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Friday, December 15, 2006

May We Forget You Were Our Countrymen

February, 2006

May We Forget You Were Our Countrymen:
Open Letter to Stew Webb from Barbara Hartwell

Dear Stew:

I have some questions for you. These are questions for which I do not expect answers from you, but I am going to ask them anyway. For the public record, that is.

So let's call them rhetorical questions. Questions for which the answers, to some at least, may be all too obvious.

Considering the fact that you continue to post bald-faced lies about me and others on the U.S. Intelligence Breaking News section of your website, did you expect that I would just sit back and do nothing? Do you expect that I will allow these lies to go unchallenged? Do you think that fabricating lies about me and others is an honorable way to deal with political disagreements?

What happened to your honor, Stew? Did you ever have any to begin with?

Why are you making the false claim that I am "promoting Karl Schwarz's lies"?

Why do you claim that I am now "working with the [non-existent] Karl Schwarz-Tim White, enemy team"?

And why do you persist with the lie that Karl Schwarz has formed an "alliance" with Tim White?

Why have you lied in claiming that Karl Schwarz has "promised money" to me?

Yet another question: Why have you made the false claim that Karl Schwarz is part of "FBI Division 5"? And another: That he is working for the "Bush Nazi Goons"?

Don't these lies seem just a little outlandish, even to you and your fellow "intelligence experts" and cloak-and-dagger-black-ops-insiders?

What about those "revolutionaries" from the so-called American French Alliance?

And as per your claim that "The American Revolution Continues"....are you and your pals the modern-day Patrick Henrys, leading the charge? And if so, how do you think a revolution can possibly be accomplished by promoting outrageous lies?

Can a revolution be generated by scapegoating honest, sincere patriots who seek and expose the Truth; those who have been standing up for America for many years, and have risked their lives and fortunes to do so?

Yet more questions: Why do you advocate "bricks and bats", gratuitous violence in the streets? Why have you chosen the Hal Turner Network (Hal Turner, a White Supremacist bigot, who openly advocates "killing niggers and Jews") to air your "revolutionary" rhetoric?

Are you still a Christian, Stew? Were you ever really a Christian? Do you believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Do you think Jesus Christ would advocate the so-called "Bricks and Bats Society" you and your cronies promote on the Hal Turner Network? Would Our Lord and Savior advocate hate-mongering and the random killing of so-called "niggers and Jews"?

What has happened to you, Stew Webb? Why have you embarked on the wrong path?

Why do you value lies over the truth? When did your loyalties change? Or were they ever in the right place to begin with?

Why are you now attacking those who were once your friends and allies?

I am only one such person. And I would not presume to speak for anyone but myself. But just so you know, and for the public record, let me outline some facts for you, as well as my personal feelings about those facts.

Fact Number 1) I have no alliance whatsoever with Tim White, nor will I ever.

Tim White, whom I have never wronged in any way, who simply came out of the woodwork to harass me, in 2001, continues his criminal harassment of me, by e-mail to this very day. I have received these e-mails on a regular basis (including threats) and it looks as though there is no end in sight.

Further, Tim White continues to post libelous falsehoods about me. Just to cite a few:

"LYING CIA BITCH"...."Barbara Hartwell: Lying CIA Snake"...and so on and so

In addition, one of White's cohorts, namely Larry Lawson, continues to attack me with similar lies, such as "NWO WHORE."...."CIA LIAR." Lawson has also (as usual) been digging up older lies about me, in connection with you, Stew Webb.

So now (Oh Joy!) I am being attacked, not only from the one contingent of liars (White, Lawson et al); but also from another gaggle of liars, namely yourself, Tom Heneghan and others in your camp, most of whom do not have the guts to openly use their real names.

Fact Number 2) Karl Schwarz has no "alliance" with Tim White.

Any communication which may have transpired between Karl Schwarz and Tim White does not constitute an "alliance". Furthermore, it is not my prerogative to police the communications between other persons, including Karl Schwarz and Tim White.

But evidently, you have taken it upon yourself to do so, and worse, to fabricate lies as to the purported nefarious purpose behind any such communications.

If you, Stew Webb, choose to twist the facts to suit your own ends, so be it. But I will not have my name added to the mix and dragged through the mud without refuting the lies for the public record.

Fact Number 3) The position I have taken, that of defending the God-given rights of individuals, protected and guaranteed under the Constitution, remains consistent and uncompromised, after many years.

Liberty is what I stand for, and no alliances (political or otherwise) I may make will ever change that. In fact, for the most part, I have stood alone. I have never had the good fortune of having anyone whose loyalty or backup I could rely on and for all I know, I may never have such an advantage. That will not change my position, until the day I die, in fighting for Liberty.

Fact Number 4) I am promoting no "lies" whatsoever, including "lies" you claim come from Karl Schwarz.

I have heard no lies being disseminated by Karl Schwarz. I certainly know lies when I hear them, and to date, there have been none, not that I have ever heard.

And as far as I am concerned, Karl Schwarz is simply one person who happens to believe in and support the same ideals I do: Truth, Liberty and Justice.

You, Stew Webb, are the one who has tried to make this "all about Karl Schwarz". As if HE is the enemy. As if HE is the problem. No, this is not about Karl Schwarz; but naturally, he must now be scapegoated, he must be libeled and slandered, because apparently that is the only strategy you people can come up with to continue the cover-up of your own lies, duplicity, and unscrupulous methods of operation, in pursuit of your One-and-Only political agenda: A power-grab for Al Gore. Not an effective strategy, as it has already backfired.

Fact Number Five) Karl Schwarz has, at no time, promised me any "money"; nor has made any other such promises or offers to me. Where this particularly repellent lie came from, I have no idea. But I can guarantee that it is a fabrication, just like all the rest.

Have you no shame, Stew Webb? Do you honestly believe I would sell out my principles, or my country, or my fellow patriots, for money, even if it had been offered to me?

Have you so quickly forgotten that despite the poverty I have lived in all these years, I never once accepted money, nor any other form of payment, in exchange for my loyalty?

Now, by implication, you are calling me a whore, just like your "enemies", Tim White and Larry Lawson.

Believe what you will, Stew Webb. But with every lie you tell about me and others, you will only dig yourself deeper into the hole which will eventually swallow you --along with every bit of Light and Truth you may ever, at one time, have been able to see.

And finally, my last message to you, Stew Webb, as well as to your cronies, cohorts and the pathetic retinue of clueless sycophants who blindly and foolishly follow and support your ploy to put Al Gore on the Throne of Power, and to your so-called American French Alliance.

Speaking for myself, and I'm sure at least a few others:

May we forget you were our countrymen.

Barbara Hartwell
February 19, 2006