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Friday, March 26, 2010

Hackers and Obama Crazies Disrupt Christian Ministry's Broadcasts

NOTE: I have been a fan and supporter of Pastor James David Manning since last summer when I first watched one of his videos.  In all the years since the usurper "president" Barack Hussein (the long legged mack daddy) Obama rose to prominence, I have never seen anyone more astute in his observations and his assessment of this communist evildoer than Pastor Manning.

The fact that James Manning is a black preacher from Harlem, the best-known black community in the world, adds tremendously to his credibility. That, and the fact that Manning is not only brilliant, but also highly educated, with a 28 year track record as a minister, teacher and activist in the community.

With his numerous videos and daily radio shows, Pastor Manning has done more to expose the unvarnished truth about the criminal (and non-citizen) in the White House than anyone else I know of. Not only has Manning exposed this communist CIA impostor, he's doing all in his power to see to it that Obama is tried and convicted of treason, as well he should be.

We (I and my friends) love Pastor Manning! 

May God bless him and keep him.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 26, 2010



Dear Friend Barbara Hartwell,

We are experiencing continuing broadcast disruption by Hackers and Obama crazies. I have met with our chief technician and it is our plan to purchase a spy proof firewall service. It appears that we will not be up live again until next week. Please check our YouTube site for our updates. I will not be defeated, only death will partially slow me down. Put your Trust in the Lord.

Pastor Manning


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