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Friday, December 8, 2017


 FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson


In my last report, exposing some of the individuals (and their websites) who are promoting false information against Barbara Hartwell, I included excerpts from an open letter to FBI chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson, who died in July, 2011, and exposing former senator/CIA operative, John DeCamp, who died in July, 2017.



Gunderson and DeCamp were criminals, and that is a fact, though they were never charged or prosecuted for their many crimes against persons or their crimes against God and country. The criminal conspiracies and racketeering went on for decades. 

And yet, their names are held aloft as heroes, as patriot celebrities, by many ignorant people; and promoted and defended by well-known talk show hosts, including the controlled-opposition shill, Alex Jones (a staunch defender of Gunderson and DeCamp) and Jeff Rense (who celebrates the birthday of Adolf Hitler, a Jew-hater extraordinaire, in lockstep with Gunderson, who was a crony of the late Willis Carto, of American Free Press, where Nazis were glorified and saluted, and where Gunderson was working behind the scenes, in a propaganda campaign to demonize “the Jews”.

In 2007, I published a report addressing John DeCamp's threats of a lawsuit against Barbara Hartwell. Here is the report. I hope this will shed some light on the true nature of some of the demonic characters who, for many years, have been libeling, slandering, threatening and harassing Barbara Hartwell. 

Gunderson and DeCamp are gone, but their minions and stooges press on, hell-bent on the destruction of their Targets, so the criminal conspiracy continues apace. They are haters of God and perpetrators of demonic evil. 

I implore all Christians to consider what is written here, and to use spiritual discernment, rather than blindly accepting the many lies promoted by the criminals (some named here) who are destroying this country, and the lives of those of us who stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the Constitution, for Liberty and most importantly, for God's Justice.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 7, 2017

Former Senator John DeCamp Solicits "Help" From Predicate Felon & Stalker Tim White (2007)

In March, 2005, former senator John DeCamp sent a public letter to predicate felon and career criminal, Tim White, titled, HARTWELL LIBEL SUIT. The letter is given in its entirety, below, in this report. This letter, libeling and demonizing Barbara Hartwell, has since been published all over the World Wide Web.

DeCamp recruited Tim White, a known criminal stalker, who has made many threats, including threats on my life, since 2002; and who has been engaging in criminal harassment of myself and many others, at least since 2001. For this, I have files full of evidence (including legal/police/court documents) and many witnesses.

Tim White has also been libeling and slandering Barbara Hartwell for five (5) years, making many wild and unsubstantiated allegations, which have absolutely no basis in fact. Among White's libelous allegations are that I am "CIA"; "CIA bitch"; "George Bush's trollop"; a "whore"; "sent by CIA" to target him...and many, many more, too numerous to mention here.

Tim White has boasted on many message boards that John DeCamp is his "personal friend"; and even that DeCamp is his "attorney".

White has also repeatedly harassed and threatened Barbara Hartwell in connection with the alleged DeCamp lawsuit, both by personal e-mail, and by posting his threats on public message boards. In one such e-mail message sent to Barbara Hartwell and copied to many others, White cited the DeCamp "lawsuit", and White threatened, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU.

This threat clearly implied, by the use of the plural pronoun "we", in connection with DeCamp's name, that White considered himself a mouthpiece for DeCamp and others. But then, DeCamp did select Tim White as the recipient for his public threat of a lawsuit against Barbara Hartwell. For this, DeCamp will take the consequences and will be held accountable for acting in collusion with this predicate felon to threaten and otherwise harass Barbara Hartwell, causing extreme damages in various forms.

The purported purpose of this letter from DeCamp to White was that DeCamp is "seeking Barbara Hartwell's address." And who does he recruit for this task? He recruits a criminal stalker, who violates restraining orders for several stalking targets, with impunity, and who had already targeted Barbara Hartwell for criminal harassment and even death threats.

Tim White was warned, in 2002, and given a directive, NEVER to contact Barbara Hartwell, ever again, for any reason, not by phone; not by e-mail, nor in any other way.

Once such a directive is issued, further attempts at unwanted contact constitutes HARASSMENT. Add the threats (including DEATH threats, and it becomes a criminal matter. Criminal harassment, from a known stalker, predicate felon and career criminal.

Add to this the fact that another criminal stalker, also a blackmailer and identity thief, Todd Brendan Fahey, who teamed up with Tim White, after he began his own harassment and libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, has been publishing my PRIVATE, UNPUBLISHED street address all over the World Wide Web, since July 2004.

Fahey was also warned and issued a directive, in July, 2004, by both myself and local law enforcement, NEVER to attempt any form of contact with Barbara Hartwell, for any reason. This, after harassing phone calls, threats of violence to me and my family, and stalking on foot at my home.

Yet Fahey has continued his criminal harassment and cyber stalking to the present time --with impunity-- just like his criminal cohort, Tim White. I receive harassing e-mails from Fahey on a regular basis, at a Yahoo address I keep only for occasional posting on message boards, as my other e-mail addresses are private and unpublished, just like my street address.

Fahey also continues to harass my friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, by posting libelous falsehoods --including pornographic filth, in connection with my name-- on Sosbee's message board. Fahey, like White, disregards all directives to cease and desist this stalking and harassment.

Tim White has also posted my PRIVATE street address all over the World Wide Web, in collusion with Fahey to violate my privacy; compromise my security and endanger my safety, by SOLICITING like-minded criminals to stalk and harass me. This also is a crime.

Ken Adachi, in collusion with White and Fahey, to spread libelous disinformation and outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, has also posted my PRIVATE street address on his website, Educate-Yourself, via libelous posts written by Todd Fahey [including 'Barbara Hartwell: Where Does One Begin?] which included my street address.

As for Adachi, he has been running a massive smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell since 2001. Preceding the letter from DeCamp to predicate felon Tim White is a commentary from Ken Adachi, filled with his usual malicious lies about Barbara Hartwell, and of course, defending the liars, criminals and shills I have exposed, over a period of years.

To refute the lies and libel of government stooge and Gunderson PR shill, Ken Adachi, I have placed my comments in brackets, in the main body of text.

From Ken Adachi
April 25, 2005

"It was bound to happen. Barbara Hartwell, the most viscous and libelous slanderer currently residing on the planet, is finally going to be sued for libel."

[BH: I have never "libeled" nor "slandered" anyone. My reports, in which I expose criminals, psychopaths, liars and useful idiots (like Adachi himself) are truthful, based on facts, and on the testimony of reliable witnesses. I also have hard evidence, in many cases, to substantiate my allegations.

Adachi clearly has no knowledge or understanding about what constitutes libel or slander. He just throws these terms around, hoping the readers will be as ignorant as he is.

Adachi's absurd hyperbole is to be expected, as is his yellow journalism, based not on facts (and completely lacking in evidence) but on sensationalistic fabrications, written by criminals using pseudonyms, which he regularly posts on his website. Example: Brenda Negri using the pseudonym James L. Choron, in an outrageously libelous piece, titled Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb and Al Martin, All Connected.]

"For the past 5 or 6 years, Hartwell has relentlessly libeled and slandered Ted Gunderson and others over the Internet and to date, has not faced any serious legal consequence, but apparently, that's about to change.

Hartwell's bravado-and recklessness- had recently swollen to the point that she actually accused attorney John DeCamp, a former state senator from Nebraska and author of The Franklin Cover-Up, of being a child molester and pedophile. Her latest fantasy accusations coming to us in yet another of her now famous rants, usually set in the length of a mini-novel, as is the customary style of The Crimson Viper (or The Merchant of Venom) as I prefer to call her."

[BH: As regards Ted Gunderson, I have done nothing but tell the truth about my own experiences, and have exposed truthful information, based on my own investigations and research. As a matter of fact, the information I have exposed is entirely consistent with that exposed by various others, including McMartin Pre-school whistleblower Jackie McGauley and author of The Last Circle, Cheri Seymour aka Carrol Marshall.

As for Adachi, he came out of the woodwork to start his malicious libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell in 2001, simply because he was directed to do so by Ted Gunderson. Gunderson is COINTELPRO, same as when he was in the FBI.

Adachi does not know me, nor anything about me which is accurate, truthful or real, and simply parrots whatever Ted Gunderson tells him to – and writes his smear pieces without ever doing any research; without checking his facts; and not knowing what the hell he is talking about.]

"Hartwell, progeny of a CIA family and programmed under the trauma-based MK Ultra program to be a mind controlled slave for the CIA, has always loudly declared that she was free of CIA mind control programming influence because "God" saved her and "freed" her from mind control and the CIA."

[BH: Adachi has got it wrong here, as always. I was never programmed to be a "mind controlled slave." Since I have not discussed the programming by CIA publicly, except in general terms (and that is my prerogative), Adachi has no way of knowing what type of programming I had, nor for what purpose.

Adachi, as always, is simply parroting what he has read or been told about the experiences and programming of OTHERS who claim to be "survivors" of CIA mind control; or by those claiming to be researchers and investigators of such mind control programs.

As it happens, the experiences and background of such persons has nothing to do with me – yet Adachi and his fellow charlatans continue to lump me into a category where I simply do not belong.

For those interested in the truth about my background and experiences (as much as I am willing to disclose), they may read about it in my own reports. And for Adachi's edification, just because I have gone public with my case, and as a whistleblower on CIA and other government black programs, does NOT mean my life is an open book. I am the one – and the ONLY one – who chooses what I will write about or speak about, publicly or otherwise. The readers may make of my reports what they will.

Attacks from Adachi and his cohorts, accusing me of being a liar, or spreading outrageous and libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, will not do a thing to change that.] 

"When she sought out Ted Gunderson's help in the late 1990's, she didn't come across as being so "free" of CIA control. She was worried that she would be killed at the time (I can't imagine why, as Hartwell is, has been, and continues to be, an enormous asset to the propaganda/disinformation goals of the CIA) and needed Ted's help to get out of Dodge. It was only after Ted extended himself to help her obtain the protection, publicity, and money that she so desperately needed, that Hartwell decided (a tip-off from "God" perhaps?) that Ted was 'dirty' and she dedicated herself to the task of "exposing" him over the Internet. I can only assume that it was this sort of dedication to ferreting out the "truth" concerning demons-in-disguise like Ted Gunderson that caused "God" to smile on our very own, modern day Joan of Arc and perform The Miracle of Spontaneous Deprogramming."

[BH: Adachi, again, parrots Ted Gunderson's lies and the disinformation about Barbara Hartwell which Gunderson and others have fed him. Adachi speaks with arrogant "authority" about people and subjects of which he is ignorant and uninformed, including Barbara Hartwell.

As for Ted's "protection", I was told by Ted Gunderson that he had "arranged for retaliation" should anyone make a hit on me. And Ted called me several times with his own fear-mongering tactics, saying "They want you dead, Barbara."

This, when I refused to comply with Ted's containment operation, to put the desired "spin" on my experiences and background, which had nothing to do with "satanism" or "sexual abuse" --which I clearly stated numerous times, both publicly and privately, including to Ted Gunderson himself.

I was never intimidated by Ted Gunderson's tactics, so although I was concerned about threats to my life from other quarters (including CIA), I mostly ignored these "warnings" as they did not seem credible. I just kept telling the truth about my own experiences, and exposing information at my own discretion, just as I had been doing before I ever met or heard of Ted Gunderson, or any of his associates.

And I broke off my association with Ted Gunderson only after I had seen enough evidence that Ted was involved in illegal activities; and after Ted himself admitted to me that DeCamp had been involved in certain criminal activities. I later learned much more, and when I exposed it, I was targeted for even worse harassment and threats, including by Tim White, DeCamp's chosen conduit to publish his threats about a lawsuit.

When I first exposed the truth about Gunderson and DeCamp, I had heard some of this truth (at least about DeCamp) from Gunderson himself, who admitted it to me, after I confronted him with what I already knew. So, if DeCamp wants to "sue" someone, maybe he should sue Ted Gunderson for "slandering" him to a third party, a person who was interested only in learning the truth; and who had no wish to be involved in any such dirty dealing or coverups, by association or otherwise.

As for "money", Ted himself sent me a check for $100.00, in 1997, but that was the ONLY money I ever got as a direct result of my association with Ted Gunderson. None of Adachi's lies can change that, either.

And let this stooge, Ken Adachi, call me Joan of Arc, in his foolish attempt to discredit my very real and devout spiritual beliefs in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He apparently enjoys mocking God as well. God, no doubt, will deal with him when the time comes. Bearing false witness is a serious offense and he'll be held accountable for it.]

"It seems that "God" has only seen fit to bestow this extraordinary and solitary miracle upon the saint-like character of Ms Hartwell, as other better known (and certainly more accomplished) MK Ultra victim/survivors such as Brice Taylor, author of Thanks for the Memories, have had to go through the tiresome and costly deprogramming-by-human-intervention method to be relatively free of CIA access to the subconscious mind. But hey; who am I to argue with "God's" Chosen Few?"

[BH: Again, more gobbledygook spewed out from the loud, offensive mouth of the ignoramus, Ken Adachi. He's entitled to his opinion, but I repeat: Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor is NOT the yardstick by which all cases of " government mind control" are to be measured. Having met her, spoken with her and read her books, I can say that her "case" simply does not share commonalities with mine.

Adachi uses her name, over and over, attempting to discredit Barbara Hartwell. Ford/Taylor is also a close ally of Ted Gunderson, and has been for many years. Sue Ford herself has spread many lies about me, in attempts to discredit me. And she also spreads much damaging disinfo about "mind control" on which she touts herself as as expert.

I have nothing to do with this woman, and haven't since I cut off my association with her in 2000, just as I did with Ted Gunderson.]

"Tim White (yet another victim of "Babs" barbs) sent me the following e-mail which he received from John DeCamp after Tim informed John DeCamp of Hartwell's latest slanders against him. It's obvious from DeCamp's use of capital letters that he's rather incensed at the UNFOUNDED RECKLESSNESS that is so characteristic of Barbara Hartwell and her writings. Her unabashed recklessness is the byproduct of a distorted, twisted, and PERVERTED psyche, which is what you get when you're a generational victim of CIA MK Ultra mind control programming."



[BH: Adachi promotes and endorses Tim White: predicate felon; career criminal; psycho stalker; transvestite; sexual pervert; collector of child pornography; drug trafficker -- and calls him a "victim" of Barbara Hartwell. And yet, Barbara Hartwell is accused of "recklessness"; of having a "twisted" and "PERVERTED psyche"?

Adachi really, really needs to make a reality check -- if such a thing is still possible. Either he himself has been brainwashed -- or he's just another malicious liar. From what I have observed of Adachi's behavior, both hold true.]

"Many victims of mind control, like Hartwell, fail to see their vulnerability in this regard. If you spend any time reading the Mind Control forum on the Internet, you will see that most posters exhaust themselves in an endless cacophony of paranoia, accusations, 'double' agent claims, 'moles', counter -accusations, etc. These people can no longer trust anything or anybody because their core sense of inner security of who they are and what they know to be true, has been taken from them. These people are wide open to the confounding labyrinth of paranoia and suggestibility, and believe me, they let it rip! This is not to condemn them, because they have been programmed without their consent, but rather, I want to remind the reader that victims of mind control have had their minds messed with- and messed with badly.

Hartwell represents the Worst of the Worst in this regard. With few exceptions (like her former "buddy", Kurt Billings), Hartwell has leveled her most vicious attacks against people who have tried their best to nationally expose mind control, satanism, and child abuse by the CIA, high level politicians, law enforcement, the military, etc. The only reason that we know so much today about mind control, satanism, and the abuse of children by elite pedophiles is because dedicated, selfless individuals like former FBI station chief Ted L. Gunderson, Fritz Springmeier, John DeCamp, or Walter Bowart have been talking, lecturing, and writing about it for the past 20 years or more. It stands to reason that the CIA, who are in bed with the Illuminati to destroy America and create a mind-controlled slave society, would want to discredit and smear those who are doing the most to expose their hideous agenda. And what better way for the CIA to accomplish that goal than by using one of their own, a MK Ultra mind controlled slave by the name of Barbara Hartwell, and have her do their mischievous work for them and never have to pay her a dime for that effort?"

[BH: Here, from disinfo stooge Ken Adachi, the usual tirade of invective, malicious lies, character assassination, defamation about Barbara Hartwell. He's a shill for criminal government operatives and I guarantee, he'll pay a heavy price for his evildoing.

I will not bother responding further to this fool (except for one comment, below) ; nor to Adachi's interminable line of drivel, except to state, once again, for the public record:

I do not work for CIA. I have not worked for CIA in over 13 years [since 1993]. I am not under any form of "mind control" by CIA, or any other person(s), entity, entities. I am not under contract by CIA, nor being "used" by CIA, nor am I in contact with anyone from CIA. Nor am I in collusion with CIA, nor any of their agents, operatives, contract operators or hired "talent". Period. Case closed.]

"If you recognize the enormous damage and injustice that Barbara Hartlwell has done to Ted Gunderson and now John DeCamp, and you are in a position to know the whereabouts of Barbara Hartwell, please forward that information to myself or Tim White. We will forward the info to John DeCamp who can then get her properly served. The time has thankfully come for Barbara Hartwell to finally pay the piper. God knows, it's long overdue.

Ken Adachi
Editor, Educate Yourself"

[BH: Ken Adachi now implicates himself, once again, as being in collusion with those (including Tim White, Todd Fahey, John DeCamp) who are violating the privacy; compromising the security; threatening the well being, and endangering the safety of Barbara Hartwell, by soliciting further harassment and stalking at my home address.

My street address, the location of my home, is PRIVATE, UNLISTED and UNPUBLISHED. And it will remain so, in perpetuity.

I have arranged to keep my street address private, through legal means, for my own safety. No one has a right, legally or otherwise, to violate my privacy, harass or stalk me. I will not tolerate it.

Furthermore, I do not receive postal service deliveries at my home address. I do not allow soliciting (of any kind) at my home. I do not allow trespassing on my property. When trespassers violate the law by disregarding the NO TRESPASSING signs clearly posted on my property, I warn the trespassers to leave immediately, and if they disregard my directive, I call the police.

It is NOBODY'S BUSINESS about my "whereabouts."

One of Adachi and White's cohorts, criminal stalker, Todd Fahey, has in fact, among his many outrageous lies, published one such falsehood about my "whereabouts": that "Barbara Hartwell has relocated to Brownsville, Texas and is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee."

In summary, I am damn sick and tired of being harassed, stalked and threatened by the loathsome individuals who comprise this criminal conspiracy, which includes racketeering.

And I will protect and defend myself by any and all legal means possible. I will also seek the arrest and prosecution, to the fullest extent of the law, of any and all persons committing crimes against me, my family or those who may be under my protection.

These criminals are hereby warned:
CEASE AND DESIST from all stalking, harassment and threats.

Barbara Hartwell
February 7, 2007

Here, as evidence, is the letter from former Senator John DeCamp, in which he solicits the assistance of predicate felon Tim White, and shows himself to be in collusion with Tim White to threaten Barbara Hartwell; to violate privacy; compromise security and endanger safety.

This letter was published on Todd Brendan Fahey's site, Friends of Liberty (on which he boasted an "exclusive"); but as given here (along with Adachi's above commentary), is taken from Ken Adachi's site, Educate-Yourself.

I have nothing much to say about DeCamp, except that I find him utterly despicable, just like his minion, his chosen conduit and shill, Tim White.

And the only comment I have on his letter to Tim White is that mocking the Holy Spirit would seem very much in character for a person like John DeCamp. Apparently, he does not realize that God will not be mocked. But I've no doubt, he'll find that out, to his great consternation, sooner or later.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Tim White"
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 3:34 PM
Memo from: John DeCamp 25 April 2005 To: Tim White

"Re: My Libel suit planned against HARTWELL..Need for address"

"I appreciate the E mails you have provided me relative to the apparent ALLEGATIONS Ms. Hartwell is making against me, John DeCamp, personally. I DENY ABSOLUTELY & UNEQUIVOCALLY THE LIBELOUS & SLANDEROUS ALLEGATIONS MADE BY THIS WOMAN AGAINST & ABOUT ME. Further, any issues or claims she would like to make have been tested in the courts & my vindication has been documented in some detail in my book, EVERY SINGLE EDITION OF THE FRANKLIN COVER UP EVER PUT OUT, & Ms. Hartwell should know this.

Ms. Hartwell claims she got her information & documentation & proof directly from the HOLY SPIRIT, AS I UNDERSTAND IT.

I NEED your help, Mr. White, in getting Hartwell's exact address so I can enter my suit in the proper court & properly notify her of my intentions & properly serve her with legal papers.

I do NOT personally use the internet, believe it or not...have to rely on my office help & my kids (who live on the damned internet) & hence I am sending THIS FORMAL LETTER TO YOU, MR. WHITE, SO THAT YOU CAN HELP ME LOCATE THE EXACT ADDRESS OF THIS CREATURE, HARTWELL, TO PROPERLY & TOTALLY & LEGALLY & EFFECTIVELY SUE HER FOR LIBEL.

So, Tim, would appreciate your reply ASAP & you are welcome to forward this information to creature Hartwell. First thing I will do in my libel suit against her is to TAKE HARTWELL'S Deposition & deposition of INFO PROVIDER, who is, ACCORDING TO HER, THE HOLY SPIRIT...SO, SHE BETTER BE READY TO PRODUCE HER WITNESS-THE HOLY SPIRIT--OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.

I AM DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT THIS, TIM. Feel free to provide this information to Gunderson or any one you deem appropriate. I do not know why Hartwell is making her LIBELOUS claims against me, What her goals & intentions are, OR WHO IS BEHIND HER DOING THIS & FOR WHAT REASONS, but I must sue her for it.


AS FOR THE WOMAN'S CLAIMS I DEFENDED KISSINGER. BULLSHIT. KISSINGER WAS THE SINGLE MOST INVOLVED & IMPORTANT INDIVIDUAL IN THE FIRING-IMPROPERLY-OF MY BEST FRIEND, C.I.A. HEAD BILL COLBY. He fired Colby improperly &, in my opinion, because Colby was revealing before the Congress (Church Committee Hearings) secrets of government wrong doing Kissinger did not want exposed.

I DID, I am sure, follow my absolute standard policy in the radio program of NOT SUPPORTING OR DEFENDING ANY ALLEGATIONS ABOUT ANYONE THAT I DID NOT PERSONALLY HAVE THE PROOF FOR. And, with respect to Mr. Kissinger, I am sure-without in any way remembering the program Hartwell claims I was on-that when "Allegations" of sexual impropriety were made about Kissinger that I would have pointed out that:

"I do not know. I do not have proof of Mr. Kissinger's sexual impropriety that is alleged & that you are asking me about."


My book, The Franklin Cover Up, resulted in a dozen of the most powerful attorneys in America threatening me with Libel at a press conference because in my book I name the names of the Most Powerful folk in America..BUT I ALWAYS GIVE PROOF or HAVE THE PROOF READY TO GIVE IF QUESTIONED.

I replied to libel suit threats with my statement that "Truth is a Defense & I am ready to defend any libel suits filed against me."


I however, filed MY OWN PERSONAL LIBEL suit against the "Great Atlantic Telecast Co.," out of Wilmington, North Carolina for claiming on their news broadcast that my claims about MANY powerful & prominent individuals I NAMED, were a "Lie." I WON THAT SUIT & GOT A BIG CASH SETTLEMENT (as part of the agreement I am NOT allowed to disclose the amount) & a public apology on their National TV station two nights in a row on the evening news. Based on what I have seen from Ms. Hartwell, it is my intent absolutely to file same type libel lawsuit against her.

With respect to Hartwell's claims about "Linda Wiegand" & my supposedly "cheating her or her friend" out of money in work I did for her. AGAIN, BS. . HER FRIENDS FILED A BAR COMPLAINT against me WHICH WAS INVESTIGATED FROM HERE TO HELL FREEZES OVER.

Despite the fact that State Bar hated me with a passion & would have done anything to get me (Because of book, Franklin Cover Up which named some bar members in the book,) THE STATE BAR TOTALLY, UNCONDITIONALLY CLEARED ME ON THESE CLAIMS. Fact is, Wiegand's friend-as I documented for the State Bar Investigation-SOLD HER, WIEGAND OUT, TO TRY TO GET A REWARD OF $50,000.00 & FOR OTHER EVIL REASONS.

John W. DeCamp"

Former Senator/CIA Operative/John DeCamp

Thursday, November 30, 2017


It is not often that I put my name in a search engine, especially the government-controlled spy-and-lie operation called Google, who have been instrumental in doing tremendous damage to me, as well as my friends, colleagues and family, some of whom have been hit simply by the fallout, as 'collateral damage'.

My reports have been published on the Internet since 1995, and my first website went online in 2000. In all this time, I have rarely encountered such a plethora of blatantly false information against one person, as has been promoted against Barbara Hartwell.

I myself have never had a high-traffic commercial website, nor aspired to such. I do not seek interaction with the public, and I have nothing to to sell.

That is not the objective of my work. My objective is – and always has been – to expose bad guys, to warn others about them, and put them out of business. To do all in my power to save innocent people, especially children, from criminal predators, rapists, torturers and murderers, all of whom are demonic by definition, and are minions of Satan.

Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil, and as a Christian, I'm all in for that, whatever it takes.

(Yes, I know of many who brand me a 'religious nut', a 'religious fanatical freak', a 'right-wing fundamentalist', and they are free to believe what they will, albeit in their vast ignorance and malice. In fact, I am one of the least 'religious' persons I know of. If the love of God and hatred of evil makes me a 'freak' in their eyes, so be it. )

As for my published reports, I've never had the resources to do much beyond what can be found on this site, and I do not have the kind of support for my work which would enable me to do as much as I'd like. I am not a joiner of groups, nor social networks, nor do I submit my work for publication to other sites, with the rare exception of a selective few who have requested permission and received it from me.

But at least I know that what I have documented on this site is the unvarnished truth, based on my own personal/professional experience, my own investigations, and untainted by unwanted and unsolicited comments, opinions and advice from aggressive, loudmouthed busybodies. They are everywhere! And I have been verbally assaulted and grossly insulted by numerous such idiots, simply for not running a public forum for all and sundry. For not having a public e-mail address. For not being willing to waste my precious time arguing with every moron who comes down the pike. My policy is: Do not engage. EXPOSE THEM. Or, in some cases, ignore them.

This site is for information purposes only. The readers may make of it what they will.

The Internet has devolved into a free-for-all, where anything goes, populated by scandal mongers and gossips with no better use for their time than sticking their noses into other people's business; by snake oil salesmen, desperate to make a buck. I find it sickening and take no part in any of it. But such is the nature of greed and personal ambition, which seem the primary motives of the hordes of scavengers.

Most of the false information against Barbara Hartwell is carefully crafted disinformation, which emanates from my enemies in the intelligence community, which is then spread far and wide by their army of lackeys and stooges. This particular disinformation (such as that I am a “CIA disinfo agent” or “COINTELPRO agent”, etc.) has become so deeply embedded that I see no hope of ever clearing my name of these outrageous, libelous falsehoods.

Some of the false information is fueled by malice directed against me by demonic liars, or those who, having been exposed for their wrongdoing (including crimes) conduct a vendetta comprised of libel, slander, character assassination and general defamation.

As if all this were not bad enough, there are hordes of extremely aggressive and ambitious amateur wannabes, slinging my name around, exploiting and misrepresenting me, my professional and personal background in every way imaginable. Some of these unscrupulous individuals have tried to latch on to me, falsely believing they can make a name for themselves by parroting and even plagiarizing my work.

And most of them are people who do not know me, of whom I've never heard until I find my name writ large in some sensationalist tabloid-style online rag, accusing me of the devil knows what.

I absolutely hate putting my name in a Google search, because I know what I am going to find. I know that what I find will be extremely distressing. That I will be outraged and incensed beyond description at the scavengers who perpetrate these offenses, in the hope of some unprincipled gain for themselves, at my expense, and more to the point, at the expense of truth, and of the justice against evildoers to which I have dedicated my life and my work.

This week I found it necessary, as part of something I was working on, to enter my name in a Google search, which I had purposely avoided for more than two years. No big surprises, just the usual defamatory hit pieces by the same old shills and liars, which had appeared on page one of the search (and remained there for years on end), by those of my enemies who do have high-traffic, commercial sites and know how to work the system, aided and abetted by Google.

So, when someone reads anything about Barbara Hartwell, they are far more likely to get their “information” from one or more of the government-sponsored disinfo sites, rather than from the primary source (Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA), even though I have refuted as many of the lies as possible, as I find them. I can't address them all, that would be a full-time job.

In this latest search, I did find a few sites promoting false information, which I don't remember having seen before. For this report I have chosen two such sites, both of which are grossly exploiting and misrepresenting my name.

The first of these offenders is a site called “peacepink”.

It advertises itself as:

Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEW

Here, some excerpts from an article titled:

Deaths of CIA Employees and Targeted Individuals in 2011 and 2012 due to no massive media report

"Ted Gunderson (-80) July 31, 2011. Former FBI senior officer of LA. He testified in the Congressional Hearing on March 13, 2004 on CIA kidnapped Children and used the kidnapped Children as sex slaves and body parts in their recruiting ceremonies.

He not only helped many CIA kidnapped kids, but also helped former CIA employees Brice Taylor and Babara Howell, who testified that they had been used to create homosexual scandals for talented Americans, and their neuron systems can be instantly blocked and can't speak. Those testimonies indicated that the EM Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control technologies were used to create gays and lesbians at least in the 80's. Brice Taylor's father might be mind controlled to have sex with her before 1985.

The testimonies of many CIA employees, including those of Christine deNicola, Claudia Mullen, Brice Taylor, Barbara Hartwell and former FBI senior officer of LA Ted Gunderson and Valerie Wolfe since 1995 were not known by the general public, including the US presidents, as main stream media did not report details of those testimonies. Letters from remote mind control and remote electromagnetic surgery victims were not reported by media. As remote electromagnetic surgery can turn normal people into less-self-conscious morons and remote mind control can completely control a moron and make a moron look normal, massive media reports are impossible without the permission of those who are using the two secret technologies. In other words, people who are using the two secret technologies can completely control media reports. It was mentioned by some reporters that some American correspondents were sent to mental hospital because of talking about Mind Control technologies. As electromagnetic weapon can turn a normal person into a moron, it is hard to tell whether a correspondent was a moron before spreading information about mind control or after that.

In the Congressional Hearing on 13 March, 2004, former FBI senior officer Ted Gunderson mentioned that CIA kidnapped Children on the street of United States. Some kidnapped children were used as sex slaves and body parts in CIA’s ceremonies, which are similar to the recruiting ceremonies of ordinary criminal organization shown on TV, where gangsters kill someone all together to confirm their loyalty. Ted Gunderson not only helped many kidnapped kids. He also helped some former CIA employees including Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell, who participated CIA mind control in 80’s.

Ted Gunderson himself was also targeted by CIA. He called the CIA mind-controlled government: shadow government. He stated in his email that the cancer he got was due to the electromagnetic weapon being used by CIA before his death in July 2011. His assistant Linda helped to send his email when he was in intensive care.

In the videos of interviews with Ted Gunderson, Barbara Hartwell mentioned that her speaking capability can be stopped suddenly by remote Mind Control. Technologically, the speaking capability can be stopped when certain part of our brain neuron system is disabled by disconnection. The disconnection can be realized through a biological relay that can be built using focused electromagnetic remote surgery. Electromagnetic scissors technology, part of which won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997 can be used to do surgery remotely.

In the videos, Brice Taylor mentioned that she had been used to mind control talented Americans to have homosexual scandals. It was suspected that the reasons that Brice Taylor’s father had sex with her when she was a child and that Brice Taylor felt she had the tendency of sex abusing her own daughter were all related to CIA remote mind control. However, due to the limit in education, Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell could not understand the real mechanisms of the technologies they experienced."

I have highlighted the name Barbara Hartwell, where it appears.

The author of this piece, as shown on the site is “Xan Yu”. I have also seen her name listed in related articles on the site as “Annie” or “Annie Xan Yu”. She appears to be the primary “source” on this site, perhaps the editor/owner.

And though I had not seen this particular piece, the name was familiar, since I had previously listed it in my HALL OF SHAME, some years ago. Apparently, she has been out there promoting false information for quite some time.

First off, this woman has absolutely NO BUSINESS exploiting my name!

As for this piece of fraudulent trash, my outrage knows no bounds. How dare she! Xan Yu does not know me. The false information she is promoting here has absolutely no basis in fact, and her false claims about Barbara Hartwell are extremely damaging.

The fact that she is clearly a supporter of Ted Gunderson, and considers him a legitimate source, tells me she does not know what she is talking about. Then, she links my name with Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor), presenting a totally false narrative whereby Barbara Hartwell is tarred with the same brush, dragged into the sewer of the old “sex slaves and satanism” model of MK Ultra. 

Nothing could be further from the truth, as I have stated repeatedly, but to my profound disgust, such characters as Xan Yu continue to promote these falsehoods, in every venue they can find.

Now, to the details, where the devil always finds work, not only for idle hands, but ignorant minds.

"He [Ted Gunderson] not only helped many CIA kidnapped kids, but also helped former CIA employees Brice Taylor and Babara Howell, who testified that they had been used to create homosexual scandals for talented Americans, and their neuron systems can be instantly blocked and can't speak."

Xan Yu uses the name “Barbara Howell”, apparently meaning Barbara Hartwell, then states that Gunderson “helped” me and Brice Taylor. I don't speak for Susan Ford (Taylor) but I certainly speak for myself when I attest that Ted Gunderson's “help” was something I could have done without. He was planted on me as part of a containment operation, in 1997.

I have never, at any time, in any venue, “testified” to being “used to create homosexual scandals for talented Americans” – whatever that means. Nor have I ever been involved in such activities.  What the hell!

Whether she is quoting Ford (Taylor), I have no idea, but it is an outrage for this woman to make such a preposterous statement about Barbara Hartwell, especially when she falsely claims that I have “testified” to such a thing.

I have also never made any statement about “neuron systems”, in connection with Ford (Taylor) or otherwise.

"He [Ted Gunderson] also helped some former CIA employees including Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell, who participated CIA mind control in 80’s."

Again, this woman, Xan Yu, lumps Barbara Hartwell in with Ford (Taylor). I have seen no evidence that Susan Ford was a “CIA employee”. To my knowledge, based on her public statements, she claims she was a “sex slave”, a “presidential model”, in other words, a prostitute. Ford also claims to have been involved in “Monarch”. None of this has ever had anything to do with me. What's more, Monarch was not a CIA operation, under MK Ultra or otherwise.

Then, she makes another preposterous statement:

"Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell, who participated CIA mind control in 80’s."

Here are the facts, for the record: Speaking strictly for myself, as always. I was recruited into CIA MK Ultra, through a family bloodline, in early childhood, without my knowledge or consent. I was trained and groomed as an intelligence agent, in the black operations designed to “create the perfect spy”. I left the operations in 1994.

My experiences had nothing to do with Susan Ford (aka Taylor). I did not know her, nor did I ever meet her until 1997, at the same conference where Ted Gunderson was planted on me. I cut off contact with her at the same time as I did Gunderson, once I realized that she too was part of the containment operation, part of the sideshow called Monarch.

I did not “participate” in CIA mind control at any time, including in the 1980s, as she claims, in connection with Ford (Taylor).

"However, due to the limit in education, Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell could not understand the real mechanisms of the technologies they experienced."

Again, Xan Yu makes claims with no basis in fact, lumping my name in with Susan Ford (Taylor). I have no idea to what she refers, “limit in education”. This certainly is not true of my background. And any statements made publicly by me in reference to technology had nothing to do with Susan Ford (Taylor.)

It is very obvious that this character, Xan Yu, is operating out of blind ignorance, and is engaging in wild speculation, along with parroting what she has heard from unreliable sources (likely Gunderson and Ford et al.) It also appears that English may be a second language, as much of what she writes seems like gibberish.

So, here is my message to this character, Xan Yu:


You are publishing false information, while exploiting and misrepresenting the name of Barbara Hartwell. You have been warned.

Now, for yet another website exploiting and misrepresenting the name of Barbara Hartwell.

This one is named:


(Could they, maybe, get any more sensational than this?)

"The Satanic Cult called the New World Order or also known as their other names, The Illuminati, The Cabal have been illegally doing evil deeds from mind control to murder, heinous crimes done to innocent people. Here at Programmed To Die we will do our best to share the stories of the lives this Cult has ruined and ended over the years while helping stop them commit worse atrocities.

On the page listing “victims”, here are some of the names they present.

Ted Gunderson
Michael Aquino
Brice Taylor
Mark Phillips
Cathy O'Brien
Barbara Hartwell

So, once again, the name of Barbara Hartwell is grossly exploited and misrepresented by the liars and shills running this site. As is often the case, these bastards don't give their names, so their Targets (including me) can't identify them.

And once again, my name is lumped in with all the usual suspects (listed above) AS IF there is any commonality, where, at least in my case, there is none. More lurid tales of sex slaves and satanists.
Here are just two of the “victims” named:

"Ted Gunderson was the former FBI Bureau Chief and a famous whistleblower for MKUltra and Mindcontrol projects. He was instrumental in the freeing of Brice Taylor."

"Barbara Hartwell was taken as a child and raised in the CIA for experiments like MKUltra and other programs for mind control."

So once again, some self-appointed “biographer” of Barbara Hartwell, who does not know me, and has no facts at his disposal, has presumed to exploit my name, presenting false information, for an unscrupulous agenda.

For the record, I was not “raised in the CIA for experiments like MK Ultra and other programs for mind control”.

I was trained and utilized (exploited) by CIA criminals to carry out an agenda, involving intelligence work, mostly in psychological operations. There were no “other programs for mind control”. And no 'sex slave' activities. No satanic activities, either, at least not that I participated in, or was victimized by.

Now, this announcement:


Then, here is more misrepresentation of Barbara Hartwell:

The photo of me was taken in 1998, while I was doing an interview for Chicago Health Television. In the same photo was (you guessed it...) the 'Monarch sex slave' Brice Taylor aka Susan Ford.

The “story” of Barbara Hartwell is certainly not told in this brief interview. In fact, this has been another gross exploitation by Ted Gunderson and Susan Ford, who made a bootlegged copy and SOLD IT. I gave written permission to use my interview and signed a release ONLY to Chicago Health Television. NOT Gunderson or Ford. CHT never aired the program, deeming it too incendiary.

And if anyone was really interested in the “story”, or the truth, they could easily direct the readers to my website, which is the one and only official site of Barbara Hartwell.

The one name I was able to find, in connection with this vile website, was one Jay Parker, who produced a video about mind control. I was unable to stomach more than about 20 minutes of it, and don't know if my name was mentioned, but he constantly referenced Monarch, and the sex slaves, etc. etc.

I fast forwarded to the credits, which is where I found the name of Jay Parker. Along with his gratitude to the “heroes”, such as Mark Phillps, Cathy O'Brien, Fritz Springmeier, and others of their ilk. (Barf bag alert!)

So, Mr. Parker, whoever you are, be warned: If you are in fact the scumbag who placed my name and so-called “story” on this disinfo website, REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY. Or maybe, it was one of your sleazy accomplices. Either way, the nameless cowards who are exploiting my name, no doubt also for profit, will pay a heavy price, I guarantee.


In 2005 I published a lengthy report, an open letter to Ted Gunderson. This was, in part, my response to Gunderson's open letter to me, published by his PR shill, Ken Adachi, on 'Educate-Yourself'.

Gunderson was addressing a previous report, a letter I wrote to Noreen Gosch, mother of Johnny Gosch, the child abducted by sex predators, and later believed by some to have surfaced as Jeff Gannon, in the Bush White House pedophile scandals.

The report covers a number of topics, and exposes various individuals involved in a criminal conspiracy of racketeering, including Gunderson, DeCamp and their network of minions and stooges.

My regular readers will be familiar with at least some of my reports exposing Gunderson and DeCamp; those interested may get more details here:


John DeCamp died earlier this year. It sickens me that he has hoodwinked so many people, and that he is still hailed as some sort of hero, for “helping children”.

In 2005, DeCamp threatened to sue me, after I exposed him as one of the very pedophiles involved in child sex-trafficking, in the above report. DeCamp conducted a major smear campaign against me, using radio and TV shows and enlisting numerous talk show hosts. He also exploited the gaggle of government stooges who did the dirty work for him and Gunderson, most notably predicate felon/career criminal/fed snitch Timothy Patrick White aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski to carpet bomb the Internet message boards.

Prior to that, in 2003, I had attempted to expose Gunderson and DeCamp on radio, but the broadcast, the Jeremy Floyd Show, on Genesis Communications Network, was interrupted when the government shill, Alex Jones, pulled the plug, yanking me off the air, and threatening Jeremy Floyd never to have contact with me again. Floyd quit the job at GCN and did move to another network, where he did have me on as a guest.

Jones was well aware of the Gunderson-DeCamp criminal conspiracy, but chose to cover for his CIA cronies. And that was that. Until, in 2005, I decided to expose DeCamp in print.

I had known quite a number of people who were investigating DeCamp, some of whom were victims of child sex predators, some of whom were journalists. Most of them are no longer among the living, as I have reason to believe, because they were permanently silenced. The others, I am not at liberty to name. But I will say that some of these individuals thought I was crazy to expose DeCamp, that I was asking to be assassinated.

I prayed over it for years, and was told that because I knew the truth, it was my duty to make it public, in efforts to warn others, which might save lives from being destroyed.

As it turned out, despite all the threats and bluster from John DeCamp, he never did sue me. I never believed he would. I don't think he would have wanted to drag me into a courtroom. Why take the chance? as he did not know what evidence I had, though he must have known it existed.

There are things I have not exposed, because I wasn't about to put anyone else's life at risk. But with DeCamp gone, I may decide to expose more from my investigations.

For now, I will stick to what has already been published, as it relates to the issues covered in the first part of this report.

Here are some excerpts from my letter to Ted Gunderson. (2005)

Child abusers, pornographers (of any stripe, which includes those engaged in creating or disseminating "adult" pornography) and blackmailers are the lowest form of life on earth. They are loathsome beyond description.

As for the rapists of children, if I had the resources, the wherewithal and the authority under the law, I'd personally hunt them down myself, one by one, and throw them in the deepest dungeon I could find, where they would never see the light of day – or harm another child – again. 

But since I lack the ability to handle the situation the way I'd like to, the best I can do is expose any such perps who come to my attention, which includes any person who commits the criminal offense of being in possession of child pornography . Though he was never charged with this offense, specifically I refer to Tim White. So much for the "smoke screen".

And by the way, how many of these vile rapists and assailants of children have you ever personally arrested and brought to justice, while you were in the FBI? Or in over three decades, since you retired? Are there any of them behind bars now, as a direct result of your efforts? If so, I'm sure we'd all love to hear about it. We could then celebrate your victories in the cause of justice.

But maybe you were just too busy running the COINTELPRO operations against "dissidents" and civil rights activists to give much thought to hunting down the real criminals such as child abusers. And for the past thirty-some odd years, I can only surmise that investigating satanism has taken up most of your time. Which brings me to some other questions: How many satanists are now cooling their heels in a jail cell because of your investigations? (And why did you marry the widow of one of the most villainous satanists of all time, Anton LaVey?)

[For many years, Gunderson denied having married Diana Rively, in 1998. I have since published a hand written letter from Ted to me, evidence by his own admission. See:

Considering these strange memory lapses, could it be  possible that you don't even remember me, Barbara Hartwell? Is that why you have all your "facts" about me confused? Is that why your stooge, Ken Adachi, is making these outrageous claims, in his libelous articles (Barbara Hartwell: Gunslinger or Mudslinger?) such as, that I am a "CIA mind control victim" or that I was "never invited to speak" at some of the conferences?

But the truth is, I certainly was invited, each and every time, and I have the brochures and tapes to prove it. Even though Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor) got my name removed from at least one of the audiotapes at the Global Sciences Congress in Daytona Beach, Fla. (to which I was also invited) because she wanted to hog the show, that was just par for the course. She accomplished this bit of sabotage by claiming that I was "not credible", since I had "never been deprogrammed". By her methods, naturally, using psychotronic equipment, which she claimed to be an "expert" on. 

So many "experts"! All vying to promote themselves and cash in on their "expertise". Sue Ford also was calling around to various conference promoters, slandering me, advising them not to have me as a speaker. She succeeded, as I found myself blacklisted from several conferences which had previously invited me to be a speaker.

But far more significant, there is the fact that I wasn't going along with the party-line, with the tales being promoted by the band of compliant, submissive little women, people like Sue Ford, you herded around. The Sob Sisters, peddling their tales of woe about sex, satanism and mind control.

I wasn't one of them, as I'm sure you do remember. Because the truth is, Ted, I'd take out anyone who even tried to touch me, much less use me as a "sex slave". I'm very sure you know that too. And I do have the military training to do just that, with or without a weapon.

No, Ted, I was simply telling the truth about my OWN experiences (which I do to this day) which had nothing in common with theirs. I was never at any time a "sex slave"; nor a "prostitute"; nor involved in "satanism" as victim or participant. More outrageous libel being promoted by the malicious liar and stooge, Ken Adachi, who knows absolutely nothing about me, my background or my experiences.

You may remember that I also refused to be a part of the agenda of making a side show out of "sex slaves" and "satanism", that is, to distract the audiences from the real nature of the black operations I was trying to expose.


But now we come to the real Pandora's Box: the part about John DeCamp being a child molester. I am going to tell the truth now, just as I have done before. Not only will I tell the truth, but I will provide a much more detailed explanation and I will outline some things which upon information and belief, are connected to this issue.

As I mentioned earlier, what made me suspicious of DeCamp to begin with started in August 1999, when Mike Levine invited me to be a guest on his radio program, The Expert Witness Show, on WBAI in New York City. Not only was I invited as a guest, but Levine asked me to co-produce a series of programs on CIA mind control and MK Ultra. He asked me to help for two reasons (or so he said at the time): One was that he knew I had a background in radio going back to the 1970s (I was on WBAI many times in the 70s and 80s). I also produced and hosted several radio programs of my own on WGCH while living in Greenwich, CT, between 1987-1991. The second reason Mike asked me to help him was that he said he did not know anyone and had no connections/contacts with the CIA mind control issue. So he asked me to help him line up the guests.

Now, here's an interesting twist: I had asked Mike Ruppert to be a guest on the program, knowing he had done his own investigations on some (CIA) related issues. Mike Levine claimed that Ruppert was "not credible". I disagreed, certainly knowing far more about the subject at hand (CIA mind control operations) which Levine admitted he knew virtually nothing about. I stood up for Mike Ruppert, but Levine stubbornly stuck to his claim of Ruppert's "lack of credibility". When I asked for evidence to substantiate his claims, Levine offered none. I am not in contact with either Mike Levine or Mike Ruppert and haven't been for years. I don't know if they have resolved their differences.

But I do know that some time later, you, Ted, named Mike Ruppert as part of a "smear campaign" against you, in your Response to Barbara Hartwell, published by Educate Yourself. Mike Ruppert never smeared you, he only told you off after he found his name listed in your report. And Ken Adachi continues his own smear campaigns against Mike Ruppert to this day. For this reason, I can only assume that Mike Ruppert knows the truth about some things that are very incriminating on you, Ted Gunderson. Why else would Adachi be attacking him?

As you know (if you remember?) I asked you to be a guest on The Expert Witness Show with me, along with Susan Ford. I was the only person to go into the studio for the interviews, since I lived in New York State, about 90 minutes from the city. Jim Keith was also lined up to be a guest on that day. But Jim never called and we could not reach him from the studio. (Jim died a month later, under suspicious circumstances, in September 1999.)

When we could not reach Jim Keith (we never found out why and never heard from him again) you suggested that John DeCamp (not a scheduled guest for the program) replace Jim Keith for that particular show. That is when I heard DeCamp defending Henry Kissinger, after Sue Ford named Kissinger as one of the perps in CIA mind control operations.

In fact, I first found out about Jim Keith's death from Mike Levine. He called me in September 1999 and told me about it. He asked if I could find out any further information through my sources and I said I would try. Mike Levine seemed very disturbed about Jim's death; also again suspicious about why it was that he had never called, as promised, and that we could not reach him the day of the taping, one month before. 

Levine told me that Jim had made a solid commitment to do the show; how he was looking forward to being on with Barbara Hartwell, talking about CIA mind control. It is my belief, based on my own investigations, that Jim Keith was getting too close to something very incriminating in his research. Many people will agree that Jim Keith was a crack investigator and that he had exposed certain operations which were previously well-covered up. 

Was the Franklin case among those operations? Maybe I will never know for sure, but then again, maybe I will.

But one thing was clear to me: Someone did not want Jim Keith on that radio show, not with me anyway.


But back to John DeCamp. As I stated in my letter to Noreen Gosch; as I have stated elsewhere, in print, in public reports and on radio, you, Ted Gunderson, certainly did admit to me that DeCamp was a pedophile and had been involved in sexual abuse of children. You deny this; you claim it is "ludicrous" for me to say this. And you then say I'm setting myself up for a lawsuit. 

So go ahead, sue me. If you'd like to risk perjuring yourself in a court of law, perhaps then evidence will surface, at least in regard to DeCamp himself. If you wonder if I know about such evidence, the answer is yes, I do. But I'm not the only one who knows and furthermore, it is not in my possession. (I'd really rather not have a SWAT team or other unsavory people invading my home.)

Now, let me explain something else, about how I first found out about DeCamp's involvement in the Franklin case. I've only told a few people and I don't care who believes me or who doesn't. In September 1999, after I heard of Jim Keith's untimely and suspicious death, I was very disturbed about it. Very, very disturbed. Especially after the radio interviews on MK Ultra. I was also disturbed that John DeCamp had been a champion of Henry Kissinger on the Expert Witness Show. Even Sue Ford was upset about that, as she told both of us. 

(Perhaps both you and Sue will deny that too? Just like Sue later denied that she knew Don Stacey was a "Fed"? That is, after she admitted to me she knew this in August, 1999, after I warned her about him. Will there be no end to the lies and denial?)

So one night, I was saying my prayers. I asked God to reveal the truth to me about John DeCamp. The Holy Spirit would not answer me, but instead told me to go downstairs to my bookshelf and look at the picture of John DeCamp on the back of his book, The Franklin Coverup, the one you had given me.

When I looked at the photo of DeCamp (which I had never noticed before, as I had not read the book yet) the truth was revealed to me, just as the Holy Spirit said it would be. In case you doubt my capabilities in the spiritual realm, you may want to recall (if you can) that one of the ways I was utilized by CIA, as well as many law enforcement agencies, DA's offices, etc. was for my gifts of the Spirit, specifically, for lack of a better term, clairvoyance. Many murder cases were solved and missing persons located, over a period of more than two decades, in which my talents as an investigator, an intelligence analyst (as well as clairvoyance ) were instrumental.

Two months later, at your son Michael's home in New Jersey, I asked to speak to you privately, as there were other people present, including your son, your daughter-in-law, Sue, her father and my bodyguard, Mario. 

You and I went out on the veranda to have a private conversation. I told you then that I KNEW about John DeCamp being involved in sexual abuse of children. I did not reveal my source, only assured you that the source was absolutely trustworthy (can't get more trustworthy than the Holy Spirit) and I asked you to corroborate the truth, if you knew it. 

At that point, since you knew that I was in possession of this knowledge, you admitted to me that you also knew about it and that it was true. You also tried to make excuses for DeCamp, claiming that he had still "done a lot of good" for the children. Not by my way of thinking, as I told you then. As God is my witness, this is the truth. If you file a lawsuit against me, will you perjure yourself, in a court of law?

[Regarding Ted Gunderson's claim that I was still CIA, because they had not killed me or jailed me:]

It's not as if they haven't tried; attempts have been made on my life, using drugs, poison, exotic weaponry. They arranged car "accidents". I've had cars explode and even dodged some bullets.

But I DO NOT work for CIA. I DO NOT support or endorse their activities. I am not dead, nor in jail. Only God knows when my time is up, not you, not CIA. Not Porter Goss, not John Negroponte. Not Dick Cheney. Not George W. Bush. So maybe you people, who all claim I am still being handled by CIA, need to open up your minds to the possibility that there are exceptions to every rule. And more importantly, that With God, All Things Are Possible.

My time is valauble too. So I'm through talking. If this were the Old West, we could have a shoot-out at the OK Corral. But times have changed and we're more civilized now, aren't we? So let's have it out in court, shall we? Let the scales of justice balance as they will. Let the chips fall where they may.


As a Christian, I cannot remain silent about the monstrous evil which I have observed, which I have investigated, over a period of more than half a century. Much of the evil, such as MK Ultra, is perpetrated through the intelligence community. But I firmly believe that ALL of the evil emanates from the demonic realm.

Many Christians do not “believe” in demons, or even that Satan exists. They are sadly mistaken, and I daresay, will eventually pay the price for their willful ignorance.

It is time to shed a bright light on the darkness, to put on the Armor of God, to fight back with everything we have, in the power of the Holy Spirit, against the evil.

We are given authority, in Christ, against the demons. Why is it that so few seem to be willing to use it?

I would hope that anyone, especially those with children, and grandchildren, would make it a priority to learn about the criminal networks of human trafficking, where these monsters prey on the most innocent of beings, children. Some are practicing satanists, many are not, but they could be anywhere, in any town or city, they could be your neighbors down the street.

I pray against them every day, and for their victims, those I know about, and those whose names are never known. Their blood cries out for justice, and so few seem to hear them, or care, or are willing to take action, as Christians, against these loathsome predators. 

We, as Christians, have the duty to declare: The buck stops here.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 30, 2017