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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

EXPOSED: Criminal Network Targets Whistleblowers

September, 2003

Here, find a lengthy, comprehensive report on the criminal network involving Ted Gunderson and some of his minions, including Tim White; Brenda Negri; Ken Adachi; Doug Millar.

Contributors: Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee and Stew Webb


By Barbara Hartwell

The following is a public letter written by ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson, regarding the fact that his speaking engagement at a conference in Chino, CA was cancelled.

The letter here is unedited, and given in it's entirety.

Since my name is mentioned in the letter as well as the names of two of my friends and professional colleagues, Jackie McGauley and Stew Webb, I find it necessary to set the record straight, in my defense and theirs, by telling the truth as I know it, from my own personal experience and involvement; years of research and the testimony of reliable witnesses, about some of Gunderson's allegations.

[My comments are in brackets in the main body of the letter, preceded by my intials, BH.]

Ted L. Gunderson, FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (Ret) California License # 12878 750 Royal Crest Circle # 324 ,Las Vegas, NV 89114

Ted Gunderson, retired FBI head of Los Angeles, 2nd largest office in USA: Kicked Out of Conference, Chino, CA. September 27, 2003


My friend, Shirley Moore, was kind enough to invite me to sit on her speakers' panel today, September 27, 2003. She called me September 24, 2003 and advised than an "unidentified female" called the Chino Police. the Champion Newspaper and numerous government officials and politicians in Sacramento. The female informed them that I accepted money from individuals to work on the McMartin Preschool Case and didn't perform. This female also said I stole money from her. Shirley advised me that because of these accusations, she was removing me from the panel.

[BH: Jackie McGauley first contacted me in 2002, saying she had been wanting to get in touch with me for years, regarding my experiences with Ted Gunderson. I have since spent many, many hours on the phone with Jackie, in which she provided her testimony re Ted Gunderson; the McMartin Preschool case and other related matters and I have also received documentation which corroborated much of her testimony.

At first, I think Jackie wanted me to make the information public, being that I am an investigative journalist with an established readership on the Internet; but I encouraged her to do it on her own, telling her that I would help in any way I could.

I can no longer afford to work cases and write reports for which I am not paid. My website has not been updated since June 2003, due to lack of funding for my Legal Defense and Research Fund. Most of the contributions I was receiving to fund my work have dried up as a result of the massive libel and slander campaign being waged against me. It now seems to be the consensus among many of those denouncing me, including Ted Gunderson --and those who believe them-- that I am still working for CIA.

But I have taken the time to write this report today for two important reasons. One is that I want to support Jackie McGauley and Stew Webb in any way I can. They are my friends and they too are the targets of similar libel and slander campaigns.

The other is that I feel it is imperative that the truth be exposed.

One thing I'll say about Jackie: She is not a liar. And I have a really well-tuned radar for liars. Sooner or later they reveal themselves, if you listen long enough and intently enough. In listening to hours of Jackie's testimony, I always found her to be consistent and she never contradicted herself. Ted Gunderson, on the other hand, is quite another story.

Jackie explained the whole sordid tale to me. Everything she told me had the clear ring of truth and thus I believe Jackie McGauley rather than the version of the McMartin case being promoted by Ted Gunderson.

I would welcome any additional comments that Jackie has to make about the allegations in this letter, as I can only address those issues on which I have facts and evidence and of which I have personal knowledge.]

Then I called Lt. Beckman with the Chino Police Department. He advised that he received a phone call from a female in Manhattan Beach, CA who refused to identify herself. She stated she did not want me to discuss the McMartin case or talk about her daughter who was a McMartin victim. After that I called Mark, a reporter at the Champion Newspaper, who stated he received a call from an unidentified female and a second call from an unidentified male. The male stated that if I appeared at the conference, I would be arrested and there would be trouble.

Because of this, I called a lady who is at the conference today and is aware of the above allegations. She advised that she reviewed the Internet and noted there are allegations claming that I am a government informant.


Since retiring in 1979, I have been actively investigating and exposing government corruption and cover-ups involving violent crimes against children throughout the nation.

Although most people in law enforcement are honest, a few dishonest police, district attorneys, US attorneys, FBI, CIA, and military leaders are destroying the reputation of their agencies.

[BH: Ted knows damn well that "most of the people" especially in CIA and FBI are NOT honest. He's stated that publicly more times than I can count and I've discussed it with him at length, many times. So why would he be now saying it's only a "few" bad apples?]

One of my accomplishments, since my retirement, involved initiating and coordinating the McMartin Preschool tunnel discovery and excavation in Manhattan Beach.

[BH: Wrong again, Ted!

Jackie's testimony has made it clear that Gunderson was uninvited, by her, or any other of the parents of the abused children; nor was he asked to participate in the investigation by anyone involved!

Yet he claims full credit, ever since I've known him, for the whole damn thing! In fact, the McMartin Preschool case was one of the reasons I at first considered Ted a hero and made the mistake of trusting him with involvement in my own case. What a fool I was ....]

Many sexually abused and tortured children said there were tunnels under the school. In an effort to resolve these allegations, I hired and paid Dr. Gary Stickel, a geologist and UCLA graduate, who subsequently documented that the tunnels had existed at one time, but were filled in. I coordinated the excavation project and handled payments to the contractors. Dr.Stickel and Jackie McGauley, who claims to be the mother of one of the victims, prepared a 200 page report.

Some of the more important pages from this report are available today at my table, including a one page summery of the evidence found in the tunnels that included over 40 animal bones, photos taken of the tunnels, and other valuable, irrefutable evidence.

Later, Ms McCauley collected thousands of dollars from individuals, and then refused to send them the copies of the report. One nationally prominent child advocate told my associate, Doug Millar, and me that her friends said she paid $3,000 for a one copy of the report, but Ms. McGauley refused to deliver it.

Ms. McGauley also refused to give me a copy, even though I spent $17,000 of my own money on the project. I donated my time and received no compensation for the 34-day project. Total cost of the project was approximately $55,000.

Throughout the years I have lectured about the McMartin case on many occasions, but at no time have I identified the victims or their parents, until now.

[BH: If you want to know who Doug Millar REALLY is.....Please see a report exposing Doug Millar at the bottom of the page. This is an excerpt from an article, The Denver Connection, Part 3, written by me in March 2002.]

Several hundred children told the same story about being sexually abused and taken into tunnels under the building by the owners of the day care; yet Los Angeles County District attorney Ira Reiner refused to acknowledge the tunnel evidence during the second trial of Raymond Buckey, Ms. McMartin's grandson.

After Buckey's jury failed to convict him, the jury forewoman made public statements quoted by the media that jurors believed the children had been sexually abused, but the prosecuting attorneys failed to furnish the jurors evidence that would have convicted him.

Many of the child victims reported that they were taken through the tunnels and transported in vehicles and prostituted to prominent Los Angeles individuals. They reported seeing animals tortured and killed in the tunnels. They were also taken to a site, mortuary and church where the children reported witnessing adults in black dresses with hoods and human sacrifices of adults, children and babies. The children described many of the murder victims as "brown babies."

Over the past two decades, there have been attempts by the federal government to prosecute me, attempts on my life and extensive efforts to slander and defame me. Most recently, a government informant, Stew Webb, and some of his cohorts, including Ms. McGauley, have spread false rumors about me being an informant for the FBI and CIA. This is a technique used by the government that is called "disinformation program."

I have a copy of a letter Mr. Webb wrote to the Las Vegas Police and a video interview of him, wherein he identifies himself as an FBI informant, with a symbol number and boasting that he is working for Las Vegas FBI agent Robin Sandoval.I also have a copy of a letter in my file from Barbara Hartwell, one of his associates, stating that Webb and Ms. McGauley are working together.

[BH: Yes, I know about the so-called "evidence" Gunderson claims he has on Stew Webb. It's a videotape, which Ted himself sent to me last year, along with a handwritten note, telling me to "stop putting out the b.s." on him (the b.s. apparently meaning the truth I was exposing about him). But there is NO such evidence against Stew on the tape, as Gunderson claims.

Stew talks about the fact that he is a Federal Whistleblower, NOT an "FBI informant". Federal Whistleblower is a legal term, for which the status no longer exists, since the passage of unconstitutional legislation. Having the status and being issued a NUMBER was supposed to provide protection for the whistleblower to TELL THE TRUTH about government corruption, which Stew Webb has done.]

It should be noted that Mr. Webb has a criminal record. His friends have has identified him as an illegal drug user. I have documentation that he spent 7 months in a mental hospital. Recently he solicited a Vietnam veteran in Denver to arrange for the murder of Tim White, one of Webb's former associates.

On August 26, 2003 I spoke with the individual who Webb approached to commit the murder and confirmed that Webb attempted to hire this veteran to kill Mr. White.

[BH: Now Gunderson accuses Stew Webb of attempting to hire a hit man for a murder? This is an outrage! Especially since Tim White, a convicted felon, transvestite and himself a low-level FBI snitch and provocateur, who made a deal with the Feds to cut his own incarceration time on a drug bust, has made threats on my life, on Stew's life, and on Al Martin's life. I have the witnesses and evidence to substantiate this.

White is also involved in disseminating a plethora of lies and disinformation about myself, Webb and others. White calls me "that CIA bitch". He posts his lies about me all over the Internet, claiming that I "take orders directly from the basement of the White House"; that I am NSA AND CIA; that I am "George Bush's trollop"; and of course regularly calls me a "whore" along with his sleazy lying cohort Brenda Negri.

Both Negri and White are rank amateurs. Both are clinically insane. Both are loud, vulgar wannabes who answer directly to none other than Ted L. Gunderson, who is using them both as his dupes in COINTELPRO-style operations.]

Federal agents are attacking me because rogue government bureaucrats are attempting to destroy my credibility and reputation and prevent me from effectively exposing the corruption within their ranks. This exposure includes a covert CIA child kidnapping ring operating out of Washington, DC, known as THE FINDERS. After THE FINDERS was publicly exposed in 1987, they moved their operation to Wichita, Kansas, where they are active at this time.

(See my table for documentation that includes three U.S. Customs reports, and a USNews and World Report article dated January 24, 1994. If I had appeared on today's panel, I would have show you pictures of THE FINDERS' two locations in Washington, DC. Mr. Millar and I took them on Father's Day last year, after visiting the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.)

[BH: I know the original source who provided Ted Gunderson with information about The Finders (a CIA operation), a source I must protect. Yet Gunderson tries to claim credit for this one too.]

Regarding the 9-11 terrorists' attacks, documentation available at my table confirms that the FBI had six months advance warning, but ignored it. In my opinion, had they taken proper action, 9-11 would have been prevented. Enclosed is a copy of my August 29, 2003 letter to U. S. Attorney General john Ashcroft that addresses this issue. I encourage you to obtain a copy of my 45-page or 90+page 9-11 report.

"Terrorists' Activities: Advanced Knowledge Furnished to the FBI 6 Months Prior to 9-11." These reports are available at my table or you may order them from my enclosed order form.

I invite you to visit my table and review the above referenced documentation and other material that exposes corruption at the highest levels of our government. It includes "Conspiracy of Silence," the Discovery Channel's one hour documentary on "the Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder" that was never shown. After advertising it nationwide, certain member of Congress blackmailed the Discovery Channel by introducing restrictive legislation against the cable industry. Passage was threatened, if the documentary was shown.

The cost of reproduction, well over $25,000, was reimbursed and all copies were ordered destroyed. You can read about it in "The Franklin Cover-up," an important book by attorney John DeCamp.

He documents that many Nebraska children were shipped to Washington, DC for sex parties with members of Congress. This book and a bootleg copy of the video are available today. I also encourage you to visit my web site for additional details and documentation. Most people will not believe the corruption, without the written evidence. The truth is the truth; one can attempt to distort or manipulate it, but the truth remains the truth!

[BH: Yes, the truth remains the truth, I'll have to agree on that one.

In November of 1999, I had a private conversation with Ted Gunderson, while I and my bodyguard were visiting his family in New Jersey. At that time I confronted Ted with information I had on ex-Senator and attorney John DeCamp, author of The Franklin Coverup. I asked Ted if he knew that DeCamp himself had been INVOLVED in the child sexual abuse his book exposed.

Ted admitted to me that yes, he knew about it. When I asked, WHY IN HELL then, would you be working with this man, and worse, COVERING FOR HIM?!

His answer was that DeCamp had "still done a lot of good" by exposing the whole thing. So I guess, in Teds' book, that made DeCamp A-OK.

I told Ted that was NO EXCUSE, that if you were going to tell the truth, it should be the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

What about all the people who were murdered as a result of DeCamp's and Gunderson's "investigation"?

And what about the later suspicious death of ex-CIA director Bill Colby?...also a friend of DeCamp?

Well, it's much more complicated than I have time to get into here, but for now let me just say that DeCamp was also deeply involved in Operation Phoenix, the assassination program which utilizied Manchurian Candidates.

This was the last time I ever saw Ted Gunderson. Shortly thereafter, I broke off my association with him. I have never, until today, explained precisely why. I was very concerned about the safety of my family, that's why.

Death threats were made, and attempts on my life.

One of these death threats, which turned out to be bogus, was made by Tim White, who claimed a former Special Forces man, Jeff Swedenburg, had been hired to kill me by CIA.

As I've exposed in several reports, Swedenburg is innocent of all such was all a set up to "kill two birds with one stone".

But now, enough is enough. Enough lies from Ted Gunderson, his dupes and cronies!

Enough slander and libel from Ken Adachi, Brenda Negri, Tim White, Shirley Anderson and all the other pathetic liars and provocateurs.]

Today I'm sorry that you will not have the opportunity to hear what I have to say. But this is how the rogue, corrupt government wants it. Do you agree that we must lay aside our differences and TAKE BACK AMERICA NOW? Do you agree that when children are not safe in America, your and my freedoms and loved ones are not safe?

When we leave here today, let's make a commitment to join forces and build a unique. NON-PARTISAN and NON-SECTARIAN coalition, TAKE BACK AMERICA, NOW!

I invite you to see my web site for details and volunteer to join forces with us.

Will God bless America, if America doesn't bless God? WAKE-UP AMERICA! WAKE-UP!

For Christ, Children, Constitution, Country and Justice,


Ted L. Gunderson

Now, please DO take the time to read this brief report on Gunderson's crony Doug Millar, mentioned in the above letter by Ted. Hopefully this will connect a few more of the dots........



Doug Millar is a government plant, a low-level penetration agent (Millar reputedly works for DCS) and FBI/CIA stool pigeon --a seedy character known to hang out on the fringes of patriot, militia and Christian groups.

As I learned from several witnesses, Millar was something of a fixture at the Global Sciences meetings and conferences in Denver, peddling his anti-government wares (blurred and barely readable photocopies of documents such as the Church Committee hearings on MK Ultra and poor quality videotapes featuring the testimony of black ops survivors); and spouting hackneyed anti-government propaganda to the attendees, while acting as a sort of all-purpose factotum and gopher for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, a frequent speaker at the conferences.

As a finishing touch, Millar touted and sold his own little newsletter, called EXPOOOOOOOOSED!!!

I first encountered Millar in 1997 when I was a speaker at the annual Global Sciences Congress in Denver. My first memory of this sleazy con man was when he approached me with his burning questions about my experiences of being persecuted by the government in their attempts to neutralize me, the topic I had chosen for my lecture at Global.

Millar's affected persona is that of an outraged zealot; a fierce advocate of human and Constitutional rights, crusading to expose the corruption and egregious abuses perpetrated by the U.S. government.

But unfortunately for Millar and his overlords, he lacks the inner fire to pull off the act. Any real patriot or sincere human rights advocate can see him coming a mile away.

At one conference in Daytona Beach, Florida, Millar followed me around like a puppy dog, begging for video interviews about my experiences with mind control and asking me to "step up to the mike" onstage during breaks between the scheduled events to tell more of my "tragic story", while he acted as master of ceremonies.

Millar asked stupid questions; repeatedly interrupting me with his spurious interpretations of my comments; and referring to me as a "tragic victim" of CIA mind control, rather than a "survivor "...which makes all the difference in the world.

I later found out that Millar was selling videotapes of my impromptu testimony at other meetings and conferences around the country, complete with copyright violations, just as a number of others have been doing for years.

The only reason I gave Millar the time of day, or the benefit of the doubt, was because he was an associate of Ted Gunderson, with whom I was working at the time. (I have since distanced myself from Gunderson, ironically at first because he claimed that Kurt and Lee Ann Billings were CIA plants. At the time, I defended the Billings' against these accusations. But my later and more compelling reasons for changing my mind about the credibility of Ted Gunderson will soon become clear.)

In the course of my later investigation, I learned that Millar would routinely show up at various meetings, gathering names of participants and skulking around in the parking lot, taking license plate numbers of those in attendance, which he then turned over to various Federal agencies engaged in Cointelpro-type operations.


Colorado Investigations Bureau Capitol Hill Branch PO Box 300234, Denver, CO 80203. Phone: 303-936-1384 Fax:303-936-7017

But back to the Denver Connection. Millar moved from Las Vegas and took up permanent residence in Denver just two (2) days after the Columbine massacre, setting up an ad hoc committee to 'investigate' the shootings at Columbine High School.

As I learned from several confidential sources, Millar's real purpose was to find out how much other independent investigators knew about the incident at Columbine, in order to report back to his handlers.

His agenda? To contain the flow of information; to target those who knew too much of what REALLY happened at Columbine; and to suppress the truth about government involvement, specifically CIA mind control operations instrumental in the shootings, by creating a smoke screen of diversion and disinformation.

In December 2001, Millar approached Tim Hall [real name: Daryl Sturgis], the Special Forces veteran from whom I had received the second death threat warning about Jeff Swedenburg, seeking information in relation to Tim White, Stew Webb, Jeff Swedenburg, myself and others.

When I learned that Millar was having meetings with Hall, I warned Hall of Millar's real agenda, and told him Millar was not to be trusted. Hall chose to disregard my advice, and within a week I learned that Hall had decided to go back to work for the government.

I was told by Hall at that time that the government agents who had re-recruited him had threatened to "bring the roof down" on Barbara Hartwell, and Hall urged me to reconsider my position; to get rid of my website and to destroy any evidence I might have of the government corruption I had taken a stand against. Naturally, I refused. So far, my roof is still intact.

At least for me, it is still an open question whether or not Hall was a part of the operation to set up myself and Swedenburg from the beginning. But at the time when Doug Millar oh-so-conveniently showed up on the scene, intent on scavenging information and documents from Tim Hall and others asociated with him, I was still under the impression that Millar had been planted on Hall, as he had surely been planted on many others, and considered it my duty to warn Hall about Millar's real role and his purpose in making the contact.

Tim White was incarcerated at this time in The Canyon City Penitentiary, and had been remanded to the mental ward.

Many of the documents which Doug Millar was so desperate to get his hands on were the same documents confiscated from Tim Hall by the Federal agents who said they needed them as evidence to file more criminal charges against Tim White.

The same documents instrumental in the Grand Jury investigation being filed by Stew Webb. In fact, Stew was the legal owner of most of these documents, which had been stored temporarily at White's residence before his arrest and later removed by Hall and another man Mike Floyd, at White's request.

These documents contained incriminating evidence against a number of those targeted in the investigation. A short time later, on September 22, 2001, an attempt was made on Mike's life which he barely survived. As Hall told me, he himself had made copies of all the documents before they were confiscated by the Feds.

When Millar learned that I was coming to Denver, he got out of town, fast. As I heard it, Millar went to California to meet with Ted Gunderson. As told to me by several sources, Millar was afraid of what might happen if he ran into me.

Being a traitor, a coward and a liar, he had good reason to be afraid, but even though I may have been tempted to put Millar in hammerlock, knee him in the balls and knock his sorry ass to the ground, I take more satisfaction in being able to expose him and his fellow toadies to the Bush Boys on the World Wide Web. I never claimed to be a pacifist....but then again, the pen is mighter than the sword......

My last phone conversation with Tim Hall was in mid-December 2001, shortly before he turned and went back to working for the government. Hall told me that Doug Millar had written a report focusing mostly on 'criminal activities' in Denver in which he had named a number of individuals. Among those mentioned in Millar's report were: Tim White; Stew Webb; Jeff Swedenburg; Tim Hall; Mike Floyd.

I asked Hall to e-mail me a copy of this report, but I never received it. It wasn't until I arrived in Denver that I managed to get a copy of Millar's 'expose'. And reading it made my blood boil.

Though my name was never mentioned (I'm sure Millar would not have dared) it was filled with lies and disinformation about certain others, including Stew Webb and Jeff Swedenburg; as well as an attempt to characterize them both in the most negative way, though Millar had nothing whatsoever in the way of evidence to support the theories he promoted.

On the first page of Millar's poorly written, sensationalistic and melodramatic 'expose' in large bold type, were the following catchy headlines:


The sad story about a Vietnam veteran who was exposing the subversion of America by the CIA, FBI & others paid to protect us!

How did this patriotic young man become paranoid, a pusher of marijuana, & a pervert in a pornography filled lifestyle of perverson?


The alarming saga about another patriot exposing the subversion of Denver, CO & America by the Bush family & leaders of the CIA, FBI & military!]

In the next report we will take a short look at this ludicrous report by Doug Millar, and believe me folks, a short look is all it's worth. But a word to the wise is sufficient and we will clearly see the plot behind the disinformation campaign being waged by Doug Millar and his gov't handlers. What will also become clear is what they are trying to hide......


Sept. 30, 2003


By: Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

All the statements made regarding me, Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower, in CIA-FBI Ted L. Gunderson's so called letter Dated Sept 27, 2003, Stating I hired some one to murder Denver FBI Cross-Dresser Child Porno Queen Drug Addict Tim White. Stating I am a drug user. Stating I spent 7 months in a mental hospital. Stating I have a criminal record, are nothing but pure LIES from a professional GOVT. OPERATIVE STILL WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT AS A PATRIOT SPY & one scared on the run Govt. Plant known as CIA Ted L.Gunderson.

First: Tim White is an attempted extortionist, a slanderous punk, who will lie to anyone who will pay him. He is a declared mental case feeding Denver FBI with perjured information, which is a felony. He has been declared mentally unstable by the Colorado Department of Correction (Prison) system who evaluated him after being busted on dope charges in 2001 and a convicted felon.

I had him busted after he tried to extort me for money $100,000 for boxes of documents he was storing in Colorado for me. I did not know this punk except by others who claimed it would be safe to leave these vital documents there.

He has been playing snitch to the Denver FBI in exchange for his freedom and his probation dropped (Oct 2002). He had continuously lied to the Denver FBI, but after nothing checked out they dropped him, and my former father in law hired him at the direction of Denver FBI to criminally harass and stalk me on the internet, he has made death threats to my self and others.

Tim White Further Criminally harasses and slanders stating Stew Webb is on Lithium, I am not on Lithium or any Medication. I have never hired or attempted to hire anyone to murder anyone.

Second: I was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 for exposing the Savings and Loan (Silverado Saving & Loan Scandal Neil Bush Director),the HUD Scandal, the Denver International Airport Scandal, The Keating 5 MDC Holdings 200 Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering, involving my ex father in law The Bush Crime Family Boss Hog Leonard Millman, aka "The Denver Connection".

During the 10 1/2 months I was Illegally held as a Political Prisoner I was evaluated by the U.S. Governments Shrinks, who stated there was nothing the matter with me. This was part of The Bush Crime Family's game to try and get you declared crazy. This failed.

The charges of Death Threats that never occurred and reported by Leonard Millman were Dismissed with Prejudice, Aug 20, 1993, By U.S. Federal Judge Richard Matsch Denver Colorado.

Third: I have been Illegally arrested 30 times on false charges for exposing the Bush Crime Family's Denver Connections. All Charges have always been dismissed.

There are no conviction against me.Yet to this day the U.S. Government has falsified the NCIC Computer system, record on me, which is part of My Federal Grand Jury indictments ready to present.

Fourth: Yes I have given the FBI and lots of other Federal Agencies, Congressional Investigations, Inspector Generals and others information relating to "The Bush Crime Family" activities. Yes I gave FBI agent Robin Salvador of the Las Vegas office information relating to Bush Terrorist activities, in particular the Ft. Worth Shooting in 1999, the Alaskan Airliner Crash and other terrorist activities of The Bush Crime Family during a short time.

I requested an informant number for my own protection. I was referred by FBI Denver Agent Mark Hostslaw, who now I know in a cover-up mister working for the Bad Guys in the FBI. I even gave them this info a week before each event, to try and stop it.

During this the period of time CIA Ted Gunderson had infiltrated me, I did not know he working for General John Singlaub and CIA George Pender, controllers for "The Bush Crime Family". Yes I was fooled by Criminal CIA Shadow Govt. Crime Family Player Ted L. Gunderson, like many of you are and have been.

Further Gunderson has referred to a video I have called CIA Terror In America were I state I went to the FBI to report this to the Las Vegas Office. See: Videos under Table of Contents. It is a great Video, and explains a lot 1 full hour, go to my web site to get your full copy. Yes I am a Federal Whistleblower against Government Corruption. I do not, and never have worked for the U.S. Government or any other Government, or Agency.

Except when I was in the USMC in my late teens, and discharged Honorable.

Fifth: I currently have a Federal Grand Jury Demand against The Bush Crime Family naming CIA Ted L. Gunderson as one who brought false charges to extort me out of documents with a convicted felon killer Tom Gaule of Las Vegas, those charges were dropped 1 month prior to a Jury Trial by the Prosecution,(Dec 2001) the prosecutors knew I was innocent of the false charges of Robbery which is a form of assault in Nevada. They were dismissed with Prejudice. Further Gunderson was involved in murder of a Black Panther acting as an FBI Agent in the early 1970s.

Gunderson sold Stinger Missiles to Terrorist Bin Laden for the Bush Crime Family's Shadow Government whom CIA Ted L. Gunderson still works for. This was why he was still working as the head of the FBI LA.

Is the FBI supposedto supply terrorist with Stingers?? Gunderson was involved in other murders of Adults whom were part of CIA-Satanic Sex rings, Gunderson is involved in a wet-ops operation to identify and kill those who are victims now adults who could finger Bush Crime Family Members and other Satanists. Gunderson was further involved with various Illegal activities, Iran/Contra Drug & Weapons shipments Inslaw software, neutralize of key witness, jailment, murder etc.

Gunderson further is a scamster for the Bush Crime Family,he offers Gold Scams with his Criminal Felon Partner Victor Hancock of Las Vegas, and Steals the Life Savings from little old ladies. Gunderson further sells as a scam condominiums on Baja, Island in Mexico, to patriots, and others he can con into purchasing these so called condos to be build in 5 years, with payments now on something that does not exist.

He further owes over one million dollars to little old ladies he has connd out of the money, claiming I need to borrow this money to break open the Nebraska case, and I have a client who will be paying me $300,000 in two months you loan me the $50,000 I will pay you back then. He never has a client and never pays them back. Several complaints have been filed against him. He further claims he retired from the FBI, Gunderson was relieved of duty kick out for holding a Satanic Ceremonies in his FBI Office, and was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

(A NUT CASE) 2 of his adult children have been repeatedly hospitalized for this condition. This is why the FBI Alumni kicked him out. Further Gunderson claims he is against Satanism, if this is the case, WHY DID TED L. GUNDERSON MARRY ANTON LAVEY's WIDOW IN 1998, THE FOUNDER OF THE CHURCH OF SATAN IN AMERICA ?????

For the record Tim White, Ted Gunderson, Doug Millar, Brenda Negri, Shirley Anderson, Larry Lawson, are all tied together as Agents Provocateurs working to do Criminal Harassment, slander and defamation of character, to try and ruin my reputation.

Since January 2003 when I got my internet site up with evidence on The Bush Crime Family, these Criminals have all worked daily to try and Criminally harass and slander, and threaten myself and others, including radio talk show hosts. I have proof these people are tied to Leonard Millman Bush Crime Family Boss Hog my former father in law and the Denver FBI offices for the Bush Crime Family.

Ex FBI Now CIA Shadow Government Player Ted L. Gunderson is the ring leader of these fools for the Illegal CIA.

There are so many indictments to present to the grand jury regarding the above named, including information I am not at liberty to discuss of Criminal activity they have all participated in.

I might add that since I released the entire full not blacked out CIA/George H.W. BUSH/Richard CHENEY CHILD SEX RING reports "Finders" in Aug 2003 on my internet site. Suddenly Ted Gunderson now claims in this letter he has been exposing the finders.

He passed out "blacked out" 3 pages as disinformation for the gov. to discredit the operation.

And John Decamps Neb. cover-up was not limited to NEB., it was nation wide, all the orphanages were used, and the operation was called "Brownstone" to blackmail congress and senate with kids. George Pender was in charge of Brownstone, Pender was a Partner of CIA Clint Murchison and CIA-FBI Ted L. Gunderson.

Gunderson was in Dallas living at the Murchison Estate for 1 year while he did a Radio show on short wave late 1990s, during that time he accused Radio Talk Show Host Art Bell of being a child molester, and Gunderson was suit and Art Bell Won The Case against Ted Gunderson for Slander.

Therefore I am going to conclude my report, and ask that anyone reading this to visit my internet site below, and review the link associated with these Criminals named above.

My reports and the reports by Jacque McGuley a mother of a victim of the McMartin Preschool case, who Gunderson broke her finger, made her deaf in one ear, and forced her to file bankruptcy as a result of his stealing her credit cards and using them, and his infiltration to cover up the Mcmartin case, these reports are here, I have tons of documents sent to me by Jacque relating to CIA Ted Gunderson and his Illegal Activities.

Jacque McGauley's Credentials & Reputation is impeccable.

And The Reports by Former CIA Operative Barbara Hartwell, all these reports are detailed about the named above Criminals, they can be found on either internet site.

Barbara Hartwell's Credentials & Reputation is impeccable.

I have Named some of these "Criminal Government Agents" & Government Provocateurs (Domestic Contact Services) in My Federal Grand Jury Demand Dated July 3, 2003 Case Number 95-Y-107

Filed U.S. District Court Denver Colorado.

Stew Webb, Federal Whistleblower


I received this message from ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, after sending him the piece today on Ted Gunderson, posted here.

If you want to read the testimony of a REAL GOOD GUY who was once inside the FBI, check out his website.

September 30, 2003

Geral Sosbee's message to Friends worldwide:

Thank you for the great work that characterizes your efforts to re-take our country from the treasonous thugs and assassins (primarily affiliated with the fbi/cia) who presently dominate the United States government and American politics.

As you know true leadership always prevails over incompetence and evil, and these two traits are exemplified by the fbi and the cia as their agents, operatives, thugs, assassins and handlers have brought us to brink of a global and Humanitarian crisis of universal proportions.

As I once mentioned to the splendid Barbara Hartwell, what an honor for me to be and to live on the right side of such a struggle (i.e.,a battle between the forces of truth and enlightenment against the applied and coupled doctrines of deceit and destruction).

Geral Sosbee

Also, I have taken from the archives of my website this letter that Geral wrote in support of me in 2002. My comments precede the letter. Geral has been repeatedly attacked and defamed by Tim White, Brenda Negri and other Gunderson dupes and provocateurs, as a result of his continuing loyalty to and support of me. Recently these morons have been spreading the lie that I am Geral's "CIA handler".

Thank you Geral, for your friendship, your support and for doing the right thing!

Here is a letter from Ex FBI agent Geral Sosbee, a letter of support and endorsement Geral wrote on my behalf, when he saw that I had come under numerous attacks by character assassination, malicious lies and attempts to impugn my sanity.

In particular, one mentally unbalanced and spiteful individual, a provocateur by the name of Brenda Negri, who pops up under many silly aliases on various message boards all over the Internet, has been a worse nuisance than anyone else I can think of, when it comes to spreading misinformation about myself and other legitimate whistleblowers and survivors of black ops, such as Al Martin and Stew Webb.

Although she has been exposed as a phony and a pathological liar, she just keeps on with her obsessive libel campaign...I guess she has nothing better to do with her time.

Negri has also sent derogatory messages about me to Geral, 'warning' him not to associate with me, which he forwarded to me. Otherwise, he decided it was best to just ignore Negri's ludicrous ranting and lies.

But anyway, I want to thank Geral for his support and his kind remarks regarding myself.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Barbara Hartwell through her superb writings and by virtue of my lengthy telephone conversations with her for many months.

When Barbara makes a statement of opinion I know that she has a firm foundation (and in many instances cogent scientific evidence) supportive of the phenomenon that she reports. I have the greatest respect for the person of Barbara Hartwell and I know her to be one of the most knowledgeable persons in our midst with respect to the terrorist practices of the fbi/cia and similarly chartered/motivated groups.

Barbara is helping to educate the world about the criminal activities of the fbi and the cia, especially in the areas of mind control and particularly concerning the "Non-Consensual Cover Research" program that I am also personally familiar with. More significantly, Barbara is saving lives and she is one of the most courageous human beings I have ever known.

Anyone who attempts to bring discredit on this marvellous woman (by the use of pejorative labels and absurd blasphemes) defeats his/her own transparent purposes by doing so and stands in total opposition/contrast to the humanitarian work that Barbara pursues (at her own great personal loss). I feel privileged and honored to be in her company and I will continue to work with her to help victims of fbi/cia terrorist activities worldwide.

Intentional efforts to casually defame one of this country's greatest treasures, Barbara Hartwell, reflects the sinister depravity of the accuser.

Geral Sosbee