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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Saturday, May 29, 2021









Here is an excellent website created by Keith Broaders, a valuable resource to increase knowledge of the Constitution.


National Constitution Education Center


Keith is also on the National Leadership Team of Friends of Liberty United, a Christian Patriot organization with which I have been involved since 2020.




Please take the time to check out the site and share the link. Your children's and grandchildren's future will depend on the actions which we, the parents and grandparents, take today, to secure the blessings of Liberty.

Barbara Hartwell

May 29, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend

This website was created for over one hundred million parents and grandparents living in the United States who are concerned about the direction in which our country is headed. Unfortunately, the vast majority of seniors have forgotten, or were never taught, the principles upon which our nation was founded.

There are currently over 16 million high school students and half of them will become eligible to vote in the next election. Perhaps the greatest threat to the survival of our nation is the ever increasing number of ignorant and uninformed voters.

For many decades the foundation of our republic has been undermined by the disciples of Karl Marx. The socialists have gained control of our public schools, and are teaching doctrines contrary to those of our founding fathers. In order to save our nation, we need to teach ourselves, and our grandchildren, the principles of liberty. There are millions of public school teachers who have been programmed by Colleges and Universities to deliver curriculum rather than teaching our children how to think for themselves.

It is the duty of every concerned grandparent to teach the principles of sound government to their grandchildren. Uneducated children will grow up to be ignorant and uninformed voters, and unless we step up to the plate the liberty of our children will be lost forever.

This website is absolutely FREE...

We will not ask for your name, address or phone number and we will not ask you to buy anything or make any donations. We simply ask you to share this website with your friends.


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I recently published a prayer request on this site, asking Christians to pray for me, that I would receive the material support I need to be able to get relief from the extreme hardship of poverty, to pay my monthly bills, to get regular medical care, and to get another vehicle, since I no longer own one and now have no transportation.

From 1995, when I started publishing my reports online, and continuing to 2000, on my first website, I solicited donations to support my work, until 2014. By that time, I had lost most everything I owned (including my house in Maine), in the disastrous and life-threatening circumstances and events of 2010- 2013, when I was finally driven to total destitution and homelessness in late 2013.

I was forced to relocate from Maine, where I had lived from 2003 until 2013, to New York, the state where I was born and had lived on and off for much of my life.

I have documented much of what occurred for the public record because documentation is extremely important to me, as regards my lifelong (mostly unwanted) dealings with the government, and what I experienced at the hands of utterly corrupt government agencies, their officials, their cronies, minions and stooges.

I want the truth on the record, for a number of reasons, some of which will remain private and undisclosed. But it is important to say that my life is NOT an open book, for all and sundry to peruse. I fiercely guard my privacy, as an integral part of my Liberty.

My primary purpose, as a journalist and government whistleblower, has always been defending Liberty, God-given unalienable rights, and pursuing Justice, not just for myself, my family, friends and colleagues, but for all and sundry, especially in this nation, but also worldwide.

[NOTE: A non sequiter, but...I say “worldwide” because Earth is not a planet, as the public indoctrination system would have you believe. God's glorious Creation has been revealed, as clearly stated in the Bible, as well as by the natural perceptions with which we are born, to be not a spinning globe, flying through seemingly infinite 'space', but a stationary plane, covered by the Firmament, wherein move the sun, moon and stars, in their appointed courses, by God's elegant design. (The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handiwork, Psalm 19.) Just as we may observe in everyday life, once the blinders are removed from our eyes, and as our other sensory perceptions will make clear, if we only allow them to function unimpeded, free of preconceived notions and belief systems.

The agencies of government (worldwide, including NASA) are well aware of this fact, but for purposes of NWO control, under the auspices of Satan, have perpetrated a massive deception for roughly 500 years. And they are stealing your money and other resources to keep the deception going. And, ironically, the "globalists" know the truth, that the earth is not a globe, as shown by the UN flag, where a flat earth map is depicted.

As a corollary, just as God created the heavens and the earth, He created humankind in His image. Thus, we are 'imagers' of the Almighty (I am fearfully and wonderfully made, Psalm 139), rather than being randomly “evolved” from some primal chemical soup, via monkeys as ancestors, where everything is as meaningless as the so-called Big Bang, where everything was created from nothing, and we are nothing; nothing but soulless specks of dust. But I digress...more on this subject at another time, God willing...]


On this site I have always clearly stated my purposes and my policies, including related to engagement with my readers and with the general public. I have repeatedly posted notices, prominently placed, describing these policies. Yet, they have been mostly disregarded or ignored.

One such policy is that my website is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, that the readers may make of the material what they will. Period.

That my website does not have an interactive function, that I do not provide a platform/forum for all and sundry, and that I do not seek interaction with the readers, nor with the general public.

(Yes, I know how unusual this is, given the nature of the Internet, especially social media, a free-for-all, where anything goes, where gossips and busybodies run amok.)

That my e-mail addresses are private, as are my telephone numbers, for use by authorized persons only.

That I do not offer private consultations, even in areas of my professional expertise. I have asked the readers, repeatedly, via prominent NOTICES, to please NOT send me their personal testimony, legal briefs, or case files, with requests for assistance, including discussions, counseling, investigations.

And yet...I continue to receive letters by post (including in some cases, testimonies, photographs, medical reports, legal files), requesting assistance, pro bono, or for compensation. I have no idea why this continues (Why me, Lord?), especially given the fact that I am not a medical doctor, nor an attorney.

Those sending these letters provide contact info, asking me to respond, by e-mail, phone or post, and some of these individuals say they are “desperate” for help. I am truly sorry for what they are going through, and will say a prayer for them, but I have never, at any time, offered such consultations, and I am not able to offer the assistance they seek, nor do I have the time or resources.

Much of my work is not publicized, at least not on this site, or not necessarily in connection with my name. Aside from my published work on this site, various other sites which feature my work, and occasional radio interviews, I am also involved in Christian ministry, various forms of activism (including for human rights, advocacy for animals, and political endeavors), and I work in other areas, sometimes with organizations of like-minded people, though I do not run any organization, nor will I accept any official position which could compromise my independence or sovereignty.

I do not use social media, nor engage in any form of social networking. By nature and intent I am extremely introverted and reclusive. Had God permitted it, I would be living in a monastery, somewhere far away from the World, but as far as I can tell, it was not meant to be, more's the pity.


Though I no longer formally solicit donations from this website, I do accept them, with gratitude and appreciation for those who find my work to be of interest and of value.

I do not use any form of electronic system for donations, nor do I offer any “exclusive” content or benefits, as I do not seek sponsors or followers, nor am involved in quid pro quo deals.

I accept donations of any amount (every dollar helps), sent by post, as long as they are given free and clear, no questions asked, no strings attached, as Christian charity or “love gifts”, to be used at my sole discretion, including to support this website and my other professional endeavors.

I do not seek any other form of assistance, nor accept any other form of donations, especially those which would involve personal interaction with the donor and/or financial entanglement of any kind.

I have received such offers, and appreciate their kindness and generosity, but according to my policies, I must decline them.

Lastly, if you are a Brother or Sister in Christ, whether you are a friend, a family member, an acquaintance, a colleague, or a person with whom I am not acquainted, please kindly pray for me and mine, for God's peace, for healing, for restoration, according to God's will, and in service to His Kingdom, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and praying God's glorious blessings for you, your family and loved ones, and for Revival in this nation and across the world.

Barbara Hartwell

May 24, 2021

Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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Prayer Request for Material Support


Saturday, May 22, 2021

















The label “targeted individual” (which I first heard used in the late 90s) has become commonplace and has been adopted by various groups of people who are promoting themselves on the Internet (especially on social media).

In general, it is a vague term which could mean almost anything, depending on the context in which it is used. Many of the groups and individuals identifying themselves as such speak about directed energy weapons being deployed against them, and some speak about “gang-stalking”.

Most of the groups which have formed around this issue are promoting the belief that there is something called a “TI Program”, and claim they have been drawn into this “program”. As an independent investigator, I have seen no evidence of such a program; though I have found a plethora of evidence of a psychological operation which spreads pervasive propaganda, which is then parroted by those claiming they have been “targeted” by such a program, and calling themselves “TIs”.

As a journalist, I have been covering the subjects of MK Ultra (of which I am a documented survivor) and the use of electro-magnetic and psychotronic weaponry (of which I have been a Victim/Target), for over 30 years. However, I do not identify myself as a “targeted individual”.

Rather, I know myself to be a political Target of government persecution, which is an important distinction. I am not a Target of “non-consensual experimentation”. I have not been “trafficked” in any way. I have never been sexually abused or exploited.

I have been targeted by the US government for persecution as a former CIA agent, defector and whistleblower. But far more importantly, I have been targeted for persecution as a Christian, though that is beyond the scope of this report.

Frankly, I am outraged at the way my name has been exploited, slandered, libeled, defamed, and my character assassinated by so many of those claiming to be activists, journalists, MK Ultra survivors, and especially, most recently, “targeted individuals”. Most of these individuals do not know me, though some have made such false claims in efforts to either exploit my name, and/or to attempt to discredit me, for a variety of dishonorable reasons.

And so, I find it necessary (once tiresome it gets...) to set the record straight in an attempt to clear my name of the falsehoods, the disinformation, the diabolical calumny which has been leveled against me.

I am aware that I can't stop these unsavory characters from their assaults on my name. I can only expose them, as documentation for the public record.

As always, I speak strictly for myself, and the readers may make of this report what they will.

Following is an addendum from my HALL OF SHAME, added several months ago, which I decided to publish as a separate report.


Barbara Hartwell

May 22, 2021

ADDENDUM #5: Dishonorable Mention of “Targeted Individuals” & Promoters of Fraudulent Info on MK Ultra

Over the past few years (and in some cases, decades) there have been a number of persons and groups who identify themselves as “targeted individuals” or “TIs”, who have been engaged in exploitation and/or defamation of the name of Barbara Hartwell. I have no dealings with any of these persons, nor have ever been involved in any way with their groups or organizations. Nor do I have commonalities with what they are promoting as their theories and/or personal experiences as so-called "targeted individuals" and/or on MK Ultra.

Many of these individuals are leftists who promote and advocate for the totalitarian United Nations, making "appeals" to this enemy of Liberty for "human rights", while, in stunning hypocrisy, claiming to defend the US Constitution, and are thereby a part of advancing the Communist agenda and takeover in the US and worldwide.

Some promote New Age and/or Secular Humanist ideologies which are anti-Christian in nature. Examples: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), "Life Coaching" (a particularly idiotic phrase used by those with no credentials, in attempts to gain credibility, where none exists). Some promote "Monarch" as a CIA operation under MK Ultra, which in fact it was not. Many of these characters make extravagant/sensationalist claims for which there is no basis in fact, seeking public attention and/or material gain, and thus muddying the waters to taint the truthful, factual information which is exposed by legitimate whistleblowers, journalists, and survivors of MK Ultra and/or other government black ops.

Most promote false information in support of the late FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson, and hail him as a hero for "targeted individuals".

There are too many to name in this addendum, however, all their names have already been added to the HALL OF SHAME, and the names of the groups with which they are affiliated have been named in the HALL OF SHAME (2). Some of the individuals named here are deceased, but their vile legacy of lies, fraud and diabolical calumny against their Targets should not be forgotten.

Due to the extreme damages they have done, including to my name, and/or to the names of certain of my friends and colleagues, and generally speaking, to the truth on these issues, I now find it necessary to publish this special “dishonorable mention” addition to expose them, and as a warning to others, especially to genuine Christians and patriots.

By name, they are: Katherine Horton, Bill Binney, Ann Vandersteel, Timothy Shelley, Karen Melton Stewart, Julianne McKinney, Millicent Black, Makia Freeman, Beverly Cuellar (aka "Bee Dizzle"), Tiffany Fontenot, Sherri Guarnieri, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Alex Jones, Clarence Malcolm, Walter Bowart, Jon Gentry, Dennis Bossack, Todd Brendan Fahey, Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi (pseudonym), Rosalee Grable (aka 'Webfairy'), Anita Dalton, Polly Cunningham, Stewart Swerdlow, Janet Swerdlow, Virginia McCollough, Ron Garon, Shirley Anderson, Brenda M Negri, Mark Hostlaw, Ron Cerra, Mary Ann Cerra, Chase Brandon, Anthony Hilder, D'Anne Burley, Glenn Canady, Beth Goobie, Harry Link, Erik Karlstrom, Kay Griggs, Midge Mathis (aka Doris Clause), Ortaine Devian (aka Jeff Hedrun), Andy Spoo, Susan Olsen, Howard Fisher, Samuel Ludwick, Eyerly Felder (aka Ella Free), Ray Schumann, Daymond Jones, Matthew Arnegard (aka Matthew Aaron), Mark Williams, Allison Ireland, Penny Shepard, Anthony Thomas, Derrick Robinson, Danielle Blumenthal, Cathy Fox, Fiona Barnett, Ellen Atkin (aka "MK Ultra Girl"), Jay Parker, Cathy O'Brien, Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor), Pam Schuffert, Andrew Basiago, Timothy Patrick White (aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski), Alfred Webre, Eric John Phelps, Aaron James, Charles Bruce Stewart, Jay Myers, James F. Marino, Marilyn Guinnane, Don Stacey, Paul Ingbretson, Doug Millar, Barbara Crouse Brown, Francine Kelly, Alma Ott (aka A True Ott), Alex Studer, Fritz Springmeier (aka Victor Schoof aka Arthur Alexander Jr.), Linda Anderson (aka Cisco Wheeler), Mark Phillips, Clay Douglas, Kurt Billings, Bob Cabacoff, "Xena Carpenter" (also a pseudonym of Todd Brendan Fahey), Michelle Ray, Jeff Murray, Michelle Monk, David Icke, Connie Boisvert, Fiona Cristian, Arthur Cristian, Rayelan Allan (aka Rayelan Russbacher aka Darlene Smith aka Raye Smith), Fintan Dunne, Lynda Brasier (aka "Susoni"), Carrie Boyer, John Kaminski, Stew Webb, Remmic Lewis, Tom Heneghan, Deborah Anne Weber, Kerry Cassidy, Erika Meyer, Nina Gonzalez, Kola Boof, Barbara Harrison, Deborah Tavares, Amy Rayboun (aka Teresa Reed), Arlene Johnson, Sue Arrigo, Chris Zucker, Janet Phelan, Patricia Shupe, William B Mount, Rima Laibow, Howard Nemaizer, Maureen Nemaizer, Wanda Renee Grantham, Frank Allen, Audrey Ann Bolin, Richard Lighthouse (aka Owen Calvert), Carol Pilgrim.

All are extremely aggressive. Some have invaded privacy, some have spread false information, some have engaged in defamation and/or stalking and/or harassment. Some make false claims to be “investigators” and/or “whistleblowers”. In my opinion, any such claims are fraudulent, as they have been exposed as shills, charlatans, poseurs, belligerent ignoramuses, social engineers, busybodies and liars.

Some run organizations, which make claims of “helping TIs” and/or run “hot lines", conference calls, or what they claim are "safe calls". In my opinion, none of them are qualified to dispense any form of advice (legal, psychological, or otherwise) to the general public, or to individuals seeking any form of assistance. They tend to promote each other, so you may see these names in interviews on radio/podcasts and on social media, where each is propping up the false information being promoted by the others.

Many are engaged in spreading malicious gossip on social media. Some are false “Christians” who have promoted grossly false information against Barbara Hartwell, calling me a “satanist”, a “demon”, “member of the Church of Satan”, and some have promoted ghastly images of demons in connection with the name of Barbara Hartwell. Some of these individuals are so presumptuous, self-aggrandizing (and deluded) that they actually claim to be "angels", though judging by the false information and anti-Christian doctrines they promote, I can't imagine any less "angelic" beings. I have also been falsely accused by many of these odious characters of being a “CIA agent”, “CIA handler”.

Some of these individuals have been exposed on this site, in detailed reports. BEWARE anyone making the claim of being a "targeted individual", especially if they are involved with the groups populated by those named here.

Lastly, I should make it clear that anyone who promotes, supports or endorses any of these individuals is persona non grata to me. And that these shady characters really need to learn to mind their own business, and stop sticking their noses into mine!


Saturday, May 15, 2021

CHRISTIANS TAKE A STAND AGAINST GOVERNMENT TYRANNY: Interview with Pastor Artur Pawlowski on Last Call Radio







Please hear the compelling testimony of Pastor Artur Pawlowski on Last Call Radio Program, hosted by my friends and brothers in Christ, BJ Edwards with Mr. Anderson.

Pastor arrested for inciting people to worship

May 15, 2021

NOTE: The first hour of the program had problems with audio. Please go to the 60 minute mark to view the interview with Pastor Pawlowski.

Street Church












Saturdays 10 AM-12PM ET





Thursday, May 6, 2021

Prayer Request for Material Support


What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

James 2:14-17

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

This letter is a request for your prayers that I may receive the material support I need in order to continue publishing my work as an expositor of government corruption and as a CIA whistleblower (since 1995), on this website, and in other venues; to continue my Christian ministry of over 40 years, as well as the other endeavors in which I am involved, all dedicated to defending Liberty and our God-given unalienable rights, to fighting all totalitarian evildoers plotting to destroy this nation, and to pursuing Justice for those whose lives have been destroyed by various forms of persecution.

I am a disabled senior citizen, attempting to live on disability benefits, which I have discovered, simply can't be done. What I receive on a monthly basis does not even cover my rent and other bills (electric, phone/Internet, fuel, etc.), much less other basic living expenses. I think most people would be shocked at what the government expects me to live on, which places me at the lowest of the low level of dire poverty.

I had to get attorneys (pro bono, for the poor and disabled) to even get disability, to prove that I have “no official employment history”, and that I do not receive any government pension.

For decades, I have been a Target of massive smear campaigns, falsely accused of being CIA, and/or a “CIA handler” of various persons. These demonic liars claim I am on a CIA payroll, when nothing could possibly be further from the truth. But the government sponsored liars-for-hire and their many stooges, lackeys and minions have certainly been successful in their campaign to drive me into dire poverty, due to lack of resources and material support.

Here, the real truth, and some of the details. I sustained serious injuries directly related to CIA's attempts to neutralize me after I became a defector from their black operations, in 1994. Before that time, there were many other injuries (physical and psychological) perpetrated upon me, some of which have been explained in reports on this site.

But the bottom line is this: Due to poverty and persecution, I have never been able to get the regular medical care I needed in order to recover from the injuries, which are severe (as attested by various doctors, over a period of many years), and which resulted in disability.

I have not been able to get any regular medical care for over five (5) years. Generally speaking, I don't use conventional allopathic medical care, except in acute emergencies. For my entire adult life I have used mostly naturopathic, homeopathic and chiropractic medicine, which have always worked for me, that is, when I could get them.

I have found such doctors in the area where I now live. The problem is, I can't afford the medical care they offer, as it is not covered by the so-called “health care” provided by Medicare, which, for a poverty-stricken senior citizen like myself, is the only option available.

I won't go into details regarding my health, as to me that is a private issue, not for public consumption. But I will say that the condition of my health has continued to deteriorate for lack of care, and that I live every day in chronic pain which is extremely debilitating.

I can no longer live like this, being deprived of the medical care I desperately need. As a result, I have had to suspend a number of my activities, including some of my professional work, until such time (if ever) I can get regular medical care.

To add to the hardship, I no longer own a car. My vehicle (a 1999 model) broke down last year and I could not afford repairs. As well, my living expenses recently increased substantially.

I have given up attempting to discuss any of this, with anyone, especially related to my health. I don't need unsolicited amateur “medical” advice, which is mostly what I seem to get, that, or false assumptions based only on uninformed speculation.

I don't need anyone attempting to minimize a situation, which I have clearly stated exists, by having my statements ignored, or, by being blamed for a situation which is not a result of any wrongdoing or negligence on my part, but simply on poverty, plain and simple.

I don't need any kind of advice, and I don't seek sympathy, that is useless to me, unless backed by material support.

Lastly, I ask for your prayers that I may receive enough material support to pay my bills, to get the regular medical care I need, and to get another vehicle so that I may not also be deprived of transportation.

Thank you for your consideration, and may God richly bless you.

Barbara Hartwell

May 6, 2021


False Accusers Abound: Once CIA, Always CIA