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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

'Targeted Justice' & Accomplices: A Filthy Nest of Vipers, Frauds, Quislings, Liars & FBI Snitches










This report (once again) exposes a group called “Targeted Justice” and their entourage of sleazy, unprincipled accomplices, all claiming to be advocates for so-called “targeted individuals”. Targeted Justice goes one step further, claiming, “We represent Targeted Individuals.”

So be warned: If you are looking for “representation” (legal or otherwise) you will want to avoid this group, and their accomplices, like the plague. Unless of course you are naive enough to believe that the FBI (and other feds) are actually your friends, that they are “from the government and here to help you”. If so, you've found what you're looking for!...and good luck, I guarantee, you'll need it.

But before I continue, I find it necessary to give some background. Here, an excerpt taken from a previous report.


I should begin this report with a disclaimer of sorts, some background, and information regarding what has become a popularly used term, “targeted individual”. As always, I speak strictly for myself, based on my own experience, observations and investigations.

I first heard the term used by groups of people in the mid 90s, who were documenting the use of electromagnetic weapons (directed energy weapons or DEW) to harass and assault certain persons. Some were journalists, but most of the ones I knew referred to themselves as “victims”, or “targeted individuals”. From my observations, they adopted the term as a way to identify themselves to others in their particular network of associates. But as you might see, as you read on, the term can be vague, overly broad, and thus, misleading.

I never joined their groups, nor was involved in their activities, but did interview/debrief some of them who were seeking assistance for their plight. These were people who contacted me after reading my reports, or hearing me speak on radio/video interviews, about being a Target of retaliatory persecution by the government, this weaponry being only one component of their counterintelligence operations against me.

Among those calling themselves “targeted individuals” a few were former military or intelligence professionals, but most were not. The greater number of former military/intelligence people had usually contacted me on other issues, including black operations, including MK Ultra, Operation Phoenix or Gladio, in which CIA programming of operatives was used. And although there is some convergence in these subjects, for the purposes of this report, I am focusing on those who identify themselves as “targeted individuals”, or “TIs”.

As for the weapons, I knew about the existence of them from the mid-80s, only because I myself had been assaulted with them, and so I began investigating them. My background is not in science, nor technology, so I did not take much interest in the nut-and-bolts of the weaponry. I did, however, take great interest in finding evidence of WHO was using them, and WHY.

I began speaking publicly about this weaponry as a journalist (radio, TV and in public lectures) in 1995, one year after I left CIA operations. This weaponry has not been a particular focus of my work, it was only ancillary in my case, but at that time it was largely unknown by the general public. Even today (strange as it seems, at least to me) I meet people who have never heard anything about it.

The field investigations I conducted, with the assistance of colleagues (experts in surveillance and military technology), who had the equipment to locate devices and to identify signals, etc. provided me with the documentation I needed as evidence. But those documents are long gone, a result of theft via home/office invasions by government agents.

Most important to state is that in my case, I have never been a random victim of what some call “non-consensual experimentation” in the use of these weapons, but rather a designated political Target of the intelligence community, by virtue of being a CIA defector/whistleblower. That is an important distinction.














That being said, I now direct the reader's attention to the exposure of Targeted Justice (TJ) by John Christiana, who in my opinion has done a great job in exposing the offenses (including crimes) committed by this group.

Mr. Christiana is the former “legal director” of TJ, and as such was privy to the inner workings, which he discovered were extremely corrupt, not pursuing “justice” for anyone, but rather, running an operation which aimed to sabotage and ultimately, discredit the very “targeted individuals” who they claimed to “represent”.

Please see this link, which provides information about lawsuits against TJ and some of the principals, namely Winter Owen Calvert (using the pseudonym “Richard Lighthouse” and Doris Clause (using the pseudonym Midge Mathis). Note that these shady characters often hide behind aliases. Why? What do they have to hide? As it happens, a hell of a lot. Here, you will see connections to the FBI, which clearly show TJ to be their pawns and snitches.




Here, a promotion of Richard Lighthouse (Winter Owen Calvert) from the website Richard Lighthouse dot com.

Richard Lighthouse

"Richard Lighthouse has published more than 100 e-books, many of which are free on this website,,, Google Play,, Lulu, Kobo, and other websites. The author holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and has previously worked for NASA."

Next, a video of Richard Lighthouse being interviewed by Katherine Horton, an accomplice of TJ, who runs a disinformation site called STOP 007. Horton has been running a defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell since 2019, and of course, accuses me of being CIA. (So what else is new?)

Richard Lighthouse - Special Investigators (Stop 007)

I should also mention that Richard Lighthouse (whom I had never heard of), in 2018, tried to use an intermediary to make contact with me, saying he wanted an affidavit from me (a CIA whistleblower) to publish on the TJ website. I don't use intermediaries, which Mr. “Lighthouse” would have known if he had bothered to read the NOTICES on my website. I simply ignored him, since he did not respect my boundaries by trying to use an intermediary. And there was no way in hell he would get anything from me, as I saw him for exactly what he was, an abject fraud, from the first time I ever heard his phony name.

Next on the list of frauds, a character named Timothy Shelley, who runs a website called FIGHTING MONARCH, who has joined Targeted Justice (no surprise there, they are birds of a feather) and regularly promotes and boasts of it.

As it happens, I have published a brief commentary on Mr. Shelley, in this report.

WARNING TO CHRISTIANS: Beware Supporters of Fiona Barnett & Accomplices


Timothy Shelley


Timothy Shelley runs a glitzy disinformation site filled with lurid propaganda, and features the usual suspects, charlatans and grifters seeking to cash in on their extravagant claims, while defaming legitimate survivors of government black ops, including MK Ultra.

The title itself is a dead giveaway. “Monarch” was not a CIA operation under MK Ultra. It was created as a sideshow to misdirect research from the true CIA operations which had nothing to do with “satanism” or “sex slaves”, but rather were military and intelligence projects designed to create the perfect spy during the Cold War era.

Mr. Shelley started his site under the cover of a nameless individual and, using the typical psy op tactic of building suspense as to his real identity, later came forward with his “real” name. Just in time to promote his books...what a coincidence.

Shelley (formerly the anonymous coward) has promoted Katherine Horton, his “good friend”, a foreign provocateur who publicly solicits violence, terrorism and even murder, while hunkering down in a tin foil bunker (complete with tin foil hat), ranting, dropping F-bombs. (You can't make this stuff up...but yes, they have, though only credulous rubes would buy it.)

Horton claims that Barbara Hartwell is CIA, and has spread the egregious lie, not only publicly, on her website and in videos, but among her accomplices, some of whom are ex-intelligence. In fact, Mr. Shelley has promoted Horton's defamation against Barbara Hartwell on his site, from a list of “agents” she claims to have “exposed” on her site, STOP 007, titled “BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS”.

In my opinion Mr. Shelley is just another fraudulent scumbag, a mountebank raking in the bucks, while falsely claiming to “care” about victims and survivors. So, it is little wonder that he promotes the demonic liar Fiona Barnett as a “hero”. How utterly despicable.

But, unfortunately, there's more...I must add that since the date of publication of this report, I have discovered another flagrant fraud promoted by Mr. Shelley: Ellen Atkin, an identity thief and liar who falsely claims to be "MK Ultra Girl", having appropriated the notorious photo of an 8 year old taken in 1961, whose birth date on the original of said photo is given as 9-17-53 (NOT Atkin's date of birth), tampering with it (spoliation) and grossly exploiting it in a monstrous "influence" campaign, seeking fame and fortune for herself, while obstructing justice for genuine survivors of MK Ultra, including the child in the photo and her family.

And, just like Katherine Horton and Penny Shepard, Ellen Atkin has been running a vile smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell, harassing me, and even making impotent threats of "legal action".

Upon finding this additional evidence of the gross promotion of fraud by Shelley, I was appalled to also find images of endless sleaze in the form of naked (and near naked) women, accompanied by his twisted personal fantasies and shameless discussion of his sex life. This creep is also clearly a sex pervert, judging by the filth he promotes.  I find it to be no surprise that, as he whines on endlessly, his daughter wants nothing to do with him. His website might appropriately be entered into a competition for The Sleaziest Show on the World Wide Web.

But wait... there is even more. Timothy Shelley is also a Jew-hater and holocaust denier. His website and articles are promoted by the loathsome site, JEW WORLD ORDER. 

AND...Shelley also joined the board of directors of Targeted Justice, an organization whose website promotes a plethora of false information on so-called "targeted individuals" and which involves a charlatan named  Winter Owen Calvert aka Richard Lighthouse, who solicits invasions of privacy and making false police reports against public officials. "Lighthouse" claims to be former NASA and pushes lies about satellites, and the fraudulent spinning globe model of earth.

Considering all this...I may have to write a special report exposing this reprobate, Timothy Shelley. He checks all the boxes for the worst of the worst in promotion of falsehoods galore, on any subject imaginable. And his accomplices are certainly birds of a feather...vultures, that is.

(Barf bag alert!)


To sum it all up, Targeted Justice is a filthy nest of vipers, loathsome servants of the devil, who would love nothing more than to discredit any legitimate persons who have actually shed blood, sweat and tears in the pursuit of REAL JUSTICE for themselves, their families and friends.

They promote large numbers of their fellow charlatans, frauds, liars and quislings, and are followed by an entourage of thousands of government stooges, toadies and lackeys.

They (of course!) heavily promote the United Nations, and make “appeals” to this Luciferian cabal, as part of their “representation” of “targeted individuals”.

Last, but not least, they are in bed with the FBI. (Need I say more?)

Anyone who promotes, supports or endorses them, or any of their accomplices, is anathema, an enemy of Liberty and Justice for All. Case closed.

Barbara Hartwell

February 1, 2022


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