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Monday, March 15, 2010

Obscene E-mail Threats from Criminal Stalkers Todd Fahey & Tim White


On Sunday, March 14, an acquaintance received several copies of a harassing e-mail from this address:

neo NO REPLY AT crush3r DOT COM

From:  neo NO REPLY AT crush3r DOT COM
Sent: Sun, March 14, 2010 11:52:15 PM
neo invites you to "Barbara XXX bitchboy XXX and XXX

There were three (3) names in the subject line, two of which are names of people I know. The third  name was "Barbara" followed by another name, which is not mine. I have deleted these names.

This appears to be an "invitation" to some website, message board or "chat room" the purpose of which is specifically to libel, harass and stalk targets (the names in the subject line.)

The criminals, by this "invitation" are soliciting not only further libel, but further crimes of stalking and harassment, by publishing a PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address of the target (Barbara Hartwell.)

In 2004, a Yahoo group was engineered by Todd Brendan Fahey, called "Friends of Barbara Hartwell", which was dedicated to libeling Barbara Hartwell. Many of Fahey's criminal accomplices, including Tim White, Shirley Anderson, and Brenda Negri, joined the group. This appears to be the same type of thing.

The person who received this e-mail is one of those whose name was in the subject line, and also one of the targets of outrageous libel in connection with my name over the past two years, specifically that being promoted by criminal stalkers, Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey and "Xena Carpenter", a name also being used by Todd Fahey to write libelous pseudo reports about Barbara Hartwell and others.

The libelous material, which also contains monstrous invasions of privacy (publishing a PRIVATE UNLISTED street address), is also soliciting further crimes of stalking and harassment against Barbara Hartwell. This is a crime, in and of itself.

The libelous material is published on a website called "Xena Carpenter", which advertises "SHOWING AND GIVING PEOPLE THE TRUTH IN ALL THINGS". 

It has also been disseminated on many other websites and message boards, such as Labvirus (Alex McGowin Studer); 9-11 the Mother of All Black Operations (James F. Marino); Unhived Mind (Craig Oxley); American Holocaust (Pamela Schuffert) and many others...

This is a criminal matter, not a civil one. These criminals, Fahey and White, both psychopaths,  have been warned by police to cease and desist the criminal harassment against Barbara Hartwell and others. Both have threatened my life, as well as the lives of others. Both criminals are fugitives from justice, living in foreign countries.

Todd Fahey, in addition to being a criminal stalker, is also a forger and identity thief and has stolen the identities of several individuals, including that of Barbara Hartwell. He has invaded many message boards, posting obscene and harassing messages, as well as threats against Barbara Hartwell, beginning in July 2004.

Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee is one of my witnesses, regarding the harassment and posting of obscene messages on Geral's message board, which had to be shut down, the only way to stop Fahey, who kept invading the board, hiding behind various idiotic screen names.

This threatening, harassing, obscene message was clearly meant to be forwarded to me. These criminals, Fahey and White, were harassing me non-stop (sometimes daily) when I had a Yahoo e-mail address which I used for occasional posting on message boards. This went on for years, until I had to shut down the e-mail address, the only way to stop the criminal harassment by these psychopaths.

I have told my acquaintance, who received the obscene, harassing messsage, that I do not want any more of these harassing messages forwarded to me, as it is my policy not to read them; just as it is my policy to stay clear of the websites of the demonic liars and criminals who are libeling and harassing me. 

I have asked him to report the harassing e-mail to law enforcement, along with the names of the perps. Fahey and White have been harassing him for years (that will be the subject of a future report); as well as invading his social networks, a form of harassment both criminals are notorious for perpetrating.

But since I already have this harassing messsage, I will post it, as evidence, for the record. It has been edited to remove the worst of the pornographic filth.

"Keep it up with the libel, slander and veiled threats you slutty....whore. You wanna keep playing games? Oh YOU WILL get games alright. The kind of games that have CONSEQUENCES attached to them......"

For the record; My reports expose criminals, liars and scamsters, most notably those (like Fahey and White) who are being sponsored by corrupt government agents/operatives/officials. There are no "games" involved.  At no time have I ever harassed or threatened anyone, including these criminals.

These criminals and their accomplices were the aggressors in each and every case, no exceptions. I simply refuted their libel and outrageous lies, exposed their crimes, and acted in my own defense and in the defense of my allies, friends, family, colleagues, and of the innocent whom they have attacked. 

They have committed crimes against many legitimate people, including Barbara Hartwell, and far worse, crimes against innocent children.


Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 15, 2010
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