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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Year #6 of Obsessive Criminal Harassment: Todd Fahey Run Amok

Psychopath Todd Brendan Fahey
NOTE: The criminal harassment by psychopath Todd Brendan Fahey has continued non-stop since July 2004.

It began with threats and stalking on foot, for which Fahey had to be removed from my property twice by police; then it was harassing e-mail sent to me and Geral Sosbee from a mental ward in Southern Maine, where Fahey had been dropped off by police after he was picked up, passed out drunk and drugged, on a bench in the middle of Old Orchard Beach.   

From there, once Fahey was back in Southeast Asia, Fahey's aggression escalated into a full-blown libel campaign, accompanied by relentless e-mail harassment and cyber-stalking. 

With the exception of his accomplice, Timothy Patrick White, Fahey's "other half" of the demonic duo, I have never  encountered such an obsessive lunatic in my entire life.

Until these two demon-possessed criminal whackjobs showed up to target me for their hellish harassment, I had only read about crazies like these in true crime stories, or seen news clips of the perps being frog-marched into a police car.

Here is a post from 2005, when Todd Fahey was obsessively harassing Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee on a message board connected to Sosbee's news log.

The message board was supposed to be for posts on topics such as government corruption, etc. Fahey kept invading the board and posting pornographic filth he had fabricated in connection with my name; and other outrageously libelous trash.

This went on daily, over a period of months, as each day Geral had to delete Fahey's harassing garbage. Finally, he had to shut the message board down and close it to public comments. There was simply no other way to stop this psychopath.

Owners of other message boards have had to do the same thing, the only way to stop Fahey and White from their harassment and cyber-stalking.  When they are banned, they simply keep popping up under new names to post their libelous and obscene messages.

Fahey and White (and many accomplices who have since joined up for the criminal harassment and libel campaign) are still at it to this very day.

These perps hide behind numerous screen names, aliases and pseudonyms; and also steal identities of real persons, including Barbara Hartwell.

As far as I can see, harassment, stalking, threats and obscene  verbal assaults against their targets are their reason for living. 

How twisted is that?

Ask yourself: What kind of person would spend his/her time assaulting others with pornographic filth; fabricating outrageous lies; making threats; harassing and stalking; and soliciting further crimes against targets?

Only the lowest scum criminals on the face of the earth.

And what type of person would support, defend and promote these scum criminals?

Other scum criminals, malicious liars, spite-filled miscreants and delusional whackjobs.

By their fruits shall you know them.

From Geral Sosbee's News Log
8 May 2005 @ 17:14 by Barbara Hartwell  

Geral: This (the message you have deleted) is the pathetic little sleazebag Todd Fahey, once again. Like a bad penny, he keeps coming back.

Search results for:
OrgName: Asia Pacific Network Information Centre

He is using your news log to harass both of us. So let it become part of the public record.

Though you have made it clear his posts are not welcome here; that you consider him a lowlife mental dwarf; and that you want nothing to do with him, he persists, using various silly screen names. He has done the same thing on other message boards, until he is banned, then he shows up with a new screen name. He is exactly like his fellow whackjob and spook-wannabe, Brenda Negri.

This is the nature of these despicable provocateurs, cowards and liars. They have no respect whatsoever for the personal boundaries of others. They repeatedly show up where they've been told they are not wanted. They disregard directives to cease and desist. And they keep harassing until they are FORCED to stop.

What this creep does not realize is that he WILL be forced to stop. If he thinks he is protected by the fact that he is hiding out in Southeast Asia, he will soon find out how wrong he is.

He is part of a criminal conspiracy which is engaged in massive human rights violations; atrocities and abominations to God. 

Blackmailers, extortionists, porno-mongers, child-pornography and sex-slavery networks, thieves, murderers. I'm sure he revels in the company he keeps. But it's all documented and is now under investigation. Prosecution is only a matter of time. He doesn't get it --and won't until the cuffs are slapped on him.

So, each time he posts one of his advertisements for his fellow liars and criminals, it is important to expose him, if only to keep a public record of his continuing harassment.
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