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Monday, December 18, 2006

EXPOSED...PAM SCHUFFERT: That the Mouths of Liars May Be Stopped

December, 2003


Following (below) is a letter written to me by Pam Schuffert in June 2003, posted on Larry Lawson's newsgroup.

Larry Lawson is a malicious liar, who has been libeling me and my friend Stew Webb for two years, as well as publishing the lies of other criminal provocateurs, such as cross-dresser, sexual pervert and child porno freak Tim White; his cohorts scamster Shirley Anderson and government groupie, Fed-wannabe and psychopath Brenda Negri.

These criminals are all in collusion and working for ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson in his COINTELPRO operation, meant to neutralize and discredit legitimate whistlebowers, such as myself, Stew Webb, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee and others.

Yet Pam continues to SUPPORT and ENDORSE Larry Lawson, who recently had Ted Gunderson on his radio program, and has now taken up Ted's defense against the rest of us being demonized by him and his gov't groupies.

I have recently been BANNED and CENSORED by GCN radio and by Rumor Mill News, for TELLING THE TRUTH about Ted Gunderson, his minions and his criminal operations.

I am risking my life to do this, to SAVE INNOCENT CHILDREN from Satanic and sexual abuse, yet most people are so cowardly, they want nothing to do with me.

They would rather demonize me to protect themselves from lawsuits filed by the criminals. It's pathetic.

And FYI, Larry Lawson is no "Christian". Far from it . Just like Charles Bruce Stewart, of the Oregon "Christian Coalition" (what a misnomer) another provocateur who has posted his lies and garbage about me on Larry Lawson's newsgroup. Christians do not bear false witness.

I once thought of Pam Scuffert as a friend and "sister in Christ"; but unfortunately, I now know otherwise. "Friends" do not spread lies, nor do they violate personal confidences. A "friend" does not presume to tell another what "God's will" for that person is!

I can assure you that Pam Schuffert does NOT know what she is talking about in this letter. It is NOT her place to decide what is the state of my psyche or my spiritual life. Who does she think she is?

My personal relationship with God is my OWN business and Pam has NO business even commenting on it, much less admonishing me. How dare she?

Pam Schuffert is a meddling busybody, interfering in people's lives, which she has no business doing.

I have NEVER "denied" Christ, to Pam, nor to anyone else. I only refuse to argue about religion and refuse to allow others to tell me what "God's will" is for me. No one knows my true heart but God, certainly not Pam Schuffert.

As for her comments telling me to "get a Bible"? I already have several, including a Family Bible I've had for many years, handed down to me by my mother, Andrea Jacque Percival.

And for Pam's edification, I have a doctorate degree in divinity from seminary school, since 1979, when I was also ordained and licensed as a minister in the states of New York and Connecticut. So I know my chapter and verse......

Just because I do not promote "religion" in my work as a journalist does NOT mean I don't KNOW GOD.

And I do not advertise my legitimate credentials by calling myself "Reverend Doctor" Barbara Hartwell either.....unlike some of these PHONY "Christians"...who would rather spend their time bragging how "Godly" they are, while demonizing good people whose lives are dedicated to serving God.

"Credentials" mean nothing to God. God is no respecter of persons.

Pam has also PUBLISHED information she was given IN CONFIDENCE by me and by my sister, Irene.

It seems Pam likes to get attention through fear-mongering and sensationalism and exploits the troubles of others to do so.

Pam Schuffert has also published LIES about me and my family, such as claiming I still work for CIA. Not true. I have been out of CIA since 1994.

She has also PUBLICLY MISREPRESENTED a situation involving CIA operatives Ronald and Mary Ann Cerra, of Wilmington, North Carolina, whom I exposed as criminal perpetrators of mind control, satanism and other atrocities.

Pam claimed that I and my bodyguard Jeff Swedenburg, ran away from NC because we were afraid of these criminals. NOT TRUE.

The truth is, we had no money to pay motel bills to stay in the area, and had no choice but to leave. We helped my sister as best we could, while NOBODY HELPED US....NOBODY.

We had no backup at all (except for God and the angels) and were being tailed across the country by FBI and CIA goons.

The so-called "Christians" to whom we appealed for help were the WORST, when it came to standing up for us. They were all cowards . They did not want any dealings with us because they were afraid of satanists and CIA.

Personally, I have NEVER backed off from a battle with satanists or CIA IN MY LIFE! I only survived all these years of fighting them through the grace of God.

And Jeff and I were able to BUST UP a Satanic ceremony in North Carolina, which sent all the CIA satanists running for cover, THROUGH THE GRACE OF GOD.

Pam was one of those "Christians" who was afraid of what they would do to her, so she kept her distance.

Pam has compromised my security and caused a lot of trouble for me and my family. She has also turned against Stew Webb, a former friend of hers, just as she did to me.

I also received a letter from Fred and Katy Sasse, who described the hellish ordeal Pam Schuffert put them through, descending upon them, moving into their home; interfering in their lives; draining their bank account; violating their confidence by PUBLISHING private information which she had no business doing. Just as she did regarding confidential information shared with her in good faith, by my sister Irene.

What Pam Schuffert is doing is an outrage!...She needs to learn to mind her own business; and to stop preaching AT and judging others; to stop telling others what "God's will" is for them.

Only GOD knows that, NOT Pam Schuffert.

And if Pam REALLY wants to "love" others she should stop violating their privacy and personal boundaries and treat them with respect.

I can only imagine that when Pam reads this report she will come out with more LIES about me and others.

I would advise anyone who reads Pam Schuffert's "reports" to use a LARGE dose of discernment. She does NOT know what she is talking about and has done a lot of damage to good people, including REAL Christians.

"By their fruits shall you know them".

Barbara Hartwell
December 2, 2003

Posted on Larry Lawson's Newsgroup:

Pam Schuffert
An Open Letter to Barbara Hartwell With Love.....
Mon Jun 23 2003 10:41:03 am

Just thought I would let you know that I am praying for you often, and frankly have stayed away from the mudslinging that has been going on, on the internet. Even if people do NOT profess to be Christians, I do not believe in the mudslinging I have witnessed the past several months in which your name has been involved. Jesus did not deal with the lost for whom He was concerned in this manner.

I deal with people in love, especially if they do NOT profess to believe in Jesus Christ or the Gospel. And since I have no REAL personal documentation confirming the present mudslinging and name calling going on, I am simply staying clear and praying about everything instead.

Regardless of everything, I continue to pray for you, Barbara, and for your sister Irene and her safety as well. I remain concerned.

Barbara, I will say this in love. If one of the factors in your denial of Jesus Christ and rejecting of Him happens to be BECAUSE of the great persecutions and terminations of Christian in the future, as "RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER," (and every former CIA person knows all about this and what is soon to come) I encourage you to obtain a Bible a Bible and open it and read verses such as "And do NOT fear those who can ONLY DESTROY THE BODY, and then do no more. Rather, FEAR GOD Who can destroy both body and soul in HELL. Yes, I say unto you, FEAR HIM." (Words of Jesus Christ.) Apart from Him, Barbara, you HAVE no forgiveness and NO salvation.

And there is ONE THING WORSE than all the NWO Satanists/CIA can do to you for one's faith in God and Jesus Christ, and that is FOR A SOUL TO PERISH ETERNALLY, in ETERNAL TORMENT.

This is why I frankly have NO FEAR of facing the persecution and martyrdom I know is to come, especially for my faith in Jesus Christ, under the NEW WORLD ORDER/MARTIAL LAW.

Christians have died as martyrs, gladly suffering and dying throughout the centuries past for remaining FAITHFUL TO JESUS CHRIST THEIR SAVIOR, realizing that TO PERISH ETERNALLY WAS A FATE FAR WORSE than all their persecutors and tormentors could EVER force upon them.

I have chosen to utterly reject my father's legacy of sell-out to the NWO and Satanism in the USAF, and instead to embrace Jesus Christ and the cross...knowing that my soul's salvation is far more important than preserving even my life and freedom and all that I have.

I have chosen to REJECT Illuminati bloodline on my mother's side (BUSH Illuminati bloodline thru Levi Redfield) and reject the foolish Satanism my relatives on HER side have gotten involved with, and instead to embrace the lover and Savior of my soul, Jesus Christ.

I frankly don't care at this point what God permits them to do to me for my open resistance to their Satanist NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. I only know that the salvation of my eternal soul is worth any price.

And so I remain concerned for you and your spiritual state, and continue to pray for you, with love.

God bless you and open your heart to the truth, for the sake of your eternal soul,

-Pam Schuffert