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Friday, November 9, 2007


"There are two enemies of the People: criminals and the government. Let us bind the second with the chains of the Constitution, so that it does not become the legalized version of the first."
--Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson had it right. At this juncture, the "two enemies", namely "criminals" and "the government", have become one and the same. Criminals ARE the government. Criminals R US.

That's right, the government has been overthrown from within, and is now run by criminals.

How else can we possibly describe the various government officials, authorities and so-called "law enforcement" who conspired to destroy the lives of an elderly couple, Edward and Elaine Brown?

And since when does it fall under the "rule of law" for government agents, operatives, law enforcement, inter alia, to bear false witness and commit perjury; to threaten (including sexual assault!) and intimidate witnesses; to attempt to recruit innocent bystanders to engage in covert operations and lie to the media; to administer torture; to abduct people from their homes; to invade private property; to harass/arrest persons simply for peaceful assembly; to deploy para-military hardware against targets; to discharge deadly weapons for the purposes of provocation; to fire shots at an unarmed person; to electrocute people with tasers; to make unlawful arrests and conduct unlawful searches and seizures?

All of which were perpetrated against law-abiding people defending their God-given, natural, inherent, unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

Why is due process repeatedly and consistently being denied?

Where is the Rule of Law?

Why does the government not obey the Constitution?

Now, let us take a closer look at some of the wrongful and unlawful actions of government-sponsored criminals.

[NOTE: Excerpts are taken from various news articles. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.]

June 7, 2007

Excerpts from WMUR, New Hampshire

PLAINFIELD, N.H. -- State, local and federal authorities swarmed the small town of Plainfield on Thursday, fueling speculation that they had come to arrest a couple convicted of tax evasion, but officials said that was not the case.

Neighbors spotted heavily armed police near the 110-acre property Thursday morning, but officials said that they were just there to serve a warrant on a dental office owned by the couple in Lebanon.

U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said that the fire trucks, SWAT tanks and bomb disposal unit that were sent to the Plainsfield property were there only to do surveillance of the area.

"We have no wish to have a violent encounter with them or in any way, shape or form have to hurt either one of them," Monier said.

[BH: Why in heaven's name would they need all that para-military hardware if they were "only doing surveillance"????

Why the SWAT tanks if he isn't planning a "violent encounter"?

Rhetorical questions. As anyone who has been following this story knows, Monier lies. He has been lying from Day One. Doesn't he see how utterly transparent his lies are? Or maybe he just doesn't care. He is just doing his job. He is just following orders.]

Officials said they never had any intention to arrest Ed and Elaine Brown. The armored vehicles were seen leaving the area sometime after one of Ed Brown's supporters spotted authorities while he was walking a dog.

"A gentleman was walking a dog," Monier said. "Unfortunately, it required U.S. Marshal Service personnel during that encounter to take him into custody."

[BH: Why was it "required" for these personnel to take Danny Riley into custody? What crime had he committed? Walking a dog is a crime?

And notice that Monier conveniently forgets to mention that the Marshals SHOT AT Riley. Two shots, with a deadly weapon. Otherwise known as "assault with a deadly weapon". That's a crime, no doubt about it. Is it NOT a crime because it was committed by "law-enforcement"? What "law" are they enforcing?

He also fails to mention that they TASERED the "gentleman". And he sure as hell wouldn't admit that his comrades-in-arms attempted to coerce Danny Riley to LIE to the Browns and the media, to bear false witness; to betray his friends.

The feds made threats that if he failed to comply (and he DID NOT comply) he would go to prison. And now, there he is, in jail --and the latest report is that Danny Riley is being subjected to additional torture --for quoting the Constitution.]

Press release, DOJ, October 18

Douglas Bricker, Special Agent in Charge of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, expressed gratitude and praised the hard work and dedication of the U.S. Marshals and the other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies responsible for the safe apprehension of Ed and Elaine Brown. “The arrest was an example of good judgment, patience, and common sense,” Bricker said. The safety of the public, law enforcement personnel, and Mr. and Mrs. Brown remained the top priority throughout the entire process and we are thankful that justice was served in a peaceful manner.”

[BH: Double-speak here. Safe? I guess that would depend on your definition of "safe". Holding down an elderly man and tasering him is very far from "safe" (at least for Ed Brown.) And I cannot imagine how anyone could deem the use of violent torture (electrocution by taser) to be "peaceful".

What the hell is wrong with these people? Are they so far gone in their psychotic delusions of grandeur that they actually believe that "justice was served" ?]

“Moreover,” Bricker added, “honest American taxpayers deserve to know that there are consequences for individuals who intentionally evade their tax obligations. In this case, as in all cases, we operate through a system of justice where facts are presented and applied to the law. Law enforcement reacted to the Browns’ decision not to participate within that system. The threat of violence does not and cannot be permitted to deter the United States from enforcing our tax laws. IRS is responsible for and will continue to protect the revenue that our country depends on to operate.”

[BH: Considering the fact that THERE IS NO LAW which requires the Browns (or most other Americans) to pay "federal income taxes", these so-called "obligations" are illusory. And who in their right mind would want to have their hard-earned money extorted to support torture, mass murder, imperialist invasions and the tyranny of a government against its own people?]

Valley News 6-8

The forces summoned to the area around the Browns' house yesterday included Massachusetts State Police tactical troopers; state troopers from Maine and New Hampshire; U.S. Marshal's deputies; an explosives disposal unit from New Hampshire State Police; K-9 units from New Hampshire State Police; a Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center emergency response crew in a helicopter; a fire engine and ambulance from the city of Lebanon; and unidentified vehicles with Vermont and Maryland license plates and tinted rear windows.

It was unclear which agents were deployed early yesterday morning for surveillance and which were called to the scene after the arrest of the unidentified dog-walking man. Either way, Monier said that the show of force was not excessive.

“We needed to know where he (Ed Brown) was,” Monier said. “We needed to know where his supporters were.”

[BH:How much more "excessive" could the show of force have been? Hellfire missiles, maybe?]

Concord Monitor

According to Ed Brown, Dutch was part of the team of federal marshals who arrested him and his wife Oct. 4 in an undercover operation. Brown described his arrest to Kranish during a recorded phone call Kranish made to Brown at the Ohio prison where he is serving a 63-month sentence. Brown said that Dutch quickly "swarmed" him and wrestled him to the ground. Then another marshal shocked him with a Taser, Brown said.

[BH: So now we have another liar, this "Dutch" (aka Daniel Farrioli) bearing false witness. Would we ever have known of this unsavory character had Shawn Kranish not been able to get a taped conversation with Ed Brown? And why did they need the taser? They already had Ed on the ground.

In fact, Ed admitted to Shawn Kranish in the phone call that he had not even resisted. He said he didn't want to hurt anybody. So again, WHY THE TASER?]

Brian Levin, a professor at California State University at San Bernardino who trains law enforcement agencies on how to engage with extremists, said that Kranish's description of the undercover operation, in broad strokes, sounded credible. But he also said that Kranish's account ought to be viewed skeptically. Criminal informants, even unwitting ones, tend to be unreliable sources of information, he said.

"Informants, either witting or unwitting, are not the most stable on Earth," Levin said. "They usually have money issues, relationship issues and issues related to self-aggrandizement."

[BH: Speaking for myself, I'm not the least bit skeptical of Kranish's account. The only liars here, as far as I can see, are the feds. And why call Shawn Kranish a "criminal informant"? All he did was try to offer support to Ed and Elaine Brown by publicizing their plight. Is he not allowed to speak freely about what he believes in?

And if Mr. Levin wants to talk about "self aggrandizement" why not take a look at his pals in law enforcement? They have the badges and guns. They have the hardware. They have the resources and the sanction and blessing of the tyrants at the top of the chain of command. They can get away with just about anything under color of law, even when that "law" is no law at all.]

Concord Monitor, Oct. 6
Margo Sanger-Katz

According to Monier, the couple were arrested without incident on their front porch. No one was harmed; not a single bullet was fired, he said.

[BH: Without incident? What about the tasering of Ed Brown?

This Sanger-Katz woman needs to make a reality check. Since the beginning of all this, she has been exploiting the Browns' plight to make a name for herself. She quotes various liars, shills and disinformation specialists in her attempts to demonize the Browns and their supporters, all the while propping up the government's completely unjustifiable and UNLAWFUL position.

Where are the facts, Ms. Sanger-Katz? Why, in all this time, haven't you reported on the facts?

Because you are just another sleazy opportunist, capitalizing on the atrocities perpetrated against God-fearing, Liberty-loving patriots who have the courage of their convictions, something about which you are clueless.]

For those who do care about Liberty and Justice:






Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Death By Government: Part 2

  My Flag: Shredded by the Feds

Over the years, I've had quite a few attempts on my life. Obviously, they have all failed, thus far, but it seems that death by government is now only a matter of time --a short time, by all indications.

The last definitive assassination attempt took place in August, 2006. It was the brake lines on my vehicle, which had been mysteriously and suddenly corroded by chemical means. In the past, the bastards had used the more effective method of cutting the brake lines on more than one vehicle. Each time, my life was saved by Divine Intervention.

When I lived in New York state, my mechanic (who was also a friend, and who knew of my background) was able to determine without doubt that two of my vehicles had been deliberately sabotaged. But this last time, the bastards used a more "plausibly deniable" method.

I'd had the vehicle for about two years. It passed inspection and the brakes had been fine, no problem. But one day, when I set out for a short trip to the market, on the way home, the brakes suddenly failed. I made it home only on a wing and a prayer. I finally managed to stop the vehicle in front of my house, a miracle after ten minutes (which seemed like an eternity) of narrowly avoiding more than one crash.

Upon reaching my home, very shaken, I called a friend (ex-CIA) to tell him of the latest. Of course, I knew, in my heart, that the brake failure was due to government bastards, trying (once again) to kill me. When I told my friend the story of what had just happened, he explained what he knew about the various plausibly deniable forms of sabotage of vehicles. Of course, similar things had happened to him. But unlike me, he has considerable knowledge of the technical/scientific aspects of "intelligence work". 

While I am well aware of WHAT they do, and WHY, he is able to explain HOW they do it.

After all, the "intelligence" operatives are only doing their job. They are just following orders. I guess that makes it A-okay.

As for those who refuse to follow orders (for example, my ex-CIA friend and myself) when those orders involve harming innocent people --they are targeted for persecution, terror and death.

When I had my vehicle towed to the garage for repairs, I asked them to look carefully for any signs of such sabotage. I thought that maybe the brake lines had been severed, as in the past. All they could tell me was that the brake lines had been completely corroded, totally eaten away; and that they could not explain how this had happened so suddenly, being that everything had been fine the last time they had looked at it during the inspection, only a few months before. When I relayed this news to my friend, he explained in more detail about the (plausibly deniable) chemical agents which could be used. And which I now was reasonably certain, HAD been used. There was no other "plausible" explanation.

In fact, the damage was so bad that the brake lines had to be replaced. It cost a lot of money too, which luckily, I was able to beg from a relative.

A couple months later, the same friend (whom I'll call Paul) came to visit me with his wife and son. The bastards have also been persecuting him for many years, so in addition to our professional backgrounds, we have a lot in common. The family couldn't stay long, as they were in transit and just stopped by for a short while. During the visit, we talked about (what else?) the latest forms of persecution, harassment, sabotage, etc. etc. by the government rat bastards. It never ends.....

One story I had heard a couple months before, which horrified me (but did not surprise me in the least) was about a cat in Paul's neighborhood. The bastards shot the cat in the head (point blank) and then dumped the body in Paul's front yard. As far as Paul knew, the cat had had a home, but roamed the neighborhood, apparently in search of hand outs and affection from the local animal lovers.

The murder of the cat took place during the time when Paul had been helping me by rebuilding my computer, which of course, had been destroyed by the bastards (computer #7, of all those destroyed since 1994.) Nobody else was willing to help me, and I had no money to buy a new computer. But Paul came to the rescue, a knight in shining armor.

The bastards didn't like that, not a bit. They had to punish us both. So they killed an innocent creature to express their displeasure. And of course, they know that both Paul and I have a boundless love of animals. They knew how traumatic it would be, and how much pain it would cause. These soulless bastards display a depth of moral rot as ancient as evil itself; but which decent people still may be at a loss to fully comprehend. How can they commit such hideous crimes?

As part of their "death message" agenda, the bastards had also fired shots into the air when Paul was out working in his garden with his young son. Killing innocent animals, endangering a child....they will stop at nothing in their terror campaigns, directed at anyone who knows the truth about who and what they are. Anyone who would stand up to them and warn others, or try to assist others who have been targeted by them.

On the morning after Paul's visit (November 2006, just before Thanksgiving ) I woke up to find another 'calling card', letting me know that the bastards had paid a visit in the dead of night. I have a flag on my lower porch (street level) which reads: Liberty or Death, Don't Tread on Me. Culpeper Minutemen.

The bastards, in their infinite iniquity, had decided that a little more sabotage was in order. When I opened the door out onto the porch, I found that my flag had been slashed to shreds with a razor blade. Interestingly enough, the only word left intact on the shredded flag was "Death".

Okay, I got the message. So I took the flag down and promptly replaced it after driving to a military supply, where I purchased another. It cost $12.00, a major expenditure for me, since that meant I had to sacrifice another basic necessity. But it was worth it. I can't think of anything more necessary in my life than that flag.

These bastards are nothing, if not despicable cowards. Killing innocent creatures, firing shots to traumatize and endanger a child, sabotaging vehicles, slashing a flag symbolizing Liberty. Anything goes, as long as they can get away with it through plausible deniability.

But the point of this report is, I doubt I'll be around much longer to document the bastards' terror campaigns, against me or my friends and allies. It is unlikely I will survive the winter.

As has been the case for many years, I am financially destitute. Poverty kills, as easily as any other method.

I can't afford firewood. My electricity will soon be cut off because I can't pay the bill, as will my phone service. Even the water will be shut off soon. Such bills are unforgiving when due --more so when overdue.

And then there's the fact that I have had no access to desperately needed medical care, not for years. Medical care which is absolutely necessary if there is any hope of recovering from the damages of chemical, biological and electronic warfare deployed against me by the government rat bastards, over a period of more years than I care to remember. Along with permanent disabilities --for which I am "not eligible" for disability benefits from the very same bastards that are totally culpable in causing the disabilities, every last one.

I have done all in my power to make the truth known about this terror campaign, to make the facts public. I have documented in my reports, over the past dozen years, as much as I have been able.

As far as these government rat bastards are concerned, I don't see that it will be necessary for them to attempt to force me into a worse position than I'm already in, as I'm sure they know I have nowhere to turn, and that my appeals for help have fallen on deaf ears.

Barbara Hartwell
November 7, 2007