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Friday, November 9, 2007


"There are two enemies of the People: criminals and the government. Let us bind the second with the chains of the Constitution, so that it does not become the legalized version of the first."
--Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson had it right. At this juncture, the "two enemies", namely "criminals" and "the government", have become one and the same. Criminals ARE the government. Criminals R US.

That's right, the government has been overthrown from within, and is now run by criminals.

How else can we possibly describe the various government officials, authorities and so-called "law enforcement" who conspired to destroy the lives of an elderly couple, Edward and Elaine Brown?

And since when does it fall under the "rule of law" for government agents, operatives, law enforcement, inter alia, to bear false witness and commit perjury; to threaten (including sexual assault!) and intimidate witnesses; to attempt to recruit innocent bystanders to engage in covert operations and lie to the media; to administer torture; to abduct people from their homes; to invade private property; to harass/arrest persons simply for peaceful assembly; to deploy para-military hardware against targets; to discharge deadly weapons for the purposes of provocation; to fire shots at an unarmed person; to electrocute people with tasers; to make unlawful arrests and conduct unlawful searches and seizures?

All of which were perpetrated against law-abiding people defending their God-given, natural, inherent, unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

Why is due process repeatedly and consistently being denied?

Where is the Rule of Law?

Why does the government not obey the Constitution?

Now, let us take a closer look at some of the wrongful and unlawful actions of government-sponsored criminals.

[NOTE: Excerpts are taken from various news articles. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.]

June 7, 2007

Excerpts from WMUR, New Hampshire

PLAINFIELD, N.H. -- State, local and federal authorities swarmed the small town of Plainfield on Thursday, fueling speculation that they had come to arrest a couple convicted of tax evasion, but officials said that was not the case.

Neighbors spotted heavily armed police near the 110-acre property Thursday morning, but officials said that they were just there to serve a warrant on a dental office owned by the couple in Lebanon.

U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said that the fire trucks, SWAT tanks and bomb disposal unit that were sent to the Plainsfield property were there only to do surveillance of the area.

"We have no wish to have a violent encounter with them or in any way, shape or form have to hurt either one of them," Monier said.

[BH: Why in heaven's name would they need all that para-military hardware if they were "only doing surveillance"????

Why the SWAT tanks if he isn't planning a "violent encounter"?

Rhetorical questions. As anyone who has been following this story knows, Monier lies. He has been lying from Day One. Doesn't he see how utterly transparent his lies are? Or maybe he just doesn't care. He is just doing his job. He is just following orders.]

Officials said they never had any intention to arrest Ed and Elaine Brown. The armored vehicles were seen leaving the area sometime after one of Ed Brown's supporters spotted authorities while he was walking a dog.

"A gentleman was walking a dog," Monier said. "Unfortunately, it required U.S. Marshal Service personnel during that encounter to take him into custody."

[BH: Why was it "required" for these personnel to take Danny Riley into custody? What crime had he committed? Walking a dog is a crime?

And notice that Monier conveniently forgets to mention that the Marshals SHOT AT Riley. Two shots, with a deadly weapon. Otherwise known as "assault with a deadly weapon". That's a crime, no doubt about it. Is it NOT a crime because it was committed by "law-enforcement"? What "law" are they enforcing?

He also fails to mention that they TASERED the "gentleman". And he sure as hell wouldn't admit that his comrades-in-arms attempted to coerce Danny Riley to LIE to the Browns and the media, to bear false witness; to betray his friends.

The feds made threats that if he failed to comply (and he DID NOT comply) he would go to prison. And now, there he is, in jail --and the latest report is that Danny Riley is being subjected to additional torture --for quoting the Constitution.]

Press release, DOJ, October 18

Douglas Bricker, Special Agent in Charge of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, expressed gratitude and praised the hard work and dedication of the U.S. Marshals and the other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies responsible for the safe apprehension of Ed and Elaine Brown. “The arrest was an example of good judgment, patience, and common sense,” Bricker said. The safety of the public, law enforcement personnel, and Mr. and Mrs. Brown remained the top priority throughout the entire process and we are thankful that justice was served in a peaceful manner.”

[BH: Double-speak here. Safe? I guess that would depend on your definition of "safe". Holding down an elderly man and tasering him is very far from "safe" (at least for Ed Brown.) And I cannot imagine how anyone could deem the use of violent torture (electrocution by taser) to be "peaceful".

What the hell is wrong with these people? Are they so far gone in their psychotic delusions of grandeur that they actually believe that "justice was served" ?]

“Moreover,” Bricker added, “honest American taxpayers deserve to know that there are consequences for individuals who intentionally evade their tax obligations. In this case, as in all cases, we operate through a system of justice where facts are presented and applied to the law. Law enforcement reacted to the Browns’ decision not to participate within that system. The threat of violence does not and cannot be permitted to deter the United States from enforcing our tax laws. IRS is responsible for and will continue to protect the revenue that our country depends on to operate.”

[BH: Considering the fact that THERE IS NO LAW which requires the Browns (or most other Americans) to pay "federal income taxes", these so-called "obligations" are illusory. And who in their right mind would want to have their hard-earned money extorted to support torture, mass murder, imperialist invasions and the tyranny of a government against its own people?]

Valley News 6-8

The forces summoned to the area around the Browns' house yesterday included Massachusetts State Police tactical troopers; state troopers from Maine and New Hampshire; U.S. Marshal's deputies; an explosives disposal unit from New Hampshire State Police; K-9 units from New Hampshire State Police; a Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center emergency response crew in a helicopter; a fire engine and ambulance from the city of Lebanon; and unidentified vehicles with Vermont and Maryland license plates and tinted rear windows.

It was unclear which agents were deployed early yesterday morning for surveillance and which were called to the scene after the arrest of the unidentified dog-walking man. Either way, Monier said that the show of force was not excessive.

“We needed to know where he (Ed Brown) was,” Monier said. “We needed to know where his supporters were.”

[BH:How much more "excessive" could the show of force have been? Hellfire missiles, maybe?]

Concord Monitor

According to Ed Brown, Dutch was part of the team of federal marshals who arrested him and his wife Oct. 4 in an undercover operation. Brown described his arrest to Kranish during a recorded phone call Kranish made to Brown at the Ohio prison where he is serving a 63-month sentence. Brown said that Dutch quickly "swarmed" him and wrestled him to the ground. Then another marshal shocked him with a Taser, Brown said.

[BH: So now we have another liar, this "Dutch" (aka Daniel Farrioli) bearing false witness. Would we ever have known of this unsavory character had Shawn Kranish not been able to get a taped conversation with Ed Brown? And why did they need the taser? They already had Ed on the ground.

In fact, Ed admitted to Shawn Kranish in the phone call that he had not even resisted. He said he didn't want to hurt anybody. So again, WHY THE TASER?]

Brian Levin, a professor at California State University at San Bernardino who trains law enforcement agencies on how to engage with extremists, said that Kranish's description of the undercover operation, in broad strokes, sounded credible. But he also said that Kranish's account ought to be viewed skeptically. Criminal informants, even unwitting ones, tend to be unreliable sources of information, he said.

"Informants, either witting or unwitting, are not the most stable on Earth," Levin said. "They usually have money issues, relationship issues and issues related to self-aggrandizement."

[BH: Speaking for myself, I'm not the least bit skeptical of Kranish's account. The only liars here, as far as I can see, are the feds. And why call Shawn Kranish a "criminal informant"? All he did was try to offer support to Ed and Elaine Brown by publicizing their plight. Is he not allowed to speak freely about what he believes in?

And if Mr. Levin wants to talk about "self aggrandizement" why not take a look at his pals in law enforcement? They have the badges and guns. They have the hardware. They have the resources and the sanction and blessing of the tyrants at the top of the chain of command. They can get away with just about anything under color of law, even when that "law" is no law at all.]

Concord Monitor, Oct. 6
Margo Sanger-Katz

According to Monier, the couple were arrested without incident on their front porch. No one was harmed; not a single bullet was fired, he said.

[BH: Without incident? What about the tasering of Ed Brown?

This Sanger-Katz woman needs to make a reality check. Since the beginning of all this, she has been exploiting the Browns' plight to make a name for herself. She quotes various liars, shills and disinformation specialists in her attempts to demonize the Browns and their supporters, all the while propping up the government's completely unjustifiable and UNLAWFUL position.

Where are the facts, Ms. Sanger-Katz? Why, in all this time, haven't you reported on the facts?

Because you are just another sleazy opportunist, capitalizing on the atrocities perpetrated against God-fearing, Liberty-loving patriots who have the courage of their convictions, something about which you are clueless.]

For those who do care about Liberty and Justice:






Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Death By Government: Part 2

  My Flag: Shredded by the Feds

Over the years, I've had quite a few attempts on my life. Obviously, they have all failed, thus far, but it seems that death by government is now only a matter of time --a short time, by all indications.

The last definitive assassination attempt took place in August, 2006. It was the brake lines on my vehicle, which had been mysteriously and suddenly corroded by chemical means. In the past, the bastards had used the more effective method of cutting the brake lines on more than one vehicle. Each time, my life was saved by Divine Intervention.

When I lived in New York state, my mechanic (who was also a friend, and who knew of my background) was able to determine without doubt that two of my vehicles had been deliberately sabotaged. But this last time, the bastards used a more "plausibly deniable" method.

I'd had the vehicle for about two years. It passed inspection and the brakes had been fine, no problem. But one day, when I set out for a short trip to the market, on the way home, the brakes suddenly failed. I made it home only on a wing and a prayer. I finally managed to stop the vehicle in front of my house, a miracle after ten minutes (which seemed like an eternity) of narrowly avoiding more than one crash.

Upon reaching my home, very shaken, I called a friend (ex-CIA) to tell him of the latest. Of course, I knew, in my heart, that the brake failure was due to government bastards, trying (once again) to kill me. When I told my friend the story of what had just happened, he explained what he knew about the various plausibly deniable forms of sabotage of vehicles. Of course, similar things had happened to him. But unlike me, he has considerable knowledge of the technical/scientific aspects of "intelligence work". 

While I am well aware of WHAT they do, and WHY, he is able to explain HOW they do it.

After all, the "intelligence" operatives are only doing their job. They are just following orders. I guess that makes it A-okay.

As for those who refuse to follow orders (for example, my ex-CIA friend and myself) when those orders involve harming innocent people --they are targeted for persecution, terror and death.

When I had my vehicle towed to the garage for repairs, I asked them to look carefully for any signs of such sabotage. I thought that maybe the brake lines had been severed, as in the past. All they could tell me was that the brake lines had been completely corroded, totally eaten away; and that they could not explain how this had happened so suddenly, being that everything had been fine the last time they had looked at it during the inspection, only a few months before. When I relayed this news to my friend, he explained in more detail about the (plausibly deniable) chemical agents which could be used. And which I now was reasonably certain, HAD been used. There was no other "plausible" explanation.

In fact, the damage was so bad that the brake lines had to be replaced. It cost a lot of money too, which luckily, I was able to beg from a relative.

A couple months later, the same friend (whom I'll call Paul) came to visit me with his wife and son. The bastards have also been persecuting him for many years, so in addition to our professional backgrounds, we have a lot in common. The family couldn't stay long, as they were in transit and just stopped by for a short while. During the visit, we talked about (what else?) the latest forms of persecution, harassment, sabotage, etc. etc. by the government rat bastards. It never ends.....

One story I had heard a couple months before, which horrified me (but did not surprise me in the least) was about a cat in Paul's neighborhood. The bastards shot the cat in the head (point blank) and then dumped the body in Paul's front yard. As far as Paul knew, the cat had had a home, but roamed the neighborhood, apparently in search of hand outs and affection from the local animal lovers.

The murder of the cat took place during the time when Paul had been helping me by rebuilding my computer, which of course, had been destroyed by the bastards (computer #7, of all those destroyed since 1994.) Nobody else was willing to help me, and I had no money to buy a new computer. But Paul came to the rescue, a knight in shining armor.

The bastards didn't like that, not a bit. They had to punish us both. So they killed an innocent creature to express their displeasure. And of course, they know that both Paul and I have a boundless love of animals. They knew how traumatic it would be, and how much pain it would cause. These soulless bastards display a depth of moral rot as ancient as evil itself; but which decent people still may be at a loss to fully comprehend. How can they commit such hideous crimes?

As part of their "death message" agenda, the bastards had also fired shots into the air when Paul was out working in his garden with his young son. Killing innocent animals, endangering a child....they will stop at nothing in their terror campaigns, directed at anyone who knows the truth about who and what they are. Anyone who would stand up to them and warn others, or try to assist others who have been targeted by them.

On the morning after Paul's visit (November 2006, just before Thanksgiving ) I woke up to find another 'calling card', letting me know that the bastards had paid a visit in the dead of night. I have a flag on my lower porch (street level) which reads: Liberty or Death, Don't Tread on Me. Culpeper Minutemen.

The bastards, in their infinite iniquity, had decided that a little more sabotage was in order. When I opened the door out onto the porch, I found that my flag had been slashed to shreds with a razor blade. Interestingly enough, the only word left intact on the shredded flag was "Death".

Okay, I got the message. So I took the flag down and promptly replaced it after driving to a military supply, where I purchased another. It cost $12.00, a major expenditure for me, since that meant I had to sacrifice another basic necessity. But it was worth it. I can't think of anything more necessary in my life than that flag.

These bastards are nothing, if not despicable cowards. Killing innocent creatures, firing shots to traumatize and endanger a child, sabotaging vehicles, slashing a flag symbolizing Liberty. Anything goes, as long as they can get away with it through plausible deniability.

But the point of this report is, I doubt I'll be around much longer to document the bastards' terror campaigns, against me or my friends and allies. It is unlikely I will survive the winter.

As has been the case for many years, I am financially destitute. Poverty kills, as easily as any other method.

I can't afford firewood. My electricity will soon be cut off because I can't pay the bill, as will my phone service. Even the water will be shut off soon. Such bills are unforgiving when due --more so when overdue.

And then there's the fact that I have had no access to desperately needed medical care, not for years. Medical care which is absolutely necessary if there is any hope of recovering from the damages of chemical, biological and electronic warfare deployed against me by the government rat bastards, over a period of more years than I care to remember. Along with permanent disabilities --for which I am "not eligible" for disability benefits from the very same bastards that are totally culpable in causing the disabilities, every last one.

I have done all in my power to make the truth known about this terror campaign, to make the facts public. I have documented in my reports, over the past dozen years, as much as I have been able.

As far as these government rat bastards are concerned, I don't see that it will be necessary for them to attempt to force me into a worse position than I'm already in, as I'm sure they know I have nowhere to turn, and that my appeals for help have fallen on deaf ears.

Barbara Hartwell
November 7, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

United Nations Day: Commemorating 62 Years of Globalist Totalitarianism

The anniversary of the entry into force of the United Nations Charter -- 24 October 1945 -- has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948. It has traditionally been marked throughout the world by meetings, discussions and exhibits on the achievements and goals of the Organization. In 1971, the General Assembly recommended that Member States observe it as a public holiday (resolution 2782 (XXVI)).

It never ceases to amaze me how many people actually believe that the United Nations is a benevolent organization devoted to "human rights" or "World Peace".

For those who know better, United Nations Day is not a holiday, but a day to remind everyone about the truly evil nature of the United Nations.

On the upper porch of my home in Maine (which faces a well-traveled road) I have a large poster which reads:


And now, in PROTEST against the United Nations, and all that it stands for, here's a brief report from 2003.

Down with the United Nations! Get the U.S. OUT of the U.N.!

Barbara Hartwell
October 24, 2007

Bushes, Kucinich & U.N. --NWO From the Horse's Mouth

November, 2003

Note: I wrote this when I saw how many people were promoting Kucinich for the 2004 election year, in the false belief that he would be the "antidote" to the Bush warmongers. Now, it looks as if he may try again for 2008.

Personally, I haven't voted in over 30 years. I'm boycotting the system --that is, until a candidate worth voting for comes along. A person who defends the Constitution.

For many years, I've been hearing the strategy of political activists who think that "voting out the incumbents" will be the answer. It won't. The corruption is entrenched in both major political parties, and has been for a long, long time.

Once the incumbent is voted out, who gets in? More of the same, only the slogans and outward appearances have changed.

This "lesser of evils" idea doesn't work.

I remember when I was only 13 years old, my father said to me: Don't bother voting. It only encourages them. My father knew the truth because he was an intelligence community insider. And I don't support what he was involved in, but I was able to recognize the truth when I heard it.

And until the corruption in the system is cleaned up, I refuse to "encourage" anyone who stands for anything LESS than uncompromised defense of God-given individual rights, as guaranteed and protected under the U.S. Constitution.

Remember the Bill of Rights?

Remember the Declaration of Independence?

Whatever happened to them?

It's time for a revolution. What other way could there be to get rid of these communists, fascists, plutocrats, liars, criminals, workers of iniquity?


George H.W. Bush has been promoting the New World Order for a very long time. He has also been pushing the United Nations as the NECESSARY solution for all the nation's ills.

It's time for those still laboring under profound ignorance of what the U.N. REALLY IS to wake up and smell the coffee!

Following are several quotes from G.H.W. Bush, extolling the virtues of the U.N. and his vision of the New World Order.

Televised address, September 11, 1990:

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective --a New World Order-- can emerge....We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders."

Interview in the U.S. News and World Report, January 7, 1991:

"I think that what's at stake here is the New World Order. What's at stake here is whether we can have disputes peacefully resolved in the future by a reinvigorated United Nations."

Press conference, January 9, 1991:

[The Gulf crisis] has to do with the New World Order. And that New World Order is only going to be enhanced if this newly activated peacekeeping function of the United Nations proves to be effective".

Televised address, January 16, 1991:

"When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.'s founders."

National Security Strategy of the United States issued by the White House and personally signed by George Bush, August 1991:

"In the Gulf, we saw the United Nations playing the role dreamed of by its founders....I hope history will record that the Gulf crisis was the crucible of the New World Order."

Who were the U.N.'s founders?

One of the leading members of the U.S. delegation at the founding U.N. conference in 1946 was Alger Hiss, who it was later revealed was a 'closet' communist!

And let's not forget Nelson Rockefeller, and leading the USSR delegation, Andrei Gromyko, who along with his colleagues, were all communists!

So, what is the "vision" held by the founders of the United Nations? The vision which George H.W. Bush repeatedly cited in his speeches?


But what about the U.S. Constitution, which George H.W. Bush took a solemn oath before God, to DEFEND, against all enemies foreign and domestic?

Well, the United Nations has got to be the most dangerous enemy to the U.S. Constitution and the Constitutional Republic that ever was.

And what of the New World Order?

You CANNOT have a New World Order without leaving the Constitution by the wayside!

In order to implement this communist "vision" sought by the U.N.'s founders, the New World Order, all involved must be TRAITORS to the United States of America.

And lest you think that the "progressive Democrat" Kucinich, is any different, here is a statement from his website [2003]:

"For almost a month, I have promoted a plan to bring our troops home and turn control of the transition over to the United Nations. The sons and daughters of the U.S. are dying in increasing numbers for the benefit of war profiteers with close ties to the Bush Administration. There was no basis for a war in Iraq. It was wrong to go in, and it’s wrong to stay in. No weapons of mass destruction have been found. We should not be sacrificing the lives of our brave men and women for the profits of Halliburton, Bechtel, and other corporate interests. This disastrous mission must be ended before any more lives are lost.

It is urgent for the United States to go to the U.N. with a new resolution which contains the basis of an exit strategy. It is time to bring our troops home. It is time to get the U.N. in and the U.S. out of Iraq.”

In case you didn't get it the first time:

"It is time to get the U.N. IN and the U.S. out of Iraq” [emphasis mine]

Kucinich is a SOCIALIST, as is made clear by his promoting Universal Health Care under government supervision, as well as other 'planks' of his platform.

Oh, you may say, but Kucinich is the ONLY potential candidate who will repeal the Patriot Act! That's great, just great...but WHAT will it be replaced it with?

If it's NOT return to Constitutional Law, it doesn't make the grade.

Anything less is TREASON, and anyone who supports it a TRAITOR.

What is it going to take for those Americans in support of Kucinich, OR the George Bushes to WAKE UP?

They are two sides of the SAME coin!

Their agenda is a NEW WORLD ORDER, otherwise known as a One World TOTALITARIAN slave state!

Otherwise known as COMMUNISM.

It is time for all American Patriots to STAND UP AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION!

Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

Barbara Hartwell
November 5, 2003

Sunday, October 21, 2007


If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
--Sun Tzu, The Art of War


How many dupes are buying into Ken Adachi's brand of NWO controlled opposition? Apparently, quite a few. Adachi is the primary PR shill for ex-FBI Senior SAC and COINTELPRO operative Ted L. Gunderson.

Adachi publishes voluminous lies about legitimate government whistleblowers and expositors as part of massive libel campaigns designed to destroy our personal and professional reputations. Most of the libelous falsehoods being promoted by Adachi have been fed to him by professional government-sponsored liars. Some of the lies have been fabricated and furnished by his fellow government stooges and shills. Adachi also fabricates his own malicious lies, in addition to engaging in moronic attempts at amateur "psychoanalysis" of those he has been directed to target (including Barbara Hartwell and Rick Stanley.)

Adachi, like his fellow stooges, is a rank amateur, and it shows. But that hasn't stopped many foolish people from being duped.

Here's a typical example, from a government stooge named James F. Marino:

"EDUCATE YOURSELF Website Hosted By Ken Adachi Lots Of Excellent Information Here In Regard To The Illuminati; The New World Order; Satellite Based Electronic Mind Control;Ufology and other IMPORTANT Issues That Every Person On This Planet Should Be Aware Of."

-- James F. Marino's promotional statement for criminal conspirator Adachi's Website

"Ted Gunderson: Using COINTELPRO Tactics To Illegally Spy On Patriotic Groups."
--Marino Accuses Ted Gunderson (Adachi's controller) of Being COINTELPRO

In 2005, I published an Open Letter to Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson: A Public Report on Criminal Conspiracy & Racketeering.

This report was lengthy, as it covered a lot of ground. In the continuing interests of Truth and Justice, I have decided to publish some excerpts from this report, specifically those focused on the roles of Ken Adachi and his fellow criminals and stooges, Tim White and Todd Brendan Fahey.

Let this serve as a reminder (for those who may need one) that this COINTELPRO criminal conspiracy is indeed a serious matter. A CRIMINAL matter. There are many fools, stooges and liars who would accuse Barbara Hartwell of "attacking" and "libeling" Ted Gunderson; Ken Adachi; John DeCamp;Tim White and others.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All the information I have published about these individuals is based on facts; comes directly from extensive investigations done by myself and other legitimate professionals; and is for the purpose of EXPOSING crimes and corruption. Over a period of many years, I have personally been the target of many government-sponsored criminals, including the ones mentioned here.

This conspiracy has in fact destroyed almost every area of my life, and done serious damages to me, my family, friends and professional colleagues. All of them can attest to the truth I am speaking and to the facts contained herein.

Never let it be said that I did not pursue justice. Never let it be said that I did not warn others.

Anyone who chooses to disregard these warnings, after being apprised of the facts: May God give you a Love of the Truth, before it is too late.

Barbara Hartwell
October 21, 2007



I have in fact filed several criminal complaints against Tim White (as well as others with whom he was and/or is acting in collusion, such as Brenda M. Negri and Shirley Anderson) with various law enforcement agencies. I have evidence as well to substantiate that certain individuals (specifically including agents of the FBI) have been engaging in obstruction of justice by refusing to act on (or even investigate) my valid complaints of criminal conspiracy and racketeering by White, Negri and numerous others. This, despite the fact that I have provided hard evidence to the FBI to substantiate my claims that these individuals are engaging in criminal offenses that directly threaten me; and for which I have sustained massive damages, along with certain of my associates, members of my family and others.

As for Ken Adachi, since he chooses to continue to publicly endorse and promote Tim White (as well as by extension, his criminal activities) then he is also implicated, as one who is aiding and abetting the criminal conspiracy in which White is a participant and/or publicly soliciting the commission of crimes and privacy violations, as well as the obstruction of justice.

Furthermore, by continuing to libel me and promote the groundless, unwarranted and unsubstantiated falsehood (among many others) that I am a "CIA disinfo agent"; or that I am a "mind-controlled government disinfo agent" (or any of the many other malicious falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell which Adachi promotes) in order to maintain his position in defense of Tim White, yourself or others, such as Todd Brendan Fahey (also guilty of criminal harassment but who escaped prosecution only by leaving the country, after being admitted to a psychiatric/alcohol-drug rehab facility at Southern Maine Medical Center in July 2004; and who has been publicly disseminating libelous pornographic filth, character assassination, as well as many other damaging falsehoods, using my name) Ken Adachi will find himself having to answer in a court of law for promoting this damaging libel and aiding and abetting the criminal harassment of White and Fahey.

Todd Fahey is also a blackmailer, which crime he has publicly admitted and even boasted about on several public websites. In fact, Fahey has already been banned from several websites and message boards, since July 2004, specifically after he continued to write and post his libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, which included outrageous lies about non-existent sexual conquests, using vile obscenity and fabricating pornographic descriptions of alleged events which have no basis in fact, in connection to my name; forging and publishing letters and articles (using a defunct e-mail address to identify Barbara Hartwell as the alleged "source") which he falsely claims were written by me (identity theft); falsely attributing quotes and statements to me which have no basis in fact; also falsely alleging that Barbara Hartwell is a "drunk" with an "alcohol jones", etc. etc. etc.

And for the record, let it be known that anyone who owns and/or hosts any website publishing these outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, and/or who engages in their dissemination in any way, will be held accountable for their participation in promoting this damaging libel and will be sued. Including (but certainly not limited to) Ken Adachi.


Considering the fact that Todd Fahey has also engaged in gross violations of my privacy by publishing my unlisted phone number (which had to be disconnected due to harassing calls made and solicited by Fahey, and for which I had to make several police reports); publishing the street address of my home on the Internet, an act committed with malice aforethought, which has also compromised my security and endangered my safety, Adachi implicates himself in this as well, since he published Fahey's libelous article (Barbara Hartwell: Where Does One Begin?) which contained my street address, on his website, Educate- Yourself. Tim White has also posted this libelous article by Fahey on various Yahoo! groups of which he is a member.

Todd Fahey has also published a plethora of additional false information about the ownership of my home in Maine by 1) "a member of the John Birch Society" and 2) "a man named Frank Nulton", neither of which allegation has any basis in fact. He has also published the false allegations that: "Barbara Hartwell has lost residency in her home" and "has relocated to Brownsville, Texas where she is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee". He further claimed to "know" these false allegations. Many, many other such false allegations about Barbara Hartwell have been made by Todd Fahey as well as Tim White. And published as libel on many websites and message boards.

Because of these false and libelous claims, in conjunction with Fahey's character assassination and vile lies, especially in falsely representing me as a "whore" and a "drunk"; because of his grossly false portrayal of me as engaging in the same sort of sordid and degenerate lifestyle which he himself pursues, I have incurred major damages, in the form of being additionally harassed by known and unknown persons; having other unscrupulous individuals publicly post and repeat these libelous falsehoods, for which Fahey was the source, such as criminal conspirators Brenda Negri and Tim White (along with many others); further, my family and friends have been subjected to gross privacy violations and harassed by persons publicly promoting these falsehoods as if they were based on fact --which they are not. I have sustained serious damages as a result of this libel campaign by these utterly loathsome individuals.

My friend and professional colleague, Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, has also been subjected to privacy violations and harassment as a direct result of the libelous falsehoods being promoted by Todd Fahey, specifically related to Fahey's lie that "Barbara Hartwell has relocated to Brownsville, Texas and is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee." Mr. Sosbee has publicly refuted this lie, more than once and has stated, for the record, that it is a falsehood fabricated by a pathological liar, Todd Fahey.


I can assure you and your "associates" that the moment I have anyone harassing me; stalking or even setting foot on my property, as a result of Fahey/Adachi/White (or any others) PUBLISHING my street address (which I took precautions and great pains never to disclose on any public documents; and which has never been made a matter of public record, by my decision, for the purpose of protecting my privacy and security) I will immediately report this firstly to the detective from the Old Orchard Beach Police Department who handled the investigation of Fahey's previous criminal harassment of me, which consisted of harassing phone calls, threats and stalking (and who had advised me to seek a restraining order against Fahey); as well as to any and all other law enforcement agencies which are appropriate) and I will provide all relevant information and documentation as to the collusion of these individuals in publicly disclosing private information and thus grossly violating my privacy, compromising my security and endangering my safety.

I will certainly go to any lengths I have to in order to see that, at the very least, Todd Fahey will be forced to cease and desist from his continued harassment (in the form of disseminating his outrageous and damaging lies about my personal life); and that he will pay damages for his harassment (since July 2004) libel and slander; as well as for the destruction and theft of my private property, for which I sustained thousands of dollars in damages.

Fahey has already made public admissions of certain of these negligent, hazardous and destructive acts, which endangered the safety of myself and my family; such as setting a mattress on fire, in a guest room he was using during his stay at my home; presumably while smoking in bed after he passed out drunk; and which could easily have led to a fire in the entire house. The mattress was destroyed and had to be disposed of. As for other damages, I have witnesses who will substantiate the fact that Fahey tampered with/destroyed my private property, including my only personal computer. This psychotic lowlife even boasted about his destructive sociopathic behavior.

Furthermore, anyone who publishes private information such as a street address (an address not part of any preexisting public records) is soliciting privacy violations, as well as soliciting the commission of crimes such as harassment and stalking. Since White and Fahey are both known stalkers and have both made threats of violence; and since this is a matter of public record, documented in police reports, I can certainly prove that their intent in disclosing my street address (with malice aforethought) was to encourage other criminals to violate my privacy; compromise my security and endanger my safety. Tim White, in fact, is under a permanent restraining order in Denver for stalking and criminal harassment, which included death threats.

I will also be able to prove that through publishing libelous falsehoods (accusing me of criminal acts, such as being under the illegal employ of CIA, specifically "CIA Headquarters at Langley, Virginia") that Ken Adachi has severely damaged my professional and personal reputation; cost me money in legal fees as well as costs incurred from pro se investigation; caused me profound emotional/psychological distress; exacerbated pre-existing chronic illness and disability (including but not limited to a heart condition) all of which are documented, through causing extreme traumatic stress; as well as costing me additional money, by the time I have been forced to take from other pursuits, necessary for my survival, to devote to defending myself against his many libelous falsehoods, privacy and security violations.

And please also be aware that Ken Adachi began his libel campign against me at a time when I had never heard of his existence; had done nothing wrongful or unlawful to provoke these malicious assaults and the dissemination of lies and damaging character assassination which has continued unabated since March, 2001. Ken Adachi has a lot to answer for and I will make it my business to be sure he is held legally accountable for his wrongful acts as well as any such acts which are deemed by legitimate legal authorities to be unlawful/criminal in nature. The same applies to Tim White, Brenda Negri and others.


The criminal harassment, death threats, false accusations of criminal violations, libel and slander of these and other individuals are all well documented and can be proven to be part and parcel of a criminal conspiracy in which various individuals (including but not limited to the persons named here) are colluding, with malice aforethought, to inflict harm upon me, certain of my friends, associates and family members. I can also prove racketeering.

Oh, one more thing. Perhaps you'd like to read this latest commentary (below) from your "personal friend", Tim White, the "Concerned Citizen". It was posted on a Yahoo! message board called Vietnam Vets on the Net.

"Sherwood Percival" was interestingly enough, banned from another Yahoo! board, New World Order Whistleblowers, for posting my letter to Noreen Gosch. Tim White, of course, as well as Larry Lawson (another promoter of yourself, Ted Gunderson, Tim White and Brenda Negri, who has actually posted DEATH THREATS made against Barbara Hartwell by Brenda Negri on his Yahoo! group, LL News) another "NWO Whistleblower" who claims Barbara Hartwell works for CIA and is a "lying government agent" are both still in good standing there.

(Percival is my family name, which I occasionally use for e-mail in public posts, since to protect my privacy I do not wish to make public an e-mail address using my own name. Should I receive unsolicited e-mail at this address, I simply issue one warning that further unwanted mail will be regarded as harassment.)

But I think this message (below) speaks for itself, as to Tim White's delusional paranoid fantasies, and his malicious intent, especially about Barbara Hartwell.

Where in hell does he come up with this stuff? Is it being fed to him?...or does he just make it up, out of whole cloth? And gee whiz, Ted, forgive me for subjecting you to the vile obscenity used here by White, as I'm sure you'll find it as appalling as I do. Especially since he used this as his "preface" to your open letter to me. But perhaps (if you are in fact agreement with White's bizarre allegations) you could issue a directive to your PR rep, Ken Adachi, to post it under the Tim White Postings section on his website, Educate Yourself. It would certainly fit right in with Adachi's general content, as it would serve to "educate" the readers (at least those dumb enough to buy into Adachi's scurrilous brand of "journalism") about CIA and government mind control operations.

Tim White wrote:


[link to letter on Educate Yourself]


Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(Air Force)Concerned Citizen"

[Well, thank you, Tim White, for your complimentary remarks. And for exposing yourself, yet again, for the delusional, paranoid psychotic you are. Actually, the "budget" you refer to has not been made available to me from Langley. Nor have I received any such "programming" or "implants". And once again, for the record, I do not work for CIA, nor do they sponsor my activities or contract for my services in any way. I'll prove that in a court of law as well.

Get real, Mr. White. As if Langley could give a damn about a noxious little gadfly like you. Nobody cares one way or another, except the people you are criminally harassing (whose only objective as regards you is to put you out of business) and those exploiting you and/or in collusion with you to harass, libel and slander myself and others. But in the final analysis, since you are the most inconsequential of persons, you're expendable. Since you've made quite a muddle of the "missions" you've been tasked with; since you are a rank amateur whose efforts to discredit legitimate persons have failed miserably thus far, you cannot possibly be seen as anything but a liability to those still foolish enough to exploit you for their own ends. Mark my words: It's only a matter of time until you will be forced (one way or another) to stop your criminal harassment and the spreading of your many malicious lies.

And actually, I'd rather not "silence" you. By all means, keep at it!...keep shooting your loud, vulgar, stupid mouth off. I'd rather just let you keep digging your own grave by publishing your idiotic libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. Since you've been warned repeatedly to cease and desist and have disregarded my directives, I'll just keep saving your intellectual gems in my large file on you, as evidence of your continued criminal harassment, libel and certifiable insanity. You, Mr. White, have proven yourself to be a menace to society and as such, as many of your targets will agree, should be locked up in a criminal psycho ward, along with your like-minded, perverted pals, Todd Fahey and Brenda Negri.]

But back to you, Ted. Perhaps it would behoove you to rein in your flunky, Tim White. His despicable behavior certainly does not reflect well on you; nor does it enhance your credibility to have a perverted whackjob like this coming to your "defense", as Ken Adachi puts it, standing up for you against the "smears" of "mind-controlled government disinfo agents with names like Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb".

White later proceeded to spread more lies, including to several Federal Agents in Denver (including FBI agent Mark Hostlaw) that "Barbara Hartwell is CIA" and had been sent to "take him down". Tim White, a man who does not know me; has never met me and whom I have never, to this day, wronged in any way. Yet, he has been harassing me relentlessly since August 2001; has made threats against my life; has libeled and slandered me and continues to do so. Among his many disgusting epithets, he has labeled me a "whore"; a "slut"; a "CIA bitch". None of which have any basis in fact.

If you think I'm going to tolerate these outrages, from this malevolent, psychotic pathological liar, think again. And if you and Adachi choose to continue to implicate yourselves in the criminal schemes Tim White is perpetrating, that is your decision and you will be held accountable, just as White will. You see, I have enough evidence against the little patsy, Tim White, to put him away for a long, long time. And do you really think he won't become a snitch, once he's arrested? He'll try to make a deal, just like he did last time. Let's see how that works out for him.


But I will agree with you [Ted] on one point: I am not of the "ilk" of persons such as John DeCamp, Tim White or Ken Adachi. As for "advancing" the goals of the New World Order? Sorry, I can't help you with that, I don't run that kind of operation.

But I will tell you this: Though I don't work for CIA, nor answer to any "superiors" from the New World Order, nor from any other entity, I am very, very well trained as an intelligence operative, especially so in psychological operations, and I can be as cold and ruthless as I need to be when pursuing justice for myself and those under my protection. Todd Fahey and others were warned and foolishly disregarded those warnings. As long as I abide by the law (which I have always done and always will) who do you think will be able to stop me from making use of that training? I'm not afraid to die, either. Since I answer only to God, I know where I'll be going when I leave this earth.

As for White and Adachi? They are both stooges for the New World Order, though they may be deluded into believing they are "fighting" or "exposing" it. But they can't fight an "enemy" they don't know. By the same token, they can't expose an enemy they don't know. And they surely don't know anything about the NWO. Since neither of them were ever on the inside, how could they?

They read some books, maybe, or articles, studied some conspiracy theories, on the Internet. So what? Anyone could do that and then go around shooting off his mouth about second or third-hand information, much of which happens to be carefully-crafted disinformation. Which is precisely what Adachi and White (and others of their ilk, such as Todd Fahey and Brenda Negri) are doing.

What I personally know about the New World Order (and those individuals running it) is not based on conspiracy theories I read on the Internet (I did not have access to the Internet until 1995) or anywhere else. My knowledge of NWO is based on firsthand experience.

Adachi claims in his writings that he "woke up" to the existence of the NWO in 1994. Well, bully for him. The very same year I broke out of CIA black ops. By that time (after 25 years of my adult life inside and a childhood of being raised by a CIA/military Intel family and association with their cronies) I was in possession of more specific, detailed, accurate information about the NWO than Adachi will ever have, no matter how many conspiracy books he reads. The same could be said for Tim White. So I must say, the irony of your implication that Adachi and White are some sort of noble crusaders against the NWO, is astounding.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Liars For Hire, Black Propaganda & Useless Idiots: Spotlight on James Marino & Ken Adachi

People are saying bad things about you.
--Ed Brown to Barbara Hartwell (January, 2007)

Yes, indeed, people are saying bad things about Barbara Hartwell. And Ed Brown has been only one of many whose ears have been filled with the outrageous lies fabricated by my adversaries in attempts to destroy my personal and professional reputation; and more importantly, to discredit the factual information I have exposed (at great risk and sacrifice) relating to crime, corruption, tyranny and treason being perpetrated by evildoers within the government.

But the government evildoers have lots of help. They've got their political cronies, minions, toadies and sycophants and stooges. They've got their liars-for hire. They've got their media lackeys, shills and PR front men. When it comes to "doing their job" and "following orders", they roboticly comply, in the delusional belief that they will reap the rewards promised by the henchmen of Satan, the father of all lies.

Back to my telephone conversation with Ed Brown. Ed's comment about "people saying bad things" about me was exactly what I expected. Though I didn't know Ed and had never heard of him before his case was publicized by Rick Stanley, it was clear that some of the government-sponsored liars and stooges had "warned" Ed Brown about Barbara Hartwell. I don't blame Ed, he was only being honest with me and I appreciated it. Being a straight arrow, I like everything right out in the open. In fact, I laughed at his remark, since I knew exactly which "people" he was referring to.

So I cut to the chase. The one person I mentioned to Ed during our conversation was ex-FBI Senior SAC Ted L. Gunderson. Ed's response was interesting. He said he knew Gunderson, from years back, and that he considered him a liar and a coward. 

In fact, Ed said he once called Gunderson a coward to his face. We never got into a deeper discussion on these matters, but I was certainly relieved that Ed Brown knew the truth about Ted Gunderson. I was also relieved by the fact that Ed was employing caution about the people contacting him; after all, as far as he knew, I could be a "CIA disinfo agent", as per the claims of the people saying bad things.

It's also important to mention that most of the other people, "saying bad things" about Barbara Hartwell are all in some way connected to a criminal conspiracy, one of which COINTELPRO Gunderson is a heavy-hitter.

Ted Gunderson presides over a whole network of government stooges and shills, whose purpose is to assist in neutralizing the designated high-profile targets: Those deemed to be a serious "threat" to government tyranny and totalitarianism.

Why have we become targets? Because we stand for Liberty, WITH NO COMPROMISES. We stand for our God-given, natural, unalienable, inherent rights, as protected and guaranteed under the Constitution.

This viper's nest of government shills, who have been tasked with targeting the Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth, is comprised of criminals, pure and simple. Among these criminals are forgers and identity thieves; porno-mongers, collectors of child pornography; purveyors of child prostitution; rapists of children/advocates of child rape and "sex industry" involving children in Southeast Asia and elsewhere; drug traffickers; perps engaged in criminal stalking and harassment, including making death threats against targets; setting up innocent people in murder-for-hire schemes.....well, the list goes on and on.

Some of these criminals are convicted felons who were issued their "get-out-of-jail-free" cards by "making a deal" with government criminals in exchange for persecuting targets by acts of libel and slander, harassment, stalking, etc.

Example: Predicate felon, drug-trafficker, criminal stalker, transvestite, child-porno collector Tim White.

"Useful idiots." That's what the professionals using this despicable bunch to do their dirty work might call them. But how "useful" they really are remains to be seen. Sure, they have served the cause of their totalitarian masters by their relentless attacks on the Defenders of Liberty. They have stirred up a world of trouble with their malicious lies about the Messengers of Truth.

But will the government perps and their useful idiots win? Will they defeat the Cause of Liberty?

No. They will never win. Because, although they've tried their damnedest, they cannot extinguish the fire of God-given Liberty which burns in our hearts. The cause of totalitarianism is doomed to fail.

As for those "useful idiots": I think it far more appropriate to call them USELESS idiots. 

USELESS to the Cause of Liberty. 

USELESS to the principles upon which this country was founded. 

USELESS to the Light of Truth. 

USELESS to the Service of God's Justice. 

USELESS to One and All of the Righteous on the Side of the Angels. 


Let us now examine the writings of one of these useless idiots, one James F. Marino. I deem him a useless idiot for several reasons:

1) Marino endorses and promotes the websites of other useless idiots and government shills; those who support, promote and endorse criminals; and who are soliciting crimes against legitimate government whistleblowers, as well as running massive libel campaigns against us.

Example: Government stooge, criminal conspirator, Ken Adachi

2) Marino supports and endorses collectivist, globalist and totalitarian ideologies, organizations and politics.

Example: Posting petitions, soliciting signatories, "appealing" to the United Nations.

Example: Endorsing leftist demagogue and Clinton crony Barack Obama.

3) Marino engages in wild speculation; makes unwarranted assumptions; jumps to baseless conclusions and has made many misstatements of fact about quite a number of well-known people, including high-profile targets of political persecution. Including (but not limited to) Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee, Ed and Elaine Brown, Bob Schulz, Aaron Russo, Rick Stanley.

Furthermore, Marino attempts to insinuate himself and his own alleged "case" (in which he has claimed to be the "target of a failed COINTELPRO sting operation") into his ill-informed writings about these individuals.

Marino is a name-dropper and gate-crasher who attempts to ride the coattails of legitimate expositors, whistleblowers and Liberty activists. He is also a meddlesome busybody who thinks he's entitled to speak about (and even FOR) others he does not know; and about whose cases, situations, professional and personal backgrounds, etc. he is appallingly ignorant.

Example: "....Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell have been forced to lead lives of quiet desperation." As I responded to this idiotic remark in one of my reports, Nothing could be further from the truth! "Quiet desperation" is the province of cowards and fools.

If Marino hoped to gain credibility by this foolish agenda, he has failed.

A couple months ago, when I'd finally had enough of this fool, who had claimed to be a "supporter" of Barbara Hartwell and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, I posted a report on my website for the purpose of setting the record straight. 

The issue was very simple: I wanted Marino to stop using my name on his website and to REMOVE an endorsement I had written for his site BEFORE I became aware that Mr. Marino's politics, viewpoints, opinions, etc. were glaringly opposed to my own; and because in dropping my name repeatedly, he had represented me in a false light with his uninformed commentaries, his baseless assumptions and what appeared to be his projections upon myself and others of his personal feelings and "state of mind".

Marino responded to my first report (see links below, for three reports on Marino) with a libelous personal offensive against Barbara Hartwell, including attacks on my character. He then proceeded to add to and edit this smear piece, over a period of weeks. I copied the most recent version I found (given below.) Since I have already addressed (and refuted) many of Marino's comments in a total of three reports (links given below) I have included only some of the latest (and by far the most libelous.)


But before I address that, I should explain the reason why I felt it necessary to bring up Mr. Marino's name again (tiresome as it is). Apparently, Marino just doesn't know when to quit. Earlier this week, I came across a piece written by James Marino. The topic? He speculates about the whereabouts (living or dead) of ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

He wonders aloud if Geral is "still alive."

Why all the melodrama? And why the attempt to pressure Geral Sosbee into a response?

This is just fear-mongering and I have seen it from Marino before. He paints a picture of worst case scenarios, based on nothing more than his own misguided speculations. Then he drags another person's name into it (in this case Geral Sosbee) and always makes sure to throw in something completely irrelevant about his own "case." AS IF it were connected in any way with factual reports written by Geral Sosbee, which it most certainly is not.

But before I get to Drama Queen Marino's latest on Geral Sosbee, I can assure the readers that Geral Sosbee is alive. I heard from him on the very day that Marino posted his dead-or-alive paranoid fantasies.

In fact, when Geral received a copy of Marino's nonsense by e-mail, he was not pleased. He does not consider Marino credible, any more than I do. He certainly does not appreciate having his name exploited as part of Marino's agenda. And lastly, he knows that Marino's libelous attacks on his best friend and solid ally (Barbara Hartwell) are "false, mean-spirited and ill-considered."

Geral Sosbee removed the link to Marino's website months ago, of his own choice. He doesn't have the time to deal with all this nonsense from Marino, which is why (with Geral's permission, re Marino's statements about him) I have taken the time to write this report.

Again, it is tiresome, it is time-consuming, it is an annoyance, to put it mildly. But it's a chore that needs doing. Maybe, just maybe, Marino might STOP THIS, if only because he is accomplishing nothing but exposing himself as a fool.

Enough, already. Enough Useless idiocy.


Where is Ex FBI Agent Geral W. Sosbee? Geral If You Are Still Alive Please Post On Your Website

"As an American citizen one tends to see this country as a nation of laws in which all of its people, including those who function as law enforcement, are bound by such laws. Then you witness how an agency like the FBI really operates; completely outside of the law and with virtually none of the checks and balances called for by the US Constitution, and you realize what a complete sham this agency is as law enforcement, and that any American citizen can be attacked by the FBI at any given time while it operates with complete disregard for that persons rights.

Perhaps there is no one on this planet who understands this better than a former FBI agent by the name of Geral Sosbee, who long ago attempted to expose serious crimes being perpetrated by some of his fellow agents, and then suffered severe and life threatening consequences for doing so -- something which continues to occur in the present day.

Given some of the extremely disturbing posts that Geral left on his Website roughly a week ago (clear covert death messages) and his not having posted since that time one must wonder what has become of him?

The FBI's utilization of Homeland Security to harass Geral into a conflict each time he crosses the border from the USA to Mexico has become more problematic overtime, in efforts to provoke Geral into a confrontation in which the FBI can either have him arrested or institutionalized -- something they have been trying to do since the 1970's, when Geral became a whistle blower against the FBI, having reported serious criminal activity perpetrated by other agents.

The only reason he has been able to survive so far is that he has been skillful enough to avoid the gauntlet of entrapment that the FBI has set him up for, which would have resulted in his incarceration.

Had he not, he would have made for easy prey by the FEDS who control both the prison system and medical profession in this country from behind the scene. Their control of the medical establishment is evidenced by the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes Of Healths' attempts to obfuscate the fact that many chronic illnesses in society in the present day are biological agents which were deliberately created by the Pentagon and later turned loose on the public in efforts to determine how effective they would be in disabling and in myriad cases killing those infected with them.

Lyme Disease is one of these agents. And it continues to infect a growing number of people nationally each year while the mainstream medical community attempts to confuse treatment issues, rather than clarifying them as it should.

The Lyme Disease pandemic has truly become a disaster.

Given the FBI's recent death threats to him, I just hope that Geral is still alive, as it is quite obvious that the FBI is intent on murdering him and at this point may be less concerned than ever before with how they go about doing so. He has been more than they ever bargained for, having spent millions in their attempts to contain him -- yet he still manages to soldier on under extreme adversity. Courage under fire.

I hope you are still alive Geral. And if you are, don't let these government rat bastards get you down. They will eventually get their due. Every last son of a bitch, voyeuristic, perversion of life one of them."

Good Riddance -- I Retract My Former Support For Barbara Hartwell Learning First Hand Why One Person Refers To Her As The Merchant Of Venom

"The following has become the saga of Barbara Hartwell's libel campaign against James F. Marino. The Merchant Of Venom has now targeted me in her cross hairs; as she has so many others. As I have recently stated, I believe that Barbara Hartwell and her Website are a complete waste of time; and I do believe that she is circulating disinformation."

[BH: "The Merchant of Venom" comes straight from government stooge and malicious liar, Ken Adachi, whom Marino is now parroting. Marino has also posted a glowing endorsement of Ken Adachi's website. So he wants to talk about disinformation? Marino, in his stupendous ignorance, is endorsing one of the most flagrant purveyors of disinformation on the Internet.]

"As I continue to post "meaningful" information Barbara will undoubtedly continue on her diatribe whining about all the people who are picking on her -- information which in one way or another comprises much of her Website. She is also not above becoming quite vulgar when she feels threatened as she has shown by her most recent post. What I find most interesting is that she can willfully attack someone else, yet if they defend themselves, accuse them of being the mean spirited ones."

[BH: Has Marino been smoking that whacky weed? Just as I do not lead a life of "quiet desperation", whining is not part of my repertoire. No, I expose criminals who work for the government, and their stooges. I call a spade a spade. And I have accused no one of being "mean-spirited." I have, however, exposed Marino as a pretentious and presumptuous fool and an aggressive ignoramus.]

"Have you ever read some her posts? Nasty. And on a far more important issue, I'd still like to know why Barbara has not discussed John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (or at least listed the link to his information), given its relevance to the illegal use of satellites to spy on Americans? This is perhaps the most important aspect of the US Federal Government's abuse of the privacy of Americans, yet I have never seen mention of it on her Website.
While it was never part of her original diatribe, this information is still so important, how could someone who claims to be a defender of as she puts it God Given rights, not have such important information on her Website? John Akwei's lawsuit contains the most compelling information that I have ever seen in regard to the most precedent setting attack on the privacy of the American people ever documented.

There has never been a worse attack on the privacy of the American people than the NSA's illegal spying of Americans by way of its audio visual satellites and remote neural monitoring technology. Not ever.

These NSA agents should hold their heads in shame at the abject and treasonous betrayal of the American people.

[BH: Again, again, again: It is NONE OF MARINO'S BUSINESS what I choose to publish on my website. I do NOT answer to this meddlesome busybody and useless idiot.]

"Ms. Hartwell also never bothers to answer to my accusation that she edited my article "Tortured By The FBI" and posted it on the Revolutionary Coalition Forum's Website without my permission. She plainly deleted part of the article which she clearly had no right to do. This was not a situation where she simply quoted certain passages. She left out important content which as the author of the article I did not authorize or appreciate. It has always been my intention to have that article seen in its complete form as opposed to having it missing pertinent information. There were numerous examples of others whom the FBI has setup for COINTELPRO mentioned in this article which gave it far more impact -- and should have been left in the article."

[BH: That's right. I don't bother to answer Marino's accusations unless they are relevant to the issues of concern to me. Which this one is not. I am not on trial here and Marino is not the judge. I am not required to "answer" anything. But while we're on the subject, I should mention that Marino THANKED me copiously, in no uncertain terms, for posting his report on the Revolutionary Coalition. He had NO PROBLEM at all with the fact that I edited the piece for brevity and for relevance. Now, suddenly, he's got a problem. If he had registered a complaint at the proper time, I would have made his complaint public. Case closed.]

"As for Ms. Hartwell's comment that I am full of hot air, I say that she is the one who is full of hot air as well as something more organic. Hartwell is a slick operator brandishing religious indoctrination as her weapon of choice. According to her, all who oppose her are EVIL doers who must see things her way or risk going to hell. If ever there were a case to be made for a person using and abusing the concept of God for their own reasons one can be made here. Perhaps Ms. Hartwell in her complete arrogance also believes that she is assured a place in her God's kingdom. In reality she is proof positive of how dangerous some people are in regard to being religiously indoctrinated. I once bought her story hook, line and sinker."

[BH: Religious indoctrination? Marino gets it all wrong again. I make no secret of being a Christian. I am a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a "member" of no "organized religion", nor have I been influenced by any form of "religious indoctrination." 

Actually, I have spoken out against such indoctrination, many times. But Marino wouldn't know that. In fact, he knows nothing about me.

And if I want to quote scripture to make my point, that is my prerogative. Evildoers abound in this world, no doubt. And I certainly have enemies who are evildoers.

I denounce evildoers and I rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ. So sue me. The evildoers have certainly made such threats, but that will not stop me from speaking out against evil. If Marino wants to promote evildoers, at the expense of the Messengers of Truth, he will surely face the consequences. 

Nobody escapes the judgment of God. Whether Marino "believes" in God is irrelevant. God exists and will judge evildoers. For those of us who know God, it is sometimes the only way we can bear up under the persecution, INCLUDING the persecution directed at sincere Christians.

And I have NEVER stated that those who do not "see things my way" will go to hell. Marino, in his role as useless idiot, is grasping at straws. He'll accuse me of anything in a futile attempt to justify his own malice and stupidity.]

"However I now see her as nothing more then a very cunning former Intelligence agent who has not forgotten how to pull people's strings and to spin a situation to her own advantage, even when she knows that she is helping to perpetrate disinformation. By her own admission she comes from a long line of CIA (and formerly OSS) agents who no doubt got her into the business. And she can say that she was forced into the business, however if she has been participating in criminality during much of her career and wants to be accepted in society there is little question that she would attempt to change sides and surface as a whistleblower in efforts to give her some credibility."

[BH: Again, Marino knows nothing about me or my background. As usual, he's just speculating and running his idiotic mouth. However, I must refute his unfounded assumption about "participating in criminality". And I must correct his entirely absurd notion about wanting to be "accepted in society". I despise "society" and all that it stands for. I live as a recluse for this reason. And the only "society" I care to be accepted by is that presided over by God Almighty and His Holy Spirit.

I became a whistleblower to do my part, as a servant of God in defeating evil. That's a concept Marino obviously can't wrap his mind around.]

"And let's not forget that she was a professional disinformation artist while employed by the CIA so she knows how to lie better than most people, and moreover, how to get away with it."

[BH: I was never a "professional disinformation artist" --not connected to CIA, nor elsewhere. Nor have I ever been a liar. Where is Marino getting this stuff? Evildoer and malicious liar Ken Adachi and his cohorts, no doubt. After all, Adachi has a special section dedicated to me on his website: Barbara Hartwell, CEO of Liars, Inc. As far as I am concerned, you can go straight to hell, Marino, and take Adachi with you.]

"She also appears to be an everything or nothing person; totally unrealistic of how the real world operates."

[BH: Everything or nothing. That's right. Good vs. evil. Liars vs. truth-tellers. Liberty vs. Tyranny. Again, a concept the likes of Marino cannot begin to understand. Maybe that's why he's a fence-sitter and wishy-washy weather vane, changing direction each time the wind blows. He doesn't think for himself, he waits for others to do his thinking for him --disinfo purveyors like Ken Adachi.]

"This is also personified in the case of Ken Adachi, a man whom Hartwell has personally vilified, as she would have us believe that nothing that Adachi has said is worth listening to. However, if you look at Adachi's Website it is clear that he has much to say which is worth listening to in regard to the New World Order and myriad other topics. Because Hartwell does not agree with some of the information that he is circulating she is quick to discount "everything" that he says, which at the very least lacks objectivity."

[BH: It sure seems like Marino has found a kindred soul in Ken Adachi. Little does Marino know that Ken Adachi is paid to spread government disinformation. He "earns" his living lying to the public, including promoting outrageous (and extremely malicious) lies about Barbara Hartwell and other true Defenders of Liberty, such as Geral Sosbee and Rick Stanley.

And there is no question that I disagree vehemently, not just with "some" of the information promoted by Ken Adachi. Ken Adachi is part of a criminal network. 

Marino, as usual, is just chock-full of idiotic speculation and foolish assumptions. It appears he has adopted the "enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend" position. He endorses Adachi simply because of Adachi's malice towards Barbara Hartwell. Just as Adachi has promoted and endorsed others, such as criminal stalkers and malicious liars Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey, Brenda Negri and Pam Schuffert, just to name a few --because of THEIR malice toward Barbara Hartwell. 

It is a never-ending circle of malice, lies and evil, and now Marino has become a part of it. How utterly foolish of him. His flagrant stupidity and lack of discernment speak loudly and clearly.]

"The cesspool of an organization that she hails from speaks volumes in regard the training that its agents undergo. I think it went something like to the CIA the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. Which can be applied to the entire US Intelligence Community since these people are paid to lie for a living, and that's about the kindest thing that you can say about them."

[BH: I guess Marino buys into the fallacy that ANYONE and EVERYONE who has ever been an intelligence professional is tainted for life. I've known quite a few who are decent people, who GOT OUT for that very reason --because they are decent. Geral Sosbee is one of those people. And so am I. This doomsayer doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, so maybe it would behoove him to shut up and listen to those who DO KNOW.]

"The following are some comments from a few other people who've been attacked by Ms. Barbara Hartwell, in which she was referred to as the Merchant Of Venom. The Internet is loaded which such comments, but since Barbara has erroneously stated that I support Ken Adachi, let's see what Ken has to say about her."
Ken Adachi wrote:

"What also becomes obvious to anyone who takes the time to read enough of Barbara Hartwell's writing is to realize that this woman is living in a dream world in her mind. She sees herself as a Don Quixote-like warrior with a persecution complex that diffuses and bleeds through her rhetoric like fine oil on blotter paper. It's easy to miss this because Hartwell is a skilled writer and presents her expositions in a logical (although thoroughly untruthful) layout, yet the psychosis is there, once you begin to focus on it. Her insulting language is loud, harsh, and emotionally charged, so you are mostly overwhelmed by the coarseness of her invective, but if you can divest yourself of an emotional reaction to her jarring words and regain your sensitivity, you can then more plainly see the pathetic individual behind the Dragon Fire front."
[BH:Ken Adachi has fabricated a plethora of black propaganda against Barbara Hartwell. Here is just more of the same. And I can't think of anyone more "pathetic" than a coward and liar-for-hire who LIES FOR MONEY on behalf of a criminal cabal.

For Marino to promote such malicious lies about Barbara Hartwell is despicable. He's shown himself to be as loathsome as those who fabricated the lies. By their fruits shall you know them.]

"More of what has been written regarding Barbara Hartwell:"

[BH: All of which I've DELETED. Why would I want to help useless idiots like Adachi and Marino promote the malicious lies of criminals?]

"As for FEDS in general, they are trained to disinform the public and they do it quite well. However, they do so at the expense of their own credibility. The FBI's had the American people convinced for years that it is legitimate law enforcement when it never has been. And now that Americans are gradually learning about this it will forever darken the FBI and rightfully leave it a legacy of treason and cruelty. As for Ken Adachi, I recommend his Website for many of the excellent articles written in regard to the paranormal, the NWO and other interesting issues. Now these are topics which are worth researching and writing about -- which is why I plan to continue to. However, while I have no opinion in regard to Ken Adachi, I do not endorse Ted Gunderson who is mentioned on the Website --and I never have -- given his participation in COINTELPRO operations when employed by the FBI."

[BH: Marino can't have it both ways. He thinks he can promote Adachi, while saying he does not endorse Ted Gunderson, claiming he knows about Ted Gunderson's participation in COINTELPRO.

Who are Marino's sources? I know at least three: Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee. Marino has a link accusing Gunderson of being COINTELPRO --where does it lead? To a section of Stew's website in which all three of us (Webb, Hartwell and Sosbee) have exposed Ted Gunderson.

Adachi WORKS FOR Gunderson. He answers to Gunderson and he LIES for Gunderson. These are known facts, at least to anyone who has investigated the criminal conspiracy of which both Gunderson and Adachi are a part.

Marino has "investigated" NOTHING. He has proven that he is nothing but a government stooge and a parrot, just like Ken Adachi.]

"And once again, I must also conclude that Geral has left my posts on his Website in efforts to leave his readers with the impression that I support Ms. Hartwell when I have in fact made it quite clear that I do not. Given the harassment that I continue to experience at the hands of the FEDS, I would find it of great interest to know if they have contacted both Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell in efforts to demonize me and attempted to utilize these two in the psywarfare harassment campaign being waged against me.

I should, however, state that I have no way of knowing this for certain, and that in this regard both Sosbee and Hartwell may be completely innocent of such underhandedness."


It appears that Marino's useless idiocy has degenerated into delusions of grandeur. No "FEDS" have EVER contacted Barbara Hartwell or Geral Sosbee in regard to James Marino. I doubt any of the "FEDS" would have the slightest interest in Marino, his being just another useless idiot. But with all his recent promotion of government-sponsored liars and evildoers, the "FEDS" might just decide to offer Marino some gainful employment.
By James F. Marino:

"Marinoism" -- The belief that everything from political to religious indoctrination is an abject fraud used to control the minds of this planet's citizenry as a means of effective social control and that the individual must seek their own higher truths in order to rise above these psychological bonds which society uses to enslave them." -- And if you don't agree, you're most certainly entitled to your own opinions, which is how it should always be in the United States -- however most times isn't."