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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Patriots Speak Out on Loony Larry Lawson aka Lyin' Larry

July, 2005

From The Revolutionary Coalition Forum

Patriots Speak Out on Loony Larry Lawson aka Lyin' Larry

From Barbara Hartwell:

Here is a little "test" regarding the designated "targets" of Larry Lawson. Some commonalities among us. Just something to think about...

Let's start with some of the targets listed by Rick Stanley: Stew Webb. Barbara Hartwell. John Perna. Carl Worden. Rick Stanley.

1) A "high profile" individual, having a name that is usually recognizable.

2) Uses his/her real name on Internet posts, not attempting to hide behind a screen name or "anonymous".

3) Has a "track record" of exposing government corruption, crimes, political chicanery and skullduggery.

4) Bases his/her reports on facts; names the names of criminals/perps/provocateurs, etc. Demands evidence from others for corroboration of facts, as well as furnishing such.

5) Is consistent in sticking to solid principles, year in, year out. Believes in moral absolutes. Defends the God-given, unalienable rights of the individual.

6) Is a defender of the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

7) Has a "no-nonsense" attitude in standing up against police state tactics, from law enforcement officers right up to the crooks in the White House, and everyone in-between.

8) Demands accountability from public servants/government officials.

9) Has bona fides (of one type or another) which establish legitimacy.

10) Has a previous (often long-standing) record of harassment/persecution by criminals in government and their hirelings and minions. May have been falsely deemed "enemy of the state"; "terrorist"; "enemy combatant"; "high-profile subversive" and so on....

What type of person are we looking at here? Seems to me we're looking at a person who may be considered a serious "threat" to the status quo of corrupt government, the New World Order, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, global tyranny and totalitarianism.

It also seems to me that anyone who would target such an individual for harassment, stalking, slander, libel, bashing and attempts to demonize and DISCREDIT that individual, has an awful lot in common with the corrupt government officials who also are desperate to DISCREDIT, silence, neutralize that individual.

So, you decide. Analyze the facts and draw your own conclusion. Is Loony Larry just a "lone loon"...or is it possible he is part of a larger "network"? If so, what kind of network could this be?

And lastly, as it happens, I know everyone listed here, the targets of Larry Lawson. I respect each of them and like them all. I admire the work each has done in the defense of Liberty and Justice for All.

I have published their articles and reports, many of which were posted on my website between 2000-2004. Like Rick Stanley mentions, I do not have (nor have ever had) a "problem" with any of them. They have each consistently treated me with respect and kindness. I know them to be honest, reliable and trustworthy individuals. I may have minor disagreements with them on various issues from time to time, but never anything we could not "agree to disagree" on.

Think about it.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell

July 23, 2005

Comments from Carl F. Worden:

Barbara makes an excellent point here. It is a fact that Lyin' Larry has attacked those who demand the truth and verification before launching a story or article to their readers. Those stories always tend to make the current federal government look bad, and only because the facts can be independently verified! I every case, Lyin' Larry Lawson emerges to discredit those careful writers.

I've been fooled a couple of times by hoaxes that I passed on, and in every case, I notified my readers that I screwed up. But here's an interesting point: In those cases, I was never challenged by Lyin' Larry Lawson! The only times Lyin' Larry has attacked my information is when it was verifiable and true.

Now what does that tell you?

Carl F. Worden
Liaison Officer
Southern Oregon Militia


I can't speak for Perna, Webb, Hartwell or even Carl Worden. I must say that I don't have any problems with any of them. I have never had Perna on my show. I have had Stew Webb on my show before. Barbara Hartwell was scheduled to be on my show and the last two shows were canceled including her hour and Larken Rose. Both high profile shows were canceled and my show is without a network now. I have been negotiating with several networks and plan on making a decision on the radio show by the end of the month.

By the way, I read the post about these folks being on the Revolutionary Coalition. I don't know if Carl Worden is or not, I haven't checked. The rest are. By the way, so is Larry Lawson, not to mention 536 activists across the country. The Revolutionary Coalition is a fast growing Coalition. We network among like minded patriots. Once in a while a snake like Looney Larry signs up to disrupt the forum. We took care of that. He doesn't disrupt anything anymore. I have been banned by him though, at a group that he moderates .. I did not ban Looney Larry. I have handled other group moderators the same way, who are heavy handed banners from forums. I have not banned them as they have done to me, but I have moderated them heavily.

God bless.

LIVE FREE or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
Rick Stanley