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Monday, March 22, 2010

WARNING: Government Shills Millar, Gunderson, DeCamp Et Al Promoted by A. True Ott

NOTE: This is an excerpt from a report (Denver Connection series, 2002-3).

This is a warning: Doug Millar is a government shill. Millar answers to false patriot, COINTELPRO operative Ted Gunderson (in collusion since 1992), and is also connected to another false patriot, former senator John DeCamp.

A. True Ott, a radio talk show host on RBN (The Story Behind the Story) has been doing a major promotion of these government shills, on a regular basis, for at least a few months. 

Ott covers the topics of mind control, satanism and other related issues, with a New Age spin, and his guests (aside from government shills Millar, Gunderson, De Camp) tend to be those who support and are under the control of the Gunderson protection racket and containment operation.

In fact, while listening to RBN today, I heard yet another propaganda program by this A. True Ott, one of the guests being this sleazy con man, Doug Millar.

At one time I was a regular listener and I supported RBN. I was also a guest on some of the shows. I have now reached the point where I must state my position. This A. True Ott has brought in this cabal of liars and promotes them on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, almost every talk show host I really liked (truthful, professional individuals) on RBN has been booted off the network. These hosts include Michael Herzog; Charles Giuliani, Janet Phelan and Lt. Eric Shine.

Why replace these excellent hosts with the likes of A. True Ott, who promotes New Agers, occultists, false "Christians", liars and government shills? I don't know, but I have lost respect for the network because of it. 

This cabal (Gunderson, DeCamp, Millar et al), has been operating this  containment operation and protection racket for well over a decade.

They are in collusion with other government operatives, and they use government stooges, amateurs and wannabes to do their dirty work and to promote their government-sponsored pre-packaged lies and disinformation.

They also attack legitimate whistleblowers by spreading disinformation through libel campaigns. In particular, Barbara Hartwell has been under attack for years, and falsely accused of being CIA. This, simply because I have exposed these liars for who and what they are; and because I have refused to be intimidated or bribed by the containment operation/protection racket.

But these criminals are not operating alone. There are many who support and/or defend and/or promote these liars, their accomplices, and their insidious disinformation.


Timothy Patrick White
Todd Brendan Fahey
Clarence Malcolm
Alex Merklinger
Alex McGowin Studer
James F. Marino
"Xena Carpenter"
Michelle Ray
Larry Lawson
Brenda Negri
Don Nicoloff
Aaron James
Robert Sterling
Ken Adachi
Pamela Schuffert
Alex Jones
Marilyn Guinnane
Don Stacey
Rayelan Allan

By their fruits shall you know them.

March 22, 2010


Millar is a government plant, a low-level penetration agent (Millar reputedly works for DCS) and FBI/CIA stool pigeon —a seedy character known to hang out on the fringes of patriot, militia and Christian groups. As I learned from several witnesses, Millar was something of a fixture at the Global Sciences meetings and conferences in Denver, peddling his anti-government wares (blurred and barely readable photocopies of documents such as the Church Committee hearings on MK Ultra and poor quality videotapes featuring the testimony of black ops survivors) --and spouting hackneyed anti-government propaganda to the attendees while acting as a sort of all-purpose factotum and gopher for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, a frequent speaker at the conferences. As a finishing touch, Millar touted and sold his own little newsletter, called EXPOOOOOOOOSED!!!

I first encountered Millar in 1997 when I was a speaker at the annual Global Sciences Congress in Denver. My first memory of this sleazy con man was when he approached me with his burning questions about my experiences of being persecuted by the government in their attempts to neutralize me, the topic I had chosen for my lecture at Global. Millar's affected persona is that of an outraged zealot; a fierce advocate of human and Constitutional rights, crusading to expose the corruption and egregious abuses perpetrated by the U.S. government.

But unfortunately for Millar and his overlords, he lacks the inner fire to pull off the act. Any real patriot or sincere human rights advocate can see him coming a mile away.

At one conference in Daytona Beach, Florida, Millar followed me around like a puppy dog, begging for video interviews about my experiences with mind control and asking me to "step up to the mike" onstage during breaks between the scheduled events to tell more of my "tragic story", while he acted as master of ceremonies. Millar asked stupid questions; repeatedly interrupting me with his spurious interpretations of my comments; and referring to me as a "tragic victim" of CIA mind control, rather than a "survivor "...which makes all the difference in the world.

I later found out that Millar was selling videotapes of my impromptu testimony at other meetings and conferences around the country, complete with copyright violations, just as a number of others have been doing for years.

The only reason I gave Millar the time of day, or the benefit of the doubt, was because he was an associate of Ted Gunderson, with whom I was working at the time. (I have since distanced myself from Gunderson, ironically at first because he claimed that Kurt and Lee Ann Billings were CIA plants. At the time, I defended the Billings' against these accusations. But my later and more compelling reasons for changing my mind about the credibility of Ted Gunderson will soon become clear.)

In the course of my later investigation, I learned that Millar would routinely show up at various meetings, gathering names of participants and skulking around in the parking lot, taking license plate numbers of those in attendance, which he then turned over to various Federal agencies engaged in COINTELPRO-type operations.


Colorado Investigations Bureau
Capitol Hill Branch
PO Box 300234, Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-936-1384

But back to the Denver Connection. Millar moved from Las Vegas and took up permanent residence in Denver just two (2) days after the Columbine massacre, setting up an ad hoc committee to 'investigate' the shootings at Columbine High School.

As I learned from several confidential sources, Millar's real purpose was to find out how much other independent investigators knew about the incident at Columbine in order to report back to his handlers. His agenda? To contain the flow of information; to target those who knew too much of what REALLY happened at Columbine; and to suppress the truth about government involvement, specifically CIA mind control operations instrumental in the shootings, by creating a smoke screen of diversion and disinformation.

In December 2001, Millar approached Tim Hall, the Special Forces veteran from whom I had received the second death threat warning about Jeff Swedenburg, seeking information in relation to Tim White, Stew Webb, Jeff Swedenburg, myself and others. When I learned that Millar was having meetings with Hall, I warned Hall of Millar's real agenda, and told him Millar was not to be trusted.

Hall chose to disregard my advice, and within a week I learned that Hall had decided to go back to work for the government. I was told by Hall at that time that the government agents who had re-recruited him had threatened to "bring the roof down" on Barbara Hartwell and Hall urged me to reconsider my position; to get rid of my website and to destroy any evidence I might have of the government corruption I had taken a stand against. Naturally, I refused. So far, my roof is still intact.

At least for me, it is still an open question whether or not Hall was a part of the operation to set up myself and Swedenburg from the beginning. But at the time when Millar oh-so-conveniently showed up on the scene, intent on scavenging information and documents from Tim Hall and others asociated with him, I was still under the impression that Millar had been planted on Hall, as he had surely been planted on many others, and considered it my duty to warn Hall about Millar's real role and his purpose in making the contact.

Tim White was incarcerated at this time in The Canyon City Penitentiary, and had been remanded to the mental ward. Many of the documents which Doug Millar was so desperate to get his hands on were the same documents confiscated from Tim Hall by the Federal agents who said they needed them as evidence to file more criminal charges against Tim White.

The same documents instrumental in the Grand Jury investigation being filed by Stew Webb. In fact, Stew was the legal owner of most of these documents, which had been stored temporarily at White's residence before his arrest and later removed by Hall and another man Mike Floyd, at White's request. These documents contained incriminating evidence against a number of those targeted in the investigation.

A short time later, on September 22, 2001, an attempt was made on Mike's life which he barely survived. As Hall told me, he himself had made copies of all the documents before they were confiscated by the Feds.

When Millar learned that I was coming to Denver, he got out of town, fast. As I heard it, Millar went to California to meet with Ted Gunderson. As told to me by several sources, Millar was afraid of what might happen if he ran into me. Being a traitor, a coward and a liar, he had good reason to be afraid, but even though I may have been tempted to put Millar in hammerlock, knee him in the balls and knock his sorry ass to the ground, I take more satisfaction in being able to expose him and his fellow toadies to the Bush Boys on the World Wide Web. I never claimed to be a pacifist....but then again, the pen is mighter than the sword......

My last phone conversation with Tim Hall was in mid-December 2001, shortly before he turned and went back to working for the government. Hall told me that Doug Millar had written a report focusing mostly on 'criminal activities' in Denver in which he had named a number of individuals. Among those mentioned in Millar's report were: Tim White; Stew Webb; Jeff Swedenburg; Tim Hall; Mike Floyd.

I asked Hall to e-mail me a copy of this report but I never received it. It wasn't until I arrived in Denver that I managed to get a copy of Millar's 'expose'. And reading it made my blood boil. Though my name was never mentioned (I'm sure Millar would not have dared) it was filled with lies and disinformation about certain others, including Stew Webb and Jeff Swedenburg; as well as an attempt to characterize them both in the most negative way, though Millar had nothing whatsoever in the way of evidence to support the theories he promoted.

On the first page of Millar's poorly written, sensationalistic and melodramatic 'expose' in large bold type, were the following catchy headlines:

TIM WHITE: The sad story about a Vietnam veteran who was exposing the subversion of America by the CIA, FBI & others paid to protect us!

How did this patriotic young man become paranoid, a pusher of marijuana, & a pervert in a pornography filled lifestyle of perverson?

STEW WEBB: The alarming saga about another patriot exposing the subversion of Denver, CO & America by the Bush family & leaders of the CIA, FBI & military!
 In the next report we will take a short look at this ludicrous report by Doug Millar, and believe me folks, a short look is all it's worth. But a word to the wise is sufficient and we will clearly see the plot behind the disinformation campaign being waged by Doug Millar and his gov't handlers. What will also become clear is what they are trying to hide......

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust