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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Google Targets Former Intelligence Professionals for Censorship & Sabotage


Government Censorship Via Google Gestapo

Google: Guilty as Sin

NOTE:  I received this letter (below) from my fellow former intelligence professional and whistleblower, Bob Levin, who has been kind enough to offer his support and to share information with me on matters of great concern to us both.

My friend and colleague, Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, also has complaints against Google. (See report: Google: Guilty as Sin.)
Recently, Google (who owns Blogger) axed one of my reports, according to "The Blogger Team", a result of a complaint by one "Xena Carpenter", who claimed (falsely) that there was a "copyright infringement."

But let's hear it straight from the gutter trash's filthy mouth, "Xena Carpenter" herself. These comments were published by an accomplice and promoter of "Xena Carpenter" and of other government-sponsored criminals who have targeted Barbara Hartwell, one James F. Marino, as part of a libelous attack on Barbara Hartwell, in which I was accused of being both a "CIA Disinfo Agent" and a "FBI Provocateur" (along with many other outrageous lies).

I have included only those comments which refer directly to the relevant  accusations by "Xena Carpenter" against Barbara Hartwell. I have deleted the references to a false name by which "Xena Carpenter", James Marino, Tim White, Todd Fahey and others, all in collusion in the criminal conspiracy, have used to identify Barbara Hartwell.

For the record: My real and legal name is "Barbara Hartwell". I also use "Percival", which is my family name. Any and all other names by which my  criminal adversaries identify me are false.

But I must also state for the record that I know it to be a fact that a psychopath and lowlife criminal named Todd Brendan Fahey (criminal stalker, forger, identity thief, blackmailer, plagiarist, sex pervert/predator) has used the "Xena Carpenter" name and website to write and promote outrageously  libelous pseudo reports targeting Barbara Hartwell. Fahey is in fact the author of these libelous "reports".

This is a fact, whether or not "Xena Carpenter" is a real person, allowing herself to be used as a shill for these government-sponsored criminals.

Included in these pseudo reports are monstrous invasions of privacy, which publish (with malice aforethought) my PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address, for the purposes of soliciting additional crimes of stalking, criminal harassment by like-minded criminal thugs. This is a crime in and of itself.

So, if this "Xena Carpenter" is in fact a real person, then "she" is in fact aiding and abetting the criminal conspiracy of which Todd Brendan Fahey is a part. "She" is soliciting crimes against Barbara Hartwell. If "she" is not a real person, but only a fiction created by Fahey and accomplices to commit additional  crimes against Barbara Hartwell, then I will find it out and nail the perpetrators, one way or another.

As a result of this bogus and unwarranted complaint by "Xena Carpenter", which Google used against me (without any legitimate investigation) to censor my material, and to remove a report from my website, I will make it a priority to track down every last detail and force "her" (or whoever is using her name as a pseudonym) to provide the evidence that I have in fact violated any "copyright" laws.

But this lowlife, "Xena Carpenter", and/or whoever is hiding behind the name, will assuredly suffer the consequences of her/his/their malicious lies, deceit, libel, monstrous invasions of privacy against Barbara Hartwell, as will her accomplices, each and every one, including James F. Marino and Todd Brendan Fahey.

Published by James F. Marino, promoting criminal accomplice, "Xena Carpenter":

"Barbara [X] Hartwell is a vicious...lying bitch who has nothing better to do than to sit on her lazy whore ass all day, harassing patriots on the net. She has now resorted to plagiarism, as she not only has slandered me on her POS [piece of s**t] blog today, she also had lifted paragraphs from some of my content on my website without properly citing the source of text. I have already filed a DMCA notice against Google, and I will resort to other actions should Barbara[X] continue with her harassing, cyberstalking garbage."

In fact, contrary to the claim of the malicious liar, "Xena Carpenter" (or whoever is using the name), any material "lifted" from the "Xena Carpenter" webiste was indeed cited as having been taken from that site. Nor was there ever any form of "plagiarism", as claimed.

As for "harassing" or "stalking"? I have never harassed or stalked anyone in my entire life. I have simply published crime reports exposing lowlife criminals, including the ones using "Xena Carpenter" as a shill/alias/pseudonym.

"She" will "resort  to other actions"? Go right ahead, you parading idiot, I look forward to these "actions". Any further harassment by "Xena Carpenter" or by the Google Gestapo, who has allowed this outrage at my expense, will be welcomed by me.

Such "actions" will only provide me with more ammunition with which to nail these lowlife scum criminals, and put them out of business, once and for all.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 11, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

To Whom It May Concern:

Google, Inc. knew or should have known that as a former agent of the federal government who was left disabled from two traumas incurred in the line of duty during covert national service with the FBI that I am seeking public office as Bob Levin for Congress 2010 in the Oregon 1st Congressional District as a write-in candidate. Google, Inc further knew or should have known that I have two gmail accounts used frequently on a daily basis and two blogspots:

Published in my writer’s pseudonym, Lee Vin Bah [Cantonese for Bob Levin]

Published in my writer’s name, Bob Levin

Google is making it impossible for me to access/sign-in to my BobLevin.blogspot without signing-in under my original alternate account and will not furnish my password after following the protocols, although I’m certain both blogspots employ the same password.

Other former FBI and CIA government whistleblowers that remained sanctioned as true patriots by ongoing COINTELPRO operations are equally communicating that Google, Inc. has disrupted their abilities in accessing their particular blogspots.

Will Google: 1. Make the access to blogspots immediate and more workable or user friendly without any 24 hour delays? 2. Provide me with the method and locations necessary for returning to a published document for EDITING or its REMOVAL and replacement? 3. What federal or state regulatory authority[s] monitors Google, Inc. for enforcement action?

Hopefully Google, Inc. understands that I am trying to save the United States from total collapse if it is not already too late while prosecuting known culpable actors within the U.S. government infrastructure for major index crimes and crimes against humanity with universal jurisdiction.

Nuremberg Awaits!

Bob Levin
Former U.S. Intelligence Professional
Standing for the Human Beings

Bob Levin
11918 SE Division Street, Ste 293
Portland, Oregon 97266-1037

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park, Maine 04063
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