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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Government Dupes & Patriot Spies: Disinfo Campaign in Full Swing


October, 2002

This is a response to a post on the Larry Lawson News by Dennis Slatton of the United America Patriot Alliance. [Mr. Slatton's commentary is given in it's entirety at the bottom of the page.]

My response is in reference to statements made about Jeff Swedenburg; Stew Webb; Tim White and Ted Gunderson.

My perspective on these issues is based on my personal experience with these individuals, respectively, and my own extensive investigations. Since my name has been added to the mix, it's important that I set the record straight, at least as far as my own involvement is concerned.

With the exception of Tim White, I am well acquainted with all of the individuals named in Mr. Slatton's commentary.

Mr. Slatton writes:

"Tim White is the Person who contacted me about Jeff Swedenburg...being a Fed. Gov. Infiltrator. Jeff Swedenburg was one of our United America Patriot Alliance State Chairman...and contact points. (My Mistake)"

And further states:

"I just spoke with Ted Gunderson about this, Ted tells me there is yet a third Person by the name of Stu Webb...who has documental proof that Stu is a Federal plant. "

Let me start with Ted Gunderson. I worked with Ted for three (3) years between 1997 and 2000 in a professional capacity. At the time I also considered him a close friend.

I broke off my association with Gunderson in 2000 due to serious disagreements. Some of those disagreements have since been aired publicly (in articles on various websites) by both myself and Ted. I can no longer, in good conscience, endorse Ted's credibility, nor do I trust him.

I have gathered enough evidence to support the belief that he is functioning in a sort of COINTELPRO-type capacity and related operations. Enough said, for those who know the agenda there.

In a public statement Gunderson made the false claim that I have never broken away from CIA and am still under the control of CIA handlers. This is disinformation intended to discredit me. Gunderson has also disseminated disinformation about several of my associates, including Jeff Swedenburg and Stew Webb.

Regarding Tim White: I have never met Tim White. I first heard of White in August 2001 when he contacted me through a conduit, claiming he had "important information": Specifically, that Jeff Swedenburg had made threats to my life.

I thoroughly investigated this matter; made a point of getting to know Jeff and was able to determine beyond the shadow of a doubt that the information relayed to me by White about Jeff Swedenburg was completely false and bogus.

I have been subjected to telephone harassment by Tim White intermittently for about six (6) months. In these long-winded and often hysterical phone messages (all of which I have on tape) White made a string of derogatory and slanderous accusations about Jeff Swedenburg; Stew Webb and others.

Several reliable sources have told me that White has been furnishing false information about me to the FBI and law enforcement in Denver. White has been telling these individuals and others that I work for CIA and that I had been sent to "take him down." And God only knows what else...... and I had never even heard of Tim White until he contacted me with the false information about Jeff Swedenburg.

White has also targeted for harassment Al Martin; Stew Webb and others, including a friend and colleague of mine, Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, who contacted White as my advocate, in an effort to warn him to stop his harassing phone calls to me. But instead of ceasing and desisting his harassment of me, he began to harass Geral.

In recorded telephone calls (admitted as evidence in a court of law) to Doreen Bishop, White threatened me and called me, among other epithets "that CIA bitch." Other witnesses have also furnished me with similar testimony re White's defamatory comments about me.

Based on my investigations, it is my belief that Tim White is being used as a dupe (provocateur and infiltrator) by corrupt law enforcement in Denver. I know for a fact that White has spread a tremendous amount of very damaging disinformation about myself; Jeff Swedenburg; Stew Webb; Al Martin and others. I also believe White to be delusional and clinically paranoid.

White is also notorious for his aberrant behavior, in the form of 'cross-dressing'; collecting vile pornography, such as videos and magazines; and engaging in a lifestyle filled with drug abuse and perversion.

Al Martin, in a phone conversation with me, laughingly referred to White as "the cross-dressing conspiracy theorist". I can't think of a more fitting description. Perhaps one reason why Tim White has ZERO credibility among legitimate investigators and whistleblowers.

I have discussed Tim White at length with all of the individuals named here and targeted by White for harassment and disinformation, and each concurs with my basic assessment of Tim White. These assessments are based on factual information; documented evidence; and intensive investigations by professionals trained in law enforcement and intelligence operations.

I am also in possession of a transcript of a court hearing, documenting the testimony of Doreen Bishop and Tim White. The judge issued a restraining order against Tim White for criminal harassment of Doreen Bishop. 

Tim White is what as known in the legal system as a 'predicate felon '.

Regarding Stew Webb: I have spent countless hours exchanging information with Stew, on the phone and by e-mail. I know Stew to be a reliable source of information. He has a near encyclopedic knowledge of names, dates and facts which have proved extremely valuable and instrumental in corroborating information gathered in my own investigations. He also has reams of documentation to support this information.

Stew is also a sincere Patriot. He has been a good friend and has always stood up for me and defended my credibility when I came under attack.

He has been targeted for extreme persecution as a result of being a whistleblower; has suffered false arrests, imprisonment and attempts on his life. I know FOR A FACT that Stew Webb has never worked for the Federal government.

Jeff Swedenburg is also my professional associate and good friend. Ironically, the reason I got to know him was because of the bogus death threat being disseminated by Tim White and others (such as Kurt and Lee Ann Billings).

I conducted my own investigation of Jeff, only to learn that --far from being a government plant or assassin-- he himself had also been targeted by the same government agents who had targeted me to be "neutralized".

Jeff has since worked with me on various investigations (he is an excellent forensic investigator) and most recently served as my bodyguard on a trip cross-country. Perhaps needless to say, I would trust him with my life. And, believe me, I would not trust a "Federal Gov't Infiltrator" as far as I could throw him.

For a more comprehensive analysis, please see my articles:

The Denver Connection: More Conspiracy, Corruption and Coverups.

Man named in Denver Connection [Tim White] Takes Issue with Reports.


I find it disturbing, to say the least, that Mr. Slatton would publish these allegations about Stew Webb and Jeff Swedenburg (or for that matter,Tim White) when he has clearly not even bothered to take the time to look further into this matter.

Mr. Slatton is in possession of NO facts; NO documentation. He has furnished NO specific nor detailed testimony of witnesses which could possibly substantiate these allegations.

Mr. Slatton is operating purely on hearsay, based on the dubious and vague comments made to him by two (2) individuals, Ted L. Gunderson and Tim White.

Mr. Slatton claims that "both individuals [Swedenburg and White] have questionable backgrounds".

But who is to say that the background of the OTHER individual, Ted Gunderson, is any less "questionable"?

For that matter ANYONE could be said to have a "questionable" background. But if you never bother to ASK the questions, how can you ever find out the truth?

Did Mr.Slatton ever give Jeff Swedenburg or Stew Webb the benefit of the doubt? No.

Did he attempt to contact Swedenburg or Webb BEFORE posting this false and libelous information? No indeed.

Did he give either one of THEM the opportunity to refute the allegations of Gunderson and White or tell their side of the story? No, he did not.

Worse, Mr. Slatton adds insult to injury by summarily accusing Swedenburg and Webb of "betraying" the patriot community.

Mr. Slatton writes:

"The very People we called Patriots, are betraying us."

Posted on a public message board: Speculation....hearsay....gossip....rumours....nothing more.

It's little wonder there is so much disinformation out there........

It is precisely this type of irresponsible behavior that plays into the hands of those who are deploying the 'divide and conquer' strategy and with great effectiveness, I might add.

I would submit for your consideration that if Mr. Slatton wants to do any REAL good in the cause of 'patriotism', he might first make some attempt to check the facts and gather some solid evidence before jumping to wild and incendiary conclusions --and especially before he makes those conclusions public.

Barbara Hartwell
October 5, 2002


In a message dated 9/29/02 11:05:15 PM, DSlatton writes:

"Well, I have to report here goes.

New information has arrived, that leads me to speculate on the possibilities of 2 agents instead of one...if in fact the first one I spoke of in my last an Agent. The Person who called me about the would be Agent, is now in question as well. They are both from Colorado, and both have questionable backgrounds.

When this Person told me of this "Agent," I was shocked, this "Agent" was a contact point for United America Patriot Alliance. Yes, the organization I Founded and Chaired. It can be confirmed that this "Agent," was involved in a situation which you can read for yourself. Go to, in the search box, type in the name Jeff Swedenburg, when you have finished that, type in, Barbara Hartwell. Most of what you'll be looking for, is the Denver Connection. Remember the name Tim White, you'll be hearing about his involvement as well. When you have read that, come back and get the next part of this puzzle.

Tim White is the Person who contacted me about Jeff Swedenburg...being a Fed. Gov. Infiltrator. Jeff Swedenburg was one of our United America Patriot Alliance State Chairman...and contact points. (My Mistake)

After reading what I read in on both Jeff and Tim, I personally do not trust either one of them.

I just spoke with Ted Gunderson about this, Ted tells me there is yet a third Person by the name of Stu Webb...who has documental proof that Stu is a Federal plant. Isn't this getting interesting? The very People we called Patriots, are betraying us. I understand now, why 7 years ago...when I first tried to bring the Patriot/Militia Groups together, I was put on the Militia "No Contact List"! I now understand the need to tighten up the Patriot Movement.

You make up your own minds on this, the best I can make of the whole situation is, they all three (Jeff Swedenburg, Tim White, and Stu Webb) cannot be trusted. That is my have yours. But I thought you should be aware of these three, and BE careful.

My mail is being tampered with now as well. I received a package yesterday from Freedom Law School...containing some brochures to send out, and the package was all ripped open at top and bottom. I believe they are trying to send me a very clear message. They have my phone tapped, have my mail covered, and no computer to, the Poor misguided Heart and Soul Still belong to God, and the Patriot Movement! Have I gotten their message yet?, Why sure I have.

Good Bye, God Bless.

Dennis P. Slatton
United America Patriot Alliance"

Larry Lawson comments:

"I have nothing personal to backup what Dennis is saying here about these people. I have posted a couple against Barbara Hartwell. Something fishy there. The bad guys definitely want us DIVIDED and fighting amongst ourselves and certainly not trusting one another. So take all information like this with a grain of salt."