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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Government Groupie Stalkers: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

Government Groupies/Psycho Stalkers Tim White & Accomplice Brenda Negri


Six (6) years have passed since these reports were written. I have combined them because the content in each report supports and corroborates the other.

Following these reports I have added "The Lunatic Ravings of Timothy Patrick White", a libel extravaganza fueled by paranoid fantasies, demonstrating the extreme psychopathology of this G-Man wannabe and lowlife government stooge.

The same government stooges are still out there...still harassing, stalking, lying; still fabricating and posting their diabolical calumny about legitimate whistleblowers and journalists all over the World Wide Web.

The government operatives exploiting these stooges and useful idiots continue in their efforts at sabotage, containment and neutralization. Foremost among them are Ted L. Gunderson and his crony, John DeCamp.

New stooges (not listed in these reports) have also enlisted to assist in the government's dirty work. Pamela Schuffert (grifter, criminal stalker; accomplice of Tim White, Ted Gunderson, Ken Adachi); Todd Brendan Fahey (forger, identity thief, blackmailer, plagiarist, porno-monger, liar extraordinaire; accomplice of Tim White, John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, Ken Adachi, etc.)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

By their fruits shall you know them.

Get behind me, Satan!

March 30, 2009

From the Hartwell Files


Based on prodigious and emerging evidence, it has now become clear that former FBI Senior Special Agent-in-Charge Ted L. Gunderson is the ring leader and controller of a rag-tag gang of Gov't Groupies whose mission is to stalk, harass, libel, slander and otherwise make life as miserable as possible for those of us who are legitimate whistleblowers, we who continue to expose real and vital information about government crimes, cover-ups and corruption.

Harassment of dissidents and whistleblowers is nothing new, not by a long shot. But the tyrannical, yet bumbling, Bush regime has clearly set a record by sinking to an all-time low in exploiting and deploying the stupidest, sleaziest, creepiest bunch of degenerate lowlifes I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. Golly gee, they must be desperate indeed to resort to scraping the bottom of the barrel and hiring THESE slugs. Good help must be hard to find.

The Gov't Groupie Stalkers share many common traits. They are wannabes, misfits, degenerates and rejects with no background or training in law enforcement or intelligence work, but who fancy themselves "players".

They have room-temperature IQs and are uneducated to boot. They lack any semblance of class, being loud, vulgar and sleazy. They are spiritually and morally bankrupt. They are pathological liars. And perhaps most significant, they are just plain nuts! Why else would they want to use up so much time and energy stalking and harassing decent, legitimate people?

And why else would they be taking orders from the likes of Ted Gunderson, who is running a COINTELPRO-style witch hunt against anyone who has seen through his facade of the 'ex-FBI hero' and 'true-blue Patriot' and refused to go along with the shadow government disinfo and containment program.

The Gov't Groupie Stalkers post their outrageous lies on many message boards all over the World Wide Web. They metastacize like a cancer, as new recruits jump on the bandwagon, eager to get into the act.

They host yahoo groups, violating the terms of service by using the message boards to libel, harass, stalk, defame the character and impugn the sanity of their targets. And despite numerous complaints to yahoo by several of us about these flagrant violations, yahoo doesn't do a damn thing to stop them.
I have to wonder who's calling the shots at yahoo?......

But when they're hit with a lawsuit, as they surely will be, it will be interesting to see if their legal hotshots can protect them as they scurry for cover, like cockroaches from under a lifted rock.

Those of us who have been targeted by the Gov't Groupie Stalkers can testify that their tactics are the lowest, the cheapest and the sleaziest imaginable. The targets are accused of every nefarious motive and deed the stalkers can dream up (in their delusional fantasies, that is). Crooks. Whores. CIA goons. Nutcases. Frauds. name it, these creeps have fabricated lies about it and slapped false allegations on their targets. And just so there can be no doubt as to exactly who they are and what they are, here's a list of names of some of these Gov't Groupie Stalkers; this pathetic band of Mental Dwarves (as my friend and colleague ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, one of their favorite targets, would call them).

Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick: Gunderson's little dupe and provocateur. A man-crazy slut who sexually harasses any man who comes across her radar screen, but alas, with little success in bagging her prey. Negri worked for TSA as a baggage screener until she was exposed yet AGAIN and quit before she was terminated. Or maybe she was canned and is lying in a desperate attempt to save face.

Now she's trying to become a "whistleblower" by claiming knowledge of dirty dealings inside the DHS and has touted herself as a self-styled union organizer......what a joke. Even her idols, the Bolsheviks, would be laughing at Negri's bumbling buffoonery.

Since Negri lies about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, it's anyone's guess about the real story there. Negri has lately decided to enhance her libel campaign against me by calling me a "whore"; a "paid CIA prostitute", accusing me of "doing sexual favors for a long line of Special Forces men".

Worse yet, evidently her malice is so far out-of-control, she just could not restrain herself from making PUBLIC death threats against me, claiming that her gutter-trash friends, the Mexican thugs, gang members and drug dealers, would "beat your ass to a pulp if we ask them to" and..... "you'll be lucky if they don't flat out kill ya" . End quote.

But "luck" has nothing to do with it. It remains to be seen if Negri is feeling "lucky".....and what the consequences for these lovely little criminal death threats will be....but I can guarantee that Negri will not be thrilled with the outcome. That's a promise to this scumbag, one I intend to keep.

Ken Adachi: Another of Guderson's dupes, is also a toady and mouthpiece, spreading propaganda and disinfo on his idiotic New Age website. Adachi also publishes drivel from mind-controlled zombies about Alien Space Cults, etc. Adachi has called me, among other things, a "mind-controlled shrew". But it's clear who's REALLY under mind control here...anyone who slavishly hangs on Gunderson's every word and who makes a fool of himself by PUBLISHING libelous disinfo for the very NWO he claims to be fighting against. Adachi is a world class stooge, if ever there was one.

Tim White aka The Phantom: Gunderson's patsy; transvestite; predicate felon and child porno freak. White has made death threats against me, just like Negri. He's also guilty of falsely accusing an innocent party of making threats against my life. He cut a deal with corrupt law enforcement after he was jailed for a drug bust, in return for becoming their snitch and provocateur. But with all the damning evidence I and his other targets have on him, it's only a matter of time before he's back where he belongs: behind bars.

Shirley Anderson: MK Ultra wannabe (Can you IMAGINE such a thing?); foul-mouthed liar and provocateur; sleazy drunk and brawler; man-crazy, just like her counterpart, Negri. (Are Anderson and Negri twins, separated at birth?)

Now claimed by Tim White to be his True LOVE and "life partner". A match made in heaven?.... more likely in hell. Anderson came out of the woodwork to target me, Stew Webb and ex-LAPD officer Ed Schooling with harassing e-mails as well as stalking and sexual harassment of Schooling and Webb; and has publicly accused me of being a "CIA assassin".

And let's not forget the Gunderson Gov't Groupie cohorts, also spreading lies and defamation about people they do NOT know, have NEVER met, know NOTHING about, and who apparently have nothing better to do than parroting all the libelous disinformation they've heard and read on the Internet, straight from the Gunderson Gov't Groupies themselves.

Larry Lawson: Sponsors a "Christian Patriot" message board where he mouths off on a regular basis, claiming to defend Freedom and the Constitution, but in reality providing a forum for the Gunderson Gov't Groupies and their ilk to bash legitimate whistleblowers. He's been on my case for over a year, dedicating large portions of his site to libeling me and taunting me with obscene insults . Lawson claims Barbara Hartwell is "scum" and says "Once a spook, always a spook". I think Lawson's been reading too many spy thrillers for his own good.

Charles Bruce Stewart: An imbecile from Oregon notorious for his pompous, sanctimonious "Christian" commentaries, which by the way are anything BUT (Christian, that is). He has libeled ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, and impugned his sanity, after posing as a "friend"and "supporter". Stewart has called Tim White, along with his new sidekick, Shirley Anderson, a "heroic family rights activist". Well, I guess child pornography; cross-dressing; drug abuse and stalking meet Stewart's ideals of "heroism". What a guy!

"The Webfairy": A real moron (whose real name is Rosalee Grable) who posts on many message boards and e-mail groups; who writes some of the stupidest comments I've ever seen, about myself, Stew Webb and others. Evidently, here's a gal with some time on her hands, an ignoramus who apparently enjoys nothing more than shooting off her big mouth, making disparaging comments about people she doesn't know. She is parroting some of Tim White's comments, and calling me "Babbles"; and since she has endorsed some of the mindless drivel written by Brenda Negri, she fits right in with the Government Groupie In Crowd. If The Webfairy keeps trying, maybe she too can become a bona fide Gunderson Government Groupie Stalker.

I'm sure I've left out quite a few of the morons, mostly the ones who hide behind screen names to make their malicious comments, too cowardly to expose their real identities.

But let this serve as a warning to the named as well as the anonymous:
Y'all are messing with the WRONG woman here: Me, my friends and family. You will reap as you have sown. There will be retribution from God Almighty, and it won't be pretty.

Barbara Hartwell
June 10, 2003


Lies and Libel of Larry Lawson

This is the topic which I plan to address on various radio programs on which I have been invited to be a guest. It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff and the impostors from the real whistleblowers on government mind control and related black operations.

Those of us who are legitimate researchers, whistleblowers and survivors of these black projects have been targeted for escalating campaigns of libel, slander and harassment.

Some of the people who have targeted us for these libel campaigns and relentless harassment are individuals with severe psychopathology who have NEVER been government insiders, but have become government dupes and who are being used to stir up trouble....

Such as Brenda Negri, Shirley Anderson and the 'Cross-Dressing Conspiracy Theorist', Tim White.

Now there is a major campaign being run against myself, Stew Webb, Al Martin and others on the Larry Lawson yahoo newsgroup.

So, if you don't mind doing some Internet slumming, along with Brenda Negri's flynnsghost yahoo site, check out the Larry Lawson News. [links defunct]
A word to the wise is sufficient, or in this case a few words.

Here is an excerpt written by Larry Lawson:

"We had 2 guests [Tim White and Shirley Anderson] on Sunday's GCN program to help COUNTER his {Stew Webb} appearances on John Stadtmiller's program. They outlined his ties to Al Martin, Barbara Hartwell and a shadowy spook character Oswald Lawinter. Apparently we need to do MORE of these programs and further expose these worms. They don't like the light shined on their activities. In the 2nd email, Stewie attacks Brenda Negri. Our guests inform us she's a FED insider trying to expose Stewie and other FALSE provacateurs. Now the useful thing about Stewie's rant is it provides email addresses she uses. These can be plugged into Google or other search engines to find her posts. YOU DECIDE FOLKS! I've got over 2 years worth of posts archived now at LLNews and many of you have been around longer. You remember Stew boy THREATENING me with a lawsuit if I didn't post his 'rebuttle.' Well, I believe you are a LIAR STEW! YOUR actions certainly don't smack of any 'christian' either. You talk of Bush which we have also, but what of YOUR connections to Lawinter? Al Martin, Barb Hartwell? Just because they have fancy large websites does NOT mean you're getting 100% truth. Like Art Bell, there's enough to HOOK you and lead you off target. I want you to hit a BULLSEYE!!"

Folks, this is just a small taste of what "Christian" and "patriot" Larry Lawson and some of his posters on LL News have written about Barbara Hartwell and others. And I think you can see where this is heading, as they desperately try to discredit us all.....

The real joke of it is that none of the individuals named above (including Lawson, the guests on Lawson's radio show, Tim White and Shirley Anderson, or Brenda Negri) know anything at all about me that is REAL or TRUE. They are clueless, and yet they represent themselves falsely as having access to 'inside information' about Barbara Hartwell and others.

Is it a sideshow...or a showdown? Probably a little of both.


"Babbles has shown serious signs of "fear of exposure" and by her own writings(psychotic episodic ravings),she has now begun to be a threat to those that control her and to keep themselves from being exposed "they" would now have to be "brainstorming"(oxymoron)to damage control the escalating effects that she has caused to get out of control-it is, however,too late for that.Names WILL BE MENTIONED very soon by myself that WILL cause EXTREME ANXIETY among the upper levels of the people that actually control Babbles,Stew Webb,Tim Hall(aka WEASEL),Al Martin(son of PAPERCLIP),Doreen Bishop(trained SOMNAMBULIST)Jeff Swedenburg,Ed Schooling,Geral Sosbee,Uri Dowbenko,among a number of others,and that ANXIETY cannot stay in place for very long-"THEY" will have to take action to stem the losses-"THEIR" program of lies, disinformation,libel,slander,threats, intimidation,set-up and incarceration, and several attempts on my life which includes a "visit" by a known CIA/NSA "HITMAN" by the name of JOE KELSO aka SCOTTIE WILLIAMS on June 10 1997 have not worked to silence me;JOE by the way is NOT 100% human-he is a CYBORG(look at Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheelers' books)and I CAN IDENTIFY him VERY accurately and THE CONTROLLERS KNOW IT !!!!!!!!That fact has got A LOT of people very nervous because I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ALIVE and Hartwell,Swedenburg, Webb, Martin,Gunderson, Bishop,Dave Wasendorf(aka "MECHANIC"),TANGO DANCER(I will find out your REAL name),George Soros,Leonard Millman,Norman Brownstein,Norman Brokaw and a number of others all know of that visit and know I speak the TRUTH and I AM NOT AFRAID to confront the SATANIC MASONIC EVIL that "THEY" have placed around me-that is the reason for the VENDETTA against me but it WILL NOT WORK because 
my protection comes directly from the HAND OF GOD and I have been 1000% convinced of that for a long time now by the placement of HIS WORKERS around me at key times-I now have my purpose on EARTH more clearly defined to me by HIM placing in my life Shirley Anderson whom I love VERY MUCH and who is my life partner to help bring out the TRUTH to EXPOSE these evil TOOLS OF LIES/DISINFO that have now put the whole program under the scrutiny of many others who are now taking an active part to help with this task."

[Note, BHP: Shirley Anderson has long since flown the coop and described Tim White as "twisted", "perverted" and "sick"....So much for his "life partner." 

As for the "HAND OF GOD" protecting him, White's delusions are clear. Possessed by demons is more like it!]

"All of the "THEYS" and "THEMS" are very concerned by the MISMANAGEMENT by those given the RESPONSIBILITY of CONTAINMENT and ELIMINATION of me and those responsible are now themselves at risk of ELIMINATION by their controllers.I have been consistantly underestimated and I have to thank "THEM" for that-"THEY" now will expose themselves with every word and deed and "THEY" can't stop the momentum that is rapidly building by every hour-created by others who are now informed who the real enemies among us are.More to follow soon. Tim White"

"Heads up to Babbles Barfwell-YOU and YOUR CROWD OF OTHER DISFUNCTIONAL ALTERS have now put YOURSELVES into LEGAL waters that YOU WILL drown in-you just keep on underestimating all of us,all of YOU will now be looked at as LIABILITIES by YOUR CONTROLLERS and THEY will CUT YOU LOOSE because THEIR names will now be drawn out.BIG,VERY BIG mistake to put very provable lies in print as you did-ya know, BABBLES,you really should have more control of the ALTER that wrote this diatribe,what's her name,BABBLES???? Tim White"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

THE OLSON FILE: A Secret That Could Destroy the CIA

NOTE: This article was in the archives of my former website, The case of Frank Olson is probably the best known, at least among verifiable and credible information about the hideous activities connected to CIA's MK Ultra mind control project.

The largest obstacle to the truth about MK Ultra, as I see it, is that the smokescreen or side show (take your pick) regarding MK Ultra, that of the so-called "Monarch" project has been widely promoted for the purpose of leading the public astray: "Sex slaves" and "Satanic Ritual Abuse".
Not to say that these atrocities did not happen. But there is no real documentation to suggest that "Monarch" was even a sub-project of MK Ultra --much less to verify that it was at the hub of MK Ultra's purpose.

I can state with certainty --through my own vast personal experience, investigations and research-- over many decades, that the purpose of MK Ultra, it's overarching aim and goal, was to "create the perfect spy" during the Cold War Era.

True CIA operatives (including professional assets and NOCs) trained and programmed at the highest levels under MK Ultra were not "sex slaves"; nor "drug mules", nor "Presidential Models."

Far removed from these lurid, sensationalist stories was the REAL MK Ultra Operation, designed to gain complete control (an impossibility, as the perps found out, to their chagrin and dismay) over their intelligence operatives, to be exploited for far more significant --and deadly-- ends.

I never cease to be amazed --and thoroughly disgusted-- at the massive disinformation which is being disseminated about MK Ultra; and parallel to that, about the background of Barbara Hartwell.

It makes me wish, oftentimes, that I had never gone public about any of this. The lurid stories, the outrageous lies, the malicious gossip seems never-ending. The useful idiots and government stooges are working overtime, as are those government operatives (COINTELPRO and containment ops) exploiting these minions to do their dirty work.

Most of these stooges are simply hostile, aggressive ignoramuses. What they know about MK Ultra (or CIA) could fit in a thimble.

But then, this disinformation campaign, this black propaganda, is part and parcel of the cover-up of any and all black operations, certainly including MK Ultra.

I can only hope that those with intellectual/spiritual discernment will look beyond the lurid sensationalism and the carefully-crafted lies. That they will search out the truth, and recognize it when they find it.

Lastly, Sydney Gottlieb (August 3, 1918 – March 7, 1999) was one of my handlers, a fact I did not make public until after his death in 1999. My policy has been, for the most part, not to name anyone from my past involvement with CIA while he/she is still alive.

Some I will never name, as long as I live. The documentation will be made public only after my death.

I have my reasons for this, which I will not share, but anyone who has ever walked in my shoes will understand.

And I have no regret about the fact that I celebrated on the day of Sydney Gottlieb's death. If it were possible, I would have loved to dance on his grave! He was a monster and I hope he is enjoying his eternity in Hell.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 29, 2009

THE OLSON FILE: A Secret That Could Destroy the CIA


Dr. Frank Olson's life was a mystery, full of dubious experiments for the CIA, and unexplained trips to Porton Down. His death, in 1953, was stranger still. Was it suicide? A failed exercise in brainwashing? Or murder? And what did he know that made his death so convenient? Next week, a grand jury may finally hear the truth about the Cold War's darkest Secret.

In the early hours of 28 November 1953, Armand Pastore, the night manager of the Statler Hotel, New York, was startled to hear a crash of breaking glass and then a sickening thump on the pavement outside his hotel. He rushed out to find a middle-aged man lying semi-conscious on the ground.

Pastore looked up to see light shining from a shattered window of a room on the hotel"s thirteenth floor. He knelt down alongside the man, cradled his head in his arms and leaned closer as the man made an effort to speak, then died. He had obviously jumped out of the window, just another suicide in a city where the plunge from skyscraper to pavement was a shocking but not unusual event.
Suicide was certainly the finding at the inquest—Dr Frank Olson, a United States Army scientist, for reasons no one could fathom, had taken his own life. And that was what the record showed for the next twenty-two years.

Then in 1975 the Rockefeller Commission, set up by President Ford to examine the extent of the CIA's illegal domestic operations, revealed that an unnamed army scientist had died after CIA experts, experimenting with mind-bending drugs, had secretly slipped him a dose of potent LSD. During the ensuing uproar, the scientist was identified as Frank Olson.

The US government moved immediately to show how sorry it was for what had happened. Congress passed a private humanitarian relief bill which authorised a payment of $750,000 to the widow, Mrs Olson, and her three children. Mrs Olson and her son Eric were invited to the White House where President Ford publicly apologised to them. And the then CIA director, William Colby, held a lunch for Mrs Olson and Eric in his office at the CIA, apologised and gave them the CIA file on the case.

According to the file, Olson had suffered a “chemically-induced psychotic flashback” a week after he had been slipped the dose of LSD. So a CIA doctor, Richard Lashbrook, had been deputed to look after Olson until he was normal again. Lashbrook had been sharing the hotel room with Olson and was asleep in a bed next to him when, he said, he was awoken by the sound of breaking glass and realised that Olson had crashed through the window.

Eric, who is now 54, was never very convinced by this version of events but kept quiet so as not to distress his mother. Then when she died in 1994 he decided to test the official story of his father’s death. Experts told him that in order to achieve the momentum needed to vault over a central heating radiator under the window, burst through the closed blinds and smash through the hotel’s heavy glass panes, Olson would have had to struck the window travelling at more than 30km per hour. A trained athlete takes about fifty metres to accelerate to that speed. But the hotel room was only 5.5 metres long.

Next there was Dr. Lashbrook‚s strange behaviour when the hotel manager Pastore arrived in the room to tell him that his colleague was dead on the pavement below. Lashbrook went to the telephone, rang a number and simply said, “Olson’s gone”. Then he hung up and retired to the bathroom where he sat on the lavatory with his head in his hands.

Eric Olson, a Maryland clinical psychologist, began to spend every spare moment trying to get at the true story of what had happened to his father. Today he is convinced he is on the brink of doing so. But the story is so strange, so reminiscent of the TV series “The X-Files,” that despite compelling evidence, it is uncertain that anyone will believe it.

THE TERMS of the $750,000 government settlement for Olson‚s death prevented his family from pursuing the matter in the civil courts. But if Eric Olson could convince the authorities that his father’s death was a criminal matter, then he might eventually get at the truth. Four years ago he had his first breakthrough when he won a court order to exhume his father’s body.

“When he was buried the coffin had been sealed. They said he had been so badly mutilated in the fall that it wouldn’t be right for the family to see him. But when we opened the casket a lifetime later, I knew Daddy at once. He had been embalmed and his face was unmarked and untroubled. He hadn‚t been hurt the way they said he had.”

A new autopsy confirmed Eric Olson's impression and entirely contradicted the findings of the first inquest. Carried out by a team led by James Starrs, Professor of Law and Forensic Science at The National Law Centre, George Washington University, it could find no sign of the cuts and abrasions that the first autopsy said had been caused by crashing through the window glass.
On the other hand, there was a haematoma, unrecorded at the first post mortem examination, on the left hand side of Olson’s skull. This had been caused by a heavy blow, James Starrs decided, probably from a hammer, before the fall from the window. Starrs and his team concluded that the evidence from their examination was “rankly and starkly suggestive of homicide.”

Although the team did not say so—because it could be only supposition—someone had struck Olson on the head with a hammer, smashed open the window, probably with the same hammer, and had then thrown Olson out. But the new autopsy findings were certainly enough for a New York public prosecutor, Stephen Saracco, to win the right for a grand jury to begin hearing the evidence he had uncovered. If the jury, too, found the evidence of murder compelling, then Saracco requested that it should hand down indictments for murder and conspiracy to murder.

Saracco, an ambitious, aggressive lawyer with no fear about taking on the American establishment, says that the men he wants named in the indictments will include some of America’s most respected CIA veterans and, if the grand jury agrees to his request to widen his investigations, former officers of the British Secret Intelligence and Security Services as well.

Already there are indications that the international intelligence community is running scared. The CIA and the Department of Justice have resisted Saracco 's attempts to subpoena Dr. Lashbrook, who now lives in California, to question him, among other things, about Olson’s last hours, the telephone call that Lashbrook made immediately after Olson's death and the work that Lashbrook and Olson had been engaged in together.

Early in July, after months of negotiation, the two government departments gave in and agreed that the grand jury should hear Saracco's team examine Lashbrook at Venture County Courthouse during the week beginning 24 August. Saracco has already offered Lashbrook immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony. He was too late, however, to do the same for William Colby, the CIA chief who apologised for Olson’s death.

On 27 April 1996, after Saracco won the right to a grand jury hearing, Colby who realised that he would be forced to give evidence, vanished from his country retreat about forty miles south of Washington. It looked as if he had left in a hurry: the lights and the radio were still on, his computer was still running, and a half finished glass of wine was on the table. The next day his empty canoe was found swamped on a sand bar. Five days later divers found a body identified as Colby’s. He had apparently been the victim of a boating accident.

If so, it would appear that Maryland waters are particularly unkind to retired members of the CIA. In 1978 another CIA officer, John Paisley, also vanished there in another boating accident. A week after Paisley‚s abandoned boat was located, a body with a gunshot wound to the head was found. But the condition of the body meant that precise identification was impossible—making the area a conspiracy blackspot.

Suppose the grand jury does in the end find that the evidence that Olson was murdered and that the perpetrators were other CIA officers, there will still remain a major barrier to an eventual conviction--what was the motive? What was so sensitive to the CIA that it would kill one of its own? To find an answer we have to go back to the fifties when the two great ideologies of the 20th century, communism and capitalism, were locked in a battle to the death and no act no matter how morally shocking was ruled out in the struggle for victory.

THE NUCLEAR stand-off of the Cold War had sent both sides back to their drawing boards. If it were impossible to employ nuclear weapons without assuring mutual total destruction, what other weapons could the boffins come up with—given virtually unlimited funds and no moral restraints—that would win any future war? Two possibilities attracted attention. The first was bacteriological warfare.

Bacteriological warfare is remarkably cheap; it has been described as “the poor man‚s nuclear bomb.” A deadly virus sufficient to wipe out every living person over an area of one square mile would cost only about $50. In the 1950s both sides in the Cold War set up research establishments to develop biological weapons, methods of delivering them, and methods of protecting against them. Dr. Frank Olson worked in this area.

Trained as a biochemist, he had been employed since 1943 in the Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick, Maryland, was associated with a CIA secret research unit known at the time as MK-ULTRA, and came to Britain frequently between 1950-53 to work at the British Microbiological Research Establishment (MRE) at Porton Down. Olson was part of a team which was developing aerosol delivery systems for biological weapons that included staphylococcus enterotoxin, Venezuelan equine encephalo- myelitis, and anthrax. Olson seems to have concentrated on counter- biological warfare, trying to find vaccines and special clothing that would protect against attack.

Deadly effective though it may be, biological warfare has drawbacks. There is always the risk that it may get out of control and attack not only the enemy but those who decided to employ it in the first place. Like nuclear warfare, biological warfare could wipe out civilisation as we know it. So Olson and some of his colleagues became intrigued by another type of weapon altogether, one which attacked not the body but the mind.

Those scientists in the Western intelligence community who supported the idea of developing brain-washing programmes had two gurus—Dr Douglas Ewan Cameron, a Glasgow-born psychiatrist, and Dr. Sydney “The Gimp” Gottlieb, the CIA‚s top expert on brainwashing. Cameron won his post-graduate diploma in psychiatric medicine at the University of London before joining the staff at John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, in 1926. He became convinced that the mentally ill posed a grave threat to Anglo-American civilisation and should be forcibly sterilised.

During the Second World War he was a member of the Military Mobilization Committee of the American Psychiatric Association and was appalled to learn that of the fifteen million men inducted into the US armed forces, two million had to be rejected on neuropsychiatric grounds, a proportion far higher than in any other nation. He set about finding remedies including electroshock (60,000 ECTs in a single year), lobotomies and other forms of psychosurgery, sensory deprivation and mind-altering drugs--all used on patients who had little or no say in their treatment. Conscientious objectors, many of them Quakers, were defined by Cameron as mentally-ill and sometimes forced to accept treatment.
When the end of the war revealed that the Nazis had been carrying out similar experiments—23 German doctors were convicted at Nuremberg—the Western intelligence community suddenly became very interested in Cameron’s work. This interest grew to an obsession after the Stalin show trials with the robotic, apparently artificially-induced confessions made by the accused. Then the behaviour of American POWs held in Chinese camps during the Korean War and their subsequent denunciation of the American way of life, futher convinced the CIA that the communists were already well advanced in mind control techniques. In intelligence circles there were rumours of a Soviet plot to place brain-washed zombies in the White House and other citadels of Western power.

The American response was MK-ULTRA. Its director, Dr. Gottleib, sought help from his Scottish hero, Cameron, and set him up with cover organisations to distance the CIA from some of the more abbhorent aspects of MK-ULTRA‚s work. So Cameron founded the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, ran a proprietary company called Psychological Assessment Associates, and contributed papers to learned journals on “Psychic Driving”, “The Restructuring of the Personality” and “Suggestion and Extra-Sensory Perception.”

The short term goals were to counter any communist plot to insert brain-washed assassins into the West. However, according to authors Gerald Colby and Charlotte Dennett, biographers of Nelson Rockefeller—one-time chairman of a committee overseeing the MK-ULTRA operation—the scientists also wanted to find drugs or techniques by which “a man could be surreptitiously drugged through the medium of an alcoholic cocktail at a social party . . . and the subject induced to perform the act of attempted assassination of an official in a government in which he was well-established socially and politically.”

A far-fetched ides, perhaps, but one whose currency was not limited to the CIA. A few years later, the surreptitious administration of a mind-altering drug in a drink at a party was suggested as a possible solution to a strange double death in Sidney, Australia. On the morning of January 1, 1963, Dr. Gilbert Bogel, and his lover, Mrs. Margaret Chandler, were found dead on a river bank after a riotous party given by staff of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Bogle, a brilliant scientist, had told friends that he was about to go to the US to work on scientific research of great military importance. The deaths were never solved, but Sydney detectives became convinced that Bogle and his colleagues had been experimenting with LSD and the effect it produced on their thought-processes—the invitation to the New Year's party required each guest to bring a painting done under the influenced of the drug—and their either by accident or by design someone had slipped the couple what turned out to be an overdose.

Repeated requests to the BBI under the Freedom of Information Act asking for details of the work that Boigle would have been doing in the US have met with refusal on the grounds of national security. But the speculation is irresistible that it might have involved experiments in mind control similar to those that Olson had worked on.

The long-term aim of these experiments with mind-altering drugs is thought by those who have studied the MK-ULTRA programme to have been to ensure the dominance of Anglo-American civilisation in the “war of all against all—the key to evolutionary success.” Brain-washing would be used not only to defeat the enemy but to ensure compliance and loyalty of one's own population.

Where did Dr. Olson fit into all this? A Harley Street psychiatrist, Dr. William Sargant, now dead, was sent by the British goverment in the early 1950s to evaluate MK-ULTRA. On his return he told a colleague and friend, former BBC television producer, Gordon Thomas, that what Cameron and Gottlieb were up to was as bad as anything going on in the Soviet gulags.

Thomas, whose books include a 1988 study of the CIA's forays into mind-control, Journey into Madness: Medical Torture and the Mind Controllers, says “Sargant told me that he had urged the British government to distance this country from it. He said it was blacker than black.” According to Thomas, Sargant told him that Frank Olson had come to Britain between 1950-53 to work on attachment at Porton Down and had also made frequent visits to “an intelligence facility” in Sussex. This is confirmed by entries in the special passport that Olson used.

The stamps on the passport, which declare that the bearer was on “official business for the Department of the Army” indicate a pattern of travel that took Olson between various British military airfields, France, Occupied Germany, Scandanavia and the United States between May 1950 and August 1953. 

Prosecuting attorney Saracco believes that something happened on one of these trips that holds the key to Olson’s death. Since the matter is still before a grand jury Saracco cannot talk about it but Gordon Thomas has his own idea of what it was. “The CIA was using German SS prisoners and Norwegian Quislings [collaborators] taken from jails and detention centres as guinea pigs to test Cameron’s theories about mind control. The agency preferred to conduct such clinical trials outside the United States because sometimes they were terminal—the human guinea pig ended up dead. Olson was accustomed to seeing lethal experiments done on animals but when human beings were used in this way it was too much for him. I believe that he wanted out.”

Mike Miniccino, an American businessman and historical researcher who has spent 25 years studying the MK-ULTRA programme and developing a database on its activities says that if Olson expressed doubts about MK-ULTRA and its work then he would have done so to William Sargant, the Harley Street psychiatrist, who had evaluated MK-ULTRA‚s work and who had been a close colleague of Olson’s.

And although—as we already know—Sargant wanted the British government to distance itself from the CIA’s work with MK-ULTRA, Miniccino says he nevertheless was committed to the principle of mind control and became the link between the British Secret Intelligence Service and MK-ULTRA. Miniccino adds, “So if Frank Olson expressed serious doubts about the MK-ULTRA project to Sargant, then he signed his own death warrant.”

What Miniccino is implying and what public prosecutor Saracco wants to prove is that the MK-ULTRA mind control project—with its clinical trials on unsuspecting human beings—was such a sensitive issue with the western intelligence community that it would go to any lengths to prevent an insider like Olson, from blowing the whistle.

Is this, then, what happened? Did Olson tell the British psychiatrist/SIS agent Sargant that he wanted out of the mind-control project, and that his conscience might compel him to reveal publicly what the intelligence services had been doing? Did Sargant then pass this on to SIS, who in turn told the CIA? Was a decision then taken to make certain that Olson never talked by destroying his memory with drugs and, when this failed, by murdering him and making it look like a suicide?

Apart from the evidence set out earlier, there is another compelling fact that supports this theory. Until Mrs Olson died in 1993, a regular visitor at her house was Olson’s former boss in Special Operations, Vincent Ruwet. Ruwet would spent long-daytime hours with Mrs Olson. The two would drink together at her house (Mrs. Olson became an alcoholic) while Ruwet listened to the problems she faced in bringing up her three fatherless children. Everyone considered him to be a sympathetic family friend. But newly-discovered documents reveal that Vincent Ruwet had been assigned by the CIA to “keep track of the wife.”. If Olson was a threat because of what he knew, and knowledge can be passed on, then the CIA would have to spy on all those who had been close to him in case he had told them the truth about MK-ULTRA? THE CIA has always maintained as a matter of historical record that it has never murdered an American citizen on American soil. If, as a result of Eric Olson's persistence in trying to uncover what really happened to his father, and the investigating skills of public prosecutor Saracco, this turns out to be a lie, it could well be the beginning of the end of the agency.

Eric Olson says, “The Cold War is over and there are now ongoing national debates about the future of the CIA and about unethical medical testing on humans. My father's case covers both. The use of hallucinogens, hypnosis, electroshock and other procedures in an attempt to control the way people behave was the CIA‚s equivalent of the Manhattan [atom bomb] Project. 

MK-ULTRA was secret, shocking and incredibly dangerous. They couldn‚t afford to take the risk of letting my father continue to be involved or, considering all he knew, allowing him to quit. So he was terminated instead. My father's murder crossed a line in the sand which the U.S. government has always publicly respected. The guilty ones will not be allowed to get away with it.” Or as Fox Mulder would say, “The truth is out there.”

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Government Broke My Heart: Political Persecution in America


Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them.
--Ephesians 5:11

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

This report presents snapshots of moments in time from the lives of two individuals targeted for political persecution. Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee; and Barbara Hartwell.

Those who tell the truth are always attacked by evildoers and demonic liars, the perpetrators of crimes against humanity. Thus it has always been throughout history.

Most of the liars and evildoers who are attempting to destroy our lives work for the United States Government --or are low-level hirelings and stooges of same. These minions of Satan harass, stalk, threaten, libel and slander decent, legitimate people; and ironically these same criminals pose as 'Friends of Liberty'; 'Champions of the Oppressed'; 'Freedom Fighters', who claim to be "exposing" government corruption.

These loathsome liars and poseur "patriots" vociferously insist that we (Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee and others) are the liars, criminals, government plants, CIA/FBI operatives and disinfo agents.

Many of them have been exposed by Geral and myself. Their diabolical calumny; monstrous invasions of privacy; thievery; forgery and crimes against persons tell the true story.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Since I wrote the report (below) in 2002, my situation has not improved, but has materially grown far worse. The persecution directed at Geral has not let up either.  The assaults with directed energy weapons have escalated, an ever-increasing threat to his life.

Is this the United States of America? Land of the free and home of the brave?

Only in our dreams.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 28, 2009

Political Persecution Against Whistleblowers Escalates

Note, March, 2007: Since this report was written, almost five years ago, the same type of persecution has continued.

In my own case, having no access to medical care and no disability benefits, my general health has become so fragile that I have had to withdraw from all activities which cause any form of stress, and I no longer have the stamina or the resources which would allow me to travel in connection with political activism, as I once did. [See: 100% Disabled, Not Eligible for Disability Benefits:Death by Government, on this site]

For the most part, I have withdrawn from the world and become a recluse. Having no concrete support or backup that I can rely on, I have reached the limits of my endurance.

I document the persecution (as does my friend Geral Sosbee) and publish these reports for the public record.

June, 2002
Political Persecution of Whistleblowers Escalates

Defenders of Liberty and the Constitution:

This is an open letter to all defenders of the Constitution, the real patriots who are willing to fight for liberty and justice for all. Liberty and justice for ALL means liberty and justice for each INDIVIDUAL. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS guaranteed under the Constitution, and more importantly, bestowed by God, as our birthright.

Defending INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS is the ONLY way to attain real freedom.

Not some socialist ideal of sacrificing the rights of the individual for the so-called 'common good'. Not some fascist ideal of 'Homeland Security' whereby the surveillance powers and control mechanisms of the state supercede an INDIVIDUAL citizen's right to privacy or 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'.

Since the fascist takeover by the Bush administration, ALL of our individual rights are threatened as never before in the history of our country. But for some of us who had taken a public stand to defend the Constitution, long before the overt manifestation of the encroaching police state; for some of us who have come from inside various government agencies to blow the whistle on corruption and hideous abuses of human rights, such as myself and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, the situation has become immediately life-threatening.

Since I broke out of the black operations in 1994, I have been targeted to be 'neutralized' by CIA. Since 1994, several attempts have been made on my life, through being poisoned; directed energy weapons and arranged car 'accidents' causing injuries which resulted in permanent disabilities for which I have never been able to get the proper medical treatment.

The persecution directed at me has taken many forms. The perpetrators of this persecution have used all the standard tactics including character assassination; impugning my sanity; attempting to destroy my professional reputation. I have written at length about this persecution and neutralization campaign since 1996, when I first went public as a survivor of the CIA MK Ultra program, so it would be redundant to repeat all the gory details in this report.


But worst of all, and the hardest tactic to withstand (aside from physical assaults) is financial ruin.

Due to the last stages of extreme financial destitution, it is possible that I may lose my website in the near future because I have no money to pay my phone, electric or Internet Service Provider bills. I have not received any substantial contributions to my Legal Defense and Research Fund for the past six (6) months, the only way I have of funding my work. My last small but reliable source of financial support, which did not even cover basic living expenses, will be cut off in September, which means that I may also lose my home at that time. I can't be sure that any of these things will happen (and I pray to God that they won't) but given the indications, and that I have no dependable source of financial support, I must prepare myself for the worst case scenario.

And in case anyone is wondering why I am not steadily employed in any 'regular' job, it is because I suffer from chronic illness and disabilities which make it impossible for me to be reliable, because of my fragile and unpredictable health. I refuse to be a health bore and the state of my health is my private business. But I have no insurance, so I am unable to get medical treatment. And most significantly, the disabilities I suffer from are a direct result of the abuses perpetrated on me for many years while being utilized in the black operations and of the subsequent persecution, though naturally, I have no way to prove that.

I am not eligible for disability benefits from the Social Security system, due to the fact that I have no official employment records and have therefore not paid (illegal and unconstitutional) taxes to the extortionists of the IRS and their dark overlords at the multi-national private corporation, the Fed, to qualify.
All of my adult life I have variously been 'self-employed'; worked for CIA front companies under limited contracts; or been an official 'dependent' of others who claimed me on their tax forms. Of course, this is the way it was designed by my oppressors so that I would not be able to earn a living and survive if I ever managed to break out of their control. In essence, I am like a ghost, having little substance within the system, since I have been living on the fringes of it for the better part of a lifetime.

I am not looking for sympathy and I stopped caring long ago whether or not anyone believes that the political persecution engineered against a target could result in the extreme situation I have described here. For the record, I am just stating the facts. These facts can be —and have been— corroborated by the testimony of numerous other targeted individuals who have been subjected to similar circumstances.


Attorney, Vietnam Veteran and ex- FBI agent Geral Sosbee is another individual targeted for political persecution, by virtue of being a whistleblower and activist. He has exposed corruption in the FBI and the CIA and has been viciously pursued by these agencies in their attempts to neutralize and silence him.

I have known Geral as a friend and professional associate since last year (2001). I have done what I could to help publicize his case and have spent many hours speaking with him on the phone. Geral is one of only a few people who truly understands the brutal harassment tactics used by the spooks and goons in their campaign to neutralize a target.

This is because he has personally been subjected to some of the worst persecution any human being could possibly endure. The perps have repeatedly drugged and poisoned him. They have repeatedly broken into his car and his home. They have stolen and destroyed his possessions. They have forged and tampered with documents related to his former employment by the FBI. He has been accosted on the street and threatened by goons, whom he refers to as 'mental dwarfs'. He has also had to face financial ruin as a result of standing up against his oppressors.

But what's worse, the persecution directed at this ex-FBI agent escalated dramatically once he became associated with me. He has done all in his power to help me in any way he could. He has even sent me money, which I well know he could ill afford to do. He knows that my testimony regarding the CIA black operations I was involved in is the truth and he knows that I suffer the same consequences as himself for being a whistleblower. And despite coming under heavier fire for his association with me, he has continued to offer his support and has remained a loyal friend. Geral is a rare person for his courage and integrity, an example of what an FBI agent SHOULD be.

Recently, Geral wrote a letter of support and endorsement on my behalf, when he saw that I had come under numerous attacks by character assassination and attempts to impugn my sanity. It's always heartening to know you are appreciated, so here it is.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Barbara Hartwell through her superb writings and by virtue of my lengthy telephone conversations with her for many months.

When Barbara makes a statement of opinion I know that she has a firm foundation (and in many instances cogent scientific evidence) supportive of the phenomenon that she reports. I have the greatest respect for the person of Barbara Hartwell and I know her to be one of the most knowledgeable persons in our midst with respect to the terrorist practices of the fbi/cia and similarly chartered/motivated groups.

Barbara is helping to educate the world about the criminal activities of the fbi and the cia, especially in the areas of mind control and particularly concerning the "Non-Consensual Cover Research" program that I am also personally familiar with. More significantly, Barbara is saving lives and she is one of the most courageous human beings I have ever known.

Anyone who attempts to bring discredit on this marvellous woman (by the use of pejorative labels and absurd blasphemes) defeats his/her own transparent purposes by doing so and stands in total opposition/contrast to the humanitarian work that Barbara pursues (at her own great personal loss). I feel privileged and honored to be in her company and I will continue to work with her to help victims of fbi/cia terrorist activities worldwide.

Intentional efforts to casually defame one of this country's greatest treasures , Barbara Hartwell, reflects the sinister depravity of the accuser.

Geral Sosbee

Thanks, Geral! And God bless you.

In my latest phone conversation with Geral, on June 27, 2002, he informed me that he would be forced to leave his present home, because the persecution had become so severe as to immediately threaten his life. He could not tell me where he is going, because of the surveillance on both our phone lines, but promised he would let me know within a few weeks. He does not own a computer, so can only have access to his e-mail and write the material for his website at a library. But I do have the number for his cell phone, so I can stay in touch with him. And I intend to report the latest information he gives permission for me to publish, as often as possible, in order to make sure his case stays public.


At present I have no family members nor friends who are both able and willing to provide the type of support I would need to avert the catastrophic losses which would leave me completely devoid of the necessary components for survival. For many years, anyone who has attempted to help by becoming directly involved in my situation in any way, has been targeted for similar persecution. For those who had already been targeted, the harassment and sabotage escalated dramatically due to association with me. Family members, friends and professional associates have been subjected to a whole range of diabolical tactics, including —at the most extreme end of the spectrum-- intimidation, coercion, military hardware deployed against them —and even death threats.

It is an outrage to know that my life may soon come to an end, simply because the perpetrators of these extreme transgressions against me have too much to lose if I continue to expose their crimes against humanity. Because I am outmanned and outgunned. Because the criminals and tyrants have all the resources: all the weaponry and all the money necessary to wage their war against a law-abiding citizen and defender of the Constitution like myself, whereas I have nothing.

Because I have had the courage to tell the truth about what has happened to me (resulting in extreme damages, physically, materially and psychologically) while the perpetrators are liars, cowards and traitors who have profited from the abuses of their victims. And worst of all, because I have been up against these bastards all alone for as long as I can remember. Without exception, any person I had once believed I could rely on for real backup has betrayed and/or abandoned me.

I am speaking here only of those from whom I had a reasonable expectation of such support, by virtue of a close personal tie or family relationship. I am not making reference to those friends and professional associates who have provided various forms of support such as financial contributions, publishing my work; acting as sources for vital information or other forms of aid and comfort. Without them, I would not have survived this long and I am deeply grateful for whatever they have been willing to give.

I made a commitment, long ago, that I was willing to die fighting for my freedom, if necessary. Just as important, I want to see justice done. The criminal tyrants should be held accountable for their human rights violations. They should be tried and convicted in a court of law. They should be forced to make restitution to all those victimized and exploited by their illegal black operations and to the families of those who were murdered.

What real possibility of restitution there can be for the lives they have destroyed, I don't know. No amount of money could ever make up for the physical and emotional pain and suffering; the heartbreak of ruined family and personal relationships. But money is the only thing these bastards understand. And they owe me more than they could ever pay. You don't need to ask if I'm bitter. Damn right I am.

I have been in this battle for many years. Not once have I backed down; compromised my principles; nor allowed myself to be intimidated into submission. I have made it clear to the perpetrators that the only way to silence me is to kill me. And, as God is my witness, I will hold to that commitment until the day I die.

Despite the rage and bitterness I can't help but feel at times; the soul-shattering heartbreak at what I and others I care for have had to endure; the despair that sometimes overwhelms me, I have always known, since earliest childhood, that God and the angels are watching over me. My life has been saved in miraculous ways by Divine intervention. God works in mysterious ways. Often in the ways I least expect.

Once in awhile, I get a message from a stranger, someone I don't know but who knows of me through my writings or through the grapevine. And the messages which give me the most hope usually come — believe it or not — from people formerly employed by the intelligence community. There ARE good people who once worked in intelligence. There are good people who STILL work in intelligence.

I received the following message on my birthday, March 13, 2002. Although the author was anonymous, I did find out, through a mutual associate, the identity of the man who wrote this message to me. I can't tell you his name, but chances are you'd recognize it. In the spirit of hope and of freedom and justice for all, I'd like to share this message with you.

From 'Anonymous' to Barbara Hartwell:

Keep up the great work. Be strong. Many of us alumni from the "second floor empire" at Langley applaud your courage and determination and wish you success and continued safety.

Brotherhood of the Orchid

This report will be followed by others which will continue to outline the circumstances I am facing and the persecution I and others are being subjected to. I will continue to issue such reports for as long as I have access to a computer and the Internet.

Barbara Hartwell
June 28, 2002

SUPPORTED BY DONATIONS: If you find the reports on this website valuable and/or simply because you care, please consider making a donation. All donations, in the form of Christian charity or love gifts, are greatly appreciated and are my only source of material support. No amount is too small, you are helping more than you know.   
Thank you for your consideration and God bless you.  
Barbara Hartwell, Sovereign Child of God, Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Morality Tale: Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick, Ace G-Man

'Ace G-Man' Brenda Negri in her Government (TSA) Uniform


I wrote this report in January, 2002. Since that time, Brenda Negri (under her real name) has been supported, defended and promoted by a number of other government stooges and shills, for the simple reason that she has been exposed by Barbara Hartwell, who seems to have been deemed Public Enemy Number One by this particular gaggle of stooges.

Known accomplices of Brenda Negri (past and/or current) with whom she has been in collusion to stalk, harass, threaten, libel/slander legitimate whistleblowers, journalists, Messengers of Truth, Defenders of Liberty, include: Timothy Patrick White; Ken Adachi; Shirley Anderson; Todd Brendan Fahey; Larry Lawson.

And mark my words: not a word uttered or written by any of these government stooges can be believed!

If you read enough reports on this site, you will see these same names turn up again and again... and like a bad penny, they always come back. And, like birds of a feather (vultures and scavengers, that is) they flock together.

Lastly, keep in mind that Brenda Negri, hiding behind yet another alias, "James L. Choron", is the author of the libelous pseudo report (see previous post) filled with outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell.

The very same report being distributed by predicate felon Tim White, and which to this day remains posted on Ken Adachi's government disinfo site, Educate-Yourself.

Get behind me, Satan!

March 27, 2009

I would like to tell you a true story, perhaps best described as a morality tale, about my short --but not sweet-- association with a woman named Brenda Negri, who goes under the alias Ranger Rick.

The reason I feel the need to tell this story is that this woman has recently embarked on a vicious public slander and libel campaign against me.

The facts I will outline here should speak for themselves. I am also including Brenda Negri's testimony, in her own words, taken from commentaries posted on her website and others, such as American Patriots Friends Network and Rumor Mill News.

The unconscionable and malicious lies this woman has been spreading about myself and others will be revealed and I can only hope that her assassination of my character and her assault on my professional reputation will be perceived by all who have the discernment; the eyes to see or ears to hear.


Here's how my ill-fated dealings with Brenda Negri began. In mid-October of 2001 a person using the alias 'Ranger Rick' posted a message on the Rumor Mill News Forum, suggesting that RMN readers take a look at an article written by me, under the whistleblower section on Conspiracy Planet, titled Tyranny, Treachery, Terrorism and Trauma: The Formula.

I wrote an e-mail to Ranger Rick, just to say thank you for recommending my article. Hindsight may be 20-20, but writing this brief, innocuous little note was one of the most injudicious moves I ever made.

At the time, I had no idea who Ranger Rick really was. All I knew was that RR presented himself as the 'Ace G-Man' accompanied by a cadre of 'Fab Feebs' and 'Savvy Spooks', also billed as a group of 'rogue' intelligence operatives' and law-enforcement types who were hard at work fighting for Truth, Justice, the Constitution and the American Way. It sounded good, but as I should have reminded myself, things are not always what they seem.

In 'his' writings, Ranger Rick always used the plural pronoun "we". As if there were more than one of these 'Fab Feebs', or 'rogue operatives'. The implication was that there was a network of these 'agents' working together for a common cause.

Ranger Rick —touted as the undisputed and fearless head honcho of this band of righteous 'rogues'— also seemed to have taken on the persona of John Wayne, right down to addressing the readers of his commentaries as "Pilgrim", while preaching and admonishing them to follow Ranger Rick's heroic lead. Ranger Rick walked tall and talked tough, about 'mole hunts', tricks of 'tradecraft' and chasing down 'NWO scum', 'Yakuza Thugs' and 'Mob Goons'.

But as I soon found out, there was no such 'Ace G-Man', nor were there any 'Fab Feebs' or 'spooks' in alliance with the tough-talking, mob-chasing, tradecrafting, mole-hunting Ranger Rick.

The individual masquerading as Ranger Rick was simply a lone civilian woman named Brenda Negri, who worked at a mundane office job in Los Angeles. A woman with absolutely no background in intelligence or law enforcement. No training in any sort of 'tradecraft'. No legitimate credentials in any field, as she inferred. None of the awesome experience and expertise in or firsthand knowledge of 'the covert world' of which she brazenly boasted in her prolific public commentaries.

I know this, simply by virtue of the fact that she admitted all these things to me herself.

Since I refuse to have dealings with people who won't be straight with me about their real identities, I was not about to engage in serious communications with any person claiming to be an 'Ace G-Man'; not without knowing the real deal.

And although it took awhile, roughly two months, I finally found out that all the tough talk and grandiose claims were nothing but hot air and horseshit. As to what was her motive for staging this absurd scam? It's anyone's guess. But I have some ideas about that and will gladly share them.

Quote from 'Ranger Rick':

"We try our best to stand up for integrity and honesty here......We don't claim to be anything we ain't. We're plucky, nosey, resourceful, courageous, persistent, honest, integral, humble and don't take 'no' for an answer when we think we are being shielded from finding out the truth."

--From the Fifth Horseman website, Dec 26, 2001

Quote from Brenda Negri:

"PS: Would you PLEASE abstain from telling people I am a plant from and/or for the CIA. You're blowing my fucking cover all to hell, Webb! Besides, its ONI who runs me, not Langley (ha - checkmate)"

--Postscript from an e-mail sent to Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb, Tuesday, November 13, 2001

So, Brenda is REALLY being 'run' by ONI? The Office of Naval Intelligence, that is.

At least that's what she claimed to Stew Webb. Well, that's an interesting twist. But hardly believable. And far be it from me to blow Brenda's deep cover. But please, read more of her fabulous claims of cloak-and-dagger derring-do and decide for yourself.

Here, more quotes from Ranger Rick:

"Speaking of MIND CONTROL, we have to again say "oops" in our assessment of who's legit and who's not, or perhaps the better term is "to be trusted." We won't name names. We WILL however thank Mike Sweeney of who has had a hell of a lot more experience dealing with MC types coming out of the woodwork than we have. He must have had a premonition.

He warned us that the closer we got to the truth and the bigger toes we stepped on, the bigger the chance there was that someone with Langley connections would start planting MC people on us to delay, confuse, disinfo, sponge intelligence off of us, get names, and basically cause us to run up some pretty big phone bills. Boy, was HE right.

It's best to remember the evil and sick minds behind the training these people had (one source of ours went so far as to say for this reason, they doubt that most of these people ever really 'come clean' and are as adept at being deceptive and manipulative as their 'handlers' were) and also to keep in mind that the chances of them being totally "out" of the 'spell' is pretty slim. The odds they can be reactivated and triggered to do the CIA's dirty work again are pretty high, or so we've come to think. We also note that the two MC's that were put on us shared a couple of things in common. Any other SINCERE and LEGIT researchers out there may want to take note of this. It could happen to you. Both operatives were always financially bereft and perennially 'down and out', barely making it. And both mysteriously lacked the where-with-all [sic] to get long distance phone service.....thus making it necessary for the 'target' (in this case US) to be the one to run up the hefty phone bills.

In addition, both claimed to have ties to Langley (and more) yet could never really come up with any hold in your hand proof or evidence. Both excelled at extraction of information. Both would contact us at the most interesting times that invariably coincided with something else major going on. Timing IS everything."

--From The Fifth Horesman website, December 26, 2001.

As everyone has probably figured out by now, one of the "two MC's" Brenda claims were "put on" her was yours truly, Barbara Hartwell. (I can't be sure of the identity of the other individual to whom she refers.) But let me dispel the ridiculous notion that I was 'planted' by CIA on the anonymous and inconsequential Brenda Negri, by simply telling the truth about what really happened.

On the evening of December 26, I posted a report, Beyond the Denver Connection, on my own website, which was subsequently also posted on Rumor Mill News; Bart Cop; 911 UK; American Patriot Friends Network and The Konformist.

In this report I included a segment about Ranger Rick, outlining the unconscionable tactics she had used on me and others: Her bogus claims to being a 'spook'; her spreading of misinformation; her name-dropping of well-known people connected to the intelligence community; her attempts to ride on the coattails of known whistleblowers; her violations of my personal confidences; her flagrant interference in my personal and professional business.

As mentioned in my previous report, my purpose in exposing this woman as a phony was simply an attempt to protect myself from further damages as well as to stop the spreading of misinformation, which had compromised my own investigations, particularly as related to the so-called Denver Connection; and stirred up trouble between myself and certain associates and contacts.

Prior to exposing Brenda's transgressions publicly, I had issued several polite and respectful warnings to her to cease and desist from publicizing information I had given to her IN CONFIDENCE.

To stop harassing my contacts —whom she did not know—; to stop using strong-arm tactics in her efforts to force my contacts to give her sensitive personal information about themselves which was none of her business.

At times, she even resorted to veiled threats, claiming she was on a 'mole hunt' and that nobody had yet survived a mole hunt by The Fifth Horseman.

This obnoxious, presumptuous, unethical behavior and gross interference naturally elicited a response of anger and outrage by those whom she targeted, including myself. I was given opinions by several people, all bona fide ex-military or ex-intelligence operatives, whom she had approached —using my name— and presuming to speak on my behalf, without my knowledge or permission.

These individuals all told me that this woman was nothing but a loudmouthed, pretentious 007 wannabe with an apparent case of testosterone poisoning (her being a woman notwithstanding); and/or someone with delusional fantasies which had apparently spun out of control.

I should have listened to these people, but believe it or not, I actually continued to give Brenda the benefit of the doubt. I even went so far as to defend her to my contacts, saying I believed she meant well and had a good heart underneath all the bluster and macho-man bravado.

As it turned out, I was wrong. Anyone with a good heart or the sincerity and 'integrity' she keeps reminding everyone of —daily— on her website, could never have told the malicious lies which she eventually resorted to when she saw that I and others would no longer tolerate her continuing intrusions, gatecrashing, interference and violations of privacy.

Truly, I gave her every possible chance to stop her brazen interference and as I privately told a few others in confidence, I was hoping she wouldn't push me so far that I would have no choice but to expose her transgressions, in my own defense and for my own protection.

But as she herself admitted, in the quotes I have included here, she "won't take no for an answer." And evidently, 'not taking no for an answer' means continuing to push others like a bulldozer, despite their warnings that she has overstepped her bounds; and that the "nosiness" she seems to think of as such a virtue is in fact a remarkable disregard for the privacy and personal boundaries of individuals. Individuals she has no business interfering with.

Once Brenda realized that I had in fact been very serious in my warnings about refusing to tolerate violations of privacy and betrayals of confidence; which I clearly demonstrated by exposing her charlatanry publicly, she began her slander campaign in earnest.

Another individual who had been harassed and publicly slandered by Brenda, Federal whistleblower Stew Webb, also made it clear that he too, had had enough of Brenda's disrespect and interference.

He posted his comments on the message board of American Patriot Friends Network, in defense of Al Martin, after Brenda accused Martin of being a bogus whistleblower; a fraud; and of planning to take a payoff by the government.
Stew exposed Brenda's fraudulent claims and lies; and told the truth about her real name. He also posted an e-mail message from Brenda in which she claimed to be "run by ONI".

Brenda responded by posting a potpourri of nasty messages, in one of which she claimed that Stew Webb was: "A CIA mind-controlled mole". Well, I guess no one is safe when Ranger Brenda gets a bee in her bonnet and launches one of her 'mole hunts'.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is an excerpt from one of Brenda Negri's responses to Stew Webb's posts:

"There's some folk -emphasis on the FOLK part- who take themselves a-waaaay toooo serious on dis here board.....You'll pardon us but after our well placed icy little stabs and jabs on the web at Stew, CIA plant Babs Hartwell and Co. tonight, we'll kindly revert back into the grinning Cheshire Cat and return to doing what we do best, which is outing disinfo artists and going after corruption and mob goons and spooks....Tah tah, lovey....and remember, keep your hands to yourselves now, boys.."


And now, something really bizarre. I can't make heads nor tails of this post by Ranger Rick, seemingly apropos of nothing at all, but maybe you'll have better luck..........

[edited for brevity]

"Listen Webb, it's obvious we're having a problem in the communications department. In the future you've got to tell me what it is you want right away, because otherwise I've got no way of knowing that you don't want to see my penis. I'm a pretty sharp guy/girl, but you can't expect me to know how you're feeling all the time. Unless you tell me, I'm going to just assume that you want to see my penis.....I'm just a guy/girl with, if I do say so myself, a very nice penis. Hefty. Thick. Purpose-built....... A miracle of evolutionary design. There's no way anyone could look at it and think it's anything but a fine healthy penis. I know, because out of the literally thousands of people who have seen it, not one of them has mistaken it for anything but a penis.....Showing my penis is my way of being part of the crowd. More important, do you think I'd show my penis so much if I wasn't a friendly person ? Of course not..... I'm not just doing this for myself, though it does give me the warm feeling that comes from sharing. I do this because I want everyone to be my friend. And there's no better way to make friends than by showing people your penis. All this talking about my penis makes me want to see it right now. Just to look at it, mind you. I'm not going to touch it in any fashion that doesn't relate to letting everyone see it better. That would be sexual, and that's not the point. The point is that everyone should get to see it. Therefore, I have to raise it up a bit, or otherwise manipulate it so that it's more visible, then that's what I have to do. Of course, if you still don't want to see it, I won't take it out at all, out of respect for your weird neurosis."

It would appear that the "weird neurosis" belongs NOT to Stew Webb, but is more likely to be that of Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick. Some serious psychopathology would certainly explain this woman's strange behavior....but then again, maybe it's just a classic case of penis envy.

More quotes from 'Ranger Rick':

"We'll promise you two things here, and none will involve a ring or a long term commitment. This WILL be the last lecture we unleash up here this year ( ha! coy disclaimer that one) about some of the sh-t we've stirred up out there the last two weeks by daring to step on the Toes of the Whistleblower Gods on High.......Cheap thrills R US.

First of all, to tend to the sincere lot of you out there who e-mailed us today saying how our post today relating to Al Martin and certain MIND CONTROL operatives really struck a chord with them. Several of you thanked us for being so forthcoming with this information......because you suspect you may have been subjected to the same kind of agent-in-place being slapped on YOU for asking too many questions or digging in the 'wrong' places. know Stew you really did have a case. Once. But something happened on the way to Denver...actually a lot of things happened connected to Denver, most of them planned that way, and it all STINKS to us.

Matter of fact, it just reeks of the scent of pot. It smells like people so frantic to do damage control because their precious disinfo 'covers' are getting outed, that they will reduce themselves to teaming up with pot pushing cons like Doreen Bishop.

THREE BLIND MICE. SEE HOW THEY RUN. Hey, tis the season. May as well clean house, wipe the slate clean of disinfo perps and begin_2002 with a few less moles, Mind Controlled drones and triggered loons.

This post....and a tad of what was up before it has caused spook s--t to hit some fans. In a nutshell, we called Al Martin, Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb on the carpet. These three have Denver, unemployment, the constant solicitation of funding and money, and supposed ties to intelligence that vary from real to quasi to outright imagined, in common. They share a disturbing element of timing of their recent rants and comments and 'leaks' that screams of a highly orchestrated set up and disinfo ploy to us that is directly related to us questioning the 'legendary' Al Martin.

Our boldly going where few tread has caused somewhat of a fracas on many sites and message boards, including the unmasking of us from under our alias of Ranger Rick. We have always told readers of this site.....who the REAL Ranger Rick is — and have done so for safety and privacy reasons. Unlike the three people we have 'outed' we have a job, a damn good one at that. The FBI, spooks, covert players — already know who we are for years.

Do YOU honestly think we need any more crap than we already got ? We can handle the volume we got right now, thank you, and it's only bearable due to us being able to 'out' these bastards and perps on this site-since doing so, many of them have backed waaaay off. THEY know. And, as previously stated, the real players already know who we are.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE ! DEPT.: Since taking on the tender topic of integrity, ethics, and morality in the Patriot movement and truth seeking department we note our 'new' website url does not work anymore........

We apologize for the inconvenience and the confusion but we can't apologize for those behind it. As to the timing of the sudden demise of the new url, it relates to one certain 'outed' Mind Control perp by the name of Barbara Hartwell, her obvious deep and very active connections to Denver, the CIA, Doreen Bishop, Al Martin and flaming spewer of gab, Stew Webb — well, that says it all.

AH, but to be famous, gainfully employed, and a mercenary bent on disinfo, disorder and separating naive hardworking people from their hard earned money like these guys are. It must be really great to wake up every morning and look themselves in the eye and say, " So who can I bilk, buffalo, and bluster today with my endless psychodramas, bogus lawsuits and psuendo [sic] 'Iran Contra Insider' B.S. ? Sell, sell, sell and buy, buy, buy. The consumerization of truth. Ha -not for us and not here we don't."


Brenda accuses me of being single-handedly responsible for her new url not working. In addition to being delusional...just maybe, is she a bit paranoid? In a clinical sense, that is; not the colloquial meaning most of us use to describe hyper-vigilance, in response to REAL, not IMAGINED attacks.

Well, now that she has decided that I am a 'CIA plant'; a 'disinfo artist'; a 'mercenary'; a 'Mind Control perp'; and a bilker of the earnings of hardworking folks, does she now extend her theory of my nefarious activities to arrive at the inescapable conclusion that I am also some sort of computer hacker? What gives?

But wait....I think we can solve the mystery of the non-working URL without further speculation......let's hear once again from the redoubtable Brenda herself:

"ERRATA. Also known as OOPS. We've since been told the reason for our downed url ( is a big fat DOS (Denial of Service) Attack, which has taken out several urls and is supposed to be fixed soon. OK Stormy, you're off the s--- list, mate!"

So Stormy, the man who kindly gave Ranger Rick her new url, a domain name, was immediately put on her 'shit list', and then graciously taken off the hook. But how that relates to Barbara Hartwell, the 'Mind Control perp' accused of being responsible for technical problems on her website.....well, study the psychology of delusional paranoia and figure it out for yourself.

I also find it ironic that Brenda has repeatedly encouraged and endorsed the illegal activity of computer hacking on her own site. She has actually recommended to her readers: "Sponsor a hacker."

So, she is urging her readers to engage in illegal activities, a crime in itself; and meanwhile, falsely accusing others such as myself, who do not engage in or endorse illegal means to reach an end. It looks to me like Brenda might be setting herself up for a lawsuit, not only for defamation of character; but for publicly falsely accusing me and others of the same criminal activities she herself heartily endorses. Shame on you, Brenda Negri.

And Brenda Negri claims to have INTEGRITY? She touts her HONESTY? God preserve us from such expressions of "honesty" and "integrity".

But let's move on to more lies, more false accusations.

According to Brenda Negri, I have now "teamed up" with Doreen Bishop, and what's more, I am supporting her alleged "drug dealing".

FACT: I do not know Doreen Bishop. I have never met Doreen Bishop. I have never spoken to Doreen Bishop, nor had any other form of contact with her.

I guess Brenda believes that because I said in my recent article that I agreed with Doreen Bishop on ONE issue, that being the legalization of marijuana —which I have supported for the past 30 years— that THIS must mean that I am "supporting illegal drug dealing" --and what's more-- that I must have "deep connections" to Doreen Bishop.

This woman Brenda Negri needs to take a course in logic; or get some serious psychotherapy; or maybe she just needs to suspend her obvious malice long enough to stop the misfiring of the synapses in her brain. Maybe some "medical marijuana" would do the trick.

According to Brenda Negri I also have "deep connections" to Al Martin.

FACT: I have never met Al Martin. I have had, to date, exactly ONE phone conversation with Al Martin and what I discussed with him was none of Brenda's business; it had nothing to do with her.

Her name never came up in the conversation, as it was of no importance whatsoever. However, when I did make the mistake of telling her a few things IN CONFIDENCE, I had the displeasure of seeing this confidential info splashed across her website --with her own predictable twists; unfounded conjecture and silly comments thrown in for good measure.

And for the record, I do NOT in any way support Brenda Negri's slander campaign against Al Martin, although she tried to recruit me into her scheme for such a purpose, before I cut off my connection to her.

And since she has proven herself, to me and quite a few others, to be a pathological liar, I have no reason to believe ANY of the tales she tells, nor any of the 'evidence' she claims to have uncovered, against Al Martin or anyone else.

Now, more pearls of wisdom from Ranger Rick:

"Well I dunno about your weekend, but we came down with the flu and are so whacked out on Nyquil, that it's no telling what we'll put up here tonight. Add to that LAPD showing up a few hours ago to haul off the hotel manager for beating his wife up again - ah, all in the day of the life of a mob chasing intel junkie, living on the edge in the shadows of the Logicon Building in San Pedro. Hey, the good part is apparently, everyone in the hotel thinks we're a "Narc" or u/c for DEA, so they leave us alone. Big time. Heh heh heh...

Speaking of leaving us alone....apparently our being quite glib and up front about the fact we operate under an alias for safety reasons has not frightened too many people off, if any. ....... We've ALWAYS talked about who the real Ranger Rick is since day one here - although some folks out there seem to have conveniently forgotten that..."

No Brenda, that is another lie. You did NOT reveal the identity of the "real" Ranger Rick from "day one".

People, including myself, have printouts of the daily commentaries posted on your site, which is not archived. You simply assumed Ranger Rick's identity yourself.

It was only recently that you revealed the name of Richard Wade. But I would imagine that this man, if he has seen your ludicrous website, fully loaded with bogus claims, corny coded messages and tall tales about the 'covert world' in which you were never involved, and which exists only in your imagination; topped off by your trading upon his reputation......he must be mortified.

And speaking of PRIVACY (the purported reason for the alias: Ranger Rick) why is it that Brenda Negri is so concerned about her OWN privacy, while thinking nothing of violating the privacy of others?

She is entitled to her privacy, by all means, but her hypocrisy in denying that same right to others speaks volumes.

What about MY privacy? What about all of the personal confidences she has betrayed, violating my privacy and that of other individuals, in the process?

A last quote from Ranger Rick:

"Whoa this Nyquil is really a trip....we are seeing two computer screens right about now, and did we just say we didn't do drugs? We lied. Nyquil should be banned!"

Yes, Brenda, you lied...about many things. But don't worry, the truth will come out.....just keep on slugging that Nyquil......

Well, since the "real players", the "spooks" from the "covert world" know who Brenda Negri REALLY is, perhaps we have nothing to worry about. We can breathe a sigh of relief.

None of the "Spooks" I am acquainted with ever heard of her (except those whose doors she tried to break down in her "mole hunts"); but I'm sure that by now all those "real players" are shaking in their boots.....that is, if they're not falling off their chairs laughing as they read about the daring exploits of......(drum roll, please).....Ranger Rick: Ace G-man.

Barbara Hartwell
January 1, 2002