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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Demonic Duo & Xena Carpenter: A Covenant from Hell

NOTE:  Yesterday I received a notice from "The Blogger Team." Their claim was of a violation of "copyright infringement." The only material contained in the designated report which could possibly fall into that category is that taken from the idiotic "Xena Carpenter" website and the equally idiotic "Facebook" for "Xena Carpenter".

I used this material to demonstrate the stupidity of "Xena Carpenter", since my policy when exposing perps is more often than not to let these liars and fools hang themselves with their own words.

The "Blogger Team" has already deleted the post, titled Xena Carpenter Meets the Demonic Duo.

I have no intention of compromising with the Google Gestapo, and I will not tolerate censorship.  Thus, I will immediately begin looking for another server, one that will not have the power to censor or delete my material. You get what you pay for --and so I will undoubtedly be paying.

I never liked the limitations of the "blog" format; nor did I want to be at the mercy of a server with so many rules and regulations, especially one I know to be government-controlled, as is Google.

The only reason I ever used the Google "blog" format to begin with is simple: dire poverty. Up until now, I was able to post anything I wanted at my own discretion. That has now changed, and is absolutely unacceptable. 

So, until the Google Gestapo decides to bring the axe down on this site, and until I am able to get a real website back online, I will continue to expose these criminal perps on the site I have right now, such as it is.

If they axe my posts, I can't stop them, but that will not stop me from exposing them for their fascistic policies.

Since the Google Gestapo deleted my post, I will once again expose "Xena Carpenter" and her accomplices, Todd Brendan Fahey and Timothy Patrick White.

No, I won't "edit" the report censored by "The Blogger Team" (why don't they tell us their names?)

Instead, I have written a new report which includes excerpts from the original report which was deleted from my website via the unjust censorship of  "The Blogger Team".

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 3, 2010

The Demonic Duo & Xena Carpenter: A Covenant from Hell

The demonic duo, Timothy Patrick White and Todd Brendan Fahey, sealed the deal for their partnership made in Hell in 2004. This diabolical tag team has been in collusion ever since (along with other criminal accomplices), targeting Barbara Hartwell and several others for a massive and outrageous libel campaign.

But libel isn't the half of it.  The crime spree by this pair of loathsome freaks includes (but is certainly not limited to): monstrous invasions of privacy, such as: publishing UNLISTED, PRIVATE street addresses of targets for the purpose of soliciting additional crimes against the targets;  criminal harassment by-email and telephone, cyber-stalking and stalking on foot (both freaks have been directed by law enforcement to cease and desist); forgery; blackmail; fraud; identity theft; felony threats.

And yes, racketeering. These two lowlifes, Fahey and White, are part of a criminal conspiracy which targets genuine whistleblowers, legitimate journalists, radio talk show hosts, sincere patriots and Christians.

What's more, both halves of the demonic duo are sex perverts/predators and porno freaks who write and post obscene messages and use pornographic filth as ammunition to assault their targets.

Even worse, these scum criminals target innocent children. One freak (Todd Fahey) has stated on a public message board that he sees "nothing wrong" in having sex with children. And where he lives, in the godforsaken backwater of Southeast Asia, there's nobody to stop Fahey, or others of his ilk, from preying on innocent children. The other freak (Tim White) was caught red-handed (but never charged) in the crime of possession of child pornography.

Ask yourself: Could there be two lowlifes any lower than these, anywhere on earth?

The demonic duo are not only lowlifes, but cowards. Both have fled the U.S. and are hiding out in foreign countries, fugitives from justice, though both have lied (as is their wont) about the reasons for leaving the country.

Both cowards hide behind numerous screen names and IDs, so they can post their outrageous lies about their targets with impunity; so they can break back in to message boards which have banned them (usually for libel, harassment, cyber-stalking and obscenity), and escape the consequences (or so they think) of their civil and criminal offenses. 


Todd Fahey: identity thief, forger and plagiarist. He mostly hides behind idiotic screen names, such as "spookyermomma", but has been known to steal real identities of individuals, including Robert Bradford, Teddy Martino and Barbara Hartwell.

Here's just one of many malicious and fraudulent posts made by Fahey (this one on a site called Freedom Underground), where Fahey has been posting for years, using the screen name "obvious".
2 Dec 2009 Barbara Hartwell
Tuesday, December 01, 2009 

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
XXX Avenue
Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Posted 12/02/2009 05:12:52 am CST by obvious [Todd Fahey]

I have substituted XXX to protect privacy. Note that Fahey not only steals my name, but forges a street address, along with changing the name of the town and the zipcode, substituting it for the legitimate address, PO Box 7487, Ocean Park Maine 04063.

Here's another example of Fahey the freak posting malicious libel under a screen name. This, when Fahey invaded Geral Sosbee's message board to harass Sosbee and Hartwell. Geral had to shut down the comments section, the only way to stop Fahey, just as many others have done, as well as to stop the harassment from Fahey's other half, Tim White.

From Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee:

Barbara- fahey now is tricky; he posts his trash wherever he can find a place that I do not check every day. This time under the article FBI indicts self:

8 May 2005 @ 00:52 by Nunya Bidness [Todd Fahey] @ : Barbara Hartwell on John DeCamp
"On April 28, 2005, in a radio program in which retired FBI special-agent-in-charge (Los Angeles division) Ted Gunderson co-hosted, John DeCamp (attorney; ex-"Phoenix Program" veteran and 16-year Nebraska state Senator, and author of The Franklin Cover Up--surrounding the homo/pedo scandal) talked about recent events.

At about the 2-hour 33-minute mark, Mr. Gunderson, before an estimated audience of 400,000, states that Barbara Hartwell has called Mr. DeCamp "a pedophile." The host of the show, Alex Merklinger, does an audible triple-take. Just flabbergasted. Gunderson laughs (knowing that Ms. Hartwell will be suffering some very heavy shit in this legal process). Barbara Hartwell's "source": "the Holy Spirit." I shit you not."

And here, Todd Fahey's admission of blackmail, in a public letter to his ex-wife:

"I had to play some heavy blackmail tricks on all parties at Koje College, in order not to be officially deported from South Korea--which would prevent me from reentering that country as even a tourist for a 5-year period."

[Note: Fahey's wife is a member of the satanic Mormon Church of LDS, to which religion the little wimp and eunuch, Fahey (who evidently suffers from penis envy) converted when he married her. Maybe Fahey just liked the LDS part, so similar to LSD, the drug of choice that Fahey abused for years, and which caused his wife to finally leave, as she was supporting him and paying all the bills, while Fahey stayed home doing drugs, getting drunk, and entertaining his delusions of grandeur.]


Tim White: aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski. 

Now, let's hear from Fahey's other half, Tim White.

"...I met Mark Koernke in Denver at the Preparedness Expo back in Dec of 1998..he may remember me because we spoke for at least 1 1/2 hours when he was hanging in the back of the broadcast room set up by Bill Brumbaugh at the Expo...Nancy Koernke knows who I am..if Norm Olson is around still--I heard he's in Alaska now..he might remember my name too--same with John Trochman-he knows who I am....I am very well known by a lot of people around the country for what I've been doing to expose all I can..I'm a marked man because of to you later and I have much more info about Zagami you need to know...pass this on to Mark.. regards,

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblowerfrom the NWO Capitol of the West-DENVERnow a Refugee from BUSHitler's 4th REICHVancouver,British Columbia"
A response from "Troy", to Tim White's cowardice in hiding behind a pseudonym:
"Here we have Tim White using the pseudonym "Patrick Alexander" to pass on emails from himself. We read his confession to this followed by his desperate attempt to maintain some remaining shred of credibility (no, I can't imagine what credibility he thought he retained either), but there you go by attacking me in response to my exposure of his tactic of using multiple pseudonyms to create internet discussion threads to give the impression to readers that there is some groundswell of opinion manifesting of that he's involved in a piece of some action. There is plenty more where that came from.
Brilliant, thanks "Tim" for the confession. We can now compare this with your earlier lies:

You now say "SO WHAT ?...this PROVES I'm HONEST ENOUGH to TELL YOU"

However, earlier today you said:

"you have TWISTED everything in these email threads to suit your agenda "Troy" and THAT is 100 % DISHONEST"

You can't have it both ways "Tim". One of these statements is true & the other is false. The former & the latter in that order.

I'm not surprised that your life has been on the line for years. You probably uncontrollably start reversing down the motorway (freeway to you) in full traffic. There's a word for that: "menace". As I've stated before you're mostly a danger to yourself. Was it actually a library that you were in & not some mental secure unit?

As for me being a "SLANDERER" (your capitals, not mine), well I think that we can see from the above proof that that is certainly self-projection on your part.

Adios, amigos!"
"YO !..TROY !..."Patrick Alexander" is ME...Tim White..I have 12 different ID's..Patrick is my middle name and my home address in Waterbury Connecticut where I was raised was 34 ALEXANDER you know..

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)"
I don't think I need to comment further or produce any more evidence of who --and what-- Todd Fahey and Tim White, the two halves of the demonic duo, are.  In any case, there are numerous reports on this website, and plenty of evidence, thoroughly exposing this pair of loathsome freaks.


Now, let's move on to one of the lowlife accomplices of Fahey and White, "Xena Carpenter".  I first became aware of the idiotic website of this Xena Carpenter via harassing e-mails from Tim White and Todd Fahey, that is, before I finally shut down my Yahoo e-mail account, the only way to stop the relentless harassment from the demonic duo.

The freaks were harassing me with the URL for the Xena Carpenter website, on which many libelous pseudo reports on Barbara Hartwell and others were posted. Since it is my policy (as well as a matter of principle) never to read anything written or posted by Todd Brendan Fahey, due to the pornographic filth he routinely fabricates and promotes in connection with my name, I simply deleted the e-mails and reported them as SPAM without ever opening or reading them.

However, I did ask a couple of friends to check out the Xena Carpenter website. And later, after the libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell escalated via Xena Carpenter, I took a look at the site myself, though I still refused to read most of the pseudo reports posted there.

My conclusion is that Xena Carpenter is most likely a fiction, just another false identity that the government stooges, Fahey and White, are hiding behind. But if she is "real', then it's obvious that this is just another belligerent ignoramus and government stooge; a wannabe and loud mouth grandstander seeking attention, which she is getting from Fahey, White and their ilk.

No author is credited for the libelous pseudo reports on Barbara Hartwell. One is thereby left to assume that the writer is this "Xena Carpenter".

And though I did not read the reports on this moronic website, I did come across one which was posted on another libel-ridden disinfo website, called The Unhived Mind, hosted by another lowlife ignoramus, government stooge,  and accomplice of the demonic duo, one Craig Oxley. It was posted under the category, "Agents of Deception", by Tim White.

One thing of which I am certain: The pseudo reports on the Xena Carpenter website, libeling Barbara Hartwell, were written by none other than Todd Brendan Fahey. I recognize the style: pretentious, arrogant; attempting to present his wild speculation and malicious fabrications about Barbara Hartwell with authority, as if his statements were irrefutable facts, as if he were an authority on the life of Barbara Hartwell, as well as an authority on the policies and practices of CIA, of which he clearly knows nothing, as exhibited by his ignorant, ludicrous remarks.

So why then, is "Xena Carpenter" pretending to have written the libelous articles about Barbara Hartwell and others? Why, if she is a real person, would she be allowing carte blanche, free rein, to criminals and lowlifes like Todd Fahey and Tim White?

But here's the obvious:  If Xena Carpenter is a real person, as she claims, then she is a scum criminal, aiding and abetting other scum criminals. And she is also incredibly stupid if she thinks she won't get caught eventually and suffer the consequences.

But whatever the case may be, here's a description of some of what I found on the moronic website of Xena Carpenter.

"Xena Carpenter" is represented by a graphic of a moronic cartoon character.

Xena Carpenter claims she is "showing and giving the truth in all things". This buffoon, this malicious liar, Xena Carpenter, would not know "the truth" if it bit her on her sorry ass.  And considering that her "sources" are the demonic liars, namely Fahey and White, she has as much chance of finding "truth" as that of a snowball rolling though hell; where by the way, whoever she is, she is heading in a handcart, under her own steam.

From a profile on My Space, Xena Carpenter claims to be 27 years of age; she claims her "hometown" is Chicago. She also claims that there's "not much to know" about her, except that  she's "a rebel at heart".

There's not much to know, because there is nothing there between her ears, assuming she's a real person. But in any case, how utterly mediocre: A rebel at heart.  

The pretentious bimbo (typically) also decries the New World Order. But with the abject level of her "intellect", she wouldn't know the New World Order from a hole in the ground.

Xena Carpenter's favorite books? She says she likes books which people would label the 'devil's work and witchcraft'.

Yes, that would make sense. The devil's work suits her to a "T", considering her accomplices, the demonic duo, Fahey and White.

Xena Carpenter goes on to describe her "body type": 5'2" and average. What kind of imbecile would answer a question on a public message board about her "body type"? And what kind of imbecile would give a damn? 

Xena Carpenter blathers on, describing her religion as: Christian -other

"Other"? What kind of "other"? Either one is a Christian, or not. And since Christians don't bear false witness, nor are they "unequally yoked" with nonbelievers (especially of the demonic variety) I can guarantee that Xena Carpenter is no Christian.

Add to this more pretentious nonsense about being a "rebel". No rebel here, just another government stooge who thinks she knows far more than she does, and who enjoys shooting her loud mouth off, libeling people she does not know. How tiresome and how very, very typical.

Domain Name:
Registered at

Xena Carpenter c/o Dynadot Privacy
PO Box 701
San Mateo, CA 94401
United States

Administrative Contact:
Xena Carpenter c/o Dynadot Privacy
PO Box 701
San Mateo, CA 94401

United States 

Technical Contact:
Xena Carpenter c/o Dynadot Privacy
PO Box 701
San Mateo, CA 94401
United States

Xena Carpenter (on her My Space blog) gives her home address as Chicago. Yet her (20) websites are connected to someone in San Mateo, CA. Not necessarily evidence of anything, yet interesting.
And by the way, several suspicious persons (accomplices of Fahey and White) live in California. Let's see...criminal perp Brenda Negri comes to mind, and she was about due to pop up under another alias since she was forced to dump several others after she was exposed. Then there's Ted Gunderson and his PR shill, Ken Adachi. Lots of interesting possibilities which I and others will be looking into...


Xena Carpenter boasts: "They call me Sherlock.  I am out to find the truth."

She also claims that the "lord" gave her a "key" so she will know who is telling the truth; and that she is uncovering lies. She waxes philosophical about fools and freaks. But anyone who wants more evidence of her stunning ignorance and stupidity may read the delusional drivel of Xena Carpenter straight from her moronic website.

I assure you, anyone who does take even a cursory look can see that this woman, Xena Carpenter, aka "Sherlock", is a low-grade moron. Talk about being a fool? She needs to make a reality check and look closer to home. And she seems to be projecting the obvious fact that she herself is a "freak" (along with her  accomplices, Fahey and White) onto those she is targeting for her ludicrous attacks.

This bubble-headed bimbo couldn't uncover a lie if her pathetic life depended upon it. But she taunts and baits, and actually claims that "the lord" and "the most high" is her source; that she has "the key".

What a flippin' whackjob!

But here's another accomplice of Xena Carpenter (along with Tim White and Todd Fahey), a pompous ass named Aaron James, who has polluted the Internet with voluminous false information and outrageous, defamatory lies against Barbara Hartwell.

From Aaron James's letter endorsing Tim White and accomplices:

"At this time I must also collectively provide thanks to both Tim White and Xena carpenter for "researching and providing our family with insightful information on Mr Steven Davis in order to provide us with greater awareness and resource with which to fight our oppressors."

I have news  for Aaron James: Xena Carpenter could no more investigate her way out of a wet paper bag, than could her accomplices, the demonic duo, Todd Fahey and Tim White.

I think I've had just about as much of this creep, Xena Carpenter, as I can take. 

But before I wrap up, I should mention that "Xena Carpenter" and her outrageous lies (fabricated by Todd Fahey) about Barbara Hartwell, including calling me a "whore" and a "lying bitch" are now being promoted by other accomplices in the libel campaign, including one James F. Marino, "editor" (as he calls himself) of  a website called 9-11 The Mother of All Black Operations.

Others promoting the outrageous libel from the Xena Carpenter website include Pamela Schuffert (The American Holocaust) and Craig Oxley (The Unhived Mind).

I make a point of not visiting these loathsome websites, so I have no idea what kind of new libelous falsehoods (or recycled old ones) are out there. And once I see one of these idiots promoting the likes of the demonic duo (Fahey and White) or "Xena Carpenter" I refuse to go back. I don't need to see anything more. By their fruits shall you know them.

But in addition to Barbara Hartwell, here are some other individuals who have been targeted by the Xena Carpenter website, where libelous pseudo reports are posted about them as well. It's important to state that these persons have also been harassed by e-mail, and libeled, by both Todd Fahey and Tim White. 

Some even had to change their e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers to stop the harassment.  

Gee whiz, what a coincidence!
Roy Francis Stewart; Michael Herzog; Barbara Hartwell; Keith Hansen.
One person who had apparently also been libeled stated, "Xena, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Stop spreading lies."
Xena Carpenter responds with more idiocy, boasting about how her name can be broken down into important phrases which have a special meaning. She then cites "the first amendment" (as if she would know what it means) and finishes by delivering threats about going to jail for "criminal harassment".

Ironic as all hell, considering that she has teamed up with two unrepentant scum criminals, the demonic duo, Fahey and White, whose crimes (collectively) include: criminal menacing; felony threatening; criminal stalking; criminal harassment; forgery; extortion; possession of child pornography; drug trafficking; plagiarism; identity theft.
Need any more evidence of the complete idiocy of this lowlife character, Xena Carpenter?

I don't.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Get behind me, Satan!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 17, 2010
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA