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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

WARNING TO CHRISTIANS: Beware Supporters of Fiona Barnett & Accomplices









Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.


1 Corinthians 10:21


A woman named Fiona Barnett has been running a huge disinformation operation on the Internet, and she and her accomplices have succeeded in deceiving countless people, who believe her lurid stories, who support, endorse and promote her as some sort of heroic figure who has “exposed” child trafficking crimes, pedophiles, satanic ritual abuse, and MK Ultra.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Fiona Barnett is a liar and a fraud. Quite a number of her preposterous claims have been proved to be false, by those who have collected damning and irrefutable evidence against her.


Indisputable Evidence Fiona Barnett is an Operation

It is a dangerous operation with multiple bad actors, that is being exposed. This document is in the hands of the U.S. government as well as multiple other agencies and individuals.

Far worse, Fiona Barnett is a diabolical calumniator who has run filthy defamation campaigns against a number of decent, honorable Christians, to whose names and reputations she has done great damage. Defamation which has also been promoted by her entourage of accomplices, those naming her as a “source” of the insidious disinformation and black propaganda she spews, a hideous gargoyle spouting noisome sewage from her mouth.

Her Christian Targets have included Craig Sawyer (Veterans 4 Child Rescue) and the late Russ Dizdar (Shatter the Darkness), two of the most legitimate and genuine Christian warriors who have worked tirelessly to defend victims of child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse and to put the perpetrators out of business.













In my estimation, anyone who supports, endorses and promotes Fiona Barnett, for whatever reasons, is an accomplice to the evil, anti-Christian blasphemy, and should be named and soundly rebuked in the Name of Jesus Christ.


Shame on you, one and all! 

I do not care “why”, or what their reasons may be. Some may have been duped. Some may have a self-serving agenda. Some may be seeking fame and fortune, by promoting sensationalist falsehoods. But in my opinion, there is no excuse; they are all guilty as sin and should be held accountable by any true Christians who serve the Lord.

Here, just a short list of those who have supported, endorsed and promoted this demonic entity, and have thereby harmed others by the bearing of false witness and parroting of slander against decent, honorable individuals.

Robert David Steele (deceased)

Sacha Stone (aka Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams)

International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Timothy Holmseth

"Tonight I read an article by Fiona Barnett entitled Russ Dizdar is Another Michael Aquino Butt Boy."

This horrifically defamatory article has been removed from the Internet, some time ago, but I read it and was outraged at the blasphemous lies against Christian pastor Russ Dizdar by Fiona Barnett. And I must ask, in the interest of the most blunt of truths: what kind of person, especially those claiming to be Christian, could possibly promote the woman who spews such appalling filth against a brother in Christ, a hero to so many who have suffered under satanic atrocities? Absolutely disgusting!

Reggie Fashbaugh


Tiny Hearts Brigade


Promotion of Fiona Barnett: 

"CHECK OUT THESE FREE BOOKS: Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett (A Survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and MKUltra Programming) Satanic Occult Awareness"

Reggie Fashbaugh promotes Fiona Barnett, while claiming to be a “Christian” and “advocate” for survivors of MK Ultra, SRA and child trafficking. I have heard from at least 3 reliable sources that she has been spreading the lie that Craig Sawyer is a “fraud”, perhaps parroting Fiona Barnett. In any case, from observing her on video and listening to some of her smug (but incredibly ignorant) comments, and also reading some of the malicious gossip she promotes on social media, I must say that she knows not whereof she speaks, and I have discerned that the Holy Spirit is nowhere to be found – not in anything this woman says, or promotes.


In addition to all this, I find it typical of a supporter of Fiona Barnett to be a Jew-hater. Here are some quotes by Reggie Fashbaugh:


"They have always been practicing their cannibalism and ritual murders."

"The Jews, they are bad people, they are not of a good bloodline."

"The Holocaust hoax is the biggest hoax on humanity."

Reggie Fashbaugh, promoter of numerous Jew-haters, on The Jews, from a discussion on a podcast, March, 2022


Absolutely appalling! In my opinion, this woman is very bad news. She is loud and aggressive, at times even hysterical, she promotes false doctrines, and attempts to lead others down all the wrong roads. 

Cathy Fox blog

I was Prostituted to Pedophile Orgies at Parliament House

Cathy Fox is a major promoter of Fiona Barnett, as well as many other charlatans, frauds and liars. Her website is a filthy miasma of sensationalism and disinformation, apparently designed to appeal to curiosity seekers of the ghoulish and perverse persuasion.

Daniel John Lee


Daniel John Lee: False Accuser, “Evangelist Preacher” from the Pit of Hell

LAWSUIT AGAINST DANIEL JOHN LEE: Plaintiffs Craig Sawyer, Russ Dizdar, Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann Awarded Monetary Damages

Penny Shepard

Penny Shepard is a fraud, liar, intelligence groupie, CIA-wannabe, who heavily promotes Fiona Barnett. She has accused Barbara Hartwell and Craig Sawyer of being CIA. She is an extremely aggressive gate-crasher who has exploited the name of Barbara Hartwell, harassed and invaded privacy, libeled and slandered me and members of my family. See my reports on this site exposing her.

Penny Shepard on Twitter:

"I was gangstalked by my brother's operatives to tell me Fiona Barnett was a psyop; Michael Aquino orchestrated a 115 pg psyop against Fiona; She is a truthteller; Her book is free: she reiterates my saying "The truth should be free." #CIA #NSA #MKULTRA"


"Hey Hartwell you are a lying POS; Fiona is telling the truth; Sawyer is #CIA, so are you; you are cointel pro; I get why you would write this CRAP; because you are a malicious evil woman who is an ORDAINED MINISTER; humm what "church" would you be ordained in Babs? Get bent."


Timothy Shelley



Timothy Shelley runs a glitzy disinformation site filled with lurid propaganda, and features the usual suspects, charlatans and grifters seeking to cash in on their extravagant claims, while defaming legitimate survivors of government black ops, including MK Ultra.

The title itself is a dead giveaway. “Monarch” was not a CIA operation under MK Ultra. It was created as a sideshow to misdirect research from the true CIA operations which had nothing to do with “satanism” or “sex slaves”, but rather were military and intelligence projects designed to create the perfect spy during the Cold War era.

Mr. Shelley started his site under the cover of a nameless individual and, using the typical psy op tactic of building suspense as to his real identity, later came forward with his “real” name. Just in time to promote his books...what a coincidence.

Shelley (formerly the anonymous coward) has promoted Katherine Horton, his “good friend”, a foreign provocateur who publicly solicits violence, terrorism and even murder, while hunkering down in a tin foil bunker (complete with tin foil hat), ranting, dropping F-bombs. (You can't make this stuff up...but yes, they have, though only credulous rubes would buy it.)

Horton claims that Barbara Hartwell is CIA, and has spread the egregious lie, not only publicly, on her website and in videos, but among her accomplices, some of whom are ex-intelligence. In fact, Mr. Shelley has promoted Horton's defamation against Barbara Hartwell on his site, from a list of “agents” she claims to have “exposed” on her site, STOP 007, titled “BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS”.

In my opinion Mr. Shelley is just another fraudulent scumbag, a mountebank raking in the bucks, while falsely claiming to “care” about victims and survivors. So, it is little wonder that he promotes the demonic liar Fiona Barnett as a “hero”. How utterly despicable.

But, unfortunately, there's more...I must add that since the date of publication of this report, I have discovered another flagrant fraud promoted by Mr. Shelley: Ellen Atkin, an identity thief and liar who falsely claims to be "MK Ultra Girl", having appropriated the notorious photo of an 8 year old taken in 1961, whose birth date on the original of said photo is given as 9-17-53 (NOT Atkin's date of birth), tampering with it (spoliation) and grossly exploiting it in a monstrous "influence" campaign, seeking fame and fortune for herself, while obstructing justice for genuine survivors of MK Ultra, including the child in the photo and her family.

And, just like Katherine Horton and Penny Shepard, Ellen Atkin has been running a vile smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell, harassing me, and even making impotent threats of "legal action".

Upon finding this additional evidence of the gross promotion of fraud by Shelley, I was appalled to also find images of endless sleaze in the form of naked (and near naked) women, accompanied by his twisted personal fantasies and shameless discussion of his sex life. This creep is also clearly a sex pervert, judging by the filth he promotes.  I find it to be no surprise that, as he whines on endlessly, his daughter wants nothing to do with him. His website might appropriately be entered into a competition for The Sleaziest Show on the World Wide Web.

But wait... there is even more. Timothy Shelley is also a Jew-hater and holocaust denier. His website and articles are promoted by the loathsome site, JEW WORLD ORDER. 

AND...Shelley also joined the board of directors of Targeted Justice, an organization whose website promotes a plethora of false information on so-called "targeted individuals" and which involves a charlatan named  Winter Owen Calvert aka Richard Lighthouse, who solicits invasions of privacy and making false police reports against public officials. "Lighthouse" claims to be former NASA and pushes lies about satellites, and the fraudulent spinning globe model of earth.

Considering all this...I may have to write a special report exposing this reprobate, Timothy Shelley. He checks all the boxes for the worst of the worst in promotion of falsehoods galore, on any subject imaginable. And his accomplices are certainly birds of a feather...vultures, that is.

(Barf bag alert!)


Promotion of Fiona Barnett on FIGHTING MONARCH

"Fiona Barnett survived a pedophile ring in Australia, still operating, that includes a former governor general, three former prime ministers, a former education minister, other high-ranking politicians, judges, and police. She describes human hunting parties at Bohemian Grove."


"Fiona Barnett is a hero in our fight against NWO, CIA, MK-ULTRA, satanic ritual abuse, and child sexual abuse."


Also see:

In Support of Christian Warrior Craig Sawyer & Exposing Demonic Liars

In summary, anyone who supports, endorses and promotes Fiona Barnett and her entourage of demonic liars (for ANY reason) is trafficking with the devil and is certainly persona non grata to me.

And they cannot escape the fact that by promoting this vile reprobate, they are also harming every person whom Fiona Barnett has defamed.

Supporters of Fiona Barnett:

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell

Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

November 16, 2021



Here is some additional information and analysis presented by Craig Sawyer, regarding the true nature of those criminals operating from the demonic realm, running defamation and disinfo campaigns against the true Christian warriors who are dedicated to exposing this monstrous evil, warning others, apprehending them and bringing them to justice.

For the love of God, pray for discernment, for eyes to see, ears to hear.

Farewell Spiritual Leader & Warrior For Christ, Russ Dizdar

Timothy Charles Holmseth Felon & Fugitive AT LARGE  

Spiritual Nature of Attacks on V4CR & Mission

Lets Clean Up the Clickbait Libelers

Wednesday, November 3, 2021


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November 3, 2021

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