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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Refuting More Outrageous Libel from Pam Schuffert

NOTE, December 30, 2006: Below, find one of the older libelous "reports" by liar, grifter and meddling busybody, Pamela Schuffert.

Pam Schuffert has recently been harassing me by e-mail with more libelous "reports", filled with yet more outrageous lies.

Some of these "reports" are featured on Educate Yourself, a site run by Ken Adachi, a shill for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson. Pam wholeheartedly endorses Ted Gunderson, as well as transvestite, child porno collector and predicate felon Tim White.

It appears that Pam Schuffert has now taken over, where Tim White left off, in her massive efforts to demonize Barbara Hartwell and Jeff Swedenburg.

I don't have to wonder WHO ALL would sic this holy-rolling whackjob on myself and Jeff.

Warning: Anyone who gives this unscrupulous phony and liar a forum for her outrageous falsehoods will be held accountable, by Yours Truly.

December, 2003


Recently, I found another message from Pam Schuffert on her discussion board, American Holocaust, in response to an article posted on my website, EXPOSED: Pam Schuffert, That the Mouths of Liars May Be Stopped.

Tiresome and time-consuming as it is, I must refute yet another pack of lies by Pam Schuffert. And this time, I am issuing a warning to Pam that if she does not retract her false witness and her libel against me and my family, her name will be added to a lawsuit I am in the process of filing against all perpetrators of libel, slander and criminal harassment.

Here we go again........

My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH. Pam Schuffert's comments are in quotations, preceded by her initials, PS.

Pam Schuffert   

In Response to Your Questions Regarding BARBARA HARTWELL. 

Sat Dec 6 2003

Pam Schuffert wrote:

"I was recently notified that BARBARA HARTWELL had posted some obvious misinformation attempting to discredit me. I went to her website, read the report, and recognized it immediately for what it was: a feeble attempt, using distortion and deception, to attempt to malign me to her own benefit."

[BH: No "misinformation" has EVER been posted by me about Pam Schuffert. It has never been my intent to "discredit" Pam, only to CORRECT and REFUTE the many false claims she has made about me. In my reports I deal only with facts, evidence and truthful testimony. Anyway, I think by this time, Pam has done a great job of discrediting HERSELF, as many people will agree. She doesn't need my help.]

PS: "Because many reports have been coming out within the past months, exposing and ultimately discrediting Barbara Hartwell's libelous slander against many other people, I did not feel threatened by it in the least. Also, I simply KNOW THE TRUTH about her false allegations. Besides, I still am very concerned for her and spend much time in prayer for her and her family. God's love is not capricious, and does not change with every whim or offense."

[BH: Well, let's take a look at these "reports" Pam refers to. They were ALL written by my enemies, who are under hire by the gov't as provocateurs in a COINTELPRO-style operation run by ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson and all tasked with discrediting me.

These provocateurs and stalkers were sent after me because I have EXPOSED THE TRUTH, along with EVIDENCE, about black operations and government corruption in which Gunderson and his cronies were directly INVOLVED.

The authors of these reports are the lowest scum of the earth: such as transvestite, child porno freak, predicate felon and drug abuser, Tim White, who has been stalking and criminally harassing me for years; White's latest paramour, drunk and scamster Shirley Anderson; Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick, another sexual pervert, delusional nutcase and law enforcement/intelligence groupie and wannabe; Larry Lawson, also a nutcase and foul-mouthed provocateur whom Pam Schuffert consistently toadies to and DEFENDS, no matter how outrageous his lies. These individuals are ALL malicious, pathological liars. Their "reports" have absolutely NO BASIS IN FACT.

If these slimy characters are where Pam Schuffert gets her "info" maybe she needs to look elsewhere for some CREDIBLE, TRUTHFUL sources.

And don't waste your time praying for me, Pam. Better to repent of your transgressions against others and your painfully obvious spiritual pride and pray for your own soul, which as far as I can see, is in desperate need of redemption.]

PS: "However, because I immediately recognised lies and deliberate distortions in her report regarding me, I informed her that unless she removed this piece of libel form her website, I would post it here on my website and refute each lie, paragraph by paragraph. This in turn would only further weaken her already fading credibility. Barbara has refused."

[BH: Now, here again we have more falsehood, another outrageous lie! I never received ANY message from Pam, certainly not one "informing" me of such a thing. Pam lies again, saying I have "refused" to remove the so-called "libel". In fact, I have had NO communication with Pam nor FROM Pam, in well over a year! As for the libel, SHE is the one writing the libel. But now that I have read it, I certainly DO refuse to remove it, since everything I have said is the truth and ONLY in my own defense!]

PS: "And so, in response, I am responding here on my website to a few of her statements WITH THE TRUTH."

[BH:Pam Schuffert would not know the truth if it slapped her in the face, nor would she know the devil if he bit her on the butt!]

PS: "I serve the GOD OF ALL TRUTH, and frankly am weary of seeing so many naive people and Christians deceived by those who CLAIM to have come out of dark CIA involvement, only to later show evidence that they HAVE NOT BEEN FULLY SET FREE and delivered, and are potentially able to be used then by CIA handlers to then PENETRTATE Christian/Patriot organizations to fill them with CIA misinformation/disinformation and to spy on them covertly as well."

[BH: People who bear false witness DO NOT serve "the God of all truth"!

As usual, Pam needs to get her facts straight (and her head out of her butt) before shooting off her mouth and preaching at others. Pam is NOT an authority on CIA mind control, and in fact, as many of her targets can testify, she functions as a "vacuum cleaner", attempting to suck information out of her targets, which she then apparently reports back to whomever she answers to (and I can assure you, it's NOT GOD!)

In addition, most of what she "reports" is twisted to suit her own ends, or those of her controllers. She gathers a few facts and then fabricates the rest, TOTALLY MISREPRESENTING the situation. She has done this countless times and the result has been a plethora of damaging disinformation about her targets, including myself.]

PS: "This kind of infiltration has happened to the PATRIOT/CHRISTIAN community previously with BO GRITZ, who later showed his true colors (but which MANY of us suspected) after 9/11".

[BH: I have NOT "infiltrated" ANYONE. I am a loner, always have been. I do not seek out interaction with others, nor do I join groups; and I have no alliances with any such "communities".

The truth is, other people from these communities have always approached me, trying to recruit me, NOT the other way around. This included Pam Schuffert. When they fail to recruit me, they usually turn against me and begin promoting lies about me, as Pam Schuffert has done.]

PS: "ONLY THOSE FORMER CIA MIND CONTROL VICTIMS WHO HAVE FULLY SUBMITTED TO GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, can EVER hope to be set free completely and have ALL TIES SEVERED with the CIA (and Illuminati bloodline ties where applicable: Barbara has both.)"

[BH: Again, Pam Schuffert is NOT the authority on CIA mind control! Nor does she have the right to impose her own specific religious beliefs, including her brand of so-called "Christianity" or forms of indoctrination on others.

GOD is the only one who KNOWS if I am truly free, which I have been since 1994, by the GRACE of GOD. And GOD is the only one who KNOWS what is in my heart.

Pam Schuffert knows nothing about me that is real or true, as evidenced by her many false and judgmental statements. It is clear to me (and many others) that Pam LACKS the gift of discernment of spirits.

As for "Illuminati" bloodlines, my family comes from the Merovingian bloodline, which is not necessarily the same thing as Illuminati. And just because a person comes from a certain bloodline does NOT determine their fate, as regards the grace of God, which is the ONLY thing that set me free from CIA and their programming. Pam's ignorance again shows itself.]

PS: "When I was first introduced to BARBARA HARTWELL, it was through my previous webmaster, RON GARON, who at that time had been putting up a website for her. I was in fact visiting his home at the time."

[BH: For those interested in facts, here is the TRUTH about how Pam was "introduced" to me. Ron Garon had approached me and volunteered to be my webmaster, since my other webmasters had all been intimidated by CIA. I accepted his offer, but after he repeatedly showed he was NOT trustworthy, I cut off contact with him.

The first thing Ron Garon did to violate my trust and my privacy was to give my UNLISTED phone number to Pam Schuffert, after I had made it very clear the number was PRIVATE and NOT to be given to ANYONE without my permission.

I subsequently received an unwanted, unsolicited phone call from Pam Schuffert on my answering machine, for the ostensible purpose of "ministering" to me. I called Ron Garon and told him that he had violated my trust, and that he should tell Pam Schuffert to LOSE my phone number. That I did NOT need or want any "ministering" from unknown parties.

I then received an e-mail from Pam, apologizing profusely for calling and saying that Ron Garon had NOT told her the number was private. I forgave Pam, because Ron Garon also apologized to me, admitting his indiscretion.

I also told Pam at that time, that I was NOT interested in anyone proselytizing to me, that my relationship with God was my own business, not something I wanted or needed to discuss with her.

However, Ron Garon subsequently violated my trust again, this time in a way that endangered my life. In April 2001, I received the first of several death threats by provocateurs Kurt and Lee Ann Billings, where they accused an INNOCENT man, Jeff Swedenburg, of being a 'CIA assassin' hired to kill me. I later received the same death threat from Tim White, another provocateur sent to target and harass me.

Because Ron Garon was my webmaster at the time, I had a friend call him and tell him that I had left my home and gone to a safe house, because I had no way to determine if the threat was real. My friend made it CRYSTAL CLEAR to Ron Garon that this information was to be HELD IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE.

But what did Ron Garon do? He spread the word about the "death threat" all around the Internet!...and worse, CALLED TED GUNDERSON AND TOLD HIM, when Ron was very well aware that I did NOT trust Ted Gunderson and had broken off all contact with him more than a year before.

Ron Garon endangered my life with his lack of discretion and his violation of my trust. Pam Schuffert has done the same thing, and by DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE, violations of privacy and trust, she is as guilty as he is. Although Ron has apologized to me several times since then, and I accepted his apologies and forgave him, I would be a fool to trust him ever again, I and will not.]


When he confronted Barbara with the issue of BEING A CHRISTIAN, she responded at one point emphatically to him, "I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN AND I WILL NEVER BECOME A CHRISTIAN!"

[BH: First of all, I do not discuss my spiritual life or my personal relationship with God with ANYONE unless I find the person trustworthy and am moved in the spirit to do so. I have never claimed to be a member of any "religion", including Fundamentalist Christianity. If I am a Christian, that is MY business and if I do not wish to advertise my spiritual faith, it is for good reason, being that so many unbalanced religious zealots feel it is their prerogative to meddle in my business.

Secondly, my relationship with God is my OWN business, and no one else's.

When someone attempts to "confront" me about spiritual matters, especially when that person attempts to aggressively proselytize and to IMPOSE their religious beliefs upon me, I let him know that he is overstepping his bounds and that he has no place interrogating me. This is precisely what Ron Garon did to me. I warned him to stop, but he continued and after he betrayed my trust numerous times, I cut him off.

I do not need this kind of "Christian" in my life. I only need God, and I answer ONLY to God, NOT to snoops and busybodies who THINK they are ordained by God to "minister" to me; to tell me what I "should" be thinking, doing or believing. They need to learn to respect the spiritual integrity and personal boundaries of others, and to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS, spiritually and otherwise.]

PS: "Warning flags and concern for her salvation immediately went up in my heart.

Barbara's sister, IRENE ADRIAN of Wilmington, NC, further confirmed this disturbing fact later."

[BH: There is no such "disturbing fact" to "confirm". My sister, Irene Adrian, does not know my true heart, nor my relationship with God, any more than Pam Schuffert does. Like Pam, she can only speculate, and many times has reached false conclusions.

I also have some serious disagreements with my sister about "religion" and always have had. Therefore I do not discuss religion with my sister, because I refuse to argue about spiritual matters with anyone, for any reason.

If Irene has reached false conclusions about my spiritual life and then passed these on to Pam Schuffert, that is unfortunate, I can't control what she believes, nor would I want to. But Pam is very wrongful to PUBLICIZE private, confidential conversations she had with my sister Irene, or anyone else, about ME.

When I mentioned this to my sister, she told me that what she told Pam, was told IN CONFIDENCE, but that Pam violated that confidence. I have asked my sister, with all due respect NOT to discuss me again. But whether or not she does, is out of my control.]

PS: "I had spent much time (and money) ministering daily to Irene by phone, during a very difficult time in which Barbara and Jeff were attempting to go down to see her.

IN fact, I had also spent time on the phone with Barbara, praying for her safety and then wiring her $100 to help her situation. It was VERY dangerous for her to attempt to come down and see her sister Irene at that time. (Irene, also a former CIA mind control victim, lives next to CIA plants who monitor and harass and threaten Irene daily. She suffers to this day and needs YOUR PRAYERS.)"

[BH: There was more than an "attempt" by myself and Jeff. We DID go to Wilmington, NC to see Irene, with one purpose: To help her get out of the situation she was in, living next door to CIA satanists Ron and Mary Ann Cerra, who were abusing and torturing my sister on a daily basis.

My sister Irene was not at that time a "former victim" of CIA mind control. She was STILL UNDER MIND CONTROL, which was why she was UNABLE to help herself. Jeff and I did the best we could do and we did ALL we could do, at risk to our own lives.

My sister Irene was set up for a FALSE arrest by her CIA neighbors, the day before Jeff and I arrived. The best we could do was to get her out of that house and take her to a motel about thirty miles out of town. We could NOT stay nearby because we had NO MONEY for motel bills and no other place to stay.

Jeff and I spent ALL the money we had, doing ALL in our power, to help my sister. Jeff drove all the way from Colorado to pick me up and take me to North Carolina and served as my bodyguard.

Remember, this is the SAME man who was falsely accused of being a "CIA hit man" by some of the VERY people who claim to be "Christians" and in league with those such as Larry Lawson, whose many LIES about me Pam Schuffert has endorsed.

I subsequently became so ill from that nightmare trip that to this day I have not totally recovered. I also took the heat for EVERYTHING that happened and was driven even further into abject poverty, all because I was the ONLY person willing to step forward to defend my sister and to EXPOSE THE TRUTH about the atrocities these CIA scumbags committed against her.

Shame on Pam for attempting to misrepresent a situation, at my expense, which she obviously lacks any real understanding of.]

PS: "Barbara admitted to me by phone at that time that they were in danger of being killed. The fear and tension in her voice was EXTREME and it could be sensed immediately, and she fully admitted she was afraid for her life and Jeff's as well, and hence had to get out of Irene's area immediately. (This is something which she strangely DENIED in her recent post against me...BUT IT IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, and I and Irene were both witness to it.)"

[BH: Again, PAM LIES. I never "admitted" ANY such things to Pam. Yes, Jeff and I knew our lives were in danger and we told Pam that. But we did NOT leave the area for that reason, nor did we "admit" any such thing to Pam Schuffert!

And no, Irene was NOT a "witness" to any such thing! Irene herself was hysterical and not able to think clearly the whole time that Jeff and I were with her. She was badly traumatized, and still under mind control. She was incapable of making her own decisions.

Jeff and I had a hard time even getting her to listen to anything we had to say, or to agree to leave that house, where she would have been IN MUCH WORSE danger. Jeff deserves more credit than anyone, as he was the ONLY person outside the family willing to offer any CONCRETE help.

We could NOT stay at the house, as we had originally planned. The perps had POISONED the water and there were CIA goons swarming all over the place. For us to stay there would have been not only foolhardy, but to sign our own death warrants!

They had intended to try to set up a false arrest for me and Jeff, along with my sister. Had that happened, mark my words, there would have been more than one death on that day. The only prudent choice we had was to GET MY SISTER OUT OF THAT HOUSE, which we did.

We could not take Irene with us to Colorado, because her German Shepherd was not able to travel with other people. The dog too, had been abused by the CIA neighbors and as a result was a "fear biter".

My sister did not understand WHY it would NOT have been possible for us to stay there at that house. I know that she blamed me and Jeff, because she believed we abandoned her.

Would she rather we had all died? To this day, after serious soul-searching and having discussed it endlessly with Jeff, I KNOW we did the right thing, the ONLY thing we could have done under the circumstances.

I am very sorry for all the horror my sister endured. But NONE OF IT was my fault.

It seems easy for Pam Schuffert to judge others, and impugn their motives. But SHE HERSELF did not show up to help us, though she was living not far away in the same state.

Pam Schuffert is a COWARD, that's why. She talks a good game, calls herself a "mighty warrior for Jesus Christ"...but when it comes down to actually DOING something, or sticking her neck out, forget it, she has proven herself to be full of hot air, not much else.

And I believe that my sister is alive today because Jeff and I DID listen to God and obeyed the orders we received, which was to GET HER OUT OF THAT HOUSE.]

PS: "I promised to spend much time in prayer for both Irene and Barbara and Jeff. However, as Irene and I spent hours on the phone praying together, Irene fully admitted to me her heartache and grief that her sister Barbara had NEVER turned her life fully over to Jesus Christ and submitted ot the Word of God. Irene continually found this a great source of frustration.
However, Irene has been a committed Christian, even traveling in music ministry, for many years now."

[BH: Again, Irene does not know what is in my heart, what is my personal relationship with God or Jesus Christ, nor anything about my spiritual life. She is entitled to her opinions, as is Pam Schuffert. But how DARE Pam judge me? SHE has NO PLACE attempting to usurp the authority of God, in judging the heart of another. In attempting to do so, she reveals herself to be as bad as CIA, who think they can usurp the power of God.]


And while Barbara has been in total denial that she was ever involved in Satanism and related darkness while involved in the CIA, Irene admitted to me fully that both she and Barbara HAD been. Irene shared a little about this, but could not go into too much was too painful and too triggering. She also did not want to give much information over the phone, which was highly monitored at that time, she warned me."


Or maybe the question is, did she ever HAVE a mind? This is an outright, bald-faced LIE! I was never involved with any form of "Satanism" while in CIA nor after I broke out.

As for my sister, I have NO IDEA what she may have "admitted" to Pam Schuffert. But as God is my witness, speaking strictly for myself, I was NOT involved in any kind of "satanism". IF this is what she told Pam, she is mistaken. But since Pam has lied so many times, there is no way to know.

It should also be noted that my sister's background (despite that we were born into the same family) is VERY different from mine, as regards any training and involvement with CIA. I also saw very little of my sister, since I left home at the age of 16 and we were separated for many years, living in different states.

For example, I was never sexually nor "satanically" abused, not as a child, not in adulthood, not by CIA or anyone else.

On the other hand, I know that my sister WAS sexually abused as a child and utilized as a "sex slave" by CIA scum and their political cronies, including Nelson Rockefeller, Ted Kennedy and Dick Cheney, some of whom were Satanists.

But for Pam to make the leap that such things were part of MY experience, just because they happened to my sister, well, there is no excuse. There is NO basis in fact to Pam's false claims.

And let me make one other thing very clear. If ANYONE, at ANY time, had attempted to sexually molest me, I would have KILLED the perp in a heartbeat, IN SELF DEFENSE. Anyone who really knows me can tell you, I am the WRONG woman to mess with, especially in that way.

As for "satanism"? I have been protected by angels my entire life, which is why no satanists could get their grimy hands on me. Yes, they launched attacks on me spiritually, but I KNOW HOW TO FIGHT BACK, through the Grace of God and wearing the armor of God.]

PS: "A few years previously, I was visiting the home of my former webmaster, (RON GARON, webmaster to MRS. ALBERTO RIVERA) in fact, during the very time he had been setting up a website for Barbara and in communication with her.

When I informed him that people coming out of backgrounds such as Barbara's from the CIA are ALWAYS exposed to Satanism and occult darkness tied in with espionage training, within minutes he received a phone call WHILE I WAS THERE, from Barbara Hartwell, informing him bluntly that "I HAVE NEVER BEEN INVOLVED WITH SATANISM WHILE IN THE CIA!"

Red flags once again went up immediately! Was his phone being monitored by intelligence as he worked for Barbara? How ELSE would she have known what we were discussing? We didn't know...

But we both found it strange that she called him and said this, within minutes of our discussion! "

[BH: Once again, Pam Schuffert makes outrageous blanket statements, presuming to be THE AUTHORITY on things she clearly knows very little about. NO, it is NOT ALWAYS the case that anyone trained for espionage by CIA is subjected to satanism!

As far as my phone call? God tells me, in spirit, what people are saying about me. And God has never lied to me.

Pam Schuffert will pay a heavy price for her lies and for the damages she has done to me. She will be held accountable to ALMIGHTY GOD for bearing false witness against one of God's servants, namely Barbara Hartwell.]

PS: "And I find it even stranger, since her sister fully revealed to me that THEY HAD BEEN exposed to Satanism and the occult and participation!"

[BH: Once again, I don't KNOW what my sister "revealed" to Pam Schuffert. Perhaps my sister was involved in some form of satanism. I have not discussed this with her, so I do not know for sure. I do know that Irene was very badly abused, in ways worse by far than I was.

Perhaps my sister falsely believes I was involved in things which never happened, and then relayed these false beliefs to Pam Schuffert.

However, I have made it very clear, to anyone who has asked, INCLUDING MY SISTER; INCLUDING RON GARON and INCLUDING PAM SCHUFFERT, that I personally was NEVER INVOLVED IN SATANISM, in any way, shape or form. And it is sickening and disgusting to be falsely accused of such a thing.]

PS: "Stranger still, has been several reports by Christian writers, exposing the fact that Barbara IN HER OWN WRITINGS, refers to certain "gifts" that she possesses...of course left over from CIA programming days and totally tied in with the occult espionage tactics they are heavily involved with."

[BH: My "gifts of the spirit" were bestowed on me by GOD....NOT "training" by CIA. CIA merely exploited these spiritual gifts to use for their own ends. And I know others, among them Christians, who possess similar spiritual gifts, BESTOWED BY GOD.

I refuse to argue with the likes of Pam Schuffert, or for that matter with anyone, about these issues. Pam is ignorant and worse, arrogant in her ignorance.

If Pam REALLY knew God, she would realize that God DOES INDEED bestow such gifts of the spirit on certain of His people, to use for His glory. There is nothing "occult" or "satanic" about these gifts of the spirit, because they come from GOD. If a person ABUSES such gifts of the spirit, that is another story.

Just because SHE has not been blessed in this way does NOT mean anyone who has, is using these spiritual gifts in service to darkness.]

PS: "Satanism and the occult also plays a role in this as well, with demons providing such "gifts" even as former CIA Satanists such as ELAINE (whom I have worked with extensively in the past)admitted. In fact, more and more articles have come out about the CIA develping extensive occult techniques of OCCULT ESPIONAGE.

In Barbara's writings, she even defended these occult "gifts" indicating once again that SHE HAS NEVER RENOUNCED THIS DARKNESS NOR BEEN SET FREE FROM IT.

The whole point of questioning whether or not Barbara Hartwell has fully committed her life to Jesus Christ and been ministered to in the realms of DELIVERANCE from her dark background, is ESTABLISHING CREDIBILITY.

People who come OUT of such a CIA mind-control background of such intensity, are easily able to be ACCESSED by the CIA and their handlers once again, and then USED by the intelligence community to penetrate Christian/Patriot organizations, and for a myriad of purposes, including feeding naive listeners/readers deliberate MISINFORMATION and DISINFORMATION... even as Barbara has recently posted against me and MANY other people as well."

[BH: MORE LIES AND BLASPHEMY BY PAM SCHUFFERT. No, Pam, you have it ALL WRONG. YOU are the one bearing false witness against God's people and against God's REAL warriors.

YOU support and endorse the likes of Larry Lawson, a low-life LIAR and disinformer. Shame on you, Pam Schuffert!]

PS: "Friends, this is how it works. A person NOT under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and FULLY walking in the light of the Word of God, will have no problem LYING, DECEIVING, INFILTRATING and being used for Satan's many purposes in this dark hour. EVEN UNWITTINGLY.

And even well-meaning former CIA mind control victims, who THINK they have come out, BUT HAVE NOT BEEN SET FREE THROUGH THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST and in submission to His Word, can easily be accessed by CIA handlers, set up, and used by the CIA/intelligence community ALL OVER AGAIN...EVEN unwillingly and unwittingly.

Rather than dissect her deliberate misinformation regarding me on her website, point by point (which I am fully capable of and have done privately in response to the many questions I have received over this) I have decided to focus on the CRUX OF THE MATTER as stated above. And frankly, I don't want to embarass her.

Realizing that Barbara needs to truly yield her life COMPLETELY to Jesus Christ and submit to the WORD OF GOD, I have spent much time in prayer and intercession for her and her entire family. I have much compassion for those that have undergone such a tortuous background with the CIA.

And for this reason, I am not angry about the post she made against me on her website recently...not at all. The love and compassion that God gave me for Barbara and her eternal soul has never changed, and never will.

Even last night, I dedicated a great deal of my time to praying for Barbara and for her forgiveness and full deliverance from her tortured past. HER SOUL IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE.

But as long as people with Barbara's type of CIA background keep retreating into denial over the truth, and refuse to fully surrender their lives to JESUS CHRIST and obtain deliverance and begin to walk a true walk of DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY, they will NEVER be fully set free or able to be fully trusted in anything they say or do.

Hidden motives and unsevered CIA ties will ALWAYS remain suspect, UNTIL such former CIA workers are completely set free. And APART from JESUS CHRIST, this is SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE.

While I fully recognize that one of the greatest barriers standing in Barbara's way of fully committing her life to Jesus Christ, is the fact that as a former CIA operative, she is CERAINLY aware of the PLANNED NEW WORLD ORDER PERSECUTION of the Christians of our nation, or the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

EVERYONE working for the CIA is! But regardless, God's requirements for ETERNAL SALVATION remain: REPENT AND BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and you shall be saved. CONFESS HIM BEFORE MEN. WALK IN THE LIGHT OF HIS WORD. And become willing to suffer persecution and death for His sake if needs be. THIS is ALL a part of BASIC CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP 101, and it always will be. YOUR ETERNAL SALVATION IS WORTH IT ALL! I continue to love and pray for her. Please pray for Barbara Hartwell and her family.

-Pam Schuffert"

[BH: Pam Schuffert is an outrageous LIAR, a PHONY and a DECEIVER, bearing false witness against me and many others.

She is, therefore, in service NOT to God, but to the devil. From my perception, and that of many others, she is severely mentally unbalanced and possessed by multitudes of demons.

I cannot fully express my disgust with this woman, so I won't even try. I have said all I have to say.

I would advise all those reading this that Pam Schuffert needs your prayers far more than I do, prayers for God to give her a love of the truth and for deliverance from demonic possession!

Only God knows WHO she is, WHAT she is and what is in her heart, and only God can judge her accordingly. God help her, no one else will.

Barbara Hartwell
December 21, 2003