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Friday, September 30, 2011

Internet Troll "Angry Tim" Strikes Again!

Tim White aka White Trash

While conducting a search on an unrelated matter, I ran across a thread of messages which featured the notorious and ubiquitous Internet cyber-stalker, provocateur, trash-picker, in-your-face busybody, gate-crasher, name-dropper, whackjob, government stooge, Tim White. 

Over the course of many years, I've seen literally hundreds of similar message threads involving Tim White. Here's how the story usually goes: On a message board, a group of people are having a discussion about a particular topic, usually of a political nature (fill in the blank).

They are exchanging information and ideas, sometimes in general agreement, sometimes presenting different arguments pro or con on a particular topic. But the tone of the discussion is civil and the participants are respectful of each others' views, even when they don't agree.

Suddenly, out of comes Tim White! (drumroll, please). With no respect whatsoever for the participants in the discussion, he forces his way in and begins by insulting them with name-calling (You are IGNORANT, you need to GET INFORMED, etc. etc.) 

White then brings in completely irrelevant issues not related to the discussion, drops some names of "important" people whom he boasts are his "personal friends" (usually John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, a few corrupt feds, military personnel, etc.) and starts harassing the participants, derailing the discussion, sowing discord, stirring up strife and ill-will.

He posts long-winded articles written by other people, insists everyone NEEDS to read certain books (the authors of which he claims to KNOW), while he continues with his bluster, boasting, name dropping and ranting.

White Trash (as his Targets call him) presents himself as if he were a walking encyclopedia of all the knowledge on every subject in the universe. Soon enough, he is challenged to actually come up with some relevant facts which relate to the discussion, instead of changing the subject and  spouting off his obviously ill-informed, subjective opinions.

Tim White then typically goes ballistic --more name-calling, name-dropping, aggression and outright lunacy (USING ALL CAPS) as he tries to defend his position, clearly desperate, thinking he can impress others by imposing himself upon their discussion and forcing his crackpot ideas down their throats.

Tim White signs all his messages with the following ludicrous declaration of his "credentials":  

"Tim White
Vietnam Vet(USAF)Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower"

[Note: Spacing (or rather lack thereof) is White's]

In fact, the "Concerned Citizen" Tim White is an uneducated rank amateur. He has no training and no experience in these areas whatsoever. He's simply a loudmouthed scavenger who posts other people's writings and parrots prolifically from them.

Anyway, the comments from the participants on this particular message board show they certainly got Tim White's number!  This is hilarious....

Here, I have taken selected comments from the message thread, all responses to Tim White.

Great job, guys!

September 30, 2011


To see the original:

Tim White,

If you want to have an effect on a conservative/libertarian blog you need to sound like someone who is not crazy. Your comment is full of allegations, poor English, and unfinished sentences. Add this to the excited, zealot talk and it makes you sound like a nut.

We are adults here and we use logic. There is none of that in your comment. I am telling you guys, we need to get a better quality troll around here.

I have always wondered about people like Dim Whit that post using caps. Do they strike the keys hard too like that will help make sense out nonsense? Are these the same people that believe if you say something loud enough, people will believe them?

What do you guys think?

I hope he does not carry.

Yeah, the all caps thing is distracting. I also hate it when commentators link to an argument made by someone else and ask me to debate this third party. Tim wants me to debate the author of a whole book while he sits back and watches. Thing is, I don’t take homework assignments from trolls.

What I will do, however, is debate anyone who can put together a coherent argument. I have yet to see that from Tim.

Dude, I just told you that I don’t take reading assignments from trolls. If you want to make a point, put on your big boy pants and type it up yourself. C’mon now, I know you can do it if you try.

Tim White,

You came to the wrong place. We have rules here – and they are simple rules. Come here, read what is posted, respond politely and logically.

You will get nowhere with your childish, foolish resistance to either polite discourse or baseless allegations.

You seem to have your favorite sources of information. Have you ever checked to see if they are either correct or citing others correctly?

That is what adults do.

I cannot understand your insistence on using capital letters randomly. It hurts your message and causes people like me to think you are out of control.

Too bad Angry Tim can’t put together a coherent comment, he seems to really have some grievances. I think he might be off his meds.

Angry Tim, why don’t you pick out one particular thing that has you all worked up and focus on it? Think rifle rather than hand grenade. That would really help your case.

Tim, you are aware that they using gamma radiation to probe our minds, right?

The CIA is doing it Tim. They are operating transmitters out of Vancouver, BC.

Dear Tim White,

Take some thorazine and or lithium and chill out……

Tim — you said you heard how heroin was being shipped back to the US when you were at Danang Air base. I’m curious, how much of that heroin did you and your buddy intercept?

Also – please reach down to the left side of your keyboard and tear off the “Caps Lock” key…’cause DAMN!

Heroin was being shipped back to the U.S. in the caskets of dead servicemen back in those days. He wants to pretend that he knew about it while he was there. The only people who knew about it at the time were the people getting paid. Tiny Tim is just mad because he wasn’t one of them. So now after so many years he gets to journey to the land of make believe in order to make himself look smart, thinking nobody can check his ass. The fact is that he’s a Chump and he didn’t get paid. If he knew about it he could have gotten in on it because there was plenty of money floating around to satisfy the bottom feeders. He could have used that money when he came home to start some profitable action for himself.

No, none of that was going to happen because as close as he ever got to any REAL action is just in his knack for repeating old stories he heard and putting his on spin, spit and polish on over the years that followed and because it’s a story/series of stories from so long ago that nobody can check really check them out, you can sit and listen to this shit all night as long as you are buying the Beer.

Sounds good, right?

See? ANYBODY can do it. Now I might even have to go put on my wetsuit now and see what I can come up with next.


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA   

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Consent of the Governed, NOT!

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

--Thomas Jefferson

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them.

--Ephesians 5:11

NOTE: Former FBI agent Geral Sosbee is the leading whistleblower in America today on FBI crimes and corruption. Geral served in the FBI from 1971-1978, when he was forced into early retirement, under threat of imprisonment (having his sanity impugned), for reporting crimes inside the FBI, for being faithful to his oath to defend the Constitution, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, and the unalienable rights of ALL, including suspects.

How many "domestic" enemies are there in America today? As many as violate the God-given, unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights and liberties of ANY Individual.

Anyone who does not ACKNOWLEDGE, RESPECT and DEFEND those rights, for ALL (each and every Individual) is an enemy combatant of "We the People".
I know of no other former FBI agent turned whistleblower who even approaches his record of consistent and uncompromising defense of Liberty and the principles upon which this country was founded.

Geral is also a decorated Vietnam Veteran and an attorney, a former professor of Constitutional Law.  The body of work he has published on the Internet reflects his vast knowledge and expertise on the subjects he addresses.

But more than all that, Geral's work is a clear indication of his spiritual integrity and great moral character. He has been particularly sensitive to the plight of the tortured, the wrongfully imprisoned, the harassed, the persecuted.

And so for me, it is a matter of tremendous personal outrage that this kind, decent, courageous Messenger of Truth and Defender of Liberty, this Warrior Angel of a man, has been targeted for the most brutal political persecution, by corrupt agents of the U.S. government (FBI, CIA et al) and is also being harassed, stalked, libeled and slandered by their minions and stooges.

Geral and I have been best friends and professional colleagues for more than a decade. We have spent countless hours discussing the psy war, the torture and the COINTELPRO operations, the political persecution of ourselves, our friends and allies, all of whom have been targeted by a corrupt government simply for standing up to the goons, the thugs, the tyrants attempting to steal our most precious gift: The Liberty bestowed on each Individual by God.

One of the most distressing dilemmas we face is that many people (be they friends, family, acquaintances, associates, or the general public who read our reports) just don't seem to care, or even to comprehend, the magnitude of what is happening to those targeted for the harassment, the stalking, the libel/slander campaigns. 

Yesterday, after one of our discussions on these issues (addressed in the report below) Geral sent me this brief memo: 
 "Many people don't care, or they may think that the torture and killing of Targets & whistleblowers by fbi/cia does not affect the ordinary person; this is a complete & dangerous fallacy because the tactics used against us become (in one form or another) the same methods used to control all the people of the world."
My answer to this statement is that none of us can afford to be silent. When we become aware of offenses perpetrated (criminal or otherwise), we must expose them. We must name the perpetrators (be they individuals or government agencies).
We must hold them accountable, by any and all lawful and ethical means available to us.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 28, 2011
 Consent of the Governed, NOT!
 By Geral Sosbee


Inasmuch as this government and the culture that supports it has become over time a murderous oppressor of people and nations and simultaneously continue to engage in high crimes and misdemeanors against all of the world's inhabitants, I cannot in good faith  consent to its rule.

Consent of the Governed

At one time in my life when I was much younger and more trusting in those leaders who ruled the nation, I consented to the government’s handling of social, political, and economic affairs and my role in such activities. I impliedly accepted the idea that authority vested in the agencies of government was somewhat sanctified in that all of the people must for the benefit of the world and in pursuit of peace recognize law and public policy standards as outlined by all appropriate agencies of government.

Inasmuch as government has now become unduly oppressive, murderous and inhumane (as evidenced in part by an uninterrupted string of local and global atrocities and crimes against humanity over the past century) I can no longer give my consent to be ruled by the illegitimate authority that calls itself the United States of America.

From my personal experience I find that the criminal and civil laws of this nation (and the cultural standards that support them) are impossible to honor in many instances because they are secret in their making, arbitrary in their enforcement and insufferably oppressive in their application. Such obscure laws, standards and secret rules are used by political fiat to imprison and to destroy lives of people in a kind of game where prosecutor, defense attorney, judge and citizenry all conspire to ruin, imprison or kill the individual for alleged offenses that do not approach in severity the crimes and unlawfully brutal tactics used against them by their detractors; neither do the actual offenses alleged against a  person  generally compare in degree of severity to the crimes committed against him by the accusers. Those government agents (and their paid killers in uniform or in the private sector) who seek to selectively apply their contrived and illegitimate rule of law against unsuspecting  citizens now advance against the people with unwarranted malice, tortuous brutality, and advanced cruel weaponry.

No free man who yet has an ounce of will power and self-respect may therefore submit to the completely out of control government of the United States of America. Any judgment or levy against any citizen or resident of the United States by any current officer of the three branches of government, or by any administrative agency thereof, is by definition corrupt, devoid of legitimacy and intolerable to men and women of good conscience because those who (with evil intent, malice aforethought and wickedly selfish heart) wield the bloody ax of law against our people are the real criminals far more dangerous and threatening to humanity than  the millions of men and women imprisoned under Nazi like orders of this hideous regime.

In good conscience and by the remaining will power afforded  by Providence I do not give my consent to be ruled by the present United States government because it is a global murderous and criminal enterprise bent on world inhumane domination at any cost.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busybody James F. Marino: ENOUGH ALREADY!

James F. Marino: government stooge, aggressive busybody, gate-crasher,  name-dropper, whackjob.  Since 2007, Marino has been on a libelous rampage against Barbara Hartwell. Like his fellow stooges, he claims he is "exposing" Barbara Hartwell as a "CIA disinfo agent".
Another of Marino's Targets is former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, another legitimate government whistleblower. We are outraged that this malicious and cowardly little man continues to obsessively pursue his agenda of attempting to discredit us, while at the same time parroting the lies of his fellow stooges.  
What's worse, Marino is parroting (and even plagiarizing) our LEGITIMATE reports (while putting his own spin on the information we expose, and adding his wild speculation) for the purpose of gaining public recognition for himself and his so-called "case".
Here, just a small sample of  James F. Marino's outrageous libel , recently posted on Alex (Stooger) Studer's website, Lab Virus.
"CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara [false name removed] Hartwell Also Exposed As A Lying FBI Snitch Who Aids & Abets The FBI COINTELPRO Against This Author
The Truth About This Lying Con Artist Who Conveniently Leaves Out Any Information Which Proves That She Has Lied About Her Background While Conning The Public Out Of Money -Barbara Hartwell Is Incarnated Evil"
Recently, investigative journalist Sherri Kane, whose excellent reports have exposed the COINTELPRO operation which has targeted Barbara  Hartwell, Geral Sosbee, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Kane herself, and many other legitimate journalists and whistleblowers, discovered that there was yet another government stooge, busybody and provocateur, James F. Marino, stirring up trouble with his false reports.
Sherri also noticed that Marino had been dropping Dr. Leonard Horowitz's name into his articles, adding his own usual ignorant commentary about a variety of unrelated subjects.
Outraged (as are the rest of us who've been targeted by this brigade of busybody stooges), Sherri Kane wrote this letter to James F. Marino, with permission to publish.
James F. Marino,
I will make it my business for the next several months to expose you and who you work for, if you continue to harass my friend Barbara Hartwell.
Also I would advise you tell the subordinate of Alma C. 'True" Ott, your NSA/CIA/FBI mate, Alex "Stooger" Studer to refrain from insults against Ms. Hartwell as well.
If your libel continues your name will be added to the list for our Class Action Lawsuit against your COINTELPRO pedophile buddies.
You ignorantly (and/or for the purpose of controlled opposition), keep dropping my partner Dr. Leonard Horowitz's name as if you believe in his work, but then you hypocritically insult a woman who both Dr. Horowitz and I believe to be an American hero.
Barbara Hartwell has exposed you and every single one of your "bible believer" satanic buddies, and you hate nothing more than to be exposed by a woman who has more class, intelligence, and guts in her pinky than you can ever dream of having. Grow one and get a life!  You are fooling no one. 
Sherri Kane
Here, just a small sample of  James F. Marino's libelous rampage against Barbara Hartwell, recently posted on Alex (Stooger) Studer's website, Lab Virus. Stooger and Marino are birds of a feather...scavengers and trash-pickers, that is.
"CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara [false name removed] Hartwell Also Exposed As A Lying FBI Snitch Who Aids & Abets The FBI COINTELPRO Against This Author
The Truth About This Lying Con Artist Who Conveniently Leaves Out Any Information Which Proves That She Has Lied About Her Background While Conning The Public Out Of Money -Barbara Hartwell Is Incarnated Evil"

Marino has, since 2007, targeted Barbara Hartwell for a libel extravaganza, an assault which is completely unsupported by facts, totally devoid of truth, lacking in the slightest bit of evidence, and clearly based solely on his own spiteful vendetta against Barbara Hartwell.
Marino has accused Barbara Hartwell of being a "CIA disinformation agent"; a "FBI provocateur";  a "liar"; a "whore"; a "scamster"; an "Agent of Satan"; "incarnated evil"  ...and on and on he goes...
Why all the animosity and the outrageous lies? Very simply, because Marino's leftist politics and his profound ignorance of the issues he writes about on his website were exposed by Barbara Hartwell; as were his unconscionable efforts to ride the coattails of ex-CIA Hartwell and ex-FBI  Geral Sosbee, whom he misrepresented on a regular basis in his writings --that is, until we had had enough, and told him where to go. 
Prominently displayed on Marino's website, in permanent sidebars, are outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, with links to the libelous trash written and published by his fellow government stooges. Which stooges?  Let me name just a few, all demonic liars and longtime adversaries of Barbara Hartwell. New Age proponent and Gunderson P.R. shill, Ken Adachi, editor of 'Educate-Yourself'; predicate felon, fed snitch, sex pervert/predator, child porno freak, transvestite, criminal stalker, Tim White; blackmailer, identity thief, forger, sex pervert/predator, criminal stalker, Todd Brendan Fahey; "Xena Carpenter" (also one of many aliases used by Todd Fahey), an idiotic New Age bubble-headed bimbo whose website is exploited by the likes of Fahey and White to libel patriots, Christians and legitimate journalists and whistleblowers, including Barbara Hartwell.
These are Marino's "sources." Lacking any facts or evidence, Marino simply parrots the fabrications of his fellow stooges, all of whom share his hatred and malice toward Barbara Hartwell. But I've had enough of Marino and his sleazy cohorts, and as long as he keeps promoting the lies on his website, I will continue to expose his idiocy, his stupidity, his ignorance and his unbridled malice. It's a public service I'm happy to perform.
Marino engages in wild speculation; makes unwarranted assumptions; jumps to baseless conclusions and has made many misstatements of fact about quite a number of well-known people, including high-profile targets of political persecution. Including (but not limited to) Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee, Ed and Elaine Brown, Bob Schulz, Aaron Russo, Rick Stanley, Sherry Jackson.
Furthermore, Marino attempts to insinuate himself and his own alleged "case" (in which he has claimed to be the "target of a failed COINTELPRO sting operation") into his ill-informed writings about these individuals.
Marino is a name-dropper and gate-crasher who attempts to ride the coattails of legitimate expositors, whistleblowers and Liberty activists. He is also a meddlesome busybody who thinks he's entitled to speak about (and even FOR) others he does not know; and about whose cases, situations, professional and personal backgrounds, etc. he is appallingly ignorant.
Example: "....Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell have been forced to lead lives of quiet desperation."
As I responded to this idiotic remark in one of my reports: Nothing could be further from the truth! "Quiet desperation" is the province of cowards and fools.
If Marino hoped to gain credibility by this foolish agenda, he has failed.
A Warning to James F. Marino:
For as long as you leave your libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell  displayed on your website, where your fellow stooges and trash-pickers can exploit your twisted paranoid fantasies to damage my reputation and defame my good name, you will be held accountable, by any and all lawful and ethical means available to me.
Stop your name-dropping, your gate-crashing, your parroting and plagiarism,  your libel and your harassment!
Cease and desist!
Get the hell off ALL of our cases and leave us alone!
Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 27, 2011
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA   

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Misogynist Rampage



Misogynists (male supremacists) are cut from the same cloth as racists, bigots, white-supremacists. They hate --and fear-- anyone (in this case, women) who refuses to knuckle under to their tyranny. They are cowards and bullies. 

They feel a desperate need to control others, because they themselves lack the core of personal integrity which leads to self-respect. Lacking respect for themselves, they cannot respect others, therefore they do not respect the privacy, the personal boundaries, the spiritual integrity or any of the God-given rights of others.
The truth is, they feel inferior, so they feel the need to boast of their "superiority".  They project their own feelings, shortcomings, self-loathing, character flaws (of which they are intensely aware, despite their bragging to the contrary) upon others. They will accuse their Targets (those by whom they feel threatened) of what is actually true of themselves. 
The means to their end --which is control of (power OVER)  those they deem "inferior" is always aggression, in one form or another.
These misogynists, white-supremacists, racists, display their own lack of spiritual integrity and self-respect by labeling others with racist epithets and insults: "Khazar Jews", "spawn of Satan", "seed of Cain", "the Lower Races" (blacks and any non-white ethnic groups).
Where women are concerned, they demean and denigrate them by calling them "whores", "sluts", and much worse, obscene names (which I will not repeat here.)
Here, as a demonstration of the mindset and world-view of one such individual, Michael Donohue, is a series of e-mail exchanges between him and Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane.
The e-mails are self-explanatory, but I do have a few relevant comments regarding Mr. Donohue and his cohorts. First, I should mention that Michael Donohue is a staunch supporter of Eric Jon Phelps and his crew of woman-hating, sexist, racist thugs, which include Tim White and Craig Oxley, both of whom have boasted of being "advisors" to Eric Phelps, and whom Phelps has acknowledged as such.
Ask yourself: What kind of person would need such "advisors"?  Ignorant, belligerent, lowlife racist punks who threaten, harass, stalk, libel/slander their Targets, all in the name of being "Christian Brothers" and "Truthsayers"?
Donohue calls Sherri Kane a "blonde bimbo", even though as Sherri herself has stated, "I am not a blonde" --this, when she was called the "leggy blonde" by another misogynist moron, Ken Adachi.
(But in any case, I have always wondered --what's wrong with blondes? Why do misogynists have a particularly negative, disparaging attitude toward them? "Dumb blonde", "blonde bimbo", "leggy blonde", "busty blonde" etc. etc.
In point of fact, blondes are, generically, no better, no worse, than anyone else. They are certainly no more --or less-- intelligent, than anyone else. Neither have blondes cornered the market on being "bimbos".  But having been on the receiving end of such insults myself, I can only shake my head at the ignorance and stupidity of anyone who would make such a comment.)
 But again, it is emblematic of the same old attitude of hateful bigotry: Nigger! Jew! Wog! Camel Jockey!  Kyke! Spic! Khazar! Wop!....Dumb Blonde!
Persons of this ilk are incapable of viewing each person (regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin) as an INDIVIDUAL, and assessing him or her accordingly. This is why they have ZERO RESPECT for Individual Rights as bestowed by God. And that is where the world of trouble they foment wth their complete lack of spiritual/intellectual discernment always begins...
In keeping with his misogynist, male supremacist mindset, Michael Donohue is apparently none too bright. Like his cohorts, he equates the gender, the religion (or even the hair color) of an individual, as a "righteous" cause for persecution and defamation.
In 2007, a defamation campaign was engineered against Dr. Leonard Horowitz, when a forged "Knights of Malta" list was issued by COINTELPRO operatives and disseminated all over the Internet. Those involved in the conspiracy  connected to this fraudulent document (forging and/or disseminating) include Greg Szymanski (aka Eric Samuelson), Benjamin Fulford, Eric Jon Phelps, Timothy Patrick White, Alma C. Ott (aka "True" Ott), Alex Studer, Craig Oxley, Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter"), and many others who posted the bogus Knights of Malta list and added their own libelous comments against Dr. Horowitz.
Horowitz was called a "Vatican shill", a "Jesuit coadjutor" and other slurs by this group of rabid bigots.
Leonard Horowitz, as a matter of fact, is NOT a Knight of Malta, nor has ever  been. Yet his good name has been tarnished by this vicious libel campaign engineered by COINTELPRO operatives and their army of loudmouthed stooges.
And as if this were not bad enough, to add insult to injury, the COINTELPRO began to attack Sherri Kane, the investigative journalist working with Len Horowitz, by whose efforts the conspiracy against Horowitz (and much more...) was exposed.
Sherri was viciously assaulted and called, "Lenny's whore" (Tim White); "Lenny's slut sidekick" (Alex Studer); the "leggy blonde" (Ken Adachi); was insulted by being "rated" on a scale of 1-10 (Anthony Hilder); was called, in a long string of insults of her appearance, "Scary Pain" (Craig Oxley --which was also later parroted by stupid stooge and porno freak Alex Studer, after his own utterly filthy epithet was protested even by readers of his website.)
None of these misogynist freaks knows Sherri Kane.  Yet they hate and fear her because she has exposed the truth about them all. What has become crystal  clear to anyone reading the libelous diatribes attacking Horowitz and Kane is that the misogynists --each and every one-- heap all the "blame" on Sherri Kane.
According to these woman-hating fools, Sherri has become a "handler" of Leonard Horowitz; she has manipulated him into doing her bidding, and Horowitz has "gone wild" (Ken Adachi) since he got involved with Kane.
The misogynists all promote variations on the same theme, each parroting the others to advance their attacks.
Some of the idiots (Alma Ott, Craig Oxley, Tim White) have accused Sherri Kane of being either "Mossad" or "MI6".
And I, Barbara Hartwell, have even been accused of being the "Central Intelligence Agency handler" for Leonard Horowitz!
Idiots! Stooges! Could they be any more transparent in exposing their own malice and stupidity?
Lastly a personal message to Michael Donohue.
Mr. Donohue:
Your total lack of respect, and your hatred of  women is appalling, as is your support of your fellow misogynists and bigots.
And how dare you try to interfere in the PRIVATE business of Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane?!
You, like your cohorts, are a gate-crasher busybody of the worst sort, always  sticking your nose where it does not belong. You are a malicious gossip who apparently has nothing better to do with your time than spew out your filthy idiot venom against people you do not know. 
Shame on you, Mr. Donohue!
Your name has been added to my HALL OF SHAME. You will certainly be in good company there, among kindred spirits, so I'm sure you'll consider it a Badge of Honor.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 24, 2011

Here is the latest email from Michael Donohue- that satanic, spineless, racist, misogynist, atheist, zionist ass kisser, wanna-be Knight of Malta's latest email.  He is pissed because of his small endowments. Talk about a coward-- this idiot takes the cake!  If he was ever a cop, which is questionable, he gives law enforcement a bad name. If this sissy-boy was supposed to defend the people, they would be in big trouble. If the police department ever hired him, his job would be to sit behind a desk and answer the phone as a switchboard 9/11 operator. But I doubt he would be qualified for that position--Too much multi-tasking for this narrow minded demonic imbecile! 
I have reported him as a conspirator to the FBI and the Oregon Police Department in the stolen blackmail extortion video by Lindenbach and Alma C. Ott that he keeps elaborating on as "those videos". God has Karma in store for this pedophile protector and his creepy "friends" for all the heinous crimes against children that they are involved in. These phoney "bible believer" criminals can keep attacking us, but God is blessing us because of the good work we are doing to help the children and enlighten the people to the truth.

"I was never speaking with you, but attempting to have a conversation with Horowitz until you butted your way in as his handler.  I have no desire to correspond any further with any of you because Len lacks the courage to debate with anyone, but it's very understandable knowing the jesuits and knights of malta have some kind of handle over him.

You just confirmed the suspicions I alluded to when I attempted to discourse with Len.  Have a nice life cause God is going to deal with you in ways I wouldn't even attempt to describe!!!

You were never on a mailing list and I don't belong to the Donahue family and never did and nothing you could say would ever impune my spotless law enforcement career.

I reall don't care what kind of game you are playing Horowitz and so stop harassing me with your bogus concoctions to someone else who cares, but I'll give you this you do well to demonstate the  jesuits MO, but once you have served your purpose they will dispose of you!!!

Consider our exchange terminated!!!!!!!"
Mr Donahue,

We have told you to stop harassing our family and yet you still continue to do so. This email from you clearly shows that you are a racist, woman hater.
Please explain these sentences: 
Who the heck do you think you are!!  You don't even know me!
This "blonde bimbo' has now exposed you and all of your friends, which is why you all hate and fear me.
How embarrassing for you-- misogynist ignorant fool!
This clearly shows your lack of respect for your own mother.
Imagine how she would feel if she knew you thought of women like this? 
Imagine how the women in your family now feel that you feel this way about women?  And then on top of it you label women that you have never even met, "bimbos."
You do not know me or my fiance personally and you have no right butting into our personal business.
You have aligned yourself with white supremacists--Alma Ott, Alex McGowin Studer, Ken Adachi, Craig Oxley and Eric Jon Phelps, Timothy Patrick White and Todd Brendan Fahey, all working under the former late FBI Director, Ted Gunderson, who worked under J. Edgar Hoover in CIA/FBI/NSA COINTELPRO operations. These agents have been attacking us for years, with lies and you are just parroting them. All because we expose government corruption.
I bet the Donahue family did not know this about you.  They have all been notified on this email. Now you have become an embarrassment. They all now know what kind of creep you really are. I am sure that not one of them would want a busybody women hater butting into their private lives. From here on now, they will never view you the same way!
These articles will bring your family up to date:
Remove us from your mailing list, and get a life!
Sherri Kane
"There was a day years ago that I believed in the great intensive work that Horowitz had done and published about AIDS and Ebola,etc.   WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU HOROWITZ???  Did the jesuits and vatican get to you with offers you couldn't refuse???  YOU ALWAYS SEEMED TO BE A LEARNED MAN WHO COULD SPEAK FOR HIMSELF WITH THE AID OF SOME BLONDE BIMBO, AND NOW YOU HAVE THIS FOUL MOUTHED BITCH SPEAKING FOR YOU RATHER THAN YOUR IMPASSIONED HONEST PLEADING WITH THE PUBLIC.  Something is wrong with this picture. I don't suppose you still live in Sandpoint,ID where the folks wouldn't approve of your current image profile with this bimbo.
"Dear Dr. Horowitz:

Again I apologize for the script and intensity for my eyesight.  I wouldn't bother to attempt to recontact you if I didn't think it was well worth it for everyone's cause.  YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT I was police officer for years and I'm sorry my typing is so feeble, but it didn't change how well I viewed you and Ms Kane on those videos to know what I do about you.  The ball is in your court, please don't let a female be the spokesperson of your position.   MY BROTHER LENORD, PLEASE GO BACK TO WHO YOU WERE IN SANDPOINT WHEN I DISCOVERED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
What a joke coming from a cowardly sheep pedophile protector with no gonads who sucks up to Eric Jon Phelps/Craig Oxley--the controlled opposition COINTELPRO Zionist/Vatican NSA employee(s). You and your friends will surely get your karma.
This "delusional pitiful bimbo" has blown the lid off the "conspiracy" movement along with Horowitz and another fearless amazing woman, Barbara Hartwell, to reveal what kind of crap it all is, and all you can do is rant like a little bitch.
 "you are a sick person and should be locked up for being so delusional!!!!  you would almost be comical if you weren't so  pitiful!!!  you sound like raving lunatic that escaped from the assylum!!"
I do not know what kind of alcohol you are imbibing, weed you are smoking, or why you hate Kane.
I still work for God spreading truth, and the greatest truth--Jesus' LOVE in 528--an assignment that began in Clark Fork, ID in 1998, with Dr. Puleo.
I am sorry that you do not vibe to where God and revelation, and Sherri Kane, has taken me.
Frankly, the idiots you seem to vibe to, who hate Kane, deserve the harshest judgment for their  pedophilia and racist rantings, "dividing the sheeple to conquer the flock," anti-Zionist crap, funded as "controlled opposition" by Zionists. 
Your subject heading "Truth Be Exposed," is a lot of bunk, because if you were really into truth, you would applaud my collaboration with Kane exposing the truth about "Dr. True Ott," Timothy Patrick White, Erick John Phelps, and their handler, now deceased, Ted Gunderson. 
The bull ___ they put me through, beginning in 2007, two years prior to my meeting Kane, having to do with this crap about my knighting, is sick and sinful, LIES, exposed royally by Kane and me. 
Where were you then? Did you come to my defense like Kane did?
In fact, they finally recanted this lie due to embarrassment from Kane-- their stupid lies about my alleged alliance with Maltese knights and the Vatican. They recanted prior to having Kane demolish their websites, thanks largely to honest lawful citizens whose services and goodwill these criminals abused along with my great reputation.
Do you really think vaccinating children is worse than abusing them and trafficking them?
If you want to write an important letter, send a complaint to the Idaho attorney general's consumer complaint division about Jacqueline G. Lindenbach, and her bogus new company, Healthy World Celebrations, LLC, that deals in stolen property, and sells all my products without my authorization, courtesy of a coup led by her and the fake "Dr. True Ott." Consumer fraud and trafficking in stolen property is still illegal, isn't it, retired police officer?
Otherwise, please take me off your mailing list, and do not buy another product from any of my companies.
Anyone who supports pedophiles, extortionists, and thieves, who calls themselves a retired police officer, is not someone I wish to bless with my time, revelatory publications, and healthful products.
Sincerely yours,
Misogynists: By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA   

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Suspension of Erik Scott's Memorial Blog Postings



Upon advice of legal counsel, I am suspending postings on The Permit and Erik's memorial blog websites, until our lawsuit is concluded. I am continuing to write "The Permit," and will release it in full, at the appropriate time. 


William B. Scott

I have been covering the Erik Scott case, since July 2010, when Erik was gunned down at the Summerlin Costco by Las Vegas Metro Police. I first learned of the case from talk radio hosts and former Police Officers Dave Champion and Bill Carns, and subsequently posted most of the articles written by Erik's father, Bill Scott, to which I added some commentary of my own. 

Up until this morning I had a fairly large archive of these reports.  I have decided to remove these reports from my website, in deference to the advice given to Bill Scott by his attorneys.

However, this suspension is only temporary. It is vitally important to keep the Erik Scott case in the public eye.  As I've told Bill Scott, I am "on the case", and will stay on the case, for as long as it takes to see the truth revealed and justice done. 
The Scott Family has my full support, and they are always in my heart and in my prayers.

Truth and Justice for Erik Scott!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 22, 2011

In Memory of Erik Scott

A Life Celebrated...
Erik B. Scott was an exceptional man, shot and killed in the prime of his life by three Las Vegas, NV, police officers on July 10, 2010. At best, his slaying was a terrible mistake and needless tragedy. At worst, it was an execution born of irrational fear and rampant incompetence. As of mid-August 2010, an official investigation was still underway, and most critical evidence was being closely held by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This forum will chronicle events as they unfold, and provide ongoing analysis, commentary and insight.

Erik was a 1994 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point; served as an Army tank platoon leader and company staff officer; obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration from Duke University; had successful careers in medical-device and real estate sales, and was a Boston Scientific Cardiac Rhythm Management sales associate at the time of his death.

Erik was warm and friendly, fiercely loyal, fun-loving, a model of health-and-fitness, intolerant of laziness, a superb leader and mentor, and uniquely charismatic. He dearly loved his family, his large circle of friends, and Samantha, a tall, beautiful lady, who had captured his heart. His stunning smile, hearty laugh, big heart and easy manner will be greatly missed. A giant of a man was taken from us far too soon. 
May truth and justice be yours, Erik.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Journalists Expose COINTELPRO Perps


Late Night in the Midlands” with Host Michael Vara

See this link for a great new article by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane.

In 2010 it came to my attention that articles were being published by investigative journalists Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, which named some of the very same group of COINTELPRO  operatives  and their minions whom I had been exposing in my reports for a decade.

I had met Dr. Horowitz in 1998 at a conference in Daytona Beach, Florida where we were both speakers. And of course, I was aware of his work as a whistleblower exposing the pharmaceutical industry and the dangers of vaccines. 

When I first became aware of the reports, I didn't know Sherri Kane (who began working with Len Horowitz in 2009), but the more I read of her work, the more I appreciated her insights and her courage in standing up against a criminal network which had been harassing, threatening and stalking me for so many years, as well as running a massive libel/slander campaign designed to ruin my personal/professional reputation and discredit my work as a whistleblower  exposing government crimes and corruption.

As I've exposed in hundreds of reports, and in radio programs, over more than a decade, COINTELPRO exploits a loosely organized pack of  ambitious  amateurs as their minions and stooges, to attack Targets. The attacks take many forms, but they are all based on flagrant aggression against the Targets.

One form of aggression which is particularly detestable is the monstrous invasions of privacy perpetrated by the minions and stooges of COINTELPRO. The stooges publish PRIVATE UNLISTED street addresses of Targets and then solicit like minded criminal thugs to invade private property to commit further criminal offenses against Targets.

In 2004, one of these criminal psycho stalkers, Todd Brendan Fahey, teamed up with Timothy Patrick White (Targets call them the demonic duo) and posted not only my PRIVATE street address on the Internet, but also photos of my house. In conjunction with this criminal harassment, they made false claims about the ownership of my house (naming various people as "owners", and contradicting themselves in the process), and then began viciously harassing, libeling/slandering these individuals simply because they were friends of mine.

They even fabricated and posted false reports of criminal behavior, naming the Targets as those perpetrating non-existent "crimes." These individuals were naturally outraged at their names and reputations being smeared by this pack of rabid hyenas, their harassment and monstrous invasions of privacy being directly responsible for continuing losses and damages to innocent people.

The libelous pseudo reports on Barbara Hartwell (complete with monstrous invasions of privacy) were then posted by numerous other malicious stooges and busybodies, including Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau), James F. Marino, Alex Studer (aka Stooger), a toady for Alma C. Ott (aka "True" Ott), Craig Oxley.

"Xena Carpenter" is a pseudonym (one of many) used by Todd Brendan Fahey, which the coward hides behind to publish smear pieces against Targets, including Barbara Hartwell, Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane. The "Xena Carpenter" website is a front for the criminal stalkers, Todd Fahey and Tim White --both of whom hide behind numerous aliases and screen names to harass, stalk and libel Targets.

The libelous pseudo reports are then reposted and parroted by other malicious government  stooges such as James F. Marino (Mother of All Black Operations --Marino wouldn't know a "black operation if it slapped him upside the head...); Alex Studer (Lab Virus --from what I've seen of his virulent behavior and spouting of  pornographic filth, Studer IS a Lab Virus...); Ken Adachi (Educate-Yourself --this liar-for-hire couldn't "educate" a baboon, if his sorry ass depended on it... ); Craig Oxley (The Unhived Mind --this racist, misogynist thug, an accomplice of predicate felon Tim White, the Unhinged Mind, if ever there was one...).

The stooges have also targeted family members of their main Targets. For  example, false (and libelous) information was published about certain of my family members, especially those who had been CIA.  The stooges made false claims about family relationships, names of family members, locations and addresses where they claimed I was "born" or had lived, or went to college, and then plastered the outrageous lies all over the Internet, posting the pseudo reports and adding their own fabrications and wild speculation to the mix.

One of the worst cases of invasion of privacy was committed against Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, involving a stolen videotape of a telephone conversation between Horowitz and Kane.

Sherri Kane gives the facts here:

"Jacqueline Lindenbach received the raw, unedited videotape by mail, (without the COINTELPRO racist ranting edits) from RJ Hampton, who is a very amateur editor and has really amateur equipment).  After receiving the tape from RJ, Jacqueline Lindenbach flew over to our inventory warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah from Idaho and attempted to show it to the owner of the warehouse, as some kind of ludicrous proof that viewing the tape would allow him in good conscience to hand her over all the product inventory belonging to us.

He refused to watch the tape, and called the police. Jacqueline then did not return back to Idaho for a a few days, according to Len's children, who called looking for her. This is when she drove to Ogden, Utah and met up with Ott and personally handed him the tape. Ott then gave it to Stooger [Alex Studer] for editing."

Alex Studer, a big fat busybody and loudmouthed stooge, a lackey for "True" Ott then made his own edit of the video, adding libelous commentary, along with racist, sexist epithets. Ott and Studer call Horowitz and Kane Khazar Jews, the spawn of Satan, the seed of Cain, etc. etc.

But here's the main focus of my personal outrage: These government operatives and their stooges are all, without exception, MALICIOUS BUSYBODIES, gate-crashers and Town Criers, who have absolutely NO RESPECT for the privacy or personal boundaries of others.

Just because a person (whistleblower, journalist, activist, etc.) has a public website or radio show, does NOT mean that their PRIVATE LIFE (including any and all PERSONAL/PRIVATE  information/conversations. communications, family/personal relationships)  is fair game for an open season of invasions, intrusions, assaults on their God-given RIGHT TO PRIVACY.

Anyone who willfully invades the privacy or personal boundaries of another, FOR ANY REASON; anyone who would make threats of blackmail (which happened in the case of the stolen video of Horowitz and Kane); anyone who would exploit the PRIVATE communications of others, out of malice and/or for personal gain, is a violator, an aggressor, and the lowest lowlife imaginable.

And then, these maggots have the audacity to think they can conduct PUBLIC INTERROGATIONS of Targets?  This is precisely what they do.

AS IF the PRIVATE lives of their Targets is any of their business? 

AS IF they think we are required to answer to THEM (or anyone else) about our PRIVATE BUSINESS?


How dare you!  Todd Brendan Fahey, Tim White, Ken Adachi, Alex Studer, James F. Marino, and all the rest of you spineless little stooges and cowards!

Ask yourself: What kind of person would monstrously invade privacy by publishing a video or audio on the Internet (or threaten to do so, as in blackmail/extortion), simply for the purpose of causing harm to another, simply to ruin another person's reputation?

In fact, certain websites of these malicious lowlife busybodies have been taken offline in recent months, due to violations of terms of service, which specifically prohibit invasions of privacy and/or white supremacist hate-mongering against Jews, blacks or any other groups.

Alex Studer (Lab Virus) Craig Oxley (The Unhived Mind) and Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau (Educate-Yourself) all had their websites taken offline for just such violations, and specifically for their monstrous invasions of privacy against Horowitz, Kane, Hartwell and others.

These Busybodies from Hell --the stalkers, the gate-crashers, the demonic liars, the forgers, the blackmailers, the extortionists, the identity thieves-- will continue to be exposed, for as long as they continue violating our rights.

And anyone who supports them, promotes them (including having links to their websites) or aids and abets their evildoing in any way, will be held accountable --by me personally-- by any lawful, ethical means available to me.

May their names live in infamy in perpetuity.

Get behind me, Satan!

As for Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, they deserve tremendous credit --and they certainly get it from me-- for exposing the truth about these Busybodies from Hell, these hate-mongers and demonic liars.  

But more importantly, for the support and friendship they have offered to me, and to others who are targeted by the COINTELPRO operatives and their stooges.  For their focus on the Light of Truth and the Love of Christ, for their love of their Brothers and Sisters in Christ, which always dispels the darkness of malice, deception, bigotry and hate.

God bless you, Len and Sherri!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 20, 2011

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA