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Thursday, March 25, 2010

McMartin Preschool Whistleblower Jackie McGauley Exposes Ted Gunderson and Accomplices


Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson & Ronald Reagan
This brief commentary was taken from a site where people were discussing Ted Gunderson, Barbara Hartwell, Jackie McGauley and others. Since most of the comments were by people using screen names, there were no credible sources on the message board --all too often the case.

Mostly it was just speculation and gossip about all of us, which I find to be annoying, as that is how rumors get started. One person states a personal  opinion (usually an uninformed and very subjective one) and the next thing you know, that opinion, with all its unwarranted conclusions and idle speculation is being disseminated as if it were fact.

One such person posting on the board called Barbara Hartwell and Jackie McGauley "crazies", apparently simply because we told the truth about some of the bizarre antics (not to mention the crimes) of Ted L. Gunderson.

These folks don't know Ted, they don't know me and they don't know Jackie.  

And like many of the other fools who populate the Internet, I guess they have nothing better to do with their time than gossip about people they do not know.

However I also found some comments written by Jackie McGauley, using her real name. I've known Jackie since 2002 and I endorse her as a truthful person and a legitimate whistleblower.

This particular discussion was centered on the McMartin preschool case, which Ted Gunderson has been using for shameless self-promotion for decades. Ted's PR shill, government stooge Ken Adachi, has also been promoting the sensationalist lies about Gunderson being the 'hero' who saved the day.

In the message thread, one person said "curiously enough Jackie McGauley claims to own the... report...."

Here's Jackie's response:

"Curiously enough"? Maybe I own it because I commissioned the report [tunnel report] and the entire project. gunderson was there-like a leech on a vein, but he was NEVER HIRED OR INVOLVED IN ANY OFFICIAL CAPACITY-AT ALL in my case.

I hate him because he embezzled $30,000 from me and my children. And now he continues to travel around the country conning and bilking people.

See his schlock website put on the web by Clarence Malcolm, convicted of counterfeiting $100 bills in Bellflower, CA and now on the lam for other criminal charges. is no longer on line because THAT webmaster [Christopher Jones] is in prison for molesting young boys.

The people who are ted's detractors [Barbara Hartwell was mentioned as such a detractor] are so because they KNOW him and follow his trail of deceit and cons. We don't go out of our way to follow this crook, people come to us. I'll never see my money again but he continues to steal from victims and little old ladies. For documentation to prove this contact me.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
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