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Sunday, July 26, 2020

FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS (5): A Travesty of Justice in Greenwich, Connecticut

Thirty years ago (1990) I was arrested after participating in a demonstration in Greenwich, Connecticut, where I lived at the time. A group of us conducted a street theater, wearing black robes to symbolize a funeral for small animals (including rabbits, mice, guinea pigs) literally tortured to death in L'Oreal laboratories, to cater to the vanity of heartless women who purchase the cosmetics.

It took some time (and many such demonstrations), but we eventually won a victory. L'Oreal did stop testing on animals, due only to our efforts to save these defenseless creatures from brutal torture.

At the time of the arrest, I produced and hosted a radio program on terrestrial radio, WGCH, the only radio station in town. After the arrest, when my photo appeared on the front page of the Greenwich Time, I was called into the office of the manager of the station. I was told that the publicity surrounding my arrest was not good for the “image” of the station, where I had produced my program since 1987, and had a large audience, and top ratings.

He suggested that I should give up my activism for animals, or at least “tone down” my methods of protest. It was clear to me that he had received “complaints” from some of the town officials.

I later learned, from a client of my private counseling practice, that the person who had lodged the complaint was the mayor of Greenwich (aka First Selectman), who also had a radio program at the station. According to my client (another official in town government), the mayor was miffed because my ratings were higher than his (no surprise, since his program was drop-dead boring) and I had been given a better time slot than his. I also suspect that the arrest was politically motivated, as in a posh, old money town like Greenwich, this sort of unseemly behavior is looked down upon.

Anyway, I told the manager (who was a very nice man, but apparently, “just following orders”) that if he wished to take my program off the schedule, he could do that, but that I would not stop my activism for animals, nor modify it in any way. This was a matter of principle, and I would stick to my guns. I told him, You do what you have to do, and I'll do what I have to do.

He sighed, and said, Okay, do what you have to do. I stayed at the radio station until 1991, when I moved from Greenwich.

On another note, my son was attending Greenwich High School at the time. Shortly after the arrest, my son came home from school, telling me that one of his classmates had been boasting that his father (Sgt. Brown) had arrested some criminals and it made the front page of the Greenwich Time! The classmate apparently did not know that he was boasting to someone whose mother was one of the “criminals”.

My lawyer advised me to plead “no contest” to the minor (though wrongful) charge and I walked away with no criminal record. That was the last time I was arrested, though I have continued my activism (for animals and human rights) ever since.

Barbara Hartwell
July 26, 2020

This photo is from the front page of Greenwich Time, March 31, 1990. Sgt. Brown of Greenwich Police Dep't is the arresting officer, pictured pointing a finger at Barbara Hartwell (front, right).

Here is a letter to the editor of Greenwich Time, which they published not long after the arrest.

Misplaced Justice

To the Editor:

I was arrested on March 30, 1990, in front of the home of James Nixon, vice president of L'Oreal cosmetics. I was one of the 27 animal rights activists present that day, all affiliated with the Fairfield County Animal Rights Alliance and the Washington D.C.-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Nine of us were arrested after delivering petitions holding thousands of signatures protesting against the cruel and fatal testing of L'Oreal cosmetics on small and defenseless animals.

The nine persons arrested were later charged with first degree criminal trespassing. Also arrested was a free-lance photo-journalist affiliated with, but not employed by Greenwich Time, whom the police claimed was “a publicity person for the organization”. In fact, this journalist is not a member of any animal rights organization, nor was he ever involved in our group in any way; he was merely attempting to photograph the protest. The police later – much later – dropped all charges against him when he demanded a trial to prove his innocence.

The protest consisted of a gathering of people who stood across the street from Mr. Nixon's house (on town property) carrying signs and a toy stuffed rabbit spattered with red paint to symbolize the torture and death that animals undergo every day in L'Oreal laboratories. (It seems that some people, after reading the stories in Greenwich Time, actually believed that the rabbit had been a real dead animal!)

After standing across the street for the demonstration, our plan was to simply deliver the petitions which were piled in miniature coffins (again to remind Mr. Nixon of the death toll of innocent animals) and leave. We did not stage a protest on Mr. Nixon's property; we only entered it briefly to make a delivery of petitions.

According to Connecticut statute, a person may be charged with criminal trespass if he or she sets foot on private property after an order not to enter has been issued. A person may be charged with simple trespass after entering the property without prior permission to do so.

Although we did not have explicit permission to enter the property, we were at no time warned by anyone not to enter the property, despite the assertion to the contrary by the arresting officer, Sgt. Brown. Our sole intent was to deliver the petitions and leave.

As everyone knows, Jehovah's Witnesses, door-to-door salesmen, political candidates, Girl Scouts, census-takers, and sundry others enter private property on a regular basis, all with their own agenda. Typically, none of these “violators of the law” have been invited to do so, nor have been given permission to enter private property; yet we don't read of their arrests on the front page of Greenwich Time.

The arresting officer, Sgt. Brown, was quoted in the April 1 Greenwich Time avowing that all those arrested had been given a warning not to enter the property. However, the police report written on the day of the arrest stated that only one person had been warned. Several days later a “follow-up report” surfaced in which he claimed that all those arrested had been warned. To which report are we to give credence? Since this major discrepancy speaks loudly and clearly for itself, I need not belabor the point. Under the law, police are required to warn each and every individual, either separately or collectively, and that warning must be disregarded before an arrest can be legally made for first degree criminal trespassing.

As I stated in a Greenwich Time interview after the arrest, I personally was never warned against setting foot on the property, and since I had never heard of anyone being arrested for delivering papers to someone's door, I believed myself to be operating within the limits of the law. Within a short time after the arrest the charges were reduced on several of the protesters (including myself), while three others (including the uninvolved photographer!) were still saddled with the original criminal trespass charge.

Evidently the police had changed their minds once again and decided that: not one, not all, but three people had been warned. (I never learned whether a third “follow-up report” to this effect had been issued.)

The details of the ridiculous ordeal the arrested persons were then subjected to would require several more pages to relate. Suffice it to say that between the time of the arrest, complete with handcuffs and a tour of downtown Greenwich in the “prisoner van” , and the encounter with the court system, considerable time and money had been wasted by each of those arrested just to avoid an even worse nightmare. This travesty of justice is a shameful waste of taxpayers' money.

Have we devolved into a police state where citizens cannot exercise their First Amendment rights? Why don't the Greenwich police find a more productive use for their time and energies? Like protecting the public from the real threats in our town: drug dealers, rapists, burglars, drunk drivers, etc.

Harassing those persons whose only “crime” is compassion for suffering animals and the courage to try to put a stop to it shows the sorry state our system must truly be in. I will continue to use my energies toward the goal of peacefully and legally making changes which will get another category of dangerous persons off the streets, out of the laboratories and off their smug behinds in the corporate boardrooms: those who ought to be charged with criminal activity are those who mercilessly exploit and torture living creatures for the love of the almighty dollar.

Barbara Hartwell

Saturday, July 25, 2020

FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS (4): Hunting Related Tragedies in Connecticut

Barbara Hartwell with Cleveland Amory & Polar Star, relative of feline celebrity, Polar Bear

A few years ago I started what I intended to be a series on advocacy for animals, called FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS, based on my many years of activism. I worked with a number of organizations, including HSUS and The Fund for Animals, founded by my friend, the late, great journalist and author, Cleveland Amory.

I started my own organization, Humane Education Network, during the late 1980s, which worked mostly in education, sponsoring lectures at schools (elementary through college), clubs and civic organizations.

We sponsored events such as protests and demonstrations, mostly in the Northeast US. I also worked in animal rescue, including wildlife rehabilitation and I was Director of the Connecticut chapter of the Non-Hunters Rights Alliance.

I lived in Greenwich, Connecticut, where I had a terrestrial radio program on WGCH, which covered (among other topics), animal rights issues. I later lived in Wilton, Milford, Darien and New Fairfield.

For one reason or another (including computer problems I could not afford to hire someone to fix) the series thus far only has three parts. I recently was able to have the problems fixed by someone without a fee, so I now am able to post documents from hard copy files, including photos I scanned into the computer.

Other than that, I have become very weary of the so-called “pandemic” hysteria, the lockdown and the limits imposed on every area of my life by the pontificating, leftist-lunatic tyrants in government and their media lapdogs.

Getting back to work on this series is a relief, which brings me back to a simpler and happier season in my life, when a good deal of my time was spent pursuing one of my most inspiring passions, based on my love of God's innocent creatures.

This article was published, about 30 years ago, in a number of newspapers, including Greenwich Time, Stamford Advocate and was also picked up by the Associated Press.

I have copied it from the original, by retyping it, as the scanned copy was too hard to read.

Barbara Hartwell
July 25, 2020

Danger from Connecticut's Hunters Keeps Residents Under Siege

By Barbara Hartwell

We knew it would happen again – that it was only a matter of time.

On Nov. 11, a young man's life was summarily snuffed out by a single blast of a shotgun – a shotgun wielded by a hunter who said he mistook the young man, jogging down a dirt road, for a deer. Kevin Elliot's life ended because a trigger-happy hunter couldn't wait long enough to be certain that his quarry was in fact a deer – and not a human being.

Many residents of Connecticut have strongly and repeatedly expressed our opposition to hunting in this state, which comprises primarily developed land that is private property in residential suburbs or state-owned parks, roads and forests. Many of us have been telling our legislators, the Department of Environmental Protection and anyone else we thought would listen that it simply is not safe to allow hunting in such heavily populated areas. But have they been listening? Evidently not. For if they had, Kevin Elliott would probably still be alive today.

We have formed citizens' coalitions and ad hoc committees to ban hunting. We have written letters by the dozens to editors of Connecticut newspapers. We have voiced our concerns in referendums, public forums and debates. We have lobbied in Hartford. We have even staged demonstrations and protests against hunting. But to no avail.

In fact, the situation has worsened. The bowhunting season was recently extended by two weeks. And the last thing we heard was that crossbows – the most dangerous and deadly weapons in the hunters' arsenal – were slated to shed their illegal status and be approved for use (with special permits) by the handicapped! And so it goes. By all appearances, it's business as usual: Connecticut legislators and the DEP toadying to the hunters and their supporters in the National Rifle Association lobby, and capitulating to their every ill-considered whim.

The hunting death of Nov. 11 in Morris was not an isolated incident, not by a long shot. In 1988, for example, there were 177 hunting-related human fatalities in the U.S., with injuries to 1,719 people, many of whom were innocent bystanders.

Hunters routinely tout the safety of hunting by reminding us that Connecticut has one of the best safety records in the nation.

But how “safe” is safe enough? Are two or three human fatalities every ten years acceptable? Yes, apparently it's acceptable to the hunters if a few people have to die – as long as they can continue to hunt.

Hunters are fond of quoting statistics. But Kevin Elliott wasn't a statistic. He was a human being. He had a valuable career, a family and friends, a life. Twenty-six year old Jack Rogan of Lebanon also had a life; at least until he was gunned down in November 1988 by another hunter, running amok.

While hunting-related fatalities are undoubtedly the most tragic consequences of our current laws that allow hunting in populated areas, Connecticut residents have been subjected to some other very frightening incidents over the past several years.

On Thanksgiving 1989, Weston residents Carlos and Terry Mello experienced the trauma of discovering a bullet lodged in the wall only inches above their sleeping baby's crib. In 1990, Eleanor Sasso of Wilton was horseback riding along some trails in Ridgefield when a hunter's arrow came whizzing out of the woods, narrowly missing her head. In 1988, Bob and Carol Gilges found a yearling deer, dead of a gunshot wound, just 25 yards from the front porch of their Greenwich home. That same year one of their dogs was shot by a hunter. In 1987, a young boy was showered with buckshot while walking on the beach near Merwin Point in Milford. A Westport woman was shocked when a volley of buckshot came crashing through her living room windows.

In tones of anger and frustration, people tell of razor-sharp arrows left by hunters and later picked up from the ground by their children.

We, the non-hunters of Connecticut, form 97 percent of the population. We outnumber the hunters many times over. And many of us are outraged that these hunters – whose activities are sanctioned by the state – take over our woods every autumn. We too would like access to the woods.

But we dare not go walking through the woods – not even on our own property. We're afraid to let our children play in the backyard. We know all too well that bullets and arrows don't respect property boundaries, and neither do most hunters.

Why should so many of us continue to tolerate being held virtual hostages in our own homes? Just so hunters, high on their hormones and adrenaline, can relish the thrill of the kill?

Who among us can afford not to speak out against these atrocities? Whether we are landowners, taxpayers, defenders of wildlife, nature lovers, or just Connecticut residents who feel it's about time we step outside – we must make our feelings known and be willing to stand up for our non-hunters' rights. We must let the hunters and their supporters know that Connecticut citizens are no longer willing to live in a thralldom imposed on us by their invasive, intrusive and violent forms of “recreation”.

Kevin Elliot was one of us. He spoke out against hunting. But on Nov. 11, his voice was tragically silenced. Let's not allow the rest of our voices to be drowned out by the racket of gunfire.

Barbara Hartwell, who lives in Wilton, is a former Greenwich resident and a longtime opponent of hunting in Connecticut.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020


"Beware the ides of March"

-Act 1, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of  power and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7

March 15, 2020: the ides of March was the day that all hell broke loose, at least in my life. It was three days after my birthday, March 12, which was the last day I was able to go out to a nice restaurant for lunch. The last day I was able to visit anyone inside their home. The last day I was “allowed” to hug anyone. No one has visited me since. Fortunately, I am blessed to have a beloved feline companion, Angel, so I am not entirely alone. Still, this absolute lunacy is unacceptable to me, and I won't be a part of it, no matter the consequences.

On March 15, I was advised to “stay home”, as I observed the panic which began to spread among everyone I know. Everyone, that is, except me.

I continued to go out almost every day, usually just to local stores, the ones that were still open, considered to be “essential”, and I did not wear a mask.

As the panic spread, I was a silent observer to the desperate masked people, scrambling through the aisles of the market to buy toilet paper and other basic necessities, until finally the shelves were empty.

And never, for one moment, since the lunacy began, have I had any fear about contracting the dreaded Covid-19 aka Corona virus.

Of course, I did the research, studying many sources, including medical doctors, some of whom I consider trustworthy, but most not. Mostly, what I saw and heard, I determined to be propaganda, with no real evidence or factual information to verify the claims.

I do not consider this to be a health-related issue, but rather a psychological contrivance. From the beginning, I saw this operation for exactly what it is: a psy war, social engineering, to foment fear and trauma among the populace. For a nefarious agenda that has nothing to do with medical issues, but everything to do with control. Everything to do with a diabolical plot to destabilize the entire world, to destroy civilization, to foment chaos and lawlessness.

So, in just four months, the perpetrators of this operation have managed to destroy the economy, forcing people to lose their jobs, to close the businesses in which they have invested so much, that they have worked so hard for years to build. Many have lost their homes; families have been broken up, unable to sustain normal relationships under the intense pressure brought to bear upon them.

There is no point for me to say more, at least regarding the massive losses and destruction which resulted from the panic and the lockdown. Everyone knows by now, regardless of what they believe about the so-called “pandemic”, or how much (if at all) they have bought into the propaganda.

But there are some things I must say, whether anyone is listening, or not. I have already tried, and tried, and tried, to get through to people. I have furnished them with facts, with documentation, with legitimate reports, video tutorials, and with legal information pertaining to every aspect of this issue. In great frustration and sorrow, my efforts failed.

But I will not remain silent, and in good conscience, cannot remain silent. I am taking the only option left to me, which is to publish this personal declaration, for all and sundry to see. If nothing else, they will have been given the opportunity to know my position, whether they agree with it, or not.

For those who have chosen to go along with the program, to follow the new “rules”, that is their decision and I have to respect their right to do so. But I will not be joining them, nor will I be complying with unlawful, unconstitutional rules, edicts, or mandates from purported “experts” (medical or otherwise), unelected government-issue mountebanks, or bloviating media pundits, the false prophets of impending doom. I will not be accepting the “new normal”. If this leaves me standing alone, with no support, so be it. But I WILL NOT COMPLY.

In the past four months, I have attended a few small gatherings, where “social distancing” was required, and everyone present (except me) was wearing a mask.

When I go out in public, I carry with me a mask exemption form, just in case anyone should accost me, attempting to pressure me to “follow the rules”. In fact, I do have a medical condition which would be exacerbated by wearing a mask. Aside from that, I am not a member of ANTIFA, nor of the KKK, nor do I live under the system of Sharia law. Nor am I a pirate, nor a bank robber. Most important, I will not identify myself as a slave, muzzled (as if I were a fear-biting dog), on principle.

I decided on an easy way to keep the hounds of Hell at bay: I have a mask, but keep it under my chin, so that I do not appear as some kind of monster (Heaven forbid!) among the compliant slaves. I use this device only when entering a store, never while walking outside.

Only once, in all this time, have I encountered a situation, involving a clerk in a hardware store, who officiously told me, Ma'am, you need to cover your face! To which I responded by whipping out my exemption form, saying, I need to do no such thing. She backed away from me in a panic, telling me she had a child at home, to which I replied that she was free to move as far away from me as she wanted, but that was not my problem. Another clerk appeared, and when I showed him the form, he immediately said, Okay, no problem, and proceeded to help me with my search for the item I needed.

[See bottom of page for exemption form and link which can be printed.]

The governors of many states have issued unlawful edicts, which they have no authority to do. The leftist lunatic, Cuomo, here in NY State, is one of the worst. They are trying to ban interstate travel, and soliciting citizen snitches to “report” those lawfully traveling, with out of state plates. They are spouting nonsense about a 2-week quarantine for “offenders” of the unlawful edict.

Then, as I understand it, there is an operation called “contact tracing”. I don't know much about that, but I have been told that it is a government surveillance system (as if we have not already been unlawfully violated by such, for many years) by which a person's cell phone is monitored, so that the government snoops can identify all persons with whom the subject has contact.

I don't have a SMART phone, only an old prepaid cell, used for urgent business or emergencies only. It is turned off most of the time, and there is no contract using my name. So, despite all the other surveillance I am under, without my consent, but which I have no way to prevent, I will not voluntarily allow this additional violation of my right to privacy.

But most others I know, with whom I would normally be in regular contact, do have these devices.

And they should know that until such time (if ever) that I am able to have contact with them, without being tracked and traced, by control-freak government snoops and their citizen snitches, if it matters enough to them to stay in contact with me, they will have to tell me the truth about this contact tracing, so that I can make an informed decision for myself. I have a right to know, as my rights are at stake.

Heartbreaking as it is, I have to draw my line, and I have had all I can take. I have reached the limits of my tolerance, no matter who is involved, even those I love the most.

I will not be treated as if I were a leper, a threat to the health and well-being of others. I will not wear a muzzle, nor will I practice “social distancing”. At such time (if ever) I am welcomed into their homes (or their vehicles), without the taint of fear or disapproval, without unwarranted admonishments or restrictions, I will not be seeing anyone, no matter how much it hurts.

Meanwhile, my door is open, to all who know where I live.

Lastly, I would implore anyone reading this to consider this: These tyrants are not operating under the rule of law, but rather engaging in a diabolical psy war. They are oath breakers, not oath keepers. They are social engineers, not servants of We the People.

And the FACT OF THE MATTER is this:

They cannot control you, having no lawful authority, unless you let them. For the love of God, Family, Country and Constitution, SAY NO. Defend your Liberty and exercise your God-given, unalienable rights.

Barbara Hartwell
Heartbroken & Outraged, but Still Standing in New York
July 8, 2020


I am exempt from the Governor's regulation Mandating Face Mask usage in Public. Wearing a Face Mask poses a Health Risk to me.

Under the ADA and HIPPA Acts, I am NOT required to Disclose My Medical Condition.

Department of Justice ADA Violation Information Line:


Organizations and Businesses can be Fined up to $75,000 for the First ADA Violation and $150,000 for any Subsequent Violation



Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

[Thanks to Joe Imbriano at Fullerton Informer.]


MONSTROUS TYRANNY: Psy War & Social Engineering

False Accusers Abound: Once CIA, Always CIA

Saturday, July 4, 2020


For my grandsons, Aidan, Christopher and Nicholas


We celebrate our Freedom
The fourth of each July
Two hundred years and counting
Do we ever wonder why
Our soldiers keep on dying
Dying for a lie

The senators and congress
Will tell us we are free
How many can believe this
As they trample Liberty
How many see the truth
About the criminals in D.C.

Our losses keep on mounting
As the government steals our homes
As taxes do deprive us
Of everything we own
In their arrogance they tell us
It's only yours on loan

When we try to buy or sell
Without a REAL I.D.
They make our lives a living hell
For daring to be free
It's for the greater good they say
National Security

They track us everywhere we go
With high technology
From dedicated satellites
See all there is to see
What about the Fourth Amendment
What about our privacy

They grab our guns, disarming us
How can we stand and fight
How can we defend ourselves
From invaders in the night
Or from the thugs in government
Who say we have no right

If we argue with a cop
Or question his authority
He might zap us with a taser
If we do not bend a knee
If we stand up for our Freedom
And challenge tyranny
They may lock us up in jail
And throw away the key

If we can't protect our borders
How can we stem the tide
Of freeloading illegals
In search of a free ride
When we protest against this outrage
The government takes their side

The psychobabbling liberals
Crusade for sodomites
Minorities and perverts
They say have special rights
The offenders now are Christians
Who witness for the Lord
Hate crimes will condemn us
For speaking God's Truth and Word

What happened to the Rule of Law
It vanished in the night
While Americans were sleeping
Not putting up a fight
The tyrants laugh behind our backs
For them it's Might makes Right

How long will this continue
How much more can we take
How many of us realize
Exactly what's at stake

What will we be doing
On Independence Day
Will we stand up for our Freedom
Or let traitors have their way

Will we just succumb to tyranny
As they pillage, rape and burn
As they steal our children's future
And our grandchildren's in turn

Or will we fight for Liberty
And set our country free
Will we cower before tyrants
Or shout, Don't Tread on Me!

Barbara Hartwell
July 2, 2010

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


"Great popular support and enthusiasm for the United Nations policies should be built up, well organized and fully articulate. But it is necessary to do more than that. The opposition must be rendered so impotent that it will be unable to gather any significant support in the Senate against the United Nations Charter and the treaties which will follow.

Political Affairs: the official publication of the American Communist Party (CPUSA) April (1945)

"We have not affirmed our “sovereignty” by rejecting the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We have, in fact, lost yet another opportunity to affirm our basic humanity."

Janet Phelan, advocate for United Nations, left-wing agitator for Global government, from The US Senate Rejects the UN Convention on Disability Rights, Activist Post (2012)

"Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins - or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - Lucifer."

--Saul D. Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

–Declaration of Independence

All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.

–Marbury vs. Madison (1803)


This 3-part report was written in 2016. In considering the celebration of Independence Day, I decided to republish the links, with some excerpts from PART ONE.

There is no organization more repugnant, more antithetical, to our INDEPENDENCE, our precious Liberty and Sovereignty, than the United Nations.

From my observations, over decades, it is disturbingly clear that most Americans have not truly understood what the UN actually is, nor how tyrannical its agenda, and so they continue to “appeal” to them, promoting and signing petitions, purportedly for “human rights”; against “torture”, and in support of various agendas.

Social media has been flooded, of late, with these promotions, often by people who, on one hand, claim to defend and support the Constitution, while negating their position by making appeals to the UN, AS IF they could possibly offer any legitimate solution to a range of problems. As much as it seems they would like, they cannot have it both ways.

I regularly see comments such as:

Well, I don't agree with the UN on everything, BUT...

Whatever you may think of the UN, please sign this petition anyway...

I have criticized the UN for (fill in the blank), BUT this issue (fill in the blank) is important enough that we must have it resolved...

In point of FACT, the ONLY “solution”, or “resolution” on any issue, coming from the UN, will involve aggression, injustice, meddling, modification, and usurpation of the God-given unalienable rights and liberties of the INDIVIDUAL, in service to the Collective, the Mob, the Herd.

We are now faced with lawless mobs of Marxists and Anarchists (ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Islamic Jihadis et al and their ideological brethren), rioting, looting, burning, defacing and destroying private and public property, assaults against persons, “occupying” public parks and sections of commercial/residential properties.

These mobs, the ignorant pawns of the New World Order, are agitating for de-funding the police. So, were that to happen, who would eagerly come in to restore “order”? How about UN “Peacekeeping” Force.

If you actually believe that the United Nations is anything but a crucible of vile tyranny, please read these reports and do your own research to confirm the information.

I recommend the John Birch Society for the most comprehensive compilation of factual information on the UN.

And please, for the love of God, Country and Constitution, STOP PROMOTING THE UN, for ANY REASON, but rather, STAND UP AGAINST the United Nations, and DEFEND your God-given, unalienable, Constitutionally protected Rights, before it's too late.

Barbara Hartwell
July 1, 2020


PARTS 1, 2, 3


The United Nations, founded October 1945, exists for one main purpose: to establish a one-world, totalitarian global government which would have control of every man, woman and child on the face of this earth. Otherwise known as the New World Order. This is not a “conspiracy theory”, but is an actual conspiracy of monstrous proportions.

The UN is in league with the New Age movement, Theosophists, occultists, witches, left-wingers of every conceivable stripe, Marxists, socialists and satanists. The UN was in fact founded by Communists, including a secret Soviet agent named Alger Hiss.

If you don't understand this, you have not done the research and/or have been indoctrinated by the henchmen of the New World Order and their prolific propagandists. Or maybe, you have been lulled into complacency by the “feel good” flowery rhetoric, all the talk of “democracy”, “a culture of peace”, “goodwill” and “humanity”.

On the other hand, if you do understand the true purpose of the United Nations, and in any way advocate for this organization, have voluntary dealings with them, attend their conventions, promote their agenda, or support it in any way, then you have declared yourself the Enemy of Liberty and Unalienable Rights.

Here are some hard, irrefutable facts:

The United Nations desires to destroy the sovereignty of this Constitutional Republic, to regulate all our activities, to usurp our God-given individual unalienable rights and replace them with collective privileges issued by the state.

The United Nations seeks to disarm the citizens, leaving us defenseless against criminals, and against tyranny by lawless agents and officials of the government. This is their purported “culture of peace”. In fact, the United Nations is responsible for every “war” (undeclared by Congress) in which the U.S. has been involved, since WW2. These wars (actions other than war or “police actions”) include the Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf Wars, etc.

The United Nations seeks to strip us of the right to free speech, by criminalizing certain forms of speech and by indoctrination into political correctness and “social justice”.

(What ever happened to EQUAL JUSTICE under the Rule of Law?)

The United Nations seeks to invade our privacy and impose state-sponsored surveillance into every aspect of our lives.

Advocates of the United Nations continue to misrepresent this country as a “democracy”, when in fact it is a Constitutional Republic. Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or U.S. Constitution does the word “democracy” appear.

Democracy is mob rule. Rule by the majority rather than the Rule of Law. As the old saying goes: Democracy is two wolves and a sheep, voting on what's for dinner.

The United Nations has been plotting and conspiring for more than 7 decades to expunge national borders/sovereignty, in service to their agenda of a one-world-government. They've already succeeded with the European Union. But the prize they most lust after is these united States – the theft of our precious sovereignty. If We the People don't stop them, the fix is in and it's all over but the crying.

Without sovereignty, there can be no liberty. The conspirators for one world government want much more than to steal our hard won Liberty and unalienable rights. These predators use every manner of deception to win hearts and minds, and for the nefarious end of enslaving our very souls.

Every American Patriot worthy of the name will say:


Key words and phrases:
pragmatism, compulsory compliance, compromise, consensus, majority rule, democracy, socialism, communism, Marxism, rule by force, invasion, interference, intrusion, aggression, deception, pressure, meddling, false witness, manipulation, collectivism, statism, persecution of dissidents, oppression, subjugation, central planning, plots, schemes, conspiracies, secret societies, new age, occultism, satanism, witchcraft, globalism, totalitarianism, tyranny, state-sponsored terrorism, federalized police force, open borders, propaganda, smear campaigns against dissidents, anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-Constitution, anti-Liberty, anti-American

Key words and phrases:
Rule of Law, unalienable rights, sovereignty, Creator, liberty, freedom, consent of the governed, moral absolutes, principles of liberty, non-aggresion, self-determination, privacy, personal boundaries, private property, individual rights, inviolability of personhood, self-defense, free will, free market, government bound by chains of the Constitution, live free or die, government purpose to secure the rights of the people


This report is written for the general public. Liberty is not the exclusive province of any group, any religious affiliation, any label one decides to affix to one's beliefs.
But a love of Liberty and unalienable rights, a belief in the right of freedom from tyranny and aggression is necessary for all those who would stand in defense of the principles on which this nation was founded.
The United Nations has no business interfering in any way, shape or form and absolutely NO AUTHORITY OR JURISDICTION to do so, especially when anything on their agenda is “repugnant to the Constitution.”



For the love of God, Country, Constitution,
Barbara Hartwell
October 30, 2016


In my opinion, the John Birch Society has done more in the cause of liberty and especially in alerting the populace to the threat of the United Nations and New World Order than any other organization. And I say this from the perspective of having decades of personal and professional experience fighting the New World Order and its many tentacles inside and outside government.

Here, just a brief excerpt from John McManus:

"Meanwhile, the supposedly “do nothing” UN is hard at work seeking and arranging for national disarmament, abolition of an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, unrestricted abortion, control of education, placement of refugees, termination of property rights, sovereignty-destroying trade pacts, environmental and population controls, and much more.

And a parade of U.S. leaders stretching back to 1945 has cooperated with every seizure of power, every UN intervention in the domestic affairs of nations (clearly forbidden by the UN Charter), and the beginning steps contained in the UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 programs. Anyone who removes the blinders can see the UN steadily gaining total control over everyone and everything."

-John F. McManus, President of the John Birch Society

United Nations Day: Commemorating 62 Years of Globalist Totalitarianism (2007)