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Monday, September 28, 2020

Mob of Belligerent Ignoramuses & Useless Idiots on Facebook & Twitter: “CIA Handler Hartwell” & “Malignant Narcissist” & “CIA Asset” Ramola D

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus is a Latin phrase meaning "false in one thing, false in everything." At common law, it is the legal principle that a witness who testifies falsely about one matter is not credible to testify about any matter.

Speaking of false it is, in spades!

The many false accusations against Barbara Hartwell and Ramola D have been promoted and endlessly repeated in an odious defamation campaign since late 2019, by self-proclaimed “TI leaders”, ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, charlatan and grifter Katherine Horton and their entourage of gossips, busybodies, belligerent ignoramuses, and useless (and I DO mean useless) idiots. A squadron of shrieking harpies in a coordinated assault.

They have carpet-bombed Facebook and Twitter with outrageous lies, fabricated for the purpose of discrediting their enemies, namely, those who have exposed the truth and the facts about their unscrupulous actions, their deception, and the offenses perpetrated against innocent, law-abiding persons.

Not one of these malicious gossips has ever produced any evidence to support their wild and baseless claims. Being devoid of facts, they spew their hatred and filth, like gargoyles spouting sewage from a drain.

Following are quotes and images posted by the scandal-mongers, as evidence of their relentless campaign to destroy the lives of their Targets.

Karen Stewart:

"Ramola chokes on the fact INTJ’s are known to be incorruptible. Doesn’t fit her narrative to hide her own serial bullying, controlling, and abusive behavior. She looks for a more and more wildly embelished story to cover her butt. Again, I have said the same thing for a year."

Karen Stewart continues her foolish boasting of being “incorruptible”, based only on a Meyers Briggs test she took at her former job at NSA. But “known” by whom? There is no “knowing” of any sort, by anyone. It is merely an opinion held by a particular group of psychologists, and even among these there is dissent. Many others (including those practicing other disciplines) would disagree with them. Such a statement carries no weight, and is evidence of nothing, much less is “proven” by any means. If she really believes that making this claim will exonerate her from all the wrongdoing she is engaging in, then perhaps she is merely delusional.

But more to the point, Ramola has never stated that she holds this opinion, and in fact I happen to know that she does not. Stewart is promoting another false accusation, which compounds the first. This is the tactic of a pathological liar, desperate to cover her tracks.

Karen Stewart:

"Insane obsession is part of Malignant Narcissism. She fits to a T. Plus I outed her false image. She is out for blood. MNs go from victim to victim, emotional vampires. They are bullies who play the victim when told “no”. Just setting the record straight."

Setting the record straight? What record? The false and derogatory label of “Malignant Narcissist” has been summarily and arbitrarily slapped on Ramola by Karen Stewart. It has been repeated endlessly, accompanied by sensationlist banners proclaiming the dangers of narcissism, and a parade of videos by those claiming to be “experts”, issuing dire warnings to would-be “victims”.

But here's a question for enquiring minds, who might want to know: Is Karen Stewart in any way qualified to make this psychological diagnosis? Absolutely not. It appears that this false accusation comes out of her own twisted psyche and is being projected upon her Target, with absolutely nothing to support it. As for obsession, she needs to look closer to home.

Karen Stewart:

"Another feeble attack, Ramola runs to CIA Handler know-nothing know-it-all Hartwell to TRY to counter my testing as an INTJ (1 point from INFJ) in world renowned personality test Myers Briggs. Look it up yourself. Look up both rare types, on the cusp. Making it even more rare."

Again, Stewart obsessively drags out the same old falsehood, as if this could possibly be used against Ramola as “proof” of anything. And for the record, Ramola did not “run” to me, nor even ask my opinion on this matter. I saw it for myself. It was clear to me from the moment I saw this foolish claim that it was an attempt to persuade others of Stewart's moral superiority. And yes, I am qualified to comment on this, having been trained as a Jungian psychoanalyst, and having myself administered the Meyers Briggs tests, which, by the way, I do not particularly consider to be the best indicators, in any case.

She calls me “know-nothing know-it-all Hartwell”, based on what, exactly? It can only be her vast ignorance of a subject in which she herself has no training and no knowledge whatsoever. Case closed.

Now, to the false accusation of “CIA Handler”. This, it appears, she slaps on me for lack of anything even remotely truthful with which she could implicate me in any wrongdoing. In fact, she has NOTHING factual or truthful she could use against me. If she had, she would certainly have shouted it from the rooftops by now. It would be plastered all over her social media, and parroted by the squadron of shrieking harpies. As it is, they are doing exactly that, using FALSE accusations.

But back to reality. For the record: I left CIA operations in 1994, more than TWENTY-SIX YEARS AGO. If she wants to indulge her paranoid fantasies that CIA has no better use for their agents than to sic them on the likes of Karen Stewart, leading a parade of useless idiots on Facebook and Twitter, then she is certainly free to do so. As for being free to slander my name with hideous falsehoods, we will see what the consequences of that might be.

As for Ramola being my “asset”, it seems that Karen Stewart thinks it will raise her status by trying to get her audience of stooges to believe that she is so IMPORTANT (being so “incorruptible”) that CIA needs to recruit new troops in an offensive against her. WRONG. DEAD WRONG.

Karen Stewart:

"Unhinged Harpies of Havoc And CIA Handler Hartwell goaded Ramola into attacking all other TI leaders (like a sell-out gatekeeper would), to include Ella who has children who Ramola endangered with her viciously false accusations. Even called her a “crook”? Delusional. Despicable."

Now, the new idiotic label slapped on Barbara Hartwell and Ramola D: “Unhinged Harpies of Havoc”.











For the record (how very, very tiresome it gets to repeat this): I am NOT, nor have I ever been involved in any way in the so-called “TI Community”. I do not know any persons who call themselves “TI leaders”, nor have any interest in their activities. My only concern with such individuals is that some of them are exploiting and defaming my name for their self-serving agenda.

I could not care less what any of them are doing, or why. And at no time have I “goaded” Ramola into any such actions. This is yet another flagrant falsehood, as usual, coming from Karen Stewart.

And again, I do not know “Ella”, nor would be concerned in any way about her. I would not presume to speak for anyone but myself, including Ramola. But I will say this: to claim that Ramola is “endangering” anyone's children is ludicrous. Again, Karen Stewart has NOTHING, so she fabricates idiotic lies.

Karen Stewart:

"False Pathetic Psych Attack defense against BS attacks from Ramola D Weinstein Gang Hartwell CIA Handler CIA handler thru Cassandra overstepping NHS corrupt into purposeful lies for her asset. Real expert assessment stomps Hartwell wanna-be. 2017. Pathetic liars with shit for opinions."

This statement is nothing but gibberish. I have no idea what she is blathering on about, except it is clear that I am now being accused of being a “CIA handler”, not only of Ramola, but Stewart is also attempting to implicate Cassandra in her imagined schemes against her.

For the record, Cassandra is my friend and colleague, nothing more. I have never known her to lie about anything, nor has she taken any direction from me as regards Karen Stewart. And I should add that I am blessed to know her, just as I am blessed to know Ramola. The paranoia here seems to be ramping up.

"When the CIA gatekeeper asset gets herself in trouble, she is required to bring in her CIA Handler. The “control all opposition leaders or destroy them” mandate isn’t working out so well. The Bill & Kirk & Karen are fakes fantasy is moronic. Desperate."

Now, I am being accused of expanding my influence (via CIA) in attempting to “control or destroy” the so-called “opposition leaders”, namely Karen Stewart, and Bill and Kirk (presumably Binney and Wiebe). For the record, I do not know Bill Binney or Kirk Wiebe, just as I do not know Karen Stewart. I have never commented on them in my reports, nor have I called them “fakes”. Nor have I personally designated them as “opposition leaders”. That is Stewart's phrase, not mine.

She is not only lying, but attempting to put words in my mouth. And for Stewart's edification (were that possible) Ramola and I are two separate persons, not one entity. I speak strictly for myself, as does Ramola.

The apparent paranoia here, coupled with the outrageous lies, is beyond the pale.

Karen Stewart:

"I laughed when she tried to smear me w/ Bill and Kirk by addressing them. Her desperate green-eyed monster is showing. And I have had bare minimum contact. Yes, they now know my story, but Katherine is working full-time with them. How is she the double agent Ramola claims? Lol!"

More of the same self-glorifying nonsense. What's her point? She has none, just more false accusations and slurs against Ramola. And if Katherine Horton is in fact “working full time” with anyone, I would have to question the credibility of these individuals. But then, none of this involves me in the slightest, so it is none of my concern.

Karen Stewart:

"UnhingedHARPIESofHavoc Hartwell wanna-be claims a lowly “counselor” trumps 2 independent 40+ years experience forensic psychologists, a broadly regarded/accepted Myers-Briggs test, & the head of NSA Psych Services 30+ yrs practice b/c #RamolaD has an empty quiver in this vein."

Here, yet another outrageous lie, which puts words in my mouth I never spoke. I made NO such “claim” of “trumping” anyone. And she has no idea what my background or training is, or in what various disciplines, so she claims I am a “lowly counselor”. “Counselor” is just a word. It could mean any number of things. It could apply to any number of professions. Again, she has NOTHING factual to report, so she fabricates a foolish lie to smear me. I'll end it here, no point casting pearls before swine.

Now, we will hear from Midge Mathis (aka Doris Clause), one of the so-called “TI leaders”, who runs a group called Targeted Justice.

Midge Mathis, responding to Karen Stewart [referring to Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell]:

"These two spend more time slinging mud than they do focusing on important issues."

Midge Mathis does not know me. And yet she has the effrontery to comment publicly on what she knows absolutely nothing about. How dare she! She has no reliable sources of information about anything I “do” or don't do. More to the point, it is none of her damnable business. And her idea of “important issues” is hers and hers alone, certainly not mine. It has nothing to do with me. Just another busybody, gossip and presumptuous fool, shooting her mouth off. And clearly a “low IQ individual” (to borrow an accurate phrase).

But speaking of some actual “mudslinging”, let's take a look at the smear Midge Mathis (aka Doris Clause) promoted against Ramola D on her Twitter account:


















Lastly, we will hear from one of the many belligerent ignoramuses who spend their time making idiotic comments on Twitter, gossiping about people they don't know.

This anonymous coward calls himself “Disciple of Jesus Christ”:

"Sorry to butt in but does anyone else find it strange that many whistleblowers/activists turn on each other? One Barbara Hartwell also attacked FBI man Ted Gunderson, Fiona Barnett and Craig Sawyer are at odds, Q VS Alex Jones, etc... We can't ALL be bad guys. StopThe Infighting"

This one is oh-so-typical of the mob of busybodies on Twitter. He/she is “sorry to butt in”. No, not at all, that is what busybodies always do.

For the record, I have never “attacked” Ted Gunderson. He was a former professional colleague, whom I broke off my association with in 2000, for cause. He and his accomplices from FBI/CIA et al were exposed in my reports. (Find them on this site.)

As for these other persons he names, I don't know any of them personally. And I won't waste my time commenting on them here. Not for the benefit of this clown. Anyone who wants further information from me may read the reports on my site and make of them what they will.

But the real idiocy here is in the phrase: “StopThe Infighting”.


What “infighting”? There can be no infighting among totally disparate persons who do not know one another. I am not involved in any way with any of the persons mentioned here.

Just as I am not involved in any way with the “TI Community” or their self-proclaimed “leaders”.

I really think it would behoove these ignorant busybodies to find a more productive use for their time.

But in any case, I am warning them, one and all, to LEAVE MY NAME OUT of your malicious gossip, or take the consequences.

Get behind me, Satan! 

Barbara Hartwell

Target of Useless Idiots Worldwide

September 28, 2020












Friday, September 25, 2020

THE LIST: A Criminal Conspiracy of Aggression













NOTE: This report was written in 2017 and contains material from 2012. I was inspired to republish it when I reflected on the continuing and escalating aggression directed against me, as well as my longtime friend and colleague, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, whom I have known and worked with since 2001.

Since this was first published, a number of the perpetrators of this conspiracy of aggression have died. But predictably, new aggressors have taken their place, and their numbers have grown, a result of the hordes of harpies using social media as a platform for scandal-mongering, monstrous invasions of privacy and anything else they can get away with.

The plot against government whistleblowers proceeds apace.

I pray we will be vindicated, and that God's swift and terrible justice be visited upon the perpetrators of this horrifying war on government whistleblowers, journalists and human rights activists.

Barbara Hartwell

September 25, 2020

Give ear to my words, O LORD; consider my meditation.

Hearken to my cry for help, my King and my God, for I make my prayer to you.

In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; early in the morning I make my appeal and watch for you.

For you are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness, and evil cannot dwell with you.

Braggarts cannot stand in your sight; you hate all those who work wickedness.

You destroy those who speak lies; the bloodthirsty and the deceitful, O LORD, you abhor.

But as for me, through the greatness of your mercy I will go into your house; I will bow down toward your holy temple in awe of you.

Lead me, O LORD, in your righteousness, because of those who lie in wait for me; make your way straight before me.

For there is no truth in their mouth; there is destruction in their heart;

Their throat is an open grave; they flatter with their tongue.

Declare them guilty, O God; let them fall, because of their schemes.

Because of their many transgressions, cast them out, for they have rebelled against you.

But all who take refuge in you will be glad; they will sing out their joy for ever.

You will shelter them, so that those who love your Name may exult in you.

For you, O LORD, will bless the righteous; you will defend them with your favor as with a shield.

Psalm 5

It has been my habit, since early adulthood, to read before I go to sleep; I read fiction and non-fiction. The last thing I do is say my prayers, and since sleep is so precious to me, the best reading material is the Psalms.


I take great comfort in them, since the Psalmist expresses my own thoughts and feelings better than I could ever hope to do.


There is great evil and wickedness in the world, which the Psalms address in song and poetry.


Conversely, there is great beauty and goodness in God's creation. I see it all around me, in the faces of my friends and family, including of course, the animals, in all those I love, and often in those whose names I don't know, sentient beings, animal and human alike.


I hear it in the song of wild birds, singing for the joy of being alive, from the sound of raindrops falling on my roof, and the thunderstorms I love; from the classical music I listen to every day, Bach, Purcell, Handel, Vivaldi, Corelli. I've no doubt these composers were inspired by God, for how else could they have created such timeless treasures.


But where does the evil come from? What is its fundamental nature? My belief is that the root of evil is aggression, in one form or another. From the fall of Lucifer, who sought to usurp the power of God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, to place his throne above the Most High...


...And here we are today, still having to stand up and fight the good fight against the devil and his minions, the demonic aggressors who surround us...


Here, an excerpt from a previous report (2012): COINTELPRO & War of Aggression Exposed by Sosbee and Hartwell

The root of all such offenses which trample the Individual's God-given unalienable rights, protected and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, is AGGRESSION.

It is the right of ALL Individuals to be free from aggression, be it by a government, by any collective, entity or individual.

Aggression comes in many forms, from the snooping, meddling, gate-crashing and tale-bearing of a garden variety busybody, to atrocities in the felony crime category, such as rape and murder.

The rights of one Individual end at the point where he oversteps his bounds and violates the rights, invades the privacy, crosses the personal boundaries, of another. You have the right to swing your fist through the air as far as you like, but that 'right' ends at the other fellow's person, at which point it becomes assault.

It is really all that simple --but the aggressors of the world refuse to respect, or in some cases, even acknowledge, the personal boundaries, the Inviolability of Personhood, which God has bestowed on each and every Individual.

There is no "grey" area when it comes to aggression against Individual rights. There is right (respecting the rights of others and behaving accordingly) and there is wrong (violating the rights of others). There is good, and on the other hand, there is evil. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND. Those who say there is, are either evildoers, or are deceived by evildoers. You cannot serve two masters.

As veterans of this psy war, fighting against the perpetrators of this War of Aggression, we find it of utmost importance to name the aggressors, to expose their acts of aggression, their crimes against persons and against humanity, and to do all in our power to shut them down and put them out of business.

Among the aggressors, specifically as related to COINTELPRO, are those who engage in multiple offenses against designated Targets. Most common are libel/slander campaigns in attempts to discredit the Target; harassment and invasions of privacy; and stalking and threats in attempts to intimidate the Target.

These offenses, when used in a multi-pronged attack, tend to create an overriding and pervasive state of extreme stress, against which the Target is hard-pressed to defend himself, often because he lacks the resources and/or because he receives little or no support from family, friends or professional colleagues.

Despite all this, the only response any of these loathsome characters ever get, as far as Geral and I are concerned, is outrage at their invasions of privacy, stalking, harassment, and their threats and attempts at intimidation (which have never worked and never will), and the exposure of their names, detailing and documenting each and every offense (criminal or otherwise).

From Geral Sosbee (same report, 2012):

The president 'presides' over fbi/cia sponsored chaos, murder and global terror. The world's population must focus on the real problem: the fbi/cia cointelpro which in one form or another threatens all peoples:

For the layman, 'cointelpro' may be loosely defined as information and technology systematically used by government agents and operatives (particularly fbi/cia) who, while asserting powerful influence over all branches of government at all levels (including the judiciary), engage in torture, imprisonment or murder of an expanding number of Targets.

A form of genocide is apparently in the making whereby a massive program (sometimes referred to as 'cointelpro') is now underway to remove/kill/control large numbers of people. Only a few Targets have credibility because an integral part of the deadly operation is to discredit people who try to report the crimes associated with such operations.

Now, for THE LIST.

For more than two decades I have published my reports on the Internet (since 1995). I have documented quite a large number of the crimes and civil offenses of aggression directed against me and against a number of others, most notably my best friend and professional colleague, Geral Sosbee.

Geral has done the same. And though there is no way for me to include all the offenses, I have compiled a list in this report which I hope will serve as an exhibit of the nature of this monstrous evil, specifically as perpetrated by members of the intelligence community, and their minions, stooges and toadies, against designated Targets, Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell.

In general terms, these campaigns against a Target may be variously defined as 'legal abuse syndrome'; 'neutralization'; 'aggravated harassment'; but I find the term 'political persecution' the best definition, since the onslaught against a Target is always politically motivated.

Because I want to focus in this particular report on the offenses, rather than the offenders, names of perps are not given; however, they have all been named many times in my reports and Geral's. Regular readers will recognize some of the offenders by the description of the offenses.

The perps are working from a basic template: Isolation. Alienation. Deprivation. Destroy the life of the Target by any and all means available, no matter that they are illegal and unethical as all hell.

I should mention that since the advent of the Internet, the methodology of these campaigns against Targets has changed, allowing the perps far more opportunity to do harm, specifically in reaching a larger audience for their defamation, character assassination and promotion of fraudulent information against Targets; as well as cyber-stalking and e-mail harassment. In the cases of Sosbee and Hartwell, the targeting began long before the Internet, and was subsequently expanded by many orders of magnitude.

This list does not specify the offenses, as to whether they have been committed against Sosbee or Hartwell, though they have often been similar, if not precisely the same.

Please see reports by Sosbee and Hartwell for further information, names of perps and the gory details.


-SWAT team assaults against colleagues investigating a case

-Black helicopters deployed to harass Target when exiting residence, and to hover over the Target's home, especially when Target is on the phone

-Military fighter jets deployed to fly low (violating FAA regs) over a house where Target is staying

-Mail tampering/theft

-Vandalism: cars, computers, Target's property (indoors and outdoors)

-Placing dead animals on Target's doorstep

-Hotel rooms tossed

-Death threats: by phone, e-mail or in person

-Assassination attempts via arranged 'accidents'; by poison, drugs, toxic fumes; by DEW

-Synthetic kidney stones

-Implants in teeth by dentists

-Injection of bacterial/viral infection

-Target forced to move from place to place, due to harassment, financial reasons, vandalism, assaults

-Stationing teams of agents in 'empty' house across the street, each time the Target is forced to move, for constant surveillance, harassment

-Assaults with directed energy weapons, causing sleep deprivation, various forms of chronic illness, eventually may cause Target to lose hearing, or vision

-Invasions of privacy: publish private, unlisted street address, telephone number, photos of Target's house

-Soliciting crimes against Target at his residence, using above tactic

-Stalking, on foot, by vehicle, cyber-stalking by e-mail

-Harassment by e-mail & telephone

-Home invasions, burglary, especially theft of important personal items, documents

-Theft of documents, especially those which serve as evidence for Target's legal case

-Extreme provocations intended to push the Target to respond in self-defense, the purpose to arrest the Target for 'assault'

-Stalking and harassment in malls, library, restaurants, movie theaters, churches

-Harassment by neighbors, using loud noises, vandalism, snooping, attempts at provocation

-Sending the same operatives, over years, to stalk, harass, assault, attempt to provoke the Target; operatives may be 'neighbors' who follow the Target wherever he goes

-Child pornography images hacked into Target's phone

-Obscene graffiti on Target's property

-Publishing pornographic filth in connection with Target's name

-False accusations that Target is involved in child pornography, human trafficking, etc.

-Medical/dental malpractice with intent to harm/kill Target

-Fraudulent medical reports, claiming Target is “paranoid” and “delusional”, especially by unqualified practitioners

-Target harassed in home by visits from federal agents/police for fishing expedition and/or attempts at intimidation

-Phone calls, e-mails, letters to family/friends/colleagues of Target, slandering and making false claims, impugning the Target's sanity, character assassination

-Messages sent to Target encouraging him to commit suicide

-Labeling Target as 'murderer' or 'mass murderer' in public forum, connecting the false accusations with the Target's military service


Who could imagine these atrocities happening to them, to their family, their friends?

Probably very few, unless it has happened to you, or someone you love.

All this, for standing up in defense of Liberty, God-given unalienable rights and seeking justice for ourselves, those we love and all those decent, law-abiding citizens who have become victims of a monstrous tyranny through no fault of their own.

I pray every day for God's justice against these evildoers.

Barbara Hartwell Percival

May 3, 2017






Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Moral Bankruptcy of Karen Melton Stewart: Outrageous Lies, Diabolical Calumny, Extreme Provocation

Ye shall know them by their fruit. ... A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Matthew 7:15–20

I should begin this report by stating that Karen Stewart does not know me. To my knowledge, she may have had no more than one mutual acquaintance, that being Ramola D, her former colleague, at the time she decided, for reasons unknown to me, to target me for a no-holds barred, outrageously vicious campaign of defamation. This has continued now for nearly a year, with no end in sight, and she has become increasingly aggressive, evidently obsessed in her efforts to destroy my good name. One might ask, why?

But the purpose of this report is not to speculate as to why, what Stewart's reasons may have been for these injurious actions against me. I couldn't give a tinker's damn about her motives. I only find it necessary to document, for the public record, her utterly wrongful and despicable actions against a person who has never once done anything wrongful to her; she was the sole instigator/offender and I have only ever defended myself and documented the facts, using her own published words as evidence.

Her disputes with others (including former colleagues, such as Ramola D), in fact have nothing to do with me. I have never been involved, contrary to such false and libelous claims, yet my name has been repeatedly dragged in as some sort of co-conspirator, not only by Stewart, but also by her accomplices, an entourage of sycophants, shills and toadies.

I have previously published several reports addressing this issue, beginning in late 2019, when Stewart first openly began her libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell. To avoid having to take the time to rewrite what is already documented in earlier reports, I have taken excerpts from them, editing the content and adding to it to clarify and update the information. I have also given links to the original reports at the bottom of this report.

I have no illusions that this will stop Karen Stewart from her abusive and clearly obsessive targeting of me, including her provocations. I don't “respond” to provocations, nor do I engage the offender in arguments. I collect the evidence (including using her own words), refute the defamatory falsehoods, and expose the perpetrator, acting in my own defense, as a warning to others, and in service to the truth.

I find it necessary to state, for the record, that I am not involved in any way with the so-called “Targeted Individual Community”, as it has been called by many who have joined various groups and/or are reporting publicly on related issues. Nor do I refer to myself as a “targeted individual.”


For the record, I have been a political Target of retaliatory persecution, as a government whistleblower, for many years. I am an independent investigator and journalist. I do not join such groups, nor does anyone claiming to be a “leader” of these groups speak for me, nor has my permission to speak publicly about me. I speak strictly for myself, as I am doing now.

I'm aware that I cannot stop such characters from promoting false information in connection with my name, nor from promoting defamatory falsehoods. I can only expose them and refute their falsehoods for the public record. Mostly, I ignore them. They are legion, most hiding behind silly screen names or pseudonyms.

Also important to note is that I have been accused, by Karen Stewart, of acting in collusion with named and unnamed individuals in some sort of conspiracy against her. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I have stated repeatedly, I do not know any of the individuals (with the exception of Ramola) she names as “perps and nutcases”, nor those who remain unnamed. Yet she has repeatedly lumped my name in with various individuals, referring to them as “TIs”, and presenting a false narrative that I am part of the so-called “TI community”, which I most certainly am not, never have been, never will be.

In brief summary, some of the false accusations made by Karen Stewart against Barbara Hartwell were:

That I had sent an e-mail to Ramola and (unnamed) others, which contained an entry from Karen Stewart on Twitter, for the purpose of letting her know she was being “watched”.


That I and others were part of a “mob”, and “pack of self-centered immature dimwits”.


That “Ramola outs Barbara / out of the blue.”


On January 6, 2020, yet another false accusation was launched by Karen Stewart against Barbara Hartwell and Ramola D, which I must, on principle, and in my own defense, refute and counter with facts.

Copied from Twitter:

"#PATHETIC NOTE: When you have to “donate” money to a third person to libel someone on their nothing site, with whom you blew your friendship, to pretend it is independent criticism, that is definitely the definition of pathetic. Lol!!! TI Chronicles Soap Opera. Thank you “C”."


(See previous reports for details.)

Now, a list of just some of the false accusations, smears, defamation & name-calling (in her exact words), taken from Karen Stewart's Twitter account, her “Perps and Nutcases” Facebook page, and from a fake Twitter account, the sole purpose of which was to defame Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell, where she was hiding her identity under the name of “Robert Sau”:


Weinstein Club

"Flying monkeys"



Garbage people

Runs a nothing site



Church of Satan

Depicted as ghastly image of demons


Taking bribes from Ramola to libel KS

Using Ramola as “CIA asset”, a “puppet” under my control

Watching KS

Stalking  KS

TI Controlled Opposition


Cyberstalking queens

Slander Queen


Scum of the earth


Perps and nutcases

Quotes from Karen Stewart:

"Note, Ramola is cyberstalking me by email as well, showing Barbara and mob are “watching me” on Twitter by emailing Screen shots. “Vee vill make you comply!” Keep it up, dimwits."

"#PATHETIC NOTE: When you have to “donate” money to a third person to libel someone on their nothing site, with whom you blew your friendship, to pretend it is independent criticism, that is definitely the definition of pathetic. Lol!!! TI Chronicles Soap Opera. Thank you “C”."

"Some perps and nutcases are so extreme and unrelenting that they deserve their own pages, like Ramola Dharmaraj, but she has low-rent, trailer trash competition that deserves recognition in her sheer gaul and depravity."

"I am so glad Ramola has chosen to align herself publicly with known trash like you [referring to a person named Amy Rayboun”], Galina, and Hartwell."

[NOTE: I do not know these individuals and have no involvement with them.]

"According to RamolaD / Dharmaraj NSA Whistleblower William Binney and Kirk Wiebe are talking to 2 ppl Queen Ramola has declared liars, frauds, double-agents, etc. Who is she kidding? She describes herself and her obvious CIA handler Hartwell."

"Barbara Hartwell Church of Satan Lucifer Barbara Hartwell Church of Satan Lucifer Barbara Hartwell Church of Satan Lucifer Barbara Hartwell Church of Satan Lucifer Barbara Hartwell Church of Satan Lucifer Barbara Hartwell Church of Satan Lucifer"

"Character Assassin CIA Asset Character Assassin CIA Asset Character Assassin CIA Asset Character Assassin CIA Asset Character Assassin CIA Asset Character Assassin CIA Asset Character Assassin CIA Asset Character Assassin CIA Asset"

"Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen Libel queen slander queen"

Now, I find it important to address another issue, that being Karen Stewart's foolish boast of being “incorruptible”, thereby placing herself above all suspicion of ever committing any wrongful act.

Karen Stewart, in her “Reply to Ramola” (December 2019) wrote:

"And she may want to look up my proven Meyers Briggs tested rare personality type, INTJ for some insight. Supremely logical, incorruptible. And remind herself that I have several professionally administered and evaluated psychological evaluations through my ex-employer, the National Security Agency (NSA) which I handily passed and am vouched for in addition by two independent senior psychologists."

As it happens, I am trained as a Jungian analyst (among other disciplines). C.G. Jung's typology is that on which the Myers Briggs personality tests are loosely based. In my position as a personnel counselor, I also administered this test to employees of a corporation (CIA front), as well as the MMPI.

So I know what I am talking about when I say that these tests are far from definitive or conclusive. Typological analysis determined by written tests can be misleading, except as used for general, statistical purposes, and no given “personality type” (“rare” or otherwise) can possibly guarantee (certainly not “prove”) any person as being “incorruptible”.


And why would she expect that some unknown psychologists, employees of NSA, be anyone's yardstick to determine who is, and is not “incorruptible”?

And ask yourself, why would a so-called “incorruptible” person (as she claims to be) be engaging in such obviously corrupt behavior as hiding her identity behind a pseudonym (Karen Stewart aka “Robert Sau”) in a fake Twitter account, for the express purpose of invading someone's privacy; making false police reports on an individual who has committed no crime; using obscene epithets (“Ramola's Sphincter”) to denigrate others; falsely labeling people as “CIA asset”, “trash”, etc. etc. and depicting them as ghastly images of demons, in a clear intent of inflicting extreme emotional distress?

Why, indeed? 

Where is the “supreme logic” in this behavior? Nowhere to be found. Rather, there is only supremely irrational malice and outright, obsessive hatred.

Then, there is the far more significant fact (at least to me) that Karen Stewart promotes herself as a Christian. Such unscrupulous behavior is anything BUT Christian, which I believe any sincere, genuine Christian, using spiritual and intellectual discernment, would know.

Based on my observations and analysis (as a former government profiler), Karen Stewart appears to be a pathological liar with an agenda, lacking the integrity and moral courage to openly address issues, and who instead employs deception and slander, falsely accusing others of that which is most likely true of herself.

I can only describe such behavior, under any standards of analysis, as moral bankruptcy.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell

September 22, 2020

















Known Accomplices of Karen Stewart in defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell and Ramola D:

Katherine Horton

Janet Phelan

Midge Mathis (aka Doris Clause)

Ortaine Devian (aka Jeff Hedrun)

Ella Free (aka Eyerly Felder)

Howard Fisher

Nina Gonzalez

Frank Allen

Andy Spoo

Rick Macy

Penny Shepard

Kola Boof

Tiffany Fontenot

Robert Miller

Audrey Ann Bolin

(And many others, unnamed, hiding behind screen names or pseudonyms.)



"Ramola's Sphincter"














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