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Wednesday, December 6, 2006


NOTE: This little rant was written in October 2005. I have not changed the piece and I am posting it as it was originally written.

However, I find it necessary now (December 2006) to provide additional information for the purpose of updating the situation, at least as it concerns me personally.

Firstly, I should state that early this year (January 2006) Stew Webb and I broke off our association, due to what I can only describe as "irreconcilable differences."

Stew became angry with me because I refused to support Al Gore. The truth is, I have never supported Al Gore (and I was very clear on that point to both Stew and Tom Heneghan) as I know him to be part of the New Age contingent of NWO --there's more, but not relevant to the purpose of this report.

But to be honest and fair, I should say that for as long as I had known Stew (since early 2001) I believed him to be a sincere patriot. I know for a fact that his claims and grievances against the government are legitimate.

In my opinion, Stew took the wrong path (a left turn) when he teamed up with Tom Heneghan (a Gore campaign manager, 2000) to jump on the Al Gore bandwagon. Gore is NOT a defender of the Constitution, that much I know for a fact.

I'm very sorry that Stew and I could not see eye-to-eye, on the Gore issue, and on some other things. But I refuse, as always, to compromise my principles for any reason, even if it means losing my dearest friends.

And it's heartbreaking for me to think back on all the times when Stew and I worked together, over a period of five years, to expose and fight some of these government rat bastards and their shills and minions. We did some good work. We achieved some good results too.

For all of this year (2006) Stew and I have been in what I can only call an adversarial relationship. Actually, a non-relationship, since we don't talk.

Stew has publicly accused me of some things (on radio and in print) which made my blood boil. He has said I, Barbara Hartwell, am a "fallen angel"; that I am part of an "Israeli Spy Network", along with Karl Schwarz --who simply happens to agree with me about Al Gore; and who maintains the same standards for honesty and journalistic integrity; as in, NOT using known false intelligence/documents just to promote an agenda, etc. etc.

I pray for Stew every day and I hope that someday he will see that his allegations about me, and about Karl Schwarz, were unfounded. I wish him well.

But, as I stated in this report, Stew is certainly NOT COINTELPRO --however misguided some of his views have come to be.

As for "Mr. Smokescreen" --the useful idiot who accused me, among others, of being COINTELPRO-- his real name is Mike Eggleston. I looked into it after I wrote the report. He posts, under his silly screen name, on quite a number of message boards, including one called Freedom Underground.

And lastly, look at Mr. Smokescreen's "source" re Barbara Hartwell. None other than his fellow useful idiot, Ken Adachi and his New Age/gov't-disinfo site, Educate Yourself. There is nothing truthful on that site --about Barbara Hartwell or anyone else.

Educate Yourself is nothing but a scandal sheet which spreads government lies about targeted individuals (legitimate whistleblowers); and which otherwise promotes New Age gobbeldygook, such as: "Channeled information from a World War II General".

And some of the latest, some nutcase who "defends Ted Gunderson" --a woman named Barbara Crouse who takes photos of "reptiles" at Area 51.

This same idiot woman actually once posted a photo of Barbara Hartwell on the Internet (years ago) --claiming that she could "prove" (through doctoring my photo) that I am a "reptile alien"!

No surpise there. Except that Adachi (along with his controller, Ted Gunderson) accuse me of being CIA -- NOT COINTELPRO. So...which is it? CIA? COINTELPRO? Or "reptile alien"?

And let's not forget: Gunderson, ex-officio COINTELPRO while in FBI; and now, de facto COINTELPRO.

Just goes to show what kind of utter nonsense the combination of ignorance and arrogance (among the useful idiots) is capable of producing!

December 6, 2006


Below, a post from Liberty Forum, in which the author, a Mr. Smokescreen, authoritatively claims that Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb, Rick Stanley, Tom Heneghan and Tom Flocco are COINTELPRO agents.

Another anonymous little moron posting lies, hiding behind a screen name, so what else is new?

But it's disturbing that I found the link and headline for this post on What Really Happened, a high-traffic "alternative media" website. This Rivero character has done this before. I wonder who's pulling his strings?

I remember him from Free Republic, years ago. I used to think that maybe Mike Rivero was one of the good guys. He and I were both banned from FR by Jim Robinson for criticizing George W. Bush.

Odd, Free Republic claims to defend the Constitution....don't they all?

But anyway, I think Mr. Rivero might want to improve the quality of his "sources". He's clearly slipping, getting lazy; or maybe he's listening to the wrong people; or maybe he has sold out.

Who knows? Who cares? I don't, it's just an observation, FYI.

From Liberty Forum:



Infiltration of the patriot movement is at an all time high, by the federal govt and its supporters of the New World Order. There are many FALSE patriots "supporting" and "steering" the movement, to collect data and infiltratae and stop the movement.

Below is a list of Govt COINTELPRO KNOWN AGENTS and GROUPS:
Stew Webb and Tom Hennigan
Barbara Hartwell
Rick Stanley
Tom Flocco







I've left out the thread of ludicrous comments from the other morons who jumped on the defamation bandwagon, none of whom use their real names, naturally.

Mr. "Smokescreen" has it all figured out, or so he thinks.

But I have a question for Mr. Smokescreen:

If I'm COINTELPRO, where's my paycheck?

I sure could use one. I went without food this week just to pay the vet bills, trying to save the life of a beloved sick cat, who died after two days in the hospital anyway, and which broke my heart.

Ask Stew (or the REAL COINTELPRO agents listening on the phone line.) I called him, weeping (maybe once or twice a year, I shed some tears) because I couldn't take it anymore, the isolation and poverty because of these government rat bastards.

I couldn't get the help I needed from anyone, even among the precious few relatives and friends I told about the situation. And I didn't ask Stew for money, as I know that just like me, he has none. He's flat broke.

Both of us have been living in destitution for years, as the government has stolen or destroyed everything we had. It costs money to fight the government, in case you wonder. And the fact that we have been extremely effective in our battles against their agenda, despite the poverty, should tell you everything you need to know about who we are.

And check this out, Mr. Smokescreen: FYI, My house is literally falling apart (including safety hazards) and I can't afford repairs; I'm running out of firewood (most of which is driftwood I picked up on the beach); I can't afford to fill the gas tank (which cost $100.00 last time, two months ago, donated by a relative) and I still can't get my website online because I don't have the money to take care of what needs to be done, including computer repairs to the malfunctions created by government hackers.

I recently got a small donation for that from a friend, but had to use it (along with the grocery money for the week) to take care of my cat. Too bad COINTELPRO wouldn't fork over the cash to sponsor my website......I guess their budget is under strain these days.....

So, Mr Smokescreen and cohorts, you can take your list of "known" COINTELPRO agents and shove it!

I'm damn sick and tired of reading my name, defamed in posts by hundreds of people I've never heard of, who do not know me nor anything about me, nothing that is real or true.

I'm damn sick and tired of the outrageous lies being spread by morons like you.

And I'm damn sick and tired of hearing the lies about my friends and associates, decent, honest, hardworking patriots like Rick Stanley and Stew Webb. I don't know Tom Heneghan all that well, but I've never seen or heard anything which leads me to believe he's anything but a sincere patriot. As for Tom Flocco, I've only spoken to him on the phone, but it was a long conversation and he seemed very sincere to me, just a person seeking the truth.

And although at certain times I may have my disagreements with each of these gentlemen, regarding various issues, I can say with no reservations that NONE of them are COINTELPRO. None.

You see, I was trained in Psychological Operations, the best training U.S. government-issue money can buy. I know how they work, how they are run. And I know who runs them. It's not these folks and you can take that to the bank.

But the COINTELPRO certainly does recruit self-important liars; nutcases; disgruntled misfits with "legal problems"; wannabes and anonymous nobodies to post their trash about legitimate government whistleblowers and patriots on message boards all over the World Wide Web.

They have one thing in common: They're expendable and can be explained away, if need be, under "plausible deniability". They know nothing that is real or true; have never been involved in anything of importance and can easily be removed when they have outlived their usefulness.

Useful idiots, nothing more. People like you, Mr. Smokescreen.

As for the folks who would believe the lies the Mr. Smokescreens are disseminating, they are not worth my time or effort to comment on. Except to say this: If they, in their profound ignorance, enjoy shooting off their mouths about people they do not know, perhaps because they are envious of the "real thing", or are seeking approval from like-minded idiots, let them enjoy it.

You and your friends, Mr. Smokescreen, are nothing but a bunch of scavengers who delight in sowing discord and doing as much harm as possible. You apparently have nothing better to do with your time.

Maybe it makes you feel IMPORTANT to denounce people you don't know, spreading lies that we work for the government. And after all, being the cowards you are, hiding behind your moronic little screen names, you have nothing to fear, do you?

By all means, keep spreading your lies. By doing so, you are actually providing a valuable service:

You are bringing forth the names of those of us who are the REAL threat to the criminals in government, those who have been deemed "enemies of the state."

You see, Mr. Smokescreen, none of us waste our time chatting on message boards, gossiping nor engaging in silly arguments; nor posting second hand news items, some of which emanate from extremely dubious sources.

No, Mr. Smokescreen, we ARE the sources.

We know what we know from personal experience and/or professional expertise; not the Internet Rumor Mill, chat boards, bloggers or gossip columns.

We do what we do, fight the battle for Liberty, out of love of our country; not in the hope of material gain or ego gratification.

And I know I can speak for all of us mentioned here as "known COINTELPRO infiltrators" when I say that we are all profoundly disgusted with the hypocrites, liars, poseurs, con artists, dilettantes, scamsters, political hacks, grandstanders, wannabes and loud-mouthed ignorant meddling busybodies who are contributing to the destruction of our country just as surely as if they were making the tyrannical and unconstitutional government policy decisions themselves.

Because, although most of them are too stupid to know it, their sabotage of the efforts of sincere patriots and defenders of Liberty will not bring the false glory they seek, but will only hasten their own downfall. They're not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

Here's my personal message to all of you morons:

If you, in your ignorance, don't know what you are talking about, don't shoot your mouth off just because you like to hear yourselves talk.

Learn to respect the personal boundaries of others and mind your own business.

And if you truly desire Liberty but don't have a clue as to how to fight for it, get the hell out of the way and let the rest of us do our job.

Barbara Hartwell
October 23, 2005   

ADDENDUM, December 6, 2006:   

If you want REAL info on COINTELPRO, see my report COINTELPRO REVISITED, on this site.