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Sunday, March 14, 2010

EXPOSED: Government Shill Doug Millar's Shady History with Predicate Felon Tim White

"...My protection comes directly from the HAND OF GOD and I have been 1000% convinced of that for a long time now by the placement of HIS WORKERS around me at key times-I now have my purpose on EARTH more clearly defined to me by HIM placing in my life Shirley Anderson whom I love VERY MUCH and who is my life partner to help bring out the TRUTH to EXPOSE these evil TOOLS OF LIES/DISINFO that have now put the whole program under the scrutiny of many others who are now taking an active part to help with this task."

-- Fed Snitch Timothy Patrick White
(Taken from a voluminous collection of his lunatic ravings)

Whatever happened to Shirley Anderson, the "life partner" of porno freak,  transvestite, psycho stalker, Tim White? Old Shirley flew the coop when she finally realized how "sick" (her word)  Tim White is.  So much for his "life partner". 

Does this mean that the "HAND OF GOD" has been withdrawn from Tim White? Well, frankly, I don't think God ever had anything to do with "protecting" Tim White, a lowlife sex pervert who participates in many abominations to God, including bearing false witness, and not the least of which is child pornography.

And I think it's safe to say that God hates child pornography, the demonic  rapists who make it possible, and anyone and everyone else who is any part of such a hideous business, including those who collect child pornography (possession of which is a felony crime). Tim White is just such a collector, a crime for which he was never charged. But mark my words: God has not forgotten.

No, I think the "protection" White boasts about comes not from THE HAND OF GOD, but from the corrupt feds to whom he sold out, when he made a deal to get out of jail (2002) in exchange for harassing, stalking, libeling and slandering patriots, whistleblowers and other decent people whom the government had targeted for neutralization.

But it's not only the feds that are involved here. No indeed, there are many others: government  operatives (including of the nefarious COINTELPRO); and then there are the numerous amateurs, the wannabe sleuths, the government stooges, the accomplices of Tim White, who all want to get in on the action, so they can boast of their delusions that they too, are "players".

People like Todd Brendan Fahey; Ken Adachi; Pam Schuffert; "Xena Carpenter"; Alex McGowin Studer; James F. Marino; Larry Lawson; Brenda Negri; Michelle Ray; Stephen Calkins; Charles Bruce Stewart; Drew Raines; Eric Phelps; Aaron James.  

Yes sirree Bob, these hotshots are "investigating" and "exposing" government corruption! And the "evil CIA disinfo agent", Barbara Hartwell, had better watch out, because the gaggle of government stooges is advancing down the pike, ready for battle.

Yes, folks, "Labvirus" ("edited' by  government stooge Alex McGowin Studer) is on the case.

For the record, Labvirus promotes Ted Gunderson; Doug Millar; John DeCamp; Timothy Patrick White; "Xena Carpenter"; A. True Ott; Bill Deagle and others of their ilk: people who delight in spreading government-sponsored disinformation, or, are simply too stupid to realize that they are being exploited by professionals to engage in same.


But enough background, it's time to get to the point of this report.

Doug Millar, a poseur patriot, con artist and low level penetration agent  --one of COINTELRPO Ted Gunderson's longtime minions-- has taken it upon himself to disseminate more libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell.

Stupid move, Millar. Now you've placed yourself in the spotlight and will be further exposed.

As documented here, Millar is in collusion with predicate felon, career criminal, G-Man wannabe and psycho stalker, Tim White (who also answers to Gunderson), and his gutter-trash pals, one of which is another pretentious  amateur, intelligence groupie and wannabe, a  government stooge reminiscent of Brenda Negri, who uses the name "Xena Carpenter". 

[For the record, ""Xena Carpenter" is also the name being used by criminal stalker, forger, identity thief, blackmailer, etc. etc. Todd Brendan Fahey, which the spiteful little coward is hiding behind to write libelous pseudo reports about Barbara Hartwell. And aside from some poorly written and moronic commentaries, this "Xena Carpenter" website is also a venue for government-sponsored disinformation and libel campaigns against legitimate whistleblowers, journalists, et al.]


Doug Millar Reviews Michael Aquino's Letter to Ted Gunderson  

I have no interest in promoting Millar's garbage (and it is irrelevant) so I will include only the relevant excerpts in order to refute his outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell.

And since Millar is in collusion with White and Gunderson, both part of the criminal conspiracy to target legitimate wistleblowers, I also thought the readers might be interested in seeing some evidence of the past history between Doug Millar and Tim White. It is very revealing and explains why White has become a snitch and step-'n-fetch-it for his former "enemies" (the feds, that is, and their COINTELPRO accomplices.)

Unlike these government-sponsored liars, Millar, Gunderson and their stooges (White, Fahey, "Xena Carpenter", Ken Adachi, Alex McGowin Studer et al) I do present evidence whenever possible to support my claims when exposing these criminals and scamsters.

Having no evidence themselves (there is nothing to find) they simply fabricate lies against their targets (including Barbara Hartwell) or promote their own foolish and unwarranted assumptions as if they were based on fact.

But by my way of thinking, some of the best evidence happens to be the writings of the criminals themselves (in this case Millar and White) which you will find, below.

But first, let me expose Millar's lies regarding Barbara Hartwell. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP (Barbara Hartwell Percival.)

As for Millar's lies, he has put them in another form of bracket. {}

From Doug Millar:

"At Ted Gunderson’s request, I am reviewing Michael Aquino’s complaints about Ted, and Aquino’s many obvious lies. I’ll respond to each that deserves a comment, as well as a couple of insignificant, petty ones and a couple of minor errors that I have noted.

..........I called Gunderson and thanked him for referring her to me. Back in FL, a day after Gunderson, Brice Taylor, Army Lt. Col. Chip Tatum (a 22-year CIA assassin, prior to retiring) and many more speakers, finished the Global Science Congress, Gunderson interviewed me for two hours on his weekly talk show, regarding Aquino, CIA mind control and the CIA’s use of Satanists to create daycares to torture children.

The night before, Gunderson hosted Taylor (a CIA mind control victim and survivor), Tatum, and Hartwell, as the four of them exposed this topic. I had the privilege of witnessing their filming. Their one of a kind video has the title, “MIND CONTROL GOES PUBLIC.” Sadly, I must report that both Taylor and Hartwell are still under CIA control!"

[BHP: Re Millar's first lie: Gunderson did NOT "host" anything.  Here are the facts:  In February, 1998, I was invited to the Global Sciences Congress by Dean Stonier (deceased, 2001) because, as is the policy at Global, I was a former speaker at the conference (1997). (Another Gunderson minion, Ken Adachi, has lied about this as well, even claiming that I was "not invited" to the conference.)

I was not a scheduled speaker at that particular conference, but was invited by an associate, former CIA, Chip Tatum, to be a presenter in HIS seminar, in which Ted Gunderson was also invited by Chip to participate. Yes, it was Chip Tatum's seminar, NOT "hosted" by Ted Gunderson.

The title of the video (taped after the seminar) was NOT "MIND CONTROL GOES PUBLIC". No, the real video was filmed by a television crew from Chicago Health Television, a show hosted by Ryan Elliott.

"Mind Control Goes Public" was something else altogether: A propaganda video produced by Susan Ford aka "Brice Taylor", featuring mostly herself (naturally), her sensationalist sex-slaves-and-satanism brand of "mind control", and her containment-op lies. The tape also included a bootleg copy of the Ryan Elliott interview, simultaneously videotaped (bootleged) by Jon Gentry, another government stooge and Gunderson minion.

Furthermore, the ONLY release I ever signed was from Chicago Health Television. This was piracy and copyright violation, and in fact, Gunderson, Millar, Ford (aka Taylor), Gentry (and others, such as David Icke and Amazon, who sold it) all profited from selling this pirated video all over the Internet by mail order.  I received nothing, and I never signed a release for any of these  scavengers to use my name or my testimony.

And Millar has a hell of a nerve, claiming  that he "must report" that Hartwell is "still under CIA control!"

How in hell would he know? Answer: He wouldn't and in fact, he doesn't.

This sleazy con man and charlatan, this busybody and government shill, Doug Millar, has no business whatsoever "reporting" anything about Barbara Hartwell. He does not know me. He only met me twice at Global Sciences, once in Denver and once in Daytona Beach. He has not seen me in over twelve years.  

And his "sources" about the "mind control" are Ted Gunderson, naturally, who has been lying about this for a decade; and Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor, who Millar now claims is "under CIA control".

Why the lie that Barbara Hartwell is "under CIA control"? It's an easy way for them to try to discredit me so no one will believe my accurate, truthful, factual reports about the false patriots, criminals and scamsters who are targeting patriots and legitimate whistleblowers for neutralization.

"For Christ, Children, Constitution, Country, & Belated Justice,
Doug Millar"

[BHP:  For "Christ"? That's a lie (not to mention blasphemy) if ever there was one. Millar is no Christian. Christians don't bear false witness. Christians don't participate in containment operations which serve the very corruption these liars pretend to "expose".  

Millar cares nothing about "Children". If he did he would not be in collusion with criminal abusers of children and child porno freaks like Tim White. 

If he cared about the Constitution, he would not be in collusion with government criminals who are trampling constitutional protections. 

If he cared about "Country", he would not be spreading lies about genuine whistleblowers and patriots, nor would he be monitoring their activities to report back to the feds. 

And if he cared about "Justice" (belated or otherwise) he would not be part of the very criminal conspiracy which denies justice to the targets and victims.]

"PS The following is what I received from Tim White and Xena Carpenter yesterday."

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tim White
Date: Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 3:49 PM

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ted Gunderson’s Outrageous Lies Refuted by Target, Michael Aquino

{“Outrageous Lies”? Based upon my knowledge of Aquino’s crimes against children, Gunderson never stated a single “lie,” nor anything “outrageous,” period! All of my insertions in Aquino’s and Hartwell’s statements listed below are in these brackets; so they are easy to identify. Few are in bold letters and fewer are in caps. Doug Millar, full-time PI of violent crimes against children covered up by law “enforcers” for the past 18 years. I have never charged for my investigations."}

[BHP: Why would anyone ever believe a word Millar says? It's his word (and that of a known COINTELPRO liar, Ted Gunderson, exposed for his many lies, by many expositors) against anyone who states otherwise. Millar has no credibility and he produces no evidence to substantiate his claim. Case closed.]

NOTE: Here, a letter from Michael Aquino, refuting the falsehoods being promoted by Ted Gunderson. Remember who else has been involved with Gunderson in promoting (and also fabricating) such black propaganda: accomplices John DeCamp, Ken Adachi, Pam Schuffert, and government stooge and fed snitch, Tim White…just to name a few.

{"Oddly, Hartwell calls herself a Christian, as she defends one of the most evil Satanists in the world, Aquino. This “Christian” may be one of her many personalities she used to tell us about. She told us (Gunderson, Sue Ford, a.k.a. Brice Taylor, another mind-control victim Gunderson has helped, literally for decades, me and others) she was used by the CIA to promote the “New Age Movement for many years,” with her own radio program."}

[BHP: As stated in another report (see link above re "CIA BLACK WITCH"), at no time did I "defend" anyone, including an "evil Satanist". I simply exposed Ted Gunderson as a liar. Millar needs a course in logic, because his argument does not begin to hold water.

Furthermore, at no time did I ever tell Millar (nor any of his associates) anything related to any "personalities". Nor have I ever stated, publicly or privately, to any person, that I had "many personalities". This is sheer malicious fabrication on the part of Millar, and mark my words, he will suffer the consequences for bearing false witness against Barbara Hartwell, as will all his fellow liars and accomplices.

I have only spoken to this snake-oil salesman Millar a few times, and that was over a decade ago. Ted was a friend and colleague until I broke off the association with him, but Millar was nothing to me. I had no contact with him, except at two conferences. So no, I did not tell Millar anything which I have not openly stated elsewhere. And as Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor is just another liar, who has also been disseminating outrageous libel about Barbara Hartwell (much of it via government stooge Ken Adachi), nothing she says has any credibility at all. 

Re the New Age radio program, so what? I made that public many years ago, in exposing some of  the CIA operations I was involved in. But again, so what? What's his point?

Just because I was utilized in a Psy Op which involved New Age propaganda is not evidence of anything.  It is not evidence that I myself was any kind of New Ager. And it certainly is not evidence that I am not a Christian.  It was an operation, nothing more. Millar doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

For the record: I am a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as I always have been. Only God knows my heart. Not Doug Millar and not his fellow liars and government shills. Case closed.

I (and numerous others) have been targeted for the outrageous lies fabricated and promoted by this criminal network.]

{"In 2/98 at the Global Science Congress in Daytona Beach, FL, with Hartwell sharing the stage with me for approximately 30 minutes, I stated that “she is a victim of CIA mind control!” (LATER SHE OBJECTED AND NOW CLAIMS SHE IS A “SURVIVOR!” NO, BARBARA, YOU ARE A VICTIM! NOT ONLY PAST TENSE, BUT TRAGICALLY, YOU ARE STILL ONE TODAY!)"}

[BHP: Do not call me by my first name, you sleazy con artist. And the fact is, I "objected" right there on the spot, not "LATER" as this lowlife liar claims. 

Millar knows nothing about Barbara Hartwell and he never will. Go back to skulking around parking lots and taking license plate numbers at patriot meetings, Millar. You're useless for anything else.]

Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive……

By their fruits shall you know them.

March 6, 2010


[BHP: After this idiotic and melodramatic announcement about Barbara Hartwell, Millar produced a long-winded "report" on the usual topic of  satanism and mind control, which I have not included, as it is totally irrelevant to his bogus claims about Barbara Hartwell.

Anyone interested in reading Millar's trash may find it on the Labvirus government-disinfo site where it was posted. And speaking of trash, there's plenty more where that came from, including moronic comments by government stooge "Xena Carpenter", who can't seem to stop herself from shooting off her ignorant mouth about topics (and people) she knows absolutely nothing about.

Listen up, Millar! Your sensationalist lies only further expose you as a poseur and government shill. There is absolutely no evidence presented here.

Next item: I have "attacked" no one. But I certainly have exposed "all" of you liars, imposters, shills, stooges, criminals and perverts for exactly who and what you are. Check the many reports on this site for the names of additional  perps, not mentioned here. 

And you'll find evidence galore that nails them to the wall, not wild speculation and fabrications, which is the best these perps can do.

And for the record: I have no dealings with the Bushes. No dealings with CIA, or NSA.  Any and all dealings with the government or their agencies/officials is in the past.

As for his ludicrous claim about Aquino? Millar is really a low-grade moron (even worse than Tim White or Ken Adachi) if he really thinks anyone would believe that I am being "used" by Michael Aquino, a person I have never met, and never had any form of contact with, at any time, ever.

And FYI, Millar, never have I been a "SLAVE", to CIA or anyone else. Don't think you can lump me into the category of the "CIA slave", promoted by Ted  Gunderson, Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor, Ken Adachi, Fritz Springmeier (another charlatan), Mark Phillips, Tim White, Stewart and Janet Swerdlow, Polly Cunningham, and on and on and on, ad nauseam....

And once again, for the record, I was never a part of any project called "Monarch", which all these disinfo-mongers (including Millar and his pal, A. True Ott) are promoting. Nor do I have any commonalities with Sue Ford, Cathy O'Brien, or any of the rest of the so-called "Monarch women", who tout the sex-slaves-and satanism variety of mind control. Never did, don't now, and never will. Case closed.]

But enough of all this nonsense from this malicious liar and charlatan, Doug Millar. Here's some actual evidence of Doug Millar's involvement in enlisting predicate felon Tim White as a snitch for the feds Millar serves.

This, from a report disseminated by Doug Millar in 2002. For more info and details, see this report:

Jailhouse Letter from Tim White

I have taken excerpts which clearly show that Millar, now in collusion with Tim White, was at that time attempting to "expose" and denounce White, specifically in connection to the pornography, cross-dressing and general perversion of White's lifestyle.

Millar also accused White of being under mind control (specifically, "Monarch", never a part of any CIA MK Ultra operation.)

Millar's comments (as well as White's) are clear and don't require an additional explanation from me.  And let's see Millar try to deny that he wrote this stuff. Let him also come up with some sort of bogus explanation to cover up the truth of what he was really doing.

And here's the big question: Why are White and Millar now so lovey-dovey? 

Why did they kiss and make up, after Millar attacked Tim White and spread his "report" all over the place, at "patriot" meetings and conferences all over the country?

To me, it's obvious, but the readers, as always, may make of it what they will.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Colorado Investigations Bureau
Capitol Hill Branch
PO Box 300234, Denver, Colorado 80203
website: (opens very soon)



"Tim White: The sad story about a Vietnam veteran who was exposing the subversion of America by the CIA, FBI & others paid to protect us!

How did this patriotic young man become paranoid, a pusher of marijuana, & a pervert in a pornography filled lifestyle of perversion?

Tim White, a suspected transvestite, to Stew Webb from Denver's jail. 

Remember: "There but for the grace of God go I!" White was raised a Catholic; so several people suspect that a pedophile priest probably abuse him as a young child.

...his married lover, Doreen Bishop, that he claimed he was having sex with, since early 1999. Does this make him a bi-sexual?

When our founder, Doug Millar, was first told this story over the phone, he stated that Tim White must have been storing his female lover's clothing there. But then he was told that the men had found hundreds of hardcore pornography magazines and $25 hardback porn books, including many for cross-dressing transvestites.

After Tim [Tim Hall aka Daryl Sturgis] viewed the room's contents and soft red lights, Mike [Mike Floyd] entered the poorly lit room. When he came out, both men were in such shock, they drank some of Mike's vodka straight. They and others who had been to White's shop/home in that location and across Denver over two years ago "found out about another side of my [White's] life." They suddenly knew why White shaved his legs, and wore shorts to show them off. White seemed like such a macho, masculine Vietnam veteran, so no one had suspected that he led two lives.

They [Tim White and Stew Webb] distrust nearly everyone, and their paranoia has been used to manipulate them into attacking some of their previous allies that are still exposing: CIA mind control, CIA USA drug smugglers, CIA torture of children, CIA Satanism, CIA mass murders in America, etc. Their paranoia has spread like a cancer among people that should have the discernmnet to realize that these two pathetic individuals are being manipulated by the CIA/FBI they profess to hate and have also been exosing for several years. VERY TRAGIC!

"Everything" they removed included a sexually attired mannequin in panties and bra, approximately 150 pair of high heeled shoes, hundreds of dresses, including many formal gowns, a leather skirt, undercloths including a leather [type blurred, unreadable] and approximately 100 pair of nylon hose. The clothes had obviously cost 10s of thousands of dollars. They gave many of the formals away, and dumped approximately 20 large bags full of porn, dildos and other sex toys, dresses and sewage in various dumpsters around the city. They said they didn't find any child porn."

[Note, BHP: But the feds DID find child porn, and removed it as evidence  BEFORE Sturgis and Floyd came to the warehouse after the bust. White was never charged for this felony crime.]

"In February, 2001, White met with Gunderson, while he was a speaker at the 19th semi-annual Global Science Congress in Denver. White assured Gunderson that he didn't trust Webb, and never spoke to him anymore. Shortly after Gunderson returned to Vegas, White was slandering Gunderson and communicating with Webb again. Is White under mind control or what? Millar learned this, because he had an allie meeting with White that kept him informed.

Then he almost boasts that "She [Doreen Bishop] will go to Hell...", but with his bisexual and transvestite lifestyle, who is he to be self-righteously judging a victim of CIA/Illuminati mind control for the crimes she may have commits? 

She is obviously not guilty of crimes that she has no control over committing!

NOTE: Since Tim White is a bi-sexual and a transvestite, we can almost guarantee that he has a multiple personality disorder which is now identified by most professionals as dissociative identity disorder. Is he a victim of CIA mind control? Almost guaranteed, because he was in the Navy, and it is heavily involved in the CIA's MK Ultra/Monarch!!!"


Source: Jailhouse letter to Stew Webb

"We are all dragon slayers. I can't wait till we get our chance. God is on our side even though we have suffered great deprivation and injustice in our lives. Telling this to my family always falls on angry and deaf ears. They don't want anything to do with it and now thanks to D.B.'s mouth, nothing to do with me either. I thought she has better sense - but that's not what this is about- it's about destroying me once and for all. Believe me, somehow, someway I will now set out to do her a number.

I'm fucking angry! She [Doreen Bishop] has retribution coming. Counting the days until I can have my hands around her neck but right now I'm gonna play dumb and make her think I haven't a clue about her.

Tom Fisher [Denver FBI] said to me that he's no friend of yours. No shit! Not of mine either. They are the enemies of the state!

Also about D.B., she meets with Soros at Front Range on his plane for secure meetings. I've broken their security at least twice calling her on her cellphone when she was driving out there. I really want to strangle her now! Soros is very aware of me."


Excerpts from Jailhouse Letter from Tim White

Since he made his "deal" with corrupt feds in 2002, in which he was released from jail, having served only a fraction of his sentence, Tim White has been set on the loose, stalking, libeling, slandering, extorting (or at least attempting extortion); and has done tremendous and inestimable damage to the reputations of many decent, sincere and genuine patriots, whistleblowers and expositors of government corruption.

As for ANYONE who has promoted Tim White in any way, or endorsed his credibility; as for anyone who has used him to do their dirty work in targeting innocent people, I can only say that they are morally bankrupt and despicable beyond measure.

And this includes every last one of the accomplices of White and his associates mentioned in this report.

In summary, I find this entire situation sickening and disgusting, considering the many years of pain and suffering caused for me and many others who have been targeted by COINTELPRO.


Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 14, 2010
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust