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Tuesday, December 5, 2006


July, 2004


The righteous are delivered from trouble but the wicked get into it instead. The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them. The righteousness of the upright saves them but the treacherous are taken captive by their schemes.

On July 9, 2004, my Report on Todd Brendan Fahey, outlining the facts and the consequences (hauled away in a police cruiser on two occasions) of Fahey's disgraceful and outrageous behavior at my home between June 14 and July 6, was posted on my website.

As stated in the report, it was written for my own protection and that of family members who were witnesses to what I can only describe as the degenerate lunacy of Todd Fahey --more likely than not, certifiably insane, as evidenced by the fact that he was admitted to a psychiatric ward for observation after the following events occurred:

Being ejected from my home on July 4. More drunk and disorderly conduct after drinking at a local tavern, from which he proceeded to a stalking incident at my home on July 6. And last but not least, a failed suicide attempt with a massive overdose of drugs, reported by Fahey himself in an e-mail to ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.


My original report on Todd Fahey was copyrighted, but as I expected, the copyright was ignored. I later found my report posted in the Editorial column on a website called Liberty Post.

As I also expected (and predicted in my first report) Todd Fahey retaliated against me for exposing the truth about his shameful behavior and drunken escapades during his stay at my home (where he created a living hell for all concerned) with a number of vindictive and libelous posts, chock-full of lies (some perhaps spawned by his own psychotic delusions) on another website called Liberty Forum.

A lengthy message thread (to date, 14 pages) followed. Perusing these messages, I saw that some readers were aware that Fahey's actions were those of a "whack job" (as my brother had described him in his letter to the Police Chief of Old Orchard Beach.)

Commenting that he had sunk to "new lows" of demented behavior; yet it's clear that many of the people on this public forum, which purports to address issues which concern "Liberty", are more interested in the sensationalism of the stories, which some posters cited as being "better than a TV show".

The sordid fantasies (especially the sexual fantasies) spawned by the sick mind of a drug addict, alcoholic and brain-damaged sociopath; an acid-head whose "flash backs" apparently have never ceased, namely Todd Brendan Fahey.

Worse, some of these folks seemed gleefully interested in spreading such lies in the form of vicious gossip and even pornographic filth, about a person (Barbara Hartwell) whom Fahey has targeted for this libel.

Since Todd Fahey claims to own nine (9) websites and regularly posts his material on numerous message boards, there is no way to immediately stop him from spreading his virulent lies, nor can I address everything he posts on every site.

I don't intend to. I have neither the time nor the inclination to engage in arguments with this drunken lunatic, nor to waste my time refuting his every falsehood. Neither do I intend to engage in debates with any of the small-minded cyber-junkies and thrill-seekers posting their uninformed speculation and malicious gossip.

I cannot afford to care whether or not these people are ill-informed or stupid enough to believe the libelous posts Todd Fahey has concocted about myself. My present concern is simply to refute the most salient and damaging of the lies Fahey is disseminating with the truth, with facts (some of which are documented in police reports) and with the testimony of reliable witnesses.

The vile injustices comitted by Todd Fahey will be addressed in other ways, including a civil lawsuit for libel and defamation and for the other serious damages to myself and certain members of my family for which Todd Fahey is entirely culpable and will be held accountable.

One way or another, we intend to see justice done and to put this seedy character out of business. Todd Fahey made the grave mistake of messing with the wrong people (me and my family) and I can assure him that he will take the consequences for his unscrupulous actions and the grievous wrongs he has perpetrated, especially for his character assassination of Barbara Hartwell.

I warned Fahey once, in writing, as is my policy, that if he chose to continue his harassment of me, or to begin libeling me in any public forum, that I would be ruthless in my righteous defense of myself and take no prisoners.

Since he has foolishly chosen to disregard that warning, I can assure Mr. Fahey that he should expect serious consequences for this latest in his repertoire of deceit, flagrant provocation and scandal-mongering, all featuring himself as the protagonist.

Despite the most bizarre of his paranoid and self-aggrandizing fantasies, there will be retribution, which he will be hard-pressed to comprehend, much less escape from.


By far the greatest outrage and most damaging false witness about myself now being promoted by the low-life Todd Fahey are his claims of some sort of "sexual incidents" occuring during his stay at my home.

This one small excerpt represents but a fraction of Fahey's lies and what seem to be delusions, but I certainly do not intend to provide his audience with more of Fahey's falsehoods than are necessary to refute them. In his own words, from one of his libelous posts on Liberty Forum:

[TBF: SO MUCH swill; so little time. Yes, I had sex with Barbara Hartwell twice, while we were both smashed.]

First of all, I find it despicable that Fahey would make such extremely damaging false allegations, the first time as slander, in the presence of my brother and in front of his ten year old son (mentioned in my first report) just before he was ejected from my home; the second time as libel in an e-mail to my professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, who is also my witness and holds the evidence of such; and now, again as libel, in at least one public forum.

Only a pathological liar --who is in fact also a total scumbag-- would fabricate such lies in his attempts to dishonor a woman in the worst way imaginable; or a delusional schizophrenic whose tenuous hold on reality has clearly been severed, doubtless helped along by his "recreational" use of psychotropic drugs and alcohol abuse.

Fahey in my opinion, is all of those things rolled into one very sick package. Fahey's behavior in publicizing such lies is akin to that of a high school jock, boasting in a locker room of sexual conquests he has fabricated in a pathetic attempt to impress his pals. Only in Fahey's case, his offense is far worse, as he has spread his lies on a public message board for all and sundry to view.

But the fact of the matter is that Fahey's claims are just that: fabrications. No such incidents as Fahey claims ever took place.

As far as the first false allegation: Fahey certainly made a regular practice of getting "smashed" (as my family can also attest) while at my home, but nothing of the kind is true about me. Yet this malicious liar, in another of his public posts, went so far as to call me a "drunk".

In point of fact, I am not a "drunk". I have no history of alcoholism; have never been arrested for any incidents where alcohol was an issue; and have never been sent to any "rehab" facility.

Fahey's history, on the other hand involves all these things. It would seem that the only defense Fahey can come up with, in his pathetic attempt to vindicate himself of his own wrongful actions, is to falsely accuse another of what he himself is guilty of.

Fahey's is a defense of the indefensible; the defense of a liar, a coward and a hypocrite.

And secondly, for the record, as a Christian, I do not engage in sex outside of marriage. As a result of my spiritual beliefs, I have lead a celibate life for years, which those who know me well, my family and friends, are well aware of.

(Those interested in a comprehensive description of my true perspective on the issue of sexual relations outside marriage may read my article, God's Liberation from the Morality Wasteland, February 2004, published on my website.)

In fact, I had made it very clear to Fahey about the nature of my own Christian beliefs and morals (including as related to my views on sex) several times, both before he came to stay in my home and while he was there.

I had even sent him a copy of my article, mentioned above, which I noted he did not publish on his website. I also made a point of reminding him of my Christian principles when I began to perceive the real nature of his character, including his loose morals, after I was subjected to his long-winded and drunken stories about the "bar girls" he knew in Thailand.

He claimed he had "slept with" the "girlfriend" (described by Fahey as a "bar girl/whore") of a man named Charlie Milsom, whom he hired as an assistant, on two occasions. Fahey claimed Milsom had attacked him in a bar, the reason for the attack by Milsom being that Fahey had sex with his girlfriend.

He later changed his story about the same woman, the "bar girl", now claiming he "never touched her" but was simply interested in having a "relationship" with her, until he learned that she was the "girlfriend" of Milsom.

Such stories were told over and over, typical of a drunk who repeats himself ad infinitum, each time with a different twist and the "facts" were changed to suit the occasion; or perhaps depending on the extent of Fahey's drunkeness or memory lapses at a given time.

As I told Fahey, I had no interest in these lurid stories, as they were disturbing to me, and the only reason I listened to his long-winded monologues in the first place was to attempt to ascertain the facts about the "attacks" on Fahey so that I could document the chain of events which ended with Fahey being arrested and deported from Thailand. At the time, I was planning to write a series of articles on his case. Needless to say, that plan has been nixed.

To this day, I still don't know what the truth about Fahey's case is, as regards the political persecution I believed he was targeted for, but as far as I am concerned, it no longer matters.

The only truth I managed to glean from Fahey's sleazy stories of whores and bar fights is that Fahey's morals are that of a slug, in other words, nonexistent.

Then, I had to hear repeatedly about the adulterous affair Fahey had conducted with one of his married students by the name of Iris, which he was admonished for by one of his supervisors (whom he bragged about blackmailing, to me and even on public posts on various websites, including Friends of Liberty and Liberty Forum) at the school in South Korea; a woman Fahey, during another drunken binge, dramatically proclaimed his "love" for.

When hearing of my Christian principles, in relation to these stories, and when I explained that I did not adhere to his strange concept of "love"; and did not condone or enter into the type of "relationships" Fahey seemed to favor, he seemed dismissive of my views and actually called me a "puritan".

Coming from the likes of Fahey, I took this as a compliment, though I'm sure in his mind it was the worst insult he could think of.

As regards this topic, I also find it relevant that Todd Fahey is not a Christian. When asked his religion at the hospital, he thought for a moment, then said "Buddhist" (which he did not even pronounce correctly) and the nurse wrote this on the form.

According to Fahey, it was not because it was actually his religion (he obviously doesn't have one and his debauched lifestyle clearly reveals that he does not know God) but because he said it was the closest to his "belief system".

He also told me he had "converted" to the Mormon church when he got married to his (ex) wife, whom he said divorced him because he was tripping on LSD every day for over a year and she later found out he had been lying to her about his drug abuse, just as he had been lying for years to his parents about his untreated and unrepentant alcoholism.

According to Fahey, there was nothing wrong with that. His wife should have "understood" that getting high on acid every day and writing his "great" novel, Wisdom's Maw, was the most important thing in his life; and that the marriage was of a lower priority in Fahey's grandiose scheme for himself.

She had no "need to know" what he was up to while she was at work, though she was paying the bills while Fahey, the "genius" (as he described himself) stayed home to work on his novel. That at least, was Fahey's version of the story, though it seems likely his ex-wife may have other horror stories which have not seen the light of Fahey's prodigious public exposure of his personal life.

He even claimed (and published on one of his websites, back in March 2004) that his ex-wife wanted a reconciliation and re-marriage. If this is true and not just another of Fahey's many and varied delusions or lies, I pity her, for she must be a masochist and as sick in the head as he is.

I mention these issues only because I find it necessary to indicate the nature of the character of Todd Fahey, given his outrageous allegations about myself and how his "morals" stand in stark contrast to my own.

I also find it important to state that Fahey has made most of these stories public, at one time or another and as he told me himself, he makes almost everything about his own life public.

But as I witnessed first hand, most of the stories Fahey tells contain serious contradictory elements. Names, dates, locations and the purported "facts" change so often that anyone hearing these tales would find it difficult to establish the truth.

In short, Fahey's credibility cannot hold up under scrutiny or questioning. I also have trouble understanding why Fahey would want to air his dirty laundry in public, especially about his private life, a sordid lifestyle which I cannot imagine anyone being proud of, much less wishing to boast about.

I do not presume to impose my religious beliefs (which are as far away from Fahey's shallow and self-serving --and probably drug-induced-- forays into Buddhism or Mormonism as is possible); or my Christian morals on others; nor to judge their behavior. Only God can be the judge of that.

However, when a scumbag like Fahey dares to make false claims about me, especially when those claims impugn my character and my virtue, I will certainly stand up in my own defense and set the record straight.

I'm through attempting to spare Fahey the misfortune of having the worst of his character flaws exposed. Any compassion I once had for him has dissipated as a result of his apalling behavior, which has caused extreme damages to me.

So the most brutally blunt way I can explain the truth of my position is this: As far as Todd Fahey is concerned, he is the antithesis of my ideal --the type of man who would meet my standards for a husband. And for me, if there is no husband, there is no sexual relationship. Case closed.

Any husband chosen by me would be a Christian, a godly man, a gentleman, a tough guy, a patriot and would share my morals and beliefs.

No husband of mine would be a degenerate alcoholic; nor a "slut" (Fahey's own description of himself, in one of his public posts, several years back).

Nor would I marry a wimp and coward, whose misguided notions about women are clearly misogynistic, and who as far as I can see has not a prayer of becoming a gentleman, even were he to be sentenced to spend ten years at hard labor in a charm school.

Shame on Todd Fahey for his iniquity: bearing false witness against a woman who once considered herself his friend and "sister in Christ", which is precisely how I signed my first letter to him offering him sanctuary at my home. At that time, based on some of his "patriotic" articles, I believed him to be a Christian, a notion he did nothing to disabuse me of.

Perhaps, as seemed likely from some of his behavior and comments, Fahey had a "fixation" of some kind on me. I'd had the misfortune of crossing paths with such obssessive/compulsive types before. I'd even gotten "love letters" from strange men who saw my picture on my website and had some misguided notions and romantic fantasies about wanting me for a girlfriend; some of these strange characters even proposed marriage.

But even if a fixation of this nature was the case, there is NO EXCUSE for Todd Fahey to bear false witness against a woman, namely Barbara Hartwell, impugning her virtue with damaging libel just because he may feel rejected by the object of his fixation.

Considering the fact that he had to be removed from my property by the police for his disruptive behavior (and did not blurt out his falsehoods about "sleeping together" except as an apparent last-ditch effort to provoke me, in response to my directive to leave the premises) I'd say for a character of his ilk, being thrown out of a woman's house might be the ultimate rejection.

After all, it seems he's used to dealing with "bar girls", whores, or other women of low intelligence and morals whom he can manipulate and lie to with impunity. And from reading his own accounts of his past, he certainly seems to have a history of being ejected from homes and other establishments, and by many people. Having had the misfortune of being subjected to his disruptive behavior in my own home, I can fully understand why.

And to add insult to injury, this madman, presumably in one of his drunken "fugue" states, or maybe after popping a few prozacs (which he said he took twice a day for his "depression"); or valiums (for his "anxiety attacks") actually went so far as to elaborate on his false allegations about "sexual incidents" by posting his comments comparing himself to Monica Lewinsky, with the implication that I could be compared to the infamous lecher Bill Clinton, who claimed he had "not had sex" with Lewinski.

What kind of a man would be talking this kind of trash in a public post about a decent woman, on Liberty Forum? Whether he's delusional or just making up the most outrageous lies for maximum damage (possibly a combination of both) Fahey gives a new meaning to the concept of "gutter trash".

Maybe Todd Fahey's brain is irreparably fried from all the acid trips he took, going back so many years. Add to that the daily drunken binges and the other drugs he swallows like there's no tomorrow. (There won't be, if he continues on this path.)

Maybe his excesses and abuses of his mind and body have finally taken their toll and he lives in a fantasy world of his own creation. Observing his bizarre behavior, listening to him repeat his weird stories and worse, being subjected to his intrusive and disrespectful treatment, in which there is no concern for --nor seemingly even any RECOGNITION of-- the personal boundaries, privacy or private property of others, it certainly seemed that way to me and my family, who all witnessed the same things.

But again, no matter the reason, there is NO EXCUSE for disseminating such outrageous lies and damaging libel in an attempt to ruin a woman's reputation and besmirch her honor.


And in his next pack of lies, note that Todd Fahey joins his fellow liars and provocateurs, two sleazebags by the names of Brenda Negri and Tim White (both of whom have been libeling and harassing me for years) by adopting the insulting epithet "Blabs" which THEY have coined:

[TBF: Yes, she was present during my initial doctors' visits and was in the orthopedic surgeon's and emergency room offices of Southern Maine Medical Center--following my leaving Thailand, and she saw what I saw: X-rays, results of MRIs and CAT scans which showed 11 fractures in my skull; 5 in my left wrist and 2 nearly-gangrenous fractures in my lower left leg. As Blabs was driving me to this hospital for daily antibiotic drip therapy to my arm vein and talked to all the medical staff to whom I spoke and saw all the medical reports that I saw, the reportage in her cracked story is disengenuous. She writes like she heard everything from me. But she was present during 90% of my doctors' visits. It wasn't as if she needed to trust my versions of events...she was there to hear and see the doctors' reports.]

But once again, the claims made by the delusional and lying Fahey are simply not true. During the entire time I had the misfortune to be in the company of this mental case, acting as his chauffeur and babysitter (he certainly displays the behavior of an obnoxious, spoiled-rotten child) the information I was given DID come mostly from him.

I did NOT see the X-rays or other reports directly from doctors. And I won't waste any more time on this issue, since I no longer give a tinker's damn one way or another about the nature or the extent of his injuries, or how he got them.

Considering the way he behaved in my home, whining like a crybaby at any perceived slight and blaming others for his own shortcomings, I can see how he could have provoked anyone to want to kick his sorry ass.

As mentioned in my first report, I had to restrain myself from doing just that, after he uttered the falsehood about the "sexual relationship" to my brother. Considering that I am very proficient in kick-boxing and Tae Kwon Do, whether he was injured or not, drunk or sober (an unlikely state in Fahey's case) I could have easily knocked him to the ground with a few well-aimed strikes.

Now that I think back on it, I regret my restraint. Injuries be damned. It might have been worth getting arrested myself, just to get a little vigilante justice, which he was certainly deserving of.

Fahey is lucky my son wasn't around. If he had been, my son would have made good on his warning not to mess with his Mom, issued to Fahey on the first night he met him: Fahey would have been eating dust within seconds flat after uttering his vulgar comments.

And here's a message from my son Keith Hartwell to Todd Fahey: You better hope you never cross my path again, scumbag, or you'll have some more of your bones rearranged.

Fahey continues with his lies:

[TBF: Barbara Hartwell has seen my entire Thai legal file; ]

This may come as a shock to some, but I don't read Thai. Neither do I have a translator on call for such occasions. Aside from these small problems, I was never shown any such "legal file" (assuming one exists) and in any case, there would have been no reason for me to believe any claims made by this pathological liar.

[TBF: she knew my condition prior to coming to her home on her invitation;]

Not true about knowing Fahey's "condition". As stated in my report, Fahey did NOT tell me about the latest serious injuries until I spoke with him on the phone AFTER he got off the plane from Thailand, when he was already on his way to my home. His mother had told me on the phone that he had been in a hospital, but said she did not know the full extent of his injuries.

[TBF: My parents and I aren't estranged at all (as Babs claims): So, Blabs implored me to come to her house, as I'd been publishing her stuff for 3 years, and she, herself, had published and written (of me): "The Heart of a Warrior" and "Why I Am a Todd Brendan Fahey Fan" on numerous sites.]

Firstly, I "implored" Fahey to come to my home, NOT because he had been publishing my work, but because I believed his life was in danger and that it would behoove him to get out of Southeast Asia ASAP; and because it was clear that no one else had offered to help him.

I was trying to save his life. I was trying to talk some sense into him for his own protection, something I later learned was an exercise in futility. In my opinion, Fahey's psychopathology includes a death wish which compels him (either consciously or unconsciously) to continue to place himself in harm's way.

His passive-aggressive behavior, which involves taunting and baiting, while he feigns innocence, also serves as provocation to start an altercation with just about anyone, anywhere, any time.

As far as having been a "fan" of Todd Fahey? As I stated in my first report, that was only true BEFORE I met him in person and learned, to my great dismay and disgust, that he is a degenerate drunk and pathological liar; and in my opinion, a phony and poseur, whose apparent reason for writing his politcal propaganda (which he has admitted is exactly that) is to gratify his negatively-inflated ego; an effort to bolster his low self-esteem.

He may talk the talk with his swaggering political pieces, but he sure as hell doesn't walk the walk. As I can testfy from first hand experience, Todd Fahey is a shameless hypocrite who has no respect for the spiritual integrity; privacy; private property or personal boundaries of others, the very principles he purports to defend.

I also realized that his much-touted "patriotism" was only a cleverly constructed facade. I actually had a discussion with Fahey, during what I considered to be one of his rare lucid moments, about the United States of America. When I tried to explain my love of my country, despite the corruption of its government, and the atrocities that government had perpetrated against me personally, Fahey said he "hates" this country, which was why he did not want to live here; why he had left seven years ago to move to Southeast Asia.

He said the people here (Americans) were nothing but a bunch of "puritans" (that word again) and whined like a petulant child that he could not get as many drugs as he pleased, over the counter, like he could in South Korea or Thailand. Evidently, the "liberty" to indulge his drug addictions is his overriding priority.

Fahey even tried to talk me into leaving the U.S. of A. as well. I told him that would never happen, because as a patriot, I would rather stay here and fight to the death for liberty, NOT go running for cover like a coward to some godforsaken backwater like Southeast Asia, nor anywhere else.

He looked at me as if I were from outer space. He clearly had no understanding of the meaning of "liberty" or what a real patriot would sacrifice to defend it. Yet, one of his websites is called "Friends of Liberty". How sad, how ironic and how typical of an armchair "patriot" (who hates his country so much he won't live in it, nor stand in its defense against a corrupt government) and "weekend warrior" whose clever, pseudo-intellectual political rhetoric turns out to be as empty as his heart, which as a "patriot" should be filled with a love of his country, the Constitution of the United States of America and all that it stands for, all that the REAL patriots have fought and died for.

As far as "not being estranged" from his parents, as Fahey claims, I think his parents may see things in a very different light. He claimed he had not spoken to his father on the phone in seven (7) years, after having a phone conversation with his father, from my home, to which I was a witness.

Of course that could be just another lie, among the many he has told. But here, as some hard evidence, is a response I got to my letter to Darlene Fahey (included in my first report) in which I explained why I had to have her son removed from my home by the police on July 4.

Letter from Darlene and Dan Fahey


Dan and I truly appreciate the assistance you offered to Todd and are very sorry he was a burden to you. Thank you for all you tried to do. We understand he is in a mental hospital or a half-way house, not quite sure which and that he underwent a psych analysis but are not certain that it was very thorough. We do want to repay you for your inconvenience and the things you did for him. I know you do not have a bank account but would like to send you a cashier's check to help pay for the time he was there.

We do not know what will become of Todd. He has failed to make the best of some good opportunities and until he decides he wants to turn his life around, there is very little else anyone can do for him. Best wishes and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please let us know what we can do to return the favor you extended to Todd.

Darlene and Dan]

As I said in my first report, and also in my response to this letter from them, I am truly sorry for the pain I'm sure Todd Fahey's parents have had to go through because of the unscrupulous and lunatic behavior of their son.

And I agree wholeheartedly that it would behoove Todd Fahey to turn his life around. Maybe he should start by getting clean and sober and taking a "moral inventory" such as is suggested by Alcoholics Anonymous.

Better yet, perhaps he should just turn his life over to God Almighty and ask to be delivered from his addictions. It's not for me to say, but considering that he does not seem to think there is anything WRONG with being drunk and drugged-up every day, while wreaking havoc and causing severe emotional distress in the lives of any others with the misfortune to be in his company, that does not seem likely to happen.

It did not surprise me at all to learn that Todd Fahey had landed in a mental hospital. To me, it was a foregone conclusion. In fact, a detective from the Old Orchard Beach Police Dep't, Lt. Keith Babin, who contacted me in response to a letter my brother wrote to the Police Chief, told me that the police themselves had dropped Todd Fahey off at the hospital.

Here, in fact, are some of Fahey's own statements, including about a "suicide attempt" from an e-mail to Geral Sosbee, in response to a letter from Sosbee, admonishing him for his lies and his slander of Barbara Hartwell and his unconscionable behavior while staying in my home:

[TBF: I also had my 6000 digital photos stolen yesterday (of Thai/Korea/Lao) and attempted suicide last night (an unholy amount of meds that should have killed a horse...I did not expect to awaken, but did). I'm on hard-street...literally. Got kicked out (awoken on a bench in Old Orchard) by two very hostile and rude cops. I was totally asleep, and then, BLAM. Nobody is claiming the packet of CD photos (which Barbara refused to view, on my initial good days there). In my estimation, opinion and evaluation, Barbara Hartwell is mentally ill. She does not work; she does not own her own home; she claims to be 100% disabled, and my opinion is/was that she was attempting to use me as a cash cow.]

A "cash cow"? What lunatic notions will Fahey come up with next? Tell us, Mr. Fahey, how in hell would that work?

Maybe it's time to face reality: Fahey cost me thousands in damages, taking into consideration his unconscionable freeloading, over a period of three weeks; theft of my possessions (clothing, non-prescription drugs, and other personal items) and various destruction of my property.

In one of his libelous posts, Fahey also lied and claimed he was NOT at my home for three weeks, but a much shorter time of "13 days". He also denied being ejected by the police on July 4th.

But the police reports state the facts, and the police themselves are witnesses, as were myself and my family.

Will he next claim that the police got the dates wrong and are lying as well? Will he claim the police were drunk and smoking pot? Or maybe that the police "had sex" with him?

Will there be no end to the lies and delusions of Todd Fahey?

But back to Fahey's bright idea of himself as the "cash cow". More like a bull in a china shop: He ruined a brand-new $400.00 mattress in my guest room with deep cigarette burns; as well as a white woven rug in my office with red-wine stains.

Speaking of wine, at least $300.00 worth of wine and all the hard liquor left in the house, down his gullet.

Destroyed expensive linen and Egyptian cotton sheets, also with red wine stains. I may be financially destitute now, but I still have some nice things in my home, most of which I inherited or managed to keep from better times. I take good care of my possessions, as I cannot afford to replace them.

My computer has been all but destroyed, thanks to the meddling and sabotage of Todd Fahey. The whole machine is going haywire.

There is now a persistent "back door Trojan" virus that Fahey placed there, one way or another. He also installed programs, without my permission, which cause constant obnoxious pop-up ads on the screen, though he had promised to install a program that would "kill" the pop-ups, just as he had promised other "help" with my computer.

I guess he couldn't find time for such mundane pursuits, he was too busy getting loaded and updating his "libertarian" websites with more wild stories about his latest adventures as a world-reknowned spy. I can't afford to have the computer repaired and I am anything but the "computer genius" that Fahey boasted of being.

As for Fahey's "estimation" of the "mental illness" of Barbara Hartwell? That would be laughable if it weren't so tragic and ironic.

HE is the one who threatened to "commit suicide" if I left a room during one of his "crying jags" when I refused to listen to any more of his demented ranting....

HE is the one who called me by the name of a former girlfriend in South Korea, "Iris", and did not recognize me during more than one of his drunken binges.

HE is the one who actually TRIED to commit suicide, or at least made such a claim to Geral Sosbee in his e-mail.

HE is the one who ended up in a mental ward, NOT Barbara Hartwell.

A man so delusional he actually seems to believe that a decent, God-fearing Christian woman would consider getting involved in a sexual relationship with a reprobate like him.

And then, bearing false witness against the same woman when he is thrown out of her home for his outlandish lunatic behavior.

Next, we may be hearing from the shameless self-promoter Todd Fahey that all Christians, all police officers, all American patriots, all defenders of the Constitution are "mentally ill". Why not? No bizarre notions hatched by his alcohol-soaked brain would surprise me.

But there's more. For Todd Fahey, in his spiteful and cowardly attempt at revenge, bearing false witness, malicious libel and character assassination apparently were not enough.

He decided to POST my street address and UNLISTED phone number on a public forum:

[TBF: Then I was on a Chiang Rai airplane--the cash for which I plunked down myself--and headed to Barbara Hartwell's house, [address removed by moderator], by invitation. I'll list her zip code and phone number in the next volley. Stay tuned...]

Apparently, he lives in the hope (between suicide attempts and threats of such) that I'll receive more telephone harassment, more stalking from like-minded nutcases such as himself.

I wonder, is there ANY act of iniquity, deceit, cowardice, malice or hypocrisy which Todd Fahey would hesitate to commit? From what I have observed so far, probably not.


Finally, to wrap up this report, here are some excerpts from the writings of my professional colleague, also my best friend, ex-FBI agent and attorney Geral Sosbee, a legitimate whistleblower and true patriot.

Geral also tried his best to offer assistance to Todd Fahey, mostly because I myself had endorsed Fahey's credibility for several years before he came to my home. Geral became disgusted and outraged, just as I did, when Fahey betrayed our trust, both Geral's and mine, and showed his true colors as the lunatic and liar he really is.

At first, Geral was so shocked when he learned the truth about Todd Fahey that he still seemed willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I have to give Geral credit for his good manners, even while admonishing Fahey for his insufferable behavior. In any case, Geral has told me that any such benefit of the doubt is long gone, as regards Todd Fahey.

Geral Sosbee wrote:


Few people have the courage to fight the FBI/CIA for their gross violations of the U.S. Constitution and for their crimes against Humanity; fewer still have the insight and the understanding to deal with the tyrants of mankind who make up the FBI/CIA. Barbara is the standard bearer (in my estimation) for the greatest soldiers among us in this fight to stop the government from their sick and macabre operations.

For a while you were the fortunate beneficiary of Barbara's dedication, but you could not see that. Barbara is often alone and injured/disabled in the fight with the thugs of the government; then add guest turned criminal in her home (you, Todd) and I wonder how she managed the turmoil all at the same time.

Again, Todd, you cannot see this. Yet, for Barbara's great work, she is vital in my opinion for the wellbeing of all defenders of Liberty, but once again I do not expect you, Todd, to understand this either.

Barbara is also my best personal friend. For the record, therefore, I must advise you, Todd, that your outrageous conduct in Barbara's home was unconscionable and inexcusable; I dare not state how I would have reacted to your unlawful and insulting actions if you had been in my home out of your mind with drugs, alcohol, self pity, and slovenliness; your insulting and slanderous comments to Barbara in the presence of her family and your refusal to vacate the premises when told to do so make you appear as a kind of monster (especially as you continued to return to her property in a kind of stalking mode), though I suspect that many alcohol and drug addicts are often monstrous in their relationships with sane and sober persons.

I do not use these words to offend you, Todd; I state these ideas to you so that you will never forget my disgust (and at the same time my sadness) at the awful and even nightmarish life that you forced onto Barbara while she was trying to help you to recover from your physical wounds.


Additional comments from Geral Sosbee, the only person aside from my family members with whom I have so far discussed at length the hellish circumstances created in my home and my life by Todd Fahey, as a result of my sincere attempts to help him, which I admit, in hindsight, I now regret.

Geral Sosbee wrote:

[During most of the time that Todd Fahey was in Barbara's home, I was in contact with both Todd and Barbara via telephone and e-mails. Also, prior to Todd's arrival, Barbara and I were searching for ways to help Todd through a very difficult period in his life, a time when his very life was in peril; both Barbara and I invited Todd to our homes, rent free.

We made this offer as friends and because we suspected that the CIA wanted Todd neutralized. Todd chose to stay with Barbara and I am certain that she worked diligently to save Todd's life (as she has outlined in recent communications) and to restore Todd's sense of great worth in the cause of liberty and in defense of the United States Constitution.

From the reports that I received in telephone calls, concerning the outrageous conduct of Todd in Barbara's home, I expressed my opinion directly to Todd that he has somehow allowed drugs and alcohol consumption (and misplaced values) to warp his thinking and that he had violated the law by refusing to leave Barbara's home when she asked him to do so.

To be sure, Todd was a guest in Barbara's home and he turned his stay there into a nightmare for Barbara; Todd's description of events defy logic and I am certain that Barbara's account of the events there are accurate.

Furthermore, I intimated to Todd that he has the responsibility as a man and as a guest in Barbara's home to take great care to behave as a gentleman at all times. In no event does Todd have the right to slander Barbara, nor to impugn her integrity. Todd is far off base here; I deeply regret that Todd now wastes his talents in a manner that brings further discredit on him as he continues to harass the one person who tried to help him in his hour of need, Barbara Hartwell.

Geral Sosbee]

Todd Fahey's "autobiography" (I don't intend to read it, I think I've already got the picture) which he boasted was published on one of his websites, is called Hell Bottled Up.

Very appropriate title. I am sorry to have to say (though as a Christian, I still pray for his salvation) that in my personal opinion, unless he cleans up his life in short order, Todd Fahey is in fact on his way to Hell in a Handbasket --which, whether Fahey knows it or not-- is a very real place.

Barbara Hartwell
July 27, 2004