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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sex Slaves and Satanism Galore...& More

Knowing the other and knowing oneself,
In one hundred battles no danger.
Not knowing the other and knowing oneself,
One victory for one loss.
Not knowing the other and not knowing oneself,
In every battle certain defeat.

--Sun Tzu, from The Art of War.


Here are two segments from a report (June, 2001) titled Time to Set the Record Straight, Part 2. The first segment is SEX SLAVES AND SATANISM GALORE and the second is THE OFFICIAL GUNDERSON REPORT ON BARBARA HARTWELL.

But in advance of reading this material, some clarifications and updates are in order.

First of all, I should say that the reason I am reposting this material is that the cabal (actually a criminal conspiracy) headed by former FBI Chief and COINTELPRO operative Ted Gunderson has lately been getting more aggressive, specifically in their attacks on Barbara Hartwell.

Their libelous disinformation is pervasive, on many websites and message boards all over the World Wide Web.

Who are the accomplices in this cabal? Since the amateurs are not part of the cabal, but only being exploited by the insiders, for now, I'll only name the professionals.  These are trained government operatives (whether former or current, but if current, are covert) who are running a containment operation/protection racket.

In addition to Ted Gunderson, the Kingpin of the operations, there are Gunderson's cronies, John DeCamp, Don Stacey (CIA), Mark Phillips (CIA); and Gunderson's sidekicks and minions, most notably Clarence Malcolm and Doug Millar.

Then, there is the network of government stooges and shills, amateurs like Ken Adachi, Todd Brendan Fahey, Tim White, Pam Schuffert, Brenda Negri, Larry Lawson. There are many more of these useful idiots (they've metasticized over the years) but the ones I've named go back a ways, to the days when this report was written.

And it's important to mention that they are all still on the case to this day. In fact, their activities of harassment (some of the criminal variety), stalking, libeling, slandering, etc. against the targets has actually escalated over the years.

I've been exposing this legion of liars ever since the first ones came out of the woodwork, before the turn of the century. And in each and every case --no exceptions-- these perps drew first blood. They were the aggressors, not I.  And just because their aggression in certain cases happened behind the scenes and was not noted by the public, does not make it any less damaging to the target.

As for the primary accusation --a false one-- leveled against Barbara Hartwell by these government-sponsored liars: "Barbara Hartwell is CIA". Then, there are the variations on that theme. Such as: "Barbara Hartwell is under CIA mind control", or: "Barbara Hartwell is a CIA disinfo agent."

These demonic liars and shills have also been attacking my family, spreading their usual libelous falsehoods and perpetrating monstrous invasions of privacy.

A few words about my family: My relatives are entitled to their privacy, just as I am. And as I've said numerous times before, just because I have a public website and have gone public as a CIA whistleblower to expose government corruption, this does NOT mean that my private life is an open book. And it does NOT mean I am going to invade the privacy of my own family (or anyone else) by discussing their PRIVATE, PERSONAL business in a public forum.

The only times I have discussed my family's business is when it was PUBLIC business. Like the fact that some are CIA, which was relevant to certain important issues. In most cases, I did not name them, nor will I ever do so. Nor will I be provoked into addressing private personal issues by the harassment and libel being perpetrated against my family and myself by these aggressive demonic individuals.

I will only say that in regard to me and my family, the liars are promoting false information; false names; false nature of family relationships; false information connected to CIA; and as a result, portraying Barbara Hartwell in a totally false light. But then, that was the idea all along. 

Furthermore, I can guarantee that the type of information these perps are claiming to be "exposing", especially as related to CIA, is information that would simply not be available to them. The very thought that these perps, most of whom are amateurs, could get this kind of info is ludicrous. Even the professionals would not have access to such information. They don't know anything, not about Barbara Hartwell, not about my CIA (or other) family members. Case closed.

So, they are either promoting the disinformation about Barbara Hartwell (and certain family members) which they have been fed by those above them in the chain of command; and/or they are engaging in wild speculation, based on their own false assumptions.They are slinging mud, hoping that some of it will stick.

The truth is, most of those spreading the false information are nothing but useful idiots, parroting what they have heard or read from other idiots. They don't know anything that is real or true, and by their idiotic comments about CIA, and the nature of their various comments on related issues, they only  expose their own profound ignorance and stupidity, along with their malice against the target.

I am a staunch advocate of personal privacy, not just for myself and my family, but for all who claim it as a God-given right, which is also constitutionally protected under the 4th amendment. 

Anyone who would violate that right of another individual is the lowest scum of the earth. And is also automatically exposed not only as an unscrupulous  aggressor, but also as a hypocrite, given that most of these liars claim to be defenders of the Constitution and of the principles on which the Bill of Rights are based. Some even claim to be "Christians"...

Next item: There are two individuals who are quoted in my report who have both since that time (2001) engaged in unscrupulous behavior which caused me to place them both on my personal 'blacklist'.

The first is Rayelan Allan, editor of Rumor Mill News, whom I once considered a friend but who betrayed me as a result of her self-important agenda and her cowardice. Rayelan folded under threats from Ted Gunderson and his flunky, predicate felon Tim White. Even worse, she subsequently libeled me and accused me of being CIA, repeating the lies of Gunderson, White, Ken Adachi  and their accomplices.

She is now just another supplicant in Ted Gunderson's protection racket. And although I have lost all respect for her, I will give her credit for writing a truthful article, from which I have quoted in my report.

The second such person is Robert Sterling, editor of The Konformist. Sterling used to publish some of my reports, but was only an acquaintance, never a friend. Sterling's offense was promoting the outrageous lies, the libelous falsehoods of psycho stalker Todd Brendan Fahey, specifically in relation to Barbara Hartwell.  Fahey is a known writer of both fiction and pornography, and Sterling exposed himself as a real scumbag by allowing this criminal perp a forum for his malicious lies.

So much for my enemies....I know God will judge them and in the end, they will reap what they have sown.

In summary, I should say that my main concern and my primary objective is (and has always been) DEFENDING LIBERTY AND THE GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

All other issues pale beside these. This includes "mind control" and the criminal offenses perpetrated against me by CIA. I have never talked much about these issue, simply because my priorities lie elsewhere.

Unfortunately, as a result of the libel campaign, the containment operation, and the protection racket, I have been falsely lumped into the same category as the "Monarch" women.

The fact of the matter, as I have stated repeatedly, is that I was never personally involved in any of the so-called "Monarch" sideshow.

Another fact of the matter is that I have always refused to be drawn in to the containment operation (neither threats nor bribes could move me); nor the protection racket (neither threats nor bribes could move me.)

Fact is, I told them all (federal agents included) they could go straight to hell...

When they threatened my life I told them to take their best shot....

And I just kept exposing the truth about my own experiences (based on my own knowledge, and using my own discretion, which is my prerogative), as I have done from the first moment I went public; just kept defending my own principles; just kept on with my own activism for Liberty; just continued fighting for Justice.

This cabal, this criminal conspiracy, is a serious problem for anyone who wants the truth, or for that matter, hopes to gain freedom from government-sponsored persecution, or to see Justice done.

Forewarned is forearmed

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 23, 2010


Ted [Gunderson] states:

"I suggest that Brice Taylor has been targeted due to the books she has written about her mind control victimization and the public stance she has taken over the years to expose mind control and ritual abuse."

But I disagree with Ted yet again. I don't believe for a minute that the "stance" that Sue Ford has taken would make her a REAL target of the CIA perpetrators of mind control.

On the contrary, her public presentations and books promote exactly the sort of sex-scandal-and-satanism sensationalism which would appeal to the lowest instincts and echelon of the general public; while also serving to create a smokescreen which provides a distraction from the REAL black operations which CIA and their minions are so desperate to keep under cover. Bread and circus, that's the ticket.

Investigative journalist Rayelan Allan, editor of Rumor Mill News, agrees. Though she doesn't cite Sue Ford as a particular example, her assessment of the CIA's basic disinformation strategy is strikingly similar to my own.
Here, a few excerpts from her article, Barbara Hartwell --CIA Mindcontrol Survivor:

"I have steered clear of most of the mind control victims who have 'gone public' and written books about their experiences. Gunther [CIA agent Gunther Russbacher, Raye's ex-husband ] told me that the 'famous ones' were created as 'cover stories', designed to sidetrack researchers and the public, rather than expose mind control. This was done in a sensational way in order to discredit ALL serious research into mind control.

Needless to say, the type of mind control the CIA and NSA created is NOT about making sex slaves for high-ranking NWO government and corporate leaders.

....the CIA and NSA have a lot more important things on their agenda than creating sex slaves for satanic rituals and satisfying old men's perversions.

Gunther told me that if Congress ever got the 'balls' to conduct a hearing into mind control, that the Monarch women would be 'trotted' out to discredit the entire hearing and make researchers and actual victims of mind control [Manchurian Candidates] look like fools."

Now let's hear from investigative journalist Robert Sterling, editor of The Konformist.

An excerpt from Robert's article, Lurid Sex Tales of the New World Order:

"Speaking of dubious tales, the ones that both Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor present are, frankly, implausible and ludicrous. To take them as absolute truth shows the undeniable sign of having a faulty bullshit detector, and endorsement of such tales stigmatizes the endorsers as an unreliable source. 

The end results of these stories is the same as disinformation. Perhaps it is all unwitting and unintentional, but if it is, it certainly is fortunate for those in the military-intelligence establishment, as the CIA couldn't have planned for it to come out any better if they tried."

Now a few more comments of my own regarding sex slaves, satanic ritual abuse and the cases of the notorious "Monarch women". 

And BTW: My bullshit detector is functioning just fine.

Cathy O'Brien, co-author (with Mark Phillips) of TranceFormation of America, publicly touts herself as: "The ONLY vocal and recovered survivor of the CIA's MKULTRA mind control program".
Taylor/Ford, not to be outdone, claims that she is: "The HIGHEST LEVEL survivor of the CIA's MKULTRA project EVER to go public."

But are these grandiose and self-important claims really true? Not on your life.

And I would be more than happy to explain why.

First of all, I would hardly consider Cathy O'Brien to be "recovered" in any way, shape or form. If she has in fact "recovered" from her mind control abuses, why in hell is she still involved with a man like Mark Phillips?

Phillips has proven himself --by his own words and actions-- to be NOT the hero who "rescued" O'Brien from her evil tormentors, as he so modestly claims, but rather a slick, smooth-talking con man and containment/disinfo agent. (I read somewhere that he actually worked at one time as a used car salesman --I can't verify that, but it certainly fits the bill.)

Phillips has also cashed in bigtime on the tales he and O'Brien are selling. Sell disinfo and make a buck: the CIA's answer to free enterprise.

And.....the ONLY recovered survivor? Well, if O'Brien represents the ONE-AND-ONLY to have publicly "vocalized" her shocking story, I guess the rest of us mute and miserable MK Ultra survivors might as well admit defeat and throw in the towel.

Unless of course, we should be so lucky to find a knight in shining armor like Mark Phillips to "rescue" us from certain doom. An ancillary benefit: A handy excuse to continue to evade self responsibility. We could trade in our previous handlers and programmers for a new-and-improved model: An all-around, multi-purpose Mr. Fix-it. Not only's cost-effective. For CIA, that is.

And what about Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor? Sue proclaims herself the HIGHEST LEVEL MKULTRA survivor EVER to go public.

I can shed some light on that humble claim as well. But I don't know where to start....

Perhaps I could start by pointing out that in the REAL black operations, the "highest level" roles were certainly not filled by "sex slaves".

And in fact, any "high-level" operative (whether trained under mind control or not) to be utilized in the most highly classified black ops is considered by CIA as a major investment. 

To train and groom a truly professional operative requires a good deal of time and money. CIA doesn't squander their investments. No, indeed. They're banking on hefty returns.

"Sex slaves" or "presidential models" as they euphemistically like to call themselves, would in fact be considered the most "low level" and "expendable" of mind-controlled operatives, if in fact catering to the debauchery of high-ranking gov't officials was their primary role.

And "national security" considerations go far beyond mind-controlled prostitution and pornography "going public". As if THESE issues would be the most pressing concern of the criminal elements of the U.S government perpetrating illegal covert operations?

No doubt about it: The perps of gov't mind control are a sleaze-ridden and degenerate bunch. But using "sex slaves" as the "highest level" operatives? Give me a break.

Have I made my point? I sure hope so, but if not, those who may have been hoodwinked by these shamelessly ludicrous claims are free to continue deluding themselves.


It seems clear that Ted has now disavowed his previous endorsement of my credibility. He calls me a "victim" of CIA mind control ("whether she thinks so or not" ) rather than a "survivor". Which means he's saying that I'm still under mind control.

The distinction between "survivor" and "victim" makes all the difference in the world.

A "victim" can still be accessed and controlled. A "survivor" is someone who has successfully broken all such programming and controls. Whether s/he has totally "recovered" or not. Is there such a thing as TOTAL recovery from CIA mind control? I still don't know and maybe I never will. [I speak here of "recovery" from physical and emotional damages.]

But considering Ted's all-out crusade to endorse the credibility of "Monarch women" such as Sue Ford, maybe it's not such a bad thing after all, for me to have been struck from Ted's list of officially-endorsed mind control survivors.

Ted says: "I have no animosity against Barbara. I love her and always will."

Sadly, at this point, that's one of the few things in Ted's report that I believe may actually be true. I say this because --believe it or not-- I also still feel the same way about Ted, despite the obvious conflict of interests and irreconcilable differences. One of my all-time favorite quotes from Persian mystic Rumi: "Love is the astrolabe of God's mysteries" sums it up best. Yes, it's a mystery all right.

But as I think I have proven, I do not allow my personal feelings about people to get in the way of my pursuit of truth and justice. I'll admit I'm just a ruthless bitch-on-wheels when it comes seeing the truth exposed and justice done.

I still hope that some day, I may be able to resolve things with Ted. I say that with all sincerity and from my heart. Although the prospects for that are not looking so good, miracles have been known to happen.

Barbara Hartwell
June, 2001

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust