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Friday, December 8, 2006

The Scapegoat Syndrome: Editorial Commentary on the Politics of Injustice

 Note: I wrote this article in 1999. Since that time, I have observed a disturbing escalation of bigotry directed at Jews. And I don't mean Anti-Zionist, I mean anti-Jewish. All Jews. Such bigotry sickens me.

Personally, I despise Zionism as much as Communism, Fascism or any other "isms" --those systems which are based on oppression and tyranny; which seek to trample the God-given rights of the individual.

But naturally, I was attacked by many (including some of the individuals mentioned here) for writing this article --also, as expected, called a "Zionist."

That's okay, I've been called worse. Just the price to be paid for standing up for individual liberty.

December 8, 2006


Some weeks ago, NewsHawk bumped up against a website which really disturbed and angered me due to the foaming-at-the-mouth type anti-Jewish intolerance and all-round rabid, mindless prejudice which was the substance of seemingly endless raging tracts and diatribes at the website.

I let our recipient list know in very direct terms what I thought of this nauseating website --the URL to which I had inadvertently forwarded on to the NewsHawk list without having fully checked the site out.

Subsequently, the operators/administrators of this website and associated persons saw fit to launch into some completely insane, obsessive rage against NewsHawk and myself --calling me (and my shoestring operation here) a bootlicking pawn and lackey of the Zionist Occupation Government (Gee, I never knew the Bush Crime Family and gangstas like Clinton and Bore were Jews! Silly me...), and other such chatter. And that's just some of the more printable --but truly humorous-- stuff these characters threw at me.

Apparently they're STILL at it --though I've had absolutely NOTHING to say to, or to do with, this bunch ever since the first stages of the brouhaha.

NewsHawk recipient and premiere researcher Barbara Hartwell, who has established herself as a very gutsy, no-nonsense individual in her extensive dealings with the dark, dank underside of our covert government's countless unconstitutional, malignant, clandestine intelligence operations/projects which have victimized great numbers of hapless American citizens on a regular basis for many years, has taken upon herself the unenviable task of responding to the onslaught of bizarre, scurrilous, and hateful invective being hurled towards NewsHawk and myself by these fanatical and obsessive people; and to setting the record straight on a number of points which have been raised by this crew.

Moreover, her article is extremely well written and as far as representing my position, it's as close as anyone, including myself --could come.

We want to extend our sincere, heartfelt thanks to Barbara Hartwell for applying her mental acuity and ample writing skills to this matter and the more significant, important ramifications thereof.

-John Quinn
NewsHawk® Inc.

An Editorial Commentary on the Politics of Injustice

Scapegoating: It's been going on for thousands of years. Fed up with the political climate? Government Corruption? Famine, disease? Murder and mayhem? Taxes too high? Overworked and underpaid? Social injustice?

The scapegoaters have a handy remedy for all this and more: Let's blame all the evils of the world on Someone Else.

Mind you, not an individual "Someone". It has to be a "Collective Someone". And let's define that "Collective Someone" in terms of belonging to a certain ethnic and/or religious heritage.

Enter the Scapegoat.

Here's a quick run down on the mental, spiritual and ethical deficiencies exhibited by those afflicted with the Scapegoat Syndrome:

INDIVIDUALS are not acknowledged for their vast range of differences or personal uniqueness --for good or for ill.

The specific INDIVIDUALS --acting collectively or alone-- who are TRULY to blame for perpetrating the SPECIFIC crimes of oppression and injustice just get lost in the shuffle.

By the same token, INDIVIDUAL rights and freedoms don't exist. At least not for those born into one of the targeted religious/ethnic collectives.

And of course it follows that any INDIVIDUALS who happen to be born into that particular genetic collective can now be blamed for anything and everything that goes wrong.

The scapegoaters have it all figured out. Or so they think.

A few weeks ago, I received a very disturbing series of e-mail messages which included an exchange of letters among various people. The original subject matter: Allegations by Carol Valentine and Habib Peter Kawaja against John Quinn of NewsHawk.

What kind of allegations? I'll get there. First, some background.

The original series of letters was sent to me by Stephen Maye of Chatham, NY. Here --in an exact duplication-- is Stephen's introductory "promotional" statement, which defines his newly adopted position as regards John Quinn/NewsHawk.

Stephen Maye wrote:

"Ah Yes, my mother's words prove correct again: THE TRUTH WILL OUT! (This has been quite an interesting expose (that is "expozay", I don't have the proper accent mark on this wireless keyboard) week.) Another one shows where they ACTUALLY stand as opposed to where they APPEAR to stand. I LOVE HOW THIS PRINCIPLE WORKS!!! Stephen "

Faced with this gloating proclamation of THE TRUTH, I felt the need to know exactly what Stephen was crowing about. I soon found out.

In the forwarded message was an article written by Carol Valentine, titled: "NewsHawk: Straight From The Protocols". [The Protocols of Zion, that is.]

Valentine too claimed to have nailed down the truth: That John Quinn must be none other than a "Jew/Zionist". "Not an Irishman", No, no...he couldn't possibly be Irish!

Here's the 'supporting documentation' Valentine furnishes to 'prove' her point: That Quinn had gone "BALLISTIC" after reading some material on H.P. Kawaja's website: "Desert Storm War Crimes Commission".

The material in question: Kawaja's diatribes against the Jews. Therefore it follows that Quinn must be a "Jew/Zionist". Otherwise, how could he possibly have been so enraged by Kawaja's anti-Jewish sentiments?

In case you're wondering, here's a sample of Kawaja's philosophy: The Jews, according to Kawaja, are not even human. No, NOT human: they are an "evil alien serpent race" who have "colonized" the planet and have imposed a reign of terror and absolute control upon the world.

Kawaja presents an interminable litany of chapter and verse from biblical scripture as well as various obscure metaphysical theories in order to build his case --in what amounts to a veritable orgy of Jew-bashing.

Kawaja's theories are nothing new. And they certainly didn't originate with Kawaja. On the contrary, they're as old as scapegoating itself.

Still, no doubt, Kawaja would have been a big hit with the Third Reich. Just think of the contribution he could have made to the Propaganda Ministry of Joseph Goebbels. But alas, born too late!

Still, that hasn't cramped his style. In his anti-Jewish zealotry, he has deftly carried on the Nazi legacy of racial bigotry without missing a beat.

I don't think I'll waste much more ink on Kawaja's theories. It would take a volume to explore them in all their gory detail. And another volume to refute them. If you'd like to be 'enlightened' by Kawaja you'll have to read his articles for yourself.

Just to make sure I got the picture Kawaja is painting, I did just that. I read the articles, one by one by one....all of them. Just as Kawaja asks all visitors to his website to do.

And many hours later, exhausted and suffering from eyestrain, I wished I'd had a barf bag at hand.

Suffice it to say that it didn't surprise me in the least that John Quinn went "BALLISTIC" after perusing some of the insidious propaganda on Kawaja's website. Or that he expressed his rage in some very strong terms, by vehemently denouncing the small-minded but dangerous bigotry of all those who support the political ideology of Kawaja and his cronies.

Here's an excerpt from Quinn's editorial statements in reference to Kawaja's "Desert Storm War Crimes Commision" website. (The link was sent to NewsHawk by one of their subscribers, John Prukop.)

John Quinn wrote:

Subject: "Desert Storm War Crimes Website --Purveying Anti-Jewish Filth"

"Unfortunately, further...perusal of this website...has revealed some grotesque, psychotic and rabid anti-Jewish sludge which NewsHawk finds utterly and unilaterally repugnant, offensive, obscene and intolerable. "

It seems Quinn had received the link in reference to other topics: "Gulf War Syndrome, military intelligence use of various mind control technologies that were posted at the site..."

But the website name is misleading, indeed.

Quinn subsequently discovered --to his horror-- that this website had quite a different agenda: That is, to indoctrinate the readers with racist propaganda scapegoating the Jews. And so, he let it rip:

"Any IDIOTS out there still on our mailing list who endorse or believe in Adolf Hitler's evil wet dream of some worldwide all-encompassing Jewish network whose goal is to take over the world...we advise them to join the Aryan Nation or the Neo-Nazi Butt-Humping Boy's Club....and get the HELL OFF OUR LIST."

Harsh words, fighting words; but words of righteous and eminently justifiable anger. Though I might have phrased it a little differently, I can't say I disagree with the spirit in which those words were spoken.

So, Quinn is a firebrand...He has a loathing and total intolerance for racial bigotry and injustice....So do I.

Back to Carol Valentine. Valentine insists that "For sure, Quinn is a Jew/Zionist".

Presumably, her reasoning for this allegation goes something like this: If he were REALLY an Irishman he could NOT POSSIBLY be so outraged on behalf of the Jews.

Oh really? I guess that means, according to Valentine's logic, that no one can ever be outraged by the perpetration of injustices UNLESS they are committed against those of one's own ethnic origin. Following this flawless line of reasoning, I guess you could say that Abraham Lincoln was "for sure, a black man". Why, otherwise would he have fought so hard to free the slaves?

Clearly, these erroneous assumptions expose Valentine's own bigotry through her projection of such prejudices onto others.

Valentine continues, expounding on her hypothesis: Not only is John Quinn a "Jew/Zionist". There's more: "NewsHawk is part of the Zionist operated and controlled Special Operations Command of the U. S. Military; Newshawk is one of Special Operations PR arms."

In other words, part of the controlled opposition. Interesting theory. But where's the evidence to back it up? That's an easy question to answer: She has none. Case closed.

But before I close the book on Valentine and her crackpot logic, you might be interested in hearing another corollary to her hypothesis. In her own words: "NewsHawk has NEVER called for the honest prosecution of the murderers of the Gentiles at Waco." "In Zionist America, Gentile kids don't matter. They can be slaughtered at will". And this: "Quinn and NewsHawk have never uttered a word of RAGE at the premeditated murder of innocent Gentiles and issued an honest demand that the murders be prosecuted. Get it?"

No, I for one, don't "get it". Maybe --unlike the others who jumped on the bandwagon to endorse Valentine's inescapable conclusions-- I'm a little slow. Then again, maybe it's just that I have a tendency to look for some hard evidence before breaking out the pole vault.

I am not in the least sorry to attempt to disabuse Ms. Valentine of her apparent paranoid fantasies. Or whatever is the source of her bias and ignorance.

I have hardcopy evidence that John Quinn/NewsHawk DID in fact utter many words of RAGE against the ("Gentile") Waco murders.

But a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures? NewsHawk published them too. Photos of the charred bodies of the so-called "Gentiles" at the Branch Davidian compound. What's more, I was directly involved in the "chain of custody" for these photos. I got them from researcher Don Stacey . I then passed them on to researcher Dr. Bruce Cornet. Who passed them on to NewsHawk.

NewsHawk published them immediately. Not just once, but repeatedly over the course of several days. I quote from John Quinn's editorial comments re the photos of the ("Gentile") girls murdered at Waco. John Quinn wrote:

"We STRONGLY urge each and every one of our recipients to forward the photos we sent out of the feds' mass murder onslaught at Mt. Carmel in Waco to every news outlet on the face of the earth and to every single human being worthy of the name...."

"Check those pictures showing the charred cinders of what used to be two lovely young ladies who lived at the Mt. Carmel center- then check your conscience. THEN SEND THOSE PHOTOS EVERYWHERE!"

"These pictures made me so horrified, sick, sad, disgusted and so, so angry there's really no way to even describe it."

There are many more words of RAGE from John Quinn over the murder of the "Gentiles" at Waco. But maybe by now you get the picture....

So much for Carol Valentine and her Jew/Zionist-Special Ops Insider-Public Relations hypothesis.

Next item: A series of e-mail letters written by Kawaja's newly recruited supporters (or should I say stormtroopers?) Stephen Maye and Mark Harp. Here comes the cavalry! Actually, these folks seem more like weekend warriors and armchair philosophers, but read their comments and decide for yourself.

And lest I be accused of trying to place a spin on the sentiments expressed in any of these letters, by selectively quoting from them, I will make an offer: Anyone who would like copies of these letters in their entirety may e-mail me and I will send them along. Same goes for Valentine's article. That said, let's hear some of what Quinn's detractors and Kawaja's supporters have to say.

But first, from a letter with the subject heading FIRE IN THE KITCHEN, let's hear from Kawaja himself.

Peter Kawaja wrote:

"Suddenly when the Zionist enemy saw Peter Kawaja's information being read, they FEARED the truth will out, as people across the world are reading the DSWCC."

"NewsHawk HAD TO issue HATE EMAIL and drag the JEWISH ISSUE and USE THAT old worn out MENUSHA about Anti-Jewish Yada Yada to TRY to discredit TRUTH....."

In his introductory paragraph Kawaja states that : "The following are just a few more excerpts of exchanges of OTHERS (not Peter Kawaja) and NewsHawk ZIONIST LACKEYS."

Here then, are some comments from Mark Harp's letter to Kawaja. Mark Harp wrote:

"It's truly amazing how many compromise truth organizations are out there. It's the same old malarky. Continually criticize Hitler, who correctly hated Stalin's Communism."

"It is a fully documented fact that Communism is Jewish."

"Invariably, all of the people who disparagingly use the terms "anti-semitism" and "Nazi" never mention the existence of the official Jewish rule book called the Talmud. The last thing in the world these charactors [sic] want is for we "goyim" to read their exceedingly corrupt holy book."

"The deaths of approximately 400,000 persons in German POW camps, primarily from disease, is altered to "Hitler killed six million Jews" by the government approved media. It is to be described as the "Holocaust".

Here then, in The World According to Harp, we have "German POW camps", NOT Nazi Concentration Camps.

Harp further informs us that the "400,000" souls interred in the camps, (courtesy of the Neo-Nazi number-crunchers from whom Harp has derived his altered figures) were NOT victims of cold-blooded and premeditated murder...No, they died of "disease".

I won't argue that they didn't die of a disease: The fatal disease called FASCISM.

But I do have a question for Mr. Harp: Number crunching aside, whether they numbered 6 million or 400,000.... WHAT THE HELL WERE THESE PEOPLE DOING IN THE SO-CALLED "GERMAN POW CAMPS" TO BEGIN WITH?

HOW did they get there? WHO placed them there? And WHY?

According to Harp, "criticism" of Hitler is just more of that old "malarky". Malarky?

And what other possible way except "disparagingly" could any decent human being EVER use the terms "anti-semite" or "Nazi"?

Good God, how can I possibly express the uncompromised stupidity of these statements?

I don't think I need to. These statements do a great job screaming STUPIDITY! --all by themselves.

Stephen Maye continues where Mark Harp left off. Here, some excerpts from his letters in support of Kawaja. Here's one from Maye's letter to John Prukop, who referred Kawaja's website to John Quinn.

Stephen Maye wrote:

"Thank you for referencing Kawaja's website...It is clear that ALL the issues he raises need to be intelligently examined (not emotionally reacted to) by courageously truth-seeking Americans if they want the freedom that can only be won by steadfastly hewing to the line of truth."

And now this, from Maye's letter in reply to Mark Harp:

"I think this is an important "newshawk" moment (for me) to hold ground here..."

"...your kind offer to them [NewsHawk] of some light on the subject of Zionism and one of Adolph Hitler's (dare I say it?!) attributes is of tremendous value in the on-going, much needed educational process. It really does amaze me how an individual could be interested in "the truth" but could be afraid to FACE FACTS which counter their (most-likely, Talmudically mind-controlled) prejudices."

Hold on, here's the clincher. Some of Maye's comments from his letter to John Quinn:

"I greatly value your newshawk service and your brazen tack to solve the Alaska 261 (Columbine, TWA800,Egypt Air, JFKJr...) murders."

"Yet it is very clear to me that until we can critically examine Kawaja's evidence as we do, say, the facts involved in the recent intentional downing of airplanes we will be little more than mind-controlled and emotion-conditioned automatons; again divided and conquered by the klepto/crypto information manipulators."

Finally, Maye sends his regards from the "Zionist Occupied Territory of the Fabulous Berkshires....."

And signs off with this: "Open your eyes, brother! I say that with profound respect for you and your efforts. And profound respect for what is left of our bill of rights."

PROFOUND RESPECT? Is that how Maye REALLY feels about Quinn, whom he has loudly and publicly declaimed as a hypocrite?

But then, it's hard to figure out where he really stands on any issue. He speaks in flowery, hifalutin' language: about the "klepto/cyrpto information manipulators" and about "hewing to the line of truth".

But what "truth"? Whose "truth"?

His destination --on the road to "truth" and "freedom"-- sounds great. But where's the map?

I can't imagine that endorsing the "attributes" of Adolph Hitler could further the so-called "on-going much-needed educational process" to which he so zealously subscribes.

Peter Kawaja, Stephen Maye and their cronies sound a call to "FACE FACTS."

Okay. Great idea! Let's do that. Let's face facts: Adolph Hitler was a psychopath; a narcissist; a megalomaniac; a liar; a demogogue; a murderer; and a tyrant.

Hitler was a madman and a literal incarnation of evil. He and his Nazi compatriots were directly responsible for the deaths of untold millions of people, Jews and non-Jews alike.

And the Nazi legacy of hatred, intolerance and mass destruction lives on right up to the present day in our country. They are still killing millions: the methods may have changed but the end results are the same.

Now, there are some FACTS all sane and ethical people can certainly agree upon.

Now to supplement the facts, here's my personal opinion: Those who endorse even ONE IOTA..ONE SCINTILLA of Hitler's philosophy or try in any way to defend or justify the actions of the Nazis --past, present or future-- are committing an inexcusable sin against humanity and against God.

They are defending the indefensible.

Anyone who KNOWS God --Whomever, Whatever you consider Him or Her or It to be-- will understand exactly what I am saying.

It doesn't matter whether or not you are a practicing member of any religion or what your spiritual focus may be. If you KNOW God then you will have access to the gift of spiritual discernment.

God will live in your heart and you will know the difference between good and evil: in stark black-and-white terms. There is no gray area.

You may not always follow what you know in your heart. But the Divine guidance, or spirit-filled intuition will always be there whenever you truly seek for it, to guide you to the truth, no matter how many propagandists surround you and try to poison your mind with lies and slander.

And you will never fall prey to the Scapegoat Syndrome.

Barbara Hartwell