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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ted Gunderson's Outrageous Lies Refuted by Target, Michael Aquino

NOTE: Here, a letter from Michael Aquino, refuting the falsehoods being promoted by Ted Gunderson. Remember who else has been involved with Gunderson in promoting (and also fabricating) such black propaganda:  accomplices John DeCamp, Ken Adachi, Pam Schuffert, and government stooge and fed snitch, Tim White...just to name a few.

I (and numerous others) have been targeted for the outrageous lies fabricated and promoted by this criminal network.
Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive......

By their fruits shall you know them.

March 6, 2010

Letter to Ted Gunderson by Michael A. Aquino
March 5, 2010

Dear Ted:

My attention has just been called to a paper of yours entitled the “Rusty Nelson/Kelly Ford Report – 28 June 2000″ published on the Internet.

Without any attempt to even ask me about such topics, you have included as “facts” – even without the journalistic dodge-word “alleged” – numerous lies concerning me. I am surprised and disappointed at this. I thought we had sufficient mutual trust and respect to preclude such conduct.

The passages in question are quoted and annotated below. I would appreciate your removing them from your paper, on that website and elsewhere, immediately. A published apology to me would also be appreciated, and would speak to your professional ethics.
- ———————————————————————–
“Michael Aquino split from Antoine La Vey in 1975 and in the same year, founded his own satanic organization known as the Temple of Set, according to a document of the California ‘Office of Criminal Justice Planning: Research Update, State of California, Volume 1 (6), Winter, 1989-1990′ entitled ‘Occult Crime: A Law Enforcement Primer’.”
- ———————————————————————–

The name is spelled “Anton LaVey”. The Temple of Set does not believe in “Satan” [or any other element of Judaeo-Christian mythology], as has been made exhaustively clear in numerous interviews and public statements.

Your citing an “Occult Crime” document as a reference concerning the Temple of Set and myself, without any clarification that neither the Temple nor I have committed any crimes, is misleading and defamatory. You could fairly have quoted the Temple of Set’s 1975 incorporation papers from the California Secretary of State’s office if you wished a California government reference to the Temple’s founding.
“Noreen Gosch found out that Michael La Vey was involved in the crimes perpetrated against her son, Johnny when Noreen Gosch met with Paul Bonacci in the Nebraska prison in 1991.”
- ———————————————————————–

[I assume that you meant to write "Michael Aquino" rather than "Michael LaVey"; there is no "MLV".] This presents Noreen Gosch’s lie as unquestioned truth, when it is pure fiction.
- ———————————————————————–
“Bonacci told Noreen Gosch that 14 days after Johnny was kidnapped, known Satanist Colonel Michael Aquino came to the house outside of Sioux City Iowa, where Johnny had been kept since the kidnapping. Michael Aquino, then a Colonel in the Army, paid several thousand dollars to the kidnappers, took Johnny and left for Colorado with him.”
- ———————————————————————–

A complete lie by Bonacci [if in fact Gosch did not fabricate this herself]. I never made any such trip or visit, never paid any money at any time in my life to kidnappers for any reason whatever, and have never had any contact whatever with any Gosch, nor with Bonacci.
- ———————————————————————–
“In March of 1998, when Johnny Gosch came to his mother’s home in the middle of the night, he told his mother about his abduction and named Colonel Michael Aquino as a central perpetrator. Aquino was then an officer in the military reputedly in charge of ‘Operation Mind War’ for the U.S. government. ‘Operation Mind War’ was a sub-project of ‘Project MK-Ultra’ which grew out of ‘Operation Paperclip’. ‘Operation Paperclip’ was a covert operation in which large numbers of Nazi scientists were brought to the United States from the Nazi death camps of World War II to learn from their techniques of torture, drugs, hypnosis, mind control, and genetic experimentation for covert operations.”
- ———————————————————————–

A complete lie by whichever Gosch invented it. There is not/never has been any “Operation Mind War” in the U.S. government. Back in the 1970s I co-authored a paper entitled “MindWar” as an entirely open, nonclassified discussion on the U.S. Army’s psychological operations capabilities. During the “SRA” hysteria of the 1980s, assorted cranks tried to make a public issue out of this paper just because of its catchy title. There was no “issue” to make.

That paper had no connection to MK-Ultra, nor Paperclip, nor any crazy Nazi experiments.
- ———————————————————————–
“Aquino has claimed to be the son of a Nazi S.S. officer.”
- ———————————————————————–

I have never claimed this anywhere, anytime. My father, Michael Aquino Sr., was born an American citizen and is of Italian ancestry. For your information he served as a sergeant in Patton’s 3rd Army in World War II, and received the Purple Heart for wounds in combat against the German Army.


Michael A. Aquino
Because of this report, some of the Gunderson groupie stooges, the minions that did the late Gunderson's bidding, have published all sorts of defamation against Barbara Hartwell, accusing me of being a "black witch", a "satanist". and a defender of Michael Aquino. None of these slurs has any basis in fact.

The fact is that I was simply pointing out Gunderson's false accusations against Aquino, just as he has made false accusations against others, including Hartwell. This does not mean that I support, endorse or promote Aquino in any way. I don't, never have done, never will do. I was simply exposing Gunderson, not defending Aquino.

But it just goes to show that the Hartwell haters will say anything they think will fly, in efforts to smear and discredit me. And it shows that the old saying is true: You can't fix stupid.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
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