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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Travesty of Justice in Denver

ADDENDUM, March 2, 2010

Since I received this letter from "John" the retired fed (2003), Tim White has  continued --and in fact escalated-- his outrageous aggression against patriots, journalists and whistleblowers.

And to my knowledge, White is still in collusion at the very least with Ted Gunderson, though I suspect that some of the other corrupt feds have cut him loose, not only because he delivers false information about targets, but because he is such an obvious liability.

Still, it is amazing that after all this time, after all the crimes (some of which are felonies), White is still running amok, albeit in Canada. 

I daresay he is afraid to come back the U.S. There are too many targets who would rise up and demand his arrest!

Lastly, I have not heard from "John" again. But then, I've not had a public e-mail address for a very long time. I do remember also, that Larry Lawson and his cohorts accused me of being the author of this letter from the retired fed. Typical of the government shills, since that is a tactic THEY would use, and so they accused their adversary (Barbara Hartwell.)

NOTE: This is from the Hartwell Files, June, 2003. It is a letter from a retired federal agent to Larry Lawson, and concerns Tim White and those he has been stalking and otherwise attacking for years.

One thing which I can say with no reservations: Lawson supports Tim White, and vice versa. This has been going on for as long as I have been a target of both of these government shills.

Here, my original preface.

March 1, 2010


I received this letter by e-mail from an anonymous source, in June 2003. 

Normally I don't use anonymous sources, as their testimony is difficult, if not impossible to verify.

But whoever this man is, he seems to know quite a bit about what's going on in Denver and elsewhere and I have not seen anything in his report that I know to be false.

So I present it here, FYI, for your evaluation. Make of it what you will.


JUNE 15, 2003 

Mr. Lawson:  

Recently, I was asked by an associate to review several of the articles on your website and your corresponding comments. I must admit that after doing so I was appalled by their inherent inaccuracies and the total lack of understanding of both the participants and the situations they were/are involved in.

Hopefully, I can clear some of those up for you.
Let us start with a series of posts (to your website) on 6/12/2003.  Yes, it's true, Stew Webb is at times a bit unbalanced and erratic, but what is known about him in Law Enforcement, and how he is viewed is certainly not how you have portrayed him.

He is not viewed as a liar, as a scumbag, as a total nut case but instead as a 'whistle blower', an enemy, certainly a major nuisance. And in fact he is not a liar, scumbag, or a total nut case. His heart has always been in the right place and he has done a considerable amount of real work to further the patriot cause, which is far more than you have ever done.

The same can be said about Barbara Hartwell, in some regards. She is neither unbalanced or erratic but rather enraged about the treatment of both herself and her family by the CIA (the CIA is the largest Satanic cult in the world - and they DO eat their young).

She is regarded by elements of Law Enforcement as a very dangerous nuisance, a true enemy and one that one day must be eliminated. She is certainly not a liar or scumbag but instead strives merely to do what is right both by God, and by the Patriot movement - which is more than I can say for you, based on the material I've seen thusly presented on your website, a good percentage nothing but innuendo and slander.

Fritz Springmeier, by the way, whose father is the former commander of NATO and who was kicked out of West point after 3 years, is a plant, a CIA provocateur, DCS, actually - Domestic Contact Services - the CIA's programmed goons who roam the country, and the world, spying on people and reporting back to their controllers, creating dissension among the opposition, and of course, carrying out violent acts of subterfuge in order to bring about the end of order as we know it and the final ascent into power of the New World Order.

How could you not know of the true essence of Fritz Springmeier? You have little, if any, discernment, sir.
Which brings me to the final topic that I have time to discuss with you today - that of one Tim White of Denver, Colorado. I think, perhaps, of all the inaccurate and noxious reporting I observed on your website, was that in support of Shirley Anderson, Brenda Negri and worst of all, Tim White.

Tim White is a convicted, unrepentant felon -I believe he was arrested while in possession of over 300 lbs of pot. He eventually served app. 9 months in the Arrowhead medium security center in the Canyon City prison complex. A very short period of time, considering the charges.

He was released from parole in 12/2002, also unheard of for a crime and conviction of this nature. While initially incarcerated it was discovered, while cleaning out his warehouse where he both lived and worked, a variety of dresses, lingerie, women's shoes and assorted pornography, the most despicable among which was child pornography.

Not only is White a transvestite, a cross dresser, but he is also a child pornographer. Or at the least, he watches and perhaps participates in child pornography. A lot of investigation and discussion has since been conducted concerning the nature of White's malady, but it would seem that [Note: re White's alleged sexual abuse, this section has been removed.]

In all honesty, how can you support a pervert of this degree, a person whose pathology is so disturbed, so twisted that he must engage in this form of delusionary, sick behavior?

You ask, how do you know of such things?

I know because I was charged with ensuring that much of this despicable material had indeed been destroyed, thrown into various dumpsters, some of which was later retained as evidence - evidence that may, or may not still be in existence.
To exhibit to you the complete lack of understanding of events surrounding him, his blatant stupidity........Tim White now 'works for', does the bidding of the very people he swears are his mortal enemies.

White admitted to Dennis Bossack in a conversation he had with him that he had indeed made a deal with the Feds to do their bidding - to spy on and report activities back to them, to harass, harangue, libel, defame, discredit and attempt to intimidate real patriots, people who are trying to make a difference and turn the tide back, that is enveloping us all.

He admitted to Bossack that he made this deal with the Feds because he was 'in a jam', and wanted to get out of jail. I believe this is referred to as 'selling out', 'treason', any number of terms could describe his cowardly, self-centered actions.

His controllers, among them two very corrupt Detectives in the Denver area, Tom Fisher, Louie Swent - FBI agent Mark Holtslaw, along with retired FBI S.A. Ted Gunderson, (convicted of fraud and Satanic/injurious practices to persons, among other things, some which took place in his FBI office and who three years ago went to work for the CIA because they threatened him with numerous charges of these natures), now completely own and control him.

They have supplied him with a cell phone (which his probation forbids), rental cars, cash, a place to live OTHER than the one stipulated in his parole (behind a bunch of dykes, one of which is an extremely perverse little Japanese woman) and an early release from parole, all while his parole officer, one Scott Prendergast, every bit as corrupted and as cowardly as Fisher, Swent and Holtslaw, looked the other way - looked the other way while White violated his parole on an ongoing basis.

Now, just how did he get away with doing that?
My understanding Mr. Lawson is that you claim to be a Christian, a man of God. If that were true, you would not support such people for you would be possessed of wisdom and discernment, which I assure you, you are not. You are in support of a person, certainly not a man, a person who is a convicted felon, a drug addict (he is high most of the time from smoking pot), a transvestite, pervert, and a child pornographer - the most despicable form of human being that exists.........You are in support of a person who works for, does the bidding of the people you claim to be YOUR mortal enemies, as well.

You are in support of a person who admits to have made a 'deal' with the Feds to save his own useless hide and get out of jail, which now allows him to sell out his cause and his associates and he is so stupid, he doesn't even realize that he is doing this and that he has been completely duped!

You are supporting a person who works for  CIA-plant Ted Gunderson, doing their bidding, licking their boots so that he might stay out of jail as well, and you claim them among YOUR enemies.......!

And might I also add at this juncture that it is not just a 'person', but 'persons', for I must include Brenda Negri and Shirley Anderson here, as well.  All of these people, and many more mentioned on your site, especially Tim White, are delusional - some to the point of being psychotic. He, and they, suffer from a complete lack of self-esteem, sense of self worth and self-image. For the first time in their miserable little lives they are receiving some attention, they consider themselves 'players'.

Elements within Law Enforcement are rolling on the floor with laughter, thinking of these little pawns......when they are through using them, they will either be incarcerated or eliminated.

You must understand, these type of people, especially White, are mentally ill and in desperate need of professional help. In actuality, they should be placed in mental institutions where they can receive personal care. White, among them all, is certainly a prime candidate for such care.

And by the way - Tim White was NOT the 'Denver Group', which was as he stated, feared and hated by Law Enforcement - at least certain groups or individuals within Law Enforcement - that group, at one time, consisted of app. 5, perhaps 6 people who did do damage to the 'agenda' for a period of time.

Needless to say, that 'group' is long defunct. White's claims to a dozen or so conspirators in 'setting him up' for the drug bust are ludicrous. He is not even remotely that important.

Doreen Bishop, a notorious 'Black Widow', acting under orders from one of her controllers, who was acting under orders from several of his controllers, among them the Denver Comptroller for the Bush crime family, are responsible for this 'setup'.

Also involved with this setup were Kurt and LeAnn Billings and 'Tim Hall' who was set in at the last moment to assure White's arrest and imprisonment - Webb, Hartwell and Dave Wasendorf  are not to blame. 

These people [the people who set up Tim White] also worked with the tacit approval of Ted Gunderson, who now acts as one of White's controllers.

You must understand that Negri, Anderson, White are all mentally ill - not to be taken seriously and certainly not to be trusted. In fact all of them, especially White, will ultimately bring everyone around them down, as well.
So, I challenge you Mr. Lawson to 'turn a different direction', to seek out and publish the truth and to do so with discernment - to not publish merely lies and innuendos.

I've oft been told that you are nothing but a loud-mouth, foul-mouth fool.....and stupid.

Here is your opportunity to prove all those people wrong. I suggest you take it.

"John" Federal Agent - Retired

Denver, Colorado

And I do apologize for my 'shadow' dissertation - there are many out there who want me out of the way - and I'm not quite ready for that.

"They have room temperature IQs and are uneducated to boot. They lack any semblance of class, being loud, vulgar and sleazy" [a quote from Barbara Hartwell.]

-Does this refer to you, Mr. Lawson, or others?
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