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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Osama Bin Laden & Promis Software

July, 2003


I received this article from Eric Jewell. As I wrote back to him, I am very familiar with these issues and with all of the 'players' he mentions here. I also have a large file of documents (copies, from the offices of defense contractors; military and gov't agencies) which came from Michael Riconisciuto's files and which were given to journalist Cheri Seymour AKA Carol Marshall (author of The Last Circle) by Riconisciuto's wife; and then came to me via journalist Virginia McCollough.

Virginia sent these documents to me as evidence for an investigation I was doing after I broke off my professional relationship with Ted L. Gunderson due to 'irreconcilable differences'....last I heard, Ted was telling people I'm still being handled by CIA. Which by the way, is not true. (Shame on you, Ted!)

But anyway, that's a story for another time....and I hope Eric doesn't mind that I wrote this little preface to his article.

Check it out, and decide for yourself.......

Note from Eric Jewell:

Hi Barbara

I am Eric Jewell, author of "Christianity and the N.W.O. The Unholy Alliance". That series and several other of my articles have been featured on the Jeff Rense site and several other sites. I am submitting the following article to you concerning Osama Bin Ladin and the implications concerning the fact that he has obtained promis software, further showing his connections present day with U.S. Intelligence. If you run this please let me know, you have my permission. If you need further verification concerning any statement in the following article i will send it immediately.

Thank you

Osama Bin Laden and Promis[e] Software

By Eric Jewell

Fox news yesterday flashed breaking news, which will undoubtedly be quickly killed in the popular media because of the embarrassing implications on our intelligence agencies and the Bush family in particular. Osama Bin Laden has obtained a version of "Promis[e] software" from the FBI by way of Russia.

The History of "Promis[e]"

Promise software resembles what we know as NCIC, which is software used by police agencies in the U.S., which creates a database with the ability to track or identify individuals. In 1983 under the Reagan administration, Earl Brian, representing the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, contacted Bill Hamilton, owner of "Inslaw". The Justice Department contracted Inslaw to create and later modify the software so that it could be used by Intelligence agencies and another version to be used by financial institutions such as BCCI.

Michael Riconosciuto was a government operative chosen by the Justice Department who actually made the modifications according to secret government specifications. These modifications were made at the Cabazon Indian reservation where at the same time Robert Booth Nichols oversaw the manufacture of arms and ammunition supplied to Ollie North in his now infamous guns for drugs scandal. One Al Holbert who was also an Israeli Intelligence officer recruited Riconosciuto into the CIA out of Stanford University in the 1960’s.

One "modification" Michael was responsible for was the creation of a back door that could be accessed by anyone in the government who knew the code. Of course those who knew were very few and consisted of the darker elements of our government who have been instrumental in moving us toward the New World Order. This made it possible for factions within the US government to access any financial institution or intelligence agency computer undetected with just a few keystrokes giving them the ability to add, change, or delete files at will.

According to Riconosciuto, Wackenhut Security, whose board has for years been occupied by former Reagan and Bush cabinet members, was very instrumental in obtaining high tech software for the government, and what happened later to Inslaw fits perfectly with their mode of operation. While being interviewed by Carol Marshal, author of "The Last Circle", Riconosciuto informed her,…"Basically, what you have is a group of politically well connected people through Wackenhut who wanted to get juicy defense contracts when Ronald Reagan got elected president. And they did! They also preyed on high tech start up companies, many of them out of Silicon Valley in California.

"They saw technology that they wanted and they either forced the companies into bankruptcy or waited on the sidelines, like vultures, and picked them up for pennies after they were bankrupt."

Indeed After "Promise" was finished the Justice Department reneged on payment for the software. Inslaw had invested millions developing "Promise" and was forced into bankruptcy.

In a sworn affidavit (1) Lester Coleman testified for the Inslaw company in their suit against the Justice Department. Coleman lived in Iran and was recruited by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 1984. He states in his sworn testimony...

"(6) During my two stints as a DIA covert intelligence officer seconded to the DEA in Nicosia, Cyprus, I became aware of the fact that DEA was using its proprietary company, Euramae Trading Company, Ltd. to sell computer software called PROMISE or PROMIS to the drug abuse control agencies of various countries in the Middle East, including Cyprus, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait and Turkey.

"(7) I personally witnessed the unpacking at the Nicosia, Cyprus, Police Force Narcotics Squad of boxes containing reels of computer tapes and computer hardware. The boxes bore the name and red logo of a Canadian corporation with the words `PROMISE' or `PROMIS' and `Ltd' in the company name.

"(8) The DEA objective in inducing the implementation of this computerized PROMIS[E] system in the drug abuse control agencies of the Middle East countries was to augment the drug control resources available to the United States Government by making it possible for the United States Government to access sensitive drug control law enforcement and intelligence files of these Middle East governments.

"(9) It is also my understanding that third party funds were generally made available for the purchase of these computer software and hardware systems. One third party funding source was the United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control in Vienna, Austria.

"(10) As DEA Country Attaché for Cyprus, Michael T. Hurley had overall responsibility for both the Euramae Trading Company, Ltd. and its initiative to sell PROMIS[E] computer systems to Middle East countries for drug abuse control.

"(11) In 1990, DEA reassigned Hurley to a DEA intelligence position in Washington State.

"(12) I became aware in 1991 that Michael Riconosciuto, known to me as a longtime CIA asset, was arrested in Washington State by DEA for the manufacturing of illegal chemical drugs. I had also become aware of the fact that Riconosciuto had made a sworn statement, prior to his arrest, about his participation in a covert U.S. intelligence initiative to sell Inslaw's PROMISE software to foreign governments.

"(13) In light of Hurley's personal involvement in the U.S. Government's covert intelligence initiative to sell PROMIS[E] software to foreign governments and his reassignment to a DEA intelligence position in Washington State in advance of the DEA's arrest of Riconosciuto, the arrest of Riconosciuto should be regarded as suspect. I do not believe that Hurley's posting to a drug intelligence position in Washington State in advance of Riconosciuto's arrest on drug charges is merely coincidental. Rather, the probability is that Hurley was reassigned to Washington State to manufacture a case against Riconosciuto in order to prevent Riconosciuto from becoming a credible witness about the U.S. Government's covert sale of the PROMIS software to foreign governments.

"(14) The investigative journalist Danny Casolaro contacted me in Europe on August 3, 1991. Mr. Casolaro had leads and hard information about things that I know about, including Department of Justice groups operating overseas, the sale of PROMIS[E] software by the U.S. Government to foreign governments, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), and the Iran-Contra scandal. I subsequently learned of Mr. Casolaro's death in Martinsburg, West Virginia, one week later, on August 10, 1991. I contacted Inslaw in October 1991, after learning about Mr. Casolaro's death under suspicious circumstances."

Signed and sworn to before me this 10th day of August, 1991.
Melissa J. Corbett
Notary Public
My Commission Expires: June 14th, 1994

August 10, 1991, Danny Casolaro, a freelance journalist died uncovering this information just before completing his book which implicated MCA, the US Intelligence community, BCCI, Promise software and specific men of great power.

Ted Gunderson as well verifies many of these facts. Gunderson is by no means someone of questionable reputation. He has served as Special Agent, Special Agent Supervisor, Assistant Special Agent -in-Charge for New Haven and Philadelphia, Special Agent-in-Charge for Memphis and Dallas, and Senior Special Agent-in-Charge for LA. He is also the man who tipped off Riconosciuto’s connection to the "Promise" scam and testified for him when he was set up with 900 pounds of methamphetamine after signing an affidavit for the Hamiltons in their case against the Justice Department. He is also the man who forced radio personality Art Bell to retire from his popular radio/internet program "Coast to Coast."

Today financial institutions and Intelligence departments use Promise software worldwide. This means that factions of the US government can quickly access any computer in these networks. The implications are astounding. This gives the ability to add, delete, or modify any file or files within any given intelligence agency using this software. A picture can be put with any name and any information and make it possible for whole terrorist organizations to travel freely with false papers just because the computers were hacked into and all the information fed into them to effectively change any identity. The possibilities within financial institutions are equally as great. Accounts can be created and funds moved from any account to any account.

The question is, why was Bin Laden recently provided with a copy of this software? The answer may possibly be found in both the intelligence and the financial arenas. Now his men which were trained by the CIA can travel freely with no fear of reprisal. George Bush Sr. was vice president when the software was developed, and is a definite insider of this faction of government that sent Promise worldwide. He is connected to the Bin Laden family through the Carlyle Group, which means that both the Bin Laden fortune and the Bush fortune are greatly increased with every military act. The problem is finances if Osama is to remain armed and create worldwide fear to carry on the Bush Agenda of turning America into a police state and leading us further into the New World Order, he needs further funding. With the "Promise" software Bin Laden need never worry again about how we will further fund him. Bank accounts can be very messy in that they can be traced, and indeed much US money has been traced to him already and then quickly buried. Now he has the ability to just create an account in any name to be collected whenever it is needed to obtain whatever is deemed necessary.