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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

DEMONIC DEFAMATION DUO: Katherine Horton & Deborah Anne Weber & Motley Crew of Accomplices

I have known Ramola D for nearly a year (March, 2018), introduced to her by my friend and colleague, FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee. Geral and I have each done a series of interviews with Ramola (and one together, so far), covering a range of topics, primarily related to FBI/CIA crimes and corruption, based on our personal and professional experience of decades.

I think it important to state that when I first received an invitation from Ramola to appear on her podcast, I had not done any interviews since 2013 (due to extreme hardship of personal circumstances), though before that time radio interviews were a regular part of my work schedule. I accepted her invitation after reading some of her material on The Every Day Concerned Citizen, and after listening to her interview with Geral Sosbee.

I am appalled and disgusted that her name is being publicly vilified by a motley crew of what I can only call demonic defamers, with one Katherine Horton, her former colleague, leading the charge.

But the vile defamation doesn't stop with Ramola. Horton has also dragged my name into her self-aggrandizing scheme to discredit legitimate professional journalists.

She has placed the name of Barbara Hartwell on her website under a category she titles, BLACKLIST: BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. She has slandered me on her videos, making numerous fraudulent claims and false accusations. In each mention of my name, in print or on video, Horton has stated that “Barbara Hartwell is CIA”. AS IF this were an irrefutable fact, written in stone. And she claims to “know” this, how?

No evidence has ever been presented. No facts have ever been stated. Katherine Horton does not know me. But her hatred is palpable, as she spews invective, clearly only parroted from others among my enemies in the intelligence community and their many stooges and sycophants. As is always the case with her ilk, they have nothing, so they will say anything. She parrots and adds her own (very unoriginal) fabrications, based only on wild speculation, erroneous suppositions and false assumptions.

In a recent video, Katherine Horton continued her slander against Barbara Hartwell, Ramola D, Melanie Vritschan and others.

The title alone is patently absurd, as no “evidence” of any kind is presented, only the usual foul-mouthed ranting, bloviating and dropping of F-bombs.

I do not have the time or inclination to subject myself to a very tiresome and long-winded 4 hours of utter nonsense promoted by this low class, belligerent ignoramus. But I did take the time to review sections of the video, for the purpose of exposing (once again) the malignant stupidity of Katherine Horton.

Right to Reply 1 - Evidence to Clear My Name (Stop 007)

I will begin with some of Horton's comments against Barbara Hartwell, at least from the little I heard. Horton claims that Barbara Hartwell is “not a whistleblower, not even an activist”. Mentioning my name out of context, in conjunction with another individual (whom I do not even know), whom she also wants to discredit, she claims these people “came out of nowhere” only a couple years ago.

FACT: I have worked as a journalist for more than thirty-five years, including in mainstream media, print and radio/TV, as producer and host. I have appeared at conferences, and on the lecture circuit (as a speaker and/or with press credentials). My work has been published on the Internet since 1995. Evidence of this abounds, including time stamps which can be verified, on many sites, including my own, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA.

I've been working as an investigator and journalist since Katherine Horton was about three (3) years old. The fact is, she herself “appeared” out of nowhere, some time in 2017, the earliest time I have been able to find her name anywhere on the Internet. She is not a journalist, nor is she a whistleblower.

Katherine Horton is nothing but a pretentious poseur, claiming knowledge she does not possess, boasting of her intellectual prowess, while entirely lacking in experience, especially concerning the intelligence community. She cannot verify any of the claims she makes, certainly not by the standards held by any intelligence professionals I have ever known.

Now, to some of the additional idiocy promoted by Katherine Horton on her latest smear video, targeting Ramola D, Barbara Hartwell, Melanie Vritschan and others.

Here, Horton has designated sections of the video by topic.

2:47:25 Am I Jewish?

2:52:40 Circumcision in America

Horton makes a huge federal case about NOT being Jewish, an innocuous question (Are you Jewish?) asked by Ramola on one episode of Techno Crime Fighters.

Horton tries to twist this simple question into some sinister plot by Ramola, to “accuse” Horton of being Jewish. And what follows is a long monologue about circumcision, completely irrelevant to any issue she claims to be addressing, that being Ramola's purported “defamation” of Katherine Horton. Apparently, according to Horton, the possible idea of being Jewish is defamatory in and of itself.

As always, lacking any facts, and unable to present a reasonable argument to support her position, she seizes on the topic of men's penises, stating that circumcision is about being Jewish. She blathers on and on about men's penises, making sure the viewers are apprised of the many penises she has seen (all uncircumcised!) remarking, “I don't live in a convent”.

(I wonder, does Katherine Horton enjoy advertising her own sleaziness, is she an exhibitionist, or perhaps, does she suffer from a serious case of penis envy?)

But it gets far worse. Now, she makes it personal. In an appalling display of low class effrontery, she drags in Ramola's husband, claiming that because he is  circumcised (how could she possibly claim to know such a thing?) he is more “Jewish” than anyone she knows. Considering all the many uncircumcised penises she has seen, she is apparently an expert. Or, she has some supernatural radar to detect circumcised vs. uncircumcised penises in men she has never met.

What the hell! What is wrong with this woman, to make such ignorant, invasive and offensive statements about a man, simply because he happens to be married to someone she is desperate to malign and discredit! It is beyond despicable.

But enough is enough on that issue (barf bag alert!)

Katherine Horton, lacking any facts, any evidence, any accurate information whatsoever about Barbara Hartwell, now, predictably, drags in Ted Gunderson. Ted Gunderson is a REAL whistleblower, who exposed child trafficking, who exposed this, who exposed that...blah blah blah...

FACT: Katherine Horton did not know Ted Gunderson. What she claims to know comes only from what she has read or heard on the Internet, including from his many shills and stooges. She does not know what the hell she is talking about...but still she blathers on and on and on....

Now, we come to the other half of the Demonic Defamation Duo. One Deborah Anne Weber.

A fanatical supporter and promoter of Katherine Horton, who has (no surprise here) taken it upon herself to eagerly join the defamation campaign against Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell.

As with Katherine Horton, I never heard of this woman until I saw her slinging my name around, making ignorant, libelous comments on social media and You Tube videos.

From what I've seen, she is a certifiable whackjob, and like Horton, a self-aggrandizing wannabe who inflates her own importance with tales of her family connections to Paperclip Nazis and government officials, whining constantly about her victimhood at their hands. Like Horton, she promotes lawless violence, terrorism and murder.


Public Notice to Deborah A Weber to Cease and Desist Libelous Posts

This is a Public Notice to Deborah A Weber who runs the Tumblr site

and Twitter handle @DeborahAWeber at

to cease and desist from making slanderous, baseless, fabricated, falsely accusatory and false-allegation posts about myself or my family and to remove all libelous posts and tweets immediately.

While some of these defaming posts were addressed in notices on Twitter, as re-posted below, many more it seems have been made, all in a tone of absolute certainty, as if Ms. Weber is privy to some extraordinary Intel that no-one else has, including myself. Quite literally, Ms. Weber has plucked her statements out of thin air, fabricating, confabulating, and conflating varied snippets of conversation she has had with me more than a year ago into blatantly false narratives which frankly read as extremely harmful to my name and character and my family’s name. Suggesting I am or my family is involved in money-laundering activities is an absolute joke but also a grave, wrongful, and false accusation which is defaming, slanderous, libelous, and actionable. 

Every single one of the statements Deborah Weber has made in these posts and others on Twitter and Tumblr and elsewhere on me and my family is completely false.

Deborah Weber is hereby advised to stop posting such ridiculous lies and libels on my and my family’s name and requested once more to remove all posts and tweets publishing such lies. Such lies not merely confuse readers of my articles and creative work and viewers of my podcasts, they are absolute falsehoods which attempt to set in place a false narrative and false-reality construct about who I am, which directly affects my reputation and my work–in tortious interference which is legally actionable.
Here is just one sample of the idiocy of Deborah Anne Weber, taken from this site.

Report # 106: Barbara Hartwell & Geral Sosbee: CIA FBI Cover Stories, Lies, & Provocations

"Did you +John Akwei see this? At the 1:00:00 mark she says you wrote about all this technology on your website (?!?) and “EEG fingerprinting of the brain” which was BS I made up in my APT in Albany, NY and said outloud in my APT to see who would later regurgitate it…. I did that somewhere between 2009 to 9/2012…. You should’ve seen who was regurgitating it….

Ramola talks as if you two know each other and have talked in the past… she once said I was “trolling her” lol, as if…Her husband is an accountant who managed stolen monies for criminals in academia, those behind all this cybernetic, genetic & PsyOps social engineering.

A Dr Paul Marcos organizational psychologist (whom, I believe faked his death last year) US citizen who he & his family moved to Ecuador prior to his YT channel Pinecone Utopia seemed to be doing counter intelligence to cover for psyops crimes against citizens. He aired with Ramola, and then Karen and some others. I think NSA whistle-blower, Karen M. Stewart was their primary target…

Ted Gunderson was often aggressively smeared by Hartwell, he was rather understanding, chalking it up to MK ULTRA and how severely they messed with her..

It’s getting uglier and uglier… of course, I have some family BlackOps Paperclips half-siblings and 2 politicos sabotaged/compromised who I’d like to put under enhanced televised interrogation…"

Deborah Anne Weber does not know me. But, like Katherine Horton, she simply parrots the libel of my enemies (of which she has now designated herself one of many).

As in other defamatory comments, she brings up Ted Gunderson, whom she also did not know. I have never, at any time, “aggressively smeared” Ted Gunderson. I have exposed FACTS, backed by evidence, regarding Gunderson's involvement in various criminal activities, during his FBI service and in the years after.

(See many reports on this site exposing Gunderson and accomplices.)

Nor was Gunderson in any way “understanding” regarding my expose's. This is the height of absurdity! On the contrary, he was responsible for massive damages to my personal and professional reputation, by making the false claim (beginning in 2000) that Barbara Hartwell is a “CIA disinfo agent”, a “shadow government spook”, and other epithets which were spread all over the Internet by his minions and stooges, especially Ken Adachi, his primary PR shill.

I won't bother to address the other comments she makes, as I don't know any of the people (aside from Ramola) she mentions. Except to say that there is no relevance whatsoever to the podcast of Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee she references.

I will say I find it despicable that she would drag Ramola's family into her apparent vendetta, with these false and defamatory accusations.

As for her claim that she “made up” the idea of NSA's “EEG fingerprinting of the brain”, she must be delusional (aside from self-aggrandizing). This has been documented long before the time period she mentions. As I said on Ramola's podcast, we used to call it a “frequency signature” in CIA.

Deborah Anne Weber is just another low class, loudmouth vulgarian, like her hero, Katherine Horton, a gate-crasher, a busybody and a self-important liar, who spends her time gossiping and slandering people she does not know.

How dare you! Get a life, and stop sticking your nose into mine.

Mark my words: These two, the Demonic Defamation Duo, are on their way to Hell, in a handbasket. They blatantly display the spirit of anti-Christ and are a liability to anyone connected to them in any way.

And there is a motley crew of like-minded criminal accomplices, where they came from –the pit of Hell.

Barbara Hartwell
Target of the Demonic Defamation Duo & Accomplices
February 6, 2019


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