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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ken Adachi & Educate Yourself, Promoting Fallacies on CIA & MC Ops

July, 2004

The Lord is just in all his ways, and kind in all his doings. The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desire of all who fear him, he also hears their cry and saves them. The Lord watches over all who love him, but the wicked he will destroy.   

Psalm 145:17

A man by the name of Ken Adachi calls himself the "editor" of a website known as Educate Yourself.

Over the past several years, Adachi has been aggressively promoting a number of self-proclaimed "experts" on various topics which purportedly relate in one way or another to exposing the designs of the NWO.

The site contains an eclectic (and goofy) mix, from New Age and Alien/UFO Space Brother cults, such as the material contributed by a woman named Katie Tegue, using the pseudonym "Anna Hayes", to Fundamentalist Born-Again Buffoonery from the notorious liar, fear-monger and scamster, Pam Schuffert.

Also prominent on the site is the topic of government mind control programs, with special emphasis on the CIA's MK Ultra project. But ironically (and unfortunately, for the more gullible readers of his website) Adachi himself is profoundly ignorant about the very topics on which he presumes to "educate" others.

As for the "experts" he proudly touts on his site? Without exception, they all seem to have a strange (and suspicious) aversion to furnishing even the slightest bit of factual information; just as they are sadly lacking in any hard evidence to back up their sensational claims.

As for Mr. Adachi himself, he simply parrots in his "editorials" the unsubstantiated and often outlandish allegations of these "experts", along with liberal doses of hearsay and gossip from dubious third-party sources, shooting off his mouth about subjects --and about people-- he knows absolutely nothing about.

What Adachi THINKS he knows and has put into print could easily serve as a prototype for a government disinformation manual for aspiring agent provocateurs. Perhaps Adachi should consider changing the name of his website to "Indoctrinate Yourself", certainly a more accurate reflection of its contents.


Being a stooge for the NWO, specifically in thrall to its "controlled opposition", in 2001 Ken Adachi took it upon himself to begin his own malicious libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell. I have been publicly exposing the NWO and many of its proponents, both overt and covert, many of whom are current and former agents and operatives of the U.S. government, in my articles, radio broadcasts and lectures since 1996, two years after I removed myself from CIA's black operations.

In stark contrast to the goofball Adachi and his ilk, who are as clueless as they come, I have firsthand knowledge of the New World Order and the "Olympic Cartel", those who run its agenda. My knowledge comes from having worked inside CIA's black operations for twenty-five (25) years of my adult life, from 1969-1994.

I was trained and utilized in psychological operations (Psy Ops) including military applications of such; and media propaganda for the New Age/NWO. My formal education (aside from my CIA training) is at the doctorate level, as I hold a doctorate of divinity degree (D.Div.) with a specialty in pastoral counseling. I am an ordained minister, licensed in the state of New York (since 1979). I am also a certified hypnotherapist and Jungian psychoanalyst.

In addition to my professional training and credentials, I have done many years of my own investigations as a result of which I have collected reams of documentation. My reports are based on FACTS; they name real names and provide dates; they are backed up with hard evidence and by the testimony of informed sources and reliable witnesses.

Adachi's initial purpose for writing and disseminating the lies and character assassination about me was to "defend" the reputation of one of the "Patriot" Celebrities he promotes on his website, none other than ex-FBI agent Ted. L. Gunderson, to whom he has given his enthusiastic and unqualified (in more ways than one) endorsement.

Apparently not wanting to leave any stone unturned in perpetrating his ambitious campaign to destroy my personal and professional reputation, the unscrupulous stooge Adachi has gone beyond the pale in his endorsement of Gunderson; and has now stepped forward in defense of some of the lying slugs hiding beneath those stones.

Who are these slugs? Most, like Adachi himself, are minions or dupes of Ted L. Gunderson, some of whom have been engaging in criminal harassment of me for years; but all of whom have been libeling me for at least three (3) years.

Among this gaggle of liars are Tim White; Pam Schuffert; Brice Taylor aka Susan Ford. It is important to state up front that ALL of these individuals had made an initial approach to me (one way or another); attempting to intrude upon me and to violate my privacy. None of them has ever shown the slightest respect for my personal boundaries.

At no time did I seek any of them out; nor was it my idea to have any dealings with them. I have never done anything wrongful to any of them. But each and every one of them will be held accountable for having drawn "first blood"; and it was well within my rights to DEFEND myself against the harassment and the accompanying libel being disseminated by these provocateurs, by documenting and exposing their unconscionable activities; and by refuting the outrageous lies they have fabricated about me, my family, friends and professional colleagues.

That is precisely what I have done and will continue to do, as time permits, though addressing all their false claims would certainly be a full time job. Yet, due to his own ignorance and lack of scruples (and possibly his blatant stupidity as well) Adachi calls me a "liar"; he chooses to call my reports, "slanderous"; (perhaps Adachi should educate himself, as the proper term would be "libelous") while representing the perpetrators named in them as "victims".

In one of his recent "editorials" written about me, Adachi says:

"However, her lies.....have done considerable damage to the reputation of innocent people and I'm going to help set the record straight, whether 'Babs" likes it or not. Barbara Hartwell's come uppance is long overdue and I have a feeling that that my retorts will be just the beginning of an avalanche of statements from others who have been smeared by her reckless and slanderous accusations. Stay tuned. The Hissing One is soon going to be spitting like a Thompson submachine gun in the coming weeks..."

Okay...Mr. Adachi wants to "set the record straight"? Marvelous. That would certainly be a refreshing change.

I, more than anyone, would surely benefit from having the record set straight. But Adachi is the last person capable of doing that. What could possibly qualify Adachi even to attempt such a thing?

And even were he qualified (which he is not) in Adachi's case, I'm afraid it would be Mission Impossible. Before taking on such a project, Adachi would, first of all, need to clear the cobwebs from his brain (what's left of it)... a daunting task in itself.

To "set the record straight", he would also need to be in possession of some facts. Additionally, he would need some hard evidence to substantiate those facts.

But based on his track record, to date, of publishing a scurrilous gossip rag with "editorials" based on nothing more than his own unwarranted assumptions; baseless conjecture and erroneous suppositions (these in turn being drawn from his uninformed and/or lying "sources"); it's clear Mr. Adachi is doomed to fail. Just as he has failed in all his purported attempts to "educate" the public.

But since he has now tipped his hand by boasting of his intent to lead such a noble crusade to "set the record straight" about the villanous "CIA asset" Barbara Hartwell, I do believe it's time for a pre-emptive strike. A surgical strike, to be more precise. Time to take a closer look at some of the "innocent people" Mr. Adachi has stepped forward in defense of.


One of Adachi's "innocents" is a convicted (and predicate) felon, Timothy Patrick White, a government dupe being used as a low-level provocateur by corrupt elements of the Denver FBI and Sheriff's Dep't.

A man (if he could be described as such) who also promotes the credibility of Ted Gunderson, including the lie that Gunderson was responsible for "exposing" the McMartin Preschool case. (For the truth and the facts about this case, readers may contact Jackie McGauley, the real whistleblower and mother of one of the abused children, whom Gunderson scammed and drove to financial destitution, to the tune of $30,000.)

In fact, White takes at least some of his marching orders from Gunderson, which explains why Tim White has made a mission of criminally harassing me for the past three (3) years, ever since I began to expose the truth about some of Gunderson's less-than-patriotic activities.

Such as: Gunderson's involvement in Operation Brownstone, a child pornography and prostitution ring involved in blackmailing politicians; his part in covering up the vile crimes of former senator John DeCamp, a pedophile who sexually abused children; who was actually INVOLVED in the activities he claimed to be "exposing" in his book, The Franklin Coverup.

Then, there was Gunderson's involvement in arms-for-drugs deals in conjunction with CIA, such as selling Stinger Missiles to Osama bin Laden in 1979, just prior to his "early retirement" from the FBI at the age of 55.

When this operation was made public last year (by myself and others) on several radio programs, Ted Gunderson, feigning outrage, denied it. He called us "government disinfo agents". He went so far as to accuse me (in a public letter written to Attorney General John Ashcroft) of being a government agent, deployed by CIA to discredit him because he, Ted Gunderson, allegedly "exposed the truth" about 9-11.

Just another lie, concocted to provide a smoke screen in the hope of covering up his own criminal activities. In point of fact, I had broken off my professional relationship with Gunderson in January 2000, long before 9-11, because I discovered that Gunderson had been covering up the crimes against children by John DeCamp; a fact Gunderson subsequently admitted to me himself when I pressed him for the truth. As usual, he tried to justify the cover-up by claiming that DeCamp had nonetheless "done some good" by exposing the operation.

Later, when he realized the jig was up, Gunderson changed his story and admitted his involvement in the sale of weapons to Osama, trying to cover himself with the excuse that his criminal actions were "patriotic".

After all, said Ted, the U.S. needed to protect itself from the Soviet Union's Communist aggression in Afghanistan. By now, any informed citizens know that Osama has been a CIA asset all along; and has been a partner in the oil business with the Bush Crime Family for decades.

But why did Ted lie about it, then change the story ONLY after he was exposed? Because he found out that some of us have the documents to substantiate our allegations. Typical government damage control. And how true-to-form for a government stooge like Adachi to defend such a ploy.

But back to Gunderson's dupe, Tim White: In Adachi's latest libelous comments about me, posted on his website, he claims:

"This information was forwarded to me by Tim White, one of Barbara Hartwell's many editorial victims who has been pilloried and savaged by her in past 'Hartwell Reports' over the internet for the grave sin of offering assistance and support to retired FBI Special Agent in Charge, Ted L. Gunderson."

Oh really? Offering "support" to Ted Gunderson? As usual, Adachi knows not whereof he speaks. "Offering support" to Ted Gunderson had absolutely nothing to do with why I exposed the truth about Tim White.

The fact of the matter is that I exposed Tim White as a provocateur and government dupe starting in 2001 because White HIMSELF had done tremendous damage to me and my family, friends and professional colleagues.

White first approached me in August 2001 with lies about an assassination plot against me in which he claimed a man named Jeff Swedenburg had threatened to kill me. This was a falsehood which originated (as far as I know) with a man named Kurt Billings (or perhaps the lie was fed to Billings by his CIA handlers).

Somewhere down the line, this false info was eventually passed on to White, who picked it up and ran with it.... and he has been running with the lie ever since, despite the fact that after I did a thorough investigation, Mr. Swedenburg was proved innocent of any such plot.

But there is one common factor among the unscrupulous people whom Adachi has chosen to endorse. One person, that is, who has been connected in some way to them all: Ted L. Gunderson. How very convenient.

In fact, during the time Tim White was in jail in 2001, after being convicted on a drug bust, he wrote a letter to Stew Webb (of which I have a copy) saying that he was planning to file a lawsuit against Ted Gunderson for his alleged involvement in a "set up" which Tim White believed was responsible for the drug bust.

During White's incarceration, this letter was actually being distributed in hardcopy at "patriot" meetings by one of Ted's minions, Doug Millar, a low-level penetration agent planted at such meetings, whose basic purposes were to take names of the patriots and legitimate researchers and to spread pre-packaged disinfo to cover up some of the government's involvement in crimes such as the Columbine shootings and other MK Ultra atrocities.

But whether there was any such "set up" or not, the fact remains that Doug Millar made it his business (on the orders of Ted Gunderson) to publicize Tim White's drug abuse and sexual perversions, including his use of pornography, "sex gadgets" and his large collection of sleazy women's attire in which White was known to dress up as a female prostitute in connection with his sexually perverse activities.

Publicizing White's secret perversions? Hardly the act of of a "personal friend" as Tim White now claims Ted Gunderson to be. But somewhere along the line, once he was released from prison, Tim White changed his mind and made a total reversal: Suddenly he was an ardent supporter and admirer of Ted Gunderson!

But for those in the know, it's not hard to figure out the reason for White's change of heart. I later learned that White had "made a deal": a "get-out-of-jail free" card for agreeing to betray some of his former associates; and to target for harassment certain legitimate former intelligence operatives such as myself (whom White has never met and does not know), who are exposing the truth about government corruption in the FBI/CIA and have the evidence to back it up.

Tim White is a traitor to the United States of America and a liability to any real patriots who defend the Constitution.

Tim White has not only continued to promote the bogus "death threat" plot mentioned above by demonizing Jeff Swedenburg (and myself by association); he has also made quite a few death threats of his own, against myself; Al Martin; Stew Webb; Doreen Bishop; Jeff Swedenburg and others.

I have evidence and witnesses to substantiate that these threats were in fact made by Tim White. From Tim White's jailhouse letter to Stew Webb, in reference to Doreen Bishop, a quote:

"I'm going to put my hands around her neck and strangle that bitch!" 

 This, because White apparently also believed --and accused-- Doreen Bishop to have been part of a plot to "set up" his arrest.

In fact, thus far, at one time or another, Tim White has accused all of the following individuals of being complicit in the so-called "set up" which led to his arrest and incarceration: Ted Gunderson; Daryl Sturgis aka Tim Hall; Doug Millar; Stew Webb; Al Martin; Doreen Bishop; Jeff Swedenburg; Kurt Billings and, of course, Barbara Hartwell.

The strangest part of White's false accusation against myself is that I had never even heard of Tim White until the day before his arrest, when I was contacted by White's "associate" Daryl Sturgis (aka Tim Hall), another man whose name I had never heard until I received an e-mail from him with a "warning" passed on from Tim White about the (bogus) "death threat" by Jeff Swedenburg.

It seems to me Tim White would have to be suffering from a very serious case of clinical paranoia and/or delusions of grandeur to believe that ALL of these people were out to get him, especially a person such as myself who had no idea he even existed at the time of the alleged "set up".

But after considering some of the other bizarre claims made by Tim White, such as that he (nothing but a drug abuser and sexual pervert with no credentials; no background or training in intelligence work; and no firsthand knowledge of anything which could possibly make him a threat to the government) is targeted by CIA, I'm sure nothing he said would come as a surprise to one of his designated targets.

White also tried to extort Stew Webb out of a very large sum of money for the return of documents belonging to Stew, which were temporarily stored at White's warehouse abode in Denver. Some of those documents, as White is well aware, implicate Ted Gunderson in criminal activities.

I have seen some of those documents myself and still have a few stored away in a safe place far away from my home --just to let the criminals named therein know that breaking into my home in an attempt to steal the documents will be a waste of their time; not to mention that they would be shot on sight for breaking and entering into a private domicile.

As it happened, one man, Mike Floyd of Denver, had an attempt made on his life because certain Feds believed he had possession of these documents. One box of such documents was illegally "confiscated" from Manchurian Candidate assassin Daryl Sturgis aka "Tim Hall", by Federal agents from the FBI and Dep't of Justice.

I was also personally threatened by Federal agents from Denver (who openly admitted to tapping my phone calls with Daryl Sturgis in regard to discussion of these documents and related issues.

I told the Feds to go to hell, actually to go f--- themselves....and sent them a message through their conduit, Sturgis, that if they had any business with me, they could behave like men and state their business to me directly, rather than sending one of their flunkies to threaten me: That I must tear down my website or else they would "bring the roof down" on me.

I also published this message in one of my reports on the Denver Connection. Being the cowards they are, and having had no legitimate business with me, the agents backed off, at least in their overt harassment of me, when they failed miserably in their attempts at intimidation and realized that I would simply keep publishing their criminal exploits.

In addition to the death threats, over a period of about three (3) years White has been engaging in various forms of criminal harassment against myself and others, including the stalking of Doreen Bishop, for which a restraining order was issued by a court in Denver in 2002. I have evidence for that too, including copies of the official court documents, hand delivered to me by Doreen Bishop herself.

So, if Mr. Ken Adachi really expects any of the readers who want to "educate" themselves to believe the kind of happy horseshit he is promoting, such as: That Ted Gunderson is a "patriot" exposing Satanism and saving children from sexual predators; or that Tim White is a hapless "victim" being "savaged" by Barbara Hartwell, whom Adachi calls the "Crimson Viper"; the "Hissing One"; or "CIA asset" .....

Maybe, just maybe, he should try to come up with a more believable scenario. Better yet, he should seek out the testimony of LEGITIMATE people who might actually be telling the truth. Or perhaps, it would behoove Adachi to hire a fact-checker before he writes his "editorials".

There's a new idea! Gathering some facts.


Another name in Adachi's gallery of "innocents" is that of Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor. Adachi trots out Sue Ford as another "witness" against Barbara Hartwell. Adachi writes:

"Barbara Hartwell, however, who continues to prove by her words and unrelenting rants against Ted Gunderson that she is still very much a useful tool of disinformation and slander for her CIA handlers. How can she be anything else? According to Brice Taylor, Hartwell has never been de-programmed, nor has she any desire to be de-programmed!"

"According to Brice Taylor" (aka Susan Ford)??.......

Getting back to reality, to the REAL WORLD, who is Susan Ford to be a reliable or informed "source" on the life of Barbara Hartwell?

First of all, the fact of the matter is that Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor is NOT an expert, nor an authority on mind control. She was merely used as a mind-controlled prostitute for government officials.

More importantly, she is certainly NOT the expert on any area of MY life! How dare she presume to speak with authority about my situation?

She does not know anything about me, except what she has been told directly by me (very little) or what she may have read in my public reports.

I have not spoken to Sue Ford since 1999, when I broke off my association with her, due to her unscrupulous actions, which included spreading the same lie being promoted by Ted Gunderson: That Barbara Hartwell is still being utilized by CIA and is "under mind control".

And, just like her foolish cohort Adachi, what Sue Ford THINKS she knows has no basis in fact, but is simply what she has surmised, based on her own very limited knowledge of another person, namely Barbara Hartwell.

As for Ken Adachi, being as clueless as he is about the subject of mind control, Adachi has no business commenting on any area of my life --a person he does not know, and has never had any direct communication with. He knows absolutely nothing about me.

Adachi's "editorial" continues:

"She has simply declared herself free of mind control programming or CIA influence! After all, Babs is a rather special case in the annals of CIA mind control victimization. According to her, of the tens of thousands of victims of MK Ultra or Monarch, Barbara Hartwell, alone, is the only CIA family member programmed with MK Ultra, who has not been run through the gauntlet of satanic ritual abuse and sexual abuse as other CIA victims have. Isn't that remarkable! Hartwell's own sister, however, told Pam Shuffert (who was also recently skewered and roasted on Babs' Internet Barbie) that ole Babs is full of beans on that one."

Preposterous statements such as these, I freely admit, are why I was outraged enough (after three years of his vicious libel) to write a brief commentary calling Adachi a WORLD CLASS ASSHOLE. Which, it is clear to me, as well as to quite a few other informed individuals (including those who know me personally) precisely what he is.

I have to wonder who in hell Adachi thinks he is. But one thing I can guarantee he is not: An expert on mind control, nor on the CIA's MK Ultra operation.

But for my own purposes, all I'm interested in doing is refuting Adachi's lies; his libel and the gross misinformation he is spreading about me personally. So, for those interested in the truth about mind control, some of which is specifically related to my own case, here are some facts.


Mind control was only ONE factor in my involvement in CIA's black ops. Many of the operations I was utilized in had nothing to do with mind control but simply with working as a CIA agent in areas of my professional training.

That is why I was considered a "professional CIA asset". CIA hires all kinds of people, sometimes known as "talents" who are tasked with completing certain specific missions. I was very well paid for my professional services, usually through CIA cut outs or affiliates, some of which were multi-national corporations, including Reuters International and Smith Barney. Certain prominent law firms also used my services as a consultant and analyst.

Claims made by certain of those who call themselves "mind control survivors" (such as Sue Ford) that mind control, in EVERY case, makes a total "slave" of an individual are not accurate.

Charlatans such as the convicted felon using the pseudonym "Fritz Springmeier" (real name Victor Schoof aka Arthur Alexander Jr.) now serving time in prison for bank robbery; and CIA operative Mark Phillips, handler for the mind-controlled "sex slave" Cathy O'Brien, also promote the bogus "total mind-controlled slave" theories.

But these theories fall far from the mark in exposing the truth about mind control. First, it depends on the individual being programmed. It also depends on the method of programming used. It depends on the specific purpose for using mind control programming to begin with.

In my own case, I received training starting at the age of three (3) in the form of "military drills" and basic tradecraft from my father, an operative of Military Intelligence (G-2).

Mind control programming was later perpetrated on me by the notorious CIA MK Ultra hypnotist, William J. Bryan, III. And it is MY business and ONLY my business how much I choose to reveal to the public about my own training or the mind control abuses to which I was subjected.

Just because I have gone public, stating that I was victimized and exploited under the CIA's MK Ultra program, it does NOT mean I am obligated to explain my history to anyone. Nor do I owe anyone an explanation, just because it so happens that my experiences have no commonality with certain people who have gone public with their own cases involving mind control.

People like Sue Ford and Ken Adachi have no business promoting lies about my background, of which they know nothing that is real or true, and which, quite simply, is none of their damned business.

Another false claim made by Susan Ford is that ALL persons ever subjected to mind control have been sexually abused and that they in turn inevitably become abusers of their own children.

Such a false claim is typical of the government-sponsored disinformation being spread which serves to provide cover for ALL abusers, including Sue Ford herself, who has admitted to abusing her own children, including her daughter who is now in a mental institution as a result of this abuse.

Adachi, Ford and the others promoting these lies have absolutely NO RIGHT to tar the decent people (such as myself) who did NOT abuse their children with the same brush, just because they happened to be targeted for government mind control.

No amount of mind control can wipe out good moral character; nor can it force anyone to abandon their very real spiritual and Godly values.

In fact, my son Keith Hartwell was horrified and enraged when he read this libel about his mother, being spread by these malicious liars. He KNOWS no such abuses ever took place and that on the contrary, his mother fought for him and trained him in self defense to PREVENT any type of abuse from becoming a part of his life.

So, if these creeps want to keep up their vicious lies, perhaps they should pick a compliant target and leave me and my family out of their campaign to demonize all mind control survivors as child abusers. Because sooner or later, they will also be confronted by my son, who is by far smarter and tougher than any of these pathetic, cowardly creatures; not someone to be messed with, especially by liars demonizing his mother. Yes, this is a warning for these lowlife scandal mongers, and they may take it in any way they choose.

Back to the facts about government mind control: When a person is chosen in early childhood to be programmed, it has usually been decided in advance what type of operations the individual will be utilized in.

The perpetrators create a psychological profile in an attempt to determine the specific character, talents and personality traits which can be utilized. For example, a person (such as myself) who is NOT submissive by nature could NEVER be made into a "sex slave". And I was never, at any time, subjected to any form of sexual abuse by anyone; not my parents; not any other relative; not by CIA operatives.

The truth is, as I have stated publicly many times (for the purpose of refuting the lies being spread by my enemies) that I would have killed anyone who attempted such abuses of me IN SELF DEFENSE.

And yes, I do have Delta Force combat training, the best that gov't blood-money can buy. I am trained to kill, with or without a weapon. I am trained in various forms of martial arts, including (but not limited to) Tae Kwon Do (karate) and Ninjitsu (arts of the Ninja). I am trained in psychic/spirtual warfare. I am also trained in use of firearms, pistols and swords. I am nothing, if not a dangerous woman, ruthless to any enemy who would attack me, or those under my protection.

The very thought of anyone stupid enough to attempt a sexual assault upon my person is laughable to anyone who knows me, though I can guarantee such a perp would not be laughing if he or she so much as touched me.

Perhaps one day the morons promoting the lies of "mandatory" sexual abuse of ALL those targeted for government mind control will wake up to the truth, perhaps not. Frankly, I don't give a damn about any of them or about what they believe. But meanwhile, as many times as they promote this lie about me, I will continue to refute it.

By the same token, a person who lacks the "killer instinct" could not be turned into a Manchurian Candidate assassin and would not be trained in Delta Force combat and weapons tactics. Unless the potential exists in the character and personality, the perpetrators cannot "create" traits and talents which are not there to begin with. To attempt such a thing would be like "training" a 400 lb. man to become a jockey for thoroughbred horse racing. The very thought is absurd. It simply will not happen.

As far as Sue Ford's comment that "Barbara Hartwell has never been deprogrammed" I will once again set the record straight, tiresome as it has become:

I broke all mind control programming, over a period of years, BY THE GRACE OF GOD. Period. And that is my business, a business between me and God Almighty. NOT the business of Sue Ford, NOT of Ken Adachi, NOT of Pam Schuffert, nor Ted Gunderson, nor any other human being or agency.

It is also not my concern how others claim to have broken their own programming. In my considered professional opinion, based on my training in psychological operations; as a profiler and analyst and as a psychotherapist, most of these people have NOT broken programming at all, as evidenced by their compliant behavior which also exhibits flagrant psychopathology; and by their lack of recognition and respect of personal boundaries in their attempts to overstep their bounds and interfere in the lives of others.

But regardless, none of these people; nor their claims; nor their personal experiences have anything to do with me. Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

My experiences; my background; my training are my own. They differ greatly from most other people who have decided to publicize their cases. So what? That is meaningless and irrelevent, at least to me.

I don't know what happened to these people, nor do I care. What concerns me is that they have shown themselves to be my enemies and my only interest is that they stop their harassment of me; and that they stop libeling me and spreading their gov't-sponsored lies.


Next, the gov't stooge Adachi touts the false claims made by fear-monger Pam Schuffert:

"According to her, of the tens of thousands of victims of MK Ultra or Monarch, Barbara Hartwell, alone, is the only CIA family member programmed with MK Ultra, who has not been run through the gauntlet of satanic ritual abuse and sexual abuse as other CIA victims have. Isn't that remarkable! Hartwell's own sister, however, told Pam Shuffert (who was also recently skewered and roasted on Babs' Internet Barbie) that ole Babs is full of beans on that one." 

Once again, Adachi seems to think that any old third party he can dig up qualifies as a reliable witness or trustworthy source. Maybe he's just one of those credulous fools who believes everything he hears or reads on a public message board, no matter who says it or whether there is any evidence to substantiate it.

In truth, Pam Schuffert has spread many lies about Barbara Hartwell, as well as about my sister, Irene Adrian. When I read some of Schuffert's outrageously false claims about myself; as well as what she claimed my sister had told her, I asked my sister if she had said any such things to Pam Schuffert. Not only did Irene tell me that she had NEVER made the remarks about me which Pam is spreading around; she was furious with Pam for having told such lies about both of us.

My sister is also disgusted with Pam for violating her confidence on sensitive matters about her personal life, which she DID trust Pam to respect her privacy about, things which were never meant to be made public.

Unfortunately, my sister, being a sincere Christian, bought into Pam's phony "Christian" persona, hook, line and sinker. But then, Pam Schuffert has become notorious for violating the confidence and disrespecting the personal boundaries of anyone who has made the mistake of confiding in her.

Just ask sincere Christians Fred and Katy Sasse, who had the misfortune to be targeted and victimized by Pam, who fleeced them for thousands of dollars, after descending on their home and wreaking havoc in their lives with her lies and hysterical, fear-mongering behavior.

But one thing is clear: Ken Adachi really needs to find a more credible "witness" than Pam Schuffert if he expects the public to believe the lies he is promoting.

So, for the benefit of anyone who wishes to know the truth, I'll say it one more time:

I WAS NEVER SATANICALLY ABUSED. I was never involved in "satanism" in any way shape or form. I belong to God and always have, and "satanic abuse" was one thing He would never allow to happen to me.

As for the pathetic gov't stooge Ken Adachi, editor of Educate Yourself, he is apparently so stupid and so clueless that he does not realize that each lie; each libelous fabrication he promotes about Barbara Hartwell, at the behest of his NWO overlords, only further discredits him and his ridiculous website.

But that's not the worst of it. Ken Adachi would be best off crawling back into the dark hole from which he emerged. I can predict with certainty that, being an enemy of God and God's people; and a traitor to the United States of America, Adachi has no idea of the consequences which await him for meddling in the personal and professional affairs of some very dangerous people, myself included, who serve the Lord and are dedicated to Liberty and Justice, even if the price be death.

Time for the white flag, Adachi. Otherwise, this is just the beginning of a war you and your fellow cowards, liars and traitors have not a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

Barbara Hartwell
July 2, 2004