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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

On the Nature of Evil

NOTE: This is one segment of a report (2006) titled, The Wreckers: False Lights and the Nature of Evil. My reports tend to be lengthy, and I've been told, by readers and friends, that they'd like to see shorter segments made available.

I've taken their suggestion, especially since I know that nowadays, many people don't have the patience to read, they'd rather watch a video (how tragic!)

For entire report:

...Those of us who seek justice, who defend our individual rights and liberties, bestowed by God, fight them with every fiber of our being. We expose their evil, bringing it into the light. But to fight them, to expose them truly and well, we must first understand the nature of evil. Unless and until evil is recognized for what it actually is, all efforts to expose it, to vanquish it, are in vain.


I have heard many people say they do not "believe" in evil. Or, some claim, that in the universe, good and evil must be "balanced". Some believe that we "create our own reality", which is neither "good" nor "evil", but only serves to teach us "lessons."

They don't believe there are any victims, nor any perpetrators of evil. No, they actually BLAME THE VICTIMS for any and all evil that is done to them.

They claim we are "responsible" for all that befalls us....after all, they smugly opine, it was only a "life lesson" we needed to learn. They say we must "take responsibility" for every event in our lives, as it is just part and parcel of our "spiritual evolution".

What's more, we must also have "compassion" for those who treat us wrongfully, no matter how heinous the abuse; we must try to "understand" them...after all, they are our "teachers".

Try selling this crock of perfumed hogswill to the victims of the wreckers, the survivors of family members murdered by the wreckers.

Such utter foolishness is mind boggling; pathological idiocy in its worst form. And tragically, this false belief system has taken hold among millions of people, most notably those in the New Age movement, a toxic amalgam of fascism, communism, globalist collectivism and what I would call Mickey Mouse Metaphysics.

It has been designed to lead the populace away from individual critical thinking, as well as to stamp out genuine spirit-filled intuition; and ultimately, to sever an individual's personal relationship with the Creator, whence all gifts of the spirit emanate.

Refusing to believe in the existence of evil, it follows that they do not believe certain individuals to be inherently evil, nor the collectives comprised of these individuals, whose sole intent is to do evil.

The deniers of evil, who obviously lack any form of spiritual or intellectual discernment, will thereby claim that the lowest and most despicable of traits, as well as the highest forms of saintliness and goodness, coexist in each and every individual. That we are ALL "capable" of either extreme.

What they are really saying is that we are all capable of "evil", though they still, in their self-contradictory mindset, deny its existence. They claim that we are all the same, as if we come into the world straight out of some cookie-cutter mold. How very, very wrong they are. How very, very foolish. How completely have their minds been co-opted.

Those of us who have directly perceived the forces of evil, who have apprehended evil in its various forms, including as incarnated in the flesh; who have faced it down and stood our ground against it, know beyond any shadow of doubt that evil is a reality, to be ignored, discounted or denied, always at one's own peril.

Collective indoctrination which denies evil is, of course, foisted upon society by the top-ranking evildoers themselves. The denial that perpetrating evil is a PERSONAL CHOICE, with malice aforethought, to control, to exploit and to do harm to others, a choice made by each individual, is also responsible for perpetuating the evils of the world; in part by enabling the evildoers; by institutionalizing their evil; by making evil "acceptable" in the mass psyche, the collective consciousness.

In such a way does society --the individuals who comprise it-- become inured to evil.

By all means, let's roll out the red carpet for evildoers!

"Nurture over nature" proponents (some of whom call themselves "scientists" or "psychologists") ; or those who see each human being as a "tabula rasa" (blank slate) fail to comprehend the most basic truth: That evildoers are entirely lacking in humanity, that in effect, they have no souls.

Or, that what "souls" they may have are artificial and do not belong to God. Or, that they have sold their souls in the pursuit of material/flesh/ego-gratification, in the lust for power to be wielded over all God's creation; in their grotesque vanity, to attempt to usurp the very power of God.

But in any case, and in every case, evil is a personal choice. Those who consciously and willfully choose evil will be held accountable, if not before humanity, then certainly before God. Still, it is the duty of all who see and understand the nature of evil to expose it, to defy it and to make every effort to hold the evildoers accountable for their crimes against God and humanity.

As for those who do not recognize evil for what it is, they are doomed to be used by evildoers, who feed on their confusion; their naivete; and their character flaws, exacerbated by indoctrination, and their profound ignorance.

And until such time (if ever) that they learn to recognize evil, they cannot be delivered from that which they refuse to acknowledge. It is really all that simple, and yet, far too many of these brainwashed individuals fail to see this simple truth and thus fall prey to the machinations of evildoers.

Perhaps I could compare them to lost souls, dejectedly wandering through a seemingly endless dark tunnel. When finally, they glimpse "a light at the end of the tunnel", they believe they have found their way out, that deliverance is near.

Then, in shock and horror, they hear the roar of the approaching train, bearing down on them, its blinding headlights the last thing they will ever see.

Even false light travels faster than sound. Evil can only win through deception, through engendering false perception, false lights.

In conjunction with deception, evil always involves aggression, intrusion, invasion, exploitation and predation, in various forms.

Evil does not respect --nor even acknowledge-- the spiritual integrity and personal boundaries of others: the Inviolability of Personhood.

Evil does not respect the sanctity of an individual life, nor the natural rights and liberties bestowed upon that life by God.

Evil is entirely devoid of compassion, empathy, mercy and conscience.

Evil is a voracious black hole whose vortex subsumes all ambient light and consumes the lives, the hopes and dreams of innocents.


Psychopathology is inherent in the nature of evil, at least in human terms.

Those who do evil may be narcissists, sociopaths, callous opportunists. Call them what you will, evildoers are criminally insane.

Just know that their abiding creed is to USE, to CONSUME, the more the better; and yet their hunger is inexhaustible, as their negatively-inflated egos can never, ever get enough.

They are psychic vampires who feed off the etheric/spiritual energies of their victims.

They are "social engineers" who get by in the world with oily charm and "situational ethics".

Having no conscience, the very idea of moral absolutes is beyond their ken.

They are liars, thieves, poseurs, mountebanks, merchants of false hope.

The virtues of compassion, mercy, charity, spiritual love and selfless service to others are seen only as weaknesses, weaknesses they can exploit, and which ultimately may become fatal "weaknesses" in their targets and victims.

Lacking all love, light and truth, the evildoers seek to destroy these virtues wherever they may find them, as means and opportunity permit.

In their ceaseless aggression, these diabolical predators intrude, invade, stalk, harass and persecute; they rape, they loot and plunder, all the while bearing false witness against their quarry, often accusing them of the very crimes of which they themselves are guilty as sin.

Again, the deception. They live and breathe lies, firing up the false lights at every turn.

They masquerade as paragons of virtue; as freedom fighters; as ministers to the downtrodden; as defenders of the underdog; as shepherds to the lost; as benefactors to the needy; as champions of justice. But their hearts are hollow, black and cold.

They commit atrocities and blackmail each other to cover up their crimes. They destroy the lives and hopes of all those without the wherewithal to protect themselves, especially innocent children, who are seen as nothing more than vessels of convenience on which to visit their vile sexual perversions.

Who cares? It's only one little life, and they hunt it down, simply because they can.

This, all this, is the nature of evil. I have only scratched the surface in attempting to describe it. But can anyone with the slightest bit of spiritual discernment doubt it?

Evil exists and anyone who claims otherwise is either an evildoer or is deceived, enslaved by evildoers.

Listen to their words, hear their lies and false promises, but instead of blindly believing, perceive only with the light of Spirit, from your heart.

Look from your heart to see the fruits they bear. By their fruits shall you know them.

When you perceive by the Holy Spirit, living in your heart, they can deceive you no more.

Barbara Hartwell
November 27, 2006

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Shoddy “Journalism” by Hack Makia Freeman Misrepresents & Exploits the Name of Barbara Hartwell

On October 22, this article was e-mailed to me by a friend:
5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking Electronic Harassment and Torture

I clicked the link, read the article and said to myself, Oh no! Not again. My name, exploited and misrepresented yet again, by yet another irresponsible hack “journalist”.

As is typical regarding these characters, I'd never heard of this woman, Makia Freeman. Also typical, she just dropped my name into her ill-conceived, poorly-researched piece, without bothering to learn the true facts about the case of Barbara Hartwell, which have been published by the original source (that would be me) for more than two decades, on my own website. Nor, apparently, had she even bothered to visit my website; for if she had, she could have taken the time to learn some actual facts.

Typically, rather than doing any real research, Freeman seized on one video, part of an interview with Chicago Health Television in 1998, recorded TWENTY ONE YEARS AGO. The interview followed a seminar called Insider Secrets of Government Corruption, presented by former CIA Chip Tatum, former CIA Barbara Hartwell, former FBI Ted Gunderson and Susan Ford (using the pseudonym Brice Taylor) who claimed to be a survivor of “Monarch”.

A video which was pirated by Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor and FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson, for which I NEVER SIGNED A RELEASE, for anyone to use EXCEPT to Chicago Health Television. (Bootleg, piracy, copyright violation.)

Ford (Taylor) and Gunderson then incorporated the video into a commercial propaganda video, called Mind Control Goes Public, filled with false information, produced by Susan Ford, and SOLD IT FOR PROFIT, through various outlets, including Amazon and one of their accomplices in promoting disinformation/propaganda, David Icke, the notorious peddler of bizarre alien/lizard people conspiracy theories.

Worst of all, these unprincipled scavengers then published it on the Internet and used it in attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell, using titles like CIA Media Plant Barbara Hartwell Exposed! Or, CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara Hartwell.

This video, grossly exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell, complete with defamatory titles attached, has been used countless times to promote disinformation and to falsify my professional background, which of course, was the agenda to begin with. And as usual, they are profiting off the exploitation and intentional infliction of emotional distress of a legitimate whistleblower, knowing I didn't have the resources to sue them, though I had actionable grounds to do so.

Now, to Makia Freeman's section on Barbara Hartwell. Since it is brief, I have copied the entire thing.

Barbara Hartwell

"Ex-CIA agent Barbara Hartwell worked for 25 years in the CIA as an investigative and intelligence analyst. She is a mind control victim and childhood survivor of MK ULTRA. In this video clip she shares how she started getting attacked right after she “broke her programming” and started to go public in 1994. She woke up and realized she was living a double life. She was being used by the CIA to disseminate New Age propaganda with the purpose of confusing and distracting people – and as she puts it to bring in the New World Order. In the video she sits next to Brice Taylor, a famous mind control victim who like Cathy O’Brien was used as a mind-controlled sex slave to service the highest officials in the US and beyond. Hartwell emphasizes how Ted Gunderson (ex-FBI agent who became a tremendous investigator uncovering mind control, pedophilia and Satanism) was a great friend who helped her.

Hartwell talks about how she was attacked every single day. Sometimes she was tailed or followed; sometimes she encountered agents in her life posing as someone else; her phone was tapped; black helicopters flew over her house; and she received death threats. She reveals how she was hit with exotic weapons, which she describes as laser weapons and microwave pulse weapons, which sometimes knocked her unconscious."

First, I should make it clear that I find it unconscionable that this woman, Makia Freeman, presumes to exploit and misrepresent the name of Barbara Hartwell, to promote a “story” which is not hers to tell.

She places my name in the context of “Targeted Individuals”, which, if she had done any research at all, she would be aware that I have written numerous reports explaining that I do not identify myself as such, and that in fact I have clearly explained my objections to the term, as it does not accurately represent me, nor my experiences.

"She is a mind control victim and childhood survivor of MK ULTRA."

Freeman falsely states that I am a “mind control victim”, using the present tense. No, I have not been a mind control victim for many years. And though I am a survivor of MK Ultra, I have been out of CIA operations since 1994, which is a quarter century ago.

Again, she is using this video (over 20 years old) as the primary source about my background, when in fact it was only a few minutes of testimony which was presented in an interview, where I was only one of those being interviewed, in a context I did not choose.

"She woke up and realized she was living a double life."

This statement is simplistic and inaccurate. Freeman is apparently putting words in my mouth, based on speculation. I won't be baited into explaining myself, I will only say she has no business making such a statement AS IF it were authoritative, when she knows nothing about my history, only what she thinks she knows, based on her own very limited subjective perceptions.

"In the video she sits next to Brice Taylor, a famous mind control victim who like Cathy O’Brien was used as a mind-controlled sex slave to service the highest officials in the US and beyond."

Again, she cites that damnable video, as if it were the source of All Truth from On High. And the deliberate attempt to lump me in with Susan Ford (Brice Taylor), when in fact there is no commonality at all. Which, if Freemen had bothered to do any research, she would have known that I had exposed and denounced Sue Ford aka Taylor many years ago, explaining in great detail the true story of my brief association with Ford, and the damaging consequences to me.

As for Cathy O'Brien, I do not know her and have never had any contact with her, and again, there is no commonality whatsoever. I was, however, targeted by her (now deceased) husband and handler, Mark Phillips (whom I also never met), back in the 90s when I first went public. Phillips was harassing me by e-mail, attempting to draw me into his little containment operation. I publicly exposed him and published a notice telling him to mind his own damned business.

And now, the “journalist”, Makia Freeman, exposes her vast and profound ignorance about the life and times of Barbara Hartwell, with this gem:

"Hartwell emphasizes how Ted Gunderson (ex-FBI agent who became a tremendous investigator uncovering mind control, pedophilia and Satanism) was a great friend who helped her."

If Makia Freeman had half a brain, she would certainly be aware that over the past two decades (since 2000) I have written numerous reports, done countless radio broadcasts, all EXPOSING Ted Gunderson for his rampant criminality, both while inside the FBI (1951-1979), and afterward (1979- 2011, when he passed away).

I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with Gunderson in 2000, for cause, when I discovered that he had been planted on me (1997); and that far from being “a great friend”, he had been tasked by CIA to attempt to draw me into his counterintelligence/containment operation/protection racket, in order to effectively neutralize me. He failed, but not without massive damages to me, the shock waves of which are still reverberating today, of which this article, as just one example, is evidence.

In fact, Gunderson is responsible for sowing the seeds of the huge and ongoing defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell, based on one outrageous lie: Barbara Hartwell is a CIA Disinfo Agent. This defamatory falsehood has been parroted, ad infinitum, ad nauseum by hordes of government minions and stooges right up to the present day.

Anyone who is interested in the facts and the truth (which clearly excludes the “journalist” Makia Freeman) may find numerous detailed reports exposing Gunderson and his accomplices on my website.

Now, note that Makia Freeman has included in her list of “Targeted Individuals”, the infamous Katherine Horton. Who, if Freeman had done any real research, would know is another purveyor of false information, which includes some of the same defamatory falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, as promoted by Ted Gunderson, including that I am a CIA Disinfo Agent. Gee whiz, what a coincidence.

And Freeman promotes the website of Horton as “informative”. I would only recommend this website to those who wish to be totally MISINFORMED, which is clearly the case regarding the “journalist” Makia Freeman.

Katherine Horton


"She runs the informative website"

"Her antidote to all this invisible abuse is make fun of everything and laugh at these manipulators as she exposes them."

No, in point of fact, Horton does a lot more than “make fun” of those she claims are perpetrators. In reality, she issues calls inciting violence and terrorism, and actually publicly solicits the MURDERS of intelligence and military personnel, including in the USA, a felony crime.

Now, the “journalist”, Makia Freeman, offers this:

"According to one TI man, EVERYONE is a target. Prisoners and veterans get hit the worst with electronic harassment. It has been reported that 70% of TIs are women with advanced education (e.g. university degrees). How much more evidence do people need to accept the existence of this phenomenon?"

I see no facts presented here, no reliable sources, and certainly no “evidence” as she falsely claims, only hearsay from an unidentified “TI man”, and some vague reportage of other unknown entities.

Freeman wraps up her article with this:

"It is important to note there is something you can do about this if you are a TI. You can join a group or organization dedicated to supporting TIs, such as the Surveillance and Harassment Survivor’s Alliance. Katherine Horton has a victim affidavit collection system."

Based on her gross incompetence as a “journalist”, who is not capable of even tracking down simple facts, I would warn anyone reading this to find reliable, trustworthy sources elsewhere.

Note that it is Katherine Horton who is promoted as having
"a victim affidavit collection system". For anyone who wants their name and private information harvested, so it can later be used against them by this fraud, Horton, go right ahead. Otherwise, mark my words: steer clear of this charlatan and any “journalist” who promotes her.

As for Makia Freeman, I am outraged at this presumptuous hack “journalist”, at her exploitation and total misrepresentation of my name.

Speaking for myself, an article like this, which purports to be in favor of the persons featured, is worse than outright defamation. Defamation is easy to counter. But false information, couched as being supportive, when it is anything but, is the most damaging of all. It negates the reality of a situation (in this case mine), or issue, and replaces it with propaganda which promotes an agenda –and that agenda has nothing to do with the truth.

Shame on you, Makia Freeman. By this terribly irresponsible action, you identify yourself as part of the problem, whether for those who identify themselves as “Targeted Individuals”, or anyone else who may be facing the serious issues addressed here. You most certainly are not part of any solution.
And though I know from vast experience with Freeman's dishonorable ilk that it is unlikely to result in any correction, retraction or public apology, nonetheless I want it on the record that I demand that the name of Barbara Hartwell (along with all statements connected to my name) be REMOVED from this scurrilous piece of trash attempting to pass as 'journalism'.
But in any case, mark my words: There will be consequences for exploiting and defaming the name of Barbara Hartwell.

Barbara Hartwell
Former CIA
Political Target of Retaliation Against A Whistleblower
Exploited by Hack “Journalists”
Disgusted, Incensed, Outraged
October 26, 2019

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


"Targeted Individuals" aka TIs: I first heard this term used in the mid-nineties, when groups were forming to address the issue of anti-personnel energy weaponry designed by the military/industrial complex and deployed by intelligence agencies against those deemed “subversives”, “dissidents”, or “enemies of the state”. (Read: Patriots, Christians, Defenders of Liberty and the Constitution.)

The people in these groups used the term (TI) almost exclusively to label anyone who was reporting assaults with these weapons. At the time, it was a “fringe” issue, and the reporting victims were relegated to the “tin-foil hat” crowd, and when not mocked, or called “crazy”, were mostly ignored.

Roughly a quarter century later, it appears that “Targeted Individuals” have become, if not a subject of common knowledge to the general public, at least a recognizable term for those interested in delving into government conspiracies. Note that I say conspiracies, not conspiracy theories.

A very large problem, however, is that, for the most part, conspiracy theories are what are actually being promoted, rather than conspiracy facts, or conspiracy reality. And this is by design.

When criminals (including those in government) are engaging in unlawful and nefarious activities (including assaults with directed energy weaponry) they will always engineer a propaganda campaign which “explains” the phenomena, in an effort to create a smoke screen, or a side show, to misdirect the attention of the public, once the actual conspiracies begin to come to light, usually by legitimate people: witnesses, victims, journalists, government whistleblowers, or concerned citizens.

The perpetrators will disseminate the propaganda and disinformation among the populace, by recruiting from among the groups and individuals who are reporting on the crimes and/or those claiming to be Victims/Targets of the criminal operations.

Some who become the recognized “leaders” of these groups are government operatives, but most are just aggressive, ambitious people seeking fame and/or money, otherwise known as stooges. They are given a playbook from which to operate, complete with designated terminology (such as Targeted Individuals); they are given a narrative to promote: WHAT is happening. WHO is behind the criminal conspiracy. WHY the criminal conspiracy is in operation. HOW the criminal conspiracy operates.

These narratives vary, but they are not based on factual information. They are based on the spin they want to promote, which serves the agenda.

The “leaders” are usually funded by government agencies (one way or another), so they have the resources to engage in the promotion of information (much of which is false), via media outlets such as websites, talk shows, discussion groups, and most recently, social media. They stage demonstrations and engage in advertising campaigns, including erecting billboards.

One important element is the Containment Operation. If the perpetrators can rope as many people as possible into the same corral, they can be fenced in and contained. They will spout the same terms, parrot the same “approved” phrases, promote the same information, much of which is false, as part of the agenda.

Those who allow themselves to be thus contained will also receive the “benefits” of a Protection Racket, which is always adjunct to a Containment Op. They are “protected” by the leaders and members of the group, as long as they follow the leaders, toe the line and promote the party-line.

Such characters will promote, support and endorse their leaders and team mates, with no thought given to their integrity or their truthfulness. They will overlook fraud, lying, deceitful behavior, even criminality. They are ready and willing to “take one for the team”. What they apparently don't understand is that the “team” operates only for an agenda and could not care less about them as individuals.

Should they dare to step out of line, or even to question the agenda, they will be summarily discarded, or worse, become the Target of vicious attacks by the Mob. For that is what they are, a Mob, with a herd/group think mentality. The same mentality that spawns Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Progressivism, Fascism, all totalitarian ideologies where the God-given rights of the Individual are not only utterly disrespected, but considered anathema to the objectives of the collective.

Then, there are the smear campaigns. Who will be targeted for a smear campaign? Anyone who is not part (as a dupe and/or accomplice/perpetrator) of the agenda. Anyone who reports factual information and acts independently of the groups. Anyone who is a legitimate journalist, human rights activist, government whistleblower.

This is a general means of operation, for ANY issue, but this report focuses on some the persons and organizations claiming to be advocates for Targeted Indviduals.

I should make it clear right up front that I am not, nor ever have been, involved with any of these groups. I am an independent investigator, intelligence analyst, journalist and government whistleblower.

And predictably, I have had a Target on my back for decades, including (but certainly not limited to) a massive smear campaign, engineered by government agencies, and carried out by their minions, lackeys and stooges.

The latest crop of these slanderers include some of the aforementioned “leaders” of TI groups and their sycophants.

Most of these unsavory characters I had never even heard of until I found my name being defamed by them on websites, on radio shows and social media. I do not know any of them personally – not a one. I have been accused of every dastardly deed imaginable. Bizarre stories have been fabricated about me, most of which would be laughable were they not so terribly damaging. Then, the army of stooges, busybodies, gossips and malicious liars are eager participants, who spread the outrageous lies far and wide.

I will begin by exposing (once again) a woman named Katherine Horton. I first heard of Horton when she was a member of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum, hosted on Ramola D's channel.

When the TCFF ended, due to the calls for violence and murder by Horton, I wrote a report in defense of my friend Ramola, after Horton began to run a smear campaign against her, totally misrepresenting the situation, while assassinating Ramola' character.

Horton then began a smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell, promoting outrageous falsehoods for which she had no evidence whatsoever. Horton has claimed from the beginning that I am a CIA agent. Having no facts at her disposal, she simply parroted the mantra of long-running counterintelligence ops against me: Barbara Hartwell is a CIA disinfo agent.

I wrote several reports in which I refuted her false claims, and further exposed her as a malicious liar and promoter of violence and murder, using HER OWN PUBLISHED WORDS as evidence.

Horton continued her defamation campaign against me, and against Ramola, and was soon joined by more recruits, among her large audience of sycophants and stooges, many hiding behind screen names and false identities.

Horton's Twitter account and her website were finally taken down, due to violation of terms of service. Now, she has a new website (STOP 007) and new Twitter account, under a different name, still libeling Barbara Hartwell, Ramola D and others, still lying, still promoting her lurid “attack” charts and defamatory falsehoods.

On her new website:

Horton has reproduced her large section dedicated to libeling Ramola. She has also added a new section, to which Barbara Hartwell has been added:


"The following list contains those individuals who have engaged in targeted time-wasting, harassment, libel, subversion and/or threats aimed at undermining, smearing and sabotaging Dr. Horton’s work, draining her time in a vexatious manner or damaging her psychological well-being and personal life. These people act to all intents and purposes as if they were agents and operatives for the Secret Services. If they are not, they should consider becoming such because they could be earning a lot of money with what they are doing anyway."

"Barbara Hartwell: Disinfo Agent & Saboteur (Coming soon!)

Ramola Dharmaraj: (Indian), Libel Agent & Saboteur"

There are other names listed, but they are not relevant for this report, so I have not included them.

I will start by addressing the false accusations, one by one, and refuting them with FACTS.

"have engaged in targeted time-wasting"

Horton does not specify what “targeted time wasting” means. It is a vague phrase which means nothing to me, and has nothing to do with me, nor any of my activities in relation to Katherine Horton.


I have never, at any time, engaged in any sort of harassment of Katherine Horton. This statement is patently absurd. I do not know her, have never had any contact with her, nor any communications.


Wrong again. Stating my opinions and exposing the fraudulence and criminality of Katherine Horton does not constitute “libel”. She doesn't know the meaning of the word, or chooses to disregard it. I simply used her own published words as evidence. And defended myself against her defamation of my name by refuting her false claims, including that I am a CIA agent.

"subversion and/or threats aimed at undermining, smearing and sabotaging Dr. Horton’s work"

Horton certainly has an inflated perception of herself if she actually thinks that I would waste my time engaging in “subversion” or “undermining” of her “work”. (What work?) As for “threats”, how dare you, you loathsome servant of the devil! I have never at any time made threats against this self-aggrandizing liar.

No sabotage either. Again, I don't consider Horton of any particular importance, nor do I engage in sabotage. Stating the facts works fine for me, always has. And if she wants to consider someone stating FACTS about herself to be smears, then she is probably too far gone in delusions of grandeur to recognize that her Targets can see her for exactly what she is.

"draining her time in a vexatious manner or damaging her psychological well-being and personal life."

What in the bloody hell does she mean by this load of horse manure! It is nonsensical garbage. Maybe her “psychological well-being” would improve if she stopped soliciting violence and terrorism, even MURDER against others.

As for her “personal life”, that is none of my concern. My ONLY concern as regards Katherine Horton is that she is a pathological liar, engaging in criminality (felony crimes) against law-abiding people; and that she has damaged MY name as well as those of some of my friends, including Ramola.

Now, a list of some of the individuals who count themselves among the so-called “TI Community” who have promoted defamatory falsehoods against Ramola D, Barbara Hartwell and others, as well as the accomplices who support, promote and endorse them.

Anyone (including those not named here) who supports, promotes and endorses these individuals is an accomplice to the defamation campaigns against legitimate people.


Katherine Horton
Midge Mathis
Richard Lighthouse (pseudonym) aka Owen Calvert
Frank Allen
Susan Olsen
Barbara Harrison
Chris Zucker
Tomo Shibata
Kerry Cassidy
Andy Spoo
Ortaine Devian
Deborah Anne Weber
Ella Free (pseudonym)
Janet Phelan
Matthew Aaron
Allison Ireland
Daymond Jones
Julianne McKinney
Deborah Tavares
Brian Tew
Alfred Webre
James Fetzer

Lastly, excerpts from this recent article by Ramola D, exposing some of the same characters.

Midge Mathis of Targeted Justice Promotes Targeted Smear

"Posting, for the record, Midge Mathis of Targeted Justice’s repeat-promotion on Oct 13, 2019, of Smear PedoSatanic meme put out by one “Andy Spoo” who appears to be a backseat operative running a smear campaign, in hopes of attacking credibility and reputation (mine) perhaps, or gaining name and fame (his) perhaps, or just misdirecting all who read or watch my interviews and reports on Targeting — which seek to inform the nation and the world on FISA/Surveillance/NLW abuses and inhumane neuro-experimentation projects, and have been doing so, despite nonstop personal persecution of the writer with noxious neuro/nano/NL/DE/Psy weaponry, since 2014.

It seems like the character-attacks against me from various parties including Midge Mathis are never-ending, since I am noticing a new efflorescence of attacks on Twitter — mass stoning and mobbing seems to be incited and escalated by the circle of courtiers surrounding her, inclusive of Ella Free, Deborah Weber, Ortaine Devian, Andy Spoo, and others.

Targeted Justice’s promotion and support of Agent-Provocateur Calls to Violence, Open Deceit, Smear Attacks, Revisions of History, Disinfo Regarding Targeting Technologies, Fabrications, Inventions, Outright Lies and the most outrageous False-Accusations of “money-laundering” and “inciting-violence” through Midge Mathis’s support of Dr. Katherine Horton, Andy Spoo, Deborah Weber, Richard Lighthouse speaks for itself–again visible on Twitter and Youtube and on the Targeted Justice board of advisors, anyone can check these for themselves.

I would not be noting any of this, or wasting time paying attention to it, except for the historic record: since the absurd and vicious attacks on my name, writing, and reportage — from people who say they are supporting and representing and acting for targets of Govt. persecution — appear to be ongoing. I find it extraordinary, and appalling; obviously I am not going to be silent and take this abuse, it adds to the abusive and wrongful Mafiosi State Terrorism and COINTELPRO directed at me as a writer and journalist exposing Government crimes, I am documenting it."


In summary, I would ask anyone who is reading this report, who is concerned with the issues raised here, and more importantly, concerned with the truth, to do their own research and to search diligently for FACTS and EVIDENCE.

To search for reliable sources of information which can be verified by multiple sources.

Those of us whose good names are being vilified by baseless accusations by malicious liars with an agenda, know that it is not only our names, but our very lives which are being destroyed by such diabolical calumny.

Don't let these liars win! If they do, it is all of us who stand for the truth who will lose.

Barbara Hartwell
October 22, 2019




CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell: Grandstanding, Disinfo, & Containment Ops in the TI Community

An Open Letter to the Global Targeted Individual Community

Ella Free: "TI Angel...Or Pretentious Poseur?

DEMONIC DEFAMATION DUO: Katherine Horton & Deborah Anne Weber & Motley Crew of Accomplices

INCITING VIOLENCE & TERRORISM, SOLICITATION OF MURDER: Katherine Horton's Criminal Crusade Against Law Abiding Americans


Horton also solicits affidavits from victims, promoting court cases as a legal remedy for crimes against persons. She urges the victims to remain “calm”, no matter what.

Why then, does she herself behave in such an utterly frantic, hysterical and lawless manner? She rants and raves, cursing and dropping F-bombs, exhorting her reading and listening audience to engage in violence and terrorism, and goes so far as to actually publicly solicit the MURDERS of intelligence and military personnel, including in the US of A.

Why solicit crimes against persons, when she claims to be trying to STOP the crimes? Under US law, solicitation of murder is a felony crime. But then, she doesn't live here. However, many of her followers DO live here, as do some those she has clearly named as her Targets.


THE MOB: A Morality Tale
The End of Techno Crime Fighters: Independent Observations & Analysis

Friday, October 18, 2019

Daniel John Lee: False Accuser, “Evangelist Preacher” from the Pit of Hell


Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

-Dietrich Bonhoeffer

And do not have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness; instead, expose them.

Ephesians 5:11

I am a regular viewer of The Hagmann Report. I admire and respect Doug Hagmann for the great work he does, including exposing and fighting government corruption. I was honored to meet him in person at the first gathering of the EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR, with a group of Christians, Patriots, Veterans and Conservatives in Chappaqua NY, the home of career criminals Bill and Hillary Clinton.

As anyone dedicated to fighting for Liberty and Justice knows, if you are actually taking action in standing up for the principles on which this Constitutional Republic was founded, if you are a defender of the Constitution, and the God-given unalienable rights protected therein, if you sincerely love God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and country, you will be persecuted, you will be targeted for the worst sort of smear campaign. I speak from many years of personal experience. I know all too well the massive damages these malicious liars can do. Destroying a person's good name can wreak havoc in every area of life, personal, professional, financial. 

On October 11, Doug published this video, exposing the despicable and diabolical calumny of one Daniel John Lee.


Doug Hagmann:

The Truth Must Be Told - 10/11/19

Daniel Lee touts himself as a “preacher”, “evangelist” and “prophet”. He has over 90,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has a Patreon account, where he solicits funds to support his defamation campaigns against legitimate people: talk show hosts, investigators, activists, genuine Christians who work to expose and stop pedophiles and satanists engaged in child trafficking.

Daniel Lee has actually accused Doug Hagmann of being a “satanic pedophile”! He has added other names to his slander campaign: Russ Dizdar, Craig Sawyer, John B. Wells, to name a few.

I was outraged to the blood-boiling point in listening to Doug's broadcast. No way could I remain silent in the face of this egregious assault on a decent, honorable Christian.

Daniel Lee: this reprobate, this lowlife loser, this twisted psychopath, this malicious freak, this lunatic, this utterly corrupt scumbag, “Preacher Dan”, the “evangelist” and “prophet” is MAKING MONEY from his despicable schemes to destroy the lives of decent, honorable Christian Patriots.

Please, I implore you, listen to Doug Hagmann as he describes the horror and trauma he and his family have endured by the demonic handiwork of this criminal and his heinous, injurious lies.


Report him to YouTube, Twitter, Patreon, every venue he is using to promote his defamatory falsehoods and to cash in on his evil schemes.

Some of his accomplices, who he claims are “sources” include: Fiona Barnett, Timothy Holmseth, David Shurter.

And be aware: anyone who is promoting, supporting, endorsing these malicious liars will be noted as accomplices of this filthy den of vipers.

Here, another video by Craig Sawyer, another Christian Patriot falsely accused by Daniel Lee.

Craig Sawyer:

Lets Clean Up the Clickbait Libelers

If you are a Christian, a Patriot, anyone who cares about the truth, please add your voice in exposing this demonic liar and his accomplices!

Stand up against the evildoers!

Stand up in support of your Brothers and Sisters in Christ and your fellow Patriots.

Barbara Hartwell
October 18, 2019