimes against humanity that I reference: systematic torture, forced suicide, covert assassinations, blackmail and many other high crimes and misdemeanors against Targets of fbi clandestine operations everywhere.

I have learned through my battles with fbi that the agents, operatives, hoodlums, thugs and murderers are the essence of all fbi operations, even though the fbi puts on a charade of semi respectability on popular media. The fbi is in reality a global MAFIA syndicate and most people fear or idolize them. Fbi agents and the federal judges whom fbi control are small minded, petty, prejudiced and self centered egoists who embody the worst traits inherent in our species. Worse, fbi and all who support them are not interested in truth, justice, human rights and constitutional values. I have proven these observations over decades of survival under excruciating attacks by fbi agents and operatives.

My testimony also stretches back about a half century whereby I show extreme corruption of fbi and their complete abandonment of respect for the citizens of USA.

Yet, Congress and SCOTUS ignore my pleadings and the overwhelming evidence of the overthrow of this government by fbi/cia.

I am now almost 73 years of age and the fbi continues their 45 years of retaliation against me, causing serious bodily injuries and life threatening illness.

I am sad to fight for my life against these psychopaths, but I must continue to the end because my work, like the efforts of my friend BARBARA HARTWELL is larger in importance than my suffering. Many may someday benefit from the humanitarian perspective that I and my associates embrace.

Today, as fbi thugs follow and assault me regularly I realize that each fbi hoodlum represents a federal judge; that any response by me to their provocative assaults and attempts on my life, is immediately reported to the deranged federal judge; and that judge is eager to silence me because I expose his insanity to the world. (Note that the federal judges in El Paso, and in RGV Texas exemplify the corruption of our judiciary.) Remember please that God Does Not Bless This Evil Regime and our people are imprisoned in plain sight by the illusion of an humane government.

For more data see my websites and see:

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Barbara Hartwell Interview with Ramola D: COINTELPRO TACTICS ( PART 3)


NOTE: The You Tube Channel associated with this podcast has been terminated, so the recording is no longer available. Those interested may do a search of other channels to find the report.


Here is PART 3 of a series of discussions with Ramola D, which was recovered by Ramola only after her computer was serviced, following two separate crashes, one during the podcast, and another as she was attempting to retrieve the file from her hard drive.

The entire last part of the interview was lost, however, as a result of the crash, the segment which covered punitive psychiatry as a neutralizaton tactic used on journalists and whistleblowers. So, we will cover more on that in PART 4.

I am thankful to Ramola for her support, especially in covering the issue of the late Ted Gunderson's vast involvement in counterintelligence operations, while serving in the FBI and for more than three decades since he retired.

I am aware that many people who view Ted Gunderson as some kind of patriot hero are displeased (to say the least) at my exposure of him, and continue to parrot his claims that I am a “government spook” or “CIA disinfo agent”. Ramola is now also the recipient of some negative comments directed at her for giving me airtime, considering the fact that my position does not seem to be a popular one among her viewers and readers.

However, my opinions and viewpoints are my own and I speak strictly for myself, based on my personal/professional experience, investigations and direct knowledge.

Fortunately, I have been blessed with a great friend and colleague, former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee (who first introduced me to Ramola) who is in complete agreement with me about FBI/CIA counterintelligence operations and the extreme damages done by the criminal cabal out of which Ted Gunderson and his cronies operated for so many years.

As always, my reports and interviews are for information purposes only; the reading/listening audience may make of the information what they will.

Lastly, I don't expect anyone to believe anything I say, nor do I ever make such an unreasonable request. Doing one's own research, diligently and using intellectual discernment, is the only way of arriving at truthful conclusions.

Barbara Hartwell
May 17, 2018

Report #66: Barbara Hartwell, CIA, on COINTELPRO, "Superspook" 'Gun', & Containment Operatives

In this compelling and focused conversation, Barbara Hartwell, CIA whistleblower, returns to resume the conversation we began in earlier podcasts Parts 1 and 2 on the subjects of COINTELPRO, retaliation against whistleblowers, CIA influence in media, and the peculiar phenomenon of CounterIntelligence aggression as aimed at American whistleblowers, activists, and journalists.

In particular, she tells the story of how a private investigator she hired early on during the period of her own targeting shortly after she left the CIA was himself attacked, both with anti-personnel directed-energy weapons and with paramilitary helicopter and SWAT Team harassment. This form of extreme retaliation against someone who was helping scan her home for audio bugs, etc., was also an aspect of the targeting against her, she explains, since the intention was to isolate her and keep her from being helped or supported or have her life restored to normalcy.

Barbara also speaks at length about Ted Gunderson, former Special Agent In Charge at the FBI, whom she worked closely with once, but who later turned against her and decried her publicly as a CIA spook and disinformation agent. Reading out portions from articles she has written on the basis of her own assessment as an intelligence analyst, and including excerpts from letters from Ted Gunderson and FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee, Barbara discusses “Superspook” Gun and his close involvement in covert CounterIntel, his rustling up of American media moguls including Hustler editor Larry Flynt in the service of spreading Propaganda & Disinformation, and his own presence in her midst as a high-level CIA Containment Operative.

Exposed ultimately is the seamy world of COINTELPRO as practiced it seems both by the FBI and CIA, where whistleblowers are so extremely retaliated against as to have their entire lives ruined, where programs of public interference are deliberately run in order to defame and smear, and threat, intimidation, and assault with electromagnetic technologies is used to silence and neutralize those with courage to speak out against wrongdoing and corruption.

Addressing also the question of Ted Gunderson's well-known 2011 affidavit attesting to COINTELPRO programs in the modern day inclusive of “gang-stalking” and “organized stalking” as well as child trafficking in the US, Barbara emphasizes she does not in any way question the affidavit, but questions instead the hidden COINTELPRO operations run against her own self and her reputation by Ted Gunderson—whose own reputation is apparently being preserved in immaculate form by a myth-building operation at the FBI.

It is telling that just as Barbara turned to the subject of Punitive and Political Psychiatry—which has recently reared its ugly head in my own vicinity, in Quincy, Massachusetts, via a Quincy Public School official attempting to suppress my voice as a journalist and front-line reporter on the subject of anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies in use inside the USA, on Americans, in a still-developing story being published on my website, The Everyday Concerned Citizen—my laptop abruptly crashed.

Fortunately, after much effort, I was able to retrieve this podcast. We hope to pick up the conversation shortly in Part 4—stay tuned, and please leave comments and accolades below:)

Please send donations in support of Barbara Hartwell's groundbreaking journalism via her address on her web site.


Barbara Hartwell 

 PO Box 22

Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Monday, May 14, 2018


Following are three letters written in support of Ramola D/Dharmaraj, who has recently been targeted for the malicious and injurious offenses of libel, slander, defamation, harassment, invasions of privacy and attempted intimidation by administrators of the Quincy, Massachusetts Public School and subsequently by Child Protective Services, otherwise known as the Department of Children and Families.

Ramola has been falsely accused of possible “neglect” of her child, based only on fraudulent and unsubstantiated reports by school officials, claiming that she is “mentally ill”.

None of these school employees, who do not even know Ramola, are qualified to make such a preposterous “diagnosis”. Nor did they have any authority to pass such blatantly false information to the DCF, for the purpose of further harassment, invasion of her and her family's privacy, and egregious defamation of her personal and professional reputation.

What had Ramola done to become the quarry of these hounds of Hell, howling and snapping at her heels?

Very simply, as a journalist, as a concerned citizen, she distributed some written documents exposing the unlawful use of anti-personnel directed-energy weaponry, deployed against her personally, as well as a number of her colleagues, including former intelligence professionals/whistleblowers and scientists, all of whom, like Ramola, had studied and investigated this issue over a period of years and who had collected a body of evidence, and published the documentation.

Speaking for myself, as a journalist and whistleblower, I have been publishing reports on these high-tech war toys, and have spoken on the public lecture circuit, on radio and video, for more than two decades. And yes, I too have been falsely labeled “mentally ill”, by both government agents and by their lackeys and stooges, whom I have also exposed for their civil and/or criminal offenses, ignorant, malicious persons with an axe to grind, in attempts to discredit me.

Please take the time to read these letters; but don't stop there. If you have any doubt that this technology is real, that it is operational, do your own research. There is no substitute, even if you award merit to the research and investigations of others who have developed expertise.

There is a large body of evidence and published documentation on this weaponry, which is being deployed for nefarious purposes against those specifically targeted (journalists, whistleblowers, human rights activists) and in some cases against entire populations who unwittingly and without their informed consent, are used as “test subjects”.

This scourge on humanity is just one aspect of the counterintelligence operations by CIA, FBI, NSA, et al, and it is a deadly menace to any and all who have been targeted.

For more information, and to contact Ramola D, see:

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
May 14, 2018


Christopher Burton

May 2, 2018

Attn: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Officials

Dear Commonwealth of Massachusetts Officials:

The news that Ramola D/Dharmaraj was contacted by the Department of Children and Families because of her human rights advocacy and journalism is deeply alarming. Ramola D is one of the most intelligent, courageous, and generous people I have ever met.

She didn't ask to be thrust into the role of lead investigative journalist over the United States' classified directed energy weapons (and possibly non-consensual human experimentation) programs, but once she herself was thrust into the front-lines she decided to make a difference by devoting the last four years of her life to reporting - on her blog and YouTube channel, Ramola D Reports - stories about people whose lives have been shattered by covert abuses of directed energy and other technologies, tools and tactics developed by the military for unconventional warfare. These are the same directed energy weapons Douglas Smith, Director of the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Neurosurgery and Center for Brain Injury and Repair, believes were responsible for the attacks on US and Canadian victims in Cuba stating recently in an interview with the Toronto Star the “laser like specificity” and “directional aspects” of the attacks, which created injuries similar to a concussion, “supports the idea of a directed energy type of exposure.”


Ramola D is a prolific writer and researcher with an MBA and B.S. in Physics from the University of Madras, a public state research university with a five-star ranking from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and the alma mater of two Nobel Laureates in Physics and five Presidents of India. She also has an MFA from George Mason University, 17 years of experience teaching undergraduate Literature, English Composition, and Creative Writing at various Washington DC area universities, colleges, and institutions, and has been awarded numerous national Poetry and Fiction awards. She has received post graduate training in journalism and was the recipient of a 2005 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry.

With a background like this, and an incomparable work ethic, it’s easy to see why Ramola D has become such an effective investigative journalist – Science, Technology, and Surveillance Reporter – who works full time examining and analyzing military and
Intelligence documents, making FOIA requests, interviewing officials, reporting responses from agencies and officials, and reviewing thousands of documents and scientific papers, in addition to covering victims' stories. The Department of Children and Families should never be used as a tool to censor journalism, silence dissent, or stifle activism at any level especially when it has to do with military technologies that can affect the everyday lives of so many people around the world.

It’s frightening that Ramola D, who might be the United States’ most important reporter on the subject of military and intelligence agency applications of mind reading and directed energy science, reports, like many intelligence agency whistle-blowers, that she has also been a front-line victim of anti-personnel directed-energy technology. And it’s astonishing that the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families is not aware of the connection between the crimes Ramola D is reporting and the dangers of electromagnetic and mind-tapping technology which institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are currently showcasing to the world on television programs like 60 Minutes


The Wall Street Journal reported on March 27th, 2017 that Timothy Gardner, as associate biology professor at Boston University who was at the helm of Boston University’s Laboratory of Neural Circuit Formation, was hired by Neuralink, a company that “implants tiny electrodes in brains” and “aims to merge human brains with computers,” as a researcher. The founder of Neuralink, Elon Musk, in addition to heading Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company, also sits on the board of OpenAI, a non-profit research company he co-founded whose goal, according to its blog (, is to “advance digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity.”

Musk says in this video


originally posted in 2016, “If we can effectively merge with AI by improving the neural link between the cortex and the digital extension of yourself, which, like I said, already exists, it just has a bandwidth issue, then effectively you become an AI-human symbiote and if that, then, is widespread, with anyone who wants it can have it, then we solve the control problem as well, we don’t have to worry about some evil dictator AI because we are the AI collectively. That seems like the best outcome I can think of.”

This statement clearly connects the dangers of AI technology to brain to computer interfaces AND confirms the significance of Ramola D’s work highlighting potential military/intelligence agency abuses of AI and mind-reading electromagnetic technology.

"If you're not concerned about AI safety, you should be. Vastly more risk than North Korea," Musk tweeted. In 2014, the Guardian reported the following statement made by Musk to students from MIT during an interview at the AeroAstro Centennial Symposium, “I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So, we need to be very careful. I’m increasingly inclined to
think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish.”


Musk made these statements four years ago about the same time Ramola D began reporting on the subject of directed energy weapons and military applications of technology that can read or manipulate the brain and central nervous system. And keep in mind that Musk’s PayPal -- which in 2002 merged with Ebay, a company that built up an internal police division headed by veterans of the DEA and DOJ and is staffed by over a thousand private investigators who work closely with intelligence and law enforcement agencies in every country where it operates (Jack Goldsmith and Tim Wu, Who Controls the Internet? Illusions of a Borderless World, Oxford University Press, New York, 2006) -- was deeply involved in developing the fraud and protection algorithms that were eventually spun off into Musk’s partner, Peter Thiel’s, company Palantir Technologies, which is now a major military contractor that provides sophisticated data-mining services to the NSA and CIA (Forbes, Aug 14, 2013).

These connections connote a willingness by Musk and Neuralink to potentially share its Brain to Computer interface data mining algorithms with military contractors and their clients who could be anyone from state/local police departments, to foreign/domestic intelligence agencies, to corrupt government institutions in the USA and around the world. And it’s well understood that any data stored in a database or transferred over the internet is vulnerable to surveillance dragnets, warrantless fiber tapping, hacking, or third-party malevolence (which the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal exposed).

So, is it really the job of the Department of Children and Families to try to shut down honest investigative reporting into these sorts of problematic relationships, or determine for the world whether or not anti-personnel electromagnetic, mindreading, and AI technology poses a threat to humanity, or to guarantee that the science that allows chips and headsets to interact electromagnetically with the brain and nervous system hasn’t already been weaponized by the military, or to determine if those militaries are more concerned with saving human lives OR promoting the industries and geopolitical interests that feed it?

Let’s just “hope” the US doesn’t become, or isn’t already, the “evil dictator” Musk fears and decides to incorporate mind reading technology into its policy of endless war around the world which has slaughtered millions of completely innocent lives in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and many others dating back to the end of WWII.

Nationally recognized change-making whistle-blowers from the NSA such as Bill Binney, Kirk Wiebe, and Karen Stewart, and countless other scientists, military officers and former intelligence agents personally support Ramola D's work which, I’m sure you would agree, is extremely difficult considering the subject matter, politics, federal and state agencies/institutions, and companies that must be involved. Having this level of support in her corner should signal to your organization that journalists like Ramola D, who specialize in Science, Technology and Surveillance reporting are incredibly important right now and the validity of the extremely complex subject matter she reports on shouldn’t be assessed by school principals, social workers or even psychologists. Her reports of being assaulted by this technology in public, however, should be of the utmost concern in terms of Public Safety to all groups!

Please examine the significance of the word “electromagnetic” in Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 265 – Section 43A: Criminal harassment; punishment


and spend some time analyzing the stories Ramola D is reporting and consider the magnitude of her role, especially as a journalist on the front-lines, in informing the public about the dangers of electromagnetic and AI technologies that, as Elon Musk says, require national and international regulatory oversight that can be legislated to protect humanity from the “evil dictator.”

And please ask yourself how legislation like this, that’s constructed with the best interests of private citizens in mind, could ever become enacted if people like Ramola D are silenced with threats of having their children taken away. Once this technology is deployed to the battlefield, shared with foreign governments, or sold to the public through companies like Neuralink and Facebook (without having their relationships with the military and intelligence services fully vetted), it’s too late. I think the state of Massachusetts has more important things to do than harass Ramola D.


Christopher Burton


Tracy A Wellons

Sacramento, CA

April 28, 2018

Massachusetts Department of Children and Families 600 Washington Street, 6th Floor Boston, Massachusetts 02111

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing a character reference for my most well-respected colleague and friend, Ramola Dharmaraj, currently under investigation by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) following a falsified report made by Central Middle School in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Mrs. Dharmaraj is an exceptional, responsible and caring mother who is highly educated in Literature and Science having earned a Bachelor's of Science in Physics (BS), a Master of Business Administration in Marketing (MBA), a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry (MFA), with post-graduate training in Journalism & Mass Communications and seventeen years of teaching experience both at the college and university levels. As a professional writer of poetry and fiction, Mrs. Dharmaraj has received numerous awards, including the competitive National
Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry (2005) and the prestigious AWP Grace Paley Fiction Prize (2008). It is my understanding that Mrs. Dharmaraj authored a book nominated as a finalist for the 2010 Library of Virginia Fiction Award, and is currently completing a new book of short fiction to be published this fall by Paycock Press.

Ramola Dharmaraj also happens to be an investigative journalist for The Every Day Concerned Citizen and an active member of the US-Europe Joint Investigation Team (JIT), a group of human rights advocates who are diligently working to raise public awareness of worldwide surveillance abuse and remote directed energy weapon assaults. Directed energy weapons (DEW) sometimes referred to as non-lethal weapons (NLW) are commonly known as electronic harassment weapons or more accurately termed anti-personnel electromagnetic technology (please see enclosed Massachusetts Electronic Weapon Law).

I understand that it is very difficult for the general public to comprehend the use and abuse of military grade technologies using electromagnetic frequencies if they have not spent any time researching the topic themselves. For anyone who is sincerely interested in educating themselves on the subject, there are plenty of patents, instructional manuals, demonstrative videos, and military documents to prove the existence of these stealth weapons. In fact, there is a very special area of law that addresses the use of these advanced technologies to harm another person, and it is called Science & Technology Law or SciTech Law.

To label an intellectually distinguished, psychologically sound and emotionally stable mother of a healthy daughter as “mentally ill” and “psychotic, paranoid or delusional” is an extreme form of psychological abuse, especially when the person making the falsified allegation is a public school administrator or county social worker who has not earned a license to practice psychology. It is my understanding that the school reported Ramola Dharmaraj following a private meeting that she requested with the Principal regarding a criminal assault to her body with anti-personnel electromagnetic technology on school grounds.

Instead of expressing any human compassion, understanding or concern for the health, safety and well-being of the community at large, the meeting was recorded by the Principal and Vice Principal who sat in and inappropriately reported to DCF, despite the fact that this government agency has no jurisdiction over the matter. No child was harmed or neglected, nor was any child even present during the confidential meeting that took place between Mrs. Dharmaraj and the school principals.

It appears obvious to me that the administration has misunderstood her intentions and misconstrued
her words in order to deflect responsibility for an incident that occurred on school grounds. Therefore, the current DCF investigation needs to be immediately closed as unfounded before irreparable harm is caused to the innocent child and family.


Tracy A. Wellons


Email/May 7, 2018

Dr. Edward L. Spencer

To Whom it May Concern Re: Ramola D

I am a graduate of Stanford University, Yale Medical School, and the Neurology Residence Program at the University of California, San Francisco. I have known Ramola D since January 2017 and have communicated with her regularly.

I sought out Ramola specifically because of her high intelligence, high character, and her excellent work in Journalism. I have talked with her frequently about the accomplishments of her daughter who is a straight A student. That CPS is investigating Ramola is ridiculous, and the person who reported her to CPS slandered Ramola by this action and should be investigated for ulterior motives.

This sad, cruel, stupid, bureaucratic assault on a high functioning American family shines a very bright light on an anti-human system, a failed system that should be abolished, then built over from scratch according to the principles of high ethics, honesty, diligence, conscience, and compassion. It should be based on the well-being of human society, and not based on destroying families for a buck.


Edward L. Spencer, MD

P.O. Box 805
Novato, California 94948